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Title: Succubus


Debbie Watford - 18yo Succubus

Todd Swanson - 19yo College Student

Scene: On the Prowl


In the college forum I can see many. All the beautiful people as they party. I am young and very beautiful. I am dressed in a tight pair of Hot Pants and a halter top. I act very coy and sexy. Many of my prey hover all around me ... trying to win my favor. I am board ... none of these fit what I crave.

I am young and handsome and know it as i look through the party. The girls are boring and brainless, not at all what I’m interested in tonight. I sigh softly to myself and get a drink. I'm wearing khaki pants and a simple but brand name t-shirt.

Debbie sips her soda daintily as she scans the area. Nothing has caught her eye and she is getting to be worried. It has been a long time ... and she knows ... her time is very close. She wants her first to be ... very special. Suddenly, he passes. She's not even looking in that direction, but she knows .. he's there. Goose flesh rises on her arms as the intensity of it all impacts her. She swivels slowly ... then focuses on her most handsome target. She knows ... She slides gracefully off the stool, and wades through all the rabble. This one is perfect. Her body begins to emit her most intoxicating of perfumes ... a pheromone developed over eons of evolution .. to do just this .. attract a male mate.

Todd finishes his drink and turns catching a glimpse of the most beautiful girl he's ever seen. He is instantly attracted by her wonderful scents and approaches her slowly giving her a seductive look. He can't believe how attracted to her he is.

Debbie walks up to the young man. She shivers slightly as the intensity of his life force impacts her. He is ... perfect.

She says in a soft and sexy whisper, "Hi, my names Debbie, What's your name?"

She stands looking adorable as she softly bats her eyes.

He looks to her admiringly responding in a deep seductive voice " It's a pleasure to meet you Debbie, my name is Todd "

Debbie giggles softly. She asks, “Would you mind if I ... sat with you? Most of the other boys here are ... mindless."

Her perfume is .. overwhelmingly seductive.

Todd smiles at her "It would be my pleasure if you'd sit with me. Most of the girls seem to be the same way, but I’ve come to expect it sadly "

Debbie slides into a seat. She looks Todd over from head to foot. She is most pleased with what she senses. He is absolutely ... perfect.

She coos softly in a seductive voice, "I'm studying Archeology in Mr Tylor's class. We are going on a field trip soon to a dig in the Bogs of Europe. What are you taking?"

She places her hand softly on top of Todd’s. An intense rush fills his body at the touch.
Todd is finding it hard to concentrate on anything with this girl beside him. Her touch sends intense feelings of desire through him and it takes him a moment to catch himself

He comes to his senses, "What? ... Oh ya, um ... I'm studying law with Mr Roland. Nothing exciting there but it's a good class. "

She asks in a soft and sexy voice, "Well Todd ... what's a girl have to do ... to get a soda?? A kiss perhaps?"

She leans over and gives Todd an electrifying Kiss on his lips. Todd kisses her back as his mind goes blank filled with only thoughts of desire for her. He is completely at her mercy now as he shakily stands to get her a soda while trying to collect himself.

Debbie feels the super intense wave of desire flow through her. Todd's life force is so strong ... so sweet ... so full and vibrant. She watches as he shakily wanders to the food table and has 2 soda's poured. He collects some snacks as an after thought ... then returns to Debbie. Todd returns moments later and hands her the soda with a smile before sitting back next to her.

She takes the soda from his hand ... ever so softly touching his fingers as she takes it. She allows a soft pink blush to come to her cheeks. She casts her eyes down and acts shy.

Debbie says in a soft voice, "Thank you ever so much, Todd. You know? You're very sweet. I think I am so lucky no one had already captured you." She giggles sweetly.

Todd smiles at her, ensnared by his desires and her charm "I feel the same about you Debbie, every other guy here must have been after you "

Debbie looks Todd in the eye and bats her eyes seductively. She replies, "I know, it gets so annoying too." Debbie looks around at all the mindless muscle bound clods that are staring hungrily at her and jealously at Todd, then continues, "It's a beautiful night out sweetie. There is a full moon ... and the campus park is said to be ... magical in the full moon."

She takes his hand in her soft small hand. She smiles at him as he trembles at her touch.

He takes the hint after a bit of thought while enjoying her touch "Yes ... it's very nice. Would you care to visit with me? " he questions already having guessed the answer.

Debbie kisses him softly on his lips again and says in a breathy coo, "I would be most honored ... to be in the park with a handsome man like you."

She stands gracefully, still holding Todd's hand. Todd stands while holding her hand never wanting to let her go as he leads her slowly out to the park. He is completely lost in desire and feels like he's floating as he moves with her out into the night. The two hold hands and kiss as they walk. All who pass know immediately ... these two appear to be deeply in love.

Debbie Chooses a bench in a secluded spot .. bathed in the full moon light. The smell of flowers fill the air on the cool and lazy breeze. There are firefly winking in the shrubs as she and Todd sit. Debbie wraps her arms lovingly around Todd's neck ... she gives him her best captivating French Kiss. She conveys as much passion as she can.

Todd is overwhelmed with passion as they French kiss. He can't believe he's found such an amazing girl and wraps his arms around her waist holding her to him as he lets waves of strong desire and lust flow through him. Debbie in no wise resists Todd. She envelops him in a soft and mesmerizing aura of intense pheromone induced passion and desire. She has him and knows it ... but this one is ... very special. Debbie can't resist ... She knows she has to consume his life force ... she has to eat ... but she also can do more.

Debbie reaches to his Crotch and gently caresses his manhood. She can feel it throb under her gentle touch. Todd feels like he could lose his mind in the passion of the moment gasping as he feels her touch against his throbbing manhood. The feeling is so intense he just has to have her right there.

Debbie breaks the kiss. She runs her fingers lovingly through Todd's hair. She whispers in a passion filled voice, "Sweet Heart, is there some place ... you would like to take me? Maybe ... a more intimate place ... where we can explore our differences and rejoice in them a bit?"

Debbie holds both of Todd’s hands as she kisses him on his lips again.

Todd kisses her back passionately before breaking slowly, " We can go back to my place if you'd like." he responds trying to contain his desire not to sound too excited or desperate for her.

Debbie stands gracefully, pulling Todd to his feet. She presses her very shapely body close to Todd's. She gently rubs her crotch to his so she can feel his hardness. She wraps her arms around his neck and passionately French Kisses Him again. Her wiggly tongue explores his mouth until she finds his tongue. She entwines hers with his ... she releases her intoxicating venom contained in her saliva. Todd cannot escape ... even if he wanted to. She has stung him and he belongs to her now. Soon, her hunger and thirst shall be slated ... another mystery will begin ... Todd will cease to exist ... she's not worried ... No one will suspect her ... they never do.

Todd is lost as he feels her tongue within his mouth. His hardness presses back against her hand as he lets his lust consume him. A small part of his mind is questioning the intensity of it but he doesn't care it feels amazing.

Debbie stings Todd several more times with her extremely nice kisses as he leads her back to his place.

No sooner does the door click closed, Debbie unbuttons his shirt. She runs her hands softly and sensually along the shape of it, slowly descending until she reaches his buckle. She slowly undoes the belt and unsnaps his pants. She kisses him passionately as she unzips them slowly dragging out the intensity and insuring there is absolutely no escape for him.

Todd goes for her halter first sliding his hands along her back as he unties it from her body. They have to break their kiss only momentarily for him to finish before their lips clasp together again with passionate lust. His hardness strains to escape it's prison as she is slowly unzipping him. Her firm breasts press against his chest ... he is in total euphoric heaven.

Debbie allows her top to come off. She takes his hands and places them on her firm and erect breasts. She removes Todd's pants and allows them to fall around his ankles. She pulls down his underpants and frees his throbbing member. She sees it ... her eyes get big as she kneels and takes it lovingly in her soft hands.

She follows the outline of the tip gently with the tip of her tongue, then follows the ridge from the tip to his sack and back to the tip before taking the head into her mouth and giving a huge suck.

The most intense wave of pleasure Todd had ever experienced washes through him. A very intense ... pulling that reached to his very soul and sent even more irresistible tingly sensations all through him. She begins to slowly and sensually bob her head as she flicked her tongue all around.

Todd caresses her breasts playing with her nipples before gasping with pleasure as he feels her touch along his throbbing manhood. His mind is blown as he feels her moving her tongue along him. He can't contain his intense desires as he looks down at her enjoying her motions. Moans of pleasure are now escaping him as he thrusts with her movements.

He can feel something pulling at him all the way to the very core of his essence and his jaw drops, he's never felt anything like it. Nothing before can even compare as chills wash through his body.

She takes as much of his shaft into her mouth as she can and sucks really hard. Another intense pulling that reached clear to his soul happened again. It felt so mind blowingly wonderful. It felt so like ... he was being pulled from his body ... and it was so intensely sensual.

Todd is completely lost in his own pleasure as he feels a super intense pulling against him. He had never imagined such a feeling and his mind feels like it's melting with the intensity of it. Debbie stands up and pushes Todd to the bed. He helplessly falls on his back. His head feels like he is on some kind of drug. Intense euphoria clouds his mind.

Todd has what must be a rather stupid look on his face as he looks up at her lost in his own euphoric state. He doesn't have the will to react as he lets her have her way with him. She removes her hot pants and bikini panties. They fall into a crumpled heap around her feet. She stands in a very provocative way and runs her hands all over her body. She finishes with a caress of her breasts.

She giggles softly and says, "Todd, you're very special to me. You're a virgin. **gasping** so sweet ... your life forces is ... is so pure and bright."

She crawls gracefully in bed and on top of Todd. She bends and Passionately French Kisses him as she reaches down , and puts his throbbing member into her eager and moist vagina. She sits slowly and allows it to penetrate deeply. She enjoys the wonderful sensations that run intensely through her.

Todd blushes a little as he hears her words "How did you know? Life force? "

He had thought his virginity a secret but his mind is too far gone to really put together a coherent thought ... his questioning ends there and he kisses her back moaning into her mouth as his intensely throbbing hardness penetrates her. The feeling is incredibly intense and he wonders if this is what he has been missing.

Debbie squeezes her muscles deep inside her vagina and caresses Todd hard member. She moves her hips sensually all around, educing many waves of pleasure.

After breaking the kiss, she says in a breathy cooing voice, "Oh, yes sweetie ... I know your a virgin. Your life force is sooo ... pure and strong. I must feed ... I can't help it."

The most intense sucking sensation he had felt washes through his soul. The intensity of it is mind shattering. Wave after wave .. pulling at the very essence of his being and consciousness. Todd feels as if he is losing himself as the word feed hits him. He doesn't understand and his mind is quickly lost again as he thrusts up against her wanting more and more. A small part in the back of his mind is screaming to resist with the realization that this might not be a good thing happening ... it's no use he's too far gone now and under her spell. Debbie sits with his member deep inside her throbbing vagina. She is gasping softly with each squeeze she exerts. She opens her beautiful eyes and looks into Todd's soul.

She says in a strangely hypnotic voice that sends shivers all through him, "Todd sweet heart. I must feed. I'm sorry you were in the forum tonight, but I cannot resist a virgin." She kisses him intensely before continuing. "I will take all of your life force ... it’s my food. I do promise this ... You will not die like the others ... mommy has special plans for you."

Todd is moving with her as she takes him deep inside her. He listens but doesn't comprehend at first what she is saying but then it hits him and a terrified look crosses his face as he looks up at her.

"Wh-what do you mean? Please don't " he begs weakly wanting to escape but not having the will to do it himself. It all feels so strange and totally mind blowing to him.

Debbie settles on top of Todd. She kisses him softly and coos, "Good bye Todd. I hope this was as wonderful for you ... as your virgin life force is for me."

Todd feels a super intense sucking begin. The intensity of it rises quickly. The euphoric sensations increase with intensity. Todd actually seems to feel himself ... slipping from inside his own body. It is intense .. wave after mind numbing wave of intense erotic sucking. He no longer and hold himself ... he squirts ... Total explosion of intense euphoric waves. Irresistible, mind destroying, all consuming ... pleasure.

There is soft darkness and many really weird an indefinable pleasant sensations filling his entire existence.

~~End Pt1~~


~~Pt2 - Baby~~

Todd becomes aware. He is very content and feels so comfortable and safe. His world is uncomplicated and caress him softly. There is very little light. He moves his legs. He can feel a joy from all around him ... he hears a strangely familiar voice cooing ... it sounds so different.

It coos softly, "Baby is awake. Mommy takes good care of herself and her baby. Feels so nice to feel you move inside."

Todd can feel his world .. caress him .. seemingly from a pressure from .. outside?? Where is .. outside? Todd doesn't know what to think as he presses back against the caresses he is feeling. He panics a little as he feels trapped within something. It's scary but also warm and safe.

He hears the giggle ... it comes from all around him. He hears the strange but familiar voice coo softly all around him, "I told you mommy had something special for you baby."

Todd feels another caress as Debbie runs her hand over her pregnant belly ... caressing her unborn daughter. Todd squirms a little wanting to respond but unable to. All he can do is kick feebly against ... his small world. A realization is starting to dawn on him but he doesn't understand how it's even possible. His thumb he realizes has found his mouth and he has been sucking it. He is totally astounded about the fact he discovered his thumb. It feels nice so he continues while his other hand attempts to explore his world.

Time means nothing here. Todd only knows an on going now. He sleeps, he kicks some time against his world. He can hear the cooing voice ... he comes to know very well. He loves this voice ... he knows ... it's mommy.

Time slowly passes and Todd's world gets smaller and tighter. He kicks and fidgets. He sleeps ... he discovers his feet ... he makes another discovery that he can't quite understand too ... he doesn't worry over this right now ... his big toe is such a wonderful discovery.

Todd enjoys his big toe for a bit as he realizes that he doesn't really fit so well anymore. It makes him panic a little, he wants and needs to be free soon. He’s not real sure ... free from what. He squirms a bit before finding his second big toe, taking his mind away from worries.

Debbie has gotten huge over the 9 months she has carried her baby. She can barely walk as she waddles to the comfortable arm chair to sit. She is rather uncomfortable ... she has a strange pain beginning in her lower back. She knows her time is near.

Todd feels himself being stood on his head. He cannot resist this as his world makes it impossible. There are strong things grabbing him softly at first ... then with ever mounting squeezing strength. Todd doesn't understand what is happening. His world is beginning to tighten all around him in spasms.

Todd begins to panic ... his world has started to squeeze hard. He can hear the distressful sounds mommy is making. There is a large amount of fluid all around him ... it suddenly goes away. Mommy's distress seems to mount. There are many muffled voices ... Todd cannot understand them .. but something seems to be .. going ...wrong?? He panics more ... he is totally helpless as another powerful squeeze grips his body. He is being forced from his warm and comfortable place.

There is a light ... he cannot stop himself ... he will be forced into this light. He feels his world slip from his body ... he is cold ... he can't seem to remember ever having this sensation. Something has him .. he is being gently pulled the rest of the way from his world as it slips from his body and he is being held by ... something ... the light is too bright .. he cannot see.

He is grabbed by his ankles and held upside down .. a sharp smack across his hiney


Todd is crying uncontrollably and doesn't understand why it hurt so much. His mind is still his for the most part although after being inside he has changed a bit. It's hard to open his eyes as they adjust to the light they've been missing for so long. He is scared and doesn't know what is happening.

Todd feels a soft and warm ... something wrap him. He hears a male voice say, "It's a girl, and she is so precious."

The now she felt herself be handed to someone. She can barely see this person .. the light is so bright.

He hears a soft cooing voice say, "Hi sweetie. Welcome back to the world. Things have changed a lot for you over this last 9 months. Mommy's going to call you ... Megan."

She bends slightly and kisses her new daughter on her nose very softly and lovingly.

Todd is so confused. He knows who this is ... it’s mommy! A GIRL?! That can't be right, he isn't Megan he is Todd. The loving kiss of his Mommy negates his worries momentarily as he keeps trying to refocus his eyes.

He finally catches a glimpse of her and realizes who she is. He doesn't understand and as he reaches his hand down to check. His arm doesn’t exactly do what he is wanting it to do. It’s very hard, but he finally manages to find his crotch ... finding only a slit he panics and starts to cry again. How is this even possible? He wants to be himself again!

Debbie coos softly, "Aww, sweetie, don't cry. Mommy will take good care of her baby. Now the doctors and nurses need to examine baby. When they bring you back ... mommy will feed you."

She hands Megan to the nurse who carries her into another part of the huge room. Megan is weighed, there are stinging drops put into her eyes. Her foot is pricked and a blood sample is taken for genetic coding and routine birth blood work. Her hands and feet are inked and placed on a birth certificate. The attending physician tickles Megan, then signs the birth certificate making it official. Todd's new name is now Megan Watford ... Todd Swanson is no more.

Megan is wrapped in a soft, warm blanket and returned to Debbie who cradles Megan and kisses her lovingly. Megan snuggles close to her Mommy. She feels nice and safe in the blanket in her arms. She knows what she is now but not how it is possible. Her old memories are all still there but are taking a back seat to her new memories with her new body.

Debbie takes one of her firm breasts and put the nipple into Megan's mouth.

She coos softly to her new daughter, "Ok sweet heart, time for your first meal." Debbie kisses Megan softly again. She continues, "Ok sweetie, you're now a baby Succubus. When you mature enough to feel the hunger, mommy will teach you how to hunt our prey. When you find a special one ... just as I found you, you too will give birth to another succubus ... just like mommy did with you."

Megan does feel hungry but can't help blushing a little as she suckles on her breast. She is embarrassed to be as she is but knows there is nothing she can do about it and it makes sense for a baby to eat. As she listens she is shocked again. A Succubus? No way... they aren't real are they? And now she is one? And she is going to do what was done to her to someone else? It's just too much.

Time for a succubus .. is infinite. It takes a long and very pleasant time for Megan to grow up. She finally reaches the age when the hunger begins. Megan feels it and confides in her mommy. Debbie buys the cutest and most sexy outfits for her beautiful daughter to make her first kill.

Debbie has taught Megan well. She understands how to use her pheromones ... and how to ensnare her victims. She knows how to sting her prey with her poison ... making the prey enjoy being consumed.

She is dressed in tight black boy short hot pants and a cute powder blue babydoll top. Her long blond hair is in ponytails tied with a soft blue ribbon. She sees the one she has chosen ... he is perfect. She walk past him .. her body releases the pheromones ... he turns his head ... his eyes get big ... he can't resist the wonderful perfume ... it is so intoxicating ... his mind becomes clouded as he introduces himself to the most beautiful girl he thinks he has ever seen. Megan smiles, she is hungry and his life force whets her appetite.

She kisses him passionately ... she has stung him ... he belongs to her.

~~The End??~~
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