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Show and Tell

Postby Miki Yamuri » Mon Dec 01, 2014 11:25 pm

Title: Show and Tell


Elladan Kent, 18, male

Tracy Menia: 18, female

Scene: On the Dissertation Stage at the local College


It was a seminar unlike any other. A 6 week program on feminism and sissydom, and how to put women on top and boys on the bottom, and make it cute at the same time.
The students were here for this, to learn how to get ahead in life, but also how to treat boys, like the sissy baby girls they really were.

At the culmination of the seminar, each student was required to do a presentation, which would determine their final grade in the class. It could be on anything, so long as it dealt with sissies or the sissy lifestyle. The professor teaching the course was Mrs. Hall, the professor of female studies.

Tracy Menia was an A student in all her subjects. She also had a fantasy of being a Mistress as well. This class afforded her the perfect opportunity to learn how to make a boy into a sissy girl, as well as how to be a proper Mistress.

She sat beside the boy she had been friends with for over a year. Tracy snuggles close and blows softly in Elladan's ear.

She coos softly, "But sweetie, you know how much you love to wear ... special clothes."

She pulls open the waist band of his elastic on his pants and looked in quickly. She caught a glimpse of what looked like a cute pair of pink panties.

Elladan was short for a boy, being just barely 5 feet tall. He had a very slender effeminate build and long shoulder length hair. He was also extremely cute and made the perfect Subject.

Tracy had begun dominating him only a few months ago. It was pretty easy, considering how shy he was and that he liked her. This morning, she'd managed to get him into some of her panties, despite his light fussing.

Elladan says with a slight whine in his voice, "You said it's just for one morning. So what do you want me to do to help with your project? Do I have to hold the presentation boards and other things?"

He didn't take the class with her, though she'd told him much about it.

She hugs him around his middle as she tickles him softly, "But Elladan, you promised." She pokes out her bottom lip and gave him that look he can't seem to resist. She looks so adorable when she does this. Tracy continues, "I promise, you wont have to hold a single placard. I'll do all the work, you just be cute for the instructors. It's that simple."

Elladan pouted, giggling a bit as she tickled him. "Ah aha ah, okay!" he giggled more. "I'll help! Now stop tickling me!"

He nods some, wondering exactly what he had to do. The presentation she had was schedule for that evening, so he came and met her a few minutes before she was due to go in. He hadn't changed out of his clothes, at her request.

He asks cheerily, "Hey Tracy. You're all set up to present?"

Tracy kisses him on his cheek as she squeaks adorably with joy, "You're not going to regret this, I promise. Now come with me ... we have to get all the information and equipment together before class."

Apparently she wasn't all set up. He blushed and nodded, following her to where she was storing her equipment.

Tracy gathered the disassembled Milking frame, several rather large squiurty vibrating toys, really cute pink rumba panties, a matching juper, and all the other things she would need. Elladan helps her load the cart and began pulling it out the stage door to begin setting up.

Tracy assembled the Milking frame as Elladan looked on curiously. Elladan couldn't help but wonder what all this was for, or why she needed it. Never did he wonder if it was all for him as he hauled everything into the classroom, for her to set up. There was a table waiting, along with what looked like an odd bathtub. It was solid plastic on one side, and clear plastic on the side facing the audience.

Tracy picks up a strange pen looking thing and opens one end. She places a ovule of reddish clear liquid in it and sealed it again.

She walks to Elladan and kisses him on his cheek softly as she says, " I would like to thank everyone in attendance, and especially the subject of tonight's dissertation."

She then touches the pointy end to Elledan's neck ... there is a loud hissing pop and a very sharp sting. He could feel the hot substance quickly spread through his body, fogging his mind and giving him very intense and pleasant rushes.

Elladan gasps and yelps, feeling the sting. Within moments, his nerve synapses start becoming sluggish, and his vision becomes cloudy.

Elladan gasps out in a squeaky voice, "Huh? What was that for, Tracy?"

Elledan is rapidly becomes helpless as the powerful drug works its magic.

She coos softly in his ear, "It's to help you accept the fact that in the next hour, you're going to be a very pretty and adorable Sissy boy/girl. I know deep inside you, you have always wished this ... so now I'm making it happen and you're helping me ace this class."

Tracy begins to remove his clothes as she speaks to the Audience, "The first step in the sissification of a young male, is to make sure you're to dominant over him. The next thing is to render him incapable of resisting."

She begins to remove all of his clothes and toss them into a near by trash receptacle. He blushes and squirms, fussing as she removes his clothes then throws them away. In no time, he is stark naked and all the girls are giggling.

Elladan says in an obviously changing voice, "Tracy, stop.... this is weird..."

Tracy pats Elladan on his bare bottom reassuringly as she leads him helplessly to the milking frame.

She coos to him reassuringly, "It's ok little girl. Soon you will be extremely beautiful and cute."

She then lays Elladan across the frame with his bottom in the air and straps him in. The boy blushes and squirms, as he is laid on and strapped to the rack.

He begins whimpering. "But Tracy..."

Tracy pats Elladan’s raised bottom softly as she says loudly, "The first thing in the process is to Milk our subject and begin taking his manhood from him. This is a very important step." Tracy picks up a large vibrating toy and tests the batteries before continuing, "This is a Milking tool, notice the curved rubber tip that allows the prostate to be gently stimulated causing the subject to be relieved of all his ejaculate."

She places a container under his thingy, then proceeds to lubricate the toy well. She put a large amount of KY on her index and middle finger, then begins to sensually lubricate his rear opening. She slowly pushes her fingers deep inside him as she does this causing Elladan to gasp and squeak.

The poor boy gasps and wiggles as the tool is inserted, surprisingly to applause. The poor boy squirms and wiggles, grunting as it works in his butt, pressure building inside him. Barely a minute later, he started emptying his juice into the container just like he was taking a pee.

Tracy bends and coos softly, "That's a good girl. Now Mistress is going to take your potty training. It won't hurt, but it will feel very strange."

Tracy removes the tool from Elladan’s opening. She picks up a package of suppositories and opens them. Again, she slowly and sensually pushes 3 of the large suppositories deep inside him. He can feel them as they rapidly begin to melt and cause his bottom to tingle pleasantly.

She coos softly, "See baby? It doesn't hurt a bit to have Mistress take your potty training."

She stands and faces the audience before continuing, "The next thing I will do, is insure he is totally diaper dependant. I have inserted 3 suppositories that will insure when he has to go poopie, he can’t help himself, but will go involuntarily."

Elladan whimpers as she inserts the suppositories. Hearing his fate, he cries some, a stream of tears coming out, his manhood now empty and shriveled like a good sissy should be after being milked.

Elladan sees Tracy open the pen like thing and remove the empty ampoule and replace it with one that contained a clear thick liquid. She presses this to his shoulder, there is the loud hissing pop and the sharp sting. This time, the waves that ran through him were super intense. It was all Elladan could do to keep his mind intact. Even then, he could feel it slipping into a wonderful innocent haze. It was so very seductive, Elladan had to keep fighting extremely hard to resist.

Tracy says to the audience, "This injection performs 2 functions: 1.) It permanently damages the nerves that allow the subject to voluntarily go pee. From now on, he will be unable to help himself. If the subject isn’t in a diaper, he will have a rather messy accident." There are many cheers and hand claps before she is allowed to continue, "2.) This is also the vector that removes all the adult thoughts and emotions form the subject and is a major aid in regressing him."

Elladan can't help but gasp. She's going to turn him into a sissy baby! He tries to fight off the super seductive infantile emotions and sensations, but knows he is loosing ground rapidly. Fear fills him momentarily, then is suddenly gone, replaced by an ever growing sensation of contentment he cannot fight off.

Tracy pats Elladan on his hinny reassuringly as she coos softly to him, "Aww sweet heart, it's going to be ok. You are going to be one of the most adorable little sissy baby girls in the whole world."

She walks to the Tub and begins to draw the bath. she pours several cap fulls of a red colloid into the water. The wonderful smell of Strawberries fills the auditorium.

She turns and faces the audience and says, "Next, I am going to bathe the subject, reinforcing the fact she is female and a helpless baby. The bath also facilitates the removal of all his body hair except for his eyelashes, eyebrows, and the hair on the top of his head." She produces a bottle of amber liquid, "And this, will protect the hair we don't want removed."

She pours a generous amount onto his head and massages it gently and pleasantly in, insuring not to miss his eyelashes or eyebrows.

Trays says with a giggle, "It's also tearless so it won't hurt the baby's eyes." There are many cheers again and laughter.

Elladan can't help but squirm and murmur as she unstraps him and helps the boy into his bath. He has the solution washed into his hair, and right there he receives his bath, for all to see. He briefly tries to fuss and climb out the tub, like a naughty baby.

Tracy says with a bit of edge to her voice, "Every now and then as every mom knows, " She swats Elladan on his thigh several times, "A baby needs to be disciplined."

She then lathers a very thick washcloth with a honeysuckle smelling soap as Elladan begin to cry just like a baby. He is shocked and can’t stop himself as large hot tears roll down his cheeks.

She explains to the Audience, "This soap is a hormone producing stem cell product. What it does, is cause the baby to cease producing normal quantities of Testosterone and begin producing female hormones. She will develop cute little booby bumps and a wonderfully adorable figure over the space of a year. You must faithfully wash the baby every day to insure its body no longer produces Testosterone, but produces all the necessary female hormones that will induce the change."

She washes Elladan from top to bottom and in all his squeaky places. As she washes between his legs, he can feel it as his male parts quickly begin to shrivel back inside his crotch leaving a cute little slit in it's place.

Elladan blushes, wiggles and coos as she cleans him, the audience watching attentively as she cleans him. In no time, body hair gone, he looks and smells like an overgrown baby girl.

Tracy turns to the Audience once again and explains, "Now, after the bath, it's important to reinforce and prove to the subject they are in fact now becoming feminine."

She helps Elladan from the tub and steadies him on his wobbly feet amid many awws and coos from the audience. Tracy tickles him gently as she dries him from head to foot in a huge soft and fluffy towel. The boy squirms and blushes, cooing slightly as she tickles and dries him off. In no time, the sissy boy is dry, and ready to be sissified, in preparation of his diapering.

Tracy helps Elladan over to the padded table he had set up himself. He couldn't believe this was happening. He knows there’s no way out as more and more he helplessly succumbs to the wonderful infantile contentment that beckons him.

As he was put on the table on his back, Tracy loosens a knob under the table. It bends beneath his knees causing him to bend his knees and spread them open.

Tracy explains to the Audience, "Now, the next thing to do, is show the subject how intense being penetrated is so the sissy finally gives up the last of his manhood and become the perfect sissy."

She picks up a large squirty toy and turns it on low.

She walks to the table and coos softly to Elladan, "Now sweet heart, it's time to discover your feminine side with in you." Elladan was struggling to hold onto his mind as the powerfully seductive infantile emotions and feeling grew deep within.

Tracy lubricated the toy well. She again puts a large amount of KY on her index and middle finger. She begins to lubricate his new privacy. Elladan’s eyes get huge as he feels her fingers penetrating him in a way that had to be impossible. Elladan gasps as he feels the gentle vibration of the toy slip deep within him in a way he had never known before. He squeaks and gasps with each ever deeper thrust that sends super intense waves of pleasure all through him. The feeling was super intense and well beyond anything he had known as a man.

Elladan can't help but gasp as she inserts it. In no time, the boy is whimpering and cooing as it gives him pleasure, sissifying him perfectly. Because of the intensity and newness of the sensations, he orgasms quickly. He's a true sissy, and the last step of his transformation is ready.

Tracy explains as she lowers the table flat, then lifts Elladan by his ankles and places a thick Huggies Disposable beneath his bottom and set him in it, "Now is the time we begin to show the subject they are also a baby."

She bends suddenly and blows a huge and loud raspberry in his tummy. Elladan can't help but giggle and squirm. In the back of his mind, he is horrified, but his body isn't obeying him like it should as the woman babies him, lifting him and setting him on top of the diaper. To the audience, this looks completely routine.

Tracy gathers up the rest of the items and brings them to the table. She sprinkles a generous amount of baby powder , then pulls the diaper between Elladan’s legs and fastens the tapes. She blows another large raspberry in his tummy before taking one of his feet and kissing the big toe.

She coos softly, “Ohh baby, this little piggy ..."

The crowd goes wild with giggles and awws as Tracy does piggies on the new baby. Elladan squeals with delight, while in his mind he can't help but cry about the way he's acting. To his horror, she's turned him into a little baby. He giggles, squirms and screeches like any baby as she tickles and plays with him, His floral print diaper making loud crinkly noises as he fidgets.

Tracy explains as she begins to put an adorable outfit on him, "Now we dress our newest sissy baby girl in the most adorable outfit we can."

She stands Elladan on his wobbly feet and holds out an adorable pair of plastic lined pink rumba panties.

She coos softly, "Ok, sweet heart, step into your panties like a good sissy."

The boy wobbles a bit as she stands him up, as if he were an actual toddler. Ever so cute, he steps into the panties so she can pull them up. Tracy pulls the panties over his hugely thick Huggies and insures they are on properly. She then picks up a wonderfully cute pink jumper with flutters around the arm openings and the hem.

Tracy coos softly, "Lift your arms so Mistress can put your jumper on sweetie."

Again, the Auditorium fills with soft awws and that's so cute sprinkled with many adorables.

The boy obeys, letting her pull up the panties, before holding his arms up so Tracy can thread his arms and head into the jumper. She secures his panties on with a small golden lock, preventing him from removing his diaper without help. It's amazing, how in such a short span, an ordinary boy became a baby girl.

There was a large chair slightly off set from the middle of the stage. It had thick cushions and its base allowed for rocking. Elladan had trouble setting it where it was because of its heaviness. Tracy leads the new sissy baby over to the chair and sits as she helps him into her lap.

Tracy Says as she begins to brush Elladan’s long hair, "Now, it's time to give our new baby a name ... I think I will call her .. Ellie."

There are many claps and cheers. As Tracy brushes Ellie's hair, it begins to curl adorably and shine softly. When she's done with the brush, she ties Ellie's hair into 2 adorable ponytails with a long pink ribbon.

It's done. In less than an hour, nay, 30 minutes, the boy became a girl. Save for his size, Elladan would fit right at home in Tracy's nursery. Shy and helpless, the boy lets her do his hair, while she rocked him.

A very cute girl in a very short dress walked onto the stage pushing a large mirror on wheels with one hand and carrying a 1 liter baby bottle in the other. She places the mirror where Ellie can see her reflection and hands the bottle to Tracy.

Elladan gasps. He looks just like a girl! Was that the whole point of this presentation? But how could a boy look so babyish? he wondered as the girl gave Tracy the bottle.

Tracy explains to the audience as she puts the nipple of the bottle in Ellie's mouth, "Now, the final procedure ... feeding the new sissy baby and making her content."

Tracy begins rocking slowly as she watches Ellie begin to nurse.

After a few minutes of nursing, Tracy bends and coos softly so only baby could hear, "Now sweet heart, before you become a baby through and through, you need to know I will care for you and love you deeply for the rest of your life because this change is permanent."

Elladan can't help but blush as she holds him and makes him nurse the bottle. He realizes that she had planned this all along, but that he now no longer cared. Yes, he had fussed, but he realizes he is content as he feeds from the bottle and falls asleep.

The girl in the short dress pushes a crib onto the stage. Tracy and she carry Ellie to the crib and tuck the baby in. The girl had brought another bottle. Tracy props the bottle on a small pillow in the crib next to Ellie's head with the nipple in his mouth. He nurses slowly in his sleep as she raise the rails and kisses him on his cheek.

She turns to the audience once again and says, "Now, letting baby sleep is important, because it allows the drugs to completely over whelm her mind. When she wakes, all the fluids she has been nursing will insure her diaper is wet, reinforcing the fact, she is a baby. That completes my demonstration and my lecture." There is thunderous applause as Tracy slowly pushes the crib off the stage and waves to all.

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