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Scent of a Baby

Postby Miki Yamuri » Mon Dec 01, 2014 11:23 pm

Title: Scent of a Baby


Dana Evers: 25yo Salesperson / Bio-Engineer - College Student

Jordan Nelson: 25yo College Student

Scene: The Local Wally Buyer's Club perfume counter


Dana Evers was a bright and coming Bio-Chemist. She loved to dabble in the realm of what ifs. During her work in Bio-Genetics for her PHD Thesis, she had stumbled upon a wondrous odor ... The Scent of a Baby. The scent was derived from a xenomorphic virus combined with Telomere Stem Cell RNA and the pheromones of a baby girl. IT had remarkable properties as well and she was dying to try it out on someone.

Jordan Nelson, a recent college graduate ... sulks down the street. His most recent girlfriend broke up with him and he was talking it hard. In his mind, Jordan was truly wishing a huge truck would come along and run him over ... or maybe a large piece of space junk fall on top of him and take him out of his misery.

Jordan passes by Wally Buyers store. He gets the bright idea of maybe if he gets some perfume for her that he might get her back. Jordan slowly opens the door as the bell rings signifying someone is entering the store..

Dana looks up and sees a very handsome young man walk in. He was rather short, but that only made it better for what she wanted. She waves at the young man and says happily, "Hi, Welcome to Wally Buyer's World. Is there something I can help you with today?"

Jordan walks over to the perfume counter where Dana stood. You could tell by the way he was walking that he was buying a make up gift for girlfriend. "Ah...yes. I would like help finding a gift for a ex girlfriend that is an apology gift" replied Jordan leaning on the glass counter.

He goes into a brief description of his emotional state and how depressed he is and how dismal his life is.

Dana smiles coyly as she leans gracefully on the edge of the counter. She picks up the first scent and says in a seductive voice, "This is called Angel's Dream. Let me put a dab on you so you'll understand why."

She opens the top of the small bottle and pulls the applicator out. She looks at him with a smile. Jordan likes the look of the sales person. He is thinking he might just forget about his ex and work his magic on her. Jordan bends slightly and catches a smell of the perfume and it is heavenly. Jordan now understands how it got its name and Dana hasn't even applied it to his skin.

"Okay....ah..." looking at the name tag..."Dana, go ahead.." pulling up the sleeve of his hoodie exposing his wrist to Dana.

Dana takes the applicator and rubs a small bit on Jordan's wrist. The heavenly aroma of it wafts delicately in the air.

She smiles at Jordan and coos softly, "What exactly are you looking for in a scent?? Sweet and seductive ... or young and innocent?"

She holds up another bottle. It was small and the way the top was made ... the whole thing looked like a pacifier.

"This is our most seductively innocent perfume," She says in a very soft and seductive voice, "For those ... very special kinds of relationships. It brings out the baby in a person and makes them feel so wonderful."

Jordan lifts his wrist and smells Angels Dream. " That's not bad Dana...but let's try the innocent perfume please.." pulling up his sleeve on the other arm. " I wanna try and get one that says I'm sorry, forgive me, I’m your baby forever." extending his wrist towards Dana.

Dana smiles. She can't believe it ... here is the perfect person offering the perfect opportunity. She opens the top of the bottle and gives the little pacifier looking bulb a gentle squeeze. The small dropper filled to the top. She excitedly reached over and squeezed the drop over his exposed wrist. A very large drop fell and was quickly absorbed by his skin. The aroma was sooo intoxicating. His head began to swim as a very peaceful and pleasant sensation fills his body.

Jordan felt a warm and tingling sensation all over his body. It felt like he was in a hot tub and all of his troubles were just floating away and he hadn't even lifted his wrist to smell it yet. Jordan finally lifts his wrist to his nose. It had a strange smell of cotton candy, baby powder and strawberries.

He exclaims in a surprised voice, "Wow! This perfume is great.."

Dana giggles and draws another dropper full. She says softly as she squeezes another large drop on his exposed neck, "It's one of those special perfumes. It says best how sweet and innocently you love someone. It tells them how much you want to be babied by them ... don't you agree?"

The second large drop falls on his neck. It is quickly absorbed. Jordan can feel a sweet and infantile wave cross through him quickly. It tingles so much ... he swears he's loosing control of himself as his whole body is alive with new sensations. He is glad to have found this perfume ... it has taken his dark depression away and filled him with wonderful emotions he can’t even begin to describe. Jordan can't believe how care free his mind was ... he couldn't even remember why he was in the perfume section.

Dana notices that Jordan is wetting himself. Jordan is almost in a trance like pleasure state and doesn’t even realize it.

Dana giggles and puts her hands to her mouth in a big gasp. She points while her eyes are big and says in a giggly sort of way, "Did ... did you just wet your pants??" *giggles* that is so adorable. If you need help, I would be more than willing to ... help you." She blushes adorably trying her best to entice him completely into the trap.

Jordan breaks out of his trance and looks down at his pants. "Oh my god..." Jordan tries to pull down his shirt to cover it up "Dana ... can you help me with this please?"

Jordan is completely lost. A feeling just like he was a little boy in potty training that had just had an accident wells up in him so strongly. A little girl points and giggles as her mom pulls her away. Jordan let's out a huge blush. Dana quickly closes down the register she was working at. She takes him by his hand and walks him to the back. She knows he hasn’t long left to be an adult. She is so amazed at how well the scent is working ... all her long hours in the lab and research has paid off.

She says softly, "Do you want me to ... baby you some sweetie? I would be more than happy to." She giggles sweetly as they enter the bathroom.

"I think I will be fine Dana, thanks for showing me the bathroom." Dana is a bit surprised that Jordan hasn't let go of her hand. Jordan continues in a small childlike voice, "But maybe I could use a little help."

Jordan stands there like a little boy of 4 looking down at the ground embarrassed he wet himself without even knowing. He can’t believe the strong desire to take Dana up on the offer to baby him. He’s having difficulty in shaking it off as time passes.

Dana giggles softly and asks, "Well, sweetie ... if you want me to ... leave ... can I have my hand back?"

Jordan had pulled Dana into the bathroom with him by this time. Jordan shakes his head.

She stands and looks at him softly as she caresses his cheek. She coos softly, "Does baby need mommy to change hims??" She hugs and kisses him lovingly as he trembles.

Dana can't believe how well this is working ... She can't wait to see the end result.
The perfume continues soaking into Jordan mind creating more infantile needs, wants, and responses.

Jordan nods his head ... moving his head up and down. "Uh huh. I can't ... I can't dis" Jordan pointing down to the button on his soaked jeans. He is confused as to why he can’t figure it out. Dana takes one more eyedropper fill of the perfume, she drops the last huge drop on the back of his hand and watches as it is quickly absorbed.

She coos softly, "Ok, mommy will try to help

Dana walks up and gently pushes his hand away from the button. She unbuttons and unzips his pants. Jordan had soaked his undies and his jeans by this time.

She pulls them both down to his ankles and coos, "Ok, baby, step out of these things."

Jordan steps out of the jeans slowly, his red boxers are completely soaked with pee. Dana is so shocked to see this. The formula is working far better than she had hoped. She can't wait to see more of the effects of her perfume creation.

Dana watches excitedly as Jordan slowly slips a thumb into his mouth. The perfume has almost completely taken control of Jordan and Dana knows it will only be a few minutes before the rest of the transformation begins.

Dana isn't quite sure what to do exactly. She has taken Jordan to the employee's bathroom and undressed him. She runs warm water in the sink and cleans him in all his squeaky places.

Dana says softly, "I'm sorry sweetheart, but I only have little girl clothes to dress you in ... and I think you need to be diapered too."

Jordan watches as Dana cleans him up. He begins softly giggling as she does. It tickles.

He takes his thumb out of his mouth and says in a very infantile voice, "But I'm not a little girl Mommy.."

Jordan also begins to notice Dana is now taller than him but not by much ... only a few inches. He feels somehow that this is wrong. All he wants to do right at this moment though is stand there and try to be a good boy for ... mommy? Infantileness flows so softly.

Dana coos softly, "Not yet maybe sweetie, but soon you will be. Now be a good girl and come get on the sink counter so I can diaper you so you wont have any more accidents."

Dana then pulls a Disposable diaper out from under the counter where she had hidden it earlier for just this reason. Jordan hops obediently onto the counter after Dana pats it and looks at him with a loving smile. He feels there is something wrong with what she had just said as he lays back. It feels right ... and to his increasingly infantile mind it seems reasonable too.

Dana has Jordan lift his bottom and she slips the diaper under him. She grabs baby wipes and wipes his special areas again before applying a generous amount of baby powder. She then pulls it up between Jordan legs and secures it. Dana then reaches under the counter and brings out a cute little girl’s sailor outfit, complete with the hat. She helps Jordan off of the counter. She unbuttons the outfit in the back and snaps the snaps between the legs.

She holds it out and coos softly, "Ok sweetie, this will be slightly loud since the lining is made of plastic so you won’t leak. Now be a good little baby and step in."

Jordan steps into the adorable little girl’s sailor suit. The outfit is tight on him but not tight enough that he can't move around in it. His bulky diaper makes it hard for him to stand. Jordan has shrunk a bit more and now and is only as tall as Dana's nose.

Dana takes the bottle with her scent in it and fills the dropper one last time. She knows this is a massive dose, but she can't help herself. She knows that human trials for this type of chemical agent is probably illegal, but who will ever find him? In a few hours, his own mother wouldn't recognize him. Not even a genetics test would reveal his identity.

Dana coos, "Now, come with mommy, I have to get off work and take you home."

She then squeezes the final drops onto Jordan's exposed skin and watched as it is absorbed. She's not really sure how young he will be, but she knows he will quickly become female and can see his scalp hair is already beginning to change along with his body. The hairiness of his arms has already vanished as has the hair on his legs. His skin has taken on a softer and more feminine luster. He is looking more like a girl now than the man he came in the store as. On first or even 4th glance, people would think he was a very pretty girl at this point.

Jordan looks up at Dana as she puts the sailor hat on him. He is feeling really strange in his crotch. His tummy feels so weird too ... like something is ... growing inside. She says how adorable she looks and takes his hand and leads him out of the bathroom. One of the other clerks sees Dana with what appears to be a cute young girl in a sailor suit. Jordan stays quiet as Dana punches off the clock. The other clerk comments on how cute Jordan looks in his suit as Dana leads him out of the store.

Dana takes Jordan to her car and stoops. Jordan had begun to shrink quickly. She says softly, "Sweet heart, you need to know something. You're becoming not only a baby, but a little girl too. I need to take you home so I can get you in the proper environment that is inductive to a cute little baby."

She hugs and kisses Jordan on his cheek then places him in the back of the car and fastens the seatbelt in the car seat he had been put in that Dana had placed there for just this occasion. Jordan was almost 4 feet tall by this point and looking very adorably female. His hair had begin to curl in a cute way and was now down below his shoulders. Anyone who saw Jordan at this point would never know this adorably cute little girl had ever been a man.

"But...Mommy..." Jordan says in what is now a very cute little girl voice.

Jordan watches as Dana walks around the car and steps into the driver seat. Jordan sees in the rear view mirror that Dana is right. He sees that he doesn't look like a boy much with the cute brown curls on his hair. Running his fingers thru it. Jordan looks down at his outfit which was once tight before, now, almost fits perfectly. Jordan feared Dana was right and was afraid to peek into his diaper. Jordan looks sadly out the window of Dana's car as she drives away from the mall. A single tear runs down Jordan’s cheek. He realizes that he was so depressed when he came into the store he wanted to end it all. He resigns himself to his new fate. He thinks of how wonderful it felt to become what he is now. He is more confused than ever at that point over all the new emotions and wants that are starting to fill his increasingly infantile mind.

By the time Dana had reached her house, Jordan had shrunk enough she could carry him. She unbuckles the seatbelt and picks him out of the car seat up to her shoulder. She pats him softly and reassuringly on his bottom and coos, "Now sweetie, there are many benefits to what's happening to you. You are now immune to almost all diseases ... and, it will take many years for you to grow back up into an extremely pretty girl. I promise to take very good care of you and I will make you as happy as I possibly can." She hugs and tickles him gently in his ribs as she walks to the door and unlocks it.

"But why me...?" whimpered Jordan, his voice sounding more like a little girl.

Dana opens the door to her house. Jordan’s now no taller than any other 3 year old as she brings him in and shuts the door.

Dana hugs him close and whispers softly, "Because, silly, you're so adorable and I wanted to have a baby daughter. I'm unable to have children and they won't let a single woman adopt. I could find no one who would volunteer and ... you were so sad and depressed with your life at the time ... I chose you."

Dana carries Jordan into the house. It is a beautiful and large 2 story house with thick carpets. Dana carries Jordan up the stairs into her new nursery. The room was decorated in soft pinks and earth tones. There was a huge crib and many toys every where. Dana gently places Jordan into the crib and winds the mobile above his head. The sweet sound of a cute lullaby begins to play.

Dana bends over and kisses Jordan on his nose and coos to baby as she tickles her, "Now be a good baby for mommy while I go and get your bottle. Mommy knows you have to be hungry." She then turns and leaves Jordan alone for the moment with his confused thoughts.
"But ... bu t... mommy...." Jordan watches as she leaves the room the soft melody of twinkle twinkle little star playing as he looks at his new surroundings. Looking at the frilly pink blanket ... he picks it up and smells it. It smells so wonderfully pleasantly of baby powder and jasmine. It fills his infantile mind with pleasure. Jordan almost forgetting that he went potty in his nappy ... as he makes sure to remember to ask mommy if baby can play with the doll she sees on the toy chest.

As he sits there and contemplates his new home that maybe things won't be so bad. Jordan let's out a little sigh as he falls back into the soft bedding of his crib, looking up at the spinning mobile. He can’t help himself ... the mobile is so .... fascinating and the tune so .... mesmerizing. He begins to giggle happily as he bats at the figures as they spin.

Dana returns with what appears to Jordan as a huge bottle. She bends over the crib and pulls open the front of Jordan's diaper and checks her. She is very messy and wet.

Dana coos softly, "Aww, silly baby aww wet. Mommy fix it before you eats. Now take a look and see sweetie, you're a girl now and mommy gotta decide what your new name is gonna be. I have your new birth certificate all ready and will get your finger prints and foot prints and make a registered archival copy." She picks Jordan up and carries him to the potty.

Jordan looks down and almost passes out as he cannot believe that he is now a she ... seeing that he no longer has a penis. " I thought you were joking about me being a little girl" Jordan pouts and it looks so adorable.

Jordan clings to mommy as the sailor outfit and diaper would fall off her if Mommy wasn't holding them in place. Dana carries Jordan into the potty room and lays her on the changing counter. She raises the safety rail so baby wont accidentally fall off and turns and starts the water in the bath. She pours a red gel into the water. The smell of Strawberries fills the air.

She turns back to Jordan and removes all of her wet and messy clothes and tosses them into the clothes hamper. She picks Jordan up and pats her reassuringly on her bare hinny before putting her into the warm and bubbly bath.

Jordan looks at all the bubbles in the bath. She is overwhelmed by the sweet smell of strawberries.

"Mmm ... I like strawberries" giggles Jordan in her new adorable baby girl voice. Jordan grabs some bubbles and puts it on her face. All of a sudden she let's out a sneeze and all the bubbles go pop. Jordan looks up at Mommy as she smiles down a Jordan.

Dana giggles and says softly to baby, "Silly girl," she then takes a scoop of bubbles and puts them on Jordan’s head in a pointy mound and continues, "there's your crown. The princess of the bubble bath." She giggles as she tickles Jordan gently in her ribs.

Jordan kicks and laughs in the bubble bath as Dana washes her body with the soft loofah getting all her squeaky places as Jordan jumps when Dana washes there.

"Hey! Thasa private area.." Jordan says in her adorable voice trying to look serious with a bubble crown on her head.

Dana bends slightly and smooches Jordan on her nose and coos, "Very soon sweetie, it won't matter to you, you'll be too young and adorable to care."

Dana giggles more as she pours a clear yellow gel onto Jordan's head and begins to massage it in. It lathers thickly and smells wonderfully of Jonquils. Dana takes the spray nozzle and rinses Jordan’s hair. It falls around and slightly below his shoulders now. Jordan looks at his now longer softer wet hair. Touching it and loving the smell of it.

Jordan looks up at Dana and asks in a most precious voice, "Does this mean I have to do ballet and play with dollies?"

Jordan is looking so adorable now, Dana cannot believe that she ever was grown up or a man. Dana picks Jordan out of the tub and hugs her while she dries her briskly from head to foot. The towel is very thick, soft, and pleasantly warm. When Dana had finished, she put Jordan on her feet and placed her hands on the side of the counter for balance.

Dana coos softly like she is explaining a very difficult subject to a very young child, "Well sweet heart, you do have to grow back up. This time though, you'll be a very cute little girl. And yes, I want you to take ballet. I want my daughter to be very graceful as well as pretty. There is one thing though sweetie, it will take a lot longer for you to grow up than a normal child ... I’ve made sure of that."

Jordan finds it hard to balance on the counter as her legs feel really, really weak. She looks down at her wobbling legs and can't help but see her new little girlhood staring back at her.

Jordan whimpers a bit. "But I wanted to be a little boy. I didn't want to be a girl. I no like boys like that an ... an I can't get used to the clothing changes." Giving Mommy the puppy eye treatment.

Dana picks Jordan up and twirls her around several times as she Coos, "Whhheeeeeee!!" then lays her softly on her back on the changing table.

Dana coos again like she's explaining a very difficult subject to a very young child, "Well sweetie, a baby can't decide who or what they are. You have no choice in this. Besides cutie, " She bends and kisses Jordan on her nose and tickles her softly, "in just a very little bit, you won't care ... mommy promises ... you'll be too young to know the differences until you grow back up. By then, mommy sure you’ll love boys just like any other girl."

Jordan starts to cry a bit, realizing Mommy is right that in a little bit she won't care. Jordan looks up at Mommy crying a bit till she notices that Mommy’s breasts have grown in size since the store. Mommy's top barely containing them.

Dana sees where Jordan is looking and coos softly, “Yes sweetie, mommy has taken a lactating drug so my daughter will know the intimacy of breast feeding like a baby should.”

Suddenly, Jordan feels Dana grab her by her ankles and lifts. She feels some thing under her bottom as she is set back down. It is very thick and soft. Dana takes a large bottle of baby powder and powders Jordan generously. She pulls the cute disposable between her legs and fastens the tapes snugly on. She sits Jordan up and threads her arms through the armholes of a cute smock top and pulls it over her head. Jordan feels it as Dana zips it up.

Dana then picks up a matching pair of plastic lined rumba panties with large pink ruffles, and threads Jordan's feet through the leg openings. She lifts Jordan by her ankles again and pulls the panties over her diaper. Dana sits Jordan up and finishes pulling on the panties.

Dana coos softly, "How does that feel sweetheart? Your very first baby girl out fit."

She stands Jordan on her feet and lets her hold onto the index fingers for balance as she walks her over to the floor length mirror for a look. Jordan is a very adorable and cute baby girl at this point.

Jordan looks at the baby girl in the mirror and cannot believe that it’s her. The thick diaper bowing her legs out. Looking at the top, it is Rainbow My Little
Pony. In her infantile mind, Jordan realizes this is all too real and starts to cry again. Only a few hours earlier today, a man of 25, she now a 2 and a half year old girl. She is totally incredulous. Deep in her mind, she is sort of glad this has happened. She has always wanted to know what it was like to be a girl ... now, that is exactly what she is discovering, and she kind of likes it.

Dana picks Jordan up to her shoulder and pats her reassuringly on her hinny.

She coos softly, "Now sweetheart, you don't have to worry about an ex-girl friend, or making another relationship for a long time. I promise you, I will take good care of you and raise you to be a sweet and adorable girl. I will always dress you in the cutest clothes too."

She carries Jordan back to the counter and sets her there. Dana picks up a brush and begins brushing Jordan's hair, removing any tangles. When she is done, Jordan’s hair is soft and adorably curly. Jordan had begun to think this is a wonderful way of life. Dana is extremely attentive and gives him lots of attention. As Dana softly brushes his long hair and makes it into adorable long curls, Jordan begins to fully accept what has happened to him. He thought it was a disaster at first, but now, he realizes he is being waited on hand and foot by one of the most gorgeous women he had ever seen. One thing he didn't yet realize, he wasn't going to retain any adulthood. Very soon, his memories and other things would be intact, although he would be a unique 2 and a half year old girl with the memories. All his emotional and psychological responses will soon be that of a little baby girl. As he grows up, he will grow up as a very beautiful girl, with no masculine qualities in any way ... although ... growing up will take a lot longer than a normal child.

Dana picks Jordan up to her shoulder once again as she lovingly pats her on her hinny. Jordan likes the comforting way this feels a whole lot. Dana carries Jordan from the potty room downstairs into the den. Dana sits with Jordan on her back in her lap. Dana begins to softly tickle Jordan’s tummy and feet as she lovingly coos to baby. Jordan can’t help herself as she begins to giggle and squirm happily as any baby would in mommy’s loving embrace.

Jordan suddenly comes back to his mind as Dana lays him in her arms. She sees one of Dana’s lovely breasts were out of her top. Jordan watches as Dana squeezes the gumdrop sized nipple and a white liquid forms in a drop. Dana suddenly puts the nipple in Jordan’s mouth. The sweet, watery taste of mother’s milk touches her tongue. Jordan can’t help herself as she instinctually begins to nurse.

It is so warm and rich, although slightly watery. There is lots of it as she nurses eagerly. Jordan’s tummy feels so warm and she feels so safe and sleepy.

Dana kisses Jordan on the top of her head and coos softly, “When you wake up sweetheart, you will be called Janice. I know it will be strange for the first few days, but mommy promises you will forget ever being a boy and grow up to be a very beautiful and sweet girl.”

The name Janice burns its way into the place Jordan used to be. There is no choice. Janice is so contented and sleepy ... her eyes close as she bids farewell to manhood and adulthood .. forever.
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