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Postby Miki Yamuri » Mon Dec 01, 2014 11:21 pm

Title: Roman Love Pet


Ricky Crow - 18yo

Gaia Crow ... Ricky as the Roman Love Pet

A special story written for DMG ... hope you enjoy reading this

Scene: On the way to a cabin in the deep forest

I couldn't believe I'm doing this. I couldn't really explain why ... but when I saw the ad for the week in the woods log cabin vacation deal for only $150 ... I couldn't help myself.

It didn't take me long to pack the car with all the things I would need for an extended stay ... and be off. The drive into the high mountains, then into the deep forest was long. I got lost several times, but fortunately ... there seemed to be some old man that popped up mysteriously and had perfect directions. I didn't really question that at the time ... although in hind site ... perhaps I should have. It was just a bit too convenient considering how remote this place was.

The cabin was any city slicker's dream come true! From the Redwood hot tub to the fancy whirlpool bath that was more swimming pool than bath ... it was extremely elegant. The super thick shag carpets, the large fireplace with wood already chopped and stacked in the box. A very large library with almost every kind of book I could dream of, a well stocked bar, and a water bed that was so large it had its own zip code. I was truly happy with my decision to come.

The pantry, freezer, and refrigerator were stocked more than extremely well with most everything my heart could desire. The automated kitchen was well tended by a servant that seemed magical in how well he did his job and then vanished, leaving me alone to enjoy the solitude of the place.

After unpacking the car and putting everything away, I had a nice leisurely dinner of roasted Deer, potatoes, String beans, cornbread, fried okra, and a very large salad with extra virgin olive oil mixed with tangy dark sour vinegar. The hard dough bread dipped well in the Olive Oil and black pepper too.

I finally had finished, my stomach was full and the servant had cleared all the dishes and vanished. I mixed myself a strong Vodka and Tonic and walked out onto the porch that over looked a huge lake and the deep darkening forest below. I sat in one of the comfortable wooden benches made from cedar wood, and drank several Vodkas. The sounds of the forest began to settle in on me as the sun set and a very large full moon rose over the lake setting it on fire with many sparkles like jewels as my head began to buzz with the liquor.

It wasn't long before I could hear someone's voice .... chanting something. It was eerie and compelling to hear it as it echoed across the lake and through the mountain valley. I could feel something tugging at me inside to explore and discover who was doing this and why. After several more Vodkas ... and becoming very nicely buzzed, I couldn't help it any longer ... I had to know what was going on.

Just before I left the cabin, the servant suddenly appeared and said, "Beware of the deep wood. Do not go where none should. Within are places that take many faces, and turns men into that which should never have been." Then vanished once again, leaving me alone with my buzz, and my alcohol addled thoughts.

I was thinking that was such a strange thing to say ... then grinned as I also thought that it was probably something he said to people from the city to keep them from getting lost in the woods. Before I left, I gathered up a glow in the dark compass, took a good bearing of where I was and where I was going, then left to find adventure.

It was easy enough to follow the chanting. After a few minutes, I could see a large fire burning off in the distance through the dense forest. I walked slowly up to the open area where the fire burned and saw a very old woman sitting on a stump wearing a jet black hooded robe with gold and red trim. Her face and body was gnarled with what appeared to be great age, her ratty thinning hair was a real tossed mess as it stood off in every conceivable direction all at the same time.

The old crone sitting on the stump tosses some kind of knotted, gnarled split wood into the fire. For a second, nothing happens as the sparks slowly settle in the darkness round about ... suddenly, without warning there is a loud WHOSSH!! as the fire leaps up large and changes many colors

To my amazed eyes it seems to form a door ... or a passage to some other place. The crone turns, it was then I realized she knew I was there all along. She waves this ... 12 inch long thing at me that looks like a twig. I feel something come over me ... I can't help myself ... I walk ... staggeringly as a mechaniod, towards the rift.

I hear the old crone cackle just before I step through, "Enjoy your new life sugar ... a girl Love Pet for the Roman Army you now are."

O.o? Wha? I can't think as I feel strange sensations wash all through my body. My mind ... my thoughts ... my very emotions seem to change. I pass through ... and find myself in a harem full of very young, half naked young women. I look down ... OMG!! ... I'm a girl now too .. not a man!! I see my body through the light blue fabric of the harem pants and vest I wore.

A very large, very muscled Centurion comes in and grabs me by the arm. His booze laden breath makes me sick to my stomach.

He says drunkenly, "You are just what we need for our orgy. A nice inexperienced virgin is always a welcome treat."

I try and struggle against the Centurion’s grip, but it was strong and even more fueled by his intoxication and obvious lust . I was dragged into a massive room full of many naked men and young women in all sorts of ... intimate positions where the orgy was happening. It frighted me and at the same time the sight mesmerized and caused a very strange arousal deep within me in a way I had never experienced before. Men and women just throwing themselves into carnal pleasures ... a cornucopia of moans, screams, and yells of pleasure could be heard.

I felt wet between my legs ... and a strange tingling warmth in my chest as I felt my nipples harden and poke through the very sheer fabric my outfit was made of. Then, with my thoughts all jumbled and totally lost in an arousal I had never experienced before, I felt a sense of flying as I was tossed onto a pile of very large, soft pillows. Out of my stunned haze, I look up from the pillows to see a large very muscled man. He was a toned warrior with many battle scars across his body. His hair was short but it was thick and colored like sand.

My eyes look down his muscular, nude body to see his large phallus. He was very excited to see me even with all the drink he had consumed. His manhood stood very large and erect. It was bigger than I was before I became the young woman I now was by far. I roll over and see myself in a very shiny, polished shield that was leaning against a pole beside the pile of pillows I lay upon. The surprised eyes of a very petite, young woman with long brunet hair looked back. My new body was extremely shapely. I could see my small, but firm breasts poking through the sheer fabric of the vest I wore.

I feel strong hands grab me and pull me around. His strong, powerful arms pulled me against his warrior body. Deep down in the recesses of my mind. I knew what he wanted and I was terrified at what was about to happen. I was totally helpless to stop it in any way.

His lips are suddenly on mine. I can feel his tongue running inside my lips across my teeth. His tongue somehow pried open my mouth and enters it ... he explores my mouth with his tongue until he finds my tongue and entwines his with it. The taste of the strong drink he had been drinking filled my senses as his hands held me in place and began to squeeze my cute round bottom. I can feel his large arousal as it presses against my nubile body.

A gasping squeak escapes me as one of his hands begins to softly caress between my legs while the other squeezes my bottom. I feel weird sensations rush all through me as I feel more warm wetness between my legs. A revulsion starts within me as I began to fight against him. He laughs as he breaks the kiss. My protests and fighting only seem to make him more passionate towards me.

I feel the coolness of the room against my bare breasts as he rips my vest off with a loud tearing sound. I fall helplessly back into the soft embrace of the large pillows as he grabs my pants and yanks them off ... shredding them as well. I lie back, totally nude and whimpering as a very large smile crosses the Warrior's lips. I attempted to get away, but the warrior quickly grabs my legs as he pulls me towards him. I try and kick and flail as I scream loudly.

I hear many men laugh and a snide comment, "Be gentle ... that one's a virgin ... we just captured her from the village this morning." Then more laughter.

I suddenly find my legs draped over his thighs as he scoots close. He has his manhood in his hand as he tugs on it several times. I see he is uncircumcised. He is on top of me ... I feel his thing as it touches me between my legs. A shiver runs all through my beautiful body as I feel him push the head into my opening there. A rush ... super intense ... I can't help myself as I scream and beg him not to do this. It only makes him mor4e aggressive as he thrusts deep into me. I feel a sharp pinching tear as my breath leaves me in a soft gasp of pain.

He pulls his thing out in one slow long motion, before thrusting it back deeply into me once again. I feel it inside my tummy ... in a place I never thought possible. It hurts as he moans and wiggles his hips around.

He says as he licks his lips, "That is so ... nice and tight!" He begins to thrust into me slowly, with ever increasing speed, "I forgot what a real virgin felt like. You and me are going to be great partners ... Pet."

The pain begins to lessen as it begins to feel so weird and strange. Each thrust causes me to squeak helplessly as I feel a really nice warm wet feeling inside me. It still hurts some, but it is begining to feel wonderful as each thrust brings more chills and rushes though out my young female body. He kisses me deeply .. I'm almost senseless as I kiss him back. The revulsion of it all has long since gone as he begins to slowly thrust deeply within me. I push back as I try and open myself to each thrust. It feels so strange and weirdly wonderful. The more I attempt to open myself to his maleness, the better and more intense it feels.

It wasn't long before I can hear him begin to grunt as he thrusts deeply into me. It hurts as something deep within me stretches until it tears once again. I gasp out in pain and pleasure ... it ... hurts so good. I feel his body as it spasms ... I can feel his huge thing throbbing within me as he pushes in deeper. A warm wetness fills me suddenly as he sighs loudly and begins to relax after several deep penetrating thrusts.

He pulls his phallus from my body ... I can feel a warm wet dripping sensation between my legs, running down to my behind. As I lay panting, I realize he had cum in me. It must have been a very large one, I can feel a large amount of drippiness running from me. A really strange tingle of fear runs down my spine as I wonder if I'm pregnant. I know ... I more than likely have no protection at all from him ... especially if this is what it seems to be ... a Roman House of Pleasure.

The muscled Warrior kisses me deeply then says softly, "I'm having you taken to my lodgings. I want you as my concubine. I think you will bear me many strong sons."

I gasp ... Sons??!! I think to myself. I look deep into this large man's eyes and feel something I hadn't felt before ... a small flame begins to burn in my heart for the first time I can remember. The small hot flame of passionate love as something within me loves the idea of making love to this man and bearing him many children.

I loose my mind as he puts his still swollen thing into my body once again and starts to slowly thrust deeply. I kiss him as I relax into my new role ... of being his Love Pet Concubine.
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