The Bet

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The Bet

Postby Miki Yamuri » Wed Nov 26, 2014 3:32 pm

Title: The Bet


Kyle Hilliard - 18 and applying for college, but not accepted yet - Played by Ella Kenet

Kylie - Femmed and regressed Kyle – Played by Ella Kenet

Cherry Bradley - 18 and in college – Played By Miki Yamuri





Scene: Application Day - Woods College


As Cherry stood and watched all the people hustling through the large room at the College, she could only hope to get at least an application in before too long. After a long wait, she managed to get one of the application packages and hurried over to a table to fill it out.

She sat and opened the package, and began to fill out the top with her name and address.
A few moments later, a young man, really, still just a boy, sat next to her. He was 18, a bit on the short side, with long black hair and a clean face. He wore some jeans and tennis shoes, along with a green T shirt and a green jacket over it.

"Mind if I sit here?" he asked as he set the stack of papers down.

Cherry looks up and sees one of her friends, the cute Kyle Hillard. She doesn't know him very well, but she would love to have him sit with her. She also would love to make him into a cute cuddly little baby girl ... he’s just that cute.

She replies in a soft voice, "Sure, have a seat. Maybe you can help clear up this confusing schedule request stuff."

He nods, sitting next to her. "Confusing, eh? Seems pretty simple to me."

She pushes the sheets over to him and asks in a lost voice, "How am I supposed to request the 3 classes?? They are required for the first 6 months. The problem is they all are at the same time."

She sits and blows some hair from her face in exasperation.

He nods, and calmly explains to her. "You'll just have to schedule all of them and hope for the best. My friend says that if you just call and explain the problem, the University usually sorts it out. Once they realize the 3 mandatory classes are all at the same time, then they will surely change it."

Cherry's green eyes get slightly bigger as she puts one of her hands to her face.

She says in a small voice, "Your pretty smart. I should have known that. Guess I'm a ditz .. huh?"

With this she leans over and gives him a small kiss on his cheek.

"Thanks." she says softly.

He blushes, muttering a “You’re welcome,” before turning attention to his own application. For the next hour, he dutifully filled it out, answering Cherry's questions when they arose, until they were both done. Cherry notices there is an empty window at the applications counter. She grabs her and Kyle's applications and hurries up to the window.

Kyle's eyes dart over, and he quickly follows her, trying to keep up. Cherry managed to get to the window before the next huge crowed arrived. Kyle just barely managed to get to the window in time to avoid the worst of it. Cherry made room for Kyle and handed him his application. She got the required identification from her purse and handed it to the lady behind the counter.

Cherry said, "This was a lucky thing. If I hadn't seen this window open when I did, we’d have to come back tomorrow."

Kyle nodded, turning in his paperwork to the clerk. "Ya. That would suck." He looked back at Cherry. "How long til we get an answer, you think?"

Cherry answers, "In about a month to 6 weeks."

He nods. "Heh, that's not too long." He then looks around mischievously. "You be up for a bet?"

Cherry giggles softly and says, "What kind of bet? Really weird and humiliating I suppose?"

He chuckles. "Nah, easy. I think we both know who's real college material. I bet that I get my reply before you get yours."

Cherry snorts indignantly and puts her hands on her hips.

She snorts, "Oh, you think so, do you? And what happens if I win?"

He shrugs. "To the winner goes... oh, I dunno. Unrestrained favors for a month?"

Cherry giggles sweetly and replies, "If I win, Mr smarty pants, You will be my maid for a month. Complete with the proper uniform of my choosing ... or what ever else I choose."

She stands and holds her hand out waiting for the shake. He stares at her hand for a while, licking his lips. It was risky, but then again, he was sure he'd win. Resolving himself, he took her hands and shook. Cherry giggle slightly as she pulls Kyle to her and gives him a kiss on his lips.

She says in a sexy voice, "I hope you like powder puff panties sweet heart."

She kisses him again ... lingering a second longer this time

She coos in a sweet voice, “Now the bet is sealed with a kiss."

He blushes, muttering under his breath after she kisses him. He wavers a bit, telling her bye and leaving. Cherry giggle to herself and hope she wins. She knows that Kyle would look so adorable in the French Maid outfit she has. He would look even more adorable in the diapers and cute Baby Princess dress she has for her large real size doll too. She packs up all her things and leaves herself and went back to her apartment.

One month Later

Cherry was overjoyed when the mail carrier delivered the mail. In it was the Conformation of Acceptance letter from Woods College. She just had to tell Kyle. She rushes back into the house and quickly dialed Kyle's number.

>>several phone rings<<

Kyle is distraught. Living a time zone away from her, he didn't get his mail until an hour later. Already, he's distraught, because the letter says he has NOT been accepted. Dismal, he answers the phone. "Yes?.."

Cherry hears the dejected tone in Kyle's voice.

She asks softly, "Did you get the mail yet?"

He nods ... then realizes she can’t see him and replies, "Yeah... I did. About two minutes ago."

Cherry giggles and says, "I got accepted Kyle!! I start in the fall with a full scholarship!! Isn't that wonderful?"

He says something, but she can't make it out. He doesn't sound happy at all.

Cherry asks, concerned, "Is there something wrong Kyle? I can't understand what your saying ...??"

He sighs. "I didn't get accepted..."

Cherry gasps for a second, feeling pangs of sadness for a split second.

She says with an impish tone, "That means, Mr smarty pants, you loose!" Cherry giggles sweetly for a few seconds then continues, "I can't believe it! I really do want you to be my Maid for this next month. I need someone to clean my apartment while I start school."

Cherry's mind races with lots more than just a month. She is sure she can get him into diapers too.

He sighs some, "But... I don't have a car."

Cherry says softly, "Don't worry about it love. You won't even have to pack a suit case, I have all the clothes you will need. I'll be there in about 2 hours."

She tells Kyle bye and hangs up. He sighs, hanging up the phone. How exactly did he get into this mess?

Two Hours Later

Cherry shows up at Kyle's apartment. She pulls into the drive and parks her Volvo. She calls him on the cell ... several rings. Kyle answers it. Already she can see him leaving his apartment and walking downstairs. Soon, he is at the car.

Cherry says in a happy voice, "Hi! I hope your ready? I've even got a name for you while your my maid."

She opens the passenger door for Kyle.

He flushes, nodding as he climbs into the seat. "Hey Cherry... had a good trip?" he asks, trying to change the subject.

Cherry giggles with glee as she says, "Yes, I did. I was thinking of the perfect name for you this month." she cuts her eyes slyly in your direction and continues, "Though Kylie would be sooo cute!"

He blushes as she leaves the parking lot, heading back towards her home.

He says in a shy and dejected voice, "Kylie?"

Cherry Explains, "yes. For the next month ... your going to be my French Maid. Complete down to the powder puff panties and the 6 inch heels. I'll give you your rules when we get back to the apartment. The more mistakes you make and violate the rules ... the longer you have to be Kylie."

She looks at Kyle and bats her eyes coyly

His eyes widen a bit. "I thought we agreed on only a month?"

She says impishly, "Well sweetie, that was when you thought you were college material. It's not like it won't have its perks. After all, you'll be living with me you know."

She giggles and blows a kiss at Kyle.

For the next 2 hours ... this is how the conversation went. Kyle making excuses why not to have penalties and Cherry showing reasons why it will happen anyway. She finally pulls into her apartment's parking lot and parks.

She says sweetly, "Ok, Kylie, are you ready to get into your nighty for the night? You have to be a good girl and shave your legs and .. other places. A girl has no body hair. I have lots of depilatory to keep you nice and feminine."

She gets out of the car and walks around and opens Kyle's door.

He blushes, thanking her as she lets him out of the car, but then starts whining, "My what?!! I have to do what?!! That wasn’t part of the deal!!"

Cherry smiles a very impish smile and replies softly, "Why love, your a girl until this bet is over. As pretty as you are, no one will know the difference either."

He flushes and his mouth hangs open. He realizes ... a French Maid is a girl and he did agree. Cherry turns and walks to the apartment. Totally embarrassed and depressed, he follows her as she leads him up to her apartment.

It is a very nice Apartment. Kyle asks, "This is your place?"

She says, “Yes, sweetie,” as she unlocked and opened the door.

The apartment was very well decorated. Had lots of Mahogany and teakwood furniture.
Cherry takes Kyle by his hand and leads him to the end of the hall. She opens the door to reveal a very expensively decorated girl's room.

Cherry says happily, "This is where you will stay young lady."

She walks over to the closet and opens it.

Cherry continues, “Here are the clothes you will wear until the bet is cleared. No others. Are we clear on this?"

He blushes nodding, moving over so that he can see his new wardrobe. Cherry steps out of the way and allows Kyle to walk into the huge walk in closet. Kyle is in awe. A huge closet, filled with rows upon rows of clothes, all for girls, ranging in age and style. In the back over a dresser with little white lambs on it, he noticed many adorable baby clothes for a girl too.

He turns back to her, confused. "All this for me?"

"Yes, sweetie." Cherry replies softly.

She walks over to the top drawer or the dresser and opens it. Inside are the most adorable frilly panties you have ever seen. Cherry picks up a pair of soft pink ones and holds them out to him.

She says ,"Here are the bottoms to the baby doll your going to wear tonight."

She looks at Kyle with a bright sparkle in her beautiful green eyes

He stares at the garment in his hands, then looks back quizzically at her. "But... why? Can't I just wear my underwear?"

Cherry says with a gasp, "Girls don’t wear boy's clothes silly." and puts her hand to her mouth like it was scandalous.

He sighs, shaking his head. "So, I'm getting the full treatment, then?"

Cherry giggles, "The Full Monty."

He simply sighs in defeat. "Alright then. Might as well get this over with."

She turns and opens another drawer. She removes a very cute, very pink babydoll night gown. Kyle stares at the cute nighty, dumbfounded as Cherry walks over to him with it.
She hands it to Kyle and looks at him expectantly. In a soft sweet voice she says, "I expect Kylie to be dressed for bed shortly, so I suggest you start."

He sighs, looking down. "But... I'm not sure how to put this on..." trying to stall as much as possible.

Cherry Giggles and says softly, "I would be more than happy to help you get dressed sweetie ... if you would like?"

He blushes, and slowly nods his head. "Okay.."

She reaches up suddenly and unbuckles his belt. She unfastens the button at the waist and unzips his pants.

She says softly and sweetly, "Ok sweetie, Step out of your pants and panties like a good little girl."

She pulls them both down. When she gets to the ankles, she unties his shoes and loosens the laces.

He blushes and complies, instantly answering "Yes ma'am," as she has him step out of his pants and undies, then his shoes and socks.

Cherry gently tickle Kyle’s manhood as she stands up and gets the pink panties from him.

She coos softly with an air of superiority, “Now young lady, I want no excuses. Take yourself into the bathroom and take a bath. You are to use all the feminine products. You will shave your legs, under your arms, and every where else. You will use the depilatory and will make sure you have no body hair when you come out ... or there will be penalties. Is that understood?”

Kylie’s face and ears burn hot with embarrassment as he agrees and walks into the bathroom. For an hour, Kyle shaves every inch of his body. He removes all the hair he could find. When he was done, he used the hair remover as the directions said. He took a very warm and sweet smelling bubble bath and washed his hair with the shampoo she had provided. The conditioner made his hair soft and slightly curly. He looked at himself in the mirror as he shaved and applied more depilatory to his face. He couldn’t believe how just this little bit was making him feel more like a girl.

When he had finished brushing his hair, it had curled adorably. Kyle was beside himself with embarrassment.

He walks out of the bathroom and sees Cherry standing there with the cute babydoll nighty in her hands. She takes the panties, opens them and holds them out.

She says sweetly, "Ok baby, step in ."
He blushes and squeaks as she tickles him, coercing him to step into the frilly pink knickers. Cherry pulls them up and insures the are on properly. This entails her caressing Kyle in many nice places. She kisses him in the very center of his now hairless chest as she picks up the pink babydoll nighty

She holds it up and says sweetly, "All right, hold your arms up so I can get you in your top."

Still timid a bit, he obeys and raises his arms, bashful of the way she's treating and dressing him. Cherry then fits the arm opening to his hands and pulls it over his head and down. The hem of the gown stops just below his waist. Cherry then put a pair of fluffy pink googley eyed slippers on the floor.

She says softly, "Step into your slippers Kylie, like a good girl. We don’t want your toes getting cold."

He rolls his eyes a bit, then does as toes. Instantly, he feels the slippers clamp around his foot.

He yelps, and looks down. "What happened to my feet?!"

Cherry gasps softly and then giggles.

She says in a very cheerful voice, "Those silly things? Why they are so you can’t accidentally loose them and have your little feet get cold."

She reaches around Kyle's waist and he feels and hears something go click.

She continues, "And that ... sweet heart ... is to make sure you don’t take off your panties without permission."

Curious, he looks down, seeing a small golden lock on the panties. He's trapped in them now.

"Ok, Miss Kylie, " She says in a real playful voice, "Time to come into the living room and serve me and my girlfriend some soda and popcorn."

Cherry turns and walks into the Living room. The sound of her sitting can be hear along with several giggling female voices. He squeaks a bit, unsure of what to do. He hadn't known there were other girls there. Timidly, he makes his way to the kitchen, hoping he's not seen.

As he passed the door to the living room, several of the girls whistled softly. One could be heard commenting on how cute Cherry's new maid is. There are many giggles

He blushes very pink, looking around the kitchen. Finding the food and drinks, he bashfully puts them on a tray and carried them out. Cherry was sitting on a very large and plush sofa with 3 other girls.

Cherry looks up as an adorable girl dressed in a pink babydoll nightgown and pink googley eyed slippers enters the living room carrying a tray of popcorn and sodas. The 3 other girls look up all bright eyed with large grins on their faces.

Kyle knows all of them.

One of the girls says in a playful voice, "Ohh, Kylie, that’s such a pretty and sexy nighty you have ... where ever did you find one like it??"

All the girls giggle again and huddled making whispers.

Kyle blushes. It's Susan, his old girlfriend. "I... er.... Cherry gave it to me."

Susan giggles and replies as she stands up with something in her hand, “ Here, I have this cute butterfly barrette that should go so nice with your nighty,"

She gathers some of Kyle's hair and pins it back. This gives Kyle more of a very adorable female look.

Cherry says softly, "Ok , Kyle" the girls giggle, "You can put the try here. I want you to sit there and be ready should we need any thing."

She points to a pillow on the floor by her. The other 3 girls have their digital cameras out and are taking many picture of the adorable Kyle. He blushes. If he could only see himself, he'd look like an 11 year old, with all the attention they're giving him. Nodding, he sets the tray down, and bashfully goes to sit on the pillow.

Susan says with a giggle in her voice, "That's a very cute picture Tammy, we can see her completely."

Tammy giggles and stands up. She comes over to Kyle and shows him the picture in the camera’s view window. Curious, Kyle looks at the picture. He stares at the picture of himself. He can barely recognize himself. He looks just like a very pretty 11 year old girl. He simply cannot believe this.

Tammy kisses him on his cheek and whispers in his ear softly, "If Kylie is a good little girl, We won’t post these pictures to our Your Space page and let every one see.”

The girls giggle loudly as Tammy sits and begins eating pop corn

He pales. He'd never expected Tammy, his childhood friend, could be that devious. "I-I'll be a good girl..." he mumbles.
"Well girls," Susan says with a tinge of contempt, "Since we have the evidence right here ... why can't Kylie stay and be our maid and babydoll? It’s not like she’s been accepted to any college or anything ... she’s just not college material."

There is a murmur of agreements and many giggles as Kyle stands totally humiliated.

Cherry says softly, "Well, if she does a good job, I think we can take her to the mall and get her fitted for a nice gown to go to the dance in. What do you think?"

The other girls agree enthusiastically amid more laughter and giggles. Kyle pales, not sure he's heard what they're saying. ‘Dance? ... Babydoll?’ ... he had thought he could not be more humiliated ... but if he were forced to go to the mall .. or to the upcoming dance as a girl ...

Cherry leans down and whispers in Kylie's ear, "I think your going to the dance with us next Saturday Kylie." The girls giggle

Cherry Continues, "We'll see what kind of gown we can get for you. Has to be a real cute one so you can be attractive for the boys."

She kisses him on his cheek. He blushes, totally humiliated to the point he’s afraid he might wet his panties, fidgeting as she kisses him and the girls fuss and giggle over him.
He is overwhelmed by everything they're telling him. The dance, being dressed up, the pictures ... is there no way out, no end to this? Inside, he despairs, and unbelievably, starts crying.

The girls all huddle around him and coo and kiss him all over his face.

Cherry says to the other girls, "It seems Miss Kylie is tired and will need to go to sleep."

She stands and takes Kyle by the hand and begins to lead him out of the living room.

The other girls chorus, "Good night pretty girl." And giggle loudly as they leave.

Kyle is still wiping the tears from his eyes, overwhelmed and totally humiliated by everything that's happened tonight, as Cherry takes him to bed. Cherry opens a door. Inside is a very beautiful little girl's bedroom. She leads Kyle in and has him sit on the edge of the super large 4 poster bed. She bends down and unlocks the slippers and has him lay back in the satin sheets. He blushes and wiggles as she removes his slippers, then lies him back down on the sheets. They feel so strange against his hairless body.

She covers him with a soft magenta blanket and caresses his face softly.

She says quietly as she kisses his nose, "Oh, by the way ... just so you know ... Susan has burned all your clothes. I'm sorry, I couldn't stop her."

She picks up a glass of water from the night stand and several heart shaped pink pills.

She continues, "The only clothes I have for you, are the ones in the walk-in closet ... sorry."

She hands Kyle the pills and the glass of water and continues, "Ok, be a good girl and take your pills."

He stares at her, in shock. "My clothes are gone?!"

Cherry nods and says softly, “I'm so sorry, but you won't be needing them any more ... I promise."

He sighs, nodding and accepts the drink and pills, He pops them in his mouth and empties the galls as he swallows them. It had just started to register the she had said he wouldn’t need his clothes anymore, when Cherry suddenly reaches over and caresses Kyle's crotch.

She gasps playfully. She says with a playful coo in her voice, "Is Little Kylie wet?? Your panties are so moist."

He blushes, looking down. "I... I didn't know.."

Cherry stands up and walks to the closet. She opens the door and enters. The sounds of her opening and closing a drawer can be heard. She returns to the bed with a pair of very thick over night Little girl's pink pull up.

Cherry says softly, "Stand up sweetie and let me change your wet panties.

He blushes and tries to back up. "N-no! I don't want to wear those!"

Cindy giggles and says, "That’s 1 extra week for disobedience. And .. umm ... how are you going to get back home? The only clothes here are Kylie's clothes ... and she's a girl."

He pales, not sure how to respond. So, he makes a break for it. Cherry manages to grab Kyle's arm as he jumps off of the bed. With the other hand, she smacks him really hard on his butt. The only thing covering it are a pair of very thin, very lacy, and very wet panties. There is a loud squishy POW!

He yelps, squirming as he wiggles on her lap. "No! Stop it! I'm sorry!" He's really cying by the third smack.

Cherry admonishes, “Remember Kylie, you made the bet and lost. There are penalties for misbehavior and mistakes. Now, You have earned yourself 3 extra weeks. 1 week for not being a good girl and changing your panties, and 2 weeks for making me have to punish you. Have you anything to say?"

He whimpers, and lowers his head dejectedly. "I'm sorry..."

Cherry continues, “Ok sweetie, be a good girl and step out of these wet panties then."

Cherry pulls Kyle's wet panties down to his ankles. He yelps, tripping as she pulls his panties down, and falls back onto his back, into a perfect changing position. Cherry quickly removes the wet panties and threads the dry training pull up over his feet. She pulls them up and helps him onto his feet. She then finishes pulling the panties the rest of the way up.

Cherry asks, "Now, doesn’t that feel a whole lot better?"

He nods, blushing bashfully as he looks at his new pullup. "Yes ma'am.."

Cherry explains, “Ok, Kylie, in the morning, you are expected to act like a girl and obey all your orders ... is that clear? If not, I have a wooden paddle I will spank you with."

She escorts Kyle back to the bed and tucks him in. He nods helplessly, letting her tuck him back in. Cherry gives Kylie a Large Fuzzy Teddy Bear to keep him company. She kisses his nose one more time and turns out the light. The door closes with a soft click. Foot steps along with many giggles can be heard receding down the hall.

Sighing, Kyle turns over in his covers. Unable to do anything other than cuddle the bear, he quickly cries himself to sleep.

Cherry returns to the Living room and sits on the sofa next to the other girls.

She says, "He makes the most adorable little girl doesn’t he?"

Once Cherry was back, Susan giggled loudly. "Nice job. Did any of you notice that he wet his panties while we were teasing him?"

Cherry laughs and replies, "I had to change him before I put him in bed. He now realizes there are penalties for not doing what we want and for making mistakes ... I already have him hooked for a month."

Susan giggled. "Perfect. Your comments, Tammy?"

Tammy smiles as she looks up from her laptop. She says , "I have all the video from the first till he was tucked into bed and cried himself to sleep. Wanna see it?"

She turns the laptop so the rest of the girls could see it. They all nod and watch the video.

From the time Cherry showed Kyle in, until she tucked his adorable self into bed ... all was there in living color and digital sound. The girls all giggled loudly as they watch.

Belle says, gasping between peals of laughter, "H .. h .. he's gonna make a wonderful maid. Where ever did you find that cute outfit, Susan?? I just love those panties with the white ruffles."

Tammy giggles, "The nighty is so adorably short too."

Susan is also snickering. "I think it's cute, but I think the little girl look suits him better. I always wanted to be an Auntie."

Cherry says, "I like the baby look better. I think he'll be an adorable baby girl and Susan can still be Aunty." more laughter.

Susan rubs her temples some, contemplating it, before nodding. "Actually, I agree. You can have a baby girl, if you want one."

Tammy observes, "At least he can serve sort of and not spill every thing all over." She pops more popcorn in her mouth.

Cherry says cheerily, "Ok girls, in the morning, We have to take our little girl out and show her off. You think the mall is a good place to start? we can call all of our friends and let them know the new girl is there."

Susan shook her head. "Nah. She needs a day to get groomed, first. How about two days from now?"

All the girls agree that a mall outing in 2 days is optimal.

Tammy says, "Well ... we can take him to the hair dressers tomorrow. Get his hair cut into an adorable doo."

"Don't forget teaching him to be a good maid," Belle chimed in.

Cherry says, "We have to complete making him act like the girl he's supposed to be. I guess we can add training to the makeover too."

Belle says brightly, "I found a hypnotizing website., it's got lots of training files that might help. I’ve downloaded a feminizing submission file and put it on this mp3. Go play it for him and he'll be a sweet submissive girl in the morning."

All the girls nodded eagerly. Cherry takes the MP3 and turns it on. A soft undulating tone with very pleasant music sounds softly. A voice underneath the tones and music can almost but not quite be heard. A voice telling them to relax and to let your mind go blank comes forth in extremely soothing tones. It tells them to let their femaleness come forth and to be submissive to their masters.

In jus a few minutes, the girls are almost spell bound. Cherry has enough presents of mind (( although very weakly)) and turn it off. The girls sit and pant softly for a few minutes.

Cherry gasps in a weak voice, "Man!! that is ... powerful."

All the girl's agree. Cherry leaves the living room for a few minutes and then returns.

She says, "He doesn’t stand a chance. That will teach him to act arrogant and superior to women"

All the girls laugh.

~~ END ~~ Part 1

Title: The Bet - Pt 2


Kyle Hilliard - 18 - rejected from College

Kylie - Femmed and regressed Kyle

Cherry Bradley - 18 and in college




Scene: Kylie's new bedroom as she wakes


Kyle couldn't remember a thing of what happened last night. His mind was so woozy. He dimly remembered something about his Mistress putting him to bed early, saying he had to be up early for his big day. Yawning, he sat up in the bed, stretching. The fact that he's in a silken nightgown and was sleeping in a room more suitable for an 11-year old girl then a cross dressing maid didn't bother him. He merely accepted it, because the tapes forced him to accept it. He thought of himself as a cute 11 yo girl and very submissive to the desires of his elders. He could hear the bedroom door opening.
Cherry walks in with a happy flourish and says cheerily, "How’s my little girl maid this morning? Are you ready to have your bath and get dressed?"

Cherry walks over to the closet and opens the door. She walks in and takes the most adorable black and white French Maid outfit with a pair of cute black powder puff panties with large white ruffles from off the rack and carries it to the bed.

Blushing, Allie sits up more and nods. "Yes Mistress Cherry." It's a complete change from last night; before, he was a shy but fussy college prospective. Now, he's a shy and sweet boy-girl who thinks she’s 11 years old.

Cherry stands and smiles warmly at Kylie. She is very pleased with how well the training file had worked.

Cherry coos, "Here sweetie, Take this and take your bath ... Mistress expects you in the den in an hour and a half. Remember to shave like a good girl. All of us want to see you and it'll be time for you to serve breakfast. If you want, I can give you a bath ... if it'll help."

Kylie nods. "Could you bathe me, please?"

Cindy bends and gives Kylie a sweet kiss on his cheek and says, "Surly, give me your hand sweetie."

She reaches out for Kylie's hand. He blushes, and takes her hand as she escorts him out of the room. Cherry escorts Kylie to the potty room like he's a very young child.

She coos, "All right cutie, hold up your arms so I can get you out of your top."

He nods, raising his arms as she takes the nightie off, showing the beginnings of chest and body hair on his body. This will be his first bath at her house. Cherry has a new type of soap that will permanently remove all the hir and it will never grow back.

Cherry bends and pulls Kylie's panties down to her ankles.

She says, "Ok sweet heart, step out of your panties while Mistress draws the bath."

He nods, stepping out of them, shyly covering himself as Cherry puts the night clothes in a laundry bag while she runs the water.

Bell' voice can be heard calling, "Cherry?? I found a perfect binaural training tape for Kylie ... called Train submissive school girl."

Cherry calls back, "If you could find one to train to be a Sissy Maid ..."

Bell calls back, "I have the perfect one. It's even titled: Train Female Maid. I also have another, Train infant mind and personality. I think that’s a good one too."

Kyle pays them no mind. Part of the first tape he listened to last night instructed him to automatically ignore them whenever Mistress Cherry or the other girls talk about the future of his training. He is allowed to fuss, though, when they actually implement it.

Cherry takes Kylie by his hand and helps him into the tub. He blushes, sitting down demurely like a little girl should as Cherry sets him in the tub.

She takes a bottle of pink gel and pours it into the tub. The wonderful smell of jasmine fills the air while lots of bubbles form as the tub fills with steaming water.

Cherry takes another bottle filled with amber gel. She wets Kylie's hair and pours a generous amount onto the top of his head. The smell of honeysuckle fills his nose pleasantly as Cherry washes his long hair thoroughly. This will protect his scalp hair and eyelashes and eyebrows for the gel she had put into the tub. Kylie would be totally hairless and have skin soft as any girl ever did.

He blushes, wiggling and squirming as she wets his hair, and then begins shampooing it.
Cherry rinses it all out and picks up a wash cloth. She lathers the cloth well and begins to wash Kylie all over and especially in the squeaky places.

Cherry says softly, "This bath will remove all the hair on your body. A girl doesn’t need hair and it will help make you look more like girl. It also means that you will never have to shave again."

He blushes, squeaking as she washes him in these places, occasionally starting to coo when she lingers a bit too long in the really sensitive areas. With each gentle swipe of the wash cloth ... Kylie's hair falls into the bath.

When Cherry finishes washing him, the only hair on his body is his eyelashes, eyebrows, and scalp.

Cherry asks softly, "how would Kylie like to have a more feminine body?"

He blushes, looking down in shock. "My hair's gone!" He apparently didn't heed her question.

Cherry picks up several bottles of pills. One is marked Estrogen and the other is marked androgen blocker. She takes 3 estrogen pills and 6 androgen blocker pills and give it to Kylie.

She says softly, "now be a good girl and take your vitamins."

Kylie looks at the medicine, confused. A few moments later, something clicks inside his head and he looks up. "Can I have a glass of water?"

Cherry coos softly as she gets the water and gives it to Kylie, "Surely sweetie."

He thanks her, taking sips of the water and downing the pills one by one.

She kisses Kyle on his nose softly an says, "Those vitamins will give you a cute little body so the clothe will look better on you."

She then rises Kylie all over and helps him from the bath. He takes her hand and lets her help him out of the tub. She dries him briskly with a soft fuzzy towel. She then Brushes his hair with a stiff brush until it is soft and has gentle curls in it.

She arranges it over his shoulders and puts a cute butterfly barrette to keep it out of his eyes. She takes Kylie's hand and escorts him back to his bedroom.

She points to the adorable French Maid outfit and says, "That's you uniform for the chores around the house."

She picks up the black with white ruffled bottoms and hands them to Kylie.

She continues, "Better hurry and dress. We are all waiting for breakfast.”

He nods his head, stepping into the panties Cherry handed to him. With this, Cherry turns and leaves Kyle in the panties and the adorable dress draped across the bed.

Timidly, Kyle took the clothes, and one by one begins putting them on. First he slides on the stockings, then the dress and shoes. Once dressed, he leaves the room to head to the living room.

The girls are really impressed by how cute Kylie looks in the maid's outfit as he walks shyly into the Living room. They take many digital pictures. Bell walks over to Kylie with an Mp3 player and clips the small device onto Kylie's lace collar.

She puts an earphone in his ear and says softly, "This will help you to be a girl and a maid."

He looks at her curiously, but merely accepts it with a nod. "Thank you, Miss."

She pats Kylie softly on her ruffled bottom and walks from the Living room to the dining room. Tammy takes many pictures of Kylie with her digital camera. Temporarily blinded by the flashes from the camera, he shields his eyes

He whines in a very definitely female voice, "Ow, that hurts, Miss Tammy..."

Tammy giggles softly and comments, "All my friends on Your Space think your the most adorable little girl."

She too leaves and goes to the dining room. Susan walks up and turns on the Mp3 player.

She kisses Kyle and coos, "I hope so much you enjoy the new you. We all do ... and most of those on the internet too."

She giggles and leaves to the dining room

Cherry says in a commanding voice, "All right maid, time to serve Mistress and her guests breakfast. I will wait in the dining room."

With this, Cherry leaves to the dining room. He blushes a bit when she kisses his, leaving him in mild confusion. Internet? What're they talking about? Why would anyone wanna know about his Maid duties? Shrugging, he walks off to the kitchen to fix and serve breakfast.

An hour later, Kyle came back with a tray laden with plates. He handed each girl a glass of orange juice and a plate. On each plate, he had homemade ham and cheese omelets , a pancake, some sausage and bacon, and a garnish. After handing out the food, he then came around with napkins, and set one in each girl's lap.

"Enjoy your meal, Misses," he commented before heading back to the kitchen for his own breakfast.

The girls ate their breakfasts amid many giggles and plans for Kylie.

Cherry picks up a small bell beside her plate and rings it. The soft tinkle of the bell can be heard all through the room. Hearing the bell, Kyle pokes his head into the room. "Is someone calling me?"

Cherry said softly, "The Ladies and Mistress are finished with lunch sweetie. Be a good girl and clean thins up??"

He nods, coming to retrieve all the dishes and hauling them out in two waves to the kitchen. Soon, the sound of running water can be heard as he cleans the dishes. Cherry stands and quietly follows Kylie into the kitchen, stopping just at the door. the other girls followed close behind. They stood in the door and watched as Kylie performed her maidley duties.

Susan whispers quietly to Bell, "I can't believe that's a boy ... he moves just like any girl."

Bell responds quietly, "Those training tapes are supposed to be the best."

Tammy agrees, "I guess we call him ... her from now on?" The soft murmur of agreement

Ignorant of the spies in the doorway, Kyle finished cleaning the dishes, before drying them and stacking them in the sink. Once done, he quickly ate a small breakfast, before heading back into the dining room to clean up.

When Kylie had finished cleaning the dining room and all the associated dishes, Cherry rings the tiny bell again. Its soft sweet tinkle fills the room. She is standing in the den with Bell. Belle is holding a large notebook in one hand, and papers in the other.

Hearing the bell, Kyle comes into the den where he can here it. He walks in, a light blush on his face. "Yes?"

Cherry says softly, "Bell here is to be your instructor. She will teach you how to be a young lady and Maid."

Belle giggles softly and says, "Yes, and I think we girls will have lots of fun too."

Kyle blushes and looks over at Belle. She had once been his best friend. Now she was his instructor. "Yes ma'am."

Belle said cheerily, "Follow me, then young lady, And remember to walk with your shoulders back and step gently from toe to heel."

Kyle nods a bit, doing his best to mimic Belle as she leads the way to the back. Belle opens the door at the end of the hall. Se walks in and points to a lone desk sitting in the room.

Belle said Softly, "Now, I will show you how to set the formal Tea for Mistress."

She turns just behind a small table. Next to it was a tray with a very formal Porcelain China Tea set. Belle proceeds to set the table. Kylie watches, fascinated. She places the spoon delicately on the linen napkin just to the side of a ornately decorated porcelain saucer and delicate tea cup.

Belle asks softy, "Can you remember this?"

He nods, pulling out a small notepad and taking notes. Belle placed a chair next to the one Kylie was sitting on.

She says quietly and sweetly, "This is how a lady sits at all times. One must be dainty and graceful."

She sits gracefully in the chair and looks at Kylie. He watches her, making sure to cross his legs like her own.

She says, "Remember to keep your legs crossed and shoulders back. A lady has good posture."

He nods, taking more notes, and then following them. Belle then hands Kylie a thick book. The title "Girl 101"

Belle continues in a cheerfully sweet voice, "Now you must study that book hard. It tell you how your expected to be and act from now on. For homework, I want you to read chapters 1 through 3 and be ready in the morning for a quiz."

Kyle nods, diligently taking notes as he accepts the book. "Thank you, Miss Belle."

Belle stands gracefully as a swan. She says softly and sweetly, "Now sweet heart, I want you to show me how the perfect maid sets tea for Mistress."

Kylie nods, setting his notes aside and setting the table, spoon on the napkin, tea poured and not a drop spilled. Perfect. Belle claps her hands and kisses Kylie on the cheek.

She exclaims, "That is absolutely perfect sweetie! Such a good girl you are."

Kylie blushes, shyly lowering his eyes down to the floor. "Thank you, Miss Belle.."

She then hands Kylie a paper. On it in explicit detail, is how to set formal tea. Belle gracefully and with flourish, crossed over to the chair and stood poised behind it.

She says sweetly, "And how does a young lady sit?"

Kylie looks up, "Very gracefully, with her feet crossed, and her hands in her lap."

Bell giggles and says sweetly, "Exactly right! Now, please demonstrate."

She waves her arm gracefully over the chair

Doing as instructed, Kylie as he's now being called does so, gently lowering himself down with a flourish and crossing his feet. Belle claps her hands and bend and gives Kylie a wonderful kiss on her cheek.

She says in a very excited and complementary voice, That is wonderful. Now, I have a new binaural training file for you. This one teaches you to be a very sweet little girl."
Bell adds the thumb drive to the slot on the bottom of the Mp3 player clipped to the lacy collar of Kylie's uniform. Kyle looked down as Belle clicked the button, and the mp3 began playing the segment titled "Maid Training: Chores."

Belle turns on the Mp3 player. Kylie's eyes get large for a second as the new protocol is transmitted to her mind.

Belle kisses Kylie softly and says, "Time for Missy Maid to do her chores. remember to read those chapters in Girl 101 for tomorrow."

With this, Belle releases Kylie from the room to do her many daily chores. He nods shyly, curtseying a bit, before venturing off to begin the first chore: dusting. Grabbing the feather duster Belle left for him on the kitchen counter, he took it and lightly began dusting every piece of furniture in the house, starting in the kitchen and making his rounds, until all the dust had been removed.

Next, he sought out a broom, and then began sweeping the floors of the house, followed after that by vacuuming, and then mopping. The entire cleaning of the house took until well after lunch, as it was a big house.

Cherry walks up quietly behind Kylie. She hugs her lovingly around her slim waste and kisses her on the cheek.

She says softly, "You make a wonderful girl ... you know that? I and the girls have decided that you are so wonderful at it, that we're going to keep you. Besides, you have to work off the cost of all this. It ain't cheap."

She holds Kylie's hand lovingly as she smiles warmly. Not expecting the attention, he blushes and squeaks, looking over her shoulder at Cherry.

"Oh! Is that true, Mistress Cherry?" he asks in his synthetic, highly pitched psudofemale voice.

Cherry replies, "Yes. Your going to be our maid for a long time. Here, this is something for your voice. It will give you a nice female voice by tightening your vocal chords."

She hands Kylie a large red thing that looks like a cough drop.

Cherry continues, "Now, be a good girl and suck on this for a little while."

Kylie looks at it a bit, before nodding and popping it into his mouth. "Tastes like... Cherry.."

Cherry says in a flirting voice, "I'm glad you like me. Perhaps as a reward for doing such a wonderful job ... Missy Kylie would like to please her Mistress tonight?"

Kyle's eyes widen in shock. "Please you? But I've.... I'm a..."

Cherry smiles a very beautiful smile as her eyes sparkle brightly.

She says in a flirting voice, "Yess Miss Kylie? Your ... what?"

Kylie blushes, looking down shyly. "I'm... I'm a virgin, Miss." Already his voice is soft and shy, a perfect young girl's voice, just as she hoped.

Cherry walks to Kylie and takes her lovingly around the waist.

She says in a soft cooing voice, "It's ok sweet heart, every girl has her first."

Kylie blushes, nodding shyly as Cherry holds him close to her. She then gives Kylie a very nice French kiss with lots of wiggly exploring tongue. He squeaks, blushing and trembling in her grasp, kissing her as Cherry explores his mouth.

When Cherry breaks the kiss, she says softly, "After dinner little Miss. I will teach you how a girl is to make love to her Mistress. I promise it will be really nice."

She kisses Kylie one more time and says softly, "It's time for dinner Miss Kylie."

She turns gracefully and walks to the dining room leaving Kylie there to ponder what just happened. Blinking a bit, he looks down at his feet, blushing horribly. How had this happened? One moment, he's her devoted sissy maid, and the next he's kissing her and being told that he'll be made love to that evening. Swallowing that pill down hard, he shook his head and made his way to the kitchen to prepare dinner.

Cherry walks into the dining room. The other girls were already seated there. Cherry walks to the table and pulls the chair at the head of the table and gracefully sits. The 4 girls look at each other for a split second, and then giggle.

Belle says in a very cheery voice, "Kylie's turning out to be the perfect little girl."

The other 3 girls all coo in agreement.

Cherry says softly, I think a little time alone with her and me before we go to the Mall is in order."

The other girls aww and giggle in a knowing manner.

Susan says, "I want to get that really cute little princess gown for him. I think he will be adorable at the dance. At least 1 boy has to take notice as cute as Kylie has turned out to be."

The girls giggle again

Cindy asks, "Is that the one with all the lace and bows?"

Susan replies, "Yes and it comes with an adorable matching rumba panty."

The girls giggle again
Cindy says, "I do hope she's really cute."

As they end their discussion, Kylie walks in and hands each girl a plate of the dinner he whipped up" Caesar salads with low-fat dressing and croutons.

Cherry says brightly, "Very nice Miss Kylie. Now, Mistresses would like some tea."

Kyle nods, face pink as he goes into the kitchen, and returns a few moments later with a full tea set, and hands out cups of the steaming liquid to each girl. Cherry watches Kylie closely. Kylie set and poured perfectly for each of the girls at the table. She was pouring for Belle with her bottom slightly in the air. Kylie showed her cute little ruffled bottom to Cherry.

Cherry comments happily, "That's perfect! You are such a wonderful Maid."

With this, Cherry pats Kylie softly on her ruffled bottom several times causing Kylie to spill some tea on the table. The girls giggle softly and coo.

He squeaks and blushes as she pats his bottom Kylie blushes, nodding shyly. "Thank you, Miss Cherry."

She cleans up the mess before he scoots off to the kitchen hoping Mistress won’t punish him for spilling.

As the girls enjoy the very nicely prepared salad, they discuss all the aspects of Kylie's training for the next 6 months. All of them agreed that Kylie had turned out too cute just to let go.

Susan opened a small hand held DVD player and turned it on. The girls huddled around and watched a very shy little girl in a very short and sexy babydoll nightie, green googley eyed slippers, bring popcorn and drinks in to the living room. They all awed at how adorable Kylie had looked on his first night as a little girl.

Cherry rings the tiny bell at her elbow. The tinkle of it rings pleasantly through the room.

She calls sweetly, "Oh Miss Kylieeee ... When your done clearing Lunch, Mistress will be waiting for you in her chambers."

Cherry rises gracefully and leaves the dining room. Kyle blushes, nodding as he starts clearing away the mess from lunch.

Kylie wasn't exactly looking forward to being alone with Cherry, for once. He was far too shy, and the mere prospect of him being in bed with Cherry scared him a bit. Yet, how could he refuse? So, doing as ordered by the girls and the mp3, he finished cleaning up, and then made his way to Cherry's bedroom.

He knocked on the door.

Cherry was laying on her bed in just her black bikini panties when a soft knock came on the door.

She says in a sexy voice, "Do come in sweet heart. Mistress has been waiting for you."

Kylie blushes, shyly opening the door and hurrying inside. "Waiting for me?" he asks in a small voice.

Cherry sits up, her beautiful breasts all perky and aroused. She replies in a loving voice, "Yes Miss Kylie. Mistress has been waiting for you. Do come closer so I can help you out of your clothes."

Kylie nods, timidly stepping over to her, quite shy. "Out of my clothes? Why? Won't I get cold if I have nothing on?"

Cherry sits on the edge of the bed with her legs on either side of Kylie. She takes the shy girl in her hands by the shoulders. Cherry Kisses Kylie softly on her lips. Cherry turns Kylie around and starts to unzip the very short French Maid's dress Kylie was wearing.

Kyle blushes even more, her ears felt like they were on fire, kissing her back demurely as Cherry turned him around and begins removing the dress. Cherry kisses Kylie's bare shoulder. She then takes her fingers and gently tickles down the middle of Kylie's back, producing large goosy bumps. He blushes, giggling and shivering as Cherry kisses him there.

Cherry says softly, Mistress promises to make it pleasant."

Cherry then drops the dress down around Kyle's ankles. Cherry reaches around to the front of Kylie's panties and takes a large gentle hand full and squeezes ever so sensually.

Kylie squeaks and tightens up his body, as he looks down at what she’s doing.

Cherry says softly, "Sweet heart, Mistress is going to show you how a girl makes love to another girl."

Cherry slowly pulls down Kylie's black rumba panties. She caresses Kylie’s bottom with soft hands. Kyle blushes, fidgeting and murmuring as Cherry fondles him, while he steps out of his clothes, and is now naked before her.

Cherry coos, "I promise no to be ... too rough."

She helps Kylie get into bed with her.

Cherry says softly, "Now lay across those pillows with that cute bottom of yours poked up."

Cherry slowly removes her bikini panties. Kylie blushes, doing as told and lying down, his bum in the air for her. Kylie could hear the tinkle of strap buckles clinking softly for a second. She then feels the coolness of 2 fingers liberally covered with lubricant as they softly explore his bottom and find his opening. Kylie gasps at the slow penetration as Cherry lubricated Kylie's opening.

Suddenly, Cherry is behind Kylie. She feels something soft ... but very hard pushing on her opening in her bottom. Cherry takes Kylie by her hips and pulls her backwards into the strap as she thrust forward ... The toy glides deeply into Kylie.

Kylie squeaks, moaning and blushing as she does this, wiggling with discomfort as Cherry pulls him back onto her.

Cherry says in a cooing voice, "Relax Sweetie, Mistress intends that you aren't a virgin."

She then begins to pull and push against Kylie. The toy penetrates it's full depth on each of Cherry's strokes. Kylie squeaks adorably as she gasps with each thrust as Cherry penetrates deeper and deeper. Cherry bends close to Kylie. Kylie can feel the hardness of Cherry's nipples on his back.

She coos softly in Kylies ear, "Oh sweet heart. Mistress love you. You make such a wonderful little girl."

Cherry keeps the fast pace of her in and outs for a while. Kylies bottom has finally relaxed and Cherry is taking full advantage as fast as she can. Kylie feels a need building in her. Cherry needs release too. In no time at all, Kylie is becoming wet. In one loud grunt/squeak, he explodes all over the pillow she had him lay on, and he is soon whimpering and crying.

Cherry stops he pounding and removes the toy from Kylie's bottom. The sound of strap buckles tinkles softly. Cherry lays beside Kylie and pulls her off of the stack of pillows to lay beside her.

She coos softly, "There, there. It's ok to cry. I understand a girl's first time can be emotional. It was for me I assure you."

She hugs and kisses Kylie lovingly

She continues, "Would Kylie like to please Mistress even more?"

He blushes, cuddling close to her and crying on her arm as she hugs and kisses her.

Shyly, he nods. "Y---yes Mist-tress/"

Cherry lays on her back and bends her knees. She opens her privacy with her fingers and says in a cooing sexy voice, "Lets see how much you want to please Mistress."

He blushes, crawling over. doing what comes first to his mind, thanks to the mp3, he digs his fingers in, reaches down with his mouth, and starts licking her. Cherry gasps loudly in surprised pleasure as Kylies fingers send electric chills all through her body. Kylie's tongue and wonderful sucking, enhanced this feeling until she was almost helpless with ecstasy.

Kyle continues his work, shyly pleasing Cherry as she holds his head down to the mouth of her privacy. Cherry is helpless as the need and passion built in her. Shrieking in sheer ecstasy, Cherry finally shudders with a full body orgasm. She falls back into the bed ... gasping and totally exhausted.

She takes Kylies hands gently in hers and pulls him between her legs. She wraps her legs around him and gives him a wonderfully passionate French Kiss. He blushes as he's pulled up, and demurely kisses her back as she explores his mouth.

Cherry says in a soft sexy voice, "Now Kylie, one of your more personal duties is to please Mistress." Cherry kisses Kylie again then continues, "And I expect you to let Mistress please you as much as I want, when ever I want, where ever I want. Is this clear young lady?"

He nods, scarlet. "Yes Mistress."

Cherry reaches down and takes Kylie's maleness in her hands. She squeezes just hard enough to make Kylie gasp softly. She starts to massage it as it hardens in her hands.
He gasps and moans softly as she does this, thoughts of pleasing her and being pleased all at the same time rush though him as his emotions build up more and more for her.

Cherry sits up in the bed, leaning back on her thighs.

She asks softly in a cute voice, "Would Kylie like to have a special treat? Mistress promises that it will bee very nice."

Cherry rolls over to one side of the large bed. He looks up from his spot on the bed, nodding. She opens a nightstand drawer and removes a very large toy with a padded oddly bent tip. She also removes a large tube of KY Jelly.

As she lubricates the tip of the toy she coos, "I think Kylie would like to have a nice orgasm. We will have lots of fun."

Kyle's eyes widen as he stares at the device, cringing and backing away. "What's that?!"

Cherry looks up at Kylie and relies sweetly, "This is a Milking toy sweetie. Mistress is going to give Kylie a nice girls orgasm while I make sure you can’t be a boy. Make her feel really good."

Cherry starts to move closer to Kylie with the toy and a large amount of KY on her first 2 fingers. He yelps, trying to get up off the bed and squirm away out of Cherry’s reach.

Cherry says in a stern voice as she drops the toy and grabs Kylie by her ankle with a solid grip, "Is Kylie being disobedient? Mistress will punish you if you are."

Kylie yelps more, screaming and flailing as he is dragged back. "But I don't wanna!"

Cherry slowly wipes the jell off of her finger tips between her legs. She then pulls Kylie back to her side.

She says in an angry voice, "Kylie will be a good girl and do as Mistress tells her."

Cherry swats Kylie on her thigh 4 times really hard.

Cherry continues, "Is Kylie going to continue to be naughty?"

Kylie whines, slowly nodding his head as tears start to form around his eyes. Y-yes ma'am.."

Cherry says in a stern voice, "Then be a good girl and turn over onto you tummy. Mistress will be gentle."

He nods, slowly flipping over until he's on his stomach. Cherry takes the large tube of KY and squeezes a large amount onto her first 2 fingers. she moves over beside Kylie and begins to sensually lubricate his bottom. She penetrates slowly and easily deeper until her whole finger is inserted. His bottom had already been opened nicely from the previous penetrations and this time it felt really nice for Kylie.

Cherry picks up the large toy and turns it on to low. The soft buzz could be heard in the room. She puts it to Kylies small opening and begins to push. It penetrates slowly as the soft buzz of the toy goes away. Cherry leans over Kylie and takes his manhood into her hand and begins to caress it ... slowly at first ... but increasing in passion. She knows without this additional stimulation, Kylie would get no pleasure from the milking.

He squeaks in an adorable way, wiggling uncomfortably and blushing as it is inserted, his manhood becoming hard as Cherry begins to work him up. She turns the toy expertly until the bent tip is massaging Kylie's prostate. Cherry moves the toy in and out slowly as she continues to stimulate Kylie’s hardness.

Cherry says in a cooing voice, "Mistress is going to take all of that nasty manhood and make you a sweet little playmate girl."
With each thrust, Kylie squeaks and moans more, shy and demure as he squirms on her lap as she gets him to cum. All too quickly she is successful, and he begins emptying onto an absorbent pad on the bed. Kylie feels it as it happens. It’s like he is peeing. He watches all of his essence drain out of him and his manhood become flaccid.

Cherry turns Kylie over onto his back, the toy still inserted. Cherry sits between Kylie's spread legs and removes the toy.

She asks, "Was that nice sweet heart?"

He nods, still blushing and cooing and murmuring form the work she did on him. Cherry reaches back over to the nightstand and removes a 9 inch toy and a hip harness.

She attaches the toy to the harness and says, "I think Mistress can make her little girl orgasm again."

Cherry fastens the harness to her shapely hips, and begins to lubricate the toy with KY.
Kylie sits up, blushing slightly as he tries to see what Cherry is doing.

She coos softly, "Now be a good girl and relax. This won't hurt too much."

She takes a glob of KY and lubricates Kylie's sphincter again. She inserts her finger deep several times and feels his muscle spasm and flex. She smiles. She can tell his opening has been well dilated and is going to make a great sex orifice for Kylie. She puts the toy to his opening and begins to push. She wants to plunge deep as fast as she can. She wants to please him ... but she also wants him to feel what it's truly like when a male does this to a female. She thrusts deeply into him in one hard push ... then begins to slowly but deeply move back and forth. Kylie gasps and squeaks adorably with each thrust. Cherry can’t believe how much he sounds like a girl having this done to her ... Cherry is very pleased.

Kyle begins to relax a bit, unsure of what she's about to do to him. But, when she starts on him, it's like magic. In no time he's gasping and cooing with pleasure, slowly coming to a girly orgasm, as Cherry works on him. He can feel himself building deep inside ... his manhood is useless and limp.

Cherry bends over while Kylie is in the throws of her sweet little orgasm and coos softly, "See?? I told you Mistress makes her girl feel good again."

She kisses him softly on the back of his neck. She notices many goose bumps all over him.

She flaps his limp manhood with her hand and continues, “You don’t need this anymore sweet heart. Mistress will see about getting rid of it for you.”

Blushing and murmuring, Kyle nods, blushing and cooing as he lays there on the bed, exhausted. It doesn’t even dawn on him that Cherry had told him she was going to have his manhood removed he was so enraptured.

Cherry takes off the strap and removes the toy. She cleans it very throughly, then returns both of them to the drawer beside the bed. She gets out of bed and helps Kylie on to his feet. She leads him into the bathroom. He toddles a bit, as she leads his naked self to the bathroom to get cleaned.

Cherry says softly, "Now sweet heart, you and me are going to take a little erotic shower ... won't that be fun?"

He nods a bit, dipping his head. "Yes ma'am." Shy a bit, he tries to cover the front of his body. Cherry turns on the shower and makes it very warm. Steam rolls out of the shower
She steps in and takes Kylie by her hand and pulls her gently in too. Kyle blushes as he's pulled in and the door closed on them. Wondering what she has in mind with an erotic shower, he turns to face her.

Kylie faces Cherry, she has a broad smile on her face. She takes a large wash cloth and pours a large amount of amber liquid on it. She begins to rub it all over Kylie. His skin begins to come alive and tingle with an intensity he hadn't know before.

Cherry says softly, "A girl's skin is very soft and sensitive. Like yours is becoming. Mommy is going to have all the dirty boy stuff removed so you will be a cute little girl.”

Feeling the tingling, he begins to coo and giggle, blushing and squirming as she rubs the soap all over him. He is a little concerned about having is thing removed, but a girl doesn’t have one .. so he didn’t really mind.

She washes Kylie from head to foot .. the sensations becoming extremely erotic as Cherry cleans all of his squeaky places. Kyle blushes and giggles more as she works the soap deeper in. In no time, his skin is silky smooth, and blushing gorgeously The entire ordeal was pretty intense, having his parts and crevices inspected. It made him shier, which in the end, was better.

A few minutes later, Kyle had no body hair, and between that and the hormones she had slipped him earlier that day, he now had a small, convincing, sissy body. Looking up as she turned the shower off, he tilted his head. "Aw, are we done?"

Cherry hugs Kyle and kisses him on his nose. she replies softly, "No, sweet heart, we're not done. I think we need to go over to Sally's house and introduce you to her."

Gasping, his eyes go wide and he pales. "Sally Stewart! But why?!"

Cherry pulls a thick towel off the rack and begins to dry Kylie gently from head to foot. She takes another towel and briskly dries Kylies hair. She takes a stiff bristle brush and brushes Kylies hair until it shines and curl very adorably.

Cherry giggles and replies, "Because you're so adorable silly. Besides, you make a very pretty girl. Very soon sweet heart, your going to start to blossom and have boobies. Mistress knows."

Blushing shyly, he murmurs as she dries him off, then brushes his hair until it shines.

"But..." he gasps in a very sweet female voice

Cherry knows in about 6 months, with the hormones they are giving him, he will have very cute booby bumps. She takes Kyle by the hand and leads him out of the bathroom into the bedroom. She opens a drawer in the chest and takes out a cute pair of white panties with little red hearts on them and adorable ruffles.

She holds them out as she says, "But?? Here sweet heart .. step into your panties like a good girl."

Not really thinking and distracted by his argument, he steps into the panties, still a bit fussy. " I don't want her to see me like this!"

Cherry says in a cute voice, "And why would a pretty girl like you not want to be seen?"

She turns and picks up a very short Sun dress with cute little kittens with pink ribbons around their necks.

She unzips it, then continues, "Hold up your arms like a good girl so I can get you in your dress."

Still fussing he holds his arms up, but tries to squirm out of her grasp before she can dress him. "But I don't want to!"

Cherry swats Kylie on his thigh stiffly. The smack of it could be heard loudly.

Cherry says in a stern voice, "Now you be a good girl or Mistress will punish you. Mind now."

Kylie whimpers from the pop and settles down. Cherry slips the arm holes over Kylie's arms and the rest of the dress over his head. She tugs it on and it settles on his body in a tingly flutter. Cherry zips the dress. She gets 2 matching Kitty barrettes and puts then in Kylies hair. He is a very beautiful 11 year old girl at this point. Cherry walks him over to the mirror so he can get a good look at himself.

Kyle looked at the new girl him in the mirror. A bit overwhelmed, he blushed and turned back to Cherry. Kyle couldn't believe how pretty he was. It made him feel really good to be such a pretty girl. There was something bothering him about it all ... but the training files had mostly taken care of it. He couldn’t remember what it was he was supposed to remember.

Cherry hugs Kylie by the shoulders and says happily, "You're such a pretty girl now sweet heart. It's time to go to Sally's. I just have to show you off."

She takes Kylie by the hand and whisks him out the door. Kylie can't believe he's outside .. and dressed as a girl. Blushing and struggling a bit, Kyle tugs back on his hand as Cherry drags him out. Sally was his step-sister, from his father's last marriage. They'd been close, and she babysat him from childhood. That she and Cherry were best friends was even more coincidence. He absolutely did not want her to see him.

Cherry drags Kylie to Sally's house. She stands and takes Kylie by the shoulders and says sternly, "Remember sweetie, Mistress still can spank you if you're not a really good girl." She gives Kylie a hard look for a second and pats him softly on his bottom. Blushing, Kylie averted his eyes and gave a quick nod, dreading what was to come.

Cherry rings the bell. Footsteps could be heard approaching. When the door opens, a very pretty girl with brown hair answers. She stands for a minute until her eyes fall on Kylie. Her eyes sparkle suddenly as she coos, "Aww, she's so pretty. I'm Sally, what's your name?"

Blushing when he sees Sally and her reaction, Kyle squeaks and jumps behind Cherry, so as to hide.

Cherry giggles and says in a soft reassuring voice, "Don't be shy sweetie. Tell Sally your name."

Cherry takes her hand and hugs Kylie as she kneels beside her. Blushing at the hug and encouragement, he looks up at Sally. In his very cute female voice, he says, "Kylie.."

Sally says in a soft voice, "Hello Kylie ... I think you're going to have fun playing here. I'm going to take lots of pictures so we can remember it too."

She takes Kylie's hand in hers and leads him into the house with Cherry close behind.

Kyle looks up at his step-sister as she leads him inside. "Pictures? Of what?"

Cherry shuts the door with a click as they all proceed into the den. There were babydolls and other toys in a large toy box in a corner.

Sally says, "Yes, pictures. I can't have a girl as pretty as you over without taking pictures to remember."

Sally kneels and smoothes a wrinkle out of Kylies dress.

Surprised, Kyle gasps. More pictures?! But Cherry promised those were the last ones!

Little did Kylie know, Sally was fully in on the scheme. His former babysitter was going to be his babysitter again, as well as his Nanny and Aunty ... for a very long time to come.

Cherry and Sally giggle together sweetly. Sally replies, "The last ones for her. I want some too."

Cherry giggles and adds, "Yes, I want copies of Kylie in her new dress. Isn't she adorable?"

Both girls giggle again as Sally agrees.

Kyle flushes some, looking slightly pouty. "But I don't want to take pictures!"

Sally suddenly has a small digital camera in her hands. She snaps a very adorable picture of Kylie's cute pouty expression. Both women look at the picture and coos soft praises to Kylie.

Sally says softly to Kylie, "Ok sweet heart, I'm to be your babysitter while your Mistress has other company. I have plenty of toys to keep a little girl like you happy. Should Kylie have an accident, I have lots of pull ups to keep her dry. Ok sweetie?"

Surprised at the bright flash, he jumps to try and snatch the camera from the two girls. "Gimme that! That's not fair! But.. I'm too old to be babysat!"

Babysitter? But he was 18! She was 25! She couldn't baby sit him.

Sally takes Kylie by the arm and roughly shakes him. She says sternly as she pops him on his bare thigh, "You will not jumps and grab things from your elders, nor will you argue about things. Is that clear?"

Cherry has a nasty look in her eye as she stands there hands akimbo.

Blushing, Kyle averts his eyes, a mix of both shock and shyness. "Y-yes ma'am.."

Sally’s expression changes as she hugs Kylie. She says tenderly, "Nana didn't want to spank her little girl. But you can't be naughty. Now, I want you to go over to the toy box and get some toys. It's time for little Miss to play."

Blushing more at the hug and little girl talk, Kyle shyly bobs his head, then walks over to the chest and rummages around. He comes back holding a stuffed bear.

By the time he had returned from the toy box, Cherry and Sally had set up a small chair and table. There was a tea set and a plate of cookies. Next to the table, was a large and comfortable pillow chair.

Sally said, "Now, I have some games you can play too if you want. I also have coloring books you might be interested in."

She snaps several adorable pictures of Kylie standing with a Teddy Bear in her arms. Both women gasp softly and coo. Blushing at the pictures and baby noises, he moves back and forth on his feet a bit. "O-okay..."

Cherry appears with several coloring books and a 1,000 box of crayons. She set them on the table beside the pillow chair.

Cherry coos, "Wouldn't you like to sit here on this big fluffy pillow? It's lots more comfy."

Sally says, "Yes, and I'll get you something to drink. Would you like a lemonade?"

A bit overwhelmed by everything that was going on around him, the way they acted and treated him like some kind of Princess, Kyle nodded and sat down on the pillow. Cherry had a hand held movie camera. She took the shots of Kylie moving to the chair and plopping in. As he sat, the front of his jumper folded up and gave all a wonderful shot of her cute little white panties with red hearts. Sally gasps as she puts her hand over her mouth.

She says in one of those teasing voices, "Ohh look, her panties are soo adorable." Both women giggle pleasantly.

Realizing what they were looking at the teen squeaked, folding the skirt down so as to hide his panties. "St-stop!"

Sally giggles, "Don't be embarrassed sweet heart. We think it's adorable." She picks up the plate of cookies and offers it to Kylie. She asks softly, "Now, young lady, do you want a lemonade?"

Chewing on his lip a bit and distracted, he takes a cookie and nods. "Yes please..."

Sally walks out of the den into the kitchen. She opens the refrigerator and takes out a pitcher of lemonade. She takes a glass from the cabinet and pours it to 1/4 of the top, and puts the lemonade back into the fridge. She takes a vial from her cleavage and pours it into the glass. It vanishes colorlessly and tastelessly into the lemonade. Sally knows the Little Girl will be in pull up soon. She smiles as she returns to the den and gives Kylie the drink. Accepting the drink, Kyle thanked her in a little girl voice, then drank the concoction.

Kyle sat there for a while, playing tea party with the girls, until eventually the magic worked. With a small tinkling sound, they could hear him wetting his undies.

Cherry looks at Kylie and smiles a big smile. Sally giggles and coos softly, "Has baby just ... wet herself?" Sally reaches over and feels under Kylie's dress. His panties were very wet.

Sally says to Cherry, "Why don't you take the baby to the potty and put her in a pull up? They are sitting on the counter there with the baby powder."

Cherry giggles softly and takes Kylie by the hand and pulls her off to the bathroom. Blushing and whining a bit, the teen struggles as Cherry leads him to the bathroom.

He whines, "But I don't want a pull up!"

He whines more as she insists and leads him to the bathroom.

Cherry coos, "You just wet your panties sweetheart. I'm going to put you in one."
Cherry pulls down Kylie's wet panties to his ankles. Cherry coos, "Ok sweetie, step out of those wet things."

The boy fusses more, but blushing he complies in the ends and steps out of the panties, his front damp and sticky. Cherry takes a sweet smelling baby wipey and cleans all of Kylie's squeaky places and all around his bottom. She holds out a cute pink pair of toddler pull ups.

She coos to Kylie, "Ok, sweetheart ... now step in so we can get you back to playing with your toys like a good girl."

Kylie is none too happy, but complies anyway. He steps into the pull-ups and watches as she pulls them on him. Cherry pats Kylie reassuringly on her bottom, making lots of crinkling noises. Cherry says softly, "Now, soon I will have you in diapers."

About that time, several bright flashes go off. Sally is standing there with a huge smile on her face at the adorable pictures she has just snapped. Blinking like an owl and blushing in place as Cherry holds him still while Sally takes pictures.

The boy gasps. "Diapers?!"

Cherry replies, "Yes sweet heart. Every little baby has to wear diapers. You know that."

"But I'm not a little baby!" he whined more.

As Sally takes more adorable pictures, Cherry bends and hugs Kylie softly. She pats him again on his bottom as she coos softly, "But you just wet your panties. We have movies and other pictures of it and you having so much fun with your Teddy and the tea party."

Hearing that only makes him whine more. "But you girls made me do that! I don't want to be a baby!" He sounds almost like he's sobbing.

Sally says in an authoritative voice, "It seems baby is getting to be a bit cranky. Maybe we should put her in her crib for a nap."

Kylie was incredulous! They really wouldn't put him in a crib, would they? He immediately started fussing and throwing a very infantile temper tantrum.

Cherry takes Kylie by one hand as Sally takes the other. Cherry says, "I think you're right. I can see this temper tantrum. She's acting just like a tired baby."

They lead Kylie off to the spare bedroom. Once they enter, they lead Kylie to the crib and help him in, Cherry and Sally both kiss him softly and the crib rail is raised.

Sally coos, "Nighty Night sweet baby."

Cherry coos softly as the lights are turned off and the giggly women leave Kylie to his very confused and worried thoughts. Now in the crib, Kyle is very confused and overwhelmed. Why did they put him in pull ups? Why do they want to make him a baby? Wondering this and imagining all kinds of horrible situations, he falls into a fitful sleep.

~~ End Pt-1 ~~

~~ Pt-2 - Baby ~~

Kyle napped like the good toddler he was becoming for a good two hours, during which time the two women in the house had plenty of time to catch up and plan for the next week.

When he woke up, he found he was still in the crib in the nursery, a baby monitor sitting not far away. He yawned and stretched some, and soon realized that his pull up was wet.

He groaned and whined. "Agh, no!" he made many baby sounds.

This time, Susan walked into the nursery.

She says in a very sweet cooing voice, "I see baby up now. Is she aww wet n need changing?"

She walks over to the crib and pulls open the front of Kylie's panties and check his diaper. It was wet just like she knew it would be. She continues in the same sweet voice, "Baby is going to be in diapers a looonnggg time. We gotta keeps her changed sos she no gets hurty diaper rash."

Susan was a bigger girl than the rest. She picks Kylie out of the crib like he was the toddler her was rapidly becoming and kisses him on his nose.

She carries him into the bath room as she coos, "A clean little girl is a pretty little girl. Auntie gots a nice suppository for baby too. It's all special to make you the best baby you can be."

She set him on the counter as she begins to pull down his pull up. The boy doesn't appreciate the baby treatment much, as his step-sister (now Nanny) begins to remove his pull up for cleaning.

He wines in a very cute infant voice, "No! I no wana pository or be in diapers! I don't wana be baby girl!"

Susan pulls the pull up off of Kylie's feet and she says with sternness in her voice, "Kylie had better be a good little girl for everyone or she will gets popped. In a few days, you won't mind being a baby girl. Besides, you can't help going potty in your panties. Just don't be upset, little babies have accidents , that's why we adults put you in diapers."

Susan holds the wet pull up so Kylie can see how wet it is. She pushes him gently onto his back and lifts him by his ankles. She cleans all of his squeaky places with several sweet smelling baby wipes. Before she puts him down, she slides a cute Huggies Toddler disposable under him. She then powders him and pulls the Huggies between Kylie's legs and fastens the tapes. She lifts him one more time and puts his feet into a cute pair of Winnie the Poo rumba panties. She stands him up, and pulls them the rest of the way up.

Now in his first baby diaper and plastic panties since babyhood, Kyle fusses a bit, squirming in place as she tidies up over finishing his diapering.

Susan pats him reassuringly on his bottom and coos, "Now there silly baby, doesn't that feel much better?"

While kylie was looking down at his panties, Susan pulls open the back and puts her hand inside. Kylie feels a sudden penetration in his bottom as She pushes the suppository as deep as she could. Feeling the penetration he squeaks, yelping as Susan slips it in, ensuring that he'll lose all control of his bladder and bowels.

He squeaks "Ow!"

Realizing what had happened, Kyle turns angrily to his step - sister. "That was uncalled for! I'm not a baby, so don't treat me like one!"
Susan bends slightly and kisses Kylie on his nose as she escorts him to the mirror. She takes the barrettes out of his hair and brushes it with a stiff brush until it shines. She puts Kylie's hair up in cute ponytails and ties if with pink ribbons.

Susan whispers in his ear, "Kylie has no choice now. This is a one way street for you. You can't help yourself anymore and we are going to take very good care of baby. Besides, the other 2 colleges rejected your application too ... so your just going to be baby from now on. Call it .. the Adult Conspiracy if you like." She giggles pleasantly as Kylie looks at himself in the mirror.

Being reminded of this only makes him feel worse. But, instead of getting angrier and lashing out, he instead starts bawling, and collapses to the floor in a mess. Susan bends down and picks Kylie up and puts him to her shoulder.

She pats him reassuringly on his bottom as she coos, "Don't cry sweetie bumps ... awww, is ok sweet heart." she kisses him softly, "See, you're becoming the sweetest little baby."

Suddenly, several flashes go off as Bell takes several pictures of Kylie being adorable.
Kyle is too distraught to notice, or care as Belle takes the pictures of the babified and girlified male. Simpering, he relaxes in Susan's arms, letting her hold him.

Susan whispers to baby, "Is baby hungry? Nana has some very special formula for you if you are."

She carries him out of the bathroom back into the nursery. She sits in the huge rocking chair. There is a large bottle of white liquid sitting on the night table beside the chair.
She arranges him so she is comfortable with him in her arms and puts the nipple to his lips. The warm sweet taste of the regression mixture fills his mouth.

Cherry and Bell take more pictures of the baby being fed. Kyle is quickly plunging into baby girl mode. Drained from his small episode, he doesn't fuss at all and permits his Nanny to feed him, while the girls take pictures. It'll all be over soon ... or so he thinks as the regression formula begins to make him feel so wonderful and infantile.

The formula is laced with more drugs, another dose to make sure he becomes baby. He's already halfway done with the fast acting drugs, and soon it will be time for his Mommy to come claim him.

Kylie finishes his big bottle of regression formula. It goes quickly to his head and he begins to feel so wonderfully baby. Susan shifts a bit in the chair so she can put Kylie to her shoulder. He notices a soft cloth there and can feel Susan patting him on his back. He can't help himself ... he suddenly lets out a huge burp and spits up some. He is incredulous. He can't believe he jus did that.

Susan pats him softly on his bottom and coos, "That's a good baby. Now, it isn't so bad loosing your adulthood ... is it? Specially since so many love you this way.”
Susan takes Kylie off her shoulder and cleans his face lovingly with a clean side of the cloth. The boy squirms some as his former step - sister, now Nanny cleans him. He is confused by the buzzing in his head. Why is his step - sister... Nanny... cleaning him? It's becoming hard to form coherent thoughts.

Bell walks up and kisses him softly on his cheek. She coos softly, "You're almost ready to meet your new mommy sweet heart. After the next bottle, you will be all baby."

She shows Kylie the pictures she took of him feeding and being burped. They were just adorable.

Susan asks, "Are all the other pictures posted to the net?"

Bell giggles and replies, "Yea, and we have had about 40,000 hits so far too."

All the girls giggle softly as Susan pats Kylie reassuringly on his bottom again.

She says softly, "You're one of the most adorable babies in town. Cherry wants to be your mommy from now on. Just so you know sweetie bumps .. because you have no choice at this point, the next bottle makes you permanently a baby. Cherry wants you to be a girl ... so welcome to infanthood."

Upon hearing this declaration, his eyes widen. So he's really to become a baby girl?! But.... he doesn't want to! He wiggles, squirming some before they can give him the last bottle.

A very pretty girl walks in the nursery with a very large bottle in her hand. There was some red liquid in it.

Susan looks up and asks in a cheery voice, "Is that the last bottle Cindy?"

Cindy giggles pleasantly and replies, "Yes, it has a double dose of hormones too. When he finishes this bottle, he will be a baby she for ever."

All the girls giggle. Cindy says, "Cherry has the nursery and all set up at her house. Everything is ready for the precious bundle's arrival."

Susan sits back in the chair and makes herself comfy. She again adjust Kylie so she can give him the next bottle. The boy squirms more, just like a toddler. He is desperate to get away before they can feed him....

Susan holds Kylie and takes the bottle from Cindy. Cherry has returned to the nursery with a large fuzzy blanket to wrap her new baby in.

Cherry coos softly, "Ok Kylie, Mommy's got a nice warm blanki for baby to ride home in."

She unfolds the cute pink blanket with all the Winnie the Poo Characters on it. Susan looks up for a second at the blanket before putting the nipple to Kylie's lips. The wonderful taste of Red Berry Hic touches his tongue.

Susan coos softly, "Don’t be afraid sweet heart. Being a baby is really nice. We promise you that Cherry will be a wonderful mommy. We all will come and visit too and help take care of you."

Almost as soon as the drug hits his mouth, it takes effect. His tongue becomes slightly numb, and his vocals freeze up. The neurons around his body become slightly addled, making it hard for him to do anything, or even think. He has no control over his bowels or bladder, and his brain turns to mush. He is a baby. His last adult thought in this life was that he can’t help but be a baby girl.

Cherry asks softly, "Susan, you think you could baby sit him during the week? I have to go to classes."

Susan replies, "Sure, I would love to." The other girls volunteer to help out too.

Susan says as she watches Kylie nurse, "I really enjoy him this way. I think we should have done this years ago.” The girls giggle.

Kylie finishes the bottle quickly. Susan again burps him and cleans his face softly. Cherry takes him and wraps him in his new baby blanket for the trip home. Susan carries him out to the car. In the back seat was a specially made car seat for a baby just his size. Susan buckles him in and kisses him on his cheek.

She coos softly, "have fun sweet heart, "Sisy will come and baby sit you while mommy's at school. You will love being a baby ... we all promise."

The door closes, Cherry gets into the car and drives off with her new baby.

All the girls watch and wave bye, bye as it disappears in the distance.

~~ The End ~~
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