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The Femm Weed

Postby Miki Yamuri » Wed Nov 26, 2014 3:30 pm

Title: The Femm Weed


Jordan Brent -19Yo – Played by: lilhottie

John Yressu - 19yo – Played by: Miki Yamuri

Scene: In a wooded short cut to the Football Field

John and Jordan were on their way to watch a local High School football game. They were taking a new shortcut through the woods that cut about a mile from their trip. They smoked a rather strong and aromatic blunt as they walked. They could feel the wonderful high seeping into their minds with each inhale. As they came around a sharp bend in the almost hidden trail, They saw a short distance off, surrounded by very brightly white stones, what appeared to be a golden yellow marijuana plant. It had huge buds and was about 5 feet tall, and very extremely bushy. The leaves each had 6 fronds and were about as big as both of their hands together.

"Wow, John, get a load of this man. Isn't this like the most biggest pot plant you've ever seen and these leaves are huge."

Jordan walks up to them looking them over while taking a hit from the blunt they were already smoking.

John looks all around, he sees no one except them and hears nothing except the wind in the trees and the birds singing.

John replies, "That's a wonderful looking plant. Judging from the rocks around it though, someone has planted it here and takes really good care of it. You think they will miss it if we take say ...," he takes an empty baggy from his pocket and hold it out, "This much? I'm sure it won't even be missed as large as this thing is."

Before John could finish what he was saying. Jordan had the bag and was filling it up to the top with buds and leaves. He was actually grabbing way more than they needed. John is shocked at how much he is grabbing and eventually has to stop Jordan from picking the plant dry.

John took the baggie from Jordan. It was stuffed so full, he could barely fold the top flap over and tuck it.

He stuffs it back into his pants and says, "That should last us several days, I'm sure." Both boys laugh as they take another smoke from the blunt they had. They continue their walk to the Football field and finish it along the way. They watched the football game and rooted for both teams, just to be different.

After the game, on the way back, John took some of the leaves out and stuffed it into a small pipe he had with him.

He says, "I don't know how well this stuff will burn, being green and all, but I can't wait to try some."

"Not before me you won't" as Jordan grabs the pipe from John and takes his lighter and lights it.

There is a strange poom of smoke when it lit. On the first hit, the most intense feeling Jordan has ever had before runs intensely through his body and rushes into his mind. The herb had a fruity taste to it as he took another huge hit from it, and allowed the super intense rush raise chills as his mind clouded rapidly.

John watches as Jordan lights and hits the pipe deeply. He can't be sure, because it was starting to get dark, but somehow .... Jordan's face had ... taken on a cuter appearance with each large toke. It wasn't a huge change ... was very subtle ... barely even noticeable.

John shook his head and says sternly, "Hey ... save some for me .. I want to know how good or bad it is too!"

He grabs the pipe from Jordan and lights it himself. He takes a large pull on the pipe. He can feel the smoke as it enters his lungs ... and the intense rushes all through his body. He can even feel what he thinks is goose bumps rising on the back of his neck as an intense high begins.

Jordan looks at John strangely. He’s not sure in the dim light, but he thinks John’s hair is getting longer ... Jordan shakes his head and decides it’s just the encroaching darkness. Jordan runs up to John and grabs the pipe from him and runs off, smoking it as he does.

Jordan says in a ...different, cuter kind of voice, " You gotta catch me if you wanna smoke it again."

John watches as his friend disappears into the deepening darkness with the pipe, its strong, aromatic odor drifting lazily on the warm evening air He shakes his head at how weird Jordan is acting. John takes a large hand blown glass pipe from his other pocket and stuffs it full of one of the buds from the yellow plant as he could.

The buds were huge. He lit the pipe. Another huge pume of smoke rose above it as he inhales deeply. The soothing and extremely intoxicating fruity flavor fills his lungs and mind. He can actually feel his head begin to buzz as the intense rushes ran all through him. He slowly begins to walk down the trail after Jordan as he draws deeply on the pipe.

Jordan stops after he realizes John isn’t chasing him. He doesn't know what has gotten into him. He never acts like that. Jordan takes another huge hit from the pipe. Strangely, he feels that his jeans seem a bit looser on him than before ... which he found very strange. Jordan continued to John’s house, arriving on the porch sitting underneath the light.

By the time John had finished the pipe, he was very wonderfully high. He felt uncomfortable too. It seemed his clothes were getting too big for him ... he was having really strange twinges in his chest, tummy, and crotch. It didn't ... hurt so much ... but he was feeling cramped. When he finally walked out of the woods and up to his porch, he saw what he thought was a cute girl sitting there in way over sized clothes.

John walked up and said in a friendly tone, "Hi .. I'm John ...??!!" He gasps, that couldn't be his voice ... he sounded ... just like a girl!

Jordan stands up, laughing, "This must be some good stuff cause I see you look like a hot girl."

Jordan stands up. John notices he's lot smaller now and the shocking thing is, that Jordan's pants fell to the ground and he was standing in oversized boxers. John also notice Jordan had small breasts as he watched them swell before his eyes.

John gasps out, "Jordan? Is that really you?"

John slaps a hand across his mouth, he can't believe the voice he has. He looks down just in time to see his baggy over sized pants as they started to slip off. John grabs them to keep then up.

He looks at Jordan with huge eyes and continues, "Wha ... what happened to us?"

"What are you talking about John...nothing has happened to us? This is just super good weed and we're hallucinating" Jordan takes another puff.

When he turns around to sit down, John watches as Jordan’s ass becomes round and very female and starts to fill out those baggy boxers. John shakes his head, he can’t believe this. Jordan sits down in a chair on the porch and continues to smoke the strange pot seemingly oblivious to the rapid change.

John's head is buzzing really bad. He shakes it, hoping it will clear. He feels so strange in his chest and between his legs. John looks down ... he is shocked to see small breasts as they begin to swell beneath his way oversized T shirt. He can see the nipples as they begin to protrude. He reaches up and gives them a squeeze ... they are definitely him.

John gasps out in his new female voice, "Jordan! We may be high ... but this is really happening!"

John then pulls open the front of his oversize pants and jockeys ... what he sees has him rooted to the spot in open mouthed shock. They have become so large by this time, they slowly slip to the ground.

"Omg! John..." Jordan stops smoking and starts laughing.

He thinks he’s hallucinating and can see John no longer has a penis but a smooth vagina.

Jordan gasps out in his cute female voice, " OMG! ... your a girl now ha ha"

Jordan stands up and looks down at his chest which are now at least B cups ... " OMG!, It looks like I have a huge rack"

Jordan gives them a squeeze ... realization dawns as his eyes get huge as saucers and his mouth falls open in shock. He puts down the weed and pulls down his boxers. A huge shock runs all through him as he sees he too has a cute vagina.

John can't believe what has happened. He rushes in the house to the mirror in the bathroom. What he sees looking back, was an extremely pretty girl with long blond hair, B cup sized breasts, shapely legs, and a cute round butt. He can think of nothing ... He screams. The piercing sound of a female's scream reaches Jordan's dazed mind as he stares at his vagina and breasts.

Jordan runs in the house and to the bathroom.

Jordan says, "OMG!, John ... you look hot."

John turns and sees the cute girl Jordan had become. Jordan is now a 5'2" hot brunette with really cute and perky B cup breasts, a hour glass figure, and a booty that would put J.Lo to shame.

"I think this wasn't our weed" Jordan says in a panic." Maybe this is temporary or something ... isn't it? Please, tell me it is John" Jordan screeches as he starts to freak out.

John has his hand to his mouth as he turns and looks at Jordan. He doesn't know what to say.

After looking down at his new body one more time, he says softly, "What if ... if it isn't temporary? What if ... we're ... this was ... forever?"

John runs out into the bedroom and begins to dig through the closet. None of his girlfriends had left any of their clothes. He wasn't really sure what to do at this point.

He says loud enough so Jordan could hear him in the bathroom, I think the first thing we should do ... is get some appropriate clothes that would fit us."

Jordan grabs a towel from John's hallway closet and wraps it around his waist. He takes a few steps and remembers he has breasts and rewraps the towel to cover his chest and walks upstairs to John's room.

Jordan continues, "I mean this could just be a side affect of the weed?"

John is running around his room frantically, searching in drawers and the closet.

“What are you looking for?" Jordan asks curiously.

John replies, "I’m trying to remember if any girls left there underwear here" tearing his room apart.

"Sheesh, John, don't you have any panties or thongs from girls you slept with?" Jordan leans up against the door." I have enough to start my own Victoria’s Secret."

John can't believe how calm Jordan is about this now.

John replies, "No, I don't make conquest collections like you. Right now, we need clothes that fit. If you have that many at your place, let's go there and change. At least we won't have to keep holding up our pants."

John pulls a large banlon shirt from the closet and puts it on. With a belt, it actually looks like a dress. He hopes the wind or some other thing doesn't blow it up ... he has no undies and that would be truly embarrassing.

"Well its a few houses down so it should be alright. Okay follow me."

Jordan leads John out of his room. They reach the front door and peer out into darkness. Jordan sees the coast is clear as they open the door. They run to John’s huge bush in the yard.

Jordan, in just a towel, looks around. They dart from tree to bush to shrub before they are at Jordan’s house. Luckily, only 2 cars had passed and the door was open so they both get in and slam the door shut.

"That was a close one" pants Jordan in a cute voice, " Thought we were gonners for sure when those cars came by.”

John nods in agreement as he breaths a sigh of relief.

He says in his cute female voice, "Ok, lets see what clothes you have we can wear. I hope ... they're not too female. I'm not exactly ready for that yet."

In his mind though, John knew all the clothes Jordan had from his many girlfriends, would be the sexiest ones. A chill ran through him as he contemplated the future. Even as high as he was, he still was very worried that this would be permanent. What would all his friends say? OMG!! What would his parents say?

Jordan leads John to his room. Jordan drops the towel as he leads John to the closet and opens it. John is in awe, Jordan did have enough sexy women's clothes to start a Victoria’s Secret. There were enough there for John to wonder if this wasn't a secret wardrobe Jordan had hidden away.

"Look and see what you like. I already know what I’m going for" Jordan says off handedly as he grabs a pink tank top and a short, short black mini skirt and a pink string pair of panties.

John was amazed at the ease Jordan picked that outfit ... he even began to believe now, that his friend was a secret cross dresser.

As Jordan walks away to put on his clothes, John had a lot of trouble trying to decide. He didn't want to wear the killer sexy outfits he saw hanging there. He finally sighs and makes a choice.

John takes a pair of blue jean boy short hot pants and a cute powder blue babydoll top. There's not much choice other, unless he wanted to dress to kill. As it was, this outfit was super cute. He searches through the panties until he finds a cute pair of tan bikini panties that would fit. He sees a pair of white tennis shoes that are about the right size as well. John wiggles into the panties. He feels so weird as he pulls them up. He runs his hand gently between his legs. There is no trace of his former manhood, only a tingling new sensation that feels truly wonderful.

He pulls the hot pants up and buttons them up the back ... this proved to be slightly more difficult then he thought it would be. After wiggling and squirming for a few minutes, he finally managed. He pulls the babydoll top on and straightens out the puffy sleeves and the wrinkles in the front. He looks in Jordan's mirror hanging on the back of his door. John is petrified to see what a beautiful girl he had become.

Jordan looks in the mirror too, as he wonders what will become of himself. Will his parents accept him? Will his former guy friends hit on him and will he like it? All these thoughts are racing through his head as he sighs and finishes getting dressed. Putting on the string panty and pulling it up. The sensation is so weird for him.

Jordan reaches for the skirt a he thinks to himself, " Wow, now I know why these things are so uncomfortable ... they really do wipe you out."

He slips the skirt on slowly as he giggles softly to himself ... it doesn’t leave much to the imagination and he pulls on the tank top. He looks at the mirror horrified at what the future will hold for him. He not only is an extremely beautiful girl now, he looks like one of the kinds he always loves to hit on ... because they always are so easy. He walks out to see John.

John turns and sees Jordan. He’s amazed at how extremely beautiful a girl Jordan had also become. Dressed like she was ... John would have hit on her under normal circumstances. John was sure as the sun rises, somewhere really soon, they were going to have to deal with a boy wanting to date them. He puts his head in has hands and sighs. This is going to be an embarrassing disaster ... he just knows it.

Jordan comes walking in and gasps, "Wow John! I hate to say this ... but you look hot as a girl I would love to ... well ... you know. If I weren’t a girl myself, I would be hitting on you."

As Jordan goes and lays on his bed, he thinks about what he just said ... that both John and he were drop dead gorgeous girls.

"We need to find a way to change this John and fast" Jordan says starting to panic a bit.

John says with a bit of exasperation in his now very cute female voice, "And just how and what do you propose we do about this? I didn't know such a thing was even possible ... much less how to fix it." He looks at himself in the mirror once again, "I just know if we see any of our friends, they're gonna start wanting to paw all over us ... just like we always do."

"You know John?” Jordan muses, “I think we should go back to that plant and see if there’s a cure or anything about the plant we didn’t know before. We also have to be quick cause were hot, and I don’t want to be in position of fighting off one of our friends. I know just what they are going to do."

Jordan gets up, grabs John’s hand and goes out of the bedroom and to the front step. Looking to see if the coast is clear, they go looking for answers.

Just as Jordan and John had cleared the steps, as if on cue, 2 of their friends, Tony and Ricky came around the corner right in front of them. The 2 girls could just see the edge of the woods and safety ... too far to run.

A huge smile crosses Tony's face as he says, "I see Jordan has been holding out on us." as he walks up to them.

Ricky says, "Wow, they sure have! What's your names?? And how about giving us your phone numbers too?"

Jordan stands there in shock, not knowing what to say.

Glancing at John, Jordan says softly, "Well ... I’m Stephanie and this hot little number is Amber."

John looks at Jordan Sharply, knowing Jordan isn’t helping the situation.

John says in her cute voice, "I’m sorry boys, but we’re both in a big hurry. Maybe next time."

As John takes Jordan by the hand and tries walking in between Ricky and Tony. They don’t budge.

Ricky nudges closer to Amber and says softly, "I don't think I've seen you around here. I have to say though, you are absolutely the hottest girl I've seen. I can see why John and Jordan would keep you a secret."

John is insulted, he puts his hands on his hips and says with exasperation, "And just what makes you so sure we want to date boys? Have you ever thought Jordan and John haven't been hiding us ... but we are dating each other?"

Quickly, Amber walks up to Stephanie and kisses her on the lips. Jordan stands in shock for a second looking at John’s face before taking her by the hand and hurrying off toward the woods.

Ricky and Tony watch with their mouths open as the 2 most beautiful girls they had seen before ... walk quickly off hand in hand and vanish into the trails.

Jordan is in shock..." Wow, Amber ... nice get away!"

"Shut up Jordan!” John snaps, “we need to get to that plant."

Both girls enter the woods and soon realize they didn’t really dress for the occasion.

Jordan whines, "John? I don’t think we wore the appropriate clothes for this"

Jordan had been getting cuts and scraps from plants and brush because of not seeing where they were going well in the dim light.

After stumbling around for what seemed hours, they come across the plant. The white rocks were so white, the literally seemed to glow. The bright full moon helped a lot in their finding their way too.

John pants out, "There it is. What do you think we should ... look for? A plant with black rocks around it?"

She giggles weakly as she begins to look around ... for what she didn't know.

Suddenly, a bright light come on, blinding the 2 girls. The whole area lit up bright as noon.

A female voice says softly, "And just what do you to girls think your doing here? Don't you know you're trespassing on our property?"

Another female voice says, "Yea, trespassing ... and looks like stealing too."

Jordan clings to John’s arms as he is scared." We didn’t mean to." Said John.

"Oh really?" Said one of the women as she brings up a light orb and shows them stealing the plant within its misty interior.

Jordan cringes a bit more and to make things worse, Jordan wet herself as the trickling is heard of the leaves.

" Explain yourselves..." said the witches.

John is scared at this point. He is a lot smaller than he used to be and has a lots less muscle. He knows these women are a lot bigger than they are, and a fight would end badly.

John says timidly, "We didn't realize we were trespassing. This trial has been here as long as I have lived here."

The taller Woman said sternly, "Don't mince words little girl. You knew this plant was someone's. It is surrounded by white stones. See any other stones like them around? And the plant itself ... is obviously well kept and tended. I'm sure you ... knew it belonged to someone else, you just thought you could get away with it."

Jordan steps forward, since he was a bigger girl than John.

"We’re sorry. We really are ... but the bigger issue is how this plant turned us into girls and if there is a way to turn us back." Jordan says sternly, even though it is hard to take her seriously with the smell of pee coming from her.

The 2 women laugh and giggle. The shorter plumper of the 2 replies, "And ... what makes you think there is a way to turn you back ... into what ever you were to begin with? Have you ever thought that this might be the reason we planted it here? To capture 2 cute little girls like you and make them our BabyDolls?"

The women move ominously closer to the girls. The darkness seems to come alive with weird and creepy hissing and slithering noises. John could swear he sees many burning red eyes staring at them from the ebony blackness beyond.

Jordan looks at John as the darkness seems to thicken around them and says with fear in his voice, " I think we should go."

John and Jordan dash and run as fast as they can through the woods from the impeding red burning eyes and the darkness. No matter how fast they ran, it feels like everything was right on there tails. Every turn or bend, seemed to bring them right back to the glow of the light orbs. No matter which way the girl ran, or how far, they could hear the wicked laughter of the women ringing in their fear driven souls.

Finally, totally exhausted and cut in many places from the briars and branches. The girls sit ... and do something completely out of character for both of them ... they start to cry. They know there's no way to escape what ever is coming. The girls look up and see the 2 women standing in front of them ... one tall and thin ... the other shorter and plumper. They both wore ebony black dresses with long flowing sleeves.

The shorter one giggles and asks, "Did you girls enjoy your little romp through our garden? As you can see, reality bends back on itself here. It's ... sort of like a circle ... or a mobius loop. No matter where you go .. here you are." Both women giggle.

Jordan looks up crying, "Please don’t hurt or kill us. We didn’t mean to! Honest. We were high and saw the plant. Our judgments were blurred. Please.."

Jordan moves his hand over and takes John’s in his, " Just remember John ...whatever happens. I will always be your best friend."

They both giggle and whispers softly to each other for a second before the taller thin one says, "I don't think we're going to do anything as drastic as all that. But I think we have something far better in mind."

The Short plump one giggles as she removes a long rod from under her cloak and waves it gracefully through the air. She mumbles something neither of the girls could understand. There is a bright flash before their eyes ... and nothing seemed to have happened.

The 2 Witches giggle to each other and say at the same time, "Oh, my ... they are so cute and adorable.

John looks down at himself and realizes his clothes had changed radically. He was now dressed in a really adorable babydoll dress with puffy sleeves and many cute little baby hand prints of all colors. He had on very lacy little matching pullups with large ruffles showing around the legs and bottom.

He looks up and says in a gasping voice, "No! You can't be serious."

Both of the women giggle and make cooing noises.

Jordan looks at John and laughs. John points. Jordan looks down and sees he is wearing a cute teddy bear themed romper. With cute bears playing with balls and on the butt there are many large cute ruffles in several rows. Jordan pushes against the crotch and there is padding but not as thick as a diaper. He also notices his breasts have shrunken a bit.

Jordan protests in a whiney voice, " What the heck can’t do this!"

The Taller woman says, "We can ... and have. Just so you know, from now on until we decide different, I think you 2 can be our babydolls."

The plump one says, "I've always wanted a cute living babydoll dressed like you, and now I have one."

She holds out her arms and says in a strangely echoing and compelling voice, "Come to me my babydolls."

John gasps loudly as he feel her voice deep inside him. His muscles seem to do as she had commanded and he toddled over to her. She wraps her arms around him and coos softly words he again couldn't understand. She released him and did the same thing to Jordan.

When she had released them both, the taller woman coos softly, "Now sweethearts, as punishment for taking our wonderful plant, you are to be our babydolls until we say differently. You will remain as adults, but you will function as little girls too. Now don't be ashamed or embarrassed, because little girls like you are prone to having accidents."

The 2 women giggle.

"It's normal for little girls to do this, and we will check you from time to time and change you and even put you in diapers as needed. If you have an accident, just let us know and we will change you too. It’s what we want our Babydolls to do ... It's that simple.”

Jordan folds his arms and pouts." We are teen boy not teen babydoll girls. I want to be changed back"

Just then the tall one pulls out her silver wand from under her sleeve and waves it. There is a puff and a pink locket is on Jordan’s mouth as he tries grabbing at the lock but its no use it wont open ... John looks in shock.

John's eyes get huge as he sees Jordan's mouth is locked closed. He turns and stares at the women.

The taller one says softly, "Now, for you sweetheart. I've always wanted a little girl doll named ... Wendy." she giggles, "And from now on, that's your name. When asked, you will tell everyone your 2 years old and show them that many fingers."

John says without thinking about it, "I will do no such ..."

He never got to finish what he was saying, The Witch waved her wand again. John felt so weird down deep inside. His voice changed suddenly, as he finished in a really cute voice, "Name's Wendy an I this many." He held up 2 fingers and took an adorable pose.

Jordan, still shocked, sees what’s happening to John and tries to scream but can’t. Only a muffled sound comes out of his sealed lips.

The plump witch looks at Jordan and says, " You will be 2 as well and your name will be Alexis."

She leans down and pinches his cheeks as she can tell Jordan is mixed with fear and frustration right now.

The plump Witch giggles a bit more and says to the Now Alexis as she waves her wand, "You will tell everyone I'm Nana Penelope, and I take care of you and you are my babydoll."

The tall one giggles and points her finger at Wendy and says, “You will call me Nana Sonya."

Both girls tremble as they feel the arcane power surge through them.

The lock on Alexis' mouth vanishes as Penelope asks, "And what's your name and how old are you babydoll?"

Wendy giggles sweetly and helplessly says in a cute voice, "My name Wendy an I this many."

She holds up 2 fingers adorably as in his mind, John is dying from humiliation.

Jordan looks over at John as he does it laughing until he sees his hand begin to move up and his index and middle finger go up. He sees his 2 fingers ... Jordan replies helplessly in his cute coice,." Iya Alexis an am onwie dis many."

Both Penelope and Sonya clap and giggle. Happy with their new babydolls. Sonya giggles pleasantly as she takes John by his hand and leads him off, deeper into the forest with Penelope leading Jordan behind. John looks back, worry on his face.

He suddenly gets an urge. He fights it hard, but to no avail ... his left thumb finds its way into his mouth. A wonderful feeling of comfort fills him as he begins to suck his thumb.

Sonya smiles and coos, "Babydoll will find she can't help but be my babydoll until I decide other wise. Now, don't be upset, but little girls your age have accidents some times, " She giggles "and we will take care of it as soon as you let us know ... as babies let adults know."

Jordan looks down at the ground in shame. When he was trying to get the lock off his face ... he kinda had an accident."

Jordan couldn’t help himself. He begins to cry and sniffles adorably as he whines, “Auntie, Babydoll hadda accident n m wet."

He tries holding back the tears as hard as he could ... he realizes he is totally helpless as he looks up at Penelope. Penelope looks around at Alexis and giggles as she pats her on her bottom.

She coos softly, "Aww so cute, little baby doll has a droopy bottom from havina accident."

Sonya turns and smiles, “Get used to it sweetie, you're going to have lots of accidents for a long time."

They round a bend suddenly and see a dome home nestled almost invisibly within the side of the mountain. The trees and grasses grow over the top, making it look more like a natural rock, than a house. They lead the girls to the door, it opens with an eerie cackle. Inside, looked like something straight out of Grimm’s Fairytales.

Penelope leads Jordan into the house as John sees that he in fact does have a drooping bottom. He feels bad for Jordan, and realizes that’s also in store for him soon.

Penelope, without warning picks up Jordan and plays with his foot as she lays him down on a table so big it would make any adult look small. She takes out her wand and does a flick and Jordan is in a new pair of pull ups.

Sonya walks over to a glass case with a shelf.

She opens the double doors and coos softly, "Now babydolls, when we aren't playing with you, this is where you will be. On display for all our friends to see." She turns with a wicked grin on her face and beckons to Wendy, "Come here babydoll and let Nana put you away for a while so you can see what it feels like."

John gasps, he can't resist. He slowly and stiffly at first begins to move towards the cabinet. Something within him lets go, he helplessly waddles over to Sonya's outstretched arms. She picks him up and twirls him around several times before seating him on the shelf. John shivers as he feels his body stiffen. Sonya poses him in a seated position with one hand in his lap, and sucking the thumb of the other. She closes the door to the cabinet. John is horrified. He can't move ... only watch everything that happens outside.

Jordan looks horrified as Sonya laughs as the case and John start to shrink till the box is no bigger then a Barbie box.

"OMG! ... you made him into a doll" Jordan says shocked as Penelope picks Jordan up.

"Let’s us hope Alexis would like to be in her doll case too." Penelope says.

" No, no.." gasps Jordan with fear in his voice.

Jordan sees John’s body looking like an extremely cute doll in the case. He Lets out a tear for John and himself as he feels himself stiffen.

John watches helplessly as Jordan is picked up and placed on a shelf inside a cabinet just like the one he was in. Penelope closes the case after posing Jordan in the same pose he was, and the case shrinks down to a small Barbie Doll box. Both boxes are placed side by side on the mantle piece. Across from them, he can see many rows of ... babydolls .. all dressed in different adorable babydoll clothes and posed in a cute manner. Fear runs through John as he begins to realize ... they are in a real mess this time.

~~ End ~~
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