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Strange Rumors

Postby Miki Yamuri » Tue Nov 25, 2014 8:05 pm

Title: Strange Rumors

Eric - 2nd-year psychology student, University of Leeds - Played by Andreea
Megan - 2nd-year psychology student, University of Leeds - Played by Miki Yamuri

Location : Longbow Wood – the large estate of the Lady Katherine Blanch

As we round the bend in the winding drive way I can see the old wrought iron gate sitting menacingly across the way. The old mansion sits silently brooding in the distance.
I check the OS map ... but no mansion or any other building is marked on this route.

I ask, “Eric, what you make of this?”

Eric shudders and replies, “We have heard the locals talk about this place, but I never really dared believe we would find it. I don’t remember anyone saying there was a house here on this part of the road.”

Megan stops the car and gets out. she walks up to the gate.
Eric sits in the car going over in his mind the legends we heard from the locals. Concerning the Lady Katherine Blanche who once had a large estate here in the seventeenth century.

Megan examines the huge padlock that hold the chain ... it is old beyond time and easily picked

Eric asks, "What are you doing? We can't break in?" (though I am, in truth, rather afraid)

Megan asks, "If we don’t, how are we going to investigate this?”

She points to the house.

Eric says, "Yeah... but this place might be private property, mightn't it? If it's locked, I mean..."

Megan takes hold of the lock and tugs ... it pops open and the chain falls to the ground after a loud rattling decent. Sighing, Eric gathers up our cameras, infra-red film, recorders, etc, and come over to join you, realizing that you are determined upon this. Eric wishes he had brought a gun ...

Megan stands silently with the lock in her hand. Eric passes her a flashlight.

For a moment, Eric thinks he sees a flash of white in a upper storey window, but it passes.

Megan asks nervously, “Are you sure this isn't on the map? Seems like it's been here a long time.”

Eric checks the map again, but the route just seems to trail off in the woods. Nothing is marked besides that.

Eric remembers the old legend, that Eagle Crest of Longbow Wood used to belong to the Lord of the Manor... who mysteriously vanished. Rumor had it that he had been unfaithful to Lady Katherine Blanche, who (rumor also had it) had been involved in witchcraft.

As They walk through the gate, They feel a strange tingle all over their bodies ... a chill wind begins to blow. There are many creeks and groaning noises all along the way to the manor house. A sigh seems to be borne on the wind. A low, ecstatic sigh.

Eric trips over something in the overgrown grounds. He picks it up ... an old, muddy, worm-eaten coat.
Megan looks at Eric with an unreadable expression. Looking around, Eric finds more old clothes, just discarded amongst the weeds and tangled grass.

“What do you make of that?” Megan asks in a strange tone.

Eric replies softly with a nervous tone, "Tramps, I guess."

Megan murmer softly, “Seems like lots of clothing has been discarded for nothing.”

She shakes her head and cross the distance to the first step.

Though Eric only half believes it, as they are a long way from any civilization, he is secretly hoping the door will be locked and impassible...

Megan climbs the stairs. At the top ... she crosses the porch to the first window ... it is crusted with the grime of ages. She rubs the glass in an attempt to clean it. It’s a futile attempt at best.

"See anything?" Eric asks

Megan replies, “It's really dark in there and this window is filthy.”

She pushes on the window frame ... it’s as solid as rock. Eric breathes a sigh of relief ...

Suddenly, without any warning, there is a powerful gust of freezing cold wind ... and the gate slams shut behind them. Eric runs to check... but the force seems to have jammed it solidly. Eric wonders, perturbed, how wind could have been enough to have slammed an iron gate, though...

Megan says very nervously, “Eric I think this is starting to get weird.”

She points to the door and says quietly with a tinge of fear in her voice, “I know it was closed before, now it’s open and seemingly beckoning us in.”

Eric is now very worried... he knows that no-one will hear them out here if we call for help, and nothing out here is any use for levering the gate open.

Megan cautiously peers in the door with her flashlight as a beacon. The room, although thick with dist a cobwebs, still shows the grandeur of ages past.

Eric follows, with great trepidation, and shines his light over the hall's old paintings and tapestries He notes many empty display spaces, where one might have expected to have seen swords, pistols, armor, etc. It seems as if every personal trace of the lords of the manor has been removed from the hall's decor.

Eric sees no foot prints in the dust but theirs ... he fearfully remembers the details of the legend of Lady Blanche. Upon discovering her husband's infidelity, she cursed him, robbed him of his masculinity, and reduced him to the status of her serving-maid. This was alleged by some to be witchcraft, though others just claimed that the Lord secretly desired it... At any rate, the scared locals thought it strange enough to burn down Eagle Crest with them both inside.

Megan says softly, “Seems there have been many looters over the ages, however I see no foot prints in the dust but ours.”

Depressingly, Eric cannot see anything here that would be of any use opening the gate.

Eric says, "Let's just find an iron poker or something, and get the hell out of here, OK?"

Megan shines her light around the room .. she sees nothing at all that could be of use. Out of the corner of her eye, she sees something move in a shadow.

Eric says, “"If we could find the kitchens, maybe. Somewhere with a fireplace."

Megan shouts with fear in her voice, “Eric ... Look there ... quick!!”

"What is it?" Eric exclaims anxiously.

Megan responds excitedly, “Something moved over there. There's no way out of there ... lets go look.”

Megan slowly moves toward the stair well. Putting as much light inside the blackness as she can.

Eric whines, "We should just go. We could climb the wall. Please don't go up there..."

There is a door under the stair well and it's open slightly

Eric exclaims, "Or down there, for God's sake..."

Megan says matter-of-factly, “I thought we came to see this house, to make notes and study it.”

Eric replies, "Yeah... but this is turning into 'Psycho'. You'll probably find a corpse and a knife wielding transvestite down there."

Megan says exasperatedly, “We came this far into these G_D forsaken woods.”

Eric responds placatingly, "I know, I know... but it could still be dangerous down there. The stairs could be rotten, or..." he truly struggle to think of more excuses.

They both hear a noise this time ... it is a strange scrapping knock. Megan turns her light quickly to the partly open door. They see 2 fiery red eyes looking back!

Megan gasps and starts to back up slowly ... she takes Eric by the arm and says very softly, “I think your right ... we should be leaving.”

Another chill wind blows through. As they edge towards the door ... the door booms closed. The sound of a dead bolt sliding in place is heard echoing through the room.

Eric stands very scared and helpless, his gaze fixed upon those eyes.

Megan says in a quavering voice, “Eric ... the door just shut and locked all by itself.”

Megan turns to look at the door, what extra light there had been has now gone and it is a deepening gloom in the foyer with only very filtered light seeping through the time grimed window panes.

Another noise ... Megan turns and see the eyes start to approach. Her flashlight dims suddenly, flickers weakly, then it goes out.

“The batteries were fresh.” Eric notes even in his abject terror.

Megan says in a scared voice, “Yes... My flashlight has also failed.” She firmly grabs Eric's arm and continues as sternly as she could with the quavering fear in her voice, “Time to run baby ... for all your worth, run!!”

They make for the nearest doorway. They stumble through at the same time into the library just as the heavy wooden door booms closed behind them ... again, the sound of a dead bolt sliding into place echoes.

Megan whimper, “Eric ... I think I should have listened to you! I should never have opened the gate!”

The heavy sounds of some kind of animal trying to get through the library door are plainly heard.
Fearfully Eric shouts, “We need to find another door out of here, or break a window.”

Megan grabs a huge heavy tray that was sitting on a table. She struggles with its weight as Eric grabs the other side and helps with the toss. They throw it against the window with all their strength ... it hits and bounces off with no effect on the window.

Megan gasps in mortal fear, “No ... that's not possible ... that tray weighs over a hundred pounds!”

There now is a very heavy pounding on the door, which begins to visibly warp inwards.
Megan notices this and looks at Eric, her eyes wide with terror as the animal increases its fury against the heavy wooden door.

Megan asks in a terrified voice, “What are we going to do now? I don’t see another way out.”

Just as those words come from her mouth, from the corner of her eye, she sees a ladder running up several tiers of books.

She shouts, “There!” She points to the ladder to show Eric the way and pulls him toward the ladder as fast as she can.

Eric replies frantically, “No choice, I guess. At least it won't be able to climb this... I hope.”

Megan quickly climbs the ladder, Eric climbs after you. The ladder goes through the roof into a small room on the upper floor. After Eric clears the door, she closes it and puts the chair that was in the room under the knob.

The room appears to be a closet, of sorts, full of old, dusty, clothes. Those of an aristocratic lady and her small daughter. It is very gloomy in this room and they can barely see. Megan shakes her flashlight and it has started to glow dimly, but enough to almost see by.

Megan says in a gasping voice, “Now, I guess we need to find a way out of here.”

She starts to search through the room. She finds another door knob. Her light dimly illuminates the knob.
Megan asks, “What you think, Eric?

Eric replies honestly, “I am almost minded to stay in here ... but what I most want is to find a way out. Let's try the knob, Megan.

She slowly turns the knob ... the door opens with a skin crawling squeal and very bright afternoon light comes in the closet and lights things brightly. They stand stunned in the bright sunlight momentarily.

The bedchamber beyond is lushly furnished and decorated, and all seems as good as new. Daylight streams through the windows. A beautiful, richly-dressed lady reclines on the bed. She beckons us forward, sweetly. The air is sweetly perfumed ... yet there is a faint hint of decay, and our fear persists. We stay put, though we feel profoundly drawn to her.

She rises, and approaches us ... then there is a pounding on the bedroom door, accompanied by a shouting and cursing from outside, incoherent but human. Somehow, the animal sounds seems to underlie it.

Megan says, “Eric ... this is getting to be really weird.”

The lady seems annoyed, but unafraid. Megan desperately looks around for another way out. She sees many windows all clean and light streaming in but no other way out.

"You need not fear my husband ... or what remains of him," she explains, "though his rage, lust, and bitterness have kept me a prisoner here for centuries."

Megan, more by instinct than skill, grabs her PKE meter. The lady laughs, airily and rather patronizingly ... all the readings are off the scale.

The lady speaks in a very ethereal voice, “I would turn off your toy, dear, unless you wish it to explode. There is more power here than it can ... well ... stand ... and outside that door as well."

She nervously clicks off the devise ... it had begun to smoke badly.

The lady continues, "I am so glad you have come. I have been long imprisoned by the hatred and aggression of my enemies and those I sought to help. It has taken a unified form. I do not know if I can ever overcome it ... but it pleases me, at least, to have companions in my household."

Megan asks nervously in a shaking voice, “ww what do you mean companions?”

Megan is starting to need to run somewhere ... anywhere is fine. She begins to move slowly towards one of the large window casements. She sees the visible drop is huge.

Eric tries to follow, but the lady fixes him with a stare, and he stops suddenly ... frozen to the spot. Megan feels Eric stiffen in her hand and she is unable to pull him with her anymore. She stops and looks at him. He looks like he is in a deep trance.

"He is mine, now," states the lady, "but I must make some ... changes. I have had no men servants in my household since I took control from my beast of a husband."

Megan gasps out, “Servants ?? Changes??”

In a panic, Megan grabs a chair and hurls it at the window. It hits with a heavy thud and falls to the floor ... there is no effect on the window or the chair.

The lady shouts with authority, "Enough of this foolishness. Remove your garments, both of you."

Eric complies, unhesitatingly, until he stands naked. Megan fights but is powerfully compelled ... She has no control .. She removes all her clothes and stands next to Eric nude. Megan realizes helplessly she can feel the coolness of the room on her nude body.

She commands again, "All your garments ... All your mortal identity. Do not fear."

Eric, hesitatingly, is compelled to remove his own skin ... which comes off cleanly and bloodlessly, fading into nothingness ...leaving a naked, shimmering, beautiful, but rather bemused female form standing in his place.

Megan is horrified to her soul as she watches Eric step out of his body and it disappear.

"I sensed your inner self would prove thus, Erica," says the lady, highly pleased. “ Now, my dear Megan. What of your inner self?”

Megan is compelled and cannot help herself as she removes her skin as if it were a dress. She stands as a beautiful shimmering apparition of a very little girl. She watches as her skin vanishes without a trace.

Erica looks at you, and feels the most powerful sense of love and affection.

Megan is no longer cold or hot. She is confused slightly not really sure what happened.

She screams, “What have you done to me??”

She tries to run ... any direction is fine. She gets to the window.

Just as Megan gets to the windw, the lady says, "I have released you ... Who you really are, that is. But you cannot leave here."

Some kind of overpowering force grabs Megan and stops her ... she cannot leave.

Megan turns and says with fear in her voice, “Are we dead? ... what are you going to do to us?”

The lady replies softly in her ethereal voice, "Your mortal life is over ... but you have a new life, as my daughter ... and Erica as a most beloved maidservant for all eternity, my darlings. Has this not long been a desire of yours? A fantasy you hardly dared confess to yourself?"

Megan knows she has always seen herself as a Little girl and dressed in lace and ruffles. She knew she has always dressed as a little girl when ever possible.

Megan stammers, “H h how do you know that?”

The lady suggests, "Perhaps you should both return to the closet, dears, and choose yourself some appropriate attire."

Megan realizes she has been standing nude. She sees Erica?? Erica is a most beautiful young woman now. They both are again compelled into action. They walk over to the closet.

Somewhere between fear, embarrassment, and a building sense of still rather guilty joy, "Erica" goes into the room with the clothes, and sees so many beautiful dresses, corsets, stockings, jewelry, petticoats, etc.

Megan sees there is a beautiful, very short powder blue dress with lace hanging on a hanger complete with bloomer panties and a crinoline petty coat. She dresses herself ... she is unable to help it. When she is done ... she doesn’t look a day over 4.

Compelled yet willing, Erica finds herself donning a long, silken shift, white stockings, a corset, full rustling petticoats, and a shimmering white dress.

Erica’s hair hangs loosely around her shoulders as she returns to the room.

"You're so cute ... So adorable", Erica whispers, a little embarrassed and surprised at herself.

Megan answers back in surprise, “You are extremely beautiful. So very lovely.”

Blushing, Erica tentatively bends to kiss Megan. She turns at that precise moment and their lips meet. Megan is surprised .. and elated at the same time. The feeling is electric ... thrilling, beyond any mortal kiss they have ever exchanged with anyone.

Megan feels it surge through her and is thrilled beyond imagining.

Power and pleasure seem to flow through Erica ... and the pounding on the door goes silent. The lady sighs with intense joy. Megan stands in dazed elation as Erica takes her by the hand.

"Your love for each other is so intense ... so pure," declares the lady. My enemy ... that hateful specter ... cannot be destroyed, but it can be held at bay, and you have made it possible for me to be leave this place ... but I shall stay for awhile, long enough at least to teach you both how to make the most of your new existence."

Megan is elated to have Erica hold her hand. She has a fear in her about this ... new life

Megan asks timidly in a little girls voice, “What's going to happen to us? Is that ... thing out there going to hurt us?”

The lady replies, "I will teach you to draw others here ... either to be your companions or to take your place. It cannot hurt you, but someone must always be here, to restrain its malice. For a while at least, that must be you two. But it need not be an unpleasant duty. You are confined to the house, but not to the dimension you knew. You need not dwell in the decay of your past reality, but in the luxury and beauty of my past."

Megan asks again in the same cute voice, “Where do we go if we leave here?”

The lady quickly replies, "I wish I knew, dear. That is what I yearn to discover. Some day, you may wish to discover that yourself ... but you have your true selves to explore before then."

Megan looks at the new Erica ... she is an extremely beautiful young woman in spirit form. There is much strong emotion welling in her heart. She is still in a state of confusion ... she can't believe they have just died and are now in this very pleasant form.
Erica looks at Megan. She is the most perfect vision of sweetness, innocence, and beauty. His love for her now transcends the sisterly. All his desire is to be with her, and none to go back to the way she was.

Megan says softly in a young girl's voice, “Erica ... I think ... I think I love you.”

Megan wants nothing more than to kiss Erica. She wants another one just like the first .. electric and totally thrilling.

“I love you too,” Erica whispers, overcome with emotion.

The lady looks on, elated to see them falling so deeply in love.

Megan stands on her tippy toes for another kiss. Erica takes Megan in her slender, shimmering arms ... Their lips touch lightly, yet the energy that flows between them is tempestuous, and ecstatic.

"The flesh is often a veil to *true* sensation, my darlings" whispers the lady more to herself than anything else.

Megan feels so elated ... She is lost in the pounding ecstasy building within her. She touches Erica's lips gently with the tip of her tongue ... Megan actually tastes a sweetness.
She had never known these sensations before.

Megan gently caresses Erica’s breast ... it is firm in her hand.

Megan needs to kiss. Erica’s senses are overrun. She suddenly feels as if she is composed of pure pleasure ... and the desire for more. Erica begins to kiss Megan deeply, and our tongues meet. Megan eagerly takes Erica's tongue in her mouth and entwines with hers.

Megan is filled with an unearthly passion she has never known before. She is totally in love .. deep and heart felt to her very essence. Erica is on fire ... wonderful, delightful fire. Megan’s hands on Erica’s breasts send thrills of almost unendurable joy through her whole being. She draws Megan closer, and kisses her even more passionately,

Megan is totally lost in the kiss ... She realizes she has found a love she has never known and returns the kiss with passion.

A rush of air, and the door is replaced by a portal of sheer white light. A sweet scent drifts through. With a parting glance at the two lovers, oblivious to all but each other, the lady steps through the portal. Before she, and it vanish from sight, she is briefly seen in full radiance... a figure of beauty more than spiritual. The portal closes .... leaving 2 souls locked in loving embrace.

The following week ... PC Crane and Sgt. Willow find the car on their description sheet, parked on the overgrown dirt road. Ahead, a derelict mansion, the gate padlocked shut.

Just outside the gate, a small pile of muddy cloth. They investigate ... Items of clothing, in poor condition, but matching the descriptions. The clothes look like they had been there for years. They examine the clothing and the other artifacts lying there. These are items that had belonged to the missing college kids.

Crane takes hold of the lock to examine it ... it opens with a click and the chain falls to the ground with a loud rattle ... the gate swings partially open. The 2 men look at each other for a moment and then proceed through ... a chill passes through both of them as they walk through the gate. They both feel trepidation as they approach the porch.

Willow looks up, and thinks for a minute he sees the face of a beautiful young girl through an upper story window, but the impression is fleeting... if frightening.
the gate slowly swings shut ... seemingly moved by a cold gust of wind.

A sigh seems to be borne on the wind. A low, ecstatic sigh.
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