Amazonia - The New World Order

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Amazonia - The New World Order

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Amazonia - The New World Order

Title: Amazonia - The New World Order - Prologue


Brandon Connors. Age 24. Brilliant professor of humanities, at the local university. Sympathizes with Amazonia – Played by: Ella Kenet

Tina. Age 26. Newly recruited Nurse on behalf of Amazonia. Infatuated with Brandon – Played by: Miki Yamuri

Scene: College of Humanities; University of the Americas


He was nearly late for his class, Brandon worried, as he briskly walked down the nearly empty hall, and into his near-empty classroom. It had long been this way, what with the political fiasco going on in the world. It had been nearly four years, since a handful of powerful women founded the new, women-run nation of Amazonia.

Aside from the obvious historical tie to the Greeks of the same name, it was in itself a revolutionary concept. An entire country, dedicated to the power and support of an entire gender.

At first, the nations of the world laughed at this seemingly ridiculous idea. Who would join a country where the only citizens were women, and was comprised mostly of women? Ironically, it seemed that indeed, women wanted to join this country.

Brandon sighed, turning a corner. It had been this way for millennia. Women have long been oppressed. Mankind as a species had almost totally dominated over women in pretty much every field short of domestics. Women were practically slaves, until a few centuries ago.

But now... now that women had had enough. Had formed their own country... now, the oppressed had a place of their own, to be proud of.

At first, it had been only the hard-core feminists; those women who were scorned by their own kind because of being too extreme. Soon, however, women all over the world began gathering at the small island nation. Not just the unemployed, but women of all walks of life. Teachers. Students. Nurses. Soldiers. Scientists. You name the profession, and women were soon flocking there in droves.

Soon, the tiny island of Lesvos couldn't hold them all... so they began to expand.
This was where the problems really began. First to fall was the eastern Mediterranean. There were Countless islands taken over. From Southern Turkey, all the way around to Libya.

By the end of the first year, there were enough women in their navy to overwhelm most of Greece and Italy. The world had a cow. Countries that had never been allies, Russia, North Korea, America, France, even countries none could pronounce declared the Amazonians as a fascist blight. So, they declared war.

One by one, the women gained the advantage. Families were torn apart. Grown men and those women who refused to follow soon became a small minority against the 4.5 billion women who did in the world of 2050.

It was eventually assumed, that if the Allied Nations didn't step up their efforts, the modern world would fall ... then stand back up wearing a dress. Men couldn’t tolerate this ... it seemed they might not have the choice.

Finally, Brandon arrived. Breathing a sigh of relief, he ceased his musings over Amazonia and stepped into class, closing the door behind him. There were only a few students.

He apologies, "Sorry I was late. Traffic was a nightmare."

He walked over and set his briefcase down, pulling out his papers.

Tina sighed ... she thought her teacher Brandon Connors was so cute and would make the most adorable baby ever. She had stayed up for several day planning how she could convince her superiors of this and allow her to keep him as her personal Baby Pet. She also knew if she was unsuccessful ... his brilliant mind would be lost to the world ... this she couldn't allow to happen.

She had joined the New Order 4 years Earlier and was now one of their top Nurses. She had been sent into the USA to subvert and capture as many Top professionals as possible in order to undermine the resistance of the country. She had fallen for this particular professional in a big way.

Once settled in, he looked up a bit and said, "Now, before our opening discussion today, I'd like to ask everyone to turn their homework in." He motioned towards Tina and continued, "Pass it to the front, then to the center."

The sound of rustling paper and opening and closing book bags and desks fills the room.
Tina rises and goes to the center desk. She retrieves the many sheets and then takes them to Brandon.

He smiles, and takes them from her. "Thank you, Tina."

She giggles shyly and says in a cute soft voice, "Your welcome. Anything else I can do for you?"

He briefly looks the papers over, then sets them on his desk.

He Replies, "Thank you, no."

Tina returns wistfully to her desk.

Brandon asks the class, "Now, I didn't have too terribly much of a lesson planned, what with finals and my evening seminar coming, but are there any questions?"

He looks around the room.

He looks over. A raised hand. "Yes, Miss Stevenson?"

Miss Stevenson ask shyly, "Am I still supposed to do my essay on Amazonia?"

Brandon asks, "Why do you ask that?"

He walks over to her some, wondering if she has a more detailed question.

He sets his glass of water on the table, then walks down Tina's row to Miss Stevenson.
Tina sees her chance. While everyone was looking at the teacher and Miss Stevenson, She went to Brandon's desk and dropped 2 tablets into the water he had placed on his desk. She quickly returned to her seat. They quickly vanished into the water.

Silently the tablets dissolve as Brandon reads over Miss Stevenson’s paper.

He says, "It doesn't matter if America is at war with Amazonia at the present or not. The paper is still due, and I expect everyone's by next class."

He walks back up to the front of the class and asks, "Anyone else have any questions?"

He takes a sip of the water, draining half the glass, before setting it down. He seems to be in a bit of a hurry for something. Perhaps for his seminar? There are many grumbling voices filling the air in a loud murmur.

Tina raises her hand. Brandon looks up, at her star pupil. He smiles a bit.

"Yes, Tina?" He asks.

Tina says in a real cutesy voice, "Can I accompany you to your lecture? I would be most honored to be a guest and listen?"

Brandon smiles a bit, not quite aware of the small sensation in his mind that banishes away his refusals. Not that he would refused... but just in case.

He replies, "Of course, Tina. As you know, the seminar is open to the entire university."

Brandon looks over the class. "Anything else?"

He knows the class is eager to go home for the weekend, so he doesn't expect much else.
The only sound is books and book bags and rustling papers being put away. Pleased, he goes ahead and dismisses the class. He has just set a a new personal record of ten minutes.

As the students begin to file out, he heads back to his desk, collecting his papers. Loud voices and screeching chairs erupt. Many laughing voices and loud conversations echo through out the room.

Tina walks up to Brandon and says softly, "Thank you for letting me come with you to the Lecture."

He looks over, smiling. "Of course, Tina. It's no trouble at all."

He finishes packing up, then finishes drinking his water, before heading to the door.
[01:47 PM] dragonlord0711: He holds it open for Tina. She giggles sweetly and accompanies him out the door. He closes the door behind them, leading the way down the hallway.

"So... what're your plans for tonight?" he asked, trying to make conversation.

Tina says Demurely, "Well, if your not busy ... I would take you to the new Spaghetti Warehouse. The Pasta there is to die for."

"Spaghetti Warehouse?" he looks surprised. "Tina, are you asking me out on a date?"

There is a noise down below. His stomach is suddenly terribly upset. Soon, a wet patch appears at the front of his trousers, followed by a tiny smell ...

Tina acts really shy and even blushes. She replies softly, "Well ... not a date. Just Dinner and talking about Amazonia."

He smiles a bit. "So you want some tutoring. Okay, I can handle that."

He pats her softly on the shoulder, he doesn’t notice he is peeing his pants.

Tina gasps softly in mock surprise. She points and says, "Brandon! Did you just wet your pants??"

He looks at her, then down. He stares briefly then gasps. There is a spreading wet spot on the front of his slacks

He exclaims, "What the heck?!"

He blushes, and hurriedly tires to clean himself up right there. Tina giggles sweetly and puts her hand to her mouth.

Does baby boy need help?" She asks in a playful voice.

He flushes and smolders. "N-no... I dunno what happened.."

He looks around nervously. No one is around.

"Gah, I need to find a bathroom...", he finishes with frustration.

Tina takes him by his hand and leads him quickly through the hall maze to the nearest women's room. No one is around. They enter.

She asks, "Do you have any clean clothes?

He blushes some. It's the girl's bathroom... but no one is around.

He looks up. "Um... actually, yeah."

He looks into his suitcase, pulling out another pair of slacks.

He continues, "I have some pants. "

Tina says, "You better hurry ... you only have 15 minutes to get to the lecture."

She walks out the door and stands guard. He nods, and starts heading for the first stall.
Tina knows he will have several more accidents soon.

He rummages a bit, removing his pants and dirties. It is only then that he realizes he has no underwear.

"Damn ...,” he curses, “no underwear..."

His voice is just loud enough, Tina can overhear him. Tina giggles to herself. She enters the bathroom.

She asks softly, "Is there a problem, Brandon?"

He blushes some, looking over, oblivious that he's nude in front of her. "Um... I have no spare underwear..."

Tina opens her purse. Brandon can just see her rummaging in it. She just happens to have a Huggies pull-ups toddler diaper that would fit him.

She hands it to him and explains, "Here, use this. I keep one just in case I have a really bad period. It works better than a tampon."

He blushes and holds it. "But... this is a diaper..."
[02:18 PM] dragonlord0711: He looks up at her, crimson.

Tina says in a sort of worried fashion, "You only have 8 minutes Brandon. Either that or not show up for this lecture."

He nods, and tries to hurriedly put it on. After a minute, he has no luck. He obviously needs her help.

Tina says softly, "Ok baby, Give it back to me." She takes the huggies and holds it out
She continues, "Now step in like a good boy."

He blushes some. Knowing he needs to hurry, he complies, and steps into the holes of the pull up. Tina gently pulls them up over his legs and bottom making sure to make it as sensual and pleasant as possible. He flushes, nodding some, as he reaches for his pants and starts pulling them up on his own.

"Thanks...", He says in an embarrassed tone.

She steps back and says cooingly, "there ... all better. Now Baby Brandon has to hurry or he's going to be late."

They can hear footsteps outside the bathroom. They come to the door and stop, then proceed away until the sounds vanish.

He flushes, Gtareful whoever that was didn’t come in. He then steps out secretively, running towards the auditorium. He's barely on time. Tina runs behind him waiting for the next accident. She knows this one will be bigger than the last.

She takes her seat right in front to listen to Mr. Connor's brilliant speech on Amazonia and the foolishness of the rest of the world.

Tina looks around the auditorium. It is packed. She sees that most of the attendants are Female. She knows the US is becoming hard pressed to defeat The New Order. Women flock to the new Banner in droves.

After a while, Brandon steps out. There is a good bit of polite applause, and he calmly waves them down, as he walks up to the podium.
He Begins, "Thank you, everyone, for taking your time to visit my seminar. I wanted to address the growing concern of Amazonia, and its affects on the world."

He takes a brief pause, reaching for a glass of water, and drinking it also. Tina can't help but giggle. She knows that water is also drugged ... it has more than the one in class so the accident should impress on him his new need.

He sets the glass down and continues, "I have long been outspoken against opposing Amazonia. Many of you know this. I frequently remind every world leader this."

More applause.

"They, however, don't listen. They fail to realize that, in their opposition to this state, which was little more than an island at first, they've not merely alienated a nation, but half our species. We're all human. Men AND women."

There was some snickering in the back of the audience. Evidently, a few girls thought otherwise about his comment. Tina feels a surge of Strong Patriotism for her new Amazonian Creed.

Brandon continues. "We are all deserving of the same basic rights. No human is more or less better than the other."

Tina notes the girls that were snickering ... they will make wonderful sex Pets.

Brandon motions to an overhead screen. It shows a brief outline of his thesis.

He continues, "This treatment of womankind has inevitably led to this issue. Women want equal treatment, and if they won't get it, they'll fight for it."

Indeed, they've been fighting for it. The world was 3 years into a war, in which the women were clearly winning.

"Not just America, but the world needs to open its eyes. A new world is upon us. It's time to wake up and smell the roses. It's time..."

One of the cutesy girls in boy short hot pants and a halter top that had been giggling raises her hand and shouts, "Mr. Connors?? Mr. Connors??"

He flushes some, looking over at the girl in the back. How rude of her... he is about to fuss at her, when he feels more tinkling and messing down below in his pull-ups.

Blushing, he ignores it and moves on. "Yes....? A question?"

She jumps up bouncing cutely on her toes, "So it's your opinion girls should rule the world?", she giggles cutely If that's the case my first order is that the boys of the soccer team are now the cheerleaders private play toys."
The is much laughter and many joking comments.

He flushes some, snickering himself. "That's all fine and dandy, if you were in such a position. While it may be cute, and justified, that doesn't mean it's right."

Many murmurs of agreement.

He pauses, addressing the crowd. "By no means, do I condemn Amazonia. In fact, I support it as the sovereign nation it should be allowed to be."

Many women cheer and much loud clapping ... more than Brandon thought might.

"However... that doesn't mean I would still support it, were it proven to be as tyrannical as any male-run government. Amazonia has my support, so long as it is a fair and just government."

He looks around, seeing the applause.

One woman in the back stands and shouts 'I am Woman!!" and raises her fist.

Many loud cheers and much more applause.

He smiles a bit, waving his hand to calm down the applause. "I am now open to questions."

The woman who shouted says loudly, "And how would you feel if America fell and you were subjugated and deemed ... one of their subjects for retraining?"

He frowned some. "If I were deemed to be in such a position, I would protest my innocence and that I have never personally meant any ill against Amazonia."

A justifiable answer. Of all men, he was the most sympathetic to their cause. Many women supported him, even if he did have a Y chromosome.

Another woman next to her said loudly, "What would happen if you were a lady??"

There was many grumbles mixed with clapping. There were even calls that he would be a governor, so much was he revered by the local women.

He looked at the girl. "What would happen if I was a lady? I'm a afraid I don't understand your question."

She stands and says, "What would you do if the retraining for you was gender reassignment?"

Many boos and cat calls
Tina takes note of this woman. She would make a wonderful Nurse

He frowns some. "As strange as that seems, I honestly don't know what I would do. I suppose I would hope for my hosts to display compassion and sincerity in any dealings they do with myself... as they do with everyone."

Much applause. The woman is clearly in a minority.

A young and very effeminate man in the middle stands and asks, "Since you are such a staunch supporter of Amazonia, what are your attitudes on their aggressive expansionism policies?"

Brandon thought for a few moments before answering. "Amazonia has only ever attacked in self-defense. Every country it has attacked, it has only attacked because they issued hostilities against it, or womankind."

Another young man stood and asked, "What about the neighboring Islands surrounding Amazonia? From what the news says, they were taken over totally. Then there’s Italy and Sicily ...??"

A loud murmur begins

Brandon repeated his claim. "Amazonia only began its conquests when it felt its citizens, women, were threatened. Tell me, do women still feel threatened?" he asked the audience.

Most of the audience is female and in unison a collective, "Yes!" echoes.

He smiled a bit, then made his final address. "There you have it. Until women feel safe, are treated as equals, and have the respect they need, I doubt that situation will improve any. I suggest, then, to everyone who disagrees with me, that if you want to improve, start with yourself."

With that, he stepped back, signaling the end of the seminar.

A very old man in glasses in the front row asks in a wheezing voice, "What about the USA? We have never been aggressive to Amazonia except to try and stop the ever expanding global war."

He sighs, stepping back up to answer it. "Last question. No, you are wrong. The USA, sadly, has ever been at the forefront of the fighting. For a politician, our defensive fighting may seem justified, but to a woman, if even one of them is shot at by us, then our country's fate was sealed long ago."

He steps back, farther away from the podium.
There is much discussion among the audience about the war against the US. There is fear only among the male attendees ... the women seem to be mostly for the US loosing.

Tina is impressed at how many are actually pro Amazonia.

Tina gets Brandon's attention and blows him a kiss. Being so close, he spots Tina, and blushes as she kisses him. He watches as she stands, and makes her way out. He does too, albeit from backstage.

Tina joins Brandon in the hall outside. She hugs his neck and gives him a very sweet kiss on his cheek.

He flushes some, hugging back. "What was that for?" he asks demurely.

She says softly, "You were wonderful. Amazonia would love to have you as one of their own I'm sure."

He blushes even more. "I don't know about that..."

Tina giggles as she holds his bottom softly, "And why not? You sound more like one of their Ambassadors than a College Professor."

She feels a sort of squishiness to his pull-up and smiles to herself.

He merely shrugged. "I'm just telling people the truth. I'm no more an Ambassador for them, than I am for America." He briefly looks down as she seems to fondle his underwear.

She asks cooingly, "Did baby have another accident?"

He pales. "A .. Another ... A-c-cident?"

Tina giggles again, "Aww, this is so adorable. Do you want me to help you change?"

He blushes even more, looking down embarrassedly. "But I...."

Tina takes Brandon by the hand and gently starts to lead him down the hall.

She says cooingly, "Nana Tina will help baby change. Then we can go to dinner like you promised."

He flushes some, protesting a bit childishly as she led him to wherever she had in mind. Perhaps the daycare center.

"But I don't need a change...", he protested.
Tina stops and sighs. She turns quickly before Brandon can protest and pulls open his pants and his messy pull-up. She Checks him like he is a little baby.

She says like a mommy talking to a baby, "If you don't need changing. Why are you all wet and messy?"

He flushes some, trying to come up with excuses. "But it was an accident!"

He is totally embarrassed. He has never had accidents before, and here today he's had two.

Tina smiles softly and coos, "It's ok baby. I think you are so adorable. Now Let Nurse Tina take you to the daycare center and get you all cleaned up."

She leads Brandon gently by the hand down the corridor towards the University daycare center.

He flushed some as she led him by the hand, blushing the entire way. "Why the daycare center?"

Tina replies softly, "Because it's the only place close I can get another pull-up or something so baby won't mess up his slacks."

He flushes as they arrive. "But I'm not a baby..."

Tina coos softly, “Then why is your diaper wet and messy?”

Brandon had no reply. He really felt helpless and uncomfortable in his messy pull-up.

They arrive at the Daycare center. Tina is not only a Nurse for Amazonia, she is also one of the Universities Volunteer Nanas. She has a key and unlocks the door. They both enter as she turns on the lights.

Tina coos softly, "You are going potty like a baby sweetheart. It's ok, Nurse understands and thinks you are an adorable baby."

He blinks some, looking around. A typical daycare and nursery. He looks up at her nervously. Tina has started to unbuckle his belt and unfasten, unzip his pants. She did this so fast that he has them around his ankles and standing in his soiled pull-up before he can react.

He squeaks some and tries to blushingly pull them back up as she tries to undress him.
Tina softly swats his hands like she would any baby. She picks up a huge box of baby wipes. She pulls down the pull-up and starts cleaning his messy accident skillfully.

He squeaks and blushes, squirming and stifling a giggle as she wipes him down.
She says cooingly, "Ok baby, step out of your pants and your messy pull-ups."

In his squirming, he complies and steps out in his attempts to get away from her wiping his parts and crotch.

Tina is engrossed with his lovely manhood. She caresses it softly as she cleans it. She suddenly kisses it and takes it into her mouth and sucks tenderly.

He squeaks and grunts some, the parts stirring to life as he inadvertently giggles and blushes. His thoughts are abuzz with more emotions than he can comprehend.

Her tongue flicks the head of his shaft as she sucks. He is completely off guard as she takes advantage of his lower regions. Her working on his parts causes them slowly to come to life inside her mouth. He giggles again at the wonderful sensation.

She really is enjoying his sweet/salty taste. She can feel his member enlarging as she pulls it in and out of her mouth. She gently pushes him backwards until he is off balance and lays across the changing table. She continues to service him with ever increasing passion.

He giggles and squirms more, his mind being overwhelmed by instinct as she lays him down backwards on the table, legs spread wide for her. Tina stops for just a bit. Her eyes sparkle with passion. She unfastens her tight jeans and wiggles out of them as Brandon watches.

She pulls down her lacy bikini panties to reveal a smooth and clean vagina. She climbs on top and puts his swollen manhood inside her and slowly sits at first. Each thrust of her shapely hips brings deeper penetration until she has absorbed all of him.

She gasps softly with each thrust as she squeezes her muscles with each stroke. He blushes, squeaking and giggling as she starts pumping on him. Soon, he is quite overwhelmed by the ecstasy, as he grows fully into her as she humps him. Soon, he is cooing softly.

Eventually, he starts leaking cum into her. Tina bends down and passionately kisses Brandon. Her tongue wiggles inside his mouth like a wild thing as she kisses deeply.

He squeaks more, sucking on her tongue as if it were a pacifier as she keeps bucking on him, him cumming more and more inside her.

She sits up. She opens herself for the deepest penetration she can. She gasps loudly as his member finds spaces in her vagina she has not had before. She thrusts her hips. She feels him throbbing. She gasps at the wetness deep inside her body. She lays across his chest and kisses him passionately as her passion is fulfilled.

He kissed her more as she completed milking him into her young eager vagina. He lay back, panting some, cooing softly from the experience.

He softly mumbled something that sounded like. "I love you Mommy..."

Tina feels his manhood slowly shrink inside her. This gives her a wonderful thrill. She gently caresses Brandon's face.

She giggles and coos softly, "So baby no give mommy any more trouble with diapering him?"

He mumbled something, his eyes a bit glazed from the experience. It's time to make her move and do everything she has in mind.

Tina climbs off of Brandon. She is very content with the warm wetness inside her. She takes a baby wipe and cleans her privacy. Brandon had truly left a lot of his pleasure. Tina was very happy.

She picks up a tube of KY and removes a large dildo she had previously hidden there.
She lubricates it well and walks to the now contented Brandon.

She says softly, "mommy has a treat for baby."

He looks up some, trying to sit up as he starts gradually coming back to his normal self. "Huh...? What is it?"....

Tina gently, but with intent pushes the dildo into Brandon's bottom. It slides slowly all the way in. She begins to thrust it slowly in and out. He grunts, cooing, whining, and soon moaning as she starts doing this to him. He squirms, moaning, as his body starts retracting back as she essentially rapes his bum.

Soon, his member starts coming back to life. Tina takes his member softly into her mouth again and sucks as she slowly continues to thrust the dildo into his bottom. She is overjoyed as he squirts in her mouth. She enjoys the sweet/salty taste immensely as she swallows.

He continues moaning, cooing and cumming for her until she finally finishes milking and violating him. Tina removes the Dildo from his bottom. She reaches around into a drawer and remove a syringe unnoticed by Brandon.

She bends over and kisses him very passionately and says cooingly, "Mommy will love and take good care of baby."

She quickly injects the large shot into his arm. His eyes get huge.

He hollers, feeling the hot-cold liquid plunge into his arm. Immediately, he can feel his will and mind get sapped as he drifts out of consciousness. Brandon is gone... and a baby is about to be born.

Suddenly, Brandon starts cooing and giggling. The shot worked. Tina smiles softly. She loves the fact she will now be able to do the tests and convince the Amazonian Leaders he should be her baby and not a Diplomat. That way she can insure his mind will stay intact and no retraining.

She takes out a palm pilot and makes many notes. She takes measurement. She checks his blood pressure and feels the glands under his neck. She bends down and kisses him again.
He giggles some, squirming playfully naked as she kisses him.

She whispers softy, "I love you Brandon. I'm going to do everything I can to make sure your my pet."

He coos and giggles more, wiggling cutely, not a care in the world. Tina takes Brandon's knees and closes them together. She lifts him by his ankles and places a cloth diaper under him and sets him back on it.

She blows softly into his belly button.

He giggles and squeals excitedly, cooing and wiggling some as she tickles and blows on him. Tina takes a large container of baby powder and generously powders him. She opens his legs slightly and pulls the diaper up and pins it snugly on.

She tickles Brandon softly in the ribs as she rubs noses with him.

She coos softly to baby. "Such a cute little boy."

He giggles more, cooing and laughing, now diapered. She can now get him dressed and take him back to her place.

She stands him on his wobbly feet and holds out a pair of white and pink stripped rumba panties with baby Mickey Mouse and friends. They have ruffles around the waste and legs as well as 4 rows of soft pink matching ruffles across the bottom.

She coos, "Be good baby and step in for mommy."

He nods, stepping in demurely. "Like dis?"

Tina replies to baby, "that’s a good boy."

She pulls up his panties and they fit perfectly. Tina smiles that her plans are going so well. She unbuttons his shirt and removes it. She picks up a baby T that snaps across the shoulders and pulls it over Brandon’s head. He lifts his arms, the shirt fitting over him perfectly. Tina snaps all the snaps.

Tina takes a step back and admires the cute little baby Brandon has become. She opens a large cabinet under a shelf and removes a large collapsed baby stroller. She opens the stroller and sets the brace locks.

She says cooingly to baby, "Ok sweetheart, help mommy get you in the stroller so we can go home to the nursery."

She takes Brandon by the hand and leads him like the baby he has become to the stroller.
He raises his arms, giggling as she lifts him and sets him in the stroller, before strapping him in.

Tina kisses him softly on the cheek and coos, "Such a good baby."

She opens the door to the hall. It is night and getting very late. All the people have left the University except for maybe cleaning personnel. Tina isn't worried about any of them seeing her with baby. She pushes Brandon oout of the Nursery and locks the door.

A voice startles her ... it's one of the old janitors.

He says cordially, "Late night, ma'am? My ... you gots a cut little baby there. Hope he sleep good an no trouble."

Tina sighs a breath of relief and replies, "Yes, a late night because of the Lecture. baby was messy so I brought him here to change him. Do have a good night."

He replies, "Same to ya ma'am." Then ambles off down the corridor.

Tina Pushes Brandon out to the parking lot to the car .. puts him in to car seat in the back ... then takes him to her apartment.

Brandon coos and giggles as he is placed in the car seat. It is obviously big enough to fit a big baby like him. On arriving, She takes Brandon from the car seat and puts him back into the stroller and straps him in. Fortunately, no one is around as she takes baby to her apartment.

He coos as she takes him from the stroller and sets it back up. There's still much to do to baby, to make him into the proper baby girl she's always wanted. He still has to be put to bed and returned home eventually. And then there's also the matter of his dinner.

She takes Brandon the nursery she has prepared. She takes all the necessary pictures and performs all the necessary test that insures her superiors give Brandon to her as a baby Pet.
She finally is finished. She takes Brandon and sits in a huge rocking chair. She has a bottle of special formula prepared for baby. It has the right amount of chemical in it to insure he will regress properly and be submissive to it when the time comes. She coos to baby as he nurses the large bottle of special formula.

He coos and starts nursing the laced formula, gradually drifting off as he finishes. She watches him with love in her heart. She is over joyed she had made love to him. She thinks he is the most adorable baby Pet ever.

After he finishes the bottle, She gently carries him to a crib. She tucks him in and gives him a Teddy Bear to snuggle. He starts to suck hi thumb. She takes the picture that seals Brandon's fate.

He is soon asleep, drugged off so heavily, he won't wake till morning. When he finally wakes up, he finds himself in his own bed back home. He recalls nothing of what happened... only one memory that he went on a date with Tina and had dinner.

He looks around, turning the lamp on. He spies a note by his lamp. He picks it up and reads it.

It says, "Hi my love. I want you to know I love you very much and enjoyed dinner. I really enjoyed making love to you and hope there is more in the future. With much heart felt love. Your devoted Student Tina.

P.S. Please chk your diaper ... it might be wet my most adorable baby boy."

He blushes, reading the last bit. Looking beneath his nightshirt, he sees himself still wearing the rhumba panties and diaper. They are wet and soiled. He blushes, heading to the bathroom to change.

Many things have changed since last night. More than he realizes even.

All he can think about, as he showers and disposes of the diaper and panties is ... Tina ... and the fact he finally made love to her.

Title: Amazonia - The new World Order - Book 1

Characters :

Tina Stewart - age 26 - A top nurse for the Center for Human Maturity Research - Infatuated with Brandon

Brandon Connors - Age 24 - Brilliant professor of humanities, at the local university - Sympathizes with Amazonia

Scene: Waiting room in the new Center for Human Maturity Research after the Fall


Brandon had long expected the day would come. He'd never supported the war; in fact, he'd long voiced his opposition to the war against the feminist state of Amazonia. Didn't they have as much right as every other nation to exist?

Apparently not, as it turned out. The rest of the world was determined to put down this 'pink protest.' The problem? Women all over the world supported this new government, and gradually flocked to the New Country’s Banner.

He'd warned the world leaders this would happen. He even wrote a best-selling book (in Amazonia at least) about a scenario in which women ruled the world. Everything was happening just as he said they would, and in the end, the majority of the world, a total 4.5 billion grown and mature women of countless professions, banded together under one banner and staved off the world's armies.

China. Russia. France. Even the US. All fell, and were swallowed by a new global nation. Womankind had won the battle of the sexes. The losers? Every male and immature female.

It was ironic, he thought. The women were calling for punishment and recompense from everyone. It didn't matter that he was practically on their side; he was still male. This, he reminded himself, as he was led into the tall, pristine clinic, and left in a waiting room to his own imagination as to what his fate might be ... Brandon had a wonderful imagination.

Nurse Tina was a very pretty 26 year old Amazonian Nurse Leader. She was one of the top Retraining and life reorganization therapists in the new Nation.

She read the report on the new retraining subject and noted his high score in the rebellion quotient. She knew he was a must for the retraining and wanted to do everything in her power to insure he never got it. She loved this man and was now about to do what was necessary to save him.

She noted that he had also been a staunch supporter of the New Amazonian Regime from the start. She giggles to herself as she remembers the Book of his she had read about a scenario in which women ruled the world. Everything was happening just as he said they would. She also still remembers the night of the lecture many years ago. How could she ever forget the lovemaking in the University Nursery? She gets goose bumps thinking of it.

She says softly, "Welcome to the Center for Human Maturity Research. My name is Tina. I will be your training therapist for the duration of your stay with us."

She offers her hand.

He looked up, taking her hand. "Tina? Tina Stewart? Didn't I have you in one of my classes, back in the States? I haven’t seen you since the night of the lecture."

She giggles and replies, "Yes you did. Now it seems I have you at one of mine."

He smiled a bit nodding. He remembered that night ... at least he thought he did. All he was sure of was waking up in a messy wet diaper and lined rumba panties. He remembered the note telling him about making love to Tina. He is really fond of Tina.

He had no clue what was going to happen, but he assumed it was nothing terrible. Or at least he hoped so. "Indeed it seems so. You read my book?"

Tina replies in a cherry voice, "I most certainly did, I thought it was very clever of you to realize that women would flock to the new order."

She looks down at the Computer pad in her hand. She makes a notation that the subject appears to be trying to make acceptance points.

He nodded. "Well, why wouldn't they be? Women have been oppressed for millennia. What happened was inevitable. I only regret that mankind was too foolish to realize their errors and seek peace.... and instead, they destroyed each other."

She says softly, "I will need to take some blood from you for testing to insure your in good health. We will also be performing a full physical too. If you wouldn't mind taking off your clothes down to your under pants and putting this on please."

She hands Brandon a soft pink shift like gown and matching slippers.

She says, "I'll be back in a moment. I need to get the items to draw the blood.”

With this, she turns and leave the room.

He looks at the clothes, his eyebrows raised. "I'm guessing this is what all the patients wear?" he asks, unconvinced.

He's not terribly fooled though; it's a nightgown and slippers. Not being answered, he sighed, and looks at the outfit. He realizes he doesn't have much of a choice; he's locked in a room, a single camera, hidden, undoubtedly watching him. They'd expect it of him, and the last thing he wanted was his experience to go downhill. Sighing, he gradually stripped, then changed into the shift and slippers.

Tina returns to the room with several syringes and a vein rig. She expertly ties a rubber tube around Brandon's arm and thumps the vein in his elbow. She quickly inserts the rig into the vein. She draws 3 tubes of blood. One of the tubes she vigorously shakes and reinsert into the rig. The blood had changed color to a shiny silver. There is a hissing pop as the tube empties back into his arm.

He yelps a bit when she pricks him and starts drawing the blood. He was never one for medical visits... but strangely, the liquid that was flowing back into him felt good, and cool. He immediately starts to relax, not sensing the slight numbness in his outer extremities.

Tina asks softly, "and how does diddums feel?? All Better??"

He blushes a bit, looking up at her, her insinuation falling on deaf ears. "Fine. Feels pleasant."

She takes out her cuff and wraps it around Brandon’s other arms. She pumps it up and then releases the pressure as she listens through her stethoscope. She makes several Notations in her Computer Pad.

She comments, "120 over 80 ... not too bad."

She takes her pen light and checks both of his eyes and uses a tongue depressor to check inside his mouth. She checks his ears and feels the glands under his jaw in his neck. She makes several more notation in her pad.

Tina says softly, "If you would please stand and lower your underpants, then lean over the exam table so I can check your prostate."

He paled some, looking at her. "Excuse me?"

Tina takes a latex glove and puts it on. She picks up a tube of KY jelly and smears a generous amount on her index finger. She stands with it up and smiles brightly.

She says, "I have to check your prostate. There is still only one way to do it."

He sighs, and starts removing the nightgown, almost reluctant to be parted with it. Soon, he is in just his underwear.

Tina says, "You need to drop your drawers too. "

He looked around blushing. Seeing her only smile more, he flushes, and removes them, standing there full nude next to the table.

Tina says sweetly, "Now be a good boy and bend over."

He flushes more, wincing, sure that he's not going to enjoy this at all, as he bends down, lifting his rear, eyes squinched closed. This exam, at least, he's getting as an adult. Tina giggles just loud enough that Brandon can hear her. He feels her finger as it enters his bottom and penetrates deeply. There is a few moments of pleasant sensation as she gently strokes his prostate.

He squeaks and yelps with the touching, as he stifles a giggle, trying to look over to see what she's doing.

She says softly, "Now, we need to give baby boy a bath to get all this messy KY off of him."

Brandon thinks, Bath? But that makes no sense? Why can't they just wipe it off? He looks up at her quizzically.

She walks over to the door across from the exam table and opens it. A complete bathroom and whirlpool tub can be seen. Brandon feels ever so slightly a trickle of wetness run down his leg. He sees Tina looking and hope she hadn’t noticed. She is making notations in her pad. She says nothing about his wetting.

She does say, "Hurry along diddums. We have to get you cleaned up."

Flushing, he looks down. Has he just wet himself. Hurriedly, before he thinks she sees it, he tries to wipe it off so that it's not noticeable.

When he's done, he blushingly walks over to her. "Why?"

She giggles and replies, "Why to get baby boy all squeaky clean of course you silly thing."

He flushes some and climbs in, wincing some at the warm water as he lowers himself into the tub.

Brandon asks slightly annoyed, "What's with the whole Baby thing? You know that I'm 24."

Even if he did look like he was 15, and slightly effeminate with his long dark hair. So much for graceful aging.

Tina doesn’t answer. She does notice that his male organs have begun to shrink as he sits in the tub. This she also notates in her pad. She quickly walks over to the tub and picks up a soft wash cloth. She lathers it quickly with a sweet smelling soap and begins to wash Brandon like he's a little child.

He flushes some and squirms a bit, not used to the treatment. The last time he was bathed like this, he was 5.

Brandon protests, "Hey, I can bathe myself, thanks..."

Tina ignores him and soon, his protests stop... the bath is relaxing.. far more so than he ever thought. Soon, he can’t think of nothing but it, as it mind gets a bit fuzzy.

His nurse... Tina... She looks as gorgeous now as she did back at the university. Like a nurse goddess, or something. He can’t help but blush and stifle a giggle at the thought.

Tina knows she has already prepared Brandon for regression and gender reassignment back after the lecture years ago in the US. She knows it will be very quick for him. At least his mind will be intact ... although he will be rather young and almost female.

Tina coos softly, "Does baby boy like his bath??" As she finally reaches his very much shrunken male parts and begins to gently wash them.

He squeaks some, looking down as she starts gently pressing him down so she can wash him down there. He can't see what she's doing, but knows that it feels wonderful.

Tina takes a large amber bottle of what looks like bath oil from off the side of the tub. She pours a large amount in her hand and gently and sensuously rubs it all over Brandon's body. Every where except the top of his head and his eyes.

The intoxicating smell of Hyacinths fills the room. With each soft caress of Tina's hand, Brandon's body hair painlessly falls into the bath. He blushes some, squeaking and relaxing even more, as she starts rubbing, and turning him over as if he were a doll, the cool sensations and smell overwhelming him. Soon, he's cooing and giggling gently, ignorant of the way he's acting, until she's done.

When she is done, the only hair Brandon has left is his eyebrows, eyelashes, and on top of his head.

Tina coos softly, "Now to make baby a sweet little girl."

Tina scoops a large amount of gel from a jar marked RNA genetic reassignment protocol. Tina's fingers firmly press against Brandon's gonads and penus. They are forced into the space in his crotch and stick there. She feels them as the seemingly dissolve away to nothing. She knows the reassignment procedure will not be completed until after he is milked. This will come later.

She forms the opening that’s left deftly until it looks and feels like a smooth hairless vagina
She coos to him and kisses him on his nose as his eyes get large because of the heavy pressure in his crotch.

Meanwhile, he can’t see anything, and only assumes she's massaging him down there. He coos and giggles a bit as she does this, especially when she kisses him on the nose. She tickles his softly on his feet as she washes them gently. She makes sure she tickles each toe one at a time. He giggles with each tickle, playful and demure and submissive. So long as she prolongs the bath, she can have her way with him.

Tina dries her hands and makes several long notations in her pad. She then takes another oil that smells wonderfully of Roses and gently applies it to Brandon's new vagina. This will insure it will remain the way she put it and not change ever again.

She helps Brandon to his feet. She takes a spray nozzle and rinses him from head to foot and removes all the loose hair. She helps him from the tub and dries him briskly with a very thick, very soft towel.

With the drying, the submission formula is wiped off him, gradually returning him to his senses. By the time she's done, he's back to normal.

"H...huh? What happened? Did I fall asleep?" He didn't seem to remember anything that had just happened.

Tina brings out 2 soft B cup falsie breast forms. She applies the Rose Smelling oil to them and quickly applies them to Brandon’s chest where a girl's breasts would be. They stick fast and cannot be removed by any of Brandon’s attempts. It even hurts as he struggles with them.

He looks down, yelping some, having not foreseen what she just did. He finally tears at them. They will not budge.

Brandon looks up at Tina, pale, and asks in a gasping voice, "What did you do?!"

He then notices his lack of member. He is instantly distraught. He sees Tina had filled 2 more syringes with some kind of gel.

Tina laughs, "Did you think for one instant that you would get away as a man?"

She makes several more notations in her pad. He panics, and lunges for the door, not even thinking any more. He’s terrified.

She says cooingly, "Aww baby girl ... the door is locked to all Pets and they cannot open them. You are here for ... the duration of your training and reassignment. At least until you are sold to a Mistress anyway. You will be an adorable Pet too. Now let nurse give yoou these injections. It will give you such nice little boobies."

He pales some, tuning back around, and tries to approach her. "What do you mean? What did I do to deserve this?!"

Tina giggles and replies, "You were born a man silly thing."

Brandon gasps, "So?!"

Tina looks at him with a look of disdain. She shakes her head and replies in a disgusted voice, "All men are disgusting. They have destroyed the world we live in and kept women as slaves. They have no rights in the new order and because of your insolence, I am going to punish you."

Tina picks up a rather large and thick paddle made of wood. It has holes drilled at regular intervals, obviously to make it hurt more.

She says firmly and with malice, "Come here Pet. "

He walks over to her, not even thinking. "What? But I haven't done anything?! It's not my fault!"

Tina takes Brandon Roughly by the arm. He is impressed with her strength as she turns him around and forces him to bend at the waist. She smacks him on his butt 6 times extremely hard before she releases him.

Brandon yelps with each smack. He is red and simpering a bit when she finishes.

She says firmly and with more authority, "Are you going to be a good pet? Or am I to punish you more?"

Brandon flushes and nods his head, grabbing his butt. He certainly doesn't want that.... then, he nods suddenly. He's tired.

Tina make a long notation in her pad. As she does, she looks at Brandon with an angry glare. When she’s done, she takes Brandon and sits him in a chair that has many restraining straps. She locks him in. Brandon struggle futilely ... his bottom still very sore from the paddling.

She brings a tray over to the side of the chair. She puts a paccie in his mouth and fastens it around the back of his head. He can only make grunting and cooing noises.

He sees 6 huge syringes filled with some kind of gel substance. She injects 3 syringes worth into each of the breast forms. He can feel the thick gel as it enters his body. When she has finished, She rubs some kind of alcohol smelling liquid all around the form. When they are removed ... Brandon is incredulous ... he has breasts.

Tina says softly, “These will regress with you sweetie. You will always have breasts ... if your allowed to grow up again.”

She takes a leather dog collar with a golden tag from off the tray. She walks over to Brandon and skillfully places it around his neck. He can hear it as it locks in place. He looks down. He's been collared. He yawns again.

Tina then removes the pacci and releases him from the bondage chair.

She says softly this time, "I will dress you as a lovely girl pet. You will be a good little girl won't you Pet?"

He nods some, still blushing a bit. He'd prefer this to being spanked. She walks over to a cabinet and opens it. She removes a babydoll top and soft rumba panties with matching ribbons. They are soft pink.

She holds out the panties and says, "Step in Pet."

He blushes, stepping in.

She says softly, "That's a good girl. Now, hold up your arms so I can put your top on."
As she pulls the panties up.

He nods and does this too. She fits the puffy sleeves to his hands. With a gentle tug, the babydoll top settles softly and pleasantly on his now hairless body. She takes a brush and brushes his hair until it shines. She then ties it into 2 ponytails.

She takes Brandon over to a floor mirror and shows him how truly adorable he now is.
He blushes a bit, looking at the mirror. He looks like a teenaged girl, of course dressed ridiculously babyishly. He yawns again, and there is a slight rumble in his belly.

Tina asks, "I need to give you a new name. Brandon just isn't suitable for a cute little girl like you. What would be a good name for you?"

He looks up some, blushing, about to complain, when he sees her motion for the paddle. He stifles himself, looking down. "I dunno..."

Tina says, "How about Brandy? Not too far from the nasty boy name you were unfortunate enough to be cursed with."

Tina makes a rather large notation in her pad computer. There is a ding noise and a tag pops out of a slot in the side of the pad. She takes the pad and a pair of needle nose pliers and attaches the golden tag to Brandy's collar. This tag has Brandy written on it, a title number, and a contact number should he get lost.

He thinks to argue again, but a thought in his head silences him, reminding him of the paddle.

He merely sighs again, nodding. "Okay Tina..."

Tina playfully pats the new Brandy on her bottom and says, "Ok, sweetie, from now on you are to refer to all of us who are not pets as Miss or Mistress. Is that clear? You will be severely punished if you disrespect a Nurse or Mistress."

He yelped some, blushing and covering his butt, as Tina patted him and he bent over a bit. Gingerly, he nodded some, his face crimson with embarrassment.

He acknowledges submissively, "Yes ma'am.."

Tina makes another note in her pad. She turns and picks up another syringe.

She says softly, "Alright brandy baby. I want you to stand against that giraffe ruler against the wall there. I'm going to measure how tall baby is."

He nods some, and steps under the ruler. Tina measures him and notes it in her pad. She quickly takes the syringe and gives Brandy the huge shot before she can protest.

He yelps some, grabbing at his throat, squealing. As he squeals, she can hear his voice quickly raise in pitch, as his vocals tighten.

He gasps out, "What?! What're you ... My voice!".

He stops, clamping his mouth with his hand. His voice is much softer and higher now, just like a 15-year old girl. He blushes.

He tries to think about what's happening, but all he hears its a girl's voice. It's a strange, warm, fuzzy sensation. Its as if he just got taken out of his mind, and replaced by a young woman.

A door opens and another nurse walk in leading a very beautiful girl in a short baby dress and rumba panties into the room.

The nurse says, Tina, I want you to meet who we finally converted. She is a very wonderful Pet too."

Tina turns and gasps, "Is that who it looks like??"

The nurse nods and says, " This is Lisa Blake for sure. The USA has lost to us and we now have the President’s 18 year old daughter as a Pet."

Tina says, "The President must have had a cow!"

The nurse says, "Well, the president made a wonderful baby girl of 2."

They both laughed.

The nurse says, “Lisa has been trained to be a Milk Maid. She is here to Milk him for the last time, We need his ejaculant to make more male slaves.”

Tina bends down and speaks softly to Lisa, "Ok sweetie, you know what we want you to do to Brandy ... right?"

Lisa shyly nods her head and blushes really pink.

Brandy looks up some at Tina, a question in his eyes. "What's going on?" he asks, like a shy little girl.

The nurse gasps loudly ... Tina swats Brandy very sharply on her bare thigh 2ice.

She says scolding, "Brandy will have respect for her Mistresses or we will punish her. You will refer to us as Miss or Mistress at all times."

Brandon blushes more, rubbing his thigh, trying to keep from crying at the pain. "Yes Mistress..."

The other nurse relies, "Lisa here is going to milk you Pet. She is a well trained Milk Maid and knows just how to do it. She is going to take all the yucky male stuff from your body. You have been give a shot that is going to make you shrink and become small again. You will no longer need it and we need it for our continued breeding program. Got to have more males to turn into Pets you know."

Both women laugh.

He looks at them, confused. He understands the scientific terms, but not the baby talk.

Both women take hold of Brandy. They lay her face down across a strange table and lock the cuffs around her legs, arms, and torso. Brandy is unable to anything but wiggle slightly.

Her legs are spread almost uncomfortably wide. He yelps in confusion as they move him to the table.

He says very agaitatedly, "What's going on?!"

Brandy is now distraught, as his legs are spread.

Tina takes the paddle and swats Brandy on her bottom 10 times hard.

She says in an angry voice, "Pet will respect her betters ... is that understood?"

Brandy yelps, whining miserably as she spanks him, tears forming at his eyes. "Y-yes Mistress..."

Lisa shyly walks up to the now crying and helpless Brandy. She gently pulls down Brandy's panties to the strap locking her thighs to the table.

Tina says softly, "Go on Lisa, you know what to do."

Lisa whimpers softly as she takes a tube of KY and lubricates Brandy's sphincter generously. She takes a strangely shaped sex toy and gently but firmly pushes it into Brandy’s bottom. She yelps some, wincing and whimpering with pain as she feels herself inserted. She tries to sit up to see what's happening. She can’t ... the straps hold her firmly.

Brandy can feel it as it stretches her bottom. She feels the exciting sensation as her prostate is gently and sensually stroked. There is no hard on ... just intense sexually arousing stimulation.

He starts to yelp, but is soon silenced by the rubbing on his prostate. He tries to fight off the relaxing sensations, but is soon giggling and eventually cooing from the work on his bum and the medicine. With each moment that passes, his body grows more and more aroused, until finally she starts peeing right onto the floor.

The nurses know that, not too long from now, she'll start cumming for them. This is the very last male act she will ever do and they don’t want to loose a drop.

Tina bends down and cleans the pee from the floor. She checks Brandy’s eyes and touches her skin with a sensor. Tina knows in a few moments ... Brandy Pet will give the very last ejaculate she will ever produce and she doesn’t want to loose a sing drop of the precious fluid.

Tina puts a large beaker beneath Brandy’s vagina and says softly, "Ok, Lisa, Time to make you playmate happy."

Lisa whimpers again and makes a special turn to the toy. The feeling is electric to Brandy.

She yelps again and starts vibrating a bit with the excitement and sensations. His moaning and cooing continue, until soon he starts cumming, slowly at first, and then more and more, until it's like someone turned on a faucet.

Tina coos, "That's a good Pet. Give us every drop. This is the last time you will ever do this as a man."

It continues like this for a good long while, filling the beaker several times before he's done. By the time his entire body is raw from the pleasure, he's given enough to justify the birth of at least three more males.

Tina takes the special liquid and gives it to the other nurse.

The nurse says, "I'll be back after I archive this to get Lisa."

Tina says, "Take your time. Lisa has to ... clean Brandy up a bit."

Lisa really has a scared look on her face. She puts her hand to her mouth and shakes her head slightly. She doesn't say a word.

Brandon, or rather Brandy, is merely moaning and cooing by now. His male persona has been overpowered by what just happened. Tina walks to Brandy, open another jar of some kind of gel. She takes a large amount on her finger and again pushes it into Brandy’s bottom. Brandy moans softly as Tina caresses his prostate on last time. The gel does it’s job. The last vestiges of maleness vanishes with the dissolution of the prostate gland.

Tina says softly, "All right Lisa Pet. You have just milked your first playmate. You know what you have to do now so get to it."

Lisa looks at the helplessly cooing Brandy. She looks at Tina. There is a helpless resolve that comes into her beautiful face as she kneels behind Brandy and begins to gently and oh so sensually lick Brandy's vagina. This is intensely pleasant for Brandy.

The licking is much more pleasant than the dildo ever was, and she is moaning and giggling with pleasure as she is licked clean. The only difference now is that there is no cum; she is totally milked. No longer male as the genes completely adjust.

Lisa takes a soft cloth that Tina has handed her. It is soaked in hormones and cleaning agents. Lisa cleans Brandy's bottom completely and begins to kiss it sensually and insert her tongue into the quivering opening.

More sensations, followed by more cooing and moaning as the tongue is rubbed all over and in her. It's almost amazing, the transformation he's gone through in so short of time, and still has yet to finish.

Lisa begins to penetrate Brandy's new vagina with her fingers as she kisses and licks. She is beginning to do this passionately. Tina hands Lisa a lubricated dildo. Lisa takes it and fits it to Brandy's new vagina. She gently but firmly inserts it into the opening and pulls it in and out slowly driving Brand totally wild. Brandy bucks and squirms against the restraints but is totally helpless to stop Lisa from doing anything.

He moans and coos more, vagina widening as much as it can as she inserts and basically makes love to him as a girl. He starts going wild as Lisa widens him up, giving him pleasure as the hormones gradually work. It is a long, but fun process, especially for the giggling, watching nurse.

Tina bends down close to Brandy's ear and whispers softly. "One of the shots you were given caused a change in the pelvis area. You have a real vagina ... although it might hurt the first few times you ae penetrated. You'll get used to it I promise. There will be many opportunities to stretch you.

Brandy can't even hear her, She's in so much ecstasy. She merely smiles, as they finish up with lovemaking.

The other nurse returns. She attaches a leash to Lisa's collar and says, "Lisa has been a very good pet. I will reward her when I get her back to her cage."

They leave

Tina unfastens all the cuffs an helps Brandy to stand on her wobbly legs. She pulls up her panties.

Tina asks, "Did Pet enjoy that?"

Brandy is quite confused and wobbly. She can't connect with any of her surroundings, as Tina dresses her.

Brandy replies in a very cute voice, "Yes mistress..."

Brandy’s voice his very soft. She is near collapsing, she's so tired. Tina attaches a leash to Brandy's collar. She leads Brandy out the same door the other nurse and Lisa just left through.

There are many people all over. Brandy can see they all look at her at least once. There is only malicious glances from the women in uniforms accompanied by sneers.

Tina leads Brandy down a long hall into a room. Lisa is there in a bed that looks like a cage. She is sitting up in bed with a look of fear in her face. Tina walks over to the cage bed beside Lisa's and unlocks it. She puts Brandy in it and locks the cage back.

Tina puts a tray of very delicious food in the cage on a movable table of sorts and then leaves the room. Brandy is too tired to care about her hunger and lays down and falls asleep.

As she drifts off, she hears Lisa fearfully saying that they are being sold like animals when the training and conditioning is done.

Brandy falls asleep and has very strange little girl dreams.

End: Book 1

Title: Amazonia - The new World Order - Brandy - Book 2

Characters :

Tina Stewart - age 26 - A top nurse for the Center for Human Maturity Research -Brandy’s new Mistress – Played by Miki yamuri

Brandy Connors – Regressed Age 3 - Baby Girl Pet Trainee – Played by Ella Kenet

Scene: The Nursery Holding Area


The next morning, Brandon, or rather Brandy awakes with a daze. She has a splitting headache, and for the love of her can't remember anything from yesterday.

Brandy had actually slept a bit late. She looks around at the empty bed cage next to her. Lisa is not in it, nor is she likely to see Lisa again. Lisa had been sold as the Milk Maid she was to another of the New Order’s Retraining facilities.

She sees the food on the tray. She devours it hungrily. Once done, she looks around and seems to be in some kind of cage herself ... like a giant playpen with a pad on the bottom. Brandy feels like an animal. Her Pet collar still firmly attached around her neck as a reminder that she is no longer her own.

It is only when Tina comes in to check on her that Brandy sees what's happened to her since the bath, when she zoned out. In Brandy’s thoughts, all she hears is a girl's voice, some small perversion of her former male self speaking her thoughts for her.

She looks down. Her body seems a lot smaller, somehow. Her body hair; gone. She braves a peek into her panties, and is distraught to find only femaleness down there.

Tina says cheerily, "And how is my little girl Brandy this morning? You are so cute."

Tina walks over and unlocks the cage door and fastens a leash onto Brandy's collar. Brandy flushed some, blushing as Tina leashed her. Brandy started to complain, but soon silenced herself as a thought intruded into her mind, as if by magic: remind to call Tina mistress.

Subconsciously Brandy obeyed the command and instead asked in his girly voice. "What're we doing, Mistress?"

Tina makes notations in her computer pad as she replies, "I have to take baby and measure her and do testing to make sure she's becoming the baby girl Pet I have ordered. You see, I have purchased you from the Amazonian Pet Reserve and I want you to be special. It’s the only way I can save you from the mental reprogramming required for all male captives."

Tina makes a final notation in her pad and the helps Brandy from the cage and stands her on her feet.

Tina continues, "You are for the rest of your life a baby girl Pet. My Pet. I will make the title as soon as you are 3 years old."

This thought confuses her, as Tina removes Brandy from the cage and stands her up. Pet? Amazonia? She leads Brandy out the door by the leash.

None of this makes any sense to her supposedly educated mind.

Brandy simply answers, "Yes Mistress."

Tina goes on to explain about being a baby girl. This seems like a strange notion, as Tina leads her to the door.

Brandy asks in her adorable little girl voice, "But why a baby girl, Mistress? Why can't I be a big girl?"

Tina thought to herself, “Typical response. She was polite however, and her response showed her regression and even gender change was proceeding normally.”

Brandy realized what she'd said and done, briefly gaining control, and covered her mouth in shocked surprise.

Tina giggles and replies, "Because you used to be a nasty thing before we took possession. You were a man. No man will ever grow up except long enough to be milked so we can have more men to turn into baby girl pets."

Brandy flushes some, trying to protest, when an image invades her mind. She can see herself shackled to a table as another girl 'milks' her, Tina in a corner giggling at the scene. She blushes some, unaware of the small trickle of tee tee running into her big girl panties.

Tina continues her explanations, "Not all girls will be pets either. Those that choose to be part of Amazonia will be just like me. There will be no men ever allowed to grow up and be in power ever again. Even the so called resistance is shrinking as we catch their leaders." She giggles and continues, "They make the most adorable sex pets I ever saw." She laughs loudly.

Brandy blushes some more, silenced by the thoughts of her being essentially abused by the two girls from last night as Tina continues leading her by the leash.

Tina leads her into a large room. There are many people there. All eyes focus on Brandy.

Tina says loudly, "Everyone, I want you to meet my new Pet ... Brandy. Brandy curtsy for everyone and tell them hello."

Brandy looked up at Tina, a question in her eyes. Curtsy?

Tina says softly, "Now Brandy Pet, don't be shy. These nice Nurses and Mistresses want to meet you."

Brandy blushed more, then turned. Bashfully and did her best, grabbing the hem of the baby doll, and gingerly curtseying. Not perfect, but more than good enough.

Brandy said in her adorable little girl voice, "Good morning, Misses..."

Tina hugs Brandy softly and kisses her sweetly on the cheek and says, "That's a very good girl."

She pats Brandy lovingly on her bottom and notices her panties are wet. Tina is over joyed the regression is proceeding this well.

Tina makes several notes in her pad and says loudly enough all can hear, "Aww sweetie has wet her panties. Guess it's time to have you in diapers."

There is laughter and much approval from many of the Mistresses.

Another mistress said, "Why not some Huggies pull-ups?? Wouldn’t they be more fitting??"

Brandy blushes demurely, hiding a bit behind Tina so that she doesn't have to see the laughing Nurses and Mistresses.

Tina says, "I agree. I'll put her in the ones with the pink lambs on them."

There is laughter and much more approval.

Tina leads Brandy by her leash into a room across the way. The door shuts and the laughter can no longer be heard. Tina takes the leash off of Brandy's collar.

Tina says softly, "Ok baby, go over to the giraffe so Mistress can measure your shrinkage. I hope it's a lot. I want to put you in baby clothes so bad it hurts."

Brandy blushes some, confused by Tina’s words, but silently complies and goes to stand over by the measuring stick.

Brandy asks in her adorable voice, "Like this, Mistress?"

Tina giggles and reply cooingly, "Yes diddums, that's perfect."

Tina makes very careful measurements. She notes them in her computer pad. She checks the glands under Brandy's neck softly with her fingers and makes another note.

She asks softly, "How do you feel this morning baby?" Are you feeling good ... bad??"

Brandy thinks about the question, then answers. "I feel fine... but a bit icky, Mistress. Can I have another bath?"

Tina says cooingly, "Absolutely sweetheart. By the way. You have lost a foot and three quarters in height. I need to see how much you weigh now too."

A foot and three quarters in height? What did that mean, Brandy wondered.

Tina takes Brandy by the hand and leads her over to the scale and has her stand on it. Tina looks at the scale and sets it carefully.

Tina says loud enough for Brandy to hear, "You have lost 50 pounds too. Your at 100 pounds. I can dress you as a little girl, but not yet in baby clothes. It is time to put you in Pull ups. You'll be so adorable too."

Tina makes a long notation in her pad

Brandy flushes some, reminded that she had wet her panties. Blushing, she looks down, sees the yellow stain in her panties.

Brandy says in an adorably pouting voice, "But I don't want to wear a pull up..."

Tina exclaims loudly, "Brandy!! What has Mistress told you about insolence?"

She grabs Brandy's arms and smacks her on her thigh 4 times hard ... the sound echoes through the room. Brandy yelps and whines as Tina smacks her. When she's done, Brandy’s crying softly, grabbing her thighs tenderly.

Brandy stammers in a crying little girl’s voice, "S-s-sorry M-m-mistress..."

Tina makes several notation angrily in her pad.

Tina replies, "You must not be insolent young lady. My Pet will be well mannered and well behaved. Is that completely clear?"

Brandy nods some, fear evident in her eyes as she replies in a crying voice, "Y-yes Mistress..."

Tina bends down and gently caresses Brandy between the legs. She pushes her finger and some of the panty into Brandy's new vagina.

Tina says softly, "I only want my Pet to be the best Pet ever. Also, the only way to save your mind is to make you my Pet. You must do as I tell you or they will take you and all will be lost."

Tina wiggles her finger and it sends a really electric thrill through Brandy. The stroking immediately turns her on, a submissive and sensual look coming over Brandy’s face as this new electrifying sensation courses through her.

Brandy gasps adorably, "Yes ma'am..."

Tina pulls down the wet panties and says softly, "Step out of them baby."

Brandy complies, stepping out, her vagina red a bit and tingling from the attention she was just given. Tina tosses the wet panties into a pail in a corner.

Tina again inserts her finger gently into Brandy's vagina and stimulates her.

Tina asks softly, "Do you like this sweetie?"

She nods some, squeaking lightly as she folds her legs inward placing her hands over Tina’s, blushing at the new thrilling experience.

Tina giggles. She says softly, "Raise your arms so I can get your top off."

Brandy nods, obeying, raising her arms, one of Tina’s fingers still in her vagina and sending waves of wonderful sensations and goose bumps all over her body.

Tina removes her finger and pulls the top off ... after wading it up, tosses it into the same pail as the panties.

She takes Brandy's leash off. Tina leads her by the hand into a bathroom. Brandy gingerly follows as she's led, by now short enough to really seem a lot younger and smaller than Tina.

On the counter is a large dildo. It has already been well lubricated. She leads Brandy over to the counter and picks it up.

Tina says softly, "This is your first time, so it may hurt some as you are stretched."

Tina slowly but firmly all in one motion inserts the dildo deeply into Brandy's new Vagina. Brandy gasps in surprise as a very new and painfully wonderful feeling fills the space between her legs. Tina inserts it into Brandy deeply and forces her to lay down on the counter into a legs open, submissive position.
Brandy gasps adorably in a confused sweet voice, “Wh ... wh ... what??”

Tina holds Brandy's legs open as she pushes and pulls the dildo in and out slowly at first, but with ever increasing speed as her vagina opened more to accept the thrusting. Brandy’s crying quickly turns to moans and is soon cooing and squirming with ecstasy as new pleasant sensations course through out as Tina penetrates her more and more.

Tina stops and removes the dildo from Brandy's vagina. She then pushes it into her bottom suddenly and fully. It slides in deeply and easily. Brandy squeaks some and cries out, arching up and into a fetal position with this new penetration, crying softly. Tina immediately begins to thrust with it rapidly in and out.

Tina whispers softly in Brandy's ear, "Mistress promises you will be all open and it will feel good really soon. You will have lots of nice sex."

Brandy blushes, cooing, giggling, crying, having all emotions as Tina explored and abused her from both ways, to her satisfaction. Tina leaves the dildo in Brandy's bottom with the vibrator turned on as she starts the bath running.

Several Women enter the bathroom and start to laugh. They tease and make fun of this MIGHTY MAN.

Tina returns and has them leave.

Tina says angrily, “It's bath time and you shouldn't be here. This is a reprogramming session and is not to be interrupted.”

They make several more disparaging remarks and then leave.

Tina giggles and says, "That was funny ... don' you think baby?? Now don’t be upset. Soon no one will ever even know you were a nasty man."

Tina quickly pulls the dildo out of Brandy’s bottom in one motion. Brandy involuntarily gasps loudly and whines some. Brandy knows that she didn't like the teasing and taunts. She pouts some about it. She does know ... she absolutely loves the rest.

Tina softly and playfully smacks Brandy on her bare bottom. With a quick startled yelp, Brandy covers her bum with her hands.

Tina makes several notations in her pad about the interruptions and who it was that did it. Those women will be severely punished for interrupting a Mistress and her Pet during a love session. That is forbidden to all.

She helps Brandy up and into the warm honeysuckle smelling bath. She kisses Brandy lovingly on the lips.

Tina takes another oil and pours it into her hand. She softly bathes and sensually caresses Brandy all over her body

Tina takes the ribbons from Brandy’s hair and washes her long hair in sweet smelling shampoo.

Tina says softly, "This will make you feel so much more like a girl sweetie."

Brandy blushes and coos, any protests forgotten as Tina undoes her hair, and oils and shampoos her. In a matter of moments, she's putty in Tina’s hands. She lovingly tickles and caresses her Pet as she cleans all the previous sexual activity away along with all the cellular residue from the transformation Brandy is going through.

Brandy notices that this tub is much larger than the one yesterday ... then realizes ... it's the same one as yesterday.

Brandy looks up at Tina, confused ... a moment of her old self able to climb back up.
Brandy asks in an adorable little girl voice, "Why's the tub so big, Mistress?"

Tina giggles and replies, "It's the same old tub cutie. It's just you are a lot smaller today. Remember the measurement I took before we gave you a bath?"

Tina winks at Brandy and kisses her lovingly again. Brandy shakes her head negative. Tina brings the computer pad over and shows Brandy her original measurements and the ones for today.

Tina says, "You are making wonderful progress."

Brandy looks at the numbers and... comes up with nothing. She will be unable to remember anything until after the procedure is completed. Tina knows this has to be the way so that she can save the personality of the person she loves so much.

Brandy asks adorably, "What do those mean?"

The therapy has been working nicely, and she is already starting to unlearn much of the knowledge until later. Tina is most pleased.

Tina explains in a voice like she was explaining a difficult subject to a very small child, "These numbers are how big you were when you were a yucky Man Beast. These numbers are how much you have shrunk and progressed to becoming a sweet and submissive Pet. You are making wonderful progress. After today's shot. You will be a toddler by morning. Isn't that wonderful?"

None of it makes any sense, until she says toddler. That scares her.

Brandy protests in an adorable voice, "But I don't wanna be a toddler, Mistress!"

Tina replies softly, "Pets have no rights sweetheart. You will be what Mistress wants you to be whether you want to or not. Besides, it’s that or be the toddler and have no mind at all but a baby’s."

Brandy pouted some, tugging at Tina’s skirt some, still in the midst of being washed.

Brandy stammers adorably, "But.... but..."

Tina smiles lovingly at her new Pet and says softly, "Yes?? Is there something you want? A bottle perhaps? A pacci?"

Brandy pouts and shakes her head frustrated.

She exclaims in a pouty girl’s voice, "No! I wanna be a big girl!"

Silly words, from a silly tantrum. She's merely a silly little girl now and nothing of her former self.

Tina smacks Brandy on her bare skin hard several times and retorts angrily, "I have told you Pet, You are not allowed to speak to me or any other Mistress or nurse that way. I will use the paddle next time. Is that clear young lady?"

Brandy pouts, openly crying now. She pokes out her bottom lip in an adorable way and nods dismally.

Tina lifts Brandy from the tub. She hugs and kisses Brandy lovingly as she dries her briskly from her hair to her toes.

Tina says softly, “You must learn to speak properly. You have no choice here. If you give yourself away, there will be nothing for you except the mind wipe and retraining as a total baby. You must do as I am telling you. Do you understand sweetheart?

Brandy hugs and kisses Tina as lovingly as she can muster.

She says in a whimpering little girl’s voice, “Baby sowwy. I do better ... pwomis Mistress.”

They kiss passionately for a minute. Tina turns and picks up a cute pair of Huggies Pull ups with Pink lambs on them and holds them out.

She says softly, "Step in sweetie."

Blushing and still a bit sad Brandy nods and steps into them. Tina turns and picks up an adorable play suit. It is red and blue and has little kittens in all different colors on it. It has soft ruffles around the bib and legs. There are 4 snaps in the crotch she snaps closed. There are 4 rows of red tipped white ruffles just like the others across the bottom.

Tina holds it out and says softly, "Step in baby."

Still blushing, Brandy steps into this garment, so that Tina can pull it on her. Tina pulls it up and ties the straps behind Brandy’s neck making sure it is on properly . Tina then brushes Brandy's hair and ties it in ponytails with red ribbons.

Tina at this point takes Brandy to the floor mirror so she can see what she looks like.

Brandy blushes in surprise, looking at the mirror, seeing the new pre-teen her. A very beautiful little girl and nothing of her former self.

She looks up some, blushing. What's happening to her? Wasn't she a.....big girl ... just yesterday? It's funny, how this is all she seems to remember anymore, after the therapy. The male self is almost gone ... a memory far off in a dimming haze.

Tina gently pats Brandy on the head and coos softly, "You are a very adorable little girl. I will love having you as my Pet when all this is finished. I promise I will take very good care of you and make love only to you."

She takes Brandy by the hand and leads her to an examining table and helps her on to it.
Tina then picks up a large syringe and fills it with a silver-blue liquid.

She turns to Brandy and says softly, "This shot will sting a bit. I don't know what the protocol will feel like, but it will make you into a cute little baby by morning.. This is permanent and is who you will be for the rest of your very long life with me. You are very special and I am not allowing you to grow up. This shot insures you are my baby girl Pet for the rest of your life."

Tina ties a rubber tube quickly around Brandy's elbow and slaps the arm gently to raise a vein. Brandy flushed some more, whining softly at this prospect, yet afraid to move in defiance of Tina. Brandy realizes she is to be a baby, but will still retain the knowledge of who she really is. There is no other way. Brandy resigns herself to being a baby girl for the rest of her life.

Tina then injects Brandy with the huge shot of the new protocol. Brandy watches as the large syringe empties into her arm. Brandy is afraid as she watches permanent babyhood flow from the syringe into her arm. She squeaks some, biting down on her lip and fighting back tears as she's injected. It's quite painful. When Tina's finished, Brandy is visibly crying.

Now that the shot was given, Tina placed the empty syringe back on the counter.
As soon as Tina took the needle out, Brandy whimpered and raised her arms for Tina to comfort her. Brandy is distraught at the pain and fearful at becoming a baby for the rest of her life ... she starts to actually bawl as the protocol begins its work of making Brandy into a 3yo baby girl.
Tina sits on the table beside Brandy and takes her lovingly into her lap.

Tina hugs her gently and coos, "There, there my love. It's all right ... I promise. These shots will end soon and you will be the cutest baby girl when you wake up in the morning.”

Brandy cries and bawls against Tina’s shoulder, as Tina calms her down. In a matter of moments, she's cried herself to sleep in Tina’s arms, exhausted from the busy morning.

Tina sees the outfit she had dressed Brandy so adorably in has already become too big for her. Tina smile to herself. She knows Brandy will be the most adorable and well mannered Pet in all of Amazonia.

As Brandy falls asleep ... She is content in the knowledge that Tina will always love her and take the best of care of her.

She drifts off to a contented sleep and to very pleasant baby dreams.
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