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Magic Lingerie

Postby Miki Yamuri » Mon Sep 15, 2014 6:54 am

Title: Magic Lingerie

David Jardine, age 29 - makes a living selling antiques online – Played by: Andreea

Debbie Misho, age 20 - Female friend and confidant – Played by: Miki Yamuri

Scene: An auction of goods from the clearance of an old manner house in the village of Axford, Hertfordshire.

The day of the auction has finally arrived. David has picked up Debbie and has driven her to the auditorium. David has come there, hoping to pick up something valuable at a bargain price. As they enter ... the room is packed with prospective buyers. The buzz of excited voices echo through out the room.

Debbie is holding onto David's arm as he picks his way to the front row and finds 2 adjacent seats. Just as they sit ... A rather old man with thick glasses comes out on the stage.

He says, "Good morning Ladies and Gentlemen. Today we are going to auction off lots from the Victorian era. We have many items that are as old as 16th century. They come from the estate of The Earl of Doncaster.”

David is finding it hard to concentrate, the room being rather hot and stuffy. He loosens his tie and undoes a couple of buttons ... but daren't go further. He is acutely aware his secret might show. Debbie is using the program to fan herself ... a small warm stirring of the air can be felt from the overhead fans that provides little relief. David untucks his shirt. There is the briefest flash of pink nylon waistband before he lets it fall lose.

The hubbub of the room grows silent as they bring a very large Gold Framed floor mirror out. It is obviously made of near solid gold and has many rubies set in the frame.

The old man says in his strong clear voice. “The bidding on this item shall Start at 300,000 pounds sterling ... who shall open the bidding?”

There is a wild flurry of bidding for the mirror. The price quickly skyrockets into many thousands. There is a short bidding war between an old man and a young woman ... the young woman wins the bid at 4 million pounds. David realizes he cannot afford this, and perhaps the whole auction will be way beyond his means.

The objects that came out on the bidding floor were absolutely fabulous one of a kind pieces. David and Debbie were awed at most of them. The bidding started in the hundreds of thousands and quickly mounted into the millions of pounds.

The next item ... a very large but very beautiful chest is brought out on the stage. There were what appeared to be gold hinges and clasps adorned with small gemstones. The lock appeared to be solid gold adorned in small emeralds. In comparison to the other pieces, this one was plain in the worst kind of way. The picture of this in the Lots catalogue, showed a very plain and damaged piece in very poor condition. Nothing like what they saw on stage.

Debbie leans over and says softly "That is a beautiful piece. Look at the intricate carvings and the gold colored hinges and clasps."

David agrees, but thinks he probably can't afford it.

The auctioneer describes the chest ... it doesn't seem to be more than a beautifully carved cedar chest ... none of the other bidders appear interested. It is obviously too plain for them.

The Auctioneer says, “The bidding on this shall start at 5 pounds ... who shall make the first bid?”

David, surprised that it costs so little, makes a bid ... there is silence on the bidding floor. The other bidders want the more ornate and ostentatious items ... not something as plain and ordinary as this chest appears to be. No one else seems to be interested in the chest ... the auctioneer makes his calls. No one else bids. David is amazed, but suspects (with some annoyance) that he has bought a worthless item. At least it didn't cost much and is a very pretty and intricately carved cedar chest.

David and Debbie wait for the chest to be loaded on the truck. They can hear the next item up for bids ... it has reached into the millions of pounds very quickly as the chest is brought to them. One of the porters asks why David is interested in a piece of broken garbage like the chest. They are sort of surprised he thinks this beautiful gold and jewel incrusted chest is garbage. They shrug and pick up the chest.

David and Debbie haul the chest into the truck, His shirt raises again in the process. Debbie notices the pink nylon waist band. She looks closer and sees David is wearing a cute pair of pink tights.

She giggles softly ... Debbie says softly so no one but David can hear "I've got on a soft blue pair just like those.”

David notices, realizes, and quickly pushes the chest in, giving her a most unmistakable flash of nylon in the process, but quickly tugging his shirt back into place after. David blushes, and has no idea what to say.

Debbie gives David a sweet kiss on the cheek and says, "It's ok sweetie ... I kind of like pink on you ... it's cute.”

She then gets in the truck with David and they begin the trip home as she holds his hand.

Magic Surprise

They arrive back at David's home and unload the truck ...The large chest is now sitting in the middle of the living room. David takes off his jacket to hang it up . A keen eye, at this point, might have just discerned an outline of bra strap beneath his shirt.

Debbie doesn't notice this as she is closely examining the chest and the gold hinges and claps

David asks, "Is it locked? Did they even give us a key with the thing?"

Debbie shrugged as she pulls on the clasp. David notices the quality of the clasps and hinges ... they are solid gold. All the stones are real gems worth untold millions.

David asks in confusion, "How the hell is this not worth a million or more of anyone's money?"

Debbie nods and says, "I think you got a much better bargain than you thought.”

David quips, "There's probably a bomb inside it ... ya know, latest Al-Qaeda plot: sabotaging antique fairs."

Debbie giggles and says, "Silly ... maybe anthrax perhaps??

They both laugh.

David Says, "This is weird ... Must be some story behind this thing. Shall I open it?"

The clasp suddenly pops open in Debbie’s hand as the air in the room gets noticeably cooler. David and Debbie jump back, startled.

"OK, fair enough. It's haunted," he says, semi-jokingly.

Debbie slowly opens the heavy ornate lid to the chest ... it seems like time stands still. Inside the chest ... are the most beautiful ladies and young girl's clothes they could imagine. All appear to be brand new.

David asks jokingly, "Bomb? Anthrax? Bogeyman?"

Debbie turns and replies " No ... clothes. Seems they are mostly silk and very fine linen.

David examines a gorgeous mid-Victorian dress. It is pristine, like something out of an expensive perios drama. Debbie reaches in and brings out a beautiful pair of young girl's powder blue short ruffled bloomer panties. She would love to try them on.

Debbie asks, "What do you make of this?? Still think it's a plot? These all appear to be hand made.”

David asks excitedly, "Is this stuff for real?" as he examines the dressmaker's labels. He continues, "This is the real deal ... in perfect condition. Not reproductions. This dress must be worth several thousand by itself. Tell me this is just a dream, OK?"

Debbie notices the bra straps through David's shirt as he digs through the chest.

She leans over and says softly and playfully " I do know about your undergarments ... why don’t you try the dress on?” as she playfully and softly pops the bra strap.

David blushes very deep crimson and replies in a strange lilting voice, "Try it on?" he is so tempted but embarrassed... he stutters, "I... no, I ... I couldn't. Anyway, it's too valuable, I mean to say."

David blushes even darker crimson ...

Debbie replies, "Sure ... you already have on the underclothes ... tell you what,”

Debbie reaches in the trunk and pulls out a very beautiful young girl's powder blue silk dress to go with the panties she was already holding.

She continues, "I'll put these on to show you."

Debbie eagerly takes the clothes into the other room to change leaving David to enjoy his new treasure for a moment.

David sifts through the clothes: corsets, petticoats, dresses, stockings... all in perfect condition.

Debbie returns to the room ... she looks just like a very beautiful baby doll.

She giggles and asks, "Well, David, would you play with me if I came and asked?”

She stands and poses adorably with her thumb in her mouth.

David can hardly believe it. "You're beautiful, and so sweet. But... You really don't think it's wrong that I... that I like... you know?"

Debbie takes David's hand and replies softly, "I love it that you play dress up. I haven't done that since I was a little girl and my sister dressed me as her baby ... pick something. let's see how they fit you. I put this on and they fit like they were custom made for me.”

Blushing, David chooses the most beautiful dress he can find. It seems to be about the right size. It is of pale blue silk, with sheer white sleeves and embroidered leaves and flowers on the bodice.

Debbie says, "don't forget the rest.”

She reaches in and pulls out a soft pair of silk bloomers that matches David’s dress.

She says "these are so adorable.”

As she bends over the chest .. her dress is very short and David can see lots of ruffles. David, catches a flash of her cute silken bloomers beneath the dress. He feels an arousal at this. Debbie is very adorable in her baby dress and fits the part well.

Unthinkingly, he starts to take his clothes off... then catches himself, and starts for the next room to change.

Debbie says, "Hurry back sweetie. We have to give you a name too. Something Appropriate.” She watches David retire to the other room.


David takes his outer clothes off, but not wishing to attempt a corset, decides to keep on his panties, bra, and tights. He slips the silky bloomers on over them ... They seem to tingle, wonderfully, electrically filling him with strange and wonderful feelings ... They feel so cool and smooth and wonderful. He feels so strange all over his body ... it even seems his hair has started to get longer as he feels some gently fall on the back of his neck and shoulders.

His excitement building, he steps into his new dress. The sheer sleeves caress his arms wonderfully ... The full skirts rustle, and gently but constantly stimulate his nylon and silk-clad legs.

This feels *too* good... Ohhh .... His breath catches in a surge of ecstasy like he has never known. He feels it as it surges wonderfully through out his entire being. The pleasure washes over him, fills his entire existence. His chest feels heavy, warm, and pleasant, and between his legs there is a strange lightness, no less pleasant.

He catches sight of the floor mirror, a beautiful, dark-haired lady in a blue dress, her face aglow with ecstasy is looking back. He raises a hand to his face .. as does she. How elegantly "his" fingers taper. He gasps loudly. For a few moments, this pleasure is succeeded by a sick, hollow feeling.

David can hear Debbie say, "Are you all right? I heard you gasping?”

She knocks on the door
Utter confusion and helplessness reign in his / her mind, as she replies "Debbie..." then stops at once, at the sound of her altered voice. She has a very delicate female voice now.

"Hello?? ... David ... is everything all right?”

Debbie knocks on the door again and rattles the knob of the locked door.

“Who's in there with you?? I heard a strange voice?” she asks with concern.

Debbie rattles the knob harder. David opens the door, half hoping that he is just hallucinating and that she will confirm this.

Debbie gasps and her eyes get huge ... she gasps out, "Who are you and where is David?

Debbie quickly enters the now empty room to search for David.

He / She says in a very fearful female voice, "It's me... David. Debbie... Help."

Debbie cannot find David anywhere. Debbie turns and looks at David ... her eyes are still huge.

Debbie gasps, "David ... that's you?? No .. it's not possible!”

David can't help but notice how beautiful Debbie is in her baby girl dress, and begins to feel very excited again... and to notice the wonderful feelings of her new clothes, not to mention her satin bra, which now fits her very snugly.

Debbie walks up slowly and timidly. She touches you in the face softly.

She says quietly, "You have his eyes.”

David's breathing quickens ... as Debbie touches his face ... there is an electric surge that passes into both of them. Debbie tingles all over her body ... she has nice thoughts of playing with the dolls in the chest ... she hasn't felt that way since she was a little girl. She also feels an overwhelming attraction to David as this beautiful young woman too.

Debbie says in a sweet voice, "I feel .. different."

She shivers slightly as a very youthful sensation fills her existence. She looks at David ... he is an extremely beautiful young woman now.

She continues in a very sweet little girl's voice, "David has a very unique birthmark. If your David ... show it to me.”

Debbie is surprised at the sound of her own voice. She sounds like a very little girl again.

David replies with awe in his voice, "You look ... sweeter ... if possible."

David checks his wrist, half expecting not to find it ... But it is there: two small moles. Together they look like 2 kittens snuggled together. Debbie takes your arm softly and examines it. Her touch thrills David to his core ... touching him thrills her in the same manner.

David ... if she can call herself that now ... leans forward tentatively, to kiss the lovely vision before her. Debbie is surprised when David's lips touch hers ... there is a wonderful feeling of excitement that surges through her ... Debbie shyly kisses him .. her back.

Wonderful feelings surge through David's new body. Her fear has all gone. This is too intensely wonderful to question.

Debbie breaks the kiss and gasps softly, "David ... how .. how did this happen?? What changed you??"

David responded, "It started to happen as soon as I put the clothes on. It felt *so* good... and it's what I've always dreamed of... but didn’t you feel anything?"

Debbie replies, "I .. I feel like I have become ..."

She struggles with her inner feelings over the change that is taking hold of her inside then continues, "I feel like the little girl I used to fantasies about being when my sister and me used to play dress up ... and I feel a very strong attraction to you ... your very beautiful. "

Debbie >>blushes very red<<

David blushes as well, but manages to whisper "I love you, Debbie. I loved you before, but I never dared ... never thought you could be attracted to someone like me."

Debbie giggles sweetly, "You silly ... couldn't you tell I loved you too?? Why do you think I was always following behind you like a little lost kitten?"

Debbie then kisses David a very soft and wet French kiss on his/her lips ... which she/he returns eagerly, and ecstatically.

As they eventually stop, David asks breathlessly, "About my new name... ?"

Debbie blinks in a soft passionate daze. She can only think of the last kiss.

She says softly, "You could be Davinia.” as she unfastens the neck to the newly named Davinia’s silk dress.

Debbie is seeking another kiss ... there is a burning in her for another kiss and more.
Davina, tingling all over, bends to kiss Debbie, while seeking out the lacing of her baby dress. Debbie finishes loosening Davinia's dress ... she is caressing Davinia's soft breasts. They feel firm in her small hands. Davinia cannot believe how good this feels, and can only moan softly for a few moments before eventually gaining enough presence of mind to finish unlacing Debbie's dress, which slides to the floor in a silken rustle leaving Debbie in just her frilly panties, looking more desirable and radiant than ever.

Debbie blushes softly as she asks, "do I please you?

She takes her petit breasts in her hands and caresses them for Davinia to see

"You do please me ... so much," replied Davina, and so gently begins to kiss Debbie's lovely breasts.

Each touch of the two ... bring more electric waves of passion through both of their bodies. Debbie is softly gasping with each kiss. Her breasts have become very aroused as she takes Davinia's head gently in her hands and presses for more kisses.

Debbie finally manages to unfasten the last button on Davinia's dress and it falls in a soft rustle of silk to the floor. Davina kisses her deeply, caressing her all over, feeling a most wonderful warmth building beneath her flimsy silken under things.

Debbie caresses Davinia between her legs ... this sends a very thrilling surge all through Davinia's body. She feels it in her breasts ... a building of passion in her heart. Debbie attempts to remove Davinia's bloomer panties. She is almost helpless in Davinia's arms

As Davinia's bloomers fall softly to the floor, and she is standing in her pink tights and bra ... something terrible suddenly happens ... it is sudden and swift. The wonderful arousal she was feeling all over and within subsides to a fraction of what it was... Davinia’s voice breaks... Debbie backs up ... here eyes get huge as she gasps loudly in shock.

"What's wrong?" asks Davinia ... but knows instantly by the sound of his very male voice.

Debbie watches as Davinia transforms quickly back to David.

Debbie points and says in a shocked voice, "You ... you have ..."

There is a very shocked expression on Debbie's face.

She manages to complete her statement, "you have changed back to your old self!”

David turns to the mirror ... and cries softly. He now realizes that it was indeed a dream come true, and would do anything to recapture it.
Debbie is in total shock. Passion still burning in her breasts for the kisses she was getting and the wonderful caresses. Debbie's passion quickly turns to despair. She wants David back as Davinia

She realizes when the transformation undid its self was when the bloomer panties came off ... the last of the clothes from the chest David had on.

She says, "Put the panties back on. See what happens.”

David, willing to hope, takes them, slips them on... instantly ... Davinia is back. Her whole body is once again aflame with wonderful desires. Debbie gasps as she watches David become a very beautiful Davinia again. Crying tears of joy, Davinia embraces her lover, thanks her, and kisses her even more passionately than before.

Debbie exclaims, "It’s the clothes!!” and then succumbs to her passions and kisses back.

Debbie looks deep into Davinia's soft brown eyes ... she is lost in them ... there is a problem that seems insurmountable for an instant. Davinia is yearning for more ... To be touched between her burning thighs, and more still ... and cannot help but resent that she has to have the beautiful silken bloomers between her and her desire.

Debbie’s passion is irresistible. She is desperately searching for a solution to this dilemma. She remembers the long ribbons in the trunk.

Debbie says softly, "I saw many different colored ribbons in the chest too. Do you think they might ... ??”

Davinia says with a bit of frantic overtones, "Yes... Oh yes... Let's try them."

Debbie asks, "You think you might like us to be in ponytails?”

Davinia blushes, and nods shyly. Debbie walks to the open chest. She removes 2 rather long soft blue ribbons that match Davinia's dress. She walks to Davinia and gently gathers her hair into a bunch. She ties it into a ponytail ... she take another bunch and ties it into a ponytail.

Following her example, Davinia gathers Debbie's lovely blonde hair and styles it in the same fashion, making her even more cute and adorable.

Debbie kisses Davinia and then says, "Ok, I'm going to take off your panties.”

Debbie slowly removes Davinia's bloomer panties. She Kisses Davina softly in her crotch as she kneels. Davina gasps, as intense pleasure radiates from her vagina and warms her delightfully all over... Davinia steps out of her panties ... a moment of intense anxiety ... she has not changed. Amost wonderful feeling of relief spreads through both girls as they hug and kiss passionately again.

Davinia kisses, nibbles, and massages Debbie's breasts, while a magnificent fire continues to burn between her thighs. She caresses Debbie's buttocks through the silken frills ... before gently easing her out of her panties. A very intense and pleasant rush runs through Debbie's body as she is undressed ... She squeals softly at the caress on her bottom.

Debbie steps out of her panties. She is completely nude. She takes Davinia by the hand and gently tugs her towards the bedroom door. She has a soft sparkle in her eyes as she looks at Davinia. Davinia follows, breath taken at how perfect and sweet her lover appears. Her desire for her is so intense, she no longer cares about the chest, its value, or even its magic.

Debbie climbs on the bed ... she beckons Davinia with open arms. Davinia climbs on, strokes Debbie all over, kisses her small feet, her legs, her thighs ... and oh so gently at first, kisses her between her legs.

Debbie is lost in passion. Her vagina is on fire with need. Debbie gasps softly at the intensity ... each touch sends waves of passion through her young body.

Delighting to hear her lover in so much pleasure, Davinia kisses her again, and gently stimulates her with her tongue.

Deep intense surges run through Debbie. Her nipples are erect and tingle with passion. The very air in the room stimulates them even more.

Davinia licks more passionately, and more deeply, eagerly tasting Debbie's sweetness.
Debbie is helpless and gasps out her passion that is building in her young body and demands release. In an intense shuddering release ... Debbie screeches out her passion as she has a deep full body orgasm.

Debbie realizes she has Davinia’s pony tail in a death grip and releases it ... she blushes softly and apologizes.

"That's all right ... as long as you left the ribbon in," Davinia replies, exhausted but very, very pleased ...

Debbie sat up and kissed Davinia passionately. She caresses Davinia’s breasts gently as she begins to make small kisses down her neck. Each kiss brings a new thrill and raises more goose flesh all down Davinia’s back. Debbie unfastens Davinia’s bra ... she tosses it off the bed. Debbie begins to kiss all down Davinia’s front bringing more passionate waves of pleasure surging to Davinia’s vagina making it throb with want.

Debbie’s lips finally kiss Davinia’s erect nipples. Davinia gasps at the intense thrill that runs all the way to her vagina. Debbie begins to blow softly on them ... Davinia gasps loudly at the intense rush ... goose flesh all over her body.

Debbie’s soft hand gently touches the flesh on Davinia’s tummy as it slowly and sensually moves to between her legs. A most electrifying caress. Davinia is breathless as Debbie softly rubs the nylon cloth covering Davinia’s throbbing vagina. Each caress causes the most intense feelings of passion and desire Davinia has ever felt.

Debbie says so softly, “Lift up so I can take off your tights and panties.”

Davinia lifts her bottom from the bed ... before she can even get all the way up ... Debbie has almost pulled her panties and tights off. Davinia falls back to the bed as Debbie passionately pulls the tights and panties the rest of the way down her legs and tosses them aside.

Debbie giggles softly as she very gently touches Davinia’s vagina with her finger. An intense tingle runs all through Davina. Debbie bends over and softly blows on Davina’s special place. The most intense rush runs through out Davinia’s body. Hot flashes course through her as goose flesh rises.

Davinia feels Debbie’s tongue softly explore the soft lips of her opening. Each soft pass brings more intense pleasure. Debbie begins to blow softly and tease Davinia’s special place with the tip of her tongue.

Davinia is helplessly gasping as Debbie deeply explores her opening with her tongue.
She feels Debbie’s softly probing finger. An electric tingle all through her brings more passion as Debbie’s finger penetrates for the first time.

Davinia gasps softly as a sudden surprising tearing feeling brings a sharp pain. Debbie pushes her finger in again. Davinia is helpless. Each thrust of Debbie’s finger feels better that the last as more passion builds in Davinia’s heart.

Davinia has the most electric and intense orgasm she has ever had in her life. Even as a man ... this was absolutely the best.

Davinia holds Debbie lovingly in her arms. Debbie is perhaps the most adorable girl she has ever seen. Debbie thinks Davinia is the most beautiful girl she has ever seen.

As the shadows grow long in the house. The sound of passionate love makes sweet music.
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