Escape – Pt1 & Pt2

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Escape – Pt1 & Pt2

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Title: Escape – Pt1


Megan Gatta - 30yo widdow - Played by: Miki Yamuri

Chris Malzer - 18yo runaway - Played by: dmg

Scene: A dark alley as it begins to snow

It was very dark and cold. This winter was proving to be the harshest one since Chris Maltzer had run away from his abusive alcoholic father. He was only 16 the night his dad had come home drunk and had almost beaten him to death. By sheer luck, he had managed to escape the house and vanish.

The last 2 years had been fairly easy living. There were many who eagerly attempted to aid him. This winter, things had changed drastically and times had become hard for many. He had began seeing many more people on the streets homeless.

Now, he was 18, alone, and freezing cold. As he sat and shivered in the dark alley on the edge of town, it had began to snow ... lightly at first ... then increasingly more heavily. Off in the distance, on a lonely hill, he saw the glow from the large bay windows on the front of the Widow Gatta's house. He was sure he could probably get a warm place to sleep in her shed or something for the night. Slowly, he stands, his joints stiff with the cold, and begins to walk towards the house.

Chris rubs both of his arms as his denim jacket was the only thing that he grabbed from home 2 years previously. He knew that Mrs Gatta would have some extra room on her premises. Chris was never a freeloader and would work while inside someone's house to pay for his stay, and would do no less here. He gets to the door and knocks on it. And prayed to G_D that He would be merciful to him that night.

Megan Gatta was a very beautiful and shapely woman who had lost her husband and daughter in a car accident. She had lived in this huge house all by herself for several years and didn't associate much with the standoffish populace of the small town.

She wanted for nothing, the life insurance policy had provided well, not to mention the payoff of the responsible party's insurance. No amount of money filled the empty place within her as she sat and watched the fire burning in the fireplace.

She heard a soft knock on the door. She looks up and out the large window and sees it was snowing heavily. The weather report had said the temperature had been hovering around 10 below since the sun went down. She stands up and pulls her gossamer house coat around her. The only thing she had on underneath, was a soft powder blue babydoll nighty and matching string bikini panties. She steps into her fuzzy slippers and answers the door. When she opens it, she sees a rather unkempt, handsome young man shivering on her stoop.

She says softly with wide eyes, "Yes? Can I help you young man? You look cold. Why in the world are you out on a night like this?"

"My name's Chris and ... I've ... been on the streets for two years ... Would you mind ... if I stayed for awhile? Just until this brutal cold snap is over? I'm not going to be a freeloader ... I'll work while I am staying here." said Chris as he tried to keep himself warm.

The weather before this cold snap was rainy and damp and just a bit cold. But not this bad. According to all reports, this was the coldest night since they had been keeping records ... He hoped the lady would let him stay.

Megan looked the young man over. His denim jacket was thread bare and almost too small for him. He definitely looked like he needed a bath and a good meal. Megan would love to have his company too, she was rather lonely. Besides, with a bath, this young man was very cute.

She says softly and demurely, "Come in ... please ... by all means. Let me get you some thing warm to drink, like hot chocolate?"

She takes Chris by his hand and escorts him to a thick fuzzy rug in front of the fire and motions for him to sit.

"Thank you so much" Chris said as he took off his shoes near the door. He then places his jacket on a hook near the door and sits on the rug that was near the fire. His hair had grown out which was some what a life saver during the fall and winter at times. Oddly his facial and body hair never grew, and he had remained small framed. Chris was thankful Megan let him in.

Megan says softly as she places a huge and thick pillow behind Chris and softly pushes him into it, "My name's Megan. If you just relax, I will make you something to eat ... and fix you some hot chocolate with marshmallows on top."

She gracefully turns and drapes her housecoat over the sofa, having on only the babydoll nighty and fuzzy slippers. Chris watches as this beautiful woman glides into the kitchen.

"Thank you again Megan." Chris said as he leans back on the pillow.

As he does so, he sees how very cute the older woman looked dressed in this very sexy babydoll nighty. Blushing slightly he turns to watch the fire in front of him, watching the flames dance and flicker to a music of their own. Like the simple cracklings of the flame would be a new beat. Very soothing for him at the moment, causing him to forget his troubles on the outside.

Megan stood in the kitchen and leaned against the sink. She had been toying with the idea of having a person living with her she could dress up and look really cute. She had originally toyed with the idea of another girl ... but this young man was the perfect opportunity.

She heated the milk in a sauce pan as she fixed a large turkey and cheese sandwich with all the trimmings. She cut the huge several layer sandwich into 4 equal parts so Chris would be able to handle it. She put a large hand full of Corn chips on the plate.

As she mixed the chocolate, she added a teaspoon of diuretic into the dark liquid before adding the whipped cream and topping it with a large marshmallow. She smiles to herself, the only clothes she has, are the cute little girl clothes she loved so much. They would fit him just perfect too, and he would have such a cute poofy hinny in the thick diapers she had. She so hoped he would be willing ... he was really cute.

She returns to the living room and snuggles up next to Chris on the pillow. She hands him the large plate and steaming cup of chocolate.

She coos softly, "Would you like to have a nice hot bubble bath after you eat? It would make you feel a whole lot better ... and make the evening a bit more ... interesting." She smiles as her beautiful blue eyes sparkle.

Chris saw that Megan returned and was thankful for the food.

"That would be nice actually." he said as he started to eat and drink slowly.

Normally, he would be a glutton and eat everything fast as if it was his last meal. The hot chocolate was really, really good. Even at this rate, after a few minutes he was done eating.

"I really appreciate this." he said to Megan.

Megan leans over and snuggles even closer to the young man. She toys with his hair playfully as she blows in his ear.

She coos, "Well, sweetie ... would baby need mommy to bathe him? It would be lots of fun. Promise." She giggles softly as she nibbles his ear.

Chris was paralyzed by what Megan was doing with him. He had never had a woman touch him like that before.

"Ye....yes....I would like that" he stuttered out.

Never having had this kind of contact before, this was like a high. Even though Chris never took drugs he was told how some of those things felt, although this was much better. He was getting rather uncomfortable in his pants as he began to get hard.

Megan giggles in cute manner as she begins to unbutton Chris' shirt. There were several buttons missing, so it didn't take long before she was caressing his chest lovingly with her soft hands.

She says quietly, "Ok, baby, finish your chocolate like a good boy so mommy can take you and give you a bath."

Megan then undid his worn belt, then unsnapped and unzipped his worn jeans. The release of the jeans provided relief to the uncomfortable pinching his hard manhood had caused. Chris nods cutely while blushing heavily and drinks the last of the hot chocolate.

Each gentle touch and caress was making him feel very light headed and excited. The young man was not sure what to do with himself. And lets Megan take control over the situation. He was confused and felt like jello.

Megan takes a soft hand full of Chris' crotch. His eyes get huge as he gasps. Megan can feel it as he looses control and begins to wet his pants. A large wet spot forms as the boy helplessly empties his bladder after having an orgasm.

Megan fakes a gasp of surprise, "Chris! What have you done?" She puts her hand to her mouth. “I can't have you doing that all over sweetie. It's ok ... it's just ... you have to be in a diaper if you can't help yourself this way."

Megan stands up and pulls Chris to his feet. It is very obvious he had wet his pants. The huge wet spot on the front of his jeans had bled to his bottom and partially down one leg.

Chris was horrified at this. He hoped that the pee had hidden the fact, Megan had made him cum with her super wonderful caresses.

"Maybe I’m coming down with something. I am so sorry" he gasps out and immediately agreed to what Megan said.

Anything could have happened in the streets, and it was dangerously cold out in the blizzard ... at this point he would do anything to stay in the house where it was warm. Maybe he ate something really bad this morning or something. Chris was heavily embarrassed from wetting his pants ... and the other thing too.

Megan puts her hands on her hips and sighs. She says softly, "I have ... clothes that would fit, and happen to have several diapers and lined panties that would fit you. Only thing though ... they're girl's clothes. As you can see, I'ma girl and don't have any men's clothes. I got rid of all my husband's clothes when he died."

She takes Chris by his hand and leads him into a very opulent bathroom, complete with whirlpool tub and multi-showerhead shower.

"That’s .. .fine, I'm sure once the cold snap is over I can go to a shelter and get some clothes" said Chris as he walked along with Megan.

He sees the bathroom and was blown away by it. For him it was huge. It was the largest and most well decorated restroom he had ever seen. Once he got in there with Megan though, Chris became unsure if he should take off his clothes or let Megan do it. All of this was soo odd for him.

Without preamble, Megan began to remove Chris’s clothes. He felt so aroused at having such a pretty woman undress him, he would let the older woman do what was best. He had never been with a girl before ... he had never dreamed this would happen when he came to the house and knocked either. It was a fantasy come true for this homeless boy.

Megan glides gracefully to the tub and stoppers it. She sets the water to a steamy delightfully warm. She takes a large bottle of pink liquid and pours a large amount into the water. Chris watches as many bubbles form and the wonderful smell of Honeysuckle fills the room. Megan turns and glides back to Chris and finishes removing his shirt, and ragged jeans and pulled his jockeys down around his ankles. She helps him into the tub and seats him with his back away from the spigots. Chris wonders, they look like solid gold.

Megan kisses him softly on his cheek as she coos, "Now, baby can start soaking while mommy takes care of his dirty clothes."

She gathers them up and leaves the room, leaving Chris to his thoughts in the very comfortable bath.

Chris nods and blushes softly again and slowly gets in the water. The warm water was doing wonders on his body. As some of the grime was coming off of him. The teen just gently submerges and comes back up. He spies the spigots ... touches them to see if they were painted or not. From the looks of things they were real.

He looks around the very large, and expensively decorated room ... and at the moment Chris felt he was at peace for the first time in his life.

Megan returns and stands beside the tub for a minute. She blushes an adorable pink. She then removes her babydoll top and wiggles out of her panties. She has small, but firm breasts with hard erect nipples. Chris' mouth falls open as he sees her completely nude vagina slit as she steps daintily into the bath. She sits between his legs with her's draped over his hips. She takes a large wash cloth and soaps it well

She begins first to carefully and sensually wash Chris’s face , then the rest of his body. She can feel his manhood as it begins to harden again between her legs.

She smiles softly as she asks, "Have you ever ... taken a bath with a girl before sweetie?"

She reaches down with the cloth and begins to caress him softly between his legs while washing him at the same time.

"Uhm ... the only ... time was with my mommy. She died when I was seven. She ... she went out to get something for me. She got into a accident. " Chris whimpered softly as he became emotional and began to cry at this point.

He tears up a bit and wiped it quickly away trying not to cry in front of this beautiful woman. This was his first time with a girl and he didn’t want be embarrassed. He was not the kind of person to heap all of his troubles on to another anyway.

Megan was truly touched in her heart as she scoots closer to Chris and begins to rub his hardness on her cute little privacy.

She coos softly, "Let’s make this a really fun bath, shall we?"

She then kisses him on his lips. Chris can feel her wiggly tongue begin to explore his lips. He opens his mouth and she inserts it quickly. She explores the inside of his mouth until she finds his tongue, then entwines her's with his. As soon as she finds his tongue, she scoots close and inserts his throbbing hardness into her moist wiggly opening.

She wiggles and squirms into position as it penetrates. She can feel herself opening as a wonderful tingle spreads through her, making her nipples harder and tingly. She clamps her muscles down and squeezes his manhood inside her, causing his eyes to get large and him to gasp out loudly around the French Kiss she was giving him.

Chris was totally helpless when Megan decided to have her way with him. The erotic play was mind blowing since he was a virgin. He kissed with her and then played with her nipples ... and several other things he hoped would please a woman. His thing throbbed within her folds. HE super quickly could feel the pressure and an over powering need building in him ... he was going to cum soon as he lost his virginity to Megan

Megan began to move her hips back and forth as she squeezed her muscles deep inside her. This enhanced the waves of pleasure she experienced as she made love to Chris. It had been so long since she had someone to love ... it was wonderful. She became more passionate as she kissed Chris deeply. Chris helplessly moaned as she rapidly brought him closer and closer to orgasm. She knew he was going to cum super quickly, but that was ok ... to feel a virgin’s first cum inside her would be super wonderful in itself. Besides, she was sure this young man would want to do this a lot more ... and maybe he would be willing to do ... something else too.

This was too good for Chris as he was getting laid by an extremely beautiful Megan. He was very helpless in her clutches. He feels the burning passion within this woman. He did his best to return it to Megan as she was already doing so much for him. He knew he couldn’t hold it. Everytime he thought he had it controlled, Megan would wiggle her hips or squeeze her vigina in a way that totally took it all away and brought him even loser to the edge.

"I'll...try and hold...on....I think.....I might be Cumming” he said to her in a gasp.

As he had reached his limits. He had never had sex before and did not have much endurance for sexual things just yet. But hoped that this would make them both feel good.

Megan made it her priority to make Chris enjoy her. She did everything possible to make him cum as fast as she could. She thrust one last time ... she feels his stiffness deep inside her as she squeezes and caresses it with her vaginal muscles. She feels Chris as he begins to tremble and the soft throb of his member deep inside her. She gasps softly as she feels the warm wetness of his virgin cum inside her yearning place. She has waves of extremely pleasant sensations run though her as large goose bumps rise all over her.

She caresses Chris and runs her hands through his hair as she coos softly, "That's a good boy."

She kisses him passionately as she decides then and there ... he's going to become her sissy babydoll Love Pet. She can’t let him go .... he has to be willing .. he just .... has to. Even if he wants to become a girl eventually after all the hormones and things ... that would be all right ... he just has to stay.

Chris feels the mind blowing orgasm wrack his body. He moans loudly as his member fills Megan's privacy. Panting loudly he rests against her. Cuddling slightly from the after glow of sex. He was being very cute about it.

He was still a bit dirty and his hair was tangled up and matted from street grime. At this point Megan could do anything she wanted to him, he didn’t care. Other things were going through his head. Would he have a home to stay in finally instead of being on the streets ... and someone that could look out for him? Again it was too much for Chris to think about right now.

Megan picks up another bottle with pink liquid in it. She pours a generous amount of it into his hair and begins to massage his scalp. The sweet smell of Strawberries fills his nose. His head rapidly fills with pink bubbles as she washed his long hair. As Mega rinses it, his hair curls adorably as it become soft and shiny.

She Takes the wash Cloth and finishes washing all the rest of the places she had missed in the first place, as she continues to move her hips, and keeps his manhood stiff within her.

She coos softly, "Can baby cum for me again?" As she begins to slowly move up and down on his hardness.

Chris smells the shampoo that was used on him. A very sweet smell which he did not mind at all. The scalp massage that Megan was doing felt so good. Even though it was just washing his hair. As she continues to wash him Chris gets hard again for Megan.

"I ... I can't refuse you ... now can I?" he asked blushing heavily.

Megan continued to make love to Chris as she smears his body with a thick gel. Unknown to Chris, this permanently removed all of what little body and genital hair he had and prevented him from ever growing any, and left his skin smooth and soft in a way any girl would envy.

She finally moves off of Chris' hardness and begins to caress him there, applying a large amount of the gel. Any hair on his body disappears rapidly, leaving him completely smooth and soft skinned. His scalp hair had curled so adorably as it fell wet around his face and shoulders.

Megan was amazed at how pretty this young man was ... and how much he looked like a girl without any manipulations. She knew he would be so pretty and cute when she had finally finished ... any boy would love to have him ... and Chris was all hers.

Chris feels the gel being massaged onto his body but was so distracted by Megan, that he didn’t realize what was happening to him. He moans and feels tingles all over as she played with him down there. As she caressed him, Chris started to twitch his hardness several times. He slowly began to realize that he didn’t have any pubic hair. He also began to realize how his scalp hair had curled and hug around his shoulders. As Megan kisses his small nipples, he began feeling the wonderful pressure building within his loins once again.

Megan stands up and washes her privacy daintily with the cloth before rinsing herself off with the shower nozzle. She makes sure Chris gets a wonderful view of his first girl ... she wants him ready so she can feel his squirts quickly.

She puts on a wonderfully sexy display for Chris as she does it. She steps out of the bath onto a thick bathmat and grabs a towel from the rack. It's a hugely thick one. Megan helps Chris to stand up and rinses his body off with the spray nozzle. His hair falls about his shoulders in cute little girl ringlets. The rest of his body is soft and hair free.

Megan holds out the towel and says softly, "Now be a good little girl and step out so Mistress can dry her babydoll."

Megan stands with a beautiful smile on her face and lovely sparkly eyes as Chris gets out and walks over to Megan so she could dry him off. His body was very sensitive to touch and other sensations and felt very alive and different. His hair looked really cute and female which surprised him since his hair was normally straight and not quite so soft and full. He mused that it might have been the shampoo or a conditioner. What raised a mental eyebrow was the baby girl and babydoll comments. They raised a mental flag at first ... then he realized he did not mind it at all. He had sort of fantasized about being a girl as he watched them on the street. He had always longed to be pretty and dressed in cute clothes like the ones he saw around town.

Chris stands till for Megan to dry him off. She briskly dries his hair. This only enhanced the adorable way it curled and lay on his shoulders. She wraps him in the towel and drise his body briskly as well as she gently tickles him. She wraps him up in the towel where he can't flail his arms and fight, then bends him at the waist. Chris' eyes get huge as he feels Megan push something deep in his bottom 3 times. When she is done, she stands him back up. He can feel the hot wetness of them as they rapidly melt deep within his body.

Megan coos softly, "Now baby, you will have to be in a diaper. Mistress doesn't want baby having a messy accident. Now babies your age have accidents, that's why your in a diaper. Don't be upset when it happens, just let me know, and I will change you. Ok, sweet heart?"

She leads Chris to a counter that had a thick diaper and a cute pair of plastic lined white, blue, and pink rumba panties and a babydoll dress.

She pats the counter and coos, "Be a good babydoll and get up here."

"Wwwwwwwhats going on" Gasps out Chris in a surprised and amazingly effeminate voice.

Chris had become afraid after Megan wraps him up, then sticks three things into his butt. Chris had no idea what else was going on as Megan called herself a Mistress. Then calling him a baby and all and saying there would be accidents. Well he already had wet himself.

He looks at Megan. She stood completely nude with her hand on the padded counter. She was perhaps the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. He had just had the first sex he had ever had with her ... and it was incredible.

She had done nothing that had hurt him in any way ... quite the contrary. His body felt alive like it never had before, and the sensations of the melting things inside him made him feel so ... wonderful. He began to feel high and very contented as goose bumps rose on his skin. Waves of wonderful rushes ran all through him .. making him feel wonderful in a way he never had before.

He had a fantasy come true here with Megan ... if he just let her have her way. The street offered nothing but hardship and freezing cold ... Besides, he had no clothes or anything that would handle the bitter cold. He shrugs mentally and decides he is getting a fantasy of his fulfilled and willingly gets on to the counter. It felt very soft and comfortable.

Chris finds himself lifted by his ankles and his butt placed in the embrace of a very soft and comfortable diaper. It was very thick. Megan powdered him well before pulling it between his legs and pinning it snugly but comfortably on him with locking diaper pins.

Megan coos softly, "Well, it's like this sweetheart, all those dirty filthy rags you wore in here. I burned in the fire place. Mistress didn't want her babydoll ever in those dirty things again."

Megan bends suddenly and blows a noisy and tickly raspberry in Chris's tummy. He screeches and kicks and squirms like any baby would. He finds he really can’t help it as the soft and pleasant infantile feelings begin to creep into his mind.

Megan helps Chris to sit up ... his diaper felt so strange, yet comforting at the same time.

Megan holds out the panties and coos softly, "Now be a good baby and step into your panties."

Chris felt the diaper enclose on him. It felt so odd and alien to him but it was so comfortable. It was so thick that he might have some trouble walking. When he heard that his clothes were now charcoal he slightly freaked. They had his wallet and whatever money he had in them.

A tactful raspberry made him forget his worries as he screeched and kicked his feet as he giggled like any little girl would in this situation. That felt oddly good for him. Chris complies with her wishes as he gets off the counter and steps into the plastic lined lacy rumba panties.

"What’s going to happen to me?" he asks in a strangely female voice that shocked him as he stepped into the panties.

Megan pulled the panties up over the hugely thick diaper and insured it fit properly between Chris' legs. She pats him on the hinny softly as he feels more than hears the soft click as she locks the small golden lock in back of the panties. He was now unable to get out of them without Megan unlocking them.

Megan coos softly, "I saved your wallet and all those papers you had with you. Now, what will happen to you? Why sweetie, you now have a wonderful place to live, A Mistress who will love you and take wonderful care of you, and all you have to do is be my little girl Babydoll. The change has already started. Those suppositories mommy gave you, will make sure u can’t help yourself being a baby, and make your body stop producing testosterone and start producing estrogen." Megan pats Chris on his Hinny softly once again as she hands him a large whitish yellow pill and a sippy cup of red juice. "Now be a good babydoll and take your vitamin, we want you to grow into a cute and beautiful little girl. Your voice is already changing, and in a very few months, you will have such cute gumdrop booby bumps."

Chris hears this and was ecstatic! He had a place to live. But looking at the pill he knew the life he had was over. This woman had cared for him. She had fed him, cleaned him, made love to him, and dressed him. So much more than his drunken dad had ever done for him.

He carefully took the pill from Megan as he thought about all she was offering him. All he had to do ... was give up being a boy. This was actually something he had been fantasizing about for a long time. He raises his hand and placed the pill in his mouth and drank from the sippy cup. The pill went down the hatch. He shivers slightly ... he knows what kind of pill an Ortho is. He hopes it doesn’t hurt.

"Does ... this mean I can call you mommy?" he asked in his increasingly female voice.

Megan hugs Chris gently as she pats his hinny, "Yes sweetie, from now on, your my little girl. You have a complete wardrobe, and all those rags are gone."

She takes Chris by his hand and walks him to a vanity and seats him. Chris sees a very adorable little girl looking back at him from the reflection with big round eyes and moth open in surprise.

Megan takes a stiff bristled brush and begins to brush Chris’s' hair until it curled even more adorably. She gathers it into 2 cute only tails and puts scrunches that had little orange ladybugs and black spots.

Meagan coos softly, "There are other perks as well sweetie. I hope there are many repeats of our bath together too. I really enjoyed that. I hope you did too. I have lots of fun toys for you to experience. I'm sure, by the time the snows melt and spring comes, your booby bumps will have sprouted too." Megan picks up the cute babydoll dress and holds it over Chris’s' head before continuing, "Hold up your arms like a good little girl so mommy can put your dress on you."

Chris was amazed how he looked in the mirror. Staring back at him, was a very young girl no older then 10 or 12. He lets Megan do what she needs to do with him. The young man or now babydoll listens to his mommy.

The new Babydoll hears the perks and then the kicker that he was going to have breasts.

"I ... I would like that a lot mommy" he or she replies in his new adorable voice.

Chris obediently raises his arms so he can be a good baby to Megan. Chris felt very safe now and did not care what would happen to him now

Megan fits Chris's hands into the puffy sleeves of the cute little dress and pulls it down over his head. He shivers with the tingly feeling the silk of the dress caused. When it was on, Megan pulled his ponytails from the collar and buttoned it in back. She helped Chris to his feet and fitted a white lace pinafore over his arms and tied it in back in a big bow.

Chris heard Megan drop something at his feet, He looks down and sees the dress is short enough that it shows off the lace of the leg openings of his panties and the first couple of rows of ruffles on his bottom. On the floor, was a shiny black pair of Mary Jane straps.

Megan coos softly, "Step into your shoes sweet heart, and mommy will fasten the straps."

Chris stepped into the shoes with very careful steps as he held onto Megan for balance.

The diaper and dress were new. The feeling of it on his skin was just so soft and ... everything just felt so right. Chris had many overwhelming new feelings and sensations running all through his body .... he couldn’t help himself and just broke out in giggles.
Chris felt the material of the dress and then the panties over her diaper. At that moment Chris was forever changed. He knew he was going to be a Babydoll for this very beautiful mommy.

"Does this mean by spring I'll be a real girl" Chris asked in wonder.

He puts his hand between his legs and squeezes. He begins to get a weird desire. He really would love to know how boobies would feel and not having a thing down there. A small tingle of fear runs down his spine as he realizes he is really starting to want this. His most far fetched fantasy was being handed to him ... he was helpless in it grasp. The desire to be female over powered him and he was afraid of the new strength it had.

His head buzzed and he had many strange sensations running through his body in tingly waves. He was truly beginning to feel ... like the girl he so much looked like. He really hoped Megan didn’t get upset ... but he knew he was going to be unable to resist gender reassignment.

Megan bent over and buckles the straps on Chris' Mary Janes.

She stands up and coos softly, "You'll be as close to being a girl as mommy can make you sweet heart. If you promise to take your vitamins 3 times a day like a good baby, you will be really adorable by spring. In about 3 months, you will notice them developing really nicely. I have wanted for so long to have someone as my Babydoll Love Pet, and now ... mommy has you. I have a present for you too sweetie."

Chris agrees to what Megan said. He was so relieved ... with he was fine becoming a girl. Besides, the urge was now irresistible as all the hormones and other chemicals Megan had given him spread through him. Chris was going to be a good baby, he really didn’t want to be on the streets again.

Chris giggles and bounces on his toes with joy as he asked in his cute female voice, "And what’s tha present mommy?"

Chris had an adorably curious look on her face now. She wondered what kind of present her mommy was going to give her. Whatever it was, Chris was sure it was good for her. He was so happy .... Megan had fulfilled his life ... and was still doing more.

Megan reached into her pocket and removed an ebony black box. It was 6 inches long, 3 inches wide, and 2 inches deep.

Megan coos softly as she hands it to Chris, "With this, your new name is Crystal. That way, we still call you Chris."

Megan giggles. She opens the box for Chris. Inside is a beautiful choke collar necklace with a gold setting. Within the setting, is the largest Diamond he had ever seen. Megan takes it out and fastens it around Chris' neck.

She coos softly as she kisses him on his lips, "With this, I officially take posetion of you. You're now my property and belong to me. You have no rights except those Mistress gives to you. Is that clearly understood? Any misbehaving on your part will result in me spanking you and other punishments. From this moment on ... you are mine. The collar is a very special one too. It is now a genetic part of your body and will cause you to be as female as you possibly can. From this point on, there’s no way out. You .. are my Babydoll."

Chris saw the object, it was very, very pretty. She then feels the choker around her neck ... again this felt so very right. It turned him off that he was property. But she was so nice and very loving ... Still, he belonged to no one and started to protest. It died within him when the soft click of the clasp closing came ... Chris no longer cared ... he knew in his soul he was Megan’s property for ever. It was like an intense sexual experience ... he even felt himself cum in his diaper.

"I understand mommy" she said and hugged Megan as lovingly as he could muster from his heart.

Chris had somewhere that he belonged. Coming to Megan’s house had been sheer luck. He was unable to remember much of anything about being a boy suddenly. All he could remember, was Megan and her in the bath ... and all that happened after. It seemed ... he was reborn at that moment ... and everything before that never happened.

Megan takes Chris by the hand and escorts her to the dining room.

Megan coo softly, "See that high chair over there sweet heart? From now on, when mommy feeds you a major meal, you will be sitting in that. Isn't that wonderful? I have another surprise for my baby girl too."
She escorts Chris to the living room and she sits on the large sofa. She pulls Chris into her lap and cradles him in her arms comfortably. Megan's right breast was in easy reach of his mouth. The only clothes she had on, were the bikini bottoms of her nighty she had put on in the bathroom while she dressed him.

She gives the nipple of her right breast a squeeze several times. A large whitish clear drop forms.

As she puts the nipple in Chris' mouth she softly coos, "It's been a while since I breast fed a baby, and it may take a while for me to flow fully, but I have kept is active all this time since my daughter passed. Now, you can nurse like a good baby should."

Chris followed Megan by the hand as she shows her the high chair. Chris knew that babies couldn’t normally feed them selves and understood he was too young to. Mommy would feed him from now on.

Then, Megan had another surprise for her Babydoll as they sat down and Chris was settled in her mommy's arms. Chris was shocked on the inside as she brought a breast out. Chris sees the droplet and then the nipple was put into her mouth. Chris was totally helpless as she begins to gently suckle from his mommy.

He felt it as it came into his mind ... he was helpless as he tried to resist ... then it didn’t matter ... Babydoll truly loved the milk coming from her mommy’s body and moaned and grunted softly like a baby. He was so over whelmed by the wonderful the taste and the experience. He knew ... but it was so normal too ... The collar gently did the job it was designed to do ... Make the wearer into the best Babydoll they possibly could be ... but still allow them to realize it was happening.

Megan allows her new Love Pet to nurse as much as she wanted. By the time Chris had fallen asleep, Megan knew he had wet his diaper again. She gently pulls open the front of Chris’s panties and diaper and checks. Sure enough, Chris had wet, although not badly.

She gently wakes Chris, then helps him to his feet. Megan takes his left hand and makes it into a fist with his thumb extended. She puts the thumb into Chris' mouth.

She coos softly as she kisses him on his cheek, "A good baby will shuck her thumb. I have many Cd's for you to go to sleep by. They will help you become the perfect Sissy Baby."

Chris suddenly had the habit of sucking her thumb. She loved how it felt in her mouth and how comforting it was. She also knew ... this was a brand new thing that her mommy had just told her to do ... she was so happy it happened ... but sorta wished she could have developed it on her .... then she didn’t care ... that thought was washed away by a super contented one that made him feel good all over.

Megan escorts him into the bedroom and has him get into bed with her. She has him lie on his back. Megan lifts Chris by his ankles and pulls his panties down after she unlocks them with a golden key around her neck. She then undoes the locking diaper pins and removes Chris' moist diaper and drops it on the floor.

Megan coos softly, "Mommy has a toy I want to introduce you to sweetie."

She then rolls over and opens a drawer in the nightstand. Chris watches as she removes a large Dildo Vibrator that had a large tube of some kind filled with a white substance. On the far end of the tube, was a squeeze bulb.

Megan says softly, "This will be a unique experience for you, but I want my little girl to know what vaginal sex feels like."

Chris' eyes get huge as Megan turns the toy on and begins to rub the base of his thing on the bottom, above where his scrotum attached. Slowly, She begins to apply pressure ... Chris gasps at the intensity as he can feel himself being penetrated in an impossible place.

Chris never felt anything like this before. He was so sure ut should hurt ... but instead, he felt intense sensations as the vibrating toy penetrated him there. He knew he didn’t have an opening there ... but he also knew ... the toy was entering him like he did.

Chris’s new mommy was going to make him feel what it’s like when a girl is penetrated in her vagina. At first the giant dildo freaked him out. But she trusted Megan as she would never ever hurt him. It was super good as Chris was moaning and gasping like a girl should. He grasps hold of the bed sheets as it was so intense.

As this was going on. Chris has a thought ... that this is what his mommy felt when he was doing her. As good as it was for him then, this was far more intense than when he had sex as a boy.

Megan pushed it into Chris between where the base of his penis was .... and the top of his scrotum attached at the base. Chris couldn't believe how good it felt as wave after pleasant wave pulsed through him with each of Megan’s thrusts.

"M ... mommy,” Chris Squeaks softly and makes an adorable grunting sounds, “that’s ... tha .. that’s ... so ...” squeaks and gasps adorably, “so .. s ... so weird .. a .. an ... intense." squeaked Chris breathlessly as he was penetrated like a girl.

As Chris began to gasp and squeak, Megan increased the speed of her thrusts until suddenly, she squeezed the ball at the end of the tube. Chris' eyes get huge as he feels the warm wet surging of the gel ... inside him? He can't believe how this felt. He was sure ... he had just been penetrated .... and cum inside of. The collar imparted an extremely feminine fulfillment at that point. Chris knew .. he wasn’t a boy any longer as he squirted several huge messy squirts himself.

Was that how they felt when girls had something put into them like that? Chris wondered. He now understood why so many girls got pregnant all the time ... it felt that good. Chris’s body was semi limp and felt like jello. Chris just laid there enjoying the afterglow of a female orgasm as Megan licked up all the white gooshy stuff. It was just a few more steps until she was a real Babydoll girl pet for mommy.

Megan snuggles up close and takes his Simi limp manhood into her hand and begins to caress it softly. She kisses Chris on his lips.

She coos softly, "Sweetie, Mommy has been so lonely. I will never let you go ... ever. You belong to me now, and I promise I will take very good care of you."

With this, Megan scrunches down and takes Chris's manhood into her mouth and begins to suck. She wiggles her tongue all around the underside of the head and licks up and down as often as she could. Chris lay there helplessly as Megan sucked up and down his swollen shaft.

Chris's member came up again for Megan without any trouble as she licked him good. The orgasm from earlier made him feel very limp at first, but Megan was very skillful and it rose up hard again quickly.

Chris also knew loneliness himself. Being on the streets on his own without anyone can be very painful.

Chris gasps out in a truly female voice, "I .. was lonely until I met you mommy. It was the bestus thingy ta happen to me in my life when I knocked on your door."

Megan pulls his member from her mouth with a loud tingly *SLURP!* Chris gasps loudly as the intense sensation runs through him.

Megan coos softly, "I have something else for baby. I want you to experience this as often as possible too. I'm going to make you not only my baby, but my little girl too."

With this, she takes a toy and turns it on. Chris can hear its soft buzz. He looks down as she lubricates it ... and begins to play at the base of his shaft. His eyes get big as she hits many really sensitive places. At the very heart of the most sensitive place, She pushes in. He gasps loudly as his eyes get huge. He expected it to hurt ... quite the contrary. The intensity of the sensations were incredible as he feels himself being penetrated in that impossible way again.

Megan begins to push slowly in and out ... into what?? Chris was in shock as he felt the toy enter him in an that impossible place. If he didn't know better, he was sure he had a vagina. He knew there was just .. skin?? Wasn’t there?

He was learning as many sissy boys eventually do, that they have a vagina hidden under their skin. Megan knew just where his prostatic utricle was ... and that the skin was elastic enough to allow for him to experience vaginal penetration.

Chris is gasping and squeaking as he was being penetrated like this. Was he a she now or something else as it was so hard to explain it. This felt too good for words.

"ahhhhh.....ahhhhh.....t...thats....sssso goooood" he gasps out between thrusts.

Megan thrust the toy into him again and again, very slowly exploring him and watching his reactions. She knew she had to find his sensitive places ... just like any other girl.

Megan giggles softly as she once again takes his shaft into her mouth and begins to suck. Between the sucking, and the buzzing penetration of the toy, Chris lost his mind. He had no coherent thoughts. Wave after intense wave of sheer sexual pleasure coursed though his body. By the time Megan felt his shaft begin to throb, and she swallows the thick, slippery, salty tasting mass ... Chris was a totally helpless limp wreck.

Chris again just laid there on his back panting as he tried to focus his eyes. The waves of pleasure did there number on him again. He would be very open and willing for whatever Megan wanted with her Love Pet now. There would be no resistance from him anymore and he was glad and very willing. He was very open for any suggestive idea Megan might have. Chris thought he was out from the looks of it since his member didn’t look like it would come back up. Little did he know ... his member didn’t even need to get hard for him to experience penetration and the intense pleasure it brought. He would learn this ... and very soon if Megan had anything to say about it ... and she .. was in total control.

Megan lifted Chris by his ankles after cleaning him a bit with sweet smelling baby wipes. Chris finds his bottom caressed in a super thick diaper. Megan lifts him by his ankles once again, Chris can feel her pushing something like her thumb deep into his bottom. He can feel it as it penetrates him deeply. She does this a total of 3 times before setting him back in the open diaper. Chris knows these are the suppositories that will make his body unable to help itself as far as going potty and also make him stop producing Testosterone and start producing more estrogen.

He is afraid of loosing his potty training and sort of afraid of loosing his manhood. He is willing to do it though, because he wants more than anything to be a girl at this point ... and he knows ... Megan is making it happen.

Megan blows a large, noisy raspberry into Chris' tummy making him screech and kick. All worries and fears are lost in the intense infantile glee of this loving act.

Megan then powders him well, before pulling the diaper between his legs and pining it on with locking diaper pins.
She helps him to his feet and holds out his lined rumba panties as she coos, "Step into your panties like a good girl. I put some suppositories in your bottom. They will destroy the nerves there and make sure you go potty like a baby should. Don't be embarrassed ... you won't be able to help yourself anymore."

Chris carefully stepped into the panties, he was still a bit lightheaded. Thinking about the diapers and not needing to use the potty sounded very fun now. He shivers with the sudden change of feelings. He is no longer afraid, but is looking forward to being a Babydoll.

"Why would I be embarrassed? I'ma Babydoll. I don't knows how to use the potty cuz mommy no want me to." he said unable to sound like anything but a little girl for mommy Megan.

This was going to be her new life. So might as well enjoy it because there was no going back again. The collar insured that.

Megan kisses Chris on his nose as she takes his hand. She leads him into the living room by the fireplace. She turns on the TV to the Science Fiction Theater. Oracle was playing. The 2 Female explorers were inside the temple looking over the artifacts they had recovered that day. Megan walked back to the sofa and snuggled up to Chris and hugged him.

She coos softly, "You're mine now sweetie, and you will never have to be cold and hungry on the street again."

"I know mommy and thank you" Chris said in his adorably cute female voice as she hugs her mommy.

Chris snuggles close to her enjoying the warmth and scent of his new mommy. Chris tries to stay awake but was slowly falling asleep. Being a bit of a trooper Chris manages to fight the loosing battle for 30 more minutes.

That was until something happened to her and with a gasp she started to have a accident. At first, Chris didn’t take notice of the fact he had to go poopies. He could feel the pressure in his tummy. Suddenly, he gets a really cute expression of wide eyed surprise as he feel waves inside him begin to push. He can feel wave after wave as it happens and is unable to do anything about it. The harder he tries to stop it ... the more he helps it happen. He feels it as the waves cause it to squish into his diaper and makes a weird feeling warm lump beneath him.

"Mommy....I need a change.......and I am getting sleepy." she gasps to Megan as it was starting to fill the diaper.

Megan looks at Chris lovingly and smiles at her cute poopie face.

Megan coos softly, "Is babykens goin potty?"

Megan pulls Chris' dress up and pulls open the back of his panties and diaper. Chris had gone potty just as she knew he would.

She continues in her sweet cooing voice, "Baby no ever gonna grow up. Now mommy make it aww better."

She takes Chris back to the potty room and removes his panties and messy diaper. After she soaks it out in the commode, she wrings it out and tosses it into a diaper pail. She cleans Chris’s' bottom and squeaky places with a baby wipe.

She again puts him in a super thick, and very soft Babykins diaper and pins it comfortably on after she inserted 3 more suppositories in his bottom. Chris realizes, he will never again be potty trained as Megan pulls up his panties.

She walks him out of the potty into a room he hadn't been in before. It was dimly lit, and the only thing he could see was a bed ... that had rails around it. It wasn't a crib so much, as it was a bed for a very little girl, that had rails to keep her from falling out.

Megan lowers the side rail and helps Chris into bed and tucks her in. Megan gives Chris a very soft and cuddly Teddy Bear and a loving kiss on his lips.

Megan coos softly as she places a warm bottle of milk in his lips and props it on a pillow, "Good night baby. Sleep well and sweet dreams. That bottle has lotsa of good stuff in it to help a little girl feel and look soo pretty and feminine."

As Chris nursed the bottle, his tummy became very warm and his eyes heavy ... he looks out the window one last time before going off to sleep in his warm new bed. It is snowing very hard. He is so thankful ... he had found a mommy ... and a new home ... at last, he had his fondest wish come true as well ... he was finally becoming a girl.

~~ End Pt1~~
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Escape – Pt2

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Title: Escape Pt2 - Transformation


Megan Gatta - 30yo widow

Chris Malzer - 18yo runaway

Scene: In Chirs' new Nursery


Several months have passed since Chris became the Babydoll Pet to Megan. He starts to wake up but feels a bit of extra weight on his chest. Tentatively, she looks under what she was wearing and saw two small mounds growing. Mentally, this shocked him greatly and brought him great joy ... that and having wet her diaper.

"Mommmy, come here please.” she said hoping her mommy would ease her troubled mind over her wet diaper.

Megan walked out of the hall into Chris's nursery. She walks to the bed and lowers the rail and hugs her softly as she kisses him on his nose.

Megan says in a soft coo, "What’s wrong sweetie? Mommy will fix it if I can.”

Megan then straightens out the front of Chris' babydoll top so that his new budding booby bumps poked out.

"I'm ... I'm wet."he or now she said in an adorable voice. “ I gots boobies!” as he pokes them out proudly.

In his mind, he was still not used to be thinking like a girl. The collar he wore still allowed some traces of being a boy in the mind. So she was still freaked out about it but at the same time accepted it. Megan sat next to Chris and hugged her lovingly.

She coos reassuringly, "Sweetheart, you have been on hormones since you escaped from the streets and came to be my baby. I want you to be an adorable little girl ... and you are well on your way."

Megan caresses his cute little boobies with her hand, sending wonderful thrills thought Chris.

Megan continues, "Your hinny has gotten to be so round an cute ... and look at your body ... you have a wonderful figure any girl would die for."

Chris glances over to the mirror on his vanity. The cute little girl looking back surprised him still. He couldn't believe he was more girl than boy now. The touch on Chris's budding breasts made some very pleasurable sensations going through her. The boy knew that he was not going to be a male ever again.

"I'm sorry mommy there is still some boy stuff in me" Chris said in his female voice.

Chris hugged back, seeking more comfort from Megan her mommy. After the hug though Chris wondered how big her boobies would get. There was one little tiny fear within him.

"Will ... baby have a privacy ... like mommy?" she asked not knowing any better.

Megan giggles softly as she checks his diaper.

Megan coos softly, "You know you already have one sweetheart. But mommy doesn't really want your clitty to be removed ... I enjoy it a whole lot. Don't you enjoy mommy pleasing it too?"

Chris knew that mommy liked to have her fun. But the confusing mind switching and from changing from a boy to a girl. Was the thing that his currant mind was not getting. There was some part of Chris's mind that wanted to try and grip on to the thing that was penetrating her.

"I do want to keep you happy mommy." she said and hugged Megan

Megan takes Chris by the hand and escorts him to the potty room. She strips him down and wipes his squeaky places with several sweet smelling baby wipes before helping him into the warm bubbly water for his morning bath. She washes him clean using the depilatory soap that insured his skin remained hair free and soft.

She helps him out of the tub and dries him briskly from head to foot after rinsing him with the spray nozzle. She then diapers him in a very thick clothe diaper before standing him on his feet on the fuzzy bathmat

She holds out a pair of cute plastic lined panties with adorable little kitties in many colors and coos, "Step into your panties like a good little girl."

Chris always liked the bath and really saw the two bumps on her chest. Maybe if they grew out more maybe she would be a bit more accepting of herself. As it was now, they were really cute. Another thing she loved now were the diapers. They were so soft and warm and so protecting that she did not want to wear anything else. When seeing the panties, Chris had to giggle as they were so cute and steps into them.

Megan pulls them up over the thick diaper and insures they are on properly so her baby wouldn't leak.

She coos, "Now, baby is too young to have to wear much else in the way of clothes." She pats Chris reassuringly on his bottom. "Now step into these cute little slippers and mommy will take you to your high chair for breakfast."

Megan drops a pair of green, fuzzy, googley eyed slippers on the floor in front of Chris. She bends over and helps him into them before taking him by the hand and leading him to the kitchen and his highchair.

Normally, Chris would be having some kind of dress on. But lately mommy just wanted her in a diaper and panties. There was a soft sigh as mommy gave love pats to her. She walks with mommy and gets into the high chair for mommy. Baby was hungry today and she wanted something yummy.

"What’s for breakfast mommy" Chris asked since baby didn’t know what she was going to get. But then again mommy always got something good for her.

Megan returned to Chris after she had helped him in and fasted the tray in place insuring he couldn't get out by himself. She placed a bowl in front of him that had steaming hot grits with butter, eggs, and some turkey sausages all cut into baby bite sizes.

Megan coos, "Now open up so the plane can land in the hangar." She stirs the mixture with the spoon, then takes a scoop and begins to make airplane noises as she loops and swings the spoon all around heading to ward’s baby's mouth.

Chris opens his mouth wide for mommy to feed her. She knew that she was very secure in the high chair. Chris decided to make things a bit dirty, and allowed some food to get on to her face and all over her body. Chris had started loving making baby messes.

Chris squeaks adorably, "Yummy! Mommy? Can I go out and play later?"

Megan giggles as she replies, “Surely baby, your sand box and swing set are out back with your tricycle. There is a park where some of the other mommies and there babydolls go that would be really fun for you too.”

Megan laughs and has lots of fun feeding Chrissie.

She coos softly, "We'll see sweetie. Today, mommy mostly wants to look at your cute budding booby bumps."

She reaches over and caresses them softly. Chrissie gasps at the intenseness of the caress on his newly forming boobies. He looks down, he could fill an A cup bra with no problems now. His waist had narrowed and he had developed a cute round girly butt too. No one would believe he was a boy ... unless of course they removed his diaper. Megan refused to allow anyone to do that but her.

"Alrighty mommy ... lissen, I want my ... my thingy removed. I wana make sure I leave my old self. So I can be your real little girl ... I know we would lose something. But I wana be like mommy" Chris said to Megan in a whiny voice.

Chrissie realized she was mentally becoming a girl and wanted to have a full female body.

Megan looked at Chrissie for a minute before she replied, "Mommy loves ... your thingy sweetie. Are you sure you want to have it removed and just have a privacy? Just to please you, I will have a Dr. Friend do it for us if that's what you want. I will go and buy lots of love toys for us too ... so we won't miss out on making love."

She bends and kisses Chrissie on his lips softly and lovingly. It made his head swim.

"I know you would miss it mommy, but we would gain a lot more from this. " whined Chris as she was kissed by mommy.

Mommy's kisses always made Chrissie’s head swim. After kissing, Chrissie speaks up to Megan.

"We call still play until dat time ... but baby needs mama's milk right now." Chris said.

Megan unlocks the tray on Chrissie's high chair and helps him to his feet. She takes his hand and slowly walks him to the sofa. She smiles at his waddle. She knows Chrissie probably doesn't even realize he's been doing it for months. She sits and takes him into her arms and cradles him comfortably. She unties the strap of her top and reveals one of her lovely breasts and puts it's swollen nipple in his mouth. The warm, watery, sweet taste of breast milk fills his mouth.

Chris does not know that she has been waddling. But it felt natural to the baby doll now. Then was lifted into his mommy's loving arms. Then mommy took off of her top and then placed her nipple into his mouth. And then started to nurse like a good baby. She knew that mommy's milk was flowing a lot easier now. It was so yummy and made Chris feel so contented and safe.

Megan lovingly rocked Chrissie as she hummed a lullaby about Stepping Stones and the returning to childhood. Chrissie's tummy began to get warm and full. His eyes heavy. The next thing he knew, he was to Megan's shoulder and was having his hinny gently patted. He was so glad he had wandered to Megan's door that cold winter night.

Many months pass

No one could tell that Chrissie wasn't a real girl in any way, unless they removed her diaper ... something Megan would not allow. She had waken Chrissie that morning and dressed her n an adorable pink and yellow jumper with white plastic lined rumba bottoms that had large pink lace and ruffles on them. She had Chrissie wear a pair of soft and comfy black slippers that strapped across the top.

Megan cooed softly to Chrissie, "Mommy has a wonderful surprise for baby today."

Chrissie slowly wakes up slowly and lets mommy dress her up.

Yawning she starts to speak "What is it mommy" she asked as Chris's voice sounded like a very cute girl. She was curious on what mommy got her today.

Megan kisses Chrissie on her lips lovingly as she hugs her close.

She runs her fingers through Chrissie's adorably curly hair and says softly, "It's something you had asked me for a long time ago ... and now it's time for it. You'll see when we get there ... Ok baby?"

She takes Chrissie by the hand and walks her slowly to the car. Chrissie had developed a toddle mostly because of the thickness of the diaper Megan always used, but also because Chrissie had begun to think of herself as a 2 and a half year old toddler.

Megan took her to the car and strapped her into the special car seat she had made, then drove off down the street. Chrissie looked all around curiously as she saw the blocks passing by, Chrissie realized where they were and was overjoyed that she was going to get that thing removed.

After a while she had to ask "Are we there yet" she said while watching things pass by in the window. Chris had even started to regress a bit to a very young girl mentally. And had little control over herself since she was a baby girl for mommy. One of the other thoughts was that were these people going to be nice to her?

Megan pulled the car into the driveway of the hospital. She unstrapped and helped Chrissie from the car seat and held her hand as they walked in. All the people who saw Chrissie had something really sweet and wonderful to say to him. They thought he was a very cute little girl. Megan told them she was 'Special' and couldn't help being like she was. Soon, Megan had Chrissie registered in the hospital and had introduced the doctor.

He said to Chrissie, "Hello sweet heart, my name's Doctor Thornon. I'm a reassignment specialist here at Glory Hospital. I'm going to give you a shot. Be a brave little girl, it might sting a bit. When you wake up, your birth defect will be all gone. Isn't that wonderful?"

With this, he takes a syringe and a bottle of some clear liquid and draws it. The Dr. thumps the air from the syringe and pushes it out until there is one small squirt. He injects Chrissie with it as a nurse puts a rig and attaches a saline bag to her other arm. Chrissie's eyes get large as she feels the sting and the heat of the injection begin to spread. She feels real tired and her eyes get heavy.

Chris nods and takes the shot and it did hurt a lot but being out on the streets hurt a lot more. She had to tough it out so she did not cry at all, but took a sharp intake of air. Chrissie had a fear of needles but knew the doctor had to do what he had to do. After the shot Chrissie felt very sleepy.

"Nighty night." Chrissie said before falling asleep into a deep slumber. Chrissie knew after this she would be a very pretty girl.

~~ End Pt2 ~~
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