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Baby Conspiracy

Postby Miki Yamuri » Sat Aug 16, 2014 5:31 am

Title: Baby Conspiracy


James Ailes - 40 yo newspaper reporter – Played by: realliljennie

Debbie Connors - 18yo Nurse – Played by: Miki Yamuri

Scene: Babies of all Ages Hospital

Debbie Connors had just finished diapering and wrapping the newest baby in a soft and warm blanket. She smiles softly as she coos to her new charge.

She says softly, "I know this is sorta ... strange to you, but you will grow up into a very beautiful little girl ... nurse promises."

As she carries the baby out of the room, she forgets and leaves her Strawberry Devise on the table beside all the clothes her new baby had been dressed in. The door closes softly with a click. The pink cell phone looking devise sat and glowed softly.

Jim Ailes had just finished an interview with the new children's hospital's spokesperson. After a year-long construction process, the new privately-funded children's hospital had opened its doors just a month ago, and Jim had noticed its phenomenal record already: zero cases of patients getting infections while in the hospital, a very high surgery success rate, even an amazingly high remission rate for children with cancer.

The spokesperson had assured his readers that the hospital hired only the finest doctors and nurses and used only the best quality equipment and supplies. But she had been evasive when he had asked her about how they could afford this with prices that were no higher than those of any other hospital in the city.

He walked through the impressive atrium, with its vaulted glass roof and sparkling white tiled floor. There had to be some way the hospital was saving money. He would have to talk to some of the staff. Perhaps management engaged in union-busting practices and skimped on the regular employees' salaries and benefits. There seemed to be some kind of conspiracy ... he just had to nose around a bit more to discover what it was.

He entered an elevator and chose the third floor at random. Might as well start anywhere, he thought. If they won't talk to me here, I'll try somewhere else. The doors opened on what was obviously the maternity ward. Exiting the elevator, he saw a set of glass doors, and beyond it was the traditional viewing area for newborn babies.

The room was full of cribs, a few of which were occupied by adorable sleeping little ones. He smiled in spite of himself, thinking how easy it was to forget the beautiful things in life and get caught up in things that were supposedly "more important." He and his wife had been trying to have a child for two years with no success.

Debbie suddenly came out of a set of double doors, cooing to the baby swaddled in her arms. She looks up suddenly and says, "Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't see you standing there. If you give me a few minutes to register our newest baby and put her in the nursery, I will be right with you."

She leaves quickly into another room leaving Jim alone to watch the door swing. He thought it kind of strange she said the newest baby ... and the room she came from didn't look like a delivery room. Curiosity got the better of him as he walks over to the doors and looks in.

Although the room was connected directly to the maternity ward, it didn't look like a delivery room -- more like a standard examination room. That was a bit odd, but not extremely so -- it had the usual things: an examination table; a padded counter with a sink and medical supplies; a scale; a few chairs; equipment for measuring patients' basic vital signs ... nothing really out of place in a hospital, but nothing for children, especially babies.

But the oddest part was the double doors, they were completely out of place. He entered the room, wondering what it could be for. There was nothing out of place here except for a pile of adult clothing on the examination table, including a pink-colored cell phone. These probably belonged to an earlier patient -- except that these were adult clothes, and this was a children's hospital.

And ... wait. The woman had carried a newborn baby out of this room, and there was no sign of an adult who could have worn these clothes anywhere, and the only way out ... was the double doors he had entered.

As he pondered the strangeness of the evidence and what it might mean, the phone began to ring, its ring tone sounding like a peaceful lullaby. The phone glowed delightfully pink every time the lullaby sounded. James could feel it drawing him to it deep within his soul. It made him feel ... so different. In a way he hadn't felt in a long time.

He could hear Debbie cooing softly to the baby in the nursery as she tucked her in one of the empty cribs. James looked out of one of the oval windows in the door. Debbie was playing with the baby's toes making her giggle and squirm happily. He watched as she inked the baby's hands and feet, and made the required prints on the new birth certificate.

The Pink phone rings delightfully once again. He can feel it tingle all through him.
Debbie walks in and smiles brightly as she says softly, "I think ... it's for you ... wouldn't you say?"

"But ... but ma'am, it's not my phone," said Jim, not understanding why it felt like she was completely correct. He wanted to answer the phone. Every time the ring tone's lullaby played, his mind grew clouded and all he could feel was a longing for ... something, something the phone was promising it could give him. He looked at the phone more closely. On its screen was only the message, "Accept?"

Debbie giggles softly as she coos, "Well, sweet heart, does it ... feel like it's calling to you? Maybe in a place, deep with in your ... soul?"

She giggles softly again as she walks to the table and picks up the wonderfully ringing Strawberry. She turns and hands it to James. As it touches his hand, the most wonderfully intense sensations ran all through him to the very essence of his being. The calling ... was so intense ... and he knew he was loosing his resolve not to answer.

Debbie giggles and says softly, "It's too late silly baby, you have to answer, Eros will be gentle ... Nurse promises."

He had stretched out his hand to take the Strawberry before he even realized that he had moved. He stopped. Why was he so reluctant? It was just a cell phone. Strawberry brand, probably something new from Blackberry. But still, it was so strange how its ring tone made him feel, and how insistent the young woman was that he answer it. But if he didn't answer, he'd never know ... He took it into his shaking hand and answered it ... the most wonderful sensation he had ever experienced coursed through his very essence,

"Hello? ..."

A very soft, cooing voice speaks to his very soul, "Hello sweet heart, Do you accept baby rules? You will make a very adorable little girl."

His mind goes blank. He is incredulous. His resistance melts quickly away as he watches The Nurse smile broadly. He knew suddenly ... he had no choice ... the promise of something he had been wanting for ... most of his life was at hand ... he didn't know what it could be ... he was afraid ... he couldn't resist.

He barely heard the voice repeat, "Do you accept Baby Rules?" Somehow he knew that he wanted to say yes ... he must say yes.

He felt his mouth move. He heard himself say, "Yes." Then he heard himself say in a cracked and wavering voice, "Yes, I ... accept Baby Rules." He felt as if he had just accepted a big promotion or a check for a million dollars.

He sees the nurse open a cabinet and take out a very thick diaper. She also placed a large bottle of baby powder and a Tube of A&D ointment on the padded counter. She removes the pile of men's clothing that had been sitting there and tosses them into a near by trash bin.

As he watches, he notices that the room and her seem to be getting larger. Slowly at first, then faster and faster. His clothes no longer fit as they gather around him in a loose pile.

He hears the soft cooing voice from the strawberry all through his essence, "Welcome into the world baby, you will grow up into a very pretty little girl and have lots of friends."

The nurse claps her hands as she bends over James and gathers him, his way too big clothes, and the softly glowing Strawberry from the floor.

She kisses him on his nose softly and coos, "Welcome to the sister hood sweetiekens. I know this is kinda strange for you, but you will grow up into a very pretty little girl, nurse promises."

She removes the remainder of the oversized clothes and places him on the counter on his back beside his clothes. She tickles him softly in his ribs. He was in a huge room! He was naked! He could see his male gentailia were gone! He was on his back on a countertop that just a few moments ago had been normal sized but was now huge! This young woman had just picked him up and put him there, and was now tickling him! It was all too much. Just what had happened to him?

He giggled and giggled and gradually came to realize that the high-pitched laughter he was hearing was coming from his own small voice. Is that me? he asked himself. I've become a baby? But how?

The very pretty young nurse coos softly, "My name's Debbie. I'm ... the sister of Eros. I know most don't believe in us anymore, but ... we are still real. Babies of all Ages made a wonderful deal with us ... we get to make all the babies we want ... as long as we give them to the Hospital for adoption. It's a perfect arrangement ... and adorable little girls like you are born. This also means they have the funds to afford the absolute best medical equipment and staff. Isn't this wonderful? And now, you're part of providing the best care to all the children of your world."

She giggles pleasantly as she takes James by his ankles and lifts. She places a hugely thick diaper under his bottom and sets it into the diaper's soft embrace. She Takes the tube of A&D ointment and squeezes a large amount on her index and middle fingers. She again lifts James by his ankles and rubs it all over his hinny and between his legs. It felt wonderful. He knew beyond any doubt, his gentailia had definitely changed ... he had a vagina now.

She coos softly, "That's to make sure baby doesn't get a hurty rash."

She then takes the bottle of powder and generously powders him, before pulling the diaper between his legs and fastening the tapes on. It was pink with cute little lambs and Teddy Bears on it. As small as the diaper was ... it was still large on him. He was no bigger than a newborn at this point.

James was being assailed by one delightful sensation after another and couldn't decide whether the lotion or the powder was better ... or was it the comfortable pillow-like feeling of the diaper between his legs? His mind was confused. But at least he wasn't being tickled anymore.

"Baby?" he asked, his voice coming out in an unbelievably high-pitched squeak. "I'm a baby? But ... how?" His mind felt confused.

Debbie bends over and blows a loud raspberry in James' tummy. She smiles broadly as she replies, "Well, silly baby, you did answer yes .. didn't you? Aww such an adorable little girl too, cuz you said YES!! **giggles** And you are now under Baby Rules until you grow back up."

She wraps James in a soft and warm blanket as she carries him from the room through the swinging doors. James sees the pile of his adult clothes on the counter ... just like the ones when he had entered the room. He is incredulous at the thoughts he has.

She coos to the new baby girl, "Now, I am going to make your new Birth Certificate and weigh baby. I'm going to call you ... Jennie **giggles** cuz your so adorable."

She bends and kisses him on his nose as she carries him into the same room he had seen her carry the other baby when he was in the nursery.

"What? Baby girl? Grow up again? Jennie?" It was all too much for him to understand. His mind was in a whirl. He had bits and pieces of what was happening to him, but everything was so confused and unsteady. He was a man, a newspaper reporter, 40 years old; he was married to a loving, wonderful woman ... "Susan! What is Susan gonna say?"

Debbie just smiled as she laid baby Jennie down to rest in one of the soft, comfortable cradles in the maternity ward nursery after she had weighed him and taken the required blood of a new born.

"It'll be OK, baby Jennie," she cooed softly, "Everything will be just fine."

"But I'm not a baby and I'm not named Jennie!" Jim squeaked. "I'm ... annngg mmmuggg."

Debbie popped a pacifier into his mouth, and to Jim's surprise he started to suck on it intensely, his new body's habits and instincts were those of a baby. He felt waves of soothing comfort course through him each time he sucked on the pacifier. This must be why these things calm babies down so well, he thought.

"Not a baby?" Debbie asked, towering over his cradle and smiling down at him. "I have to go do some paperwork, baby Jennie, so why don't you just think about that for a little while?"

“Oh, Sally," Debbie called, "would you come in here for a minute?"

Jennie -- no, Jim -- struggled to see who was coming in. He found it difficult to raise his head ... or even move in a coordinated manner. He managed to turn enough to see what appeared to be a young blonde girl wearing a very short jumper dress that was pink and white with strawberries printed on it. Underneath it, she was visibly wearing ... a diaper? But she looked at least 20 years old! Her blonde hair was divided into ponytails.

Sally bounces up and takes hold of the hem of her dress with her hand and lifts it up as she puts her thumb in her mouth. The thick diaper gave her an adorably poofy hinny.

Debbie coos softly, "Sally, be a good baby and get Donna another blank birth certificate, please. Seems we have a new mommy coming to get her new baby soon ... Her name is Miss Susan Ailes. She has been wishing for a baby girl for several years."

Sally giggles sweetly as she bounces on her toes. She twirls around several times as she leaves the room, to return a few seconds later with a hand full of blank forms.

James didn't know why Sally was acting like a child much younger than her age. He had stopped paying attention to the fact that he was sucking avidly on his pacifier, as wonder over a grown woman acting like a 3 year old filled his mind.

Sally handed the documents to Debbie, who patted her on the head with a smile and said, "Good girl, Sally!"

"Yay!” she Sally giggles adorably, “Thank you Miss Debbie -- oopsie!"

Sally suddenly gasped, blushed, and raised her dress, looking down at her diaper, which was showing a small spreading wet spot.

Debbie smiled again. "Oh, Sally, don't worry about it, babies wet their diapers -- we'll get you in a nice dry diaper soon. There's a reason why you're in diapers this week, after all! Now run along and play, dear!"

She patted Sally on the head again, and Sally turned around and skipped out of the room.

Debbie bends down and rubs noses with Jennie softly. She scrunches her nose in a cute way and coos, "Now Baby Jennie, your new mommy will be here soon to get you. Her name's Susan and she's a very nice woman and will make you a very wonderful mommy. She’s even had treatments so she can lactate and breast feed you."

Debbie takes an ink pad and roller. She inks the roller well and then Jennie's hands and feet. She makes the prints in the proper places on the forms. Debbie signs them and places an embossed seal on each one, making them an official Certificate of live Birth.

It shows James Ailes as the birth father, Susan Ailes as the birth mother, and Jennie Ailes as the newborn female. Debbie cleans Jennie's hands and feet. She kisses each one of Jennie's toes and tickles them softly.

Jim, who had been giggling uncontrollably as the ink roller tickled his tiny feet, only barely noticed that Debbie had said the name Susan. He felt a sudden impulse as soon as Debbie let him go and before she had a chance to clean his hands and feet. He started making handprints and footprints on the sides of the cradle with his inked hands and feet -- before stopping himself with a gasp, realizing he'd been acting just like the baby he'd physically become.

"Buh -- buh I notta baby," he squeaked, around the pacifier.

After Debbie finishes making all the proper notations on the forms, she turns and smiles at Jennie. Debbie picks her up to her shoulder and pats Jennie's hinny lovingly.

Debbie coos softly, "Well now silly, lets give baby her first bottle and let you think about it some. Seems you surly look just like a baby. You really should realize, you're not who you used to be anymore."

She carries Jennie across the room while patting her hinny. Debbie sits in a large rocking chair and arranges him comfortably in her arms. The Pacifier suddenly is gone and the nipple of a large bottle filled with wonderfully sweet formula is in his mouth. He can't help himself as he nurses hungrily. While he was suckling the bottle, he noticed Debbie take a thick cloth and throw it across her shoulder.

She coos softly, "How's lunch sweetikens?"

"Buh - I gotta dzob," he tried to say around the pacifier, "anna wife ..."

Then the pacifier was replaced with the bottle nipple, which he again suckled automatically, and then ... then he felt the delicious warm liquid rolling down his throat and into his tummy. It was the best thing he could ever remember tasting. His protests were silenced, and his full attention was focused on how good this was. He only vaguely noticed when Debbie picked up the cloth, and when she asked him her question he could only make eye contact, a blissful expression on his face.

Debbie coos softly, "See? It's not so bad being a baby again, is it? Well, silly baby is going to have a long time to grow up and turn into a very beautiful young woman."

Debbie bends and kisses Jennie on her nose again as Jennie eagerly continues to nurse the bottle. Sally comes in suddenly, she's in just her wet diaper, no top, and she's got her bottom lip poked out.

She whines in an adorable little girl's voice, "Ia big girl *pouts* I no wanna be inna diaper ... pwwweesseee ... puts me in pull ups." She bounces adorably in anticipation.

Debbie giggles softly, "Sweet heart, the reason your in diapers now, is because you're not quite ready to be in panties. You have to learn to use the potty like a big girl."

Sally stomps her foot and whines softly, "But ... Miss Debbie *pouts* tha potty monster gots teef. It bite me onna hinny." *alligator tears and the cutest pouty face*

Debbie giggles softly before replying, "You're so adorable Sally. If you're a good girl until I'm done with baby Jennie, I will change you. We'll see about putting you in a pull up ... Ok sweetie?"

Sally nods enthusiastically, causing her ponytails to fly. She giggles softly as she runs out of the room .... Jennie notices, she has a droopy bottom because of the wetness.

Jennie -- Jim -- he wasn't sure anymore because of the clamor of confusing thoughts and sensory input -- found himself drinking air bubbles as the bottle was suddenly empty. He came out of his trance with a gasp. "Huh? It's empty!"

He was still certain his name was Jim and he worked for a newspaper and had a wife named ... Susan ... Wait a minute, he thought. "Did you say ... Susan?"

Debbie's eyes sparkle brightly as a huge smile crosses her face. She says in a cooing voice, "Yes, sweet heart, she's your new mommy. It's too bad that ... Jim will miss out on raising his adorable little girl ... but those things happen with new reporters ... doesn't it?"

She giggles as she lifts Jenny to the shoulder with the cloth on it and begins to pat his back. After 2 or 3 pats, he couldn't help himself ... he lets out a big cute burp and spit up a bit on the cloth.

Donna coos softly, "Aww sweetums, That was a big one. Bet baby feels aww better now." She wipes Jennie's face softly with the cloth and cleans the spit up off. Donna continues, "There's one other thing you should know. Your mind will remain intact, but after this ..." she places the large clear red stone of the necklace she was wearing around her neck against his temple. "You will only be able to be understood if someone listens really, really closely. Other wise it will sound like baby babble. Also, your body will be unable to do anything except what you would ordinarily be able to do at that particular age. By the time you're 8, that will change of course and it will be up to you what you're going to do."

"But -- Susan? My Mommy? I'm going to be ... Susan's baby?"

He thought about it. Especially he thought about how upset Susan had been some nights, up all night crying, wishing she could be a mother as she'd always dreamed of, sometimes even screaming at whatever twist of fate had decreed that she'd be unable to conceive. This would make her so happy ... but how in the world was it happening? So much still didn't make sense.

"I still don't understand," he said in his infant voice. "Who are you again? How can you do this? What will happen to my job, and what about my side of the family? How's Susan going to afford to raise a child as a single mom?"

The floodgates had finally opened, and he bombarded Debbie with all the questions that had been forming in his confused mind. The sounds coming from Jennie's mouth sounded just like cute baby babble, unless one listened very closely.

Debbie explains in a cooing voice like she's explaining a very difficult concept to a very young child, "Well gumdrop, I'm ... what most mortals would call a Goddess. I'm the sister of Eros ... or Cupid for those who don't know his real name. My mother is Aphrodite the Goddess of love and my father is Mars ... god of war. I'm the one that insures there are enough babies in the world for all the mommy's that want them. As far as your family and your job ... well ... " She shrugs "Newspaper men have a habit of vanishing some times. Unfortunately .... you're one of them. They will find your bloody clothes in an alley across town in the slum ... next to a notorious drug dealer's warehouse. It will add an air of deep mystery to what you were doing when you vanished."

"But ... everyone will be so sad ..." he said, sounding like a babbling infant to everyone but Debbie at the moment. "Wait -- this drug dealer, is it Garcia Simental? I was working on a story where I was trying to prove he was a gang leader and a drug dealer -- if he gets busted, the city will be a better place with him off the streets ..."

Debbie nods, "And the newspaper will give your mommy a substantial pension because of it. See how it all works for you?"

"That and my life insurance, I guess ... but how did you know about Simental? Oh right ... you’re a goddess."

Debbie cradles Jennie in her arms and coos softly, "Now sweet heart, there's something else Nurse has to do for you so you won't get into trouble. I know how intense all the feelings and emotions are right now, so I'm going to make it so much more wonderfully intense."

She again places the stone against his temple ... a radiating clod spreads through his mind ... making it almost impossible to think coherently. He still could ... but it had become so hard to remember what he was thinking amid all the super intense sensations.

Jim gasped as the welter of sensations that had been confusing him suddenly became a thousand times worse. He was suddenly both extremely worried about his wife and family and ecstatic with the soft, comfortable feelings coming from all over his tiny body. This time all he could do was babble like a baby for real.

Debbie stands up and twirls around with Jennie in her arms several times.

She coos softly, "See sweet heart? It's not so bad being your own daughter, now is it?"

She hugs Jennie lovingly and carries her back to the crib and tucks her in. She places a small white cap on Jennie's head, then pats her hinny reassuringly one more time.

She coos softly, "Now sweetie, it's time for you to meet mommy."

Debbie turns and leaves Jennie with all her increasingly confused thoughts and the rest of the new babies in the maternity nursery.

~~ End Pt1 ~~

Title: Baby Conspiracy - Pt2


James Ailes - 40 yo newspaper reporter - baby Jennie

Debbie Connors - 18yo Candy Striper - Sister of Eros

Scene: Babies of all Ages Hospital

James, or Jennie, was feeling very confused after Debbie left him in the crib, but also very cozy and comfy, wrapped in wonderful soft blankets and baby clothes. He felt ... drowsy and sleepy. Other babies ... was he a baby? ... were all around him, making their baby noises, babbling and cooing and sometimes crying. The more he tried to think about it ... the more his mind refused to think coherent thoughts.

Debbie returns and pats Jennie on her hinny and coos softly, “Your mommy Susan will be here any moment to pick you up. She loves you very much and can’t wait.”

"You mean ... my wife is coming to pick me up?" he tried to ask. "But she doesn't know how to take care of a baby ... she was an only child and never even babysat."

To anyone listening, it sounded like nothing but baby babble.

"Ooo, you're sure talkin' lots, aren't ya, Jennieee?" said a cute voice. It was Sally. "I brought Baby a nice warm baba! Here ya go!"

Suddenly there was a baby bottle nipple in James's mouth. He tried to spit it out, but a drop of the warm formula inside came out and fell on his tongue ... it tasted delicious. He couldn't stop himself from taking the nipple into his mouth and suckling on it as if it was the most natural thing in the world as Sally held the bottle up for him. Sally giggles softly as she feeds Jennie.

Debbie walks up and coos to her, "Is Sally a big enough girl to feed a new born?"

Sally giggles and replies in a really cute voice, "Ia big girl. I inna diaper cuz I hadda accident ... but I big nuff ta feeds her is ya lets me."

Debbie laughs softly as she pats Sally's ruffled bottom.

Cindy coos to Jennie, "Your new mommy will be here in a short while. The first thing she's going to want to do is to hug and kiss you all over."

Sally giggles and asks, "Can I getsa bottle too Miss Cindy?"

Cindy hugs Sally and coos softly, "How would you like to be my baby tonight and spend the night? I will be your Nana if you want."

Sally giggles happily and nods, her pony tails flying.

Just then James heard a familiar voice calling, "Jennie? Is my baby Jennie here?" from the direction of the entrance to the maternity ward.

"Susan!" said James. "It's me! I'm here! But ... I'm a baby girl!" Of course, to Susan it just sounded like the adorable babbling of a baby.

Debbie smiles brightly as she says, "Hello, Miss Ailes. My name's Debbie. I'm the Nursery Nana." She picks Jennie up and hands her to Susan all wrapped in a soft warm blanket. She continues, "And this is your new bundle of joy ... Her name is Jennie as you already know. Jennie is so adorable .. and she chatters a lot too." Both women giggle.

Debbie asks, "Is there anything you would like to know?" As she hands Susan a copy of Jennie's birth Certificate.

"Oh my goodness!" Susan gasped. "She's everything I'd hoped for! She's the most adorable baby I've ever seen!"

She took Jennie from Debbie very awkwardly, holding her in her arms in front of her almost as if she were holding a dinner tray. With a bit of advice from Debbie, though, she was soon holding her new daughter in a comfortable position, feeding her the remainder of the bottle that Sally had brought in.

Susan turned to Debbie; it seemed hard for her to turn her attention away from her new baby. She asked, "Do you have any other advice? I've never taken care of a baby before. I've read all the books, but they don't really explain what it's like."

"Oh, babies is soooo cute an' fun," said Sally, bouncing up and down and making her ponytails bounce all over. "You gonna wove havin a baby!"

Debbie smiled at Sally. She thinks to herself how adorable Sally is now, compared to the Adult woman she was when she applied for this position.

Susan blinked at Sally. "My, you're an enthusiastic young girl, aren't you? But ... how old are you? You seem kind of ... big to be acting so ... little."

Sally blushes pink as she holds up 3 fingers. She says in an adorable voice as she blushes softly, "I this many. Amma big girl too. *pokes out bottom lip* cept I hadda accident n Nana puts me inna diaper."

Debbie explaines to Susan, "We have ... special positions here at Babies of all Ages for very special children. Sally is one of them. She is technically 20 years old. Legally, she's only 3 and is one of our most popular employees. Now, as far as taking care of a baby," She helps Susan adjust Jennie in her arms for a better and more comfortable hold "All you have to do is make sure she's fed regularly, check her diaper and change her when necessary, and cuddle and love her as much as you possibly can. The rest will come natually."

As Debbie said this, she looked directly into Susan's eyes. Susan felt a tingling warmth in her mind, and she suddenly felt a lot more confident about her ability to take good care of her new daughter.

Meanwhile, James was in a state of bliss, each mouthful of the sweet baby formula filling him with more delight than the last. He was completely unaware of how wet his diaper was, or of how his tiny digestive system was suddenly intent on filling up the seat of his diaper. He just knew that he felt waves and waves of something pushing out of him, and just like the bottle, each wave was full of more sensation than the last.

James finished the bottle. Debbie places a white cloth across Susan’ shoulder and showed her how to put James there comfortably. James was confused as to why he had been put there until the soft pats on his back began. He couldn’t help himself, after several pats ... he felt it come up and then ... “Bbbbburrrrppp!!!”

He couldn’t help himself. He also spit up a bit of the formula onto the cloth. James was totally mind blown.

Susan giggles with delight as she coos, “Wow! You must feel a whole lot better now sweet heart.”

Susan pats Jennie on her hinny softly as she cleans the spit up from Jennies cute face. She was the first to smell what Jennie had done.

"Uh-oh," Susan said. "I think I'm about to have my first quiz in mommy school. Do you have a changing table? Baby wipes? Clean diapers?..."

Debbie giggles as she says, "This is a Hospital Maternity ward, of course we have every thing, Follow me. The changing counter is over here."

She leads Susan over to a very nicely padded counter with many cabinets above and below. Debbie opens the doors and shows Susan where all the baby wipes, powders, creams, diapers, and the rest of the items necessary to change baby.

She removes a cute diaper with little pink lambs on it and hands it to Susan.

Debbie says softly, "It’s easy to change a baby. All you have to do is follow these simple steps."

She lifts Jennie by her ankles and pulls the Cute rumba panties down below her knees. She then undoes the tapes on the diaper and cleans Jennies bottom as much as she could with the diaper before throwing it in the trash bin.

Debbie takes several sweet smelling baby wipes and cleans all of Jennie's squeaky places before placing her back on the counter.

Debbie says, "Now, it's your turn. Let's see how you will change your new baby."

Jennie -- no, he was James! He had almost thought of himself as Jennie for a moment. James had been inundated by the sensations of the baby bottle and the pleasurable feelings of making a mess in his diaper, but then he had been introduced to the feelings of a diaper change.

The baby wipes had been so cold! But then the powder felt so nice and smelled wonderful. Then a new comfy diaper was on him.

Now, Susan took charge of him and removed his clean diaper again. She was talking to this woman named Debbie, and he didn't really feel like he was following what they were talking about. For some strange reason ... he couldn’t understand exactly what they were saying. It sounded like they were speaking in a different language.

Suddenly, his thoughts were totally shattered by more cold baby wipes! Some baby lotion followed; it smelled and felt nice. Then baby powder. Then, again, a nice new diaper, snug and soft and safe. He felt so ... loved and content.

"... and there we go," said Susan, snugly taping up Jennie's new diaper. "How's that?"

Debbie giggles as Sally claps her hands happily and bounced up and down.

Debbie says, "Only other thing, it would make your baby so happy if you patted her hinny now and then to reassure her she's doing good things and that you love her."

Sally giggles and says adorably, "I lov ta has my hinny patted. *giggles*"

Debbie pats Sally softly on her butt as she shivers with delight.

Debbie laughs softly as she turns to Susan and continues, "I think you will make a wonderful mommy. Does your husband know that you have picked up your new baby yet? I hear he's a News Man on a hot story."

"Oh yes," said Susan, "James is always chasing after some story or another, always trying to do some good in the world. He's going to love Jennie soooo much!" She patted Jennie's bottom lightly. "Isn't he, sweetie? Isn't he? Oh yes! Daddy's gonna love you soooo much!" She then hugs and kisses Jennie lovingly.

James couldn't concentrate on anything but the wonderful happy sensations of those love pats, hugs, and kisses. His mind was so confused.

"But I'm wight here Mommy!" James tried to say, but of course Susan only heard baby babble.

Debbie understands James' babble. She bends over and gives him a soft kiss. All Susan hears is Debbie cooing and making baby noises to her new baby.

James hears Debbie say softly, "Ok sweetie. Your new name is Jennie now. Your daddy's bloody clothes will be found about midnight. Your mommy will have a hard time, but I know you will be a good baby and comfort her a whole lot." She then tickles Jennie under her chin.

James heard Debbie's words, but behind them was a ... power, a draw, like what had made him pick up the pink phone. It made her head feel warm and tingly. Jennie felt the tickling very intensely, just as babies like her always experienced every sensation, and giggled with all her might, to the point of being out of breath. When she was done giggling, she couldn't remember that Debbie had said anything to her, let alone what it had been.

Debbie says to Susan, "If you will follow me, I think it's time for you to take your baby home."

She picks up a large bag filled with all the things a new born needs. Baby powder, creams, diapers, even several cute rompers and onesies and hands it to Susan.

She leads Susan to the lobby and says, "Please, if you want to adopt another, by all means come to us. Babies of all Ages is the foremost company in the Earth."

She smiles warmly as she hugs Susan and gives Jennie a soft kiss on her nose good bye.

Debbie stands and watches them leave as she says softly under her breath, "By my power as Persephone, the sister of Eros, Daughter of The Love Goddess Aphrodite, I grant to you Miss Jennie Aires ... a new life and a new beginning. Use this rebirth well."

Somewhere across town, behind a run down old warehouse in the slum, a pile of cut up and bloody clothes appears with a wallet on top. All the evidence shows that someone had been shot and cut really badly at this location, and the body drug into the warehouse. It was more than obvious, Garcia Simental had James Ailes murdered and his body disposed of in the furnace.

He was, of course, arrested, tired and convicted of Murder, drug and gun trafficking. The feature story by James Ailes won many Awards including the Pulitzer Prize for investigative reporting.

Jennie and her mommy Susan, never wanted for anything. Jennie grew into an extremely beautiful young woman, married a very well placed young businessman, and bore him a handsome son and a lovely daughter. They all lived very comfortably ... forever after.

~~ The End ~~
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