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The XX Files

Postby Miki Yamuri » Thu Aug 14, 2014 1:06 am

Title: The XX Files


Agent Foxie Moldy

Agent Dr. Dinea Scuttle – MD / PHD

Director Dennis Monous

Scene: FBI office Quantico Virginia

Director Dennis Monous, head of the FBI's Special Investigations Unit, sat at his desk and pinched the bridge of his nose. He slowly shook his head as he read the most recent report from one of his agents ... Foxie Moldy. Dennis sighed softly as he looked at the pictures and other supporting evidence pertaining to the creature Moldy claims to have found ... a Gumpy Wump.

Dennis couldn't, for the life of him, believe that such a creature existed just to give babies a droopy butt. As far as the genetic samples and the many photographs ... he had to come to the conclusion ... that either this creature existed ... or this was a very elaborate hoax. The genetics research would tell that tale soon enough

Dennis looks down as his phone rings, he answers it on the 3rd ring, “Dennis Monous. Yes Mr President ... I'm reading the report now. Well sir .... from the evidence I would have to conclude the creature is real. No Sir .... the research lab hasn't had enough time to grow one from the genetic samples ... but we do have the tank primed and the cells are going through rapid mitosis.”

Dennis pinches his nose again as he lays his head on the desk. He listens to the voice on the other end of the phone drone on for several minutes before he answers, “But sir .... you can't seriously believe such a thing exists ... I mean .... Yes sir, I realize the Gumpy Wump proved to be for real, but this ...”

Dennis grimaces as the voice from the ear piece gets louder, “Yes Mr. President .. but I insist on putting one of our Research Scientists on it with him ... to keep the investigations on an empirical level ... Yes, Sir. Thank you very much. I'll assign our top Research Scientist, Agent Dinea Scuttle. Yes Sir, she's not only a PHD, but a highly recognized medical doctor in the field of genetic research and nano / bio diversification. Yes, Sir .... right away.”

Dennis hangs up the phone and bangs his fist on his desk, causing everything to jump.

“Damn, “ he said with exasperation, “Another one of these wild goose chases off into the void.”

Dennis hits the red button on the intercom on his desk and says with a sharp snap, “Get me Moldy ... now!”

A calm and sexy female voice replies, “Yes, sir. Right away.”

Dennis sits back in his chair and says to no one in particular, “Another day in the XX files section of the loony bin.”

The Director sat for a few minutes with his eyes closed and tried to clear his mind. He wished he hadn't been so quick to take the promotion to Director of the Advanced Research and Explorations section. He especially hated the XX file Division. He was sure that somehow Moldy was faking the data or making a big joke of the silly things he was coming up with.

The unicorn was easily explained as a genetic mutation, although the horn incident was ... still under investigation. That strawberry phone seemed like nothing more than a cell phone. When the lab people disassembled it ... there was nothing any different about it ... than any other phone. The disappearance of several of the research scientists and the mysterious appearance of several baby girls was still under investigation. A rational explanation for that wasn't forth coming as yet.

As the sexy voice of his secretary announced Moldy's arrival, Dennis shook his head to rid it of all the things rolling through it.

Dennis hits the button, “Have him come in Lisa.”

The sweet sexy reply, “As you wish ... sir.” and a sound like someone blowing a kiss.

Dennis smiles a quick smile. He wished she wasn't so open about their relationship ... but oh well. The door opens and a 5 foot 9 person, with black hair, dressed in the usual suit and narrow tie walks briskly in and sits in the chair in front of the Director's desk.

Moldy nods towards the file and many photos on the Director's desk and says in a cherry voice, “I see you're looking the file over. Man ... that was such a strange creature ... it looked more like soap bubbles than any thing ...”

The Director slaps his hand on his desk loudly, cutting Moldy off. The Director squints his eyes in contempt towards him as he says harshly, “I don't know how ... or where your getting this ... this nonsense ... but it seems you have convinced the President. He has another silly assignment for you.”

Moldy sits up straight in the chair as he says with excitement, “What kind of assignment is this one?”

The Director says sternly, “Apparently this is a bug hunt. It seems some .... drunken College students stumbled onto a weird moth of some kind. They say it has a sting that ... transforms people into the opposite sex. I think they are all on drugs ... and to make sure you aren't faking any of the data you so blithely toss my way, I'm assigning a Research Scientist to accompany you.”

“I work alone,” Moldy says in protest, “Others always get in the way and ignore the facts on these kinds of investigations.”

The Director says softly, “Did I just hear you say you were resigning?” He looks at Moldy with a sparkle in his eye and an evil grin.

Moldy's former enthusiasm deflates as he sits back in the chair.

The Director nods as he says sarcastically, “I didn't think so. I'm assigning Dr. Dinea Scuttle as your keeper ... I mean ... assistant. She will insure the investigation follows proper scientific procedure.” The Director leans over and pushes the red button on his intercom, “Would you please have Dr. Scuttle report to my office immediately?”

The sexy voice of his secretary replies, “Yes, sir, immediately.”

The Director says sharply, “I'm going to prove once and for all that your entire section is just a hoax and an enormous drain on the time and resources of the FBI. Then, I will have you drummed out of the Agency.”

Moldy smiles ... it really doesn't matter who he sends with him. The truth is out there ... all they have to do is look. If Scuttle is as good a scientist as her reputation says she is .... this will be a snap.”

Off in a corner, the secure tele-printer begins to rattle as it spits several pages of type and a few pictures into its tray. The Director rises and goes to the printer and retrieves the stack of paper before returning to his seat. His eyes get big as his mouth falls open as he reads what they had to say. The pictures of the moth were very vivid.

He flips the pages onto his desk ... they slide over to Moldy, turning just right so he can see. What the pages tell, is of a strange cocoon that had a rather large moth emerge. The pictures show a moth that is mostly pink and white with cute little fringes all around its wings that look like ruffles. The moth had been named Snuggle Moth by the students that found it.

According to the short report, the students had found this fuzzy worm like creature in the woods behind their dormitory that looked for the world like a legless Persian cat. It was one long super fluffy tail that crawled along like a snake.

For several months, it was better than any snuggle toy. The students called it a snuggle worm. It would wrap its soft body all around them and purr, which made for some wonderful ... encounters that many of the female students freely admitted they really enjoyed. Many of the male students acknowledged liking the snuggle worm, but would not elaborate any further.

After several months, the worm crawled up to a corner of one of the outbuildings behind the dorm and formed a spiderweb and cocoon using some sort of silken thread and the wonderfully soft fur from its body. Upon hatching, The moth emerged and dried its wings as any normal moth would after metamorphosis. There were several boys and several girls who went to check on the cocoon daily that insisted they had changed sex after being stung by the moth that emerged. Those students were currently under psychiatric exam at the local Mental Hospital. There is some incongruity with their finger prints currently being investigated as well.

Moldy felt an excitement rising inside him as his heart quickened. Here was another totally bizarre reality that he was about to rub in the nose of all the narrow minded.

Moldy looks up as the door opens and a very beautiful, petite, blond young woman about 4 feet tall, dressed in the typical gray skirt and suit of the other agents enters the room with a very sexy, although graceful wiggle. Only difference here, was the skirt was very short, and showed off her wonderfully beautiful legs and round bottom excellently. The first thought that came to Moldy's mind, was that of a Babydoll.

Over her clothes, she had on a white smock lab coat that was made of cotton and open in the front. Moldy knew this was Dr. Scuttle and she would prove to be a real fun ... asset.

Scuttle sat in the chair next to Moldy with perfect posture and poked her cute little boobies out. Moldy couldn't help but notice her cute nipples poking through her blouse. Moldy also noticed Scuttle cutting her eyes at him and giving a slight sneer.

The Director said in a professional tone, “I'm sure the both of you know each other.”

Scuttle nods and says softly in a cute voice, “Everyone knows Moldy .... he's the laughing stock of the Agency. Although, now that I have become the head of the Research Department, I have discovered that .... his conclusions and arguments ... may seem far fetched ... but the evidence is beginning to mount.”

Scuttle looks toward Moldy for just a second. Moldy could tell there was a spark of something there ... if only he could ignite enough interest to open her eyes to the truth of things.

The Director laughs harshly as he sits forward in his chair. He says with an undisguised sneer in his tone, “Dr. Scuttle, I am assigning you to accompany Moldy on this next Case.”

Scuttle's eyes get big as she attempts to stammer, “B b b but sir ...”

The Director cuts her off, “I'm putting you in charge of the scientific aspects and want you to keep,” he points at Moldy, “Him on a short leash. I want you to report to me 3 times a day and every time some major evidence is discovered. When this investigation is over … I expect there will be enough evidence to have Moldy here thrown out of the Agency under a Psychiatric Discharge.”

The Director looks hard at Moldy as Scuttle slowly shakes her head and slumps back in her chair. The evidence of what Moldy had been saying was mounting to the point … it couldn't be ignored. There were things that rational people and logic couldn't explain any other way.

The Director reaches across his desk and takes the Report about the Snuggle Moth and pushes it in front of Scuttle. Her eyes get big as a cute smile crosses her pretty face.

She says with a musical coo in her voice, “Ohhh, this is so adorable. It looks just like a doll I had as a little girl.”

The Director snaps, “Exactly! That's why I want you on this with him. That way I can be absolutely sure there's no Tomfoolery and shysterisum in the report. Transportation to the University has been provided at the motor pool. The 2 of you are dismissed.”

Scuttle stands with a snort, turns and storms out of the Director's office, slamming the door as she leaves.

The Director says softly to Moldy, “I think you and her should have a long talk, Moldy …. to clear the air. It's obvious she isn't entirely wanting this assignment. Now get out of my office!”

As Moldy left the director's office, he saw Dinea standing with her hand propped against the wall, shaking her head slowly side to side.

He could her her whimpering, “OMG! This is so … horrid! How can I get out of this? This is going to destroy my credibility … not to mention any hope of my career.”

Moldy felt a real chill of anger run through him. It was high time someone other than himself saw the reality of life. He had made clear and concise reports and totally documented all the evidence as accurately as humanly possible. It wasn't his fault that life was stranger than fantasy.

He stormed up to Scuttle and said harshly, “Now, wait just a minute!” She turns, it was obvious she had been crying. Moldy says in softer tones, “How can you or any of the other egg heads deny the evidence? Just because truth doesn't ft into your neat little box of what it should … doesn't mean what you see isn't real. You know the first primes of logic … 'Nothing Unreal Exists.'

Dinea nods as she looks at the ground. She says in a whimpering sniffle, “I … I know. It's … it's just that the type of things you seem to prove are real. That phone thing … I'm sure what you say about it turning the techs into babies is true … even the sex change part, because their finger prints and foot prints are exact matches. Even the genetic evidence proves an almost perfect match … except for the gender difference. But the phone … is just an ordinary cell phone. The internal chips were even made by Nikon. That … soap bubble thing … “

Moldy interjects, “Gumpy Wump.”

Dinea nods as she continues, “We haven't submitted the report yet … but the cells reproduced exactly what your report said they would. And the damn thing is really alive. We can hear a sound too as the bubbles seem to pop, 'Gumpy Wump”, just as you said it would.”

Moldy feels another tingle run through him …. this time, it was one of pleasure. He possibly had an ally in this fight.

Moldy said softly, “Give me a chance to prove to you. I promise you, if this is just a college prank, that is what is reported …. however, if this Moth proves to be real … fight with me. I have discovered this world is a lot stranger than we adults think. I know you're going to think I'm nuts, but I almost caught the tooth fairy when I was 8. She's as real as any. Just give me a chance to prove to you is all I ask. The Truth is out there, all we have to do is accept it when we find it.”

Scuttle sighs softly as she wipes her eyes. She nods as she replies, “OK, Moldy. But I must tell you, the Director is out for blood. We have to prove this beyond any doubt.”

A huge smile creases Moldy's face as he holds out his hand, “It's a deal.”

Scuttle looks at his hand for a moment, sniffles one more time as she takes a breath, then takes his hand and shakes it firmly. If these things are true as Moldy says, it's high time the Agency recognized them.

Dinea says, “It's a deal Foxie. Show me the reality of this … fantasy … and I'll fight to the death at your side.”

The 2 agents shook hands. Both of them felt a tingle run through them as the beginnings of a real trust had formed.

10 am the next morning – Parking lot of Hicksville Community College, S.C.

Moldy says softly, “This place is as far out in the woods as you can get and not be on another planet.”

Dinea laughs as she nods her head in agreement. She opens the door to the Winnebago sized van and gets out. She was so glad she was able to requisition the Emergency Bio-hazard Response Van. It was fully equipped to handle anything they might encounter, including a genetically engineered virus. The van contained a completely stocked Bio-lab, Surgical Unit, and organic research lab with all the latest equipment and computers. On the roof of the van was even a completely omnidirectional satellite dish for instant communications with any research facility on the planet.

Moldy walks around the van to Dinea's side. She says, “I think the first thing we should do is see the Dean and get permission to roam the halls and out buildings.”

Moldy nods, “We need to talk to the students that had contact with the creature too.”

Both Agents nod in agreement as they walk towards the steps leading into the University building. To their surprise, the inside of the Building looked more modern that the exterior led one to believe. They could see the halls were crowded with many students off to their various activities of the day.

The 2 agents didn't have to wander far before they found the Dean's office, complete with the Glass door and hand painted inscription proclaiming his magnificence. They entered and were greeted by a woman that looked for the world like Aunt B from an old TV show. The 2 agents stifled the urge to giggle as they approached her desk.

Moldy whispered softly so only Scuttle could hear, “I wonder if Opie is enrolled here too?”

Scuttle elbows Moldy playfully in the ribs as the woman says, “Hello, y'all. Hopes ur trip down hea wuz a nice one. Welcome to Hicksville University. My name's Betty Grey. Supposen y'all wanna see tha place it all happened, doncha?”

Moldy says with a small laugh in his voice, “We would also like to speak with the students that had contact with the creature as well.”

Scuttle leans over and whispers, “OMG! It is Aunt B.”

As the woman fumbled with the intercom panel behind her desk, the 2 agents laughed softly. They barely managed to regain their composure by the time she had arranged a meeting with the students.

Mrs. Grey says, “Mmk hunny chiles, I dun got alla tha ones still hea ta meet inna conference room down tha hall. They'll be long in about 10 minutes. Tha others ya'll ull hafta goto tha mental heath place on Heifer Street down town ta talk wif them … they kinna lost their mindsa bit.”

Scuttle says softly with a stifled giggle, “Thank you very much for your help Mrs. Grey. We will have a short chat with the ones here first and take notes. We will also want to see the building where it cocooned and any of the physical evidence left.”

Mrs. Grey smiles as she replies, “Oh, thatsa easy one. Nonena tha students been back inna outbuildin since it all happened. Nothin's been touched.”

Moldy says with relief, “That … is a bit of good news. We can take uncontaminated samples.”

Scuttle and Moldy nod as the woman escorts them from the Dean's office down a long hall to a large conference room. Moldy immediately begins setting up the recording equipment and the small video recorder as Scuttle arranges the chairs so all the students could be videotaped as a group.

No sooner did Scuttle and Moldy sit in the chairs at the head of the table, than the door opened and 8 students, 4 males, and 4 females, entered as if on cue.

Scuttle says softly as she directs them to the chairs grouped at the far end of the table, “Won't you please have a seat and make yourselves comfortable?”

There are rustling noises and the sound of chairs scraping over the wooden floor for a few seconds as the student's all sit. They were figiting nervously and looking at each other. Moldy rises and carries a stack of paper and a bundle of pens to them.

He puts them down in easy reach of the students as he says, “I want each of you to take some paper, put your name and today's date at the top.”

One of the girls asks curiously, “Is thisa test mister? Cuz if it is … nonena us studied nuthen.”

Moldy smiles as he replies, “No, this isn't a test. What I want you to do, is write for me exactly what happened. From the time you first found the … ummm ...”

One of the boys fills in, “Snuggle Worm.”

Moldy continues, “Yes … the Snuggle Worm … until those students … changed.”

The 8 of them looked at each other with very worried expressions.

One of the males that looked like a weight lifter asks with trepidation in his tone, “We ain't in no kinna trouble … is we mister?”

Moldy smiles warmly as he replies, “Not at all. We just want to have in your own words, exactly what happened, and in your own writing so others who read it later can study everything.”

The 8 students look at each other for an instant, before they begin to write furiously. Moldy and Scuttle watch as each student takes several pages to write their account. Moldy interviewed and recorded the Male's accounts of what happened while Scuttle interviewed and recorded the female's accounts. It had become clear to both of them, that all the student's were telling the exact same story, but in their own words. Scuttle began to believe this just might be for real …. and not some college student prank that had gotten out of hand.

Finally, the interviews were all done and the agitated students reassured. Moldy and Scuttle got the keys to the out building the Moth had hatched in, and proceeded to walk the mile across what appeared to be an athletic field and cow pasture combination. Scuttle was so glad she had decided to wear her Jumpsuit and black tennis shoes instead of the miniskirt and pumps. She couldn't imagine how miserable she would be having to walk across this large field and through the woods dressed like a Barbie Doll.

Moldy went to the door and unlocked the massive padlock. The huge chain rattled through the metal rings in the door into a large pile on the ground. Moldy pushed the doors to each side, they slide with a grinding squeal of rusty metal. Scuttle shivers as goose bumps rise on her skin and her teeth seem to wiggle with the grating sound.

Light spills into the dusky interior through the open doors. The shaft of light is defined by motes of dust floating in the air. The sweet smell of freshly cut hay filled their noses, mixed with sweet feed and manure.

Scuttle and Moldy broke out their bright lights and began to shine them around. The interior of the place looked like any barn they had seen before. They could see the stalls in the back, the tack room off to one side, and the ladder leading to the hayloft. As Moldy's light danced along the edge of the loft, he came to a stop on a large mass of hair and what looked like spider's webs. In one end of this mass, was a large opening, with some kind of thick fluid slowly dripping to make a large pool on the floor beneath.

Moldy pokes Scuttle gently in her ribs and points. Scuttle shines her light at the place Moldy was pointing. She gasps as her eyes get large.

She says with awe in her voice, “It … it's … it's a cocoon that has hatched.”

Moldy says, “I'm going to get some samples of that white goo that's dripping out.”

Scuttle says, “I want to get some samples of the cocoon and the lining inside.”

As Moldy bent and scooped up a large quantity of the thick white gooey substance into a large sterile glass collection jar, Scuttle climbed the ladder to the hayloft, and walked to the cocoon's mass in one corner.

She removed from her fanny pack, a scalpel, scissors, and a large tweezers. She began to cut away samples of the web, hair, and the soft silk like interior of the cocoon. She put each sample into a sterile plastic collection bag with the large tweezers.

After an hour of collection, Moldy and Scuttle returned to the van. The hair turned out to be ordinary Persian cat hair. The web material was indeed a fine grade of silk, that was even finer grade than silk worms. Even this, was still ordinary evidence. Nothing that would explain the stranger side of the student's story.

The goo proved to be ordinary caterpillar residue that would normally be found inside a cocoon during metamorphosis. DNA testing proved it to be a normal Species of Giant Atlas Moth. Scuttle and Moldy sat at the table and drank some coffee with their chicken sandwiches. Neither were very enthusiastic at this point.

Moldy asked dejectedly, “Nothing in any of the samples … is out of the ordinary in any way?”

Scuttle replies with the same dejection, “There's not a single molecule or gene that can't be accounted for in the normal fauna of this planet.”

Moldy places a DVD disk and a large pile of records and hand written pages on the table. Scuttle lifts an eyebrow.

Moldy says, “Those are the test results from the Mental Health Department on the 4 students that claim to have been changed. It seems the finger prints and genetic tests do lead credence to their stories. The girls have the finger prints of the missing boys … as the boys have the finger prints of the missing girls. The genetic scan shows that there is a 99% chance that the individuals would be the brother or sister of the missing individual. That's the best evidence of a gender swap we have thus far.”

Scuttle sits up straight in her chair. She says excitedly, “That's good evidence Moldy. It shows that something extraordinary happened.”

Moldy shakes his head slowly as he responds, “Not … really. The Department of Vital Statistics at their Court House claims their database had to have been compromised somehow. They think the records are false and are filing affidavits to that effect.”

Scuttle gasps loudly, “They … are going to hide the proof?”

Moldy nods slowly, “The only way we have to actually prove this is for real … is to catch the stupid moth. Since there is no other moth in the world that looks like it, or has the same coloration … we should be able to find it.” He turns towards the satellite console and powers it up.”I will begin a long wave scan for an over large Atlas Moth here. Those moths are not found on this continent … so it should be fairly easy to locate.”

Hours pass as the scan continues. Moldy and Scuttle were leaning against each other, sound asleep as the acquisition alarm went off. They both jump awake, then realize they had been snuggled in each ether’s arms. Shyly, they both separate and return to the console. To their total surprise, the screen display showed the barn where the cocoon was. Quickly, Moldy starts the van, and proceeds to drive to the barn down the long winding dirt road.


When they arrived, Moldy activated the Satellite console and was in touch with W.H.O. Infectious Disease Control's main headquarters. All pertinent information on all the poisonous insects in the world was at his fingertips.

Shuttle contacted FBI Headquarters and spoke with the Director. As usual, he was as sarcastic and disbelieving as always and hoped they had brought along a big enough net and capture jar for the moth.

Moldy rose from his seat and went to one side of the Van where a long cabinet door was locked with a combination key pad. Moldy punched in the code, the door opened easily. He took from it, 2 Smith and Wesson Combat action 50 caliber Defender Shotguns along with 2 satchels filled with 30 round magazines. Each magazine was loaded with alternating 3 ¼ inch 000 buckshot, 3 ¼ inch 50 caliber slugs, and 3 ¼ inch 50 caliber exploding ordinance. He handed a satchel and a weapon to Scuttle. As Moldy loaded a magazine into his weapon, Shuttle looked hers over and the satchel

She said with a bit of worry in her voice, “Are you sure we're going to need this much firepower? It's only a moth after all. We have enough ordinance and weapon to knock out a battalion by ourselves.”

Moldy replies as he cocks his weapon, “It may just be a moth, but what I saw hanging from the ceiling, and all the testimony from the students … including the ones at the Mental Hospital, I'm not taking any chances. I would rather deliver a dead moth we can clone … than be stung by it.”

Scuttle nods as she loads a magazine into her weapon and charges it with a resounding Cha Chunk sound. Both Agents smile at each other for a second before they disembark the van and stealthily walk towards the barn door. Moldy and Scuttle turn on the lights fastened to their weapons and begin to search. According to the Satellite Data, the moth was still in the barn. Judging from the signal feed back, a moth this size should be easy to spot … especially being pink and its wings edged with white lace.

Moldy heads to the rear of the large barn as Scuttle searches the loft area. The light was dimmer than the 2 Agents would have liked, leaving the circle of light from there weapon the only guidance and visibility.

Moldy slowly creeps through the large animal stalls in search of the moth. The smell of dung and sweet feed permeate everything. Moldy can hear sounds. It's kind of like the wind …. and the sound of small twigs rubbing against things. He follows this sound for no other reason than it's there.

He passes through another arching doorway into a huge storage type place. Off in a distant corner, Moldy can see large bales of hay stacked neatly. He can smell the sweet smell of freshly cut hay … and a new smell. It's very soft and sweet … like perfume. Moldy wonders if one of the female students is hiding somewhere nearby.

Scuttle climbs the ladder into the loft and scans the immediate area with her weapon's light. She points it in the direction the cocoon hung. She can still see the tattered remains left after they took their many samples. The smell of old and freshly cut hay hangs heavily in the air as she creeps slowly around.

She finds near the cocoon, plainly in the dust on the floor of the loft, not only their foot prints, but some very strange …. marks that wiggle along.. She follows them up to the large wall at the far end of the barn. Scuttle sees a small door on rusty lasp hinges with a simple clasp holding it closed. She open the door, the strong sweet smell of … some kind of perfume assails her nose.

Moldy shines the light around hoping to find the source of the nice smell. It seems to be making his head swim. Moldy hears, and feels a sudden breeze. He senses a subtle change in air pressure … he turns too late. A very large, soft, pink thing is on him. He is knocked backwards on his back as it settles on top of him, his weapon flying far away out of reach. From high in the loft, he can hear Scuttle wandering around above him.

He yells out loudly with real fear in his voice, “Scuttle … HELP! It's got ...”

Moldy never gets to finish. Something is in his mouth and is going easily down his throat. He can feel something warm trickling into his stomach making it feel warm. A euphoria comes quickly over him as he finds his body relaxing against his will.

As Moldy's eyes adjust to the dim light, he can see what's on top of him. It's the moth, and it looks very much like the snuggle toy the kids named it. It's very large and mostly pink with decorations around its wings that look just like white lace. Its eyes are very pretty glittery blue. It has 4 large articulated legs, and 6 smaller ones towards the front it appears to use as hands. 2 of them are holding Moldy's arms back, and 2 of them are holding his legs bent at the knees and spread open. He feels very strangely exposed and helpless in this position. The moth's proboscis is in his mouth and down his throat.

Moldy's head begins to buzz. He hasn't felt this way since he experimented with Marijuana as a kid many years ago. He feels strange sensations spreading all through his body as whatever the moth is injecting into his stomach spreads through his system. A chill runs down his spine as he wonders what being stung will feel like.

He sees the abdomen of the moth as it bends in towards his exposed crotch. He shivers in fear as he sees the large stinger as it protrudes. He can't move. His muscles seem to be completely relaxed and unresponsive. He feels the pressure, a very sharp sting just below his penis. He can feel the moth as it pushes into him deeper and deeper. All he can do is shiver as it penetrates him. After the first several thrusts, Moldy realizes it doesn't hurt anymore. He feels something really strange happening deep within his crotch. The moth shivers all through its body at the same time. Moldy begins to feel so weird and has many intense rushes. He can't help himself as he has a wonderful orgasm. His mind is totally gone as the pressure inside him and on top of him vanishes. The wonderful smell of perfume and a cool, soft breeze is all that gets through the confusion and intensifying sensation assailing Moldy. Far far off in another place, Moldy can hear shots being fired … and explosions ... everything is like a dream … He is totally confused and doesn't understand why someone would be doing that.

Scuttle stops suddenly and stiffens. She could have sworn she heard Moldy yelling. She rushes over to the edge of the hayloft. She sees Moldy's light off to one side. She points her light down in the direction … all she sees is his weapon.

“Moldy?!” she yells out, “Is everything all right?”

She scans the floor far below with her light. She suddenly comes upon the moth on the floor. She can see moth's abdomen pushing itself beneath the main body. With a fearful gasp, she realizes it had Moldy and was stinging him. She watched as it thrust into his body several deep times before she could react.

The moth suddenly springs from Moldy and begins to fly quickly away. Scuttle brings her weapon up and fires 3 times. Scuttle feels the powerful and slightly painful kick into her right shoulder as the weapon made an exploding Buh Yah sound with each shot. The first one was a 50 caliber slug, the second one was 000 buck shot, the third and most deadly shot was the 50 caliber exploding round. Scuttle didn't know how much damage the first 2 shots had done. 3 ¼ inch loads are powerful … but the 3rd shot was not only 50 caliber, it was a grenade too.

It hit the moth near its rump and exploded violently. There is a loud squealing noise and a huge over powering odor of …. this time Scuttle recognized the smell, it was baby powder. She fires 3 more times, the 3rd one exploding violently against the moth's body. This time, the moth went down in a rustle of wings and hit solidly with a thump. Scuttle fired 3 more times just behind the head of the creature. The 3rd one's explosion blowing the head off and across the floor. The body lay quivering as fluid flowed from many open wounds.

As quickly as she could, Scuttle found the nearest ladder and scrambled to the main floor of the barn. She rushed over to Moldy who was still lying on his back with his legs spread. She could see a large dark spot on his crotch. Further examination with the weapon's light reveled it was blood mixed with some jelly like substance. She takes a sterile container and takes as much a sample as she could get from the open wound in Moldy's crotch.

Proof is in the pudding

It was warm …. it was cold … there was bright lights and voices asking questions that didn't make any sense. The voices were loudly speaking a language from a different place. There were motions in all directions. Feelings …. intense feelings. Massively weird and intensely sexual ones as well. Sharp stings and pricks … pulling and prodding. Total massive confusion.

A steady, regularly timed beep brought Moldy back to his consciousness. Everything was like a dream. He had very vague memories of things …. strange things … some were like a nightmare. He sort of recalls Scuttle screaming at someone … that he had been stung. He remembers strange voices in awe over …. some kind of weird change right before their eyes. He definitely remembers the sweet smell of … Baby Powder.

Moldy slowly returns to his right mind. He opens his eyes. He sees he's in some sort of Medical Unit and the monitoring machines all around his bed. He sees many vases of flowers, cute little fuzzy dolls, and many cute cards sitting on the night tables around his bed. Standing over him with a very worried look on her pretty face was Scuttle.

Moldy smiles …. even that feels really strange. As a matter of fact …. his whole body feels … different and weird. All the sensations were more intense somehow.

Moldy says softly, “Hi there Scuttle.”

His voice …. isn't his! He sits up suddenly … a really bad idea as every thing seems to turn on its side and begins to spin. He feels he is falling into a deep dark place until soft hands take hold of him and lay him back in the soft embrace of the bed.

Scuttle says in a soft worried coo, “Lay back Foxxie … relax. Things have changed since you have been unconscious. We …. have things to talk about.”

In his new and cute voice, Moldy asks, “What …. what kind of things have change Scuttle? My …. voice is … different now … my body feels so weird.”

Scuttle takes Moldy's hand and squeezes it softly, Moldy immediately realizes his hand was different. He looks down at it … it was small and slender … just like Scuttle's.

Scuttle smiles reassuringly as she replies, “You … have changed Foxxie … you're no longer the man you used to be. It's … kind of hard to tell you right out.”

Tell me what … Scuttle?”

“Well …,” Scuttle began slowly, “There is no doubt at the Agency at this time that the Snuggle Moth is a real creature. It has a venom that has a unique protein and Xenomorphic stem cell property in it. The genetic samples are gestating rapidly in the tank … and we should have a living Snuggle Worm in a month.”

Scuttle pats Moldy's hand reassuringly as she kisses him on his nose.

“I promise you this however, I will stay with you and help you through your transition.” she says softly, “and we both have a Presidential Commendation and a promotion. We both are now head of the Special XX File section. I'm head of the Scientific and medical section, you're in charge of the field investigations section. The President assured us we have unlimited funding to prove all of our cases one way or the other... based on the over whelming truth of this one.”

Moldy said with a tremble in his cute voice, “What you're trying very hard not to tell me … is that it's true. The sting of the Snuggle Moth changes gender?”

Scuttle nods slowly as she brings a mirror to the bed and places it in front of Moldy. What he sees looking back from the reflection, is an extremely pretty young woman with short black hair and a most surprised expression. Moldy gasps as his hand goes to his mouth …. the girl in the reflection does the exact same thing.

Scuttle says softly, “I think you turned out exceptionally well … in fact … “ She blushes a very cute pink, “If you're willing … we can be an item. I'm sort of,” she leans forward and whispers in Moldy's ear, “Bi … and like cute girls like you. In case your wondering … there's no going back … we tried many times. Your body is now immune to the protein.”

She kisses him on his surprised lips as she sits back and smiles, her cheeks a pretty pink blush.

About that time, the door opens and many people enter. There are Reporters, scientists, doctors, and even the Director … who wasn't being sarcastic any more. As the flash bulbs and hundreds of questions began, Moldy looks over at Scuttle and nods … she mouths the words, “Yes.” he nods again …

~~ The Beginning ~~

Title: The XX Files – Pt2 – A New View of Life ( XX )


Agent Foxie Moldy

Agent Dr. Dinea Scuttle – MD / PHD

Scene: Moldy's Hospital Room


Moldy reclined in his hospital bed and stared at his new self in the vanity mirror Scuttle had brought. He was totally mind blown at what the moth's sting had caused. He was rather upset that the active genetic material that caused the change within him ... also had created a total immunity to it. No matter how much of it they had produced in the lab by cloning fresh moths, his body had immunity. He was unable to change back.

Moldy looks down at the front of the nighty Scuttle had bought for him. He was still slightly embarrassed about being in a babydoll nightgown with string bikini panties. If this had been on Scuttle ... he knew he would be super aroused. It was a soft cream white with puffy sleeves and cute little ribbons and bows around them. The panties had large ruffly flutters around the leg openings. Scuttle had even brought matching fuzzy slippers that were super comfortable and soft.

He sees his small B sized breasts and their hard perky gumdrop nipples. They were surrounded by a slightly darker pink aureole. Scuttle loved to kiss and caress his cute little breasts and nipples as often as Moldy would let her. He was still kind of shy about it ... especially as sensitive as they had proven to be. Any attention Scuttle gave to his breasts, seemed to go straight to his new vagina ... and he became very aroused. He was almost to the breaking point ... but not quite. He knew very shortly, he would be unable to resist having Lesbian sex with Scuttle ... especially as aroused as she made him.

Scuttle had begun to dress as cute and sexy as she could whenever she had come to visit ... which was at least 4 times every day ... some times a whole lot more. She would come in super short mini skirts and tight blouses that left nothing to his, or anyone else's imagination. He really liked the boy short outfit with the shorty midriff top. That showed off her cute little bubble butt and wonderfully dangerous curves.

Moldy gasps softly as he finds his panties were becoming damp with his excitement. He now understood the power a man has over a woman ... or another sexually interested woman.

Moldy placed the mirror on the tray and pushed it from over him. He threw back the sheet and stood up, pausing only long enough to put on the soft fuzzy slippers; the floor was very cold. The strangeness of the new center of balance his female body had didn't bother him any longer, he had gotten used to it over the last several weeks.

He went into the bathroom part of his room to the potty, wiggled out of his panties, and sat. He could hear the soft hissing sound and felt it as he went potty. This too will take getting used to, Having to sit to potty wasn't something he had ever thought about having to do.

He felt the tingle as the pressure on his bladder lessened. He shivers slightly, all the sensations he took for granted as a man ... were so different and a lot more intense as a woman. He took a hand full of tissue and wiped himself. He had to remember to wipe carefully so as not to make it raw.

From here, he entered the shower area. He takes a soft wash cloth and dampens it, then cleans the moistness from his vagina. He still hadn't gotten used to this ... it really felt intense as he cleaned himself with the sweet smelling skin soap covered cloth.

He pulls his panties back up and walks back out into his room. The large mirror on the door showed a very beautiful young woman, a little over 4 feet tall. His hair had grown amazingly fast since he gotten stung too. It was already below his shoulders ... and Scuttle was trying very hard to get him to wear it up in pony tails.

As luck would have it, just as Moldy held his hair up in both hands into makeshift ponytails to take a look, Scuttle bounds in. This time, she had on a cute sky blue sun romper with straps that fastened to cute little ladybug buttons in front. She had on a nice tight white top underneath.

Scuttle giggles pleasantly as she says, “See? Tol ya they would be cute on you sweet heart.”

Scuttle bounds up and pats Moldy on his cute round hinny as she takes a gentle squeeze. Moldy squeaks softly just before Scuttle French kisses him with lots of wiggly exploring tongue. Moldy feels her pull him close to her body with one hand, as she caresses his firm boobies with the other. Moldy couldn't help himself, he found himself passionately kissing Scuttle back as he pressed into her wonderfully caressing hand. Moldy squeaks softly as Scuttle drops the hand holding his hinny and feels between his legs.

Scuttle coos softly, “That's a very good little girl. It's wonderful to feel you have wet panties after a nice kiss.”

Moldy blushes softly. Something in his mind clicks over ... she can't help herself any longer. She snuggles into Scuttles soft body and kisses her.

Moldy says in her cute voice, “I ... am really turned on by you Scuttle ... I .... need you.”

Scuttle caresses Moldy one more time before breaking the embrace and opening the large bag she was carrying. She removes 2 soft white scrunchies as she grabs a hand full of Moldy's hair and begins to wrap the scrunchy around it.

Scuttle replies, “I love you too Foxie ... and I want you to be my girlfriend. I also want you to stop fussing about being a girl. You are as cute as they come ... and I want you to dress and act accordingly. I promised to teach you ... and I intend to.”

Moldy starts to reply. Scuttle swats her on her butt before she can and says in mock sternness, “No back talk young lady. It's quite obvious I am a lot older than you ... so you have to do what I tell you .. or I'll have to spank you.”

Moldy feels a pleasant tingle run down her spine as Scuttle finishes putting her hair in ponytails. Moldy looks in the mirror. She has to agree with Scuttle, not only had she become a much younger girl than Scuttle after the metamorphosis, she was extremely cute and the pony tails only enhanced how adorable she looked.

Scuttle goes to Moldy's bed and begins to dig in the large bag once again. She pulls from it several folders stuffed with papers and puts them on the near by tray. She reaches back in and takes out a pair of black lace string bikini panties, a black lace maiden form bra, a tight pullover top with short sleeves, a pair of black flats, and a pair of really cute hip hugger shorty shorts with cuffs at the legs.

Moldy's eyes get large as he says shyly, “You ... You're expecting me to wear that home?”

Scuttle looks up and blinks. She answers, “Yes, I do. Why not? I don't want my girl wearing boy's clothes. That ... just wouldn't do. Especially since I want to show you off just a bit to the others.”

Moldy blushes really pink. He can feel the heat in his ears and face. He can feel something in his tummy fluttering all around. He realizes ... he's actually afraid to go out in public ... as the girl he now was.

Scuttle doesn't miss a beat. She takes Moldy by her hand and pulls her over to the side of the bed. Before Moldy could react, She felt her gown top slipping over her head. The coolness of the room tickled her nipples and made them tingle wonderfully. Moldy gasps as Scuttle kisses each one tenderly ending it with a lingering soft suck. Moldy's vagina actually wiggles as it become warm and tingly wet with arousal.

Moldy feels something being slipped over her arms. She opens her eyes and sees Scuttle putting the bra straps over them and pulling it up to her breasts. As Scuttle fastened the clasps in back, Moldy shivers with the goose flesh that springs up all over her body as the cups gently caress and hold her boobies. Moldy is totally beside herself with this wonderful new sensation as she feels the bra hold her gently, but firmly.

Scuttle quickly pulls Moldy's jammie panties down. She can feel the coolness of the room as it caresses the heat in her vagina. This also causes Moldy to shiver as a new arousal and more goose flesh rewards her.

Scuttle holds out the black bikini panties and says softly, “Step in.”

Moldy hesitates for a few heart beats, before placing her hand on Scuttle's shoulder for support, and daintily puts her pointed toes into one leg opening.

Scuttle giggles as she says, “That's a good girl, now do the same with the other foot.”

Moldy repeats the action with her other foot. Scuttle pulls the panties up over Moldy's cute little round bottom and gives it a soft pat. Once again. Moldy shivers with the intensity of the many sensations. The panties almost tickled as they rose up her thighs and around her warm, wet vagina. Scuttle didn't waste any time giving Moldy a super nice caress between her legs either. Moldy couldn't help herself as she squeaks adorably.

Scuttle stands and turns. When she turns back, she's removing the price tag from the cute top. She scrunches the top up where the neck hole was easily accessible and puts it over Moldy's head. Moldy feels it as Scuttle takes her arms and puts them through the arm openings in the top and pulls it down. Moldy giggles from the tickles it causes as Scuttle pulls the top down and smooths out the wrinkles and pulls her pony tails from the neck opening. The top was totally form fitting and left nothing to the imagination. Moldy's cute perky little boobies stood out proudly as the top conformed to her soft and wonderful curves. Moldy looks down into her wonderfully cute cleavage the push up part of the bra created.

Last, Scuttle holds out the shorty shorts and coos softly, “Be a good girl and step in so I can finish dressing you.”

Moldy steps into the shorts. Scuttle pulls them up ... they are very tight and form fitting like the top. When Scuttle had finished buttoning them and zipping them up, Moldy turned and looked at herself in the mirror. She was as cute as they come. Moldy felt a bit of humiliation as she realized her own image was arousing her. Moldy shook her head to clear it, she couldn't believe she was such a pretty girl. Moldy steps into the black flats Scuttle had put on the floor for her. They fit perfectly and were very soft and comfortable on her feet.

Scuttle handed Moldy the 2 thick file folders. Moldy took them and began browsing slowly trough all the technical mumbo jumbo of cloning, recombinant theories and cellular mitosis techniques until he came to the discussion on genetic Xenomorphic proteins and DNA re-sequencing.

According to the report, once cellular revision had occurred and the Xenomorphic protein had activated its powerful mutagen properties, the cells could no longer be reverted, nor could the DNA be morphed. The body's natural protective systems did not allow for further reconstruction. It was a one way trip once the subject had the genetic protein introduced within their bodies.

It also seemed that the protein caused cellular regeneration as well, causing the mitochondrial damage to be instantly repaired. All age related Genetic damage was also repaired and the individual started with perfect gnomic and physical health.

Moldy realized this was why she was so young again and looked like she might be 12 or something. Her total gnomic profile had been totally repaired when she was morphed. According to what she read, this also caused her to age a lot slower than average. Moldy thumbed through several long winded descriptions on DNA tagging and the death gene activation protein before she came to the pages specifically about her.

She saw many pictures of the area she had been stung by the moth. Moldy thought it ironic that the exact spot the large stinger entered her male body, was the exact spot that now was her vagina. She examined the bloody hole that was covered with thick gel. Moldy shivered as she thought about how much it looked like sperm.

Moldy paid close attention to the pictures that showed his remarkable transformation. It started slowly at first, then accelerated quickly after a few hours. Moldy saw the extra bulk of his male body had transformed into some kind of genetic residue that was sloughed off as a thick, almost clear jelly.

The genetic testing of this gel was unremarkable ... it contained nothing unusual, only Moldy's DNA / RNA composition, fat cells, some bone cells and a mixture of muscle and blood cells.

According to the report, the HGC gene on his Y Chromosome had become reactivated by the Xenomorphic protein in the moth venom which caused a cascade effect. The Y Chromosome at that point converted to an X since the disabled leg was now activated. From there, the RNA carriers did the rest of the reconstruction through out the genome using the Xenomorphic proteins as the blueprint like a retrovirus does during its reproductive cycle.

Moldy also noted that the moth had injected some kind of strong tranquilizer into her stomach that allowed her to be stung and transformed without protest. Moldy shivers as she remembers her body being totally relaxed during the attack.

Moldy gasps in surprise as she reads that it is perhaps the most effective remedies for depression and anxiety ever discovered. In much smaller doses, this could help revolutionize treatment for many types of extremely serious mental illness.

The only issue they were having, was retrieving the substances from the cloned moths. The moths did not willingly give up the substances, and killing them caused the substances to rapidly deteriorate.

Scuttle comes up behind Moldy and wraps her arms around her. She pulls Moldy lovingly into her body and takes a hand full of Moldy's breasts and squeezes softly. Moldy's mind goes blank as the intensely pleasant sensation rushes all though her. One of Scuttle's hands slides down between Moldy's legs and caresses her intensely while Scuttle blows gently into Moldy's ear. Scuttle knows that Moldy is totally unprepared for this kind of sexual stimulation. As a man, he would not have been subjected to it, and now will be totally helpless.

Moldy drops the papers in her hand as she gasps softly in a cute squeak. She leans back into Scuttle's embrace as she feels her panties becoming moist with arousal. Scuttle nibbles on Moldy's neck, causing goose flesh to rise all over her body. Moldy tries to break the contact as Scuttle turns her enough to give her a wonderfully mind blowing French kiss. Moldy ceases to struggle as she snuggles into Scuttle and kisses her back passionately. Scuttle is over joyed ... this is exactly the kind of response she is wanting from her Love Pet.

Scuttle smiles as she says in a cute cooing voice, “Now, that's how a girl in love should act.”

She caresses Moldy's face softly as she looks directly into her eyes. Moldy can feel her panties get very moist as her nipples harden against her bra. These are new sensations and Moldy is finding them totally wonderful.

Moldy blushes really pink as she says shyly, “Scuttle ... I have a real problem with ... umm ... this.”

Scuttle giggles as she replies, “And what kind of problem do you have my Pet?”

Moldy blushes slightly redder in her cheeks as she replies in a whisper, “I ... I keep wetting my panties when ever you do that to me.”

Scuttle coos, “Aww, poor baby. Guess mommy has to teach you about panty liners and why girls use em ... huh?”

Scuttle pulls a small longish oval pad with small wings from her purse. She shows Moldy about the adhesive side and how to put them in her panties. Moldy noticed that its perfume smelled exactly like baby powder.

As Moldy slipped into the potty, Scuttle remarks, “They also help keep a girl feeling fresh and clean all day. A clean little girl is a pretty little girl.”

Moldy goes into the potty and shuts the door. She sighs softly as she looks at the pad in her hand. Moldy realizes she has a lot to learn about being a super cute girl in love. She undoes her shorts and pulls her panties down enough to insert the pad. She pulls the strips from the adhesive side and places them in the crotch of her panties and folds the wings over like Scuttle had told her. Moldy pulls her panties back up. She shivers at the new cool feeling the pad gave her at first. Moldy then pulls her shorts back up and zips and buttons them. The pad made her feel a whole lot more comfortable.

Moldy walks out of the potty and says, “I think we should be leaving ... I'm really tired of this Hospital room ... and all the tests and interviews.”

Scuttle holds out her hand as she replies, “Ok, sweet heart. I guess we can go to lunch at Joey's ... they are having a special on their Philly Cheese Steak sandwiches.”

Moldy feels the butterflies in her tummy as she takes Scuttle's hand. The time had finally arrived for him to go out in public as a female. Scuttle scoops up the papers on the floor and puts them back in the large bag along with all the other things that belonged to Moldy, including all the cute stuffed dolls, cards, letters, and the babydoll nighty.

Scuttle says as they leave the room, “I'll let someone else deal with those tons of flowers you got. They'll have to have them brought to our apartment.”

Moldy's eyes get big as she says in surprise, “Our ... apartment? What happened to ... my apartment?”

Scuttle giggles, “I took care of alla that. We now have a huge apartment over in Park Place. All of your old stuff is there and arranged. I have a huge feeling though, that lots of it you will have no interest in soon.”

Moldy asks, “And why not? It's my stuff.”

Scuttle giggles, “Because, silly, you're a girl ... and the transformation is still going on in your emotional and physiological profile. In other words, as time passes, you will feel and act more and more like the female you are ... you won't be able to help it. As that happens, your likes and ... dislikes will change.”

Scuttle squeezes Moldy's hand reassuringly as they enter the crowded elevator. Moldy's mind was in a real twirl as she noticed several of the men looking hard at the 2 of them. Moldy felt strange as she recognized the look. Moldy was sure it was the exact same predatory look she gave really cute women when she looked them over when she was a man. She was sure they were undressing her and Scuttle with their eyes and having sexual fantasy thoughts.

Moldy tuns and whispers in Scuttle's ear, “It ... feels so weird to have men stare at me ... I feel like they are going to ... do something weird.”

Scuttle squeezes Moldy's hand gently once again as she whispers back, “You're going to have to get used to that Foxie. You and I are what they call babes. It happens a lot. You are an extremely pretty young woman ... and are dressed very sexily.” Scuttle giggles softly, “It's how we both are going to be from now on. I'm not going to let my girlfriend hide her femininity.”

Moldy shyly scoots closer and sort of behind Scuttle. A large elderly woman notices and says to Scuttle, “Oh, how adorable. Is that your daughter?” The woman bends slightly and tweaks Moldy's cheek.

Moldy gasps softly in surprise as Scuttle replies, “I guess you could call her my daughter. She's adorable, isn't she?”

The woman asks, “How old is she? She looks about 11 or 12.”

Scuttle giggles as Moldy edges closer. She says as she hugs Moldy, “No, she's actually 35 years old ... it's just her body doesn't age normally.”

The woman gasps in surprise, “I would have never known. She doesn't look a day older than 11 maybe. That must cause problems.”

Scuttle smiles down at Moldy as she replies, “It does, but nothing I can't handle for her.”

About that time, the elevator door opens. Scuttle says, “Bye, ma'am. Hope you have a nice day.”

She pulls on Moldy's hand and escorts her quickly from the elevator. Moldy follows obediently behind as the elderly woman waves bye. Scuttle weaves a path through the throng in the Hospital's lobby, avoiding the camera crews and multitudes of news reporters.

Once outside, Scuttle slows her pace and explains, “I'm sorry for that sweet heart. It's just you are a world celebrity now. A man that it is proven has changed into a woman ... that's big news.”

Moldy replies with trepidation, “Scuttle ... I don't ... want to be in the lime light ... I'm ... rather ... embarrassed by his whole thing.”

Scuttle turns and hugs Moldy lovingly as she pats her on her hinny reassuringly.

Scuttle says with a sparkle in her eye, “Don't worry sweetie. I have lots of plans for us. I have finally found the perfect girl to be my girlfriend ... and I won't let anyone interfere ... I promise.”

Moldy is enveloped in a very pleasant and exciting French kiss. She melts helplessly into Scuttle's arms. Moldy takes one of her hands and softly caresses Scuttle between her legs in the same way she had done her. Scuttle gasps as her eyes get big.

Scuttle breaks the kiss and says with a giggle, “That's the way sweetie. Now ... let's get some lunch, then head back to the apartment for some fun.”

Scuttle leads Moldy by the hand to the parked car. The drive to Joey's was short. Moldy looked out the window at the passing people. She couldn't help but notice almost all of the men that noticed her ... stared, or took several repeated glances in her direction. Moldy shakes her head. She feels this will be something she'll have a hard time getting used to ... all the male attention.

Another thought slowly crept into her head ... sex. Moldy glances at Scuttle for a second as she wonders how it will feel. For a split second, Moldy even had a fantasy about a sexual encounter with the wonderfully cute guy she just saw standing at the light they had stopped at. Moldy knew ... there was a high probability ... she would find out sooner than she would really like.

Lunch went very well. Moldy really enjoyed herself ... and the sandwich was the best one she had eaten. The only slightly humiliating part of the whole experience ... was when Scuttle insisted on putting makeup on her. Although Moldy had to admit, the slight rosy blush Scuttle added to her cheeks did make her look more adorable. The eye liner enhanced the blue sparkle of her eyes, and the mascara curled and made her eyelashes look fuller and more luxurious. Moldy began to feel more comfortable with being female.

At first, it was sort of annoying that the men wanted to open the doors, carry her packages, and mess with her chair before allowing her to sit. Scuttle seemed to enjoy it and took it all in stride ... so Moldy began to accept this as part of being a girl.

Men will notice her and act stupid ... she well remembered all the tongue tied moments while trying to talk to a very pretty girl herself while she was a man.

The girls finally arrive at the new apartment. It sat on top of a wooded hill, over looking a wonderful lake and river far below. The apartment was located in a very exclusive and rich neighborhood. Moldy had never imagined ever being able to afford such a place as this. When she discovered that she and Scuttle owned the place ... she was totally in awe. All 20,000 acres were theirs ... given as a gift by the FBI so the 2 of them could have privacy. It was the least they could do ... especially after all the harassment they had given Moldy over the years.

While Scuttle messed about in a back room, Moldy entered the living area. She stood wide eyed in awe at the magnificence of the place.

On a far wall, was a circular bar made into the wall. The counter appeared to be a blue marble with many black veins running all through it. Moldy ran her hand across the extremely smooth surface. She could see many shelves filled with many kinds of wine and liqueurs she had never heard of. The leather seats were soft and very comfortable. Moldy could see the refrigerator and the sink ... and a small dishwasher squirreled away snugly off to one side.

Moldy sat in one of the soft leather seats and swivels around. She sees a wonderful glass encased fireplace with a very long haired white rug in front. Scattered around in a semicircle, were many very large and thick pillows. She also sees a very large and well stocked library of books, Cd's, video games, and DVDs.

To the other side of the room, was a very large sunken sofa pit that had an extremely large 150 inch flat screen dominating the far side. Moldy wandered over to the pit and checked out the sunken sofa pillows. They were very plush and soft.

Moldy bent and ran her hand through the thick nap of the shag carpet. It felt soft and extremely nice. Moldy kicked off her flats and stood ... while she wiggled her toes in the thick nap. Moldy couldn't help it, it made her feel wonderful. She giggled just like the little girl she appeared to be.

While Moldy was checking out the large DVD collection, she heard the clinking of glass. Moldy turns and sees Scuttle pouring wine into 2 large glasses.

Scuttle had on a almost transparent black shorty top and a pair of matching tie on string bikini panties. Scuttle smiles as she gracefully walks to the sofa pit with her sexy wiggle. Moldy was totally speechless. He had never seem Scuttle this close to nude before. Her body was a total knock out. Moldy's eyes focused on her cute breasts and their very erect nipples poking through the sheer fabric of her top. She could see the outlines of Scuttle's beautiful curves as she sat in the pit and placed the bottle of wine along with the 2 glasses on a small table.

Scuttle says in a soft sexy coo, “Why don't you go and ... change into something a bit more comfortable sweet heart? I've laid out something for you in the bedroom. We can snuggle here and watch TV for a while.”

Scuttle picks up a remote and pushes a button, the Flat screen comes on. She picks up another remote and pushes a button, the credits for the new SciFi Thriller 'Astropithecarious' flash on.

Scuttle continues, “We can snuggle here and have a few drinks while we watch the show.”

Moldy knew ... the time had arrived. She would soon discover what it felt like ... to make love. Moldy slowly wandered through the house looking at the opulence of it all. When she entered the bedroom, Moldy stopped ... her mouth fell open.

The bedroom was bigger than her old apartment. It had many tapestries hug from the walls. The huge 4 poster bed was big enough Moldy was sure she and Scuttle could get lost in it without a road map.

Moldy walked over and ran her hand over the spread. It felt like silk. She could see the adorable babydoll nighty Scuttle had out for her too. The semitransparent white shorty top had puffy sleeves with a cute little red bow and a fleurette. The top was completely outlined in red lace. The bottoms were cute matching rumba panties with red ruffles on the butt and red lace around the legs and waist.

Moldy sighs softly. She would love to make love to Scuttle ... except more as a man ... than as a woman. Either way ... Scuttle had aroused her a lot and she was in need.

Moldy unbuttons her shorts and pulls them off along with her panties. She wiggles into the cute rumba panties. They feel so nice as they slip on.

Moldy pulls her top off ... but has some difficulty unfastening the bra strap. She had never had to undo one from this side of the bra before. She finally takes her arms from the arm straps, and turns the bra around backwards. This was very uncomfortable, but allowed her to easily unhook the back strap.

Moldy puts on the top. The sheer fabric tickles and raises chills as it slips softly over her aroused body. Moldy shivers in delight as her nipples tingle, sending more sensuous waves directly to her erogenous zones making them more sensitive as well.

Moldy sees herself in the large floor length mirror against the wall. Her reflection shows what looks for the world like a very sexy babydoll in pony tails. Moldy giggles as she blows a kiss towards her reflection.

Moldy says softly, “Well cutie pie ... enjoy yourself.”

Then turns off the light and walks as gracefully and sexily as she could back to the living room.

Scuttle sees Moldy as she enters the room. Moldy moves slowly with a sexy wiggle like the one she saw Scuttle do to the pit. Scuttle's eyes sparkle brightly when Moldy looks into them. Scuttle feels her breasts become aroused as her nipples become pointy. Scuttle feels her panties get warm and moist as the most beautiful and sexy creature she has ever had the pleasure of dating snuggles up next to her.

Scuttle takes Moldy into her arms and French Kisses her passionately. Moldy has no sensation of the passage of time. Her mind doesn't seem to register anything except .... that she's totally in love with Scuttle. Moldy returns the kiss as passionately as she can. When the 2 women finally break their kiss, there are several people on the screen with weapons, firing at some weird monkey like creature with wings.

Scuttle gives Moldy one of the glasses of wine, and takes a large sip from the other. Somehow, Moldy found herself snuggled in between Scuttle's legs. The 2 snuggled and drank their wine. Moldy didn't pay much attention to how much she was drinking. As a man, this glass wouldn't have effected her. As petite as she is now ... this was a lot of wine for a small girl.

Scuttle had managed to wiggle her way around beside Moldy. Scuttle had draped one of her arms over Moldy and began to softly and slowly to caress Moldy. Moldy gasps quietly as Scuttle's hand lovingly tweaks her aroused nipple, then the soft manipulation of her small breast.

Moldy finds herself on her back, with Scuttle lying on her side beside her. Moldy felt Scuttle's hand as it slowly moved downward towards her tummy. Moldy wiggles and squirms at the intense and very pleasant caresses. Scuttle begins to softly kiss Moldy on her lips as her hand gently slips into the waist band of Moldy's panties.

Scuttle spreads her fingers against Moldy's thighs. After Scuttle does several spreads of her fingers, Moldy opens her legs. Scuttle gently caresses Moldy's vagina.

Moldy's eyes get large as she makes a cute gasping squeak. Moldy feels the electric tingle run all through her body.

Moldy's not real sure why she did it, but she says in a really cute little voice, “Th ... that's my privacy.”

Scuttle replies in a soft coo, “Yes, sweet heart, it is. Relax and just let what happens ... happen.”

Scuttle spreads Moldy's cute hairless vagina lips with her index and ring finger. Moldy rises slightly off the pillow with a gasp. Scuttle smiles as she penetrates Moldy's vagina slightly with one of her fingers. Moldy has no thoughts. The sensation is so intense and wonderfully strange. In her entire life, she had never experienced something this pleasant.

Moldy feels Scuttle maneuver between her legs and pull her panties down. Moldy squeaks softly as Scuttle kisses her moist vagina and inserts her tongue. Moldy feels the wonderful sensation as Scuttle pulls her panties the rest of the way off and bends her legs at the knees.

Moldy watches as Scuttle wiggles close. Moldy can feel Scuttle's soft, warm breath on her aroused vagina. Scuttle opens Moldy's vagina lips with her fingers once again, then begins to explore all the secret places with her very wiggly tongue.

Moldy was in heaven at this point as her breath came in short squeaky gasps. Each time Scuttle's tongue penetrated, Moldy lost her mind anew with the wonderful sensations. Scuttle eventually begins to stimulate Moldy's clitoris with the tip of her tongue. Moldy shivers as goose bumps spread all over her body. The intensity rises as Moldy feels waves of sensation pulsate all through her. Her nipples tingle intensely as the very depths of her femaleness.

Scuttle coos softly, “Ohh, my Pet is so wet and in such need ... isn't she ... hummm?”

She licks the very tip of Moldy's clitoris once again causing Moldy to gasp loudly.

Moldy gasps out as best she could, “Please ... please ... I ... need you so much.”

Moldy takes hold of Scuttle long hair and pulls her face closer to her vagina. Moldy smiles as she takes her index finger and slowly begins to penetrate as she stimulates Moldy's vagina with her tongue.

Scuttle says softly, “This might hurt some sweet heart. But rest assured, the more you do it ... the better it feels.”

Scuttle pushes her finger in as deep as it would go suddenly. Moldy arches her back and gasps loudly as she feels a really strange, sharp pinch. It really hurt ... but felt strangely wonderful at the same time. Moldy lay back and trembled as many strange and different sensations rushed all through her. Moldy experienced an emotional over load that caused to to start to cry. This was the happiest moment of her life ... she was so confused at the same time.

The next thing Moldy knew, Scuttle was kissing her. Moldy kisses Scuttle back as passionately as she could as she places her hands on top of Scuttle's between her legs.

Moldy suddenly felt something release within her as Scuttle's fingers gently probed ... she couldn't help it anymore ... wave after wave of intense passion surged through Moldy as she squeaks out her full body orgasm.

Scuttle coos softly, “That's a good girl ... let it all out. Enjoy this as much as I do, because it's my turn next.”

~~ The End ~~
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