Miss Anna's Boarding School and Day Care - Complete

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Miss Anna's Boarding School and Day Care - Complete

Postby Miki Yamuri » Sat Aug 09, 2014 9:19 am

Title: Miss Anna's Boarding School and Day Care


Matt Johnson - 16, male

Megan Weston - 22yo Teacher

All characters played by: Liljennie and Miki Yamuri

Scene: Miss Anna's Boarding School - An otherwise ordinary boarding school, except for those students to elect to have free housing, who have to live with one of the teachers and be cared for, when not in class


Miss Anna's Boarding School had a reputation for being the finest place for young minds, in the area. It was prestigious, and had all of the amenities anyone could want. It even offered free room and board, for those who could not afford to pay for it ... although there were a few ... strings attached.

Matt was one such kid. His parents had died a few years ago in a car accident, leaving him in the care of an estranged aunt. They didn't have much money, but she could afford for his tuition and books at Miss Anna's.

That being said, at the start of classes, Matt showed up at the school, with a single thing of luggage, wearing some jeans, a black tee, and a jacket. His hair was long and black, and he had a slightly short, but thin body.

Swallowing nervously, the teenager knocked on the door, assuming someone would answer. Someone was supposed to be waiting on him, to take him to his room. All of his paperwork had been filled out during a meeting yesterday between his aunt and the headmistress.

Megan Weston was a very pretty teacher at Miss Anna's Boarding School. She had on a very tight button up white blouse and a short black skirt. Her shoulder length blond hair was tied back into a tight bun on the back of her head. She stood at the knock and came to the door, When she opened it, she saw a rather handsome young man nervously standing there with a single suit case.

Meagan smiled and says, "Hello there, you must be Matt, " She extender her hand then continued, "I'm Miss Weston, one of your teachers. You will be staying in the spare room at my place. I hope your trip was pleasant and uneventful."

He nodded, blushing slightly and shook her hand, before following her in. "Nice to meet you, Miss Watson. You said I'll be rooming with you?"

Megan replies in a soft voice, "Yes, you will. There are ... certain rules however, that are strictly enforced. It's part of the free room and board."

She leads him into a large room and offers him a seat on the sofa.

She continues, "Has anyone explained any of the particulars of boarding here?"

He nods. He'd expecting something like that, although the fact he was actually rooming with a teacher was strange.

When offered, he sat down, as she began talking. "Ah... no. No one told me any details."

Miss Weston pulled a chair in front of Matt and gracefully sat. She crossed her very shapely legs at the ankles and sat back.

With a smile and a very soft voice she explained, "Well, young man, as long as there are no classes, you are required to wear the house uniform. That consists of a very thick cloth diaper, a pair of cute plastic lined panties and a baby doll top, or what ever type of outfit I happen to choose for baby at the time. You are required to use the diaper as they are intended to be used. You will sleep in the nursery upstairs in the crib assigned for you."

She points into another room where Matt could see many toys and other baby play items and what appeared to be an playpen before continuing.

She says in a very soft and sweet voice, "Baby will be well cared for and tended to regularly. I will show you off to lots of people because we are proud of our babies. If you misbehave, you will be appropriately punished. This is not negotiable and your Aunt has already signed all the papers giving us complete control over you. Is this clear?"

He blinked. Was she serious? Had his aunt really signed an agreement giving this woman power over him?

Matt asks with incredulity, "And what about when I have class? Or when I go out?"

Miss Weston smiles with a sparkle in her eye as she replies, "You will be allowed to dress normally when you are in class. As far as going out, when you're not in class, you will be my baby. I think, that you might even want to start wearing your diaper to class. You might find ... you like them." She giggles pleasantly.

Wow, this was so odd and stupid. Matt was having serious thoughts about running off suddenly.

"But this... is a joke? Surely you don't expect me to be a baby? That's stupid and foolish. I'm a grown 16 year old." he complained

Miss Weston stood up suddenly, She gracefully walked to the sofa Matt was seated on and took him by his arm. She was a whole lot stronger than Matt would have ever thought possible. He was pulled from his seated position across the small space and was across her lap before her knew what was happening. Squirm as he did, he was unable to wiggle free of her seemingly herculean grasp. Miss Weston reaches into the crease of the chair and pulls out a wooden paddle. She whaps Matt on his bottom many times really hard. Each smack resounds loudly through the room. Matt's bottom hurt and felt really seriously hotter with each swat.

Miss Weston said sternly, "This is for questioning my authority. If there is any more disobedience, there will be more."

She finally stops and stands up, Matt slides of of her lap into the floor on his seriously burning rump.
Surprised, the boy yelped and squirmed as he was grabbed and laid down on her lap. He fussed, yelling at her to let him go, as so many others had done, but when the spanking started, his complaints turned into yelps, as she finished disciplining him, and let him slide off her onto the floor. "Ow...."

Miss Weston says in a stern voice, "Now, baby boy, Are we ready for our bath and diapering?"

She bends and takes him by his hand and pulls him to his feet. She begins to lead him towards the back like a misbehaving toddler.

He blushed, rubbing his sore butt, as he looked up at her from his position on the ground. He was physically defeated, but he still insisted on fussing as she helped him to his feet and led him into the bathroom.

In a very infantile way he whined, "But I don't wanna..."

Miss Weston stops suddenly and turns on the helpless boy. Without preamble, Matt finds his already sore bottom receiving several more hard whacks.

Miss Weston says in a stern voice, "Is there more disobedience young man? Or shall we get you properly dressed?"

Spanked more, the boy whimpered, lowering his head in shame. "I... y-yes ma'am." He couldn't believe. Five minutes with this woman, and she'd spanked him and declared she'd baby him.

Miss Weston says sternly, "Then come with me baby boy, and no more fussing or I will give you more of what you just had."

She takes the softly whimpering boy by his hand once again and leads him into the bathroom. Matt couldn't believe how much this looked like a girl baby's place with all the pinks and pastels. The tub even sort of looked like a bassinet. The sink counter had a large padded place and he could see many powders and creams ... all baby products every where.

Miss Weston turns after she shuts the door and says softly, "Lift your arms so I can take off your top sweetie."

She takes hold of the bottom of his T and lifts. What choice was there in resisting? Blushing, he complied and lifted his arms, standing before her and letting her remove the shirt, while he took glances around the room, looking at the nursery-style bathroom. Miss Weston then unbuttoned his Trousers and pulled them down along with his undies.

She coos softly like she's talking to a baby, "Ok, sweetie Bumps, step out of those things so Auntie can get you in the bath.”

With this, she turns and starts the bathwater. She adjusts it until it is a very comfy steamy warm. She takes one of the many bottles along the edge and opens it. The wonderful smell of Cinnamon fills the air. She pours a generous amount into the tub. Many bubbles form. She takes another bottle from the edge and opens it ... the wonderful aroma of Honeysuckle fills the air mixed with the Cinnamon ... it was a magical mixture and smells heavenly.

She pours a generous amount of this into the water as well. Miss Weston knows, this will remove all of his body hair except for his scalp, eyebrows and eyelashes.

She coos softly, "Step in baby."

She helps him get into the steamy tingly bath. Now naked, the boy shyly hides his parts, watching as she discards his clothes, then fills the tub. Blushing, he allows her to take his hand, and timidly climbs into the tub.

Miss Weston takes another bottle of pink gel from the side of the tub. With the spray nozzle, she wets his long hair. She then pours some of the gel into his hair and expertly massages it in. His head fills with lather.

Miss Weston says softly, "Now sweetie, this will make sure that the other bath oils don't remove the hair from your head. Everyone knows a good sisyboy has nice and smooth skin ... just like a girl."

She giggles. Matt blushes, amazed at what he hears. Remove his hair! Not his boy hair! Upon hearing that, he fusses a bit as she rubs it in, lathering his hair as she washes it.

Miss Weston rinses his hair with the spray nozzle. She then takes a very thick wash cloth and begins to wash Matt from head to foot until he is squeaky clean. Without warning, she would gently tickle him in his ribs and under his arms. When she had finished with his torso, she took each foot and washed them too, making sure to tickle each toe along the way. Matt couldn't help but blush and giggle as she tickled him, using the advantage to wash his torso and pits, then feet. Next would be his nether regions.

Miss Weston lathers up the cloth well, then finishes cleaning Matt. All of his body hair, except for his Head, eyelashes and eyebrows, now floated in the tub. His skin was soft and very baby smooth.

Miss Weston says in a soft voice teasing Matt, "How would you like me to start you on hormone treatments silly sissy? You would be a really cute sissy by the time you graduated. You would look just like a pretty little girl. Why ... I'm sure you would even have a boyfriend by then too."

She then helps him to stand up. She rinses him from head to toe with the spray nozzle before helping him from the tub into a very thick and fuzzy bathmat. He blushed and fussed as she teased him, standing him up and rinsing him, to wash off his hair, leaving him mostly hairless, and baby smooth. He was then out and onto the bathmat, with him squirming to get away.

"I'm not a sissy... and I don't wanna be a ... girl!" he whines in an amazingly effeminate way.

Miss Weston takes a very large, thick, and fluffy bath towel and dries Matt's hair and body briskly, making sure to tickle him gently at every opportunity. This not only helped reinforce Matt's position, but it also showed Miss Weston which of his tickle spots were better than others.

She replies in a honey sweet teasing voice, "Aww sweetheart, your one of the most prissy sissy boys we ever had at the school. Now be a good girl and come with me so we can get the proper hormones in you and you properly diapered. We don't want sissy baby having an accident and wetting the bed ... now do we? Oh, there's one more thing you should know ... normal clothing for you from now on is little girl attire. I promise you will be very cute and adorable."

She takes Matt by his hand and walks him to the padded counter and pats it. She looks at him with a gleam in her eyes and a smile on her face.

He blushes, wiggling as she tickles him, especially around his genitals. He squirms a bit as she dries him off, telling him what a prissy sissy girl he is, as she leads him over and helps him over to the changing table.

He wines in a even more female voice as the bath hormones take effect, "But I'm not a sissy baby girl! I don't want to dress as a girl either .. Please Miss Weston .. don't make me."

Matt suddenly finds himself being turned helplessly onto his stomach. He is really surprised at how strong Miss Weston is. From her petite size, you would never know. Matt gasps softly as Miss Weston pours a cold and pleasantly tingly lines of some kind of cream down the middle of his back. She begins to expertly and wonderfully massage him. Matt could feel her fingers as they found all of his tense spots and massaged them to butter as the cream warmed so wonderfully.

She coos softly to Matt, "Sweetie, until you graduate, you're the cutest sissy girl here. I promise to make sure you are always dressed in the cutest outfits while you're not in class. After you graduate, you may even find you want to stay a girl ... so far, all of the students in this program have."

Surprised, he finds himself on his stomach, wiggling as she pours the cream on his back and massaging it in. He murmurs a bit, blushing and wiggling and trying to fight back the pleasant sensation.

Matt whines more, "But I... don't want to... be one..." 'GAPS!'

Suddenly, without warning, Matt finds something being pushed deep into his bottom. In very rapid succession, he feels 3 things penetrate him deeply. Miss Weston makes it feel so .. strangely wonderful and sensual as she holds him firmly but gently down as they begin to melt inside him. He feels it as a warmth slowly spreads.

Miss Weston coos, "Those are to make sure you poopie properly like a good little baby should. They also inhibit your body's testosterone production and allow for your male parts to be drawn back inside you and for your body to increase production of estrogen. You will have a very cute little vagina soon as well as a cute figure and budding perky little breasts. You Auntie was very specific, she wants a niece and not a nephew."

She turns Matt on his back and suddenly blows a large raspberry into his stomach. Matt gasps. Suppositories! But those are irreversible! Shocked, he whines and squirms as Miss Weston forces them in, destroying the nerves of his bowels and urinary tract. He's then turned over, and can't help but squeal a bit as she blows a raspberry.

Matt finds himself lifted into the air by his ankles and set back onto something very thick and very soft. Miss Weston picks up a large bottle of baby powder and powders him very generously. She quickly pulls the diaper up between Matt's legs and snugly but comfortably fastens it on with locking diaper pins.

Miss Weston blows another thickly raspberry into Matt's Tummy then coos softly, "Now, sweet heart. I have made sure that you will experience fully what it means to be a really cute and adorable baby sissy girl."

She helps his to stand up. He is beginning to feel so strange between his legs and in his bottom as the suppositories rapidly melt. Matt looks down and realizes his penis and gonads were almost completely drawn back inside his body. In a few short minutes, they will be totally gone.

Miss Weston continues after picking up an adorable pair of plastic lined soft blue rumba panties with large ruffles around the waist, legs, and 4 rows across the bottom, "Step in sweety."

He's already in a diaper, before he can even register it. Looking down, he can see the soft diaper, securely fastened to his bottom as his nerves evaporate in his butt, destroying control of his movements. He's then on his feet, unable to help wobbling as he somehow steps into the blue panties.

Miss Weston pulls the panties up over the super thick cloth diaper and insures it is on properly. She pats Matt reassuringly on his bottom, then turns a picks up a matching baby doll top.

She holds it out and coos softly, "Alright sweetheart, hold your arms up so I can get you into your top."

The boy fusses helplessly, incredulous at how ridiculous the top looks. It's obviously something a baby girl would wear, but colored blue for boys. Blushing, he shyly raises his arms. Matt feels Miss Weston thread his hands through the arm openings. He shivers as the soft, cool satin top settles over his newly hairless body raising chill bumps. Miss Weston fusses with the puffy sleeves for a bit insuring they were not all bunched up.

She takes Matt by his hand and escorts him to the wall mirror for his first look. As Matt stands there humiliated looking at his new image, Miss Weston begins to brush and style his long hair into really cute and soft curls. When she has done with this, she ties them in 2 really cute pony tails with long, matching blue ribbons.

Miss Weston pats Matt on his diapered hinny and coos softly, "Now, you are so adorable and look just like a sissy boy should."

The top, along with his hair being brushed and put into pigtails. Seeing himself in the mirror, he can't help but blush and stare a little, than avert his eyes. He then feels it as hot tears begin to form in his eyes. He doesn't feel male anymore ... he feels a lot like what her thinks a girl feels like. The sensation between his legs is so strange ... he knows he no longer has any male genitalia. He can also feel his nipples as they are becoming more sensitive and tingle.

Matt feels Miss Weston's hands under his arms suddenly. He can't believe how easily she lifts him onto the counter and sets him there. She has him by one foot and is threading a pair of crocheted blue booties onto his feet and tyeing the ribbon into a cute bow. She repeats this procedure for the other foot.

She stands up and claps her hands together and says in a cherry voice, "Now, it's time for baby to have her lunch."

She takes Matt by his hand and helps him off of the counter. She leads him out of the potty room into the dining room. There, in plain site, is a high chair. It is big enough that Matt could easily sit in it. As Miss Weston leads him closer to it, he realizes, she intends to put him in it. Paling, he squirms a bit, barely able to walk from the softness of the booties as she leads him into the kitchen. Now fully dressed, Matt fusses and squirms a bit, but is unable to prevent her from putting him into the highchair.
Miss Weston lifts and places Matt easily into the highchair and closes the tray. It locks in place trapping Matt in. She suddenly appears with a huge 2 liter baby bottle filled with a white liquid.

She coos softly, "Now, sweety, you will sit here until you have finished all of your bottle. I am going to take a lot of pictures to go into our Year Book too. I want everyone to know just how adorable you are."

Matt is incredulous. He's stuck in a highchair, and she intends to feed him a huge bottle of milk. More, she wants pictures. Surely she's not serious! He tries squirming in attempts to prevent her feeding him, but all he manages to accomplish, is being fed like any baby under the same circumstances. Miss Weston takes many pictures of The adorable Matt.

She coos softly as she kisses him on his nose, "Now sweet heart, Auntie has to give you a cute sissy girl's name for when you're home. HUmmmmm .... how about .... Mattie?" She giggles.

His aunt! Bingo! Before she can get the chance to continue further, he says. "Wait! I want to speak to my aunt right now! As a student, you have to let me!"

Miss Weston doesn't bat an eye as she replies, "Why of course sweetie, right after lunch we have a meeting with her in the Director's office. I promise you will be there for that meeting." She cuts her eyes at Matt and continues with a strange tone in her voice, "I think you're going to be rather surprised and ... disappointed. Now hurry up and finish lunch like a good girl."

A meeting, huh? Maybe his Aunt knew he'd have problems and was here to help him? He grumbled, sighed, and opened his mouth so she could feed him. Miss Weston put the nipple of the large bottle in Matt's mouth. To his surprise, the warm white liquid tasted really wonderful. It was easy for him to suckle the entire 2 liters in just a few minutes. His tummy felt so warm and wonderful. He had to keep fighting with himself to keep from closing his eyes it made him so sleepy and content.

Miss Weston unlocked the tray and helped Matt from the high chair. As she escorted him from her apartment towards the Administration building where all could see him dressed in his sissy outfit and what a pretty girl he made.

She says softly, "Now that formula is very special. It insures baby is all baby while we are talking with The Head of the School and your Aunt. It also has more female hormones to help you be the adorable little girl your Aunt wants you to be so much."

Matt was incredulous. The milk, while it tasted good, had the use of making his thoughts murky and hard to articulate. He couldn't help but blush as she led his toddling self, so easily regressed, to Mistress Anna's office. His voice was soft and sweet like a little girl's now. Matt was unable to do more than whisper and whimper when they passed a group of schoolgirls, he blushed as they giggled at him. Matt didn't realize that several of them were just like him.

2 of the girls dressed in cheerleader outfits came over and giggled softly and hugged and kissed Matt.

One of the girls leaned over and whispered softly in his ear, "Don't be upset or afraid little girl sissy ... I'm just like you, my name's Tommy."

With a soft kiss on Matt's cheek, they all vanished in a flurry of giggles. Matt blushes at the kiss, quickly scooting closer to the teacher in an attempt to hide, as she leads him inside.

Miss Weston seemed to take the longest way around she could, walking through all the crowded places to show off the new student. Finally, they arrive at the Administrator's office. Miss Weston opens the door ... Matt sees Miss Anna, the head Director and his Aunt seated across from her. There is a bouncy seat sitting in the office that was just the right size for Matt. Without preamble, Miss Weston escorted Matt to it and threaded his legs through the cloth seat. She fastened the belt lock across his waist. His toes barely touched the ground at this point.

His Auntie says sweetly, "Ohh, my! Mattie is such a pretty little thing, isn't she?" All the women giggle. She continues, “I am so looking forward to her coming home so I can show everyone my neice. I know Tommy Waldorff would love to date her too.” More giggles.

Matt is incredulous. He though he'd be able to sit in a chair and communicate with them like equals, but he can barely talk and is stuck in a bouncy swing. Frustrated, he wiggles and bounces as his aunt teases him. His Aunt gets out of the chair and walks over to him. She pats him gently on his head as she kisses him on his cheek.

She says softly, "I think this is perfect for you. Now, you will have someone to watch over you and keep you from being naughty until your out of school. They will also teach you how to behave and act like a proper young lady should."

What the?! Perfect for him?! But he doesn't want to be a baby for one second, much less the next two years! Or become a girl ... and be his Aunt's Niece! Paling, he squirms as she kisses him.

"No ... Please .. I no wannn ggooo ddaasadf denjj." He gaps as he realizes, he can't form words at this point.

Matt's Aunt walks back and sits in the chair. She says, "Where do I sign to give you complete Power of attorney and permission for the gender reassignment procedure?"

Miss Anna leans over with a pen in hand and points to several places on the form on the table.

She says in an Authoritative voice, "Sign in these places and initial here and date it."

Matt watches in total shock as his Aunt obeys. What can he do? His Aunt has signed over Power of Attorney to the school, effectively making him their property. The aftermath is staggering. They can do and get away with whatever they want, especially as long as he's confined in the school and kept away from any kind of phone or computer with Internet. He's effectively trapped, doomed to this treatment until he graduates, and then after, to the life of a girl.

Matt's Aunt stands and walks back to him. She caresses his cheek and says softly, "Now , sweet heart, I think you are just the cutest little girl ever." She tweaks both cheeks between her index and thumb before she gives him a soft kiss on his nose. She continues, "now be a good girl for your teachers and eat all of your veggies."

She then turns and leaves Matt with Miss Weston and Head Mistress Anna.

He's doomed. Watching in distress as his Aunt leaves, Matt panics, nearly crying for her to comeback and save him. It's useless, as he can already hear doors slam. She's gone.

Anna walks from around her desk and says in her Authoritative voice, "Now, young lady, so long as you're not in class, you are just another baby girl sissy. Your Aunt has given us total control over your life for the next 2 years. By then, I can assure you, that you will be a very graceful and adorable little girl and will not have any dirty male parts ever again.. Miss Weston, you may take Mattie back to your Apartment if you wish."

Miss Weston smiles and takes Mattie by his hand, and escorts him out into the very crowded hall. A bell had just sounded and all the students were changing classes. Matt is depressed. Blushing shyly from the way Miss Anna talked to him, he takes Miss Weston's hand, allowing her to lead him back. He can only hope class will be a better experience, because he knows he's not enjoying being a baby already.

Many of the student's stopped and awwed and cooed to the new baby. Matt wasn't sure ... but it seemed more like they thought he was really adorable than teasing.

Miss Weston said loud enough for those standing near to hear, "I'm going to take you back to the nursery now sweet heart. I'm sure you understand it's time for baby's nap. Besides, I have to check your diaper and make sure you're not wet and messy before I put you in your crib."

Several of the young girls sighed softly and cooed pleasantly. They were just far enough away Mattie couldn't hear what they were saying above the noise in the hall. He blushed, averting his eyes as Miss Weston teased him about checking his diaper and putting him down for a nap. He didn't think he'd even had to go to the bathroom, and he could only guess what the girls were whispering about, as Miss Watson led him back to their flat.

Before leaving the crowded hall, Miss Watson stopped suddenly and pulls open the front and then the back of his diaper. She pats him on his hinney and coos in a cute voice, "Baby aww dry. Now we jus puts her to beddybye."

Wow, a public diaper check. Mortified, the boy blushed and squirmed as she checked him, making a big deal about it, then continued on. He did notice, however, when she pulled open the front of his panties and diaper ... he only had a cute hairless little place where his manhood used to be.

Many of the students standing around turned and were pointing and talking among themselves. One pretty girl ran up and kissed him on his cheek as she whispered in his ear, "Don't be afraid baby. Imma baby too ... I live next door. Am sure we're going to be close friends." Then with a cute wave and a flourish of lacy panties, she was gone.

He blushed and averted his eyes more, squeezing Miss Weston's hand as she led him away. He was glad to be back at the room, even if it meant she was still treating him like a baby. Miss Weston led Mattie back into the nursery. She walked over to the crib and unlatched, and lowered the side rail. She turned and with amazing ease and grace, lifted Mattie up and gently into the crib. She quickly raises the rail. It locks with a soft click. Miss Weston leans over the rail after opening a small refrigerator and removing a bottle of red liquid and kisses Mattie on his cheek.

She coos softly, "Sweet dreams baby sissy. Auntie has lots of fun thingys planned for baby when she wakes."

She quickly places a small pillow beside his head and props the bottle in his lips. The sweet Taste of Berry Red juice fills his mouth. She turns and leaves the nursery. The door closes softly leaving Matt along with his thoughts.

Bleh, horrid stuff. Matt hates the taste of the red liquid and quickly pushes it out, as soon as she leaves. He's confused and worried about his predicament, and can't help feeling, as bad things seem to be, they can get a lot worse. In the end, he sighs, and allows himself to fall into a deep sleep.

Miss Weston returns shortly after Mattie falls asleep and puts the nipple back into his mouth and props it on the pillow. Mattie unknowingly finishes the bottle of hormone laden drink, that helps to usher him quickly along to his new life as a very pretty little girl.

~~ End Chapter One ~~

Miss Anna's Boarding School and Day Care Pt2

Miss Weston bursts into the nursery with a grand flourish. She twirls around several time until she stops besides the crib. She unlocks and lowers the rail then bends and gives Mattie his waking kiss.

"Good morning Miss Mattie. It's time to wake up and for you to put on your school uniform. Today is your first day of class."

It was early morning, barely after seven. Yawning, the sissified boy sat up, rubbing his eyes. It was hard to see, but beneath his nightgown, the diaper she'd put him into was wet.

He mumbles sleepily, "Huh.... class?"

Miss Weston pulls open the front of Mattie's diaper and panties and sticks a hand gently in to check and see if he was wet as she already knew he would be.

She coos, "Baby a good baby I see. Now I don't want my little girl being upset about it. Little girls go potty in their diapers ... Ok sweetie?"

With this, she picks him out of the crib and holds him to her chest as she pats his messy hinny. Surprised, he wiggles as she picks him up, patting his butt and squishing the nasty urine around. He cannot believe he actually wet the diaper.

Matt whines pitifully, "Eww..... can't I just wear underwear?"

Miss Weston giggles then coos to Mattie, "Baby so silly. If you wore just panties, you would make a huge mess and embarrass yourself. Babies need to be in their diapers, because everyone know they can't help it."

She carries him into the bathroom and sits him on the changing counter.

She continues, "Now be a good girl and lie back for auntie while I draw the bath..”

She turns and start the bath. The wonderful smell of Honeysuckle fills the air. He blushes, confused as to why he'd make a mess. He was toilet trained. It wasn't like he was a baby, he thought as she ran the bath, then laid him down so she could change him.

Miss Weston returned to the changing table and pulled down Mattie's panties. She lifts him by his ankles suddenly and pulls them past his wet hinny. She set him back into it as she finishes pulling the panties off of his feet.

As she unpins the soggy diaper she coos, "It's not like baby is potty trained or anything, it's just she's not. You're not ready for pull ups. You're not old enough."

She removes the wet diaper and drops it into the diaper pail and closes the lid. She again picks Mattie up after cleaning up his bottom and set him in the tub.
Not old enough? Of course he is, he's a big boy he thinks, as she puts him in the tub. But why did he wet?....

Miss Weston lathers up a thick washcloth with a special soap to remove what ever hair was left, and gently cleaned all of Mattie's squeaky places as she tickles him pleasantly at every opportunity. He blushes, squirming and wiggling as she wipes the lathered cloth against his crotch, cleaning the urine, and at the same time removing his hair, leaving his skin baby smooth down there.

Miss Weston says in a happy singsong voice, "well sweetie, today is your very first day of class. Auntie wants to make sure her baby is the cutest in class. I have gotten you a very pretty blue and red jumper and some of the most adorable bottoms you have ever seen."

Miss Weston giggles as she rinses Mattie off and helps him form the tub onto a very thick bathmat. Matt can't help but blush and squirm as she finishes cleaning him up and helping him out. He hopes that he can wear a uniform to class, and not some stupid baby outfit. That would be horrible.

Miss Weston takes a large thick towel and dries Mattie briskly, starting with his hair and going from there. She tickled him in his ribs and tummy as the opportunity presented itself. Matt blushed and giggled, of course, every time she tickled him, as she gradually escorted him to the changing table and helped him up.

Miss Weston laid Mattie on his tummy, and poured a tingly cool oil down the middle of his back. She massaged him softly and gently tickled him as she went along. She turns him onto his back, the duplicates the procedure starting at the middle of his chest, ending in tickles to his feet and toes interspersed with small tickley kisses.

Suddenly, Mattie finds himself lifted in the air by his ankles, the placed in the middle of a very thick and very pink disposable diaper. It had blue and pink balloon wet indicators. She powders him well with baby powder, then pulls the diaper between his legs and fastens the tapes snugly on. As expected, Matt wiggled and cooed as she massaged his back, rubbing more of the lotion into his body. He was then lifted and powdered into the diaper, and helped up to his legs for dressing.

Miss Weston turns and picks up an adorable pair of white rumba panties. They had large ruffles just every where.

Mattie's eyes get big ans Miss Weston holds them out and coos softly, "Now be a good girl and step in."

He blushes and fidgets. They were panties, but very babyish. He couldn't help but kick his legs as she threaded them over his feet. Miss Weston pops Mattie just hard enough to remind him ... she is in charge, not him, as she finishes pulling the panties up and making sure they fit properly.

Miss Weston then turned and opened one of the small closets. She removed a short plaid skirt, a white lacy button up blouse, a pair of black Mary Jane shoes, and a pair of long pink ribbons. He yelps, scarlet and fussy as she pops him, making him step into the panties, while she got everything else. When she turned, Mattie also noticed, there was a training bra on top of the blouse.

Miss Weston says softly, "Now be a good little girl and let me finish dressing you for class. We must be in the proper attire." She unzips the skirt and holds it so that Mattie can step into it.

"B-but that's ..." Matt stammered, looking at the skirt and the rest of the outfit.

It was a girl's uniform. But then ... of course it was. He gulped and stepped awkwardly into the skirt and let Miss Weston pull it up.

Miss Weston zipped the skirt up the back and buttoned the top 2 buttons. Mattie was surprised how well it fit. Mattie looks up and sees Megan holding the bra out.

Megan coos softly, "Hold out your arms in front of you so I can slip the straps over them and help you into your training bra. We want to insure your boobies develop properly. As you can see, they already are starting to show." She smiles a cheery smile.

Matt gasped. "What? They are?" He looked down at his chest in shock. He didn't actually see anything different yet. He breathed a sigh of relief. Of course, nothing could cause such a change overnight. That would be impossible. But then ... he had wet his diaper overnight ... He blushed and put his arms forward, and Miss Weston helped him into the training bra. He just couldn't think of it as his training bra, let alone think of himself as herself. Megan hooked the hooks in back. Mattie was amazed at how it now appeared he had small breasts with the bra on.

Mattie has his hands put into the sleeves of the blouse and it was pulled over his arms. Megan buttons the blouse up the front and ties the bow under his chin. As she brushes Mattie's hair, Mattie looks at himself in the mirror. He is astounded at the image looking back. Matt gasped. Looking in the mirror, he was unable to see the image of a boy there. What he saw was obviously the reflection of a girl. A young teenage girl whose chest had only just begun to develop. A young teenage girl whose skirt had hiked itself up just enough to let a bit of ruffled panty peek out! He blushed and reached down, unable to take his eyes off that reflection, and pulled his skirt down, and of course the reflections arms did the same thing in reverse. That just couldn't be his reflection. That girl wasn't him ... Was it?

Megan smiles a large smile as she pats Mattie on her round and poofy bottom.

She coos softly, "Ok sweet heart, you are so cute. I'm sure your first day in class, all the boys will be very interested and you'll make lots of friends."

Mattie's eyes get large when he hears about the boys. Miss Weston takes him by the hand and escorts him from the house across the large court yard. Many boys and girls took notice of the cute new girl. Miss Weston brings Mattie into a class room from the very noisy hall, filled with lots of eager boys and girls all wanting to meet Mattie. Miss Weston walks to the teacher and brings Mattie in front of her by his shoulders.

She says, “Miss Lang, this is Mattie, she's new to our school and needs to be given the beginning courses. I hope you have the girl 101 textbook and the Baby 101 textbook along with the normal English book?"

Miss Lang smiles a large smile as she hands Mattie 3 large books. The one on top is labeled: Girl 101.

Miss Lang bends and kisses Mattie on his cheek as she whispers softly, "Don't be afraid sweet heart, I promise to make you into the best girl ever."

"B-but I --" Matt began, but when he turned around Miss Weston was gone. He swallowed nervously and faced his new class.

Matt suddenly felt Miss Lang take his hand. She led him in front of the class and said, "Boys and girls, this is Mattie -- give her a nice big welcome. Hi Mattie!"

"Hi Mattie," said everybody in class, some more enthusiastically than others.

Matt saw boys and girls in the class -- or rather, students who looked like boys and girls, but after what he'd been through since he arrived, he wasn't sure how many of the girls were really girls -- or how many boys were really boys for that matter. He didn't know what exactly went on here.

"Now Mattie," said Miss Lang, "there's an empty desk over here, so why don't you take your seat, and we'll continue with English class."

She led him, again by the hand, over to the empty desk, which was to the right side of the classroom, near the window, with a girl to his left, another girl in front of him, and a boy behind him.

Miss Lang whispers softly into Mattie's ear before she walks back to the front of the class, "I know it's kind of scary at first sweetie, but I used to be a boy long time ago."

Mattie could see the wonderful cleavage Miss Lang had and her beautiful figure. Miss Lang winks at Mattie as she pats him softly on the head and walks back to the front of the class. Mattie couldn't believe that extremely beautiful woman ... used to be a boy.

Miss Lang turns and says in a soft sexy voice, "Now, class ... if you could turn to page 45 ... and read the nonsense poem ... Jabberwoky..."

The class continued on. The boy from behind Mattie leans forward and whispers, "Hi, my name's Johnny ... whatcha doin after school? Wanna come to tha soda shop for some ice cream n stuff?"

Matt's eyes went wide, and he blushed. Did this boy think he was a girl? Surely he must know that many of the girls at the school weren't real girls ... whatever that meant. He wasn't sure anymore. Maybe Johnny didn't care.

Mattie whispered back, "Um ... I don't know ... I haven't decided what I'm doing after school yet."

"He took his vorpal sword in hand," said the girl to his left, who had been called upon by the teacher to read this passage. "Longtime his manxome foe he sought ..."

When Miss Lang was looking another direction again, Johnny leaned forward and whispered again, "Well, if you're free, I'd love to meet you. And don't worry -- it isn't like we'd be all alone or anything. Lots of us students go to the soda shop after school."

Matt blushed. "I'll think about it," he whispered back, as covertly as he could.

He really didn't know whether Miss Weston would be around to pick him up immediately after school or what. Another thing he wasn't sure about was what he was going to do about being in diapers. He already had to pee pretty badly, and he was sure Miss Lang knew he was a diapered "girl." If he asked permission to go to the bathroom, he would certainly be denied. So he was going to have to wet his diaper soon. As the need to go potty increased, Mattie began to fidget and squirm in his chair. He wasn't looking forward to having to use his diaper.

Miss Lang claps her hands and coos softly, "Very good Tina. Now, does anyone have any suggestions as to what the author of this poem was alluding to ... if anything?"

A very cute boy stood in the very back and said in a very female voice, "It's like when 2 dead men stood to fight, back to back they faced each other."

There is a round of twitters and laughter.

Miss Lang smiles and says softly, "That's a similar kind of poem .. very good. Mattie? Is there .. something wrong? Why are you fighting so young lady?"

She walks over to Mattie and has him stand up. Right in front of everyone, she checks his diaper.

She whispers softly, "I will tell Miss Weston to increase your diuretics so you will be less uncomfortable."

She pats Mattie on her hinny as she has her be seated amid lots of cute comments and twitteris and giggles.

Matt could hear a few bits and pieces of comments like, "Oh, she's in diapers too," and, "the first day is so rough." They sounded fairly sympathetic, but they were still giggling.

Matt still had to pee, and the feeling wasn't getting any weaker. Was it OK to just let go? Right here in class? Others were in diapers too ... he tried to distract himself by wondering who else was in diapers. He guessed that the girls who had the frillier and more babyish outfits were probably the ones in diapers. The boys were harder to tell -- some of them were in bright primary colors and overalls, but although those were somewhat juvenile outfits, it wasn't a sure thing. Then suddenly he felt himself let a little bit of pee slip. It immediately disappeared into his diaper. He realized he was going to wet his diaper even if he didn't want to.

"Don't worry," whispered the girl to his left. "Relax, just let it go. I wet mine half an hour ago. The only reason you didn't notice was that I'm used to it and you're as nervous as a long-tailed cat in a roomful of rocking chairs. Relax."

Matt took a deep breath, which made the sensation of needing to pee suddenly stronger, and then he felt it happening. This time he didn't try to stop it. He felt his diaper growing warm and the warm wetness spreading out. He could have sworn that he felt pee dripping down his legs, but when he felt with his hand, he was completely dry on the outside.

"Theeeeere ya go," whispered the girl. She was red-haired and freckled and wore a frilly red and white checkered dress. "Don't worry, the first day is always the hardest. Soon it'll be natural and easy."

He had no idea how she was watching him without seeming to move her eyes from Miss Lang and the blackboard.

The class seemed to drone on forever. After a long time had passed and Mattie had become rather uncomfortable in his wet diaper, A woman dressed in a cute nurse's outfit walked in the room.

Miss Lang taps something on her desk and says so all can hear, "All right children, I would like all of you to line up to get your diaper changed. I want the girls on the left and the boys on the right."

The nurse walked to the back of the class and opened a padded counter. Mattie realized it was a large changing counter, complete with all the necessary items to completely change baby. Matt was confused. He was a boy -- or rather, he had been a boy until he arrived at this school. They seemed to consider him a girl now. Which line was he meant to be in? He didn't see anybody in a dress in the line on the right, though, and if there were others like him here, that meant that they were all in the left line. So the left line was his choice, but he had taken so long to choose that he was near the end of the line.

Then he saw that the girl who sat next to him was right in front of him in line.

"Excuse me," he whispered to her, "am I in the right line?"

"Aw, 'course you are, darlin'," she whispered, "we're all girls here. And if you're not yet, you're gonna be soon! All that boy stuff will go away all by itself and you'll be a girl. It won't hurt a bit ... promis ... but it will happen." She giggled quietly. "I'm Mina. Good to meetcha, Mattie."

"Good to meet you too," he said. He wondered whether Mina had been a boy too, or whether she was originally a girl. She was certainly a diapered girl, though, since she was in line to be changed. About half the class was still sitting in their desks -- were they not diapered? Or did they just not need to be changed right now? There was so much he didn't know.

Mattie watched as a really cute little girl had her bottoms taken off and her cute bottom cleaned. He realized this little girl ... was a boy. What was left of his boyhood was so small thought ... Mattie would have missed it if he hadn't happen to look that way. Mattie noticed that she even had an opening where one was supposed to be for a girl. A small chill ran down his spine as he realized his was going to go away too ... just like Mina had said.

Mattie watched as the little girl had several suppositories inserted into his bottom the other opening, and was given a large shot. He was then diapered and had his bottoms put back on. Mattie wasn't sure, but he could swear he saw some kind of changes happen as he watched. The little boy had become even more feminine and cute.

It finally became Mattie's turn. The nurse bent and lifted him onto the changing pad.

The nurse coos softly to Mattie, "Don't be afraid sweetie. The shot doesn't hurt a bit. After a year of getting them every day, you will be a very cute little girl. It will take all of the little boy out of you permanently ... nurse promises."

Mattie finds herself lifted by her ankles and her bottom and privates cleaned softly with a sweet smelling baby wipe. His eyes get huge as he has 3 large suppositories inserted into him.

The Nurse coos softly as she give Mattie her first shot, "Now, sweetie, you'll feel so much cuter soon."

Matt felt the jab in his behind and felt a sense of panic, but there was nothing he could do -- run away? To where? They'd probably catch him. And the shot was already in his system, not to mention the suppositories. He felt very warm all of a sudden -- he could almost feel whatever he had just been injected with spreading through his bloodstream. He was unaware that he had been rediapered until the nurse patted him on the behind and said, "All done! Hop down and let's get your bottoms back up!"

Matt felt weird, but he got up off the changing pad and pulled his ruffled panties back up. He looked around to see where the students who were already finished had gone. It seemed they were back at their desks, some talking quietly, others getting a head start on their homework. He returned to his desk, next to Mina.

"See? That wasn't so bad, was it?" said Mina.

"You're -- you were -- a boy?" said Matt with astonishment.

"Somebody's been peekin' at my records," said Mina, with a giggle. "And what's past is past -- besides, I wouldn't take even one step back in that direction for the world. Baby girl, the sooner you really are a baby girl, the better, if you ask me. There's no beatin' it."

"Being a girl is ... better?" Matt asked, unconsciously squirming a bit as the suppositories did their work inside him.

"Sugar," Mina said, "I just love dressin' up all pretty. Think a boy can get away with an outfit like this?" She gestured at her red and white checkered baby doll dress. "Two words -- no way. An' that's only one of the perks." She whispered, "Some of 'em I can't really talk about in class, o' course." Then she giggled again.

Matt looked at Mina again. He had almost forgotten that she used to be a boy. There was no way to tell. Would he end up looking that much like a girl himself? Did he want to? He remembers his reflection in the mirror this morning ... he already was indistinguishable from a real girl as it was.

But he just said, "It's just all so new."

"Give it a chance, sweetheart," said Mina.

The nurse had finished changing the little boy's diapers. Mattie had noticed, many of them had been girls, and now were well on the way to changing into boys.

A bell chimes softly. The other students begin putting their English books away and got out the one Titled: Baby 101.

Miss Lang says in a cheery voice, "Now, class, your next teacher's name is Sally. She's a very cute little girl and she will teach you the next course."

About that time, a very cute young woman dressed in an adorable Raggedy Anne dress and bottoms came skipping in. Her ponytails flying as she stops at the desk with a jump.

She giggles softly as she waves wildly, "Hi ... my name's Sally n Ia little girl. Am only this many." She holds up 2 fingers.

Miss Lang pats Sally on her bottom as she coos softly, "Be a good girl Sally and show the rest of the students how to be an adorable little baby like yourself."

Sally giggles as she blushes softly, "Yes Miss Lang ... baby promise."

Miss Lang picks up her packed briefcase and leaves the room. The door closes with a soft click.

"I heard there issa new girl in class today named Mattie," said Sally in an adorable little girl voice. "Hi Mattie!" she said, waving at him and smiling so widely that her eyes momentarily closed.

Her smile and energy were so infectious that Matt couldn't help smiling back.

Sally says with a cute giggle, "We all go next door for this class. Bring your workbooks for Baby 101!"

Matt picked up the "Baby 101" book and stood up, following everybody else through another door. Well, not everybody else -- some of the students had left the room. Maybe they didn't have this class. Johnny, who had been sitting behind him, had gotten up to leave, so maybe he had a different class this period.

This room looked like a language lab, with a pair of headphones at each desk and a control console at the front, where Sally sat down and put on her headset. The other students all found a seat and put on their headsets, including Mina, who sat next to him, so Matt put his headset on too. The soft padded headphones cut off all other sound. He could hear soft music playing, and somehow the sound made him feel very relaxed yet very focused at the same time. He even found himself daydreaming about being a baby and playing in a playpen while he listened to the wonderfully intoxicating music.

Once everybody was settled in, Sally's soft voice came over the headsets, saying, "OK evvybody! Open up your books to page two-two and let's start. Take out the crayons in the desk to color the pitchers while we're talking. Just relax 'n' have fun!"

Page two-two? Matt opened his book to page 22 and saw some small line drawings with phrases printed next to them. Opening up the drawer under the desk, he found a box of big toddler-size crayons. Was he really supposed to color these? He looked around, and everybody else seemed to be doing it. So he started coloring the first picture, which was of a cat. Then Sally's cute little girl voice came over the headphones, reading the words next to the picture.

"This is a kittycat. See the kittycat? The kittycat is pwetty. It goes meow meow. Now you say it!"

Sally's voice had a babyish, sing-song rhythm to it. The class started saying the same thing, with just the same sing-song quality, and Matt tried to imitate it. It was actually very easy. Coloring the picture had seemed boring at first, but it wasn't so bad now that he had something else to do at the same time.

"Let's say it again together!" said Sally, and they all repeated the words, three times. Then they moved on to the next one, which was, "This is a bunny wabbit. See the bunny wabbit? The bunny wabbit is fuzzy. It goes hop hop."

Just as before, the students repeated it, then they repeated it with Sally, as her voice led them in that babyish sing-song tone. All the while, the music was relaxing and somehow focused his mind on the coloring and repeating the words. Coloring was fun. He had a fun time coloring. Bunny wabbits were actually pwetty cute, he was thinking.

Suddenly, before he knew it, Sally was saying, "... three, four, five, and we're done!"

Matt blinked his eyes. He looked at his workbook. It said page number ... 32? He had gone through ten pages? Looking at the clock, he realized that it had been an hour, but he scarcely remembered the time passing. He took the headphones off as the others were doing, and put the crayons back in the desk. Then he saw his workbook.

His coloring looked like scribbles. It was all over the page, not just on the pictures, and it didn't look as if he'd been paying any attention to the lines. He paged back, and as he went back his coloring got neater and neater, until he was looking at the first page, with the kitty cat and bunny wabbit, which were the only ones he remembered coloring. What was going on? That was when he realized that he was sucking his thumb.

Mattie suddenly realizes Sally is standing over him. He looks up with big eyes as she takes his workbook from his desk and looks it over. She bounces slightly as she turns the pages. By the time she reaches page 32, she is giggling softly.

She raises the workbook above her head and says adorably, "Class, I wanna has everone look at this." She turns slowly so all can see it. "Mattie is makin wunnerful progress n I thinks alla us babies should gives hera really goo hinny pat."

All the boys and girls in the class began to clap and cheer.

Mina leans over and whispers softly, "See? it no hurtsa bit. U jus .. becomma baby anna girl .. no even kno it."

Again, a soft bell chimes. Sally giggles and says in her adorably cute way, "Is time for alla us babies to leave now. Your mommys n Nanas waitin for u ta takes u ta lunch n stuffs."

Mattie looks to the door and sees Megan standing there with her hands folded and smiling broadly. She walks to Mattie's desk and takes her by the hand.

Megan coos softly, "And how was my little girl's first morning of classes?"

Matt stammered, "It um, it bewy confoozin, me dunno what goin on ... uh ..." He had an urge to put his thumb back in his mouth, and before he knew it, it was back there. "Somma girls is boys, n somma boys is girls, n some is babies n some no," he said, around his thumb.

Did he remember being a thumb sucker before today? He wasn't sure whether he had been or not.

"Very good, Mattie," cooed Megan with a giggle. "Baby is learning her lessons so well already!"

"Oh, yes, she is!" said Sally, who had gathered her things in what looked suspiciously like a big diaper bag, "if I did not know better I would think that she was not a new girl at all!" She flashed her huge smile at Mattie again, who couldn't help smiling back around his thumb, and said, "See you in class tomorrow, Mattie!"

"Bye-bye Miss Sally," said Matt as Sally left the room, waving in a baby like way and wondering why he was doing that.

"Now, little Mattie, shall we get you something for lunchies?" asked Megan in a singsong voice, which reminded Matt of the class he had just sat through. He was hungry, though, so he nodded. "Okie dokie, then let's go!"

Megan takes Mattie by the hand and escorts him from the school. he can't help but waddle because of the bulk of the diaper he was in. When they arrived at Megan's apartment, she escorts Mattie to a high chair and lifts him into it and locks the tray in place insuring Mattie can't fall out or climb out. As Mattie watched, Megan fixed a bowl of baby food, some green mush, some brown mush, and some orange mush. Mattie was amazed at how this ... stuff appeared.

Megan pulled a stool next to the high chair and scooped a glob onto a spoon and put it to Mattie's lips. Mattie closes her lips tightly and turns her head and grunts, "Umm Umm" and shakes her head.

Megan smiles as she coos softly, "Now baby open the hangar so the plane has a place to land ... ' rrrrrrrroooowwwww'."

As she swings the spoon around n lazy circles. Mattie grins and begins to giggle. Before he knew what was happening, the spoon was in his mouth. Mattie's eyes get huge as he tastes the beef, green peas, and carrots.

Megan scoops another glob onto the spoon and begins again, this time she coos, "Heeerrree comes the train ... ' chhhoooo cchhhoooo'."

And she again makes a lazy trail to Mattie's mouth. He again giggles and allows Megan to put the spoon in his mouth. Spoonful after spoonful of the baby food made it into Matt's mouth, with some of it getting on his face, but Megan quickly said, "Oopsie! Well, that's OK," and wiped it off with a warm, damp washcloth.

Matt was giggling, because this was a funny, silly game, but he kept thinking that it reminded him of something, as if there was something he was trying to remember to do or say, but couldn't. He was so distracted by the game of being fed that he never noticed when his bowels began to empty, or any of the many times when his bladder trickled freely. He just kept giggling and enjoying lunch.

When the food was all gone, Megan said, "Whoopsie! Baby Mattie made her lunchies all gone like a good baby girl!"

Matt felt surprised and upset that this fun game had to end so suddenly and almost started to cry, until he noticed his thumb in his mouth, which he began to suck on vigorously, and then he didn't feel like crying anymore.

"C'mon Mattie, time for a diaper change," said Megan, unfastening the high chair's tray and releasing Matt from the seatbelt. "C'mon," she repeated, taking him by the hand and leading the toddling girl-to-be to the nursery, where she helped him lie back on the changing table and took his frilly panties down.

"My goodness, wet and messy, are we? Such a messy sweetiekins. Let's get her bottom all cleaned up and fresh."

Mattie's diaper is untaped and he is lifted by his ankles. He can feel the cool wetness of the sweet baby wipe as his bottom is cleaned thoroughly. His eyes get big as he feels 3 more suppositories being pushed deep inside his bottom. He gasps in a cute squeak.

Megan bends and kisses him on his nose as she sets his bottom in the soft embrace of another disposable diaper. She powders him well before pulling it between his legs and fastening the tapes snugly on. Megan threads Mattie's feet back through the leg openings in the bottoms and helps him stand on his feet as she pulls them the rest of the way up.

She takes Mattie by the hand and escorts her into the nursery and helps her into the crib. Before Mattie could protest, he realizes Megan had given him another shot. He can feel the warmth of it as it spread through his body. He can also feel the wonderful warm wetness of the suppositories as they melted in his bottom, and removed his ability to control himself.

Megan props yet another bottle of juice on a pillow with the nipple is his mouth.

She coos softly, “Sweet dreams baby. I'll come and get you after nap time for your Girl 101 class.”

She kisses Mattie softly on his cheek, raises the rail, then turns and leaves him in the crib with his very infantile thoughts. Before Mattie knew it, he was dreaming of cute little fuzzy kitties and bunnies that went hop hop hop.

~~ End Pt2 ~~

~~ Miss Anna's Boarding School and Day Care - Pt3 ~~

Matt woke up and rubbed his right eye sleepily, at first not knowing where he was. He took his left thumb out of his mouth to rub his left eye. Wait a minute -- had he been sucking his thumb? Wait a minute -- why were there bars around him? It started to come back to him. He was in a crib. Cute baby blankets and plushy toys were all around him. And he was in a pink lacy babydoll nighty, and, he could feel, thick cloth diapers. Diapers that were warm and wet ... and that wasn't all. He could feel a squishy mess inside them too.

He got up on his knees, holding onto the crib's bars unsteadily. "M-miss Weston?" he said meekly. "H-hello?"

The door to the nursery pops open and Megan walks in with a happy flourish.

She coos softly to Matt, "hello babydumplins." She kisses him on his nose as she pulls open the back of his diaper and checks him, "Aww, baby aww wet n messy, let's take this adorable baby n gets her aww clean."

She picks up Matt and twirls him around several times before putting him on his feet and escorting him into the nearby potty. Matt is astounded at how strong Miss Weston is as he is led by the hand to the changing counter and lifted on. Without preamble, he is lifted by his ankles and his panties removed. His diaper comes away from his body and he can feel his bottom being cleaned with some sweet smelling baby wipes. Before he is placed in the soft embrace of another super thick diaper, he feels several more suppositories being pushed deep inside his bottom.

Megan powders him well and pulls the diaper between his legs and pins it on. She sits him up and takes the babydoll top off.

She holds out a training bra and coos softly, "Now sweetie, I'm gonna put you back in your school clothes and dress you so cute."

Matt felt like he had a fever or was otherwise getting ill. "But I'm not ... not a baby," he said, "or a girl ..."

He remembered feeling very much like a baby before his nap, but he didn't feel like that anymore, and he was being put back in diapers and baby girl clothes again. He was sure that wasn't how he was supposed to be dressed ... or he was pretty sure, anyway. Around here it was hard to tell.

He was ... how old was he, anyway? A teenager, anyway, even if he couldn't remember the exact number offhand. He went to high school. Right? Well, he had gone to high school until recently. But he was here now, at this strange school ...

Megan slipped the straps of the cute training bra over his arms and fastened the clasps in the back. The training bra gave Matt the appearance of having cute little budding boobies.

Megan coos softly as she threads Matt's hands and head into a cute little School Girl top, "Don't be silly, of course you're a girl .. and a baby. Other wise, why did I have to change a wet and messy diaper after your nap?"

Megan pulls the top over matt's head and straightens out all the wrinkles. Matt could see in the mirror, he looked just like a pretty little girl ... including boobies. Megan helps him off the table, then holds out a cute pair of lacy, plastic lined little girl panties with little pink lambs and soft fluffy white clouds on them.

She coos softly, "Be a good girl and step into your panties.”

Matt obeys, and Megan pulls them up over the thick diaper.

She holds out a cute little Purple skirt that zips up the back and coos, "Step in."

Matt was very confused at what he saw, just as he had been that morning when he had looked in the mirror. Stepping into the skirt dazedly, he could see and feel everything that the girl in the mirror did ... was that him? Was he ... her? Megan zipped up his skirt and brought out some black Mary Jane shoes with chunky soles and pretty bows on the toes and had him step into them as well as she buckled them.

"Time for your next class, Mattie sweetie," said Megan, holding up his workbook. "Girl 101," she said, dropping it into his backpack.

"But ... but I'm not a girl ..." said Matt, looking in the mirror again, "am I?"

"Let's see what you think after school," Megan said with a smile. "Time to go!"

Megan takes Mattie by the hand and escorts her across the school court yard. There were lots of cute little boys all standing around goggle eying Mattie. He was very self conscious of their many eyes and smiles.

One boy ran up and says shyly, "Hi, my names Larry. Wanna meet durin recess n sit together? I gives you partta my sammich?"

Matt blushed and said, "I'm sorry, I've already had lunch." But then he saw how crestfallen Larry looked and said, "Maybe tomorrow?" He didn't want Larry to be sad.

Larry grins a large smile and before Mattie could stop him, he kissed her on the cheek and ran off among the other boys who were all gasping and asking Larry many questions.

Megan giggles and coos to Mattie, "See sweetheart? You are so cute and no one will even know that you ever were a boy. I promise you that. After this next class, I think you will agree."

Megan leads Mattie by the hand to her next class. When she arrives, there are many very cute and adorable little girls all dressed similarly to Mattie. Each sitting properly in a desk waiting for the class to start. A very beautiful and shapely woman walks up to Megan.

She says brightly, "Hello Megan, I see you have brought your new ward with you. What's her name?"

Megan replies as she pats Mattie on the head softly, "Hi Janice, Her name's Mattie, and I want her to have the girl 101 and the new additional little girl training file if you please."

Janice giggles, "Absolutely, I had intended to give all my girls the new stuff too. It's the most powerful training aid to date and is supposed to work almost immediately."

Megan smiles and replies, "That's great!"

She bends and kisses Megan on her cheek, "Now sweetheart, soon, you'll not be so upset about all this." As Janice escorted Mattie to her seat, Megan waved and left.

Mattie sat, she was very worried about all of this. He really didn't want to be a girl. Suddenly, Janice walks by and places a headset/goggle thing on Mattie. Mattie turns and sees the teacher had done the same for all the students. Mattie hears a click in the headsets, and the class room disappears.

Suddenly Matt found himself in a mall along with all the other girls in class. They all appeared to be wearing their school clothes, and Janice was standing to the front of the group saying, "Now class, this little field trip is to show ..."

Matt couldn't really hear her. Instead he could hear some kind of pulsating or humming sound that seemed to be coming from the mall's sound system, and there might have been some kind of announcement coming over the speakers, but he couldn't tell. He looked around and suddenly noticed his reflection in a store window with a beautiful yellow and white dress behind it -- the way he was standing, it almost looked as if he was wearing it. He found himself putting himself in the place of the girl in the reflection.

Then the group started to move. "This way, class," said Janice, who was leading the group toward a larger store.

He didn't notice the humming sound seeming to fade away, nor the whispering voice speaking to the deepest part of her heart and mind. He still felt confused, but he thought back to the image in the window and felt comforted, as if it were safe somehow, a refuge he could return to in his mind ... or was it her mind? The thought of using the female pronoun mentally seemed comforting too. It reminded him of the happy pretty dress and the lucky girl who got to wear it.

"We are here to teach you how to be girls," Janice said, as the class entered the big department store they had been walking toward, "because there are certain things that our society expects of females that males aren't taught about. Things like clothes, makeup, hairstyles and perfume. But really those are only window dressing."

Window ... dressing? Mattie found herself daydreaming about the dress in the store window again. It was much nicer to think about than Janice's droning on and on about image and reality. She had a sudden worry -- she wasn't sure whether that dress would even fit her. Now she wanted to try it on to find out.

"Girls' voices sound different -- the pitch, the intonation, even the words girls use are different from boys' voices," Janice was saying.

Matt couldn't imagine how girls' voices sounded exactly, or boys' voices, for that matter. She'd always just ... talked. In the way that people around her talked. And suddenly she was aware of women shopping in the store around, women of all ages, from little girls shopping with their mothers to old ladies, and she was hearing how they were all talking. It was about that time that Mattie realized his throat felt ... funny and kind of sore. He put his hand there and realized, his Adam's apple had gone away. His eyes get huge just before the worry of it all fades and she wonders how the dress would feel when she tried it on.

"But even the voice is just a facade," Janice went on. "The real core difference between boys and girls has to do with their bodies. Girls grow up to be women, and women have babies, but more than that, they take care of babies until they can take care of themselves. Without even knowing it, we train girls to watch over and care for others. I'm sure you can see several examples just by looking around you."

Matt looked around and saw not only a mother adjusting her little girl's dress, but she saw an older lady trip and catch herself by grasping a clothes rack, and a nearby younger woman immediately stopped to ask if she was all right. These things happened all the time, Matt realized, and nobody usually noticed.

"It's all very simple," said Janice, who was standing right next to Matt all of a sudden. "You've seen girls and women all your life, so you already know all about them. You might just not have thought about these things before. And you don't need to think about them now, in fact. Don't think -- do. Don't hesitate -- be. There's a place you want to be -- go there."

Suddenly. Mattie found herself at the makeup counter. She was trying the many colors of eye shadow, blushes, and lip glosses available.

The girl behind the counter came up and said softly, "And this is a heavenly perfume." and squirted a small amount on Mattie's wrist.

Mattie takes a dainty sniff of his wrist, the perfume's aroma was heavenly.

Mattie asks in a cute voice that surprised him, "What's this called?"

The girl behind the counter giggles, "It's called Dream Angel. It would be perfect for a girl as pretty as you too."

The girl places the makeup mirror in front of Mattie and allows her to see her reflection. With the make up and lip gloss on, Mattie was very pretty.

The Girl says, "That lip gloss comes in many flavors too. That way when you kiss, it has a wonderful flavor." She places a purple lip gloss on the counter, "This one has grape flavor ... go on and try some ... it's great."

Mattie takes the small brush and applies some to her lips ... it tastes like fresh grapes.

The girl giggles pleasantly and says, "Now, every time you kiss a boy, your kisses will taste like grapes."

Mattie's eyes get big as she realizes what has been happening. Without warning, Mattie is in a dressing room, looking at herself in a mirror. She has on a very lovely yellow sun dress, the one she remembered seeing in the window.

"The -- the dress ..." Mattie began.

"How's it fit?" asked a voice from outside the dressing room. It sounded like Janice's.

"It's ... perfect!" gushed Mattie. "It's so wonderful and I feel so pretty and happy and ... right."

She was amazed at how much at home she felt wearing this dress. She found herself wishing she had a whole closet full of dresses to wear. Then she realized that Megan had a lot of dresses for her to wear ... and she felt her heart swelling with joy at the thought. She looked at her figure in the mirror, with her lovely figure and small but rounded breasts, and she couldn't think of a time when she had felt more herself than she felt right now.

Mattie opened the door to the dressing room to find Janice and the other girls outside in a large group of people. There were many boys and girls all coming up to Mattie and complementing her on her dress, her hair do, and her lovely perfume. Mattie looks all around. She is amazed at all the people.

Janice says softly, "Now Mattie, a young lady must keep her composure at all times. She must be sweet and ladylike. Also, she must remain clean too ... a clean little girl is a pretty little girl."

The scene goes on. Mattie was constantly in girl situations over and over again. Each one left an indelible mark on her psyche. From how to properly sit in a chair with arms close and her legs together or her ankles crossed so as not to show her panties, to how to daintily eat and drink. How to put on makeup, to clean herself properly, and how to talk.

All of a sudden, Mattie was sitting in her desk with the Earphone/goggles on ... in a very wet and messy diaper.

Mattie could hear Janice saying softly, "All right girls, remove the headsets and please line up at the changing table so the nurse can change all of you. I'm sure you all probably really need it."

Mattie looked around, sheepishly getting up, feeling very embarrassed to need a diaper change so badly, and got in line as quickly as was ladylike.

"Is everybody at the school in diapers?" she asked Janice.

"No, dear, there are plenty who are here to learn to be big girls," Janice answered, "but we try to cluster the 'good little girls' together. That way nobody feels bad. Everybody's in diapers like good little girls!"

The way she said "like good little girls" made Mattie feel happy somehow, like she was doing something right. Suddenly she felt like being in diapers was a good thing for girls like her. Girls like her? She felt a bit confused, but then the line moved forward and she forgot about it.

Mattie's turn came quickly, She was whisked onto the changing table and had her panties down before she knew what was happening. She was being held by her ankles and could feel her diaper area being cleaned by a sweet smelling baby wipe. Before her bottom was placed back into the thick disposable, She felt 3 large suppositories being pushed into her bottom. Her eyes got huge as she felt something being rubbed in another place in an impossible way.

The nurse coos softly, "Relax sweet heart. You will be incontinent just like all the other good little girls. This is just making sure."

Mattie is powdered and the diaper is taped on comfortably. Her panties are pulled up and she is placed on her feet next to the counter. Mattie looks all around at the girls waiting and the ones who were completed. The ones who had been changed, had returned to their desks and were sitting demurely. Mattie returned to her desk and assumed the same pose.

Janice passed out 2 large yellow and green pills and had a sippy cup placed on each of the girl's desks.

She says in a sweet sing song voice, “now, all of you be good girls and take your vitamins.”

Without even thinking about it, Mattie, along with all the others, took the 2 pills and put them in her mouth one at a time and took a sip from the sippy cup. The juice in Mattie's cup was very fresh grape juice ... and not that artificial stuff she didn't really like.

Megan came up and knelt by Mattie and hugged her. Mattie looked around with surprised eyes, then grinned and giggled.

Megan coos softly, “how did my little girl like Girl 101?”

Mattie bounced happily in her chair as she clapped her hands.

She giggles, “It was wunnerful Nana ... I like itta lots.”

Megan giggles as she takes Mattie by the hand and begins to escort her from the class.

Megan coos softly, “You are becoming the perfect little girl Mattie. You are such a treasure.”

All the way back to the apartment, Mattie felt so wonderful about what Miss Weston had said. She was sure there was something wrong ... but everything felt so right. By the time Megan had tucked Mattie into her crib for the night, Mattie had forgotten all about it as she drifts off to sleep with the wonderful taste of grape juice from the bottle she was nursing.

~~ End Pt3 ~~

Miss Anna's Boarding School and Day Care - Pt4

Mattie wasn't sure she was awake, because in her dreams she had already awakened multiple times. Each time she had opened her eyes to a bright morning sun but a mildly upset feeling, a feeling that something was wrong, that she needed something that she couldn't get for herself ... her diaper was uncomfortable, and she didn't know what to do about it ... so she started to whimper, to sob, and finally to cry. And then someone would come in ready to help her feel better ... and the dream would end.

This time seemed somehow diffrent, she thought she was probably awake, because while she was crying this time, it was Megan who came in, coming right up to the crib and opening the gate, looking down with a smile at Mattie, who stopped crying and gasped because she knew suddenly that this wasn't a dream. It was real. She had just been crying helplessly. She had been crying because she didn't know what to do about ... something ... her diaper! That was it! Her diaper was wet and ... uh-oh, messy too. She didn't know what to do about it. She didn't like this feeling.

She tried to ask Megan for help. "M-miss W-w-" she began.

Megan bends into the crib and actually lifts Mattie into her arms and twirls her around several times as she coos loudly, "Wheeeeeee!!" Mattie's eyes get huge as she screeches in surprise first, then in joy. Megan places Mattie on her back on the soft padded changing counter as she rubs noses with Mattie.

Megan coos softly to baby, "Awww, sweet heart, it's ok .... Nana fix this fast and make every thing all better."

Mattie's body had already begun to respond to the drug treatments as she lost body mass and became more female and regresses quickly to infancy. Mattie is lifted by her ankles and is cleaned with several sweet smelling baby wipes, and had the 3 suppositories pushed deep inside before she knew what was happening. As Megan kissed Mattie on her lips, Mattie could feel the gel Megan was smearing in another place. Mattie realizes her genitalia has changed and somethings are missing. Mattie gasps and begins to squirm at the intense sensation ... but it is too late to stop Megan from applying it thickly, before powdering Mattie well and pulling and fastening the diaper firmly, but comfortably on.

Megan tickles Mattie on her feet before bending suddenly and blowing a mind numbing raspberry right in her tummy. After Mattie settles down from kicking and squirming from getting raspberried, Megan threads Mattie's feet through the legs of a pair of adorable panties, then stands her on her feet and pulls them the rest of the way up.

With a pat on Mattie's hinny, Megan coos softly, "Now, baby is aww clean and dry, and you look so much more like an adorable little girl now too. You're making such wonderful progress."

About that time, there is a knock at the front door. Megan Picks up Mattie and carries her with her to the door. Mattie is wearing only the panties and a hugely thick diaper when Megan opens the door ... and Mattie sees ... Johnny.

Mattie's first reaction was to try to cover her chest with both hands, because she knew it was bare and girls didn't let boys see their bare chests. Her second reaction was to try to cover her diapers, because girls also didn't let boys see their underwear, but her hands were already busy, so she ended up fumbling with covering her chest with one hand and her diaper with the other, not really covering either one.

Megan giggles softly as she coos to Mattie, "If you're wondering why your doing what your doing and feeling the way you are sweetie, it's because you are now an official girl ... and they don't want just any boy seeing their panties ... or other private things."

"B-but Miss Weston!" whined Mattie, "J-Johnnie!"

She pointed with one hand at Johnnie, uncovering her diaper, then she squeaked and tried to cover it back up, which didn't really succeed, just as before.

"Now, Sweetie," said Megan, "you're a girl, but you're also a baby, and babies have no modesty." She thought for a moment. "This is probably because you had Girl 101 class more recently than Baby 101 class. I'm sure it will all work out in the end, though."

"Really, Miss Weston, it's OK," said Johnnie, who was still at the door and was trying to look at Megan, rather than Mattie. "My roommate started out wanting to be a baby boy and changed majors to baby girl, so I've seen it happen before. She's been moved to the baby girl dorm, though, and I have a new roommate now. But still, it's all right."

Megan stands Mattie on her feet and says softly, "Well, do come in Johnny. I'm sure Mattie would love to have a boyfriend over to play with her." Megan bends and pats Mattie softly on her hinny making the plastic crinkle, "Wouldn't you sweet heart?"

Mattie was totally mind blown at his point. She had many conflicting emotions running through her. She realizes with a start, that Johnny had her by the hand and was walking her towards the sofa. Megan had placed a DVD into the player and turned on the TV.

Megan says with a cheery lilt in her voice, "Ok, you 2, I'm going to make some snacks. I've put on Sponge Bob .. I hope you like it."

Then she leaves the 2 of them alone together. Johnny escorts Mattie to the sofa, then sits next to the arm.

He pats the space beside him and says shyly, "Ummm .. you can sit here is ya wanna Mattie. I won't bite .... least not hard." Then he blushes several shades of pink.

"I -- I --" stammered Mattie, blushing very brightly.

Her heart was pounding. What was she supposed to do? But then she heard the Sponge Bob music playing, and part of her mind relaxed. This was a play date. He was a boy who had come over to watch cartoons. She watched cartoons with other babies all the time, her mind told her.

"Otay!" said Mattie and bounced onto the sofa.

At that point Mattie got completely lost in the cartoon, laughing hysterically at all the funny parts as Johnny held her hand and snuggled close. Johnnie laughed too, but not like a sugar-crazed toddler. The cartoon was funny, sure, but so was Mattie, and it was amazing that this person who was clearly well on her way to becoming a total baby girl was once a teenage boy.

Megan came in with fruit rollups for both of them, along with a juice box for Johnnie and a sippy cup for Mattie. Mattie was difficult to peel away from the TV until a commercial came on.

She saw the snacks and gasped. "Ohhh thank oo Miss Weston!"

Mattie automatically picked the sippy cup instead of the juice box, Megan noticed, making a mental note to compliment Sally and give her a good hinny pat on the good job she'd done teaching Baby 101 the day before.

Johnny thinks that Mattie is going to make the best little girl. He looks nervously at his feet for a second before he got the courage, "Mattie ... ummm ... I mean .. would you think of being .... my friend?"

Megan's eyes get sparkly when she hears this, she knows that Girl 101 had been a very effective class as well. She is delighted. She unobtrusively wandered around the large room, all the while listening to their conversation.

Mattie gasped, unsure how to react to this. "Friend?" she said. "Well, I mean, sure, I have had friends, before, friends who are boys, uh ..." She was confused.

Johnny nodded understandingly. "It's OK Mattie," he said, "I just meant we could be friends and hang out and stuff."

"I-I think that would be OK," said Mattie. "I'm just ... it feels like I'm not ... used to this an' ... dunno what to do."

"It's OK, Mattie," said Megan, kneeling down and stroking Mattie's hair comfortingly. "You've only had one Girl 101 class, and it didn't talk about friends at all, let alone friends who are boys. But I'm sure it will be all better soon."

Mattie sat, In her heart, she felt so mixed up. She really was inclined to be his ... friend ... but there were as many counter feelings welling up.

Johnny says softly, "It's ok Mattie ... we can go to the Ice Cream Shop tomorrow ... and we could gets some of that chocolate stuff with the pecans on it. That would be lotsa fun."

He sat with his eyes sparkling and a broad grin on his cute face. Megan just happens to come up at that time and coos in a cute voice, "Well, Mattie dear, I think going out with a friend as cute has Johnny and getting ice cream is a wonderful idea. It will keep the 2 of you busy while I grade some papers." Megan looks at Mattie and smiles.

"It's a date!" said Johnny. Then he paused and said, a little less certain, "Uh, I mean, not a DATE date ... just a, y'know, we'll both be there."

"Uh huh!" said Mattie, nodding. "We will! Yayyy ice cream!"

"But right now," said Megan, "it's almost supper time. Does Johnny want to stay for supper, and is it all right?"

Johnny's eyes get big for a second as he looks longingly at Mattie. Then he says quickly before covering his mouth, "I have to call mommy n ask .. I know she gonna say it's ok if you say it's ok Miss Weston."

Megan smiles broadly, she is amazed at how well Mattie is becoming a cute and adorable little girl. She looks at Johnny and smiles as she hands him the receiver to the phone, "Then perhaps you should call mommy?? And let her know where you will be for the next few hours."

Johnny takes the phone and puts it to his ear. To his surprise, it was already ringing. There is a click, and a young sounding female voice answers, "Hello?"

Johnny looks at Megan with big eyes as he says, "H ... hello ... mommy?" There is a giggle on the other end as the voice replies, "Yes, baby, are you ok? Did sweetie wet his pants?"

Johnny blushes softly as he replies, "Umm .. no, mommy No did that. I'm still over at Miss Weston's ... yeah I been havin' a good time watchin' cartoons wif Mattie ... do I think she's what? Aw Mommy ..." Johnny was blushing. "Miss Weston asked me if I wanted to stay for dinner an' if it was OK, so I'm callin' to find out ... it is? I can? Awright! OK Mommy, see you after dinner! ... Bye!"

"I take it it's OK?" Megan asked. Johnny nodded, still blushing a bit. Megan smiles as she puts Mattie's hand in Johnny's hand. She coos to them softly, "All right, if the 2 of you will follow me, I think we have 2 high chairs for the both of you. Now no being jealous over them ... they are both the same, just one is pink, the other blue."

Johnny looks at Mattie .. he was inclined to go with the pink, but instead came out of his mouth, "I call dibs onna blue one."

Mattie's eyes get big as she actually feels a swirl of relief ... because she wanted the pink one. Megan escorts the 2 as they held hands. Mattie fidgeted nervously in a very little girl way as Johnny smiled shyly and held on. Both of them could feel some kind of ... electricity .. but didn't know what to think of it. The both knew ... they were going to be really good friends and play together a whole lots.

The trio finally entered the dining room. There, by the table sat the 2 high chairs. Mattie gasps softly in surprise as Megan swiftly whisks her off her feet and seats her in the pink High Chair. Just as quickly, she snatches up Johnny and seats him in the blue one. The belt is quickly fastened and the tray pull over their heads and locked into position. Both of the children sat in amazement at how quickly and efficiently Megan had put them in the chairs. She vanishes out of the dining room for a few minutes, leaving them to ponder what just happened between them.

"But ... this a high chair!" said Mattie. "Me baby now? I mean, am I a baby now?" She looked at Johnny. "Are we babies?"

Mattie had to guess at Johnny's mental state, but he was sitting in his high chair open-mouthed in surprise. He suddenly put his thumb in his mouth and giggled. "Me guess so!" he said, and kicked his feet playfully.

Blinking at Johnny, Mattie couldn't help giggling too; he seemed to be having so much fun doing such simple things. She tried kicking her feet too. This made her giggle as well. "Yayyyy fun!" she almost shouted. "But you no wear ... um y'know diapers ... like me does," she said.

"Well um ... 'bout that ..." said Johnny, his thumb still in his mouth so it came out a bit indistinct, "I gots dese unnerwear thingies that is for boys that, y'know, gots acc'dents."

"Ohhhh," said Mattie. "Does you has, um, acc'dents?"

"No! I neber does! ... 'Cept sometimes I no makes it to the potty in time." He blushed.

"Maybe it be easier to jus be a baby?" said Mattie. "Seems like me no sposed to even try to go potty."

"Maybe," said Johnny. "Dunno." He went back to kicking his feet and sucking his thumb.

Megan returns to the dining room then, carrying 2 divided plastic plates. The 2 of them could see the orange, green, yellow, and brown mushy stuff in each section. They looked at each other and said at the exact same time, "Eeeeewwwwww" And made cute scrunched up faces.

Megan sets a dish on each tray, then pulls up a chair that was the perfect height for her to sit and feed them. She puts a bib around their necks, then takes a scoop of several of the piles of goo onto the spoon that was in the dish sitting in front of Johnny.

Megan coos softly, "Now open the barn door so the farmer can put the tractor away."

She then makes a motor noise and moves the spoon around in a whimsical way. Mattie can't help herself, she claps her hands and giggles watching.

The next spoonful was Mattie's turn. "Heeeere comes the yummy airplane in for a landing," said Megan, aiming the spoon toward Mattie's mouth.

Mattie was fascinated without even thinking why this was fascinating. "Wooooooosh!" Megan made airplane-like noises and got the spoon and most of the food into Mattie's mouth, tipping it upward and causing her upper lip to scrape more of the food off the spoon and in.

"Goooood girl!" said Megan.

Johnny seemed to think this was very funny too, bouncing his feet and giggling as he watched. Very soon they were both done with their dinner, and Megan cleaned both their faces off with a damp washcloth, then set sippy cups of milk on their trays. Johnny picked his right up and started drinking, Mattie seemed to have a bit of trouble grabbing hers. She finally got it, though. She was a bit puzzled about why she was having such a hard time getting it to go into her mouth straight. Megan smiles broadly as she watched Mattie struggle with her sippy cup.

Megan walks to Mattie and coos softly, "Does baby need her bottle? Is that cup too big girl for you sweetie?"

Johnny's eyes get big as he looks at Mattie. Megan takes the sippy cup from Mattie's hands. She wrinkles up her face and begins to whimper softly at first ... small tears forming in her eyes. Megan quickly pours the contents of the sippy cup into a bottle and screws the nipple on. She puts the nipple in Mattie's mouth. Mattie begins to nurse without even thinking about it.

"Ooo, it beens only one day of ..." Johnny began, but Megan put a finger to her mouth as she held the bottle with the other hand.

Oblivious, Mattie suckled at the bottle thirstily, happily slipping into a wonderful baby world. A few minutes later the bottle was empty and Megan leaned Mattie over her shoulder and patted her back until she burped. "Oh!" said Mattie. "Sowwy!"

"It's OK, Sweetie," said Megan. "You drank all your milk all gone! Good girl! It's good for you, you know. Lots of vitamins and other stuff to make you a wonderful little girl!"

She picks up Johnny and puts him to her shoulder and begins to pat his back firmly but gently. His eyes get big as he too let out a big gurgley burp ... along with a bit of spit up. Johnny was shocked as Megan took the cloth from off her shoulder and cleaned his mouth.

She cooed softly ,"That's a good baby. It won't be but maybe another 2 classes more. The 2 of you will be perfect then. You are such smart babies and learn you lessons so fast."

She hugs Johnny adoringly before placing him on his feet, then picking up Mattie and swirling her around several times.

Megan says in a bright cheery voice, "Wheeee .. we ride the wind sweetie." And then puts the happily screeching Mattie on her feet beside Johnny. they both look at each other with big eyes as Megan checks the both of them in front ... and in back.

"Good girl Mattie!" said Megan. "You're so wet! And I bet you didn't even know it! You're doing so well, sweetie! Good girl! But Johnny ..." Megan looked at him a bit less happily and said, "I'm afraid you're only a little bit wet. You're a good boy for that, but I know you can do better! Well, I'd better get Mattie changed," Megan said. "I think it might be time for you to go home, Johnny, unless you call your mommy again and ask her what to do. But I'll bet it's getting close to time to do your homework!"

"Aww," said Johnny. "But you're pwobly wight. B'sides ... I gotta get, um, dwy pants." He went shyly over to Mattie. "I see you tomowwo in school Mattie OK?" he said, and hugged the blushing girl. He went as if to kiss her on the cheek, but then looked up at Miss Weston, standing right there, and stopped. "I know we gonna be wonnerful friends! Ni-ni!"

"I see you in school Johnny! Ni-ni! We be fwiends, yay!" said Mattie, just one step above baby talk at this point.

She didn't realize how babyish she was feeling and acting. Megan guided her to the door to say goodbye to Johnny, who fortunately had just a short toddle to a nearby house, and it wasn't dark yet.

Megan turned to Mattie and coos softly, "Johnny's a sweet boy. I think you should be a good little girl and let him kiss you." Megan sighs and looks forlorn for a second or 2 before continuing, "A girl's fist kiss can take you many nice and fun places." She then pats Mattie on her bottom before grabbing her up, and carrying her off the the changing room.

~~ End - Pt4 ~~

Title: Miss Anna's Boarding School and Day Care - Pt5


Matt was in the school hallway with his friends -- his old school, the one his aunt had pulled him out of. Suddenly his friends all looked at him up and down and started laughing, and then others turned from their lockers to see him, and their expressions changed from surprise to merriment and derision. Matt looked down and saw himself in a frilly baby dress and felt his thick diapers -- wet diapers -- underneath. He was so embarrassed!

He found himself wishing not that he was dressed the way he used to dress, but that he was surrounded by people who would treat this as normal. But the laughter continued, louder than ever, until he started to hear something else -- it was the PA system, and the principal's voice was announcing, "Mattie Johnson, please report to the office for your diaper change. Mattie Johnson, please report to the office for your diaper change."

He felt even more embarrassed, but he didn't blame himself -- he felt himself blaming them, the world he used to live in that suddenly showed its cruelty for what it was. And then ... it all started to fade.

"Mattie?" came Megan's sweet cooing voice,. "Mattie, time to wake up," she said as Mattie's eyes fluttered open. "Let's get your diaper changed, sweetie. You're soaked." Miss Weston was lightly shaking his shoulder.

Miss Weston lowered the rails on Mattie's crib as she helped him out onto his feet. She patted his hinny softly as she cooed, "You are such a good girl. You soaked your diaper so wonderfully. Now Nana will bathe you and put a cute little girl's outfit on you. We want to look cute for Johnny when you see him at school."

Megan slowly led Mattie into the bathroom. He rubbed his eyes and yawned as he slowly toddled behind. Megan smiled broadly as she saw Mattie's droopy bottom. She giggles softly as she pulls down Mattie's panties. Megan thinks it is so adorable how well Mattie has taken to being baby .... and she did it so normally and quickly.

Megan undoes Mattie's diaper and rolls it up and tosses it into the pail. She pulls his top off and tosses it into the dirty clothes hamper along with Mattie's panties. As Mattie stood and sucked his thumb, Megan looked him over carefully as she drew the steamy warm bath and filled it with honeysuckle smelling bath oil.

Megan noticed Mattie had made many major bodily changes in the last 2 days. Mattie no longer could be mistaken for being a boy any longer. She was so glad Mattie would be a full girl in less than a month. Megan thought that Mattie's Aunt had him pegged just right ... he was the perfect little girl. She helped Mattie into the warm tingly and wonderfully smelling bath and began to wash his hair.

Mattie smelled the lovely honeysuckle scent of the bath water and sighed. What could be wrong with liking this? He was of the firm opinion that the life he used to live was wrong. He remembered other times when everybody would pick on somebody who was different, even just a girl who had glasses and braces and did well in class, instead of wearing contacts and pretending to need boys' help. Or the boys who did theater -- everybody said they were gay, and maybe some of them were, but they were all ostracized, never to be part of the "in" crowd. And Matt had thought this was normal. What had been wrong with him?

"Miss Weston?" he asked in a cute little girl voice as Megan rinsed out his hair.

"Yes, Mattie dear?" she replied.

"Is it normal for me to be a baby girl?" he asked.

"It's normal for you to be whoever you are," she replies, "and I think that's a wonderful, sweet baby girl like you that makes everybody around her happy just by being there."

Mattie thought about this. He remembered being a boy. He remembered the world he'd been a boy in. He didn't like it much anymore. He didn't think he ever had, actually.

Before Mattie knew what was really happening, Megan had washed him from head to foot and his new squeaky place. He looked at it with wonder as he wondered where his thingy had gone. All that was left, was a privacy with a rather large ... bumpy thing at the top. He reached down and touched it. A wonderful tingly wave brought chill bumps to his flesh.

Megan lifts Mattie from the tub after rinsing her from head to foot, and swaddled her in a hugely thick bath towel. Between the tickles and the brisk drying, Mattie kicked and squealed with delight ... all other thoughts and confusions were gone for the moment.

Next thing Mattie knew, Megan was fastening the tapes of her dry and very thick diaper snugly, but comfortably on. The sweet smell of baby powder filled the air. Miss Weston helped Mattie onto her feet and held out an adorable pair of ruffled panties. Megan coos softly, "Step in like a good girl."

Mattie stepped into the ruffled panties and felt their smooth silk like material slide up his smooth legs as Megan pulled them up. It felt delightful. He closed his eyes and shivered from the pure sensual pleasure.

The next thing he knew, Megan was fastening a training bra around his chest, Mattie looked down in open mouthed surprise as the training bra gave him really cute little boobie bumps that would show. After that, Megan put Mattie in an adorable babyish jumper with flutter sleeves and a scalloped hem, showing glimpses of his panties. The dress was a pink plaid, and Miss Weston soon had his feet in white socklets with pink pompoms on the back and pink Mary Jane shoes.

"There we are, dear," said Megan, "what do you think?" She put her hands lightly on Mattie's shoulders and stood behind her, facing her toward the dressing mirror.

Mattie gasped. He didn't see a boy named Matt. He saw ... herself. A girl named Mattie who was somehow a teen and a baby at the same time. And ... that was who she was.

"I think ... I'm pretty," Mattie said in her new adorable little girl voice with a blush.

"Of course you are, Sweetheart," said Megan. "Now let's get your things ready for class, OK?"

Miss Weston escorted Mattie across the court. Mattie was very shy as the boys noticed her and made it known they all thought she was cute. A very pretty older woman walks up to Megan and Mattie holding Johnny's hand.

Megan smiles and says, "Hi Libby, hows Johnny this morning?"

The woman smiles a radiant smile back and says jovially, "He's doing wonderfully. I think he's been bitten by the love bug though." Both women giggle as Johnny and Mattie shyly blush very pink. Libby continues, "all he talked about last night was how adorable Mattie is and that he has a date with her to get ice cream after class.

Megan nods, "I think it would be wonderful if the 2 of them went to the parlor together. It would be good reinforcement for Mattie.

Libbie nods her head in agreement. I think they might need a babysitter though. After this next class, they are going to be kind of young .. aren't they?"

Megan giggles, "Yes, I'll baby sit them unless Joyce is able?"

Libby replies, "Oh ... yes ... she's able .. she has made the adjustment now and is an adorable little girl."

The women arrive at the Baby 101 class just as the giggly and bouncy Sally arrived.

"Oh hi!" Sally said enthusiastically as she waved her hand lots. "Oh! Umm hi Ms. Libby, Ms. Megan!" she continued, with a clumsy little-girl curtsy to each "grownup." "Are all the babies ready for today's lesson?"

Sally bounces eagerly on her toes as she pats her hands together.

"Well, they're not all here yet, Sally dear," said Megan with a smile at the adorable girl, "but I know Mattie's ready. Mattie hasn't been able to think of anything but her Baby 101 and Girl 101 lessons since yesterday, have you Mattie?"

Mattie blushed and wondered whether this was true. Had part of her mind been going over what she had learned in this class yesterday? It had been a very strange class. Today's would probably be just as strange ... but she felt herself looking forward to it, like looking forward to another scoop of ice cream.

"OK!" Sally said, making it sound like a squeaky cheer, clapping her hands. "It looks like everybody's here! Oh! I always wanted to do this. Is everybody ready for a great class? If you are, say 'Yes, Miss Sally!'"

"Yes, Miss Sally," said Mattie and about half the other students in what sounded just like a kindergarten class.

"Oh, come on!" Sally said. "You can do better than that! 'Yes, Miss Sally!'"

Mattie giggled and said, "Yes, Miss Sally!" along with the rest of the class this time.

"Yayyyy!" Sally cheered as she clapped her hands and sprang up and down, showing off her panties and the fact she too had on a thick diaper. Sally claps her hands together and squeals with delight. She snatches up her diaper bag and bounces off to the Master Headphone junction and began setting up the class. As she bounded away, everyone could see her cute panties and her ruffled bottom as she made no attempt to hide them.

Mattie knew that her own ruffled panties also showed under her short jumper, but several other girls in class were dressed similarly. Nobody was acting as if it was strange. It must be ... normal.

"OK!" Sally said again. "Everybody open their exercise book to chapter 2 ... put on your headphones ... get out your crayons ... and let's begin!"

Mattie put on her headphones and opened the book. She picked up a big purple crayon. Mattie hears a hissing sound and a faint snatch of a cute little tune ...

"... And we're done for today!" said Sally in her cute giggly voice.

Mattie looked around in confusion. Done?? we haven't even started ... have we?

"Anything wrong, Mattie?" said Sally, coming up to his desk. "You look confused."

"Uhhh wha happen?" Mattie said, finding it hard to talk. Then she realized that part of the reason was that her thumb was in her mouth and her hand was covered with drool. She thought about taking it out, but then she thought it felt good where it was.

"Oh -- I knows!" Sally said. "You don't 'member any of it do you? That happens sometimes. Don't worry Mattie! It means you learneded your lesson SUPER good today! Good girl!" She patted Mattie's head happily as she bounced up and down. Mattie felt very good at this praise and smiled happily. She looked at her workbook. It was a page of happy scribbly colors. It made her feel happy to look at it. She was a good girl ... but she still wondered ... she didn't remember doing those 10 pages of cute purple scribbles.

Mattie noticed suddenly, that the nurse from the other day had already entered and set up in the back of the room. She saw the Nurse look up and coo sweetly, "Oh, Sally sweet heart?"

Sally stops bouncing and puts her index finger in her mouth with an innocent wide eyed expression and replies in a cute tone, "Yes, Miss Renni??"

Sally blushes several shades of pink as the nurse smiles.

The Nurse coos softly, "Come to Nurse so I can check you sweet heart. I don't want my baby in a wet diaper."

Sally's mouth falls open. She gets a pouty look on her face as she stomps her foot, "I notta baby ... amma big girl. HUmmph"

Sally crosses her arms as she pokes out her bottom lip adorably.

The nurse giggles and says sweetly, "Then you need to come to me Miss, I'm a big girl ... so I can check."

Sally giggles softly as she bounces to the back. All the other baby boys and girls watched in amazed silence as Sally was checked completely ... then her pull ups were changed and she was powdered and even had her toes tickled.

With no self-consciousness at all, Sally erupted into gales of giggles right there on the changing table, and Mattie couldn't help it -- she started giggling too, not laughing at Sally, but because she was in such a suggestible and babyish frame of mind that she was unable to resist Sally's infectious laughter. Soon, Sally had the whole class giggling like babies -- after all, they had all just been through a baby training session.

It seemed to Mattie that this was another lesson just like ... whatever the rest of the lesson had been like. She couldn't quite remember any of it. But Sally was providing a perfect example, and Mattie was watching intently and absorbing everything Sally did ... as were all the other baby girls in class.

The class sat in stunned silence as the Nurse gave Sally a wonderfully loud and tickly raspberry. Sally shrieks happily and kicks her feet with the pure joy of the intense sensation. All the other babies began lining up in 2 lines as quickly as they could afterthat, all wanting the same kind of attention ... Boys on one side ... the girls on the other. Mattie didn't even give it a second thought as she lined up in the girl's line ... right behind Wilhelmina who was bouncing with eager anticipation.

The Nurse finally finished with Sally and helped her to stand up. She held out a cute pair of Strawberry Short Cake panties ... that Sally stepped daintily into ... one leg at a time. The Nurse pulls them up and pats her on the hinny softly.

The nurse coos, "Sally was a good girl."

Mattie raised her hand. Sally was still the teacher and pointed at Mattie as she straightened out her short dress.

"Mattie! Yayyy, you're askin' a question! Go aheads!", giggled Sally in a cute voice.

"Miss Sally," said Mattie, in a small and babyish voice, "how comes you was inna wet pullup befores but now you is in pannies?"

Mattie blushed as she spoke and had one hand near her mouth, the thumb almost in it, as she spun back and forth like the toddler girl she was dressed as.

"Oh -- this not justa pannie," said Sally, "this a pullup too. It jus look like pannies. See?”

Sally lifted her skirt and turned the waistband of the Strawberry Shortcake panty down until everyone could see the absorbent material. This meant Sally almost pulled her panties down ... right in front of the class.

The nurse tisked and lightly took Sally’s hand off the pull up she wore, pulled it back up properly, and smoothed her dress back down. “Now Sally, we don’t go showing our undies to the class, OK?”

“But Nurse Renni --” she began in a cute whiny voice.

“No buts! You have to set a good example for the babies.”

“Oh yeah,” she said. “Well now you know! Changing time!”

Before Mattie knew it, she was being whisked off her feet and lain on the changing counter. The Nurse expertly removed one of Mattie's shoes and exposed her toes. The nurse then pulled down Mattie's plastic lined bottoms and removed her diaper. Mattie giggles softly as the nurse cleans her completely, powders her well, and comfortably rediapers her. She then tickles Mattie's exposed toes and kisses them softly. Mattie gasps wide eyed at the intense tickles, as the nurse did piggies. Mattie lost her mind to the intense pleasure.

Suddenly, the nurse puts Mattie's shoe back on, stands Mattie on her feet, and pulls up her lined bottoms in a fairly obvious crinkle of plastic. As the nurse pats Mattie's bottom, Megan took her hand.

Megan asks, "And how is baby girl feel about ... being who she is now? Lots better?"

Mattie thought about it for a few minutes. His mind was very fuzzy as to what Nana meant. Suddenly, it dawned on him ... he felt and was acting just like a toddler girl.

Megan lead Mattie out of the classroom to the next adjacent room. Mattie recognized this room immediately. It was time for Girl 101 class again. Mattie was seated in one of the small booths, and the helmet and goggles put on her head and eyes. Suddenly, the class room and every thing dissolved away around her.

She heard the voice of the teacher as it says in a giggly voice, "Today girls ... we learn about ... boys and what they mean."

In Mattie's mind, the interactions expected of a proper little girl at Miss Anna's was trained, programmed and hard wired in. There were some ... really fun extra things added ... just cuz Mattie was a special girl. Mattie tingled all through her with the excited prospect of an Ice cream with a boy cute as Johnny. She began to blush and feel butterflies in her tummy at some of the other fun things that sprang to her mind..

“When we’re all baby girls,” said Janice, the teacher, “there’s really not much difference between us and baby boys, is there?”

Mattie felt like she was in a giant playpen -- no, that she was very small and was in a normal-sized playpen -- with another baby. Another baby? She looked in a mirror and saw a baby! She was probably a baby girl, as she was wearing a pink plaid play dress and pink booties and had a pink pacifier in her mouth.

The other baby was in a white T-shirt and blue denim shorts and had blue booties and a blue pacifier in his mouth. This was a BOY! But ... Janice was right. They weren’t that different. She remembered more than experienced multiple incidents of playing blocks or pat-a-cake or other baby games with this little boy and having a great time. It was like they didn’t know there was a difference.

“But then we go to preschool, and then to kindergarten, and then elementary school,” said Janice’s voice, “and we’re suddenly treated differently. Girls get one bathroom and boys get the other. Girls get one side of the cloakroom and boys get the other. Sometimes girls and boys even go to different classrooms or different whole schools.”

Mattie got images of separation, waiting in separate lines or going to separate rooms or doing different activities in gym class. The 2 lines when she just had her diaper changed by the Nurse came immediately to mind.

“To us, boys seem like almost a different species,” she said, “just one that speaks the same language ... mostly.”

Mattie saw images of boys doing things most girls didn’t do, like playing with bugs or trying to catch snakes and frogs down by a creek, or getting absolutely filthy playing in dirt. Mattie remembered doing some of those things somehow ... but now they seemed like they had happened to someone else. But also, she knew there were girls who did these things -- just not most girls.

“Then, something happens,” said Janice’s voice. There were images of boys asking girls out on dates and girls whispering together about how cute a boy was, thinking he didn’t notice. There were many other fun things that appeared that boys and girls could do together that made Mattie feel so wonderful and tingly.

“The two seem to be the same species after all!”

Images of boys and girls doing things together came faster and faster -- from dancing and going to parties and movies to quieter things like studying or playing games ... and kissing and very intimate snuggling

Suddenly, Mattie found herself sitting in a chair all alone. there was a circle of light around her chair. aside from that, everywhere else was Stygian darkness. In front of her, some sort of ... cloud, for the lack of a better description, seemed to form in front of her. Across the cloud danced cute little letters that seemed to write out a statement of some kind.

Mattie heard the Teacher's voice say, "Now, girls, you have to choose what kind of little girl all of you are going to be. You must choose at least one ... but you can choose several if you choose."

Mattie looked at the choices. They read like this:

From this list, please select the style preferences and girl type you will be from this day forward. A non-selection means the system will choose one for you. It will be who you are from now on. This program is for Little girl students.

1> Prissy Girl
2> Mommy's baby in lace
3> Miss Cutie Pie
4> Giggle Box
5> Tomboy

Mattie sat in amazed silence as she looked at the offered selections. She hadn't a clue ... what any of them meant. She also knew, that not selecting one ... would mean one was selected for her. What Mattie didn't know, was the program running on her, was the brand new little girl protocol the school had just developed. IT was the top of the line regendring, regression software on the planet. Tied into the virtual reality stations the way it was along with the mind entrainment and binaural tones, insured the subject became exactly what they were supposed to become, and it didn't hurt a single bit.

As Mattie wondered what to do, the fifth option appeared to blink slowly:

5> Tomboy

Hadn’t she just been thinking that there were some girls who played like boys did? Sure, they were still girls, they didn’t do all boy stuff, but they did a lot of things that Mattie remembered about ...
There was a keyboard in front of her that seemed to be a part of the cloud, right under where the list of options was floating in the air. She reached out and pushed the 5 key.

Immediately the other 4 options disappeared and the word “Tomboy” was the only one remaining.

“You have selected Tomboy,” said the voice. “Perfect choice! Remember, once your choice is made, there is no turning back. Is ‘Tomboy’ your final decision?”

“Yeth,” said Mattie, discovering her thumb was in her mouth again. She wondered whether being a Tomboy would make her less babyish ... or more ... or about the same.

“Final decision registered. Congratulations,” said the computer voice. “You have made an excellent choice, well in line with measurements of your mental patterns. The remainder of your class sessions will be tailored toward fulfilling this decision. When you have completed your training, it will be as if you had never been anything else.”

Without warning, Mattie could feel some really invigorating sensations wash all through her. The system added a custom personality trait to go along with Tom boy, they added Pretty in Lace .. which insured Mattie would be the cutest Tom Boy girl ever.

Mattie knew .. she was a very athletic girl and she was going to show Johnny how good a friend she could be .. why she'll play ... baseball an ... football with him .. an ... we could wrestle n make it really fun ...

Mattie's eyes got big as she realized what she was thinking. Then she giggles ... it was ok though ... Johnny was a cute boy an already likes her. She giggles as she thinks of all the fun they were going to have going fishin n stuff.

Suddenly again, everything dissolved away, and she was sitting in the booth with the inert goggles and helmet on. She felt it as it was removed, and saw the teacher place it on the rack beside the chair before moving on and doing the same to the next girl. Megan came up and knelt beside Mattie and brushed the lock of hair from her cute face.

Megan asks softly, "How does it feel sweet heart?"

“I feels gweat Miss Megan!” Mattie almost shouted. “I wanna RUN to the ice cweam store n see Johnny! Oh, ‘cept it pobly not time yets. Umm ...” Mattie looked at the clock. She still knew it told time, but she wasn’t sure what it said anymore. “... Is it?”

Megan chuckled and said, “Not yet, Mattie, you still have gym class.”

“Awright!” Mattie said. “I hope I gets to frow fings!”

“Time to put away the breakables, I suppose,” Megan said to herself, sighing.

“She’s so adorable,” said Janice. “A baby tomboy -- the only one this year.”

Megan asks, "She did get the new Little Girl Protocol .. didn't she?"

Janice nods, "Yes she did. She also received the custom trait Pretty in Lace. She will be so adorably cute as a baby tomboy with that added. She will be adorable and unpredictable too and a whole lot of fun."

Megan watched Mattie toddle around the room energetically. “I don’t think it’s because she was once a boy, either -- I think it’s something much deeper .. she's becoming a girl so fast and learning so quickly ... it's almost like ...” Megan shakes her head at the many possibilities crossing her mind.

Mattie was realizing that she felt wonderful. She felt like the happiest toddler girl in the world. And she didn’t really know why. But it felt like beautiful new vistas had opened up before her, and all she’d done was turn a doorknob. She felt like she could run anywhere and do anything -- or at least toddle anywhere and do anything that didn’t involve keeping her diaper dry.

Megan took hold of Mattie's hand once again as she coos, "Ok Missy, this way to your next class. It's Gym ... there, they will teach you to babycize."

Mattie heard the giggling of the other girls that were dressed the same as she tht were heading in the same direction.

Megan took Mattie down a long hall, before walking through a double swinging door into a girl's locker room. Megan walked over to a locker that was covered in cute little pink and red hearts, and had the name Mattie Johnson in gold letters inscribed across the front.

Megan showed Mattie the combination to the locker, then opened it. She removed a cute pink leotard with white ruffles across the bottom in 6 rows. Megan unzipped Mattie's dress, and pulled it over her head before she knew what to do. Mattie was stripped to her diaper and checked quickly as were the other girls in the room with her.

Megan coos softly, "Baby still dry n comfy."

“Aww!” said Mattie, suddenly overcome with happiness that someone would decorate her locker just for her. It was just for her too, because the other girls all had different schemes -- the one to the left of hers was pink with black polkadots and said “Mina Jeffries” in similar gold letters. Mina was her neighbor! Mattie was happy!

Megan then pats Mattie lovingly on her bottom as she helps her into the leotard. Mattie found herself sitting on the bench, as Megan finished pulling it up Mattie's arms and adjusting it to fit properly. Megan then put a cute pair of dancing slippers on Mattie's feet ... and tied the ribbons in a cute spiral bow up her ankles.

“Aren’t you adorable?” said Megan. “Now off you go, to join the other girls.

Mattie was a bit wobbly as usual with her thick diapers on underneath her leotard, but she thanked Megan and toddled into the gym.

“Yay! Mattie!” shouted Mina, waving to her from the middle of a group of girls, who all looked like they were thickly diapered.

Some had pacifiers. Mattie shouted back and toddled faster, not quite able to run without falling. How was she going to do gym class with this thick diaper on?

About that time, the Giggly Sally came skipping in, dressed in a skin tight leotard with cute little ruffles around her legs, puffy sleeves, and was obviously in a hugely thick diaper.

Sally skips up to the podium and says brightly, "Ok, sweeties ... gather round tha stairs. I'm gonna teach you howa baby babycizes."

Everyone in the class either giggled or looked at one another in askance. Sally bends down at the foot of the stairs, and stretches her way on hands and feet like a crab to the short landing on top. Then, she sat on the top stair, and descended one at a time by sliding down on her bottom.

When she got to the bottom of the stairs Sally says with a giggle, "Now, which onena you wanna go firstus?"

“Me, me!” Mattie shouted at the same time as Mina. “Me wanna go!”

Sally giggled. “Wonnerful! Ummmm, how ‘bout you?” she said, pointing at Mattie. “Wanna try it?”

“OK!” Mattie said happily. She waddled her way to the top of the stairs and sat down, sliding a step at a time on her bottom just as Sally had.

“Oooo , vewy good Mattie!” Sally said, clapping her hands and bouncing. “Oopsie!” she said, looking down at her diaper. “Oh well! Acc’dents happen! Anyways, that was so good Mattie! Who’s nextest?”

All the girls gave it more than one try. With Sally's infectious giggle spreading through all the class. It quickly became a lot of fun. Sally showed them how to do fall down go boom. She even showed the babies how to do fingers. A Nurse had arrived and offered her 2 index fingers for the babies to hang on to as She walked them around in small circles. The whole class enjoyed that ... all the while the Mind Entrainment Binaural Music hummed nonintoxicatingly in the background removing any contamination of the Adult Conspiracy from all ... including Sally..

Sally finally pushed a padded low stool out into the floor. She stood up and put her hand on her hips and said in a cute voice as she wiggled back and fourth, "Now this excercize, is sorta like leg lifts.

Sally laid across the stool and began to daintily kick her legs. The girls giggled softly in a twitter.

Sally showed the girls how a baby bends over and touches the floor with her butt in the air. Many of the girls groaned when they began to stretch ... But not Mattie!

“This fun, Miss Sally!” Mattie said in her cute voice.

“It sure is Mattie!” Sally sgiggled.

Mina was also happy and so were some of the others, but they weren’t in the majority. There were several ... big girls ... that were getting a bit too big for their diapers. It wasn't long before a remedial baby 102 Teacher came and escorted them out for more intense baby training amid many tears and I'll be goods.

Sally says in a quiet fearful tone, “They gonna be crawly babies inna hour or so.” she shivers noticeably, “I no wanna bea crawly baby.” Sally shakes her head and makes her pony tails fly.”Then I b too young ta walk n teach classes n have fun ridin my tricycle or playin inna sand turtle at recess.”

The other babies oooohhhhed as they watched the Big Girls be taken out by their arms to become crawly babies.

The class continued on in a whirl. Mattie couldn't believe how fun exercising and being cute could be.
Mattie hadn't had this much fun since .... she could remember exactly when ... ever.

Sally giggled and pranced like a happy little girl all during class. Her toddler manner and infectious giggles, filled the rest of the babies with happiness. Mattie glanced at the clock and was amazed ... it was almost 2:pm. She saw Sally begin to pack her diaper back as all the other ... Nana's and mommy's showed up to take their babies home.

Megan arrives and coos softly to Mattie, “well dear .. it's time for your first date with a cute little boy.”

Mattie gets those butterflies in her tummy again as she has images of all the fun things a girl and a boy can do.

~~ End Part 5 ~~

Title: Miss Anna's Boarding School and Day Care - Pt6


After a diaper change and a change back to her regular clothes, Mattie went to her next class, but met up with Johnny in the hall. Her heart almost skipped a beat -- she was surprised at herself for how excited she was to see him! "Mattie!" said Johnny, because all Mattie
was doing was standing in place and staring at him.

"Johnny!" said Mattie, with a little bit of a bounce. "Hi!" she said, almost

"Can we meet at the ice cream store after school today?" Johnny asked. "I
really wanted to yesterday, but it didn't work out. But that's OK! There's always today!"

"Yeah! There is!" Mattie said, her head spinning. "Oh, I really really wanna go too! But ... oh, I gotta ask Megan if it's OK ..."

"Of course it's OK, sweetie," said Megan, coming up behind Mattie, who jumped, startled. "I hope you both have a wonderful time. But remember, you each have bibs in your diaper bags for a reason, and I expect you to use them! If you don't, I'm sure the waitresses at the ice cream shop will make sure you do!"

"I'll remember," said Mattie, blushing. Johnny was blushing too.

Johnny shyly took Mattie by the hand. The 2 of them stood looking at each other and fidgeting. Without warning, Johnny bends and kisses Mattie on her cheek. Mattie's eyes get huge as she feels a tingle of excitement run through her. Her cheeks and ears suddenly burn hot as she blushes shyly and looks at the ground. She can feel just a slight warmth in her diaper as she realizes she had wet herself in the excitement.

Megan giggles as she takes several quick pictures of them with her cell phone camera.

Johnny says softly, "Sowwy Mattie ... no could helps it ... ur so .. pwetty."

Johnny blushes several shades of red. Shyly, Mattie stands slightly on her tippy toes and kisses Johnny on his very red cheek. She feels the warmth of it as he shyly shivers.

Megan coos softly, "Ok, children. I will take you to your next class."

Megan takes Johnny by his hand, who in turn has Mattie by her hand, and leads them to Creative Baby Imagination Class Before Megan left the 2 of them, she makes a huge deal out of checking Mattie
and the fact she was slightly damp ... but not enough to change yet. She turns and makes a similar
deal about Johnny when she discovers he too had slightly wet his diaper from the excitement.

Creative Baby Imagination class was another interesting first experience for Mattie. There was sweet happy children's music playing through speakers in the ceiling, and long tables with long rolls of paper laid out. All along the edges of the table were wells filled with different colors of finger paints. Mattie could barely contain herself as she waited to be told she could start. She could tell that the other babies could barely hold back too.

"All right, children," said a jovial-looking gray-haired lady who looked like everybody's favorite grandmother, "Yes, we're going to paint. But first put on your smock, so you don't get paint on your clothes!" After the children had put on the smocks, which were hanging on pegs behind them, she giggled merrily and said, "All right, I know you know what to do. Paint whatever you want with the finger paint! Express your imagination!"

Mattie dipped her fingers into the paint pots and started to paint whatever she was thinking about ... Johnny! But she only had a few colors of paint, so Johnny's picture ended up having green hair and shoes and wearing all blue, and having sunny yellow skin. But he was in a happy land of birds and bunnies and even a hippo. Of course, whether anybody else could tell this was what the picture was supposed to depict wasn't the point.

The teacher had written her name on the chalkboard in big letters, "Mrs. Millikan," and she was going around saying encouraging things to each student about their artwork.

"Oh, Mina, look at that wonderful river, with all the fish swimming in it! Is that you going for a swim

Mina nods happily as she takes a big glob in her hand and splats it in the middle of the blue that was the river.

Mattie points and says happily, "An that baby island ... where our playground is."

Mrs. Millikan pats Mina on her hinny as she wanders to the next child. Johnny curls the fingers of both hands into a fist and dips them into the black paint. He bangs the painted edge of his hand on the paper as Mattie and Mina watch intently. Johnny puts a dab of paint on each finger tip ... and when he is done tapping the outline of the edge of his hand, it looked like small feet had run across in front of them.

Mattie puts both of her paint filled hands flat on the table in front of her and made 2 perfect prints of her hands. She then takes red and blue colors and touches up the prints. When she finally finishes the last lines of the feet, she had made 2 hand turkeys kissing. She wrote Johnny under one and Mattie under the other.

Johnny's eyes get big as he gasps softly. Mrs Millikin happens to walk over to their art and looks down.

She says in a loud and happy tone, "That is so adorable." She points to the turkeys and says with a coo, "Is that the 2 of you Mattie?"

Mattie blushes super red along with Johnny as Mina says loudly, "It is, it is ... Johnny and Mattie sitten inna tree ..."

The other babies caught up in the mood began to chant along with Mina.

"Heyyyyy," said Johnny, blushing brightly and frowning.

"Heyyyyy!" said Mattie, also blushing, but not frowning.

"Heyyyyy," said Mrs. Millikan, "why don't you boys and girls all get back to painting your pictures! I'm sure you're not all done yet! Don't you want a pretty picture to take home and put on the fridge?"

"Ooo!" said Mattie and tried to paint a picture of Megan. She was so pretty. She hoped she was that pretty when she grew up, even though part of her knew that she was going to be doing some growing down before she would ever be growing up again.

Mattie, Mina, Johnny and all the other children painted happily for the rest of the hour, getting a lot of paint on their smocks and faces as well as the paper, but suddenly time was up and it was time to clean up. They lined up, boys on one side of the room and girls on the other, and they each turned in their paint-covered smock and got a face and hand wash, along with a diaper change, assembly-line style.

Johnny stood shyly by the door waiting for Mattie to have her diaper changed. He was blushing seriously red as he pondered the excitement he felt about Mattie. As he fidgited nervously, he feels someone come up to him and give him a soft kiss on his cheek. Johnny looks up and sees the very pretty face of Mattie smiling shyly at him.

She says, "You ... ummm .. you're kinna ... sweet. You kno that? An .. an .. silly inna nice way."

Johnny feels a wonderful rush run all through him. He is so happy.

He takes Mattie by the hand and replies, "I .. ummm ... I think that ..." his courage begins to fail as his cheeks turn even darker red if that was possible. He finally steels himself and blurts out more forcefully than he had intended, "I think you are very pretty an .. I wanna be ur bestus frien."

Mina had walked up about that time and giggles. She says to Mattie, "Well, now ... seems beina girl has it's ... goo side too ... huh?"

Before Mattie can say anything, Megan walks up to the 3 of them and says softly, "It's time to go children. Mina? Would you like to goto the ice cream shop with us?"

Mina blushes softly as she replies with a awkward curtsy, "Thanks, Miss Weston ... but ... ummm ... I
gotsa boy takin me to tha arcade now."

Miss Weston smiles and pats Mina on her hinny as she coos, "Well, we're on our way now. You have fun at the arcade."

Mina nods and kisses Mattie on her cheek as she whispers, "Mattie gotsa a daaaattteee." Then skips off through the door into the crowded hall and is gone.

Megan takes Johnny by one hand and Mattie by the other and leads them from the crowded school, down the sidewalk, and across the commons. They arrive at the Ice Cream Shop.

It says on the front in big many colored letters, "1000 flavors ... mix and match ... invent a new
popular flavor and get it every day for a year ... for free."

"Wowwwww," said Johnny as they approached the shop. "Lookit all the

"Yeahhhhh," said Mattie, "and it looks like a huge box o' crayons!"

It did. The store's roof looked like the top of an open crayon box, and each crayon had the name of an ice cream flavor on it.

"Now, you both have your diaper bags, right?" said Megan, unnecessarily,
because both of them had an obvious diaper bag hanging from their shoulders.

"Yes, Miss Weston," they both said in a cute corus.

"Good," Megan said as they entered and she found them a table for two.

"Can I help you?" asked a waitress, wearing a uniform that was white and pink with many-colored crayons printed on it. Her name tag said, "Donna. Her uniform and the way it was made ... made her look just like a little girl.

"I could use some help getting their bibs on," said Megan, taking Mattie's pink bib out of her diaper bag. "Johnny's got a bib in his diaper bag somewhere."

"Ooo, I get to put a bib on this handsome little baby boy," said Donna, opening his diaper bag. "Here it is! Now sit still, honey."

Johnny was blushing brightly but sat still while Donna tied the bib on around his neck.

Johnny claps his hands happily after he and Mattie were put in their chairs next to the counter and scooted up.

Donna asks in a soft cooing voice, "And what would you 2 cute little babies want today?" Johnny says in an excited voice, "Wanna has tha strawberry shake wiffa whipped cream n 2 straws." as he kicks his feet and fidgets.

Mattie gets big eyed and blushes softly when he ordered.

Donna turns and caresses Mattie's face as she coos, "And what do you want pretty girl?"

"Me ..." Mattie began, blushing brighter, "me wanna hot fudge sundae ... wif 2
spoons ..."

"Are you sure you adorable babies are big enough to use spoons yourselves?" Donna asked.

Mattie looked at Johnny. Donna was right. She wasn't sure she was big enough. She had the impression that she used to be ... older. But now she wasn't very old at all. She knew it, and she could tell Johnny was wondering the same thing.

"Oh well! Everything in here is washable," said Donna. "We know what kind of school we're next to, after all! And I'm a graduate!" She giggled. "If I have to, I'll just have to feed the two adorable babies myself! Sooo much fun!"

When Donna got done bouncing happily, she said, "Oh! I'll get your sundae and milkshake right now!" and happily bounded away.

Johnny reaches over and takes Mattie by her hand and says softly, "We bestus friens. I wanna share my shake wifs u. Love strawberry .. n hopes you do too."

Mattie blushes a shade darker as she feels the butterflys in her tummy begin to flutter. Johnny looks around the place. It is made to look like a very young child's play room. There are many depictions of crayons, baby art, stick figures, and many hand prints everywhere.

Megan smiles deeply at the progress Mattie has made in so short a time. She finds one of the places adults are suppose to observe the children from and sits. She has coffee and a cherrycream doughnut. Megan watches Donna as she skips around making the sunday and the shake. Donna is dressed in a very cute and very short pink and white dress. As she jumps and flounces, Megan catches a glimps of her white panties every now and then. She smiles when she remembers Donna's first day. It was hard to believe .. she .. used to be Don.

Donna finished making the sunday just as the sturring machine dings, indicationg the shake was done. She adds a scoop of nuts to the top of the hot fudge. She carries them over to Mattie and Johnny with a bounce in her step. As she puts the icecream in front of the 2 she kisses each on their cheeks.

She coos softly, "Enjoy yourselves." Then skips off to the next set of babies that came into the shop with their babysitters.

Johnny takes the spoon that was in the sunday and tries to take a taste. The actual mechanics of using a spoon were no longer within his nervous system's ability. He still had the vague memory of how ... just not the motor skills. He fumbled it to his mouth, spilling a quantity all down his front onto the bib. Mattie giggles.

Johnny made a face at Mattie. "This hard," he said. "You twy."

"Spoon easy," said Mattie, though she thought it might be harder than she thought. She picked up the other spoon from the sundae in her fist, held it tightly, and promptly tried to put the ice cream up her nose. It wouldn't fit, of course, but the surprise of suddenly feeling freezing cold ice cream in her nose was enough for her to drop the spoon into the crumb-collecting pocket of her bib. Johnny laughed as Mattie rummaged in the pocket to get her spoon back.

"Oh dear, do you need me to help?" Donna asked as Megan looked on with

"Me can do it!" said Mattie, grabbing the spoon out of her bib. "Me get more ice cweam." She reached out with the spoon held tightly in her fist and managed to stab the sundae with it, almost knocking the bowl over, then pulled the spoon out again, bringing the bowl with it partway across the counter toward her. Opening her mouth wide, she tried to get the ice cream inside. To her credit she actually managed to get some of it in, after painting her cheek and chin with ice cream and fudge syrup.

Johnny giggles happily as he watches mattie do her best ... only to make a huge mess. Johnny takes his spoon and stabs it in the icecream. As he attempts to lift it out, he lifts the bowl slightly off he counter. As the bowl falls back to the table, a large dab of ice cream flips off the spoon and lands right on the tip of Mattie's nose. Mattie''s eyes get huge as her icecream spattered mouth falls open in surprise.

She screeches, "You ... you did that on purspose!"

Johnny shakes his head vigorusly as he sits with the spoon clasped in his fist tightly. Mattie takes her spoon and flips a large glob of fudge at Johnny. It lands on his arm. Johnny screeches with joy as he flips the remainder of the icecrem in his spoon at Mattie, although he misses terribly and hits one of the other babies down from them.

This baby screeches and tosses more icecream which in turn lands on another. It was only a few seconds, before the whole room was filled with flying icecream, fudge, fruit, and the loud happy screeches of the many babies involved.

"Oh dear!" said Donna, running for cover, having been hit by several patches of flying ice cream.

Mattie was giggling and flailing wildly with her spoon when she felt it being taken away from her and realized that Megan was standing by her with something in her other hand. She looked, and Megan had dragged over a high chair that was big enough for a big baby like Mattie.

"I guess we aren't old enough to eat like a big girl anymore," said Megan. "I should have
expected. You're making astonishingly fast progress in Baby 101 class."

She almost bodily lifted Mattie off her regular chair and into the high chair, snapping the tray in front of her. Now no ice cream was in reach. "And just so you don't think I'm ignoring you," Megan said to Johnny, "here's one for you." She pulled up another high chair and put Johnny in it just as deftly.

The other babies looked at what had happened to Mattie and Johnny, and the flying food stopped. Their caregivers were eyeing other similar high chairs that were waiting for their charges, and some did indeed get the same treatment. As Megan began feeding ice cream to Mattie and Johnny, order began to return to the shop.

Returning from her hiding place behind the counter, Donna said, "Oh! Can I help? I just want to feed this handsome baby boy here." She giggled.

"Be my guest," said Megan with a smile, and Megan and Johnny shared a sundae, even though they had to be fed the ice cream one spoonful at a time.

As Johnny and Mattie were being fed their icecream, several other girls dressed as Donna, began to clean up the huge mess. Several of the 'older' children were pressed into the work at hand. By the time Mattie and Johnny were given their strawberry shakes in a disposable sippy cup, the mess was cleaned up and order was restored to the shop.

Donna says to Megan, "That kinna thingy happens here alla time." She giggles, "I jus wish I coulda gots in it too."

Megan shakes her head slowly as Donna wanders off to take care of other babies in the shop.

Johnny says to Megan, "This wassa bestus time. I thinks I wanna play wif you alla time." Mattie blushes softly as she replies, "We bestus friens forevers."

Megan smiles. She is so proud of Mattie and how much progress she had made so quickly. Megan lifts the trays on Johnny's and Mattie's high chair and helps them to their feet. She leaves the money on the counter as she escorts them out into the afternoon sun.

Megan asks, "What do you 2 want to do now? We can go to the park and play on the merry go round if you want."

Johnny fidgets and squirms some as he says in a really shy and quiet whisper, "Miss Weston .. I ummm ... " he blushes really red in the face as he looks at the ground, "I uhhhh .. needa change.
Am kinna ... wet n stuffs."

Megan checks Johnny right there with all the other babies in the icecream shop watching.

"Well that's no problem," said Megan. "Let's just go to the park, and I can
change you when we get there. Mattie too, if she needs it. Then you two can play all you want in
nice dry diapers. OK?"

"Umm ..." said Johnny, clearly having some kind of problem with the concept, but finally he just said, "OK!"

Mattie said, "But me no needa change!

"Are you sure?" asked Megan.

Mattie then realized that she did feel wet. And that she had no idea when she had gone from dry to wet.

She blushed brightly. "Ummmmms ... neber mind," she said as she shook her head.

"That's what I thought. We're almost there! We just have to cross the street. Wait till the red sign goes away ... there's the white sign. Let's go! But look both ways first."

She carefully led the two teenage babies across the street and to the playground, which was on school

"Now then, let's find a place where we can change a wet little boy and girl," she said, looking around the playground for an empty bench.

Megan led them up to a nearby bench. Mattie's eyes became huge with surprise as Megan lay her on her back and pulled down her panties and began to unfasten the tapes holding on her diaper. Johnny stood bashfully figiting and trying hard not to look.

Megan changed Mattie and Johhny realized it was his turn suddenly. Mattie giggles softly as he too had his pants and diaper removed and changed. Mattie felt so strange as Johnny was changed. She didn't know how to feel or where to look.

Magan smiles ... she is so proud of the 2 of them and how well their training is going. Johnny had totally soaked and made a mess of his diaper as had Mattie.

Megan coos softly as she helps Johnny to his feet and takes both of them by the hand, "Ok children, I'm going to put you on the swings since the merry go round is full right now. I want you 2 to be good while Auntie reads her book ... ok?"

As Megan placed the 2 babies in the swing and lowered the safety bar across their
laps, They nodded. They both could see many children of all ages piled on the merry go round screeching and tussling as children do.

Johnny says happlily, "I gonna show mattie how ta fly."

Mattie giggles, "bet I can do it as goo as you silly boyyeee."

Megan pushes them to start. As she sits and takes out her book, she watches them for a bit. Both of them were having the time of their lives.

Mattie knew she could swing real high but it was kinda hard to do, since her hands and feet didn't seem to really want to do what she wanted them to. But she was swinging, and Johnny didn't seem to be swinging any higher.

"Silly hands an' feet no do right," said Mattie as she pokes out her bottom lip adorsably.

"Yeah," said Johnny. "Thought me was better than dis b'fore, but ... no can member too good."

The swing died down as Mattie tried to remember. It seemed to her like there was something she was trying to remember that was right in front of her eyes but at the same time completely out of reach. She frowned. It made her head hurt.

"Is you poopin' your dipee again?" said Johnny with a giggle, looking at Mattie's expression.

"No! Silly boyyy! I swing higher than you!" she said with a pouty squeak

Mattie swung again, and had the same difficulty if not more, but she did get her swing moving once more. Mattie tried hard to remember what it was she had to do to get the swing to go higher. She was happy that Johnny couldn't do any better than she did ... so she wasn't unhappy about how it was turning out. She loved the giddy feeling in her tummy when the swing had reached the apogee of the arc, then first began it's decent. For a split instant, she felt weightless and could imagin she was flying.

Megan looks up from her book to see the 2 Teenaged babies having the time of their life. She stands and walks to them and stops the swings. She helps them from the seats, and escorts them over to the seesaw.

Johnny giggles loudly as he says, "This is so funs ... am glad you're my bestus friend."

Mattie nods her head causing her ponytails to fly as she pushes off and launches herself into the air.
Johnny lands and pushes off the same way. Both of the begin to giggle and screech as they rise and fall. Megan smiles at the 2 of them truly enjoying themselves as any children would under the same circumstances. Megan sees the merry go round come available as the young students jump off and run across the large open field playing tag.

"Oooo look, mewwy go wound!" said Mattie, unaware of how childish her voice sounded. She awkwardly waddled toward the merry-go-round as the 2 of them abandoned the seesaw. Johnny followed Mattie and they both got on the merry-go-round and tried to spin it by running around, but they weren't very good, and they ended up tumbling onto the slowly turning platform, giggling all the way and getting totally filthy in the process.

"Do you two need a push?" asked Megan, coming over and spinning the merry-go-round slightly faster.

"Wheeeeeeee" screeches Mattie, seeing everything going whirling by around her.

"Yayyyyyy!" cheered Johnny, waving his arms in the air, then grabbing onto a bar for support. He haltingly got to his feet and tried to hang off the outside of the merry-go-round. Not to be outdone, Mattie tried staying on the platform, holding onto a stanchion and hanging off the edge upside down. Her pigtails were dragging in the dirt, but she didn't care.

Megan watched the 2 play on the merry-go-round for a long time as they became smudged with dirt. The sun had begun to set and shadows grew long. She walks to the merry-go-round and stops it slowly.

She says quietly, "All right childern, it's getting late and we have to go now."

Both of them said in unison, "Awww!" and poked out their bottom lips in a cute pout.

Megan helps them off the platform to their feet and pats them softly on their hinnys.

Megan coos softly, "It's time to get the both of you home, bathed, and dinner. Johnny, your mommy said that you can stay for dinner and spend the night if you want to since tomorrow is Saturday."

Megan takes them by their hand, and escorts them towards the house across the park.

Johnny says happily, "We gonna play lots when we gets back to your house." Mattie's eyes
sparkle brightly at the prospect. She had many dolls and things and was more than happy Johnny ws
comming to play.

Megan brought them into the house and took them right to the bathroom. She stoppers the tub and begins to fill it with warm water. She adds a pink gel to the water. As the wonderful smell of honeysuckle fills the air, many bubbles form.

Megan coos softly as she begins to take mattie's jumper off, "Wow, you sure have gotten dirty." Mattie and Johnny giggle, "Seems Tomboy and lace are a good mix for you."

Megan pulls Mattie's panties down, Mattie looks at Johnny with big eyes as she stands in just her wet diaper. Megan turns and removes all of Johnny's clothes as well. She leaves the 2 of them in just their diapers as she puts their filthy clothes in the hamper. Megan untapes Johnny's diaper and helps him into the tub. She repeats the action with Mattie and helps her into the tub.

As Megan removed the barretts from Mattie's dirty hair she coos, "Tisk, Tisk, you have a crop of corn
growing behind these dirty ears." Johnny giggles. Megan turns and pushes on Johnny's nose softly as she continues, "And you, young man, have a complete feild of potatoes in yours."

Mattie giggles as Johnny blushes softly. Mattie splashed in the water and played with the bubbles and put them on her head. She put some on Johnny's nose and made him splutter and giggle. He put bubbles on Mattie's ears and laughed, but Mattie couldn't tell how silly it looked.

Megan was getting the soap and wash cloths ready -- a different soap and a different cloth for each child as one was specially made to help transform one into a girl, the other into a boy. She rolled her eyes and laughed at their antics with the bubbles.

As Megan washed Mattie with her washcloth, Mattie treated it as more of an interruption to her wet playtime. She didn't notice that she was in a bathtub with a boy. It seemed to her that she was just in a bathtub with another baby and her bestus friend and playmate ... it was just more playtime.

"Yep, you sure look like a baby girl, Mattie -- you're coming along," said Megan as she washed Mattie's diaper area, carefully and thoroughly.Mattie no longer showed any thing male any longer.

Mattie watched Megan wash Johnny next. She couldn't see much because of the suds, but when Megan washed Johnny's diaper area, she said, "Oh good, it looks like you're coming along too. The treatment's gotten so advanced now."

Johnny had developed all the proper boy attributes by now. Johnny looked at Megan in confusion but
then forgot about it when Mattie put bubbles on his nose. Megan finishes washing the 2 splahing babies. She helps them from the tub into a large, thick towel. She dries the both of them briskly. When she was done, she powders, and diapers the both of them well, and puts them both in a pair of baby tweety and friend's rumba panties with a plastic lining so they wouldn't leak during the night.

Megan coos softly as she leads them into the bedroom, "It's time for babies to be in the crib. Megan
lowers the rail, and helps the 2 of them in. She gives them both a bottle of formula and raises the
rails. She has them say their prayers, turns off the light, and leaves them with their bottles and sweet
dreams for the night. Mattie rolls to her side and hugs Johnny. The 2 of them suckle their bottles of regression formula and gender changing hormons as they contentedly fall asleep in their bestus friend's arms.

They dream of the wounderful time they had together and of all the times they will have in the future.

~~ End Pt6 ~~

Title: Miss Anna's Boarding School and Day Care - Pt7


"Mattie ..."

Mattie had been having a wonderful dream. In the dream he was an adorable baby girl playing in a huge playpen full of toys. The floor was soft and warm, which was good, because she spent a lot of time sitting or crawling on it, playing with the toys. Her diapers were very thick -- they and the soft floor made walking very difficult, so she just crawled when she needed to move around, and that was fine. But there was this voice ...

"Mattie ..."

She could feel someone gently touching her shoulder, but she didn't see anybody, so she kept playing with the plushies -- a Teddy Bear and a giraffe a doggie and a bunny were all having fun playing in the forest. It was a forest because Mattie imagined it was.

"Mattie, time to get up ..." came the soft voice again.

It sounded like ... Megan's voice. Mattie noticed that the pretty lullaby music had stopped. It had been so soothing and comforting, too. She felt her shoulder being lightly shaken. Mattie's eyelids fluttered open and she woke up to see Megan leaning over the side of the crib.

"There's my little angel," said Megan, smiling kindly.

Megan began to stretch and realized someone else was in the crib with her. She looks over just as Megan lowers the rail and begins to take her from the crib. She sees Johnny rubbing his eyes sleepily as Megan steadies Mattie on her feet.

Megan coos softly, "Time to rise up sleepy head." She takes Johnny gently by the arm and helps him to his wobbly feet.

Megan coos gently, "Auntie has made a wonderful bubble bath for the 2 of you, and then it's breakfast. I have a surprise for you Mattie. Your Aunt is coming over for tea around noon ... she wants to see how her niece is doing."

Megan takes both of the children by their hands and escorts them into the bathroom. The wonderful smell of Apples fills the room as they see the tub filled with wonderful bubbles. Megan removes their panties and diaper, then helps them into the water. Mattie and Johnny immediately begin to splash their arms in the bubbly water and to throw bubbles at each other. Megan smiles broadly, she is so amazed at how quickly Mattie had transformed into the cute little baby girl her Aunt had so wanted.

After the bath Megan put Mattie and Johnny into nice thick fluffy cloth diapers and plastic panties -- plain white ones for Johnny, cute pink ones for Mattie. Johnny got a red T-shirt and a pair of blue denim overalls with snaps up the legs. Mattie got a pretty yellow dress that looked familiar -- yes, it was very much like the one from the vision she'd had in the Girl 101 class! It had white lace and puffy sleeves and felt like her most perfect dress ever.

Mattie gasped. "But -- how did you --"

"You told me about it over and over, sweetie," she said. "Now sit down and we'll get your socks and shoes on."

She put little yellow ankle socks with white lace on Mattie's feet, one at a time. They had little white pompon's on the heels. Then she put chunky-soled white Mary Jane shoes on Mattie's feet.

Johnny got white socks with red and blue stripes around the ankles and stiff white leather shoes that looked like baby shoes. Megan brushed his hair then went to work on Mattie's hair, brushing it and braiding it into pigtails and tying yellow and white ribbons into bows around the ends.

Mattie giggles as she runs to Johnny and hugs hum around the neck and plants a huge kiss on his lips.

Mattie backs away and blushes shyly as she she says softly, "I wan u ta kno ... ur my bestus frien .. an u can spenda night enny time ya wanna."

Johnny could feel himself getting slightly damp in his diaper. His tongue was so tied .... all he could do was fidget nervously from foot to foot.

Megan giggles as she pats him on his bottom and coos reassuringly, "That's a very nice thing ... isn't it sweet heart?"

She takes his hand and puts Mattie's hand in it. Then takes Johnny by his other hand and leads them into the kitchen. There sat 2 High Chairs with bowls of steaming Oatmeal near by awaiting them. Megan seats the 2 in their seat, fastens the restraining belt and lowers the tray closed with a locking click.

She feeds the both of them with an appropriately sized baby spoon, making all the proper noises and sounds. Of course, The 2 couldn't help but make a total mess of themselves, their bibs, and their high chairs. Megan had to remember to complement Sally on the wonderful work she did.

Megan left the babies in their high chairs with the spoons available for their infant hands as she went to get a warm clean cloth to clean them. When she was returning, she could hear the screeches of laughter. She walked into the dining room ... a total food fight war zone. The 2 of them were engaged in a nuclear oatmeal fight, complete with flying globs of food.

Megan says with a tone of anger, "And just what ... do you 2 think you're doing?"

Immediately, both babies stop what they were doing and gasp loudly. They looked at Megan with trepidation on their faces.

"Ummmm ..." said Johnny.

"Uhhhhh ..." said Mattie, "we was jus eatin' ... then it kinda ... turned into playin' ..."

"Mmm hmm," said Megan, putting the warm cloth to use. "Serves me right for leaving the food in reach of the babies. I should've known, after the ice cream shop incident."

As she worked to clean them up, she said, "Y'know ... actually this is a sign that you are both doing really well! Those Baby 101 lessons are sure showing you how to be a baby all right."

Then the doorbell rang. "Oh, that'll be your Auntie, Mattie. It's OK if Johnny stays. I told her you had a sleepover guest. She'll be happier if she can see with her own eyes that he's a baby like you."

Mattie could tell that the oatmeal was only partly cleaned up, as Megan set the cloth in the sink and went to answer the door.

"Oh, hello, Miss Johnson, “Megan said, “it's good to see you. Mattie's in the kitchen. She and Johnny had a bit of an oatmeal fight, I'm afraid. I'm still cleaning up."

"Oh, let me help," came Mattie's aunt's voice. "I feel as if it's partly my fault anyway, for sending him here -- sending HER here, I should say."

Their voices got louder, and Megan came back to the kitchen. "Well, here's another washcloth -- I'm not going to refuse an offer of help! I'll get Johnny, then work on the floor and the rest, and you can finish getting Mattie."

Mattie's Aunt Martha took the washcloth and ran some warm water on it in the sink, then turned toward Mattie and finally saw her.

"Why hello there ... Mattie," she said, pausing for a moment to take in what Mattie looked like now.

Then she started cleaning up Mattie's face and bib -- fortunately the bib had taken almost all the damage.

"Goodness, you sure look like a pretty little girl now." Martha said in amazement.

Mattie had been rather scared when her Aunt Martha had come into the room, but her attitude toward him seemed to have softened.

"Uh huh Auntie, me baby girl now! Miss Megan say me doin good inna school!" squeaked Mattie in an adorable baby voice.

Aunt Martha looked at her in astonishment, then actually smiled. "Amazing," she said. "And in only a week."

"We do good work here," said Megan. "Getting better every semester." She was wiping up the counter top.

Aunt Martha was finishing up with getting Mattie and her high chair oatmeal-free, but she couldn't resist ruffling Mattie's hair a little, saying, "Such a sweetie you are, aren't you?"

Mattie giggled and said, "Aww, Auntie! Me jus Mattie."

"Are you really?" asked Aunt Martha. "Just Mattie, nobody else?"

"Uh huh," said Mattie, nodding. "Me think me usedta wanna be somebody else. But this who me wanna be now. Me 'cided. Me feel bestest now amma girl."

Martha's mouth is slightly open in amazement at the remarkable transformation in Mattie. She unlocks and lifts the tray, releases the restraining belt, and helps Mattie from the high chair as Megan helps Johnny from his highchair as well.

Megan says jovially, We can put the children in the playpen over there," she points to a large playpen with many toys in it, "And can set up for tea. I baked some tea cakes complete with sparkles.

Mattie's eyes glisten as she begs, "Oh, oh ,oh ... can I has somema them? I loves tea cakes."

Johnny pipes up, "Me too, I wanna has some."

Both the children are wiggling with anticipation as Martha coos softly, "I'm sure we have enough for you ta have as many as you want."

Megan nods as the children screech with joy. Megan lowers the rail to the Playpen and helps them all in.

When she had raised the rail, she turns to Martha and says, Come with me, we'll get the tea and the platter of cakes." The 2 women leave the room.

Mattie says to Johnny, "I kno u'll likes tha cakes ... Auntie makes em n they neat ... gits sparkly thingys onna top."

Johnny replies, "Hopes I gots nuff room ... ate lotsa oatmeal n tummy feels kinna full."

Mattie nods and replies, "me too ... but we can makes it work."

The women return to the room with a large platter of Cakes, and a platter of tea cups with 2 sippy cups included. They sit the platter on a low table near the sofa along with the tea and other cups. As Megan pours 2 cups with tea, Martha takes 2 tea cakes to the babies and gives them each one.

She coos softly, "There you go my precious ones ... enjoy."

Megan had left Johnny and Mattie's bibs on them, to catch crumbs from the tea cakes. This proved to be a good idea because they both seemed unable to eat them without getting crumbs all over their faces and hands and down their bibs.

"So they're both babies now?" asked Aunt Martha, who was eating much more neatly than her niece.

"Oh, yes. Neither one of them seems to be able to do anything that even a 4-year-old can do."

"And ... is Mattie happy?"

"Why not ask her yourself?" Megan said.

"Mattie dear ... are you happy? Being a baby girl, and everything?"

Mattie thought ... then she thought about toys and dresses, then remembered Aunt Martha had asked her a question. "Oh! Um ... well ... me never gotted to be a baby girl Auntie. Me feel wonnerful. All pwetty n special."

A tear was forming in Aunt Martha's eye. "Oh, and you are special, dear," said Aunt Martha. "I can see I made the right decision bringing you here."

Martha hugs Mattie lovingly as she kisses her on the forehead. Martha was more than pleased with what the school had done. They had delivered more than 100% of the promise.

Martha turns and says with emotion in her voice, "I thank you so much. I had always wanted a niece to raise as my own."

Megan smiles, "I understand completely Ma'am." she looks at her feet momentarily before she adds, "I too am a graduate of Miss Anna's ... I used to be a rather ... miserable young man many years ago."

Martha's eyes grow large with surprise as her mouth falls open. Martha couldn't believe this beautiful young woman ...used to be a man.

Megan says softly, "Johnny here, was a young woman at one time ... that was constantly in trouble. It was totally unacceptable. Her parents, however, wanted a boy instead ... so ... now they have the son they have always wanted."

Mattie had stopped paying attention to the grownups' conversation. It all seemed to go ... way over her head lately. "Johnny wanna play house?" she asked.

This playpen wasn't as huge as the one in her dream, but she was just as happy. Aunt Martha was happy with her. She was happy with herself. She had friends, friends who liked her as the baby girl she now was. Life was so much better.

"Only if me can be daddy," said Johnny.

"Course silly!" said Mattie, giggling. "You not gonna be tha mommy! Me be mommy!"

"Who be baby?" Johnny asked.

"I dunno ... wait!" Mattie had an idea. "He can be baby!" she squealed, grabbing the nearby Teddy Bear.

As if on cue, there is a light knock on the door. Megan excuses herself and answers. Mina was standing on the front porch shyly.

She says softly, "Hi, Miss Weston ... can ... I come in n play with Mattie?"

Megan smiles and replies, "Absolutely. The babies are in the playpen."

She escorts Mina to the playpen where Mattie and Johnny were playing happily.

Megan asks, "I know your a big girl, and a rather responsible one at that ... ummm ... would you consider baby sitting for me? I need to have a conversation with Mattie's Aunt."

Mina bounces up and down happily as she nods. She says happily, "Sure. Me n Mattie are friends from school. It would be lotsa fun to babysit her."

Megan pats Mina on her head and says, "Thanks."

After showing Megan where all the baby changing supplies were, and after Aunt Martha said goodbye for now to Mattie and told her to be a good girl, Mina sat down in a chair near the playpen to watch the babies playing.

They were very intent. "Me maked waffles for dinner!" said Mattie. "Here, me feed waffles to Baby Bear. Num num num. See he likes em!"

"Ooo waffles, me likes em too," said Johnny, pretending to eat the invisible waffles off the invisible plate that Mattie gave him. "Num num num." He giggled.

Then Mattie noticed Mina and went wild with happiness. "Mina!" she shouted, getting up and jumping up and down. "Mina Mina Mina Mina! Me sooooo happy to see you!"

Laughing, Mina got up and went to the side of the playpen, where she hugged Mattie. The two were still almost the same height, but Mattie couldn't leave the playpen, or possibly just didn't want to.

"You're really coming along as a baby. You'll get an A in Baby 101 for sure!"

"Oooo thankoo Mina! You is not a baby though?"

"No, I guess I'm a big girl, at least for now. But I still love it; it feels just right for me. How about you? Is being a baby girl feeling right for you?"

"Yea!" Mattie was enthusiastic. "Is wonnerful! Is jus wight! Me never feeled so jus wight bfores!"

Giggling, Mina said, "That sounds great! Looks like Johnny's being a good baby boy too. I think you're helping him with his homework, though." She smiled.

"There homework??" Mattie asked, confused.

"Just kidding," said Mina. "There's no homework for Baby 101 except ... being the baby you are now."

Mina takes the low table from beside the sofa and places it next to the playpen.

She says with a giggle, "Lets have a tea party. I see if we can gets some cookies n thingys."

Mattie and Johnny gather up several of the dolls in the playpen, along with the Teddy Bear with the diaper on it. By that time Mina had returned with a small tea set and a plate of cookies.

Mina lowered the playpen rails and helped Johnny and Mattie from the playpen. They all sat around the low table as Mina placed cups and small plates in front of each of them. She poured a small cup of brown liquid into each small cup and then placed several cookies on each plate.

Mattie giggles, "Me never had this kinna fun when befores. Is so ... much betters."

Johnny nods his head as he says, "Is lots better n befores."

Martha and Megan watch from the other room as the 3 of them had their tea party. The adults smile as Johnny and Mattie make a wonderful baby mess.

Megan says softly, "I think you made the perfect choice when you decided to send Mattie to us."

Martha nods her head in agreement as she watched her niece and her new friends play happily.

It wasn't too long before Megan's voice called out, "Lunchtime!" and it was time to end the tea party. Mina helped Johnny and Mattie out of the playpen, taking off their bibs and washing the food off their faces with a washcloth.

"There you go, all clean now, just in time to get all messy again," said Mina with a giggle. "What a coupla sweethearts!"

Mattie was looking for somebody. She toddled around until she saw her Aunt Martha in the kitchen. She had something she wanted to say to her.

"Auntie Marfaaaaaa!" she said as she toddle-ran toward her.

"Oof!" said Martha as Mattie stopped herself by running into her and hugging her. "Careful, Mattie! You might be a baby, but you're still pretty tall!"

"Auntie Marfa? Me wanna say ..." she began.

"Yes, Mattie?"

"Me wanna say fank you ... for makin me happy. Me more happy than me ever beened bfore. Me duno why. Me feels like me sposedta be baby girl."

"I think ... that explains a lot," said Megan softly. "She's always been a girl for real, on the inside, but she was never allowed to show it. And that's why she's been making so much progress so quickly. That girl has never been allowed to grow up, so she's still a baby."

Shedding tears of joy and patting Mattie on the back gently, Martha answered, "I think you're right, Megan. She never seemed really happy as a baby before. I've never seen her this happy. I think she'll grow up just fine this time."

"Just ... not too quickly, I hope," said Mina. "She's so adorable!"

~~~ The End ~~~
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