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The Imposter

Postby Miki Yamuri » Sat Jul 26, 2014 8:47 am

Title: The Imposter


Peter Hammond, 26 : Played by - Andreea

Mistress Jenny - The Inquisitor : Played by - Miki Yamuri

Various other characters played by Miki Yamuri

Scene: Lab at Nano/Gen International ... world's foremost Nano Genetic Company on the planet

Peter is the top senior research lab tech for NCI (Nano/Gen Corp International).
He has worked on many medical projects, including one very secret project contracted by the JCD - (Justice and Corrections Department). That has just completed, but he does not know what it was about.

Peter is sitting at his bench doing a new research endeavor ... investigating a new approach to stopping the aging process by enriching the Mitochondrial protein mix. So far, this has proven extremely effective. His test subject insects have a life expectancy of 1 week under normal conditions ... they have survived for 3 months thus far and still show no signs of aging.

Suddenly ... 7 people come to his bench. 1 is the Lab's Supervisor, her name is Mandy. 1 is a man in a grey tweed suit with dark sunglasses and a pencil thin tie, 2 are armed police officers with their weapons drawn, and 3 are obviously Federal police officers. The person in the tweed suit produces a badge that says Office of Imposter Investigations.

"Can I help you, gentlemen?" Peter stammers, with a dreadful effort at sounding calm.

The man asks in a very arrogant tone, "Are you Peter Hammond??"

Peter admits that’s who he is, and manages even in his terror to wonder at the man's stupidity and / or pettiness, as his name is clearly written on his lab coat. The man produces a Federal arrest warrant and hands it to Peter.

He says, "I am arresting you for impersonating Peter Hammond."

"Are you out of your mind?" he can't help but exclaim, incredulous.

The man in the tweed continues, "Come along quietly or there will be serious trouble."

Peter exclaims, "I know who I am. I have documents, I've worked here for years ... Everyone I know will vouch for me. What the heck is all this about?"

The armed men now have cocked their weapons and are pointing them at Peter.

Peter says with fear in his voice, "Jesus ... Alright, I'll come."

Peter turns to the supervisor, and pleads with her to vouch for him. Mandy stands with obvious fear in her face too.

One of the Federal Police says quietly, "It has come to our attention that you are not who you claim to be. You are in fact a young girl and not the man you claim to be."

The 3 men look at each other with a slight nod and then he continues, "Is this not true?"

"I..." the denial sticks in his throat.

Peter is suddenly worried. There have been incidents .... Times when he has "experimented" with women's clothes, and the like, but is that really arrestable now?
The man in the tweed suit produces a pair of hand cuffs and roughly cuffs Peter.

He says, "You are in violation of the True to yourself act that was imposed because of the Presidential debacle of 2108."

Your supervisor gasps and looks at you incredulously and says, "You didn't ... did you??"

She has a most surprised look on her face and her hand to her mouth. Peter hardly knows what to say. He has worried about not being a "real man" from time to time. About wanting to dress as a woman, disliking most male pursuits, etc, but he has always tried to put it to the back of his mind and / or deny it completely.

That was the problem with thought crime: you often didn't realize you were guilty until the officers turned up on your doorstep.

The Man in the Grey Tweed suit produces a pad and stylus. He asks in an arrogant tone, "What's your real name, age, and gender?"

Peter realizes there is no point at this stage waving his birth certificate in their faces ... His only option is to delve deep into his fantasies, and find that suppressed self.

It comes to him ... he replies with fear in his voice, "Patricia ... Age 12 ... I’m ... I’m a girl."

Your supervisor gasps loudly again, turns and runs. One of the Federal Police takes a devise out of his coat and points it in her direction. The green lights turn amber and
flash as words appear on the small screen.

He says to the others, "There's another imposter, this one is a baby girl."

There is a cell phone call made as Peter watches incredulously.

The man in the gray tweed takes Peter by his handcuffed arms and says, "Let's go to the Station, the Inquisitor will want to ... talk with you sweetie."

He is rough as he pulls you towards the door.

"Please," Peter feebly protests. "I tried my best. Not as if I've been hurting anyone."

The man in the tweed replies, "Oh really?? You think you haven't hurt yourself with all the fear and shame you caused yourself??"

You are led out through the research floor. Everyone is whispering loudly. You see your supervisor in handcuffs, another Federal team has her now.

The Federal agent says loudly as you walk, "You have the right to remain silent, anything you say can and is used against you. You have no right to any legal advice as an Inquisitor has already been appointed for you."

"What's going to happen to me?" is all Peter dares ask.

One of the Federal agents replies, "Why Patricia, you are going to be who you really are."

Another one chimes in, "Yes, for the rest of your life. Won't that make you happy?"

Peter is led to a police paddy wagon while everyone Peter knows at the company watches. Peter sees Mandy being placed into another paddy wagon.

Peter endures the trip in dejected silence. What can they mean? Surgery? Brainwashing? Then reintroduce him into society, a mental and physical wreck, for all his old family and friends to be ashamed of?

The trip is unusually long, giving Peter a very long time to ponder many scenarios ... None too pleasant. The vehicle stops and he can hear the door to the paddy wagon unlock. Peter is roughly removed from the back of the vehicle. He hears a woman that's standing by the entrance to the building demand they treat you as a girl of 12 should be properly treated. Immediately, they begin to treat Peter with much respect but are still

Peter is lead into the building behind the woman into what appears to be a court room full of people. She puts on an Ebony Black Robe with red trim and sits behind a podium. She bangs a gavel, The room becomes silent as a grave.

She Speaks Authoritatively, "My name is Mistress Jenny. I am the Head inquisitor. What is your birth name and your true name please?"

She looks at Peter with a strange look of sympathy on her face.

"Peter ... and Patricia," he mutters, looking down at his feet.

She replies in a soft voice, "You are accused of violating the True to yourself act of 2110. I am here to determine the validity of this charge. Are you ready?"

He nods, helplessly. She removes a devise from under the podium and sets it on top of the podium. The clerk, who has been typing all this time, stands, walks briskly over to Peter, and places a golden ring over his head, then returns to her seat and begins to type furiously again.

The Inquisitor pushes a button on the devise on the table top. Suddenly, in the air in full color, sound, and real time emotion ... all the experiments and play Peter has been doing as Patricia appear for all to see.

Peter sees it all ... dressing up as a kid, lying desperately about the tights in his drawer ... trying on his mother's lipstick ... dressing up completely as a little girl on many occasions. The humiliation and shame at being caught dressed as a little girl. The punishment in full emotional detail as well.

The Inquisitor has a very soft and Pitying look. Peter cannot hold back tears of shame.

The Inquisitor says softly, "Bailiff, bring the young lady a tissue and remove those horrible handcuffs. She's only 12 and should be better treated under my Inquisition."

The Bailiff immediately removes Peter's hand cuffs and hands him a box of baby powder smelling Tissues. He cannot help but feel slightly comforted by the inquisitor's manner, as he takes the tissues gratefully ... the tears continue to fall.

The images of Peter dressing as the 12 year old little girl Patricia pass in the holo image for all to see. All the fear and humiliation of being caught and the shame is also conveyed in total real time. There are many tears in the audience box ... Peter realizes that no one is making fun of him, but are in deep sympathy. Peter is almost reassured ... but a team of rather serious looking white-coated figures waiting in a nearby doorway cannot help but make him apprehensive.

The Inquisitor asks Peter softly, "Miss Patricia Hammond, we have just observed your Synrecording of who you really are and that in fact you have been impersonating Peter Hammond. Have you anything to say before sentence is passed on you and judgment is fulfilled??"

Peter shakes his head silently, dejected and afraid once more by her stern legal tone and worrying what those med-techs are going to do to him.

Mistress Jenny says very sternly, "In that case, you have been found guilty of Impersonating a 26 year old male by the name of Peter Hammond. You are here by sentenced to be rehabilitated and Genetically Gender reassigned and shall be henceforth Miss Patricia Hammond. You will be 12 years old and your life shall be reorganized to reflect this change. This order is to be carried out immediately."

The Inquisitor slams the gavel.

Mistress Jenny asks softly, "Are you sure you have nothing to say sweetheart?"

2 stern face Techs walk up and take hold of Peter by his arms.

Peter stammers: "Please .. What do you mean, reorganized? What about everyone who knows me?"

Jenny smiles and says softly, "Everything you know ... will know you from this day foreword as Patricia Hammond, Sweetheart. You will be the same Tech at Nano/Gen ... except ... you will be the Nano Genetic Wiz kid of 12."

She signs and stamps several papers, then continues in the same soft voice, "Everything about you will now be the true to yourself you."

He is still afraid ... but there is a rising sense of hope ... except he can hardly believe this is possible.

The Inquisitor says in a very stern voice to the team of Techs, "You will treat Miss Hammond with the utmost gentility and respect. You may proceed."

The 2 techs that have hold of Peter gently escort him into the other room. Peter allows himself to be led along, but cannot help trembling slightly. The door shuts. Peter sees this is one of the most advanced laboratories for genetic research he has ever seen. He realizes what the secret projects he had been doing were all about. He sees a lot of his newly invented and designed equipment everywhere.

A tall blond Tech asks softly, "Do you want to undress, or shall we do it for you? We need you on that table."

Peter sees a very shiny silver metal lab table with locking straps. Peter starts to undress, slowly, then remembers he is wearing tights on underneath, and hesitates, looking for a place he can undress privately ... but cannot see one.

There are suddenly 3 techs who take hold of Peter. They begin to quickly undress him. He has no choice. He is nude and being placed gently on the table and he can hear the locks on the straps clicking closed. The table is freezing cold next to Peter's nude skin. He struggles in vain against the techs, then the straps. It is all pointless ... he realizes what is coming he has no choice in.

He is feeling altogether vulnerable and miserable. The compassion of the inquisitor overwhelmed by the clinical atmosphere, the sterile decor, the clamps, syringes, and equipment that he recognizes from the secret rehab project he worked on ... and which he never knew the true function of - only its capabilities for restructuring neural pathways contribute hugely to this feeling.

He imagined it was for desperate cases of criminal insanity. Certainly not for him ... He wonders if he will have any memory left after this experiment, but dares not ask. He knows he cannot stop it, and would sooner be ignorant.

One of the techs has started filling a very large syringe with a silvery liquid as another puts a IV rig into Peter's elbow.

The tech says, "This is a saline solution to keep your vein open. This procedure is fast and will be very disorienting and just a small bit painful."

He pats you softly and reassuringly as the other tech approaches with the syringe.

"What will happen to me ... To my mind?" He asks, hesitantly and weakly.

The tech says softly and gently, "The injection is a Genetic Gender Reassignment protocol. It will reassign you to be a female. We are adding a new protocol that will also make cellular structure become younger."

The Tech with the needle says softly, "We have a training file that we will give you in about an hour that will help in reorganizing your thought patterns so you can adjust to the reassignment."

He injects the huge shot into the drip tube ... Peter sees the silvery liquid as it runs down the tube into his arm. Peter instinctively steels himself to resist, but knows it is foolish and futile. It reaches his arm ... it is seriously hot and cold all at the same time.

He can feel it spread up his arm ... his skin begins to crawl ... his heart is pounding as his body begins to hurt in a way he had never imagined before. They were not exaggerating about the pain ... Now he only wished he could pass out.

Peter suddenly notices that the straps locking him to the table are getting very large on his wrists and ankles. The pain eases slightly, and a tingling numbness predominates.

Through the haziness, it is hard to be sure of anything. The figures standing around are blurred, and their curious scientific observations of the experiment are indistinct ... but it seems to him as if his whole skin is becoming clearer, smoother, softer.

The pain has almost gone, but for a dull aching in his chest, and between his legs.

One of the technicians said in awe, "Oh man, this is working far better than anticipated."

Gradually, yet perceptibly, Peter’s nipples become rounded, and develop tiny, girlish, budding breasts.

Another comments, "She is so beautiful!"

While the rest of his body seems to contract into itself. A female tech arrives suddenly and covers Peter with a sheet.

She says in a disgusted tone, "You perverts ... what are you looking at anyway??"

The 1st tech says in a very shy voice, "We are making scientific observations as required by law."

"Just wanted to document the experiment fully," says the other one, very sheepishly.

She says in a disgusted voice, 'She's only a little girl, have a heart."

They back off as Peter hears all the comments about the massive change his body is going through. Suddenly ... all of the strange sensations and pain abruptly ends ... Peter's body tingles pleasantly now.

"Report on change?" asks the senior tech. "Have we been fully successful?"

The female tech approaches and unbuckles the straps. She replies, "The assignment is successful. It has far exceeded our expectations.”

Peter gradually feels his senses return. He is exhausted, and aching all over. He moans ... The sound of his voice is unrecognizable, yet adorable.

The female Tech wraps Peter gently in the sheet as she helps the now her into a sitting position.

She asks gently, "How do you feel sweetheart? You know you are very beautiful."

Peter blushes, and shyly thanks the technician, finding she loves the sound of her new voice.

The senior tech brings some clothes over to Peter and puts them on the table by her. He has all the other techs leave the room except for the female tech.

The female tech says softly and reassuringly, "My name is Donna. I know yours is Patricia. Can I call you Patty??"

"Yes please," she replies, meekly but happily.

Donna picks up pair of soft pink panties with little ruffles on them.

She helps Patty off the table and holds them out and says, "Here sweetheart, step in ... time to dress you."

It is like a wonderful dream to Patricia, as the gentle hands slide the soft fabric up her smooth legs and fit the pretty garment snugly around her loins. She helps Patty into her panties. She turns and gets a very nice skirt with pleats.

She gives it to Patty and says softly, "Put this on, while I get your bra."

"My bra," mumbles Patricia, loving how that sounds, while she fastens the skirt (white, with pink trim).

Donna turns and picks up a pink maiden form bra. She turns back and slides the straps over Patricia's arms then hooks it in the back.

Donna asks softly, "How does that feel? It looks like a perfect fit."

"It feels so soft and snug ... It feels so nice," Patty manages to say, blushingly.

Donna picks up the smock top from the table. She turns and says, "Hold up your arms so I can put your blouse on."

Obediently, she holds out her small, slender, hairless arms. The top has Puffy sleeves and an elastic collar opening and is white with pink lace borders like the skirt. Donna fits the sleeves on Patricia's hands, and with a gentle tug ... it settles over her body and her arms.
It feels soft and delicate, just like all her new clothes. She is liking this more than she can express, except with tears of joy.

Donna says with excitement in her voice, "Want to see what you look like?"

"Yes please," Patty says, trembling with eagerness.

She gently takes Patty by the shoulders and walks her to a mirror across the room.

Patricia gasps ... she sees gazing back at her a pretty, slim, blonde, albeit short-haired twelve-year old girl, in the cutest pink and white outfit.

Donna bends down and kisses Patricia softly on her blushing cheek.

She says softly, "You are an adorable little girl. Now aren't you glad that you are true to yourself?"

Donna brings over some very soft slippers and puts them on the floor in front of Patricia.
Patricia bursts into tears, overwhelmed by joy, and cannot help but throw her arms around the tech.

Donna hugs Patty lovingly and says softly still, "Now isn't this better than being an imposter?"

She helps Patricia into her comfortable slippers ... Patricia is smiling and nodding through her tears, Patricia put on her new slippers, and twirls and poses a little in front of the mirror. She is ecstatically happy. She feels so light and different now.

Donna giggles and says, "There's someone I think you might want to meet too." as she points to a door across the room.

It opens ... In walks another female tech leading a very adorably cute 3 year old little girl slowly into the room. She has on a very short, soft powder blue baby dress and rumba panties. It is obvious she is in a diaper.

Donna whispers in Patricia's ear, "Do you know who that is?"

Patricia is confused. She does not recognize the baby girl, although she find herself wanting to cuddle her almost at once.

Donna whispers, "That's your supervisor, Mandy, as her true self."

That news amazes Patricia ... and makes her slightly less inclined to hug the little girl, for fear of being fired ...Though ... as Patty came to think of it, she can hardly believe Mandy will be able to return to her work.

Mandy holds up three fingers and says in a most adorable baby voice, "I this many."

"I'm twelve," replies Patricia, feeling that it sounds a little foolish, but simply loving to be able to say it.

Mandy giggles adorably and waddles over and hugs Patricia by her legs.

Donna says, "Mandy needs a playmate to watch over her. She has no family."

Patty giggles and replies, "I would be most honored to be her Playmate."

Patricia, bends down, cuddles, and kisses her former supervisor.

Donna asks, "How would you like to be the new Head Research and Development Supervisor at Nano/Gen, Patty? Mandy will be unable to fill that position now ... she's too young."

Patty's eyes get big with excitement as she says, "Me? I mean ... aren’t I ..."

Mandy gurgles adorably, "Uoo it."

Donna giggles softly too and finishes for Patty, "Too young you mean? After all, you are the famous 12 year old wiz kid. Besides, you haven't been through the reorganization Training program yet."

Donna points to a very comfortable looking recliner chair. There were many electronic circuits and devices attached. Patty recognized them immediately. She had invented this. She thought the Government had wanted this training equipment to treat seriously dangerous mental patients ... not use it on her.

Patty feels a slight fear and asks quickly, "What will it do to me?"

Donna explains, "Well ... it takes who you used to be and who you are now, and blends it together into your true to yourself you. I am sure that person is more than capable of handling the position easily. After all, it was your discoveries that made all this possible."

Patty asks apprehensively, "Will it hurt?"

Donna looks side ways at the ceiling and has a whimsical look on her face as she says in a playful voice, "Your male ego might hurt a lot ... but other than that it's painless."

Patty giggles joyfully. She sits in the chair and Donna puts the golden ring over Patty's head. She attaches the wire bundle from the ring to the top of the back of the chair. Donna pushes a button on the control panel beside the chair. There is much electronic noise and a very deep soothing hum.

In Patty's mind, all that is becomes ephemeral. Who she was and who she is blends into a new being.

The sounds stop ... Her mind clears.

Patricia Hammond opens her eyes. She is now the 12 year old female wiz kid who is the Foremost Authority on Nano Genetic Research on the planet.

Her whole existence is alive and tingling. She feels elated. She remembers the male she used to be too. She is overjoyed it is only a memory. She knows now she is a real girl. She can't believe it.

As Patty is released from, the chair, she giggles happily. She runs across the room and twirls before the mirror, then runs over and affectionately hugs the female tech, to whom she is developing almost daughterly feelings.

Mandy toddles up and hugs Donna's legs too.

She says in an adorable baby voice, "tnx. Bebe hapy!"

"So am I. Thank you so much," declares Patricia, dancing ecstatically around the lab and showing a good deal of ruffles with each twirl.

Donna says softly, "Ok, girls, this is who you really are. Do you think the Law is a just one?? Or no?? You decide. Time to meet the world ladies. The Inquisitor awaits."

Donna picks up Mandy and carries her back to the door leading to the court. She opens the door and many soft voices filter in. Patricia follows, suddenly feeling shy and awkward again.

There is a Bailiff at the door. He Takes Mandy from Donna's arms and holds his hand out to Patty. He has a radiantly handsome face that Patty can’t help but notice. New emotions run intensely through her. Patricia blushes, smiles, and curtsies as she passes through the door and takes his offered hand. The touch of his hand is exquisite.

He escorts Patty gently by the hand back in front of the Podium. Mistress Jenny has a very pleased expression on her face.

She says brightly, "Is This Patricia Hammond and Baby Mandy?

Mandy gurgles agreement adorably.

"Yes, Miss," mumbles Patricia, embarrassed but very, very happy.

There are many awws and soft giggles from the audience box.

Mistress Jenny at this time bangs the gavel 1 time sharply.

She says in her Authoritative Voice, "I declare this case closed. All rights and proper documentation are now completed ... Inquisition Adjourned."

A loud hubbub of happy voices erupts.

Patricia turns to the female tech and says with much joy in her voice, "Thank you so much. This is so wonderful ... but what happens to us now?"

Donna says softly, "Well Patty, you do have memory of your apartment?"

She hands you an adorable leather pocketbook with tassels.

Donna continues, "And you are the ... foremost Authority on Nano/Genetic engineering. It was your formula and electronic breakthroughs that made this all possible."

Donna takes Patty by the hand after picking up Mandy.

She says softly, "Besides, I have always wanted a baby daughter and one about your age ... that is ... if your willing."

Mandy makes the cutest gurgling noises as she hugs Donna's neck.

Patricia blushes. "I'd love to be ... your daughter."

Donna says brightly, "Ok it's settled then ... Shall we go to the apartment first. To get say ... settled in?"

Patricia nods her assent, while still shedding happy tears. Donna takes Patricia's hand and begins to leave the court room.

She says, "What would you like to do later, go to the mall? We can have dinner at the Spaghetti Warehouse. The pasta there is to die for."

Patty giggles gleefully, "Yes please. I'd love to. Everyone can see me ... like this ... my true self."

Donna takes Patty out to the Parking area. Patty heard several of the people they passed say softly among themselves how adorably cute Mandy was and that Patty was the prettiest girl they had seen. She can't help but giggle with joy.

Donna unlocks the door on her BMW and sets Mandy in a car seat that just happened to be in the back.

Donna says gleefully, "I just knew that you girls would love to come with me."

She fastens Mandy into the car seat in the back of the car as she coos and gurgles softly in a most adorable way and pulls the seat back.

Donna stands and smiles at Patty sweetly. She then walks around the car and gets in.
Patricia climbs in, delighting as the breeze plays around her bare, smooth legs and plays with her skirt. The drive to The Apartment was short ... but a lot of fun. Patricia even had several of the young boys at the apartment ask her if she would go to the movies with them soon. Patricia is ecstatic.

Donna takes Mandy from the car and Shuts the door and locks it. She walks around and opens Patricia's door.

Donna says, "Remember this?? It's home."

Patricia climbs out, and takes Mandy gently out of Donna's arms. In Patty's mind ... Yes, this is my apartment. She remembers Donna and Mandy being there too.

Donna giggles as if she read Patty's mind and said, "It's the reorganization."

Patty looks at Donna with amazement as she winks. Donna and Patricia walk to the door and enter the apartment.

It is a most lavishly furnished huge apartment ... Thick carpets every where ... A huge flat screen TV hung in the sunken Living room ... Wall to wall electronics ... extremely expensive Mahogany and Teak wood furniture ... Little Electronic robot toys moving in recognition of their master's arrival.

Donna says, "Welcome home girls."

To Patricia's surprise, a police officer steps out of her old bedroom. He carries a clear plastic bag full of her old suits, ties, pants, underwear, etc. The bag has printed on it, "For impound / recycling".

Patty is unconcerned, knowing their trip to the mall will amply replace the loss.

The officer says, "The nursery is the last door on the left. Have a wonderful day Ladies."

Workmen leave the nursery, carrying leftover rolls of pink floral wallpaper/

"The new decor is all in place, ma'am," they announce as they quickly leave.

Patricia skips into the room ... she shows lots of ruffles as she does. Donna rubs noses with the cooing and giggling Mandy. Donna takes her back to the nursery and lays Mandy in the crib.

The room is beautifully decorated in the pink floral wall paper. There is a soft pink chest of drawers with little white lambs adorning the drawers. On top ... There was a little Bo Peep lamp with little fuzzy animal toys neatly arranged. A large toy box sat next to the closet ... on top, a Huge Brown Fluffy Teddy Bear sat. Over the crib hung a puppy mobile for baby to play with. There are glow in the dark stars and cartoon characters on the ceiling. Mandy gleefully played with her feet as she gurgles adorably.

In the sunken living room, Patricia looks around. She absolutely can’t believe it ... She has actually become her wildest fantasy and has an apartment she could have only dreamed about the day before.

Patty Hammond says, with absolute, joyous acceptance ... "I'm home ... and I'm me."
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