Tears of Sadness

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Tears of Sadness

Postby Miki Yamuri » Sat Jul 26, 2014 8:46 am

Tears of Sadness

I have come to accept my condition over the many years. I still remember the girl that started my whole ordeal. She was young. If she didn’t have an ID card giving her birth date and age of 21, I would have never believed it.

She seemed to be a simple dumb blond at first meeting. She had so many childlike qualities I wondered if the ID was real. Her birth certificate was in her purse at all times just for this reason. I came to find she wasn’t dumb in any way. There was a ... simple and naïve baby like quality that actually made this girl extremely attractive. She was barely 5 feet tall and had a beautiful figure. A really cute face and round butt. She also had petit breasts that always seemed to beg for attention. They really got mine.

I always had feelings of inadequacy and a secret desire to be a girl. I subconsciously took it out on the girls I dated. I took a subconscious joy in humiliating the girls and making them feel helpless. I don’t think I ever really did it intentionally, but this gave me a control over many of them and I could have my way. I always tried to get as many as I could. It made me feel ... superior. I knew I could have my way with Michelle. What I didn’t know ... Who and what she really was.

I was taking her to an amusement park. I arrived at her door and rang the bell. A rather large and well built woman answered the door. My first thought, was this was Michelle’s mother. She knew my name and introduced herself as Lisa and invited me in.

She showed me the sofa and asked if I wanted some coffee since it was still early. I declined and thanked her for the offer. She told me Michelle would be down in a minute and then left to go into the kitchen.

I looked around the room. It was obvious someone really liked electronics and computers. Almost everywhere I looked, there seemed to be some sort of electronic thing blinking and flashing or beeping softly. I saw small tools, meters, and probes every where.

My eyes rested on a place at a work bench. On this bench were what looked like several ornate Choke collar necklaces. I could see the micro electronic circuits running through them and wondered what they might be. I didn’t get to ponder because Michelle had come up to the sofa.

I couldn’t believe my eyes! She had on the cutest baby blue romper I think I had ever seen. It tied halter style behind her neck and she had on no blouse. She had her hair tied in pony tails with baby blue ribbon. She was a living doll.

She giggles softly as she bounces on her toes and asks, “Where are you taking me Robbie?”

It took a second before I replied, “To the amusement park on 12th street.”

She giggled sweetly again and replied, “Great! It’ll be a lot of fun.”

She took my elbow as I escorted her to the car. She was happy and bubbly all the way to the park. I noticed she had a choke collar necklace on. It had a very beautiful Champagne Diamond in it’s setting. I again wondered about the collars I saw on the bench at her house. I also noticed the similarities her’s had to them. I made a mental note to ask later if the opportunity presented itself.

It must have been babe’s day at the park! After we entered the gate, there were gorgeous girls of all descriptions every where. I couldn’t keep my eyes from wandering. Michelle was as beautiful as any there, but I just couldn’t seem to help myself. She had quit being bright and chipper almost right away. I wasn’t ignoring her ... exactly, but I was seriously distracted. I had to talk to as many girls as I could. I wanted their phone numbers badly.

When we sat at the table for lunch was when things finally came to a head. Michelle was starting to look really upset by this time and had not laughed or giggled in a long time.

The waitress that came to serve us was a real cutie. Had huge breasts that poke through the blouse she wore and zeroed my eyes perfectly. I was talking to her and asking for her number when Michelle broke down and started to cry. Before I could do or say anything, she had her cell phone out and was calling Lisa to come and get her. She ran off in tears.

The waitress said smugly, “What’s the matter with the brat? Can’t take any competition?”

It struck me as a little cold, but what the hey. This waitress was a doll too. I made the date with her for this coming Saturday. I got up and went to the main gate to see if I could find Michelle and try to persuade her to stay with me for awhile longer.

By the time I got there, I saw the BMW that had been parked in front of her house pulling off with a squeal of tires. Oh man. This wasn’t exactly how I had intended this to end, but I had another date lined up so it wasn’t a really big loss.

I went back and talked to the waitress for awhile longer before I went back to my apartment. I was thinking to myself what a great thing it was to have found another girl so quickly. I sat around for the rest of the day and sort of watched the game on the tube and whatever else was on. When I noticed it had gotten late, I turned off everything and went to bed.

A Rude Awakening

I became aware that I was freezing and my bed was hard as nails. This is what woke me. I started to sit up and discovered I couldn’t. I opened my eyes ... Major shock! I wasn’t in my bed! I was strapped to a gurney type table in what looked like a well stocked laboratory, totally nude. Struggling against the binding straps only managed to make my arms and legs hurt. I was here and was going no where without someone releasing me.

I turned my head and looked around as much as I could. There was equipment here I could only guess at. I saw off on the other side what also looked like a chemistry lab. Where ever I was, was well equipped with some of the finest equipment I had seen.

My eyes fell on a bench at my feet. I saw several syringes, a small square zippered case, and a choke collar necklace. What caused me the most concern were the surgical instruments. I now was afraid I was to be operated on for some unknown reason.

What the truth was, was far more scary.


I heard someone walk in from the direction my head was pointing. I couldn’t see in that direction. I did struggle to look, but only managed to hurt myself some more.

I said with a slightly desperate tone, “Hello? Where am I and what’s going on?”

Who ever it was didn’t reply. I could hear them doing something, but they were still out of my sight. I did start getting the faintest whiffs of perfume. It’s the same as Lisa was wearing yesterday when she answered the door.

I called out, “Lisa? What are you doing? Why am I here?”

Nothing. Just the sounds of someone doing something. I heard heels approaching. It was Lisa. She totally ignored me in every way even when I started screaming at her. She walked to what looked like the chemistry lab, and picked up several tubes from one of the racks and came back to the tray at my feet as I struggled helplessly.

I was desperate now. I knew this was because of Michelle and I knew Lisa was pissed. I struggled even harder against my restraints. There was no way I was getting loose. My arms and legs were really starting to hurt from my struggles. I was totally at her mercy.

Fear ran through me as I watched her fill 4 syringes with some of the nastiest green stuff you could imagine. She then unzipped the little case. Inside it were a bunch of small tools and a devise that sort of looked like an ohm meter with its probes. There were a lot more dials, buttons, and gauges on it, but had the same basic size and appearance.

Lisa attached probes to the meter and picked up the collar. She plugged the probes into the bottom of the setting. I noticed this stone looked like a rather large emerald. She turned on the meter and picked up a tool. I saw her making some kind of adjustment to the collar. I was almost out of my mind.

I screamed, “Bitch, I demand you let me go and tell me what’s going on!”

Lisa stiffened and shook in what I know was serious rage. She looked up at me with a demon’s fire in her eyes. I could feel the heat in her gaze.

She replied in a voice as cold as hell’s own meat locker, “You are in no position to Demand anything. I really should let you find out as it happens, but I will tell you what’s about to happen.”

She finished making the adjustment to the collar. She turned off the meter and unplugged it. She put every thing back in its case except for 2 of the small tools. She carried the collar and the tools around and stood beside me at my head.

She looked down at me with a gaze that would freeze the sun and said, “I am a Neuro Nano Genetic Research Engineer. What that means for morons like you, is that I create nano electronic control devises that genetically bond to the individual they are attached to. My original intent was to create a way to connect prosthesis limbs to amputees so they would have the same ability to manipulate their new bionics as they had with their normal limbs. I discovered with a small refinement, I could also program and control a human, an animal, or anything else that has a neural system and make them do whatever I wanted.”

She walked over to a tray on wheels and brought it back beside me. She put the collar and the tools on it. She walked to the end of the table by my feet and picked up everything there, brought it back and placed it on the tray beside me.

She continued, “Michelle is perhaps the most important person in my life. I have loved her since she was a child. There was an accident after I created the first Neuro Nano Pet Collar. I had programmed it to make an individual believe they were 4 years old and be sweet and innocent. I was going to try it out on the local bully down the street. I didn’t get the chance. Michelle had come home early from her job one day and saw the collar sitting on the coffee table. I had left it there while I went to get a cup of coffee. I didn’t realize she was coming home and didn’t get to warn her. She thought it was a gift from me. When I walked back into the living room, she was standing there with her eyes bulging as the collar completed its genetic initiation protocols. There is no way to remove the collar once it is attached. It becomes a genetic part of you.”

She walked to the far side of the room and got some kind of machine on wheels and brought it back beside me. She started to attach some kind of pads with a jelly glue all over my chest. I noticed all my body hair had been removed. She then attached many wires from the machine to the pads. As she flipped on switches, I could feel a strange sensation begin to spread through my body. I shivered several times with the intensity of it. I could feel myself getting a hard on. There was nothing I could do about it.

Lisa picked up the 3 syringes and walked to the end of the table where my feet are. She injects both of my testicals with the green stuff. 1 syringe each. It hurt like hell! She injected the base of my erect penis with the 3rd. I felt a hot and horrible sensation spread through my crotch. I wreathed and thrashed on the table as the pain ran through me.

She explained, “That was a stem cell RNA carrier gender reassignment protocol. What it will do is make your testicals and penis revert to a vagina. It is accomplished using preprogrammed stem cell RNA that replaces your current DNA assignment with the new. You will no longer have any male sexual capacity. Then again, you will be a male with a vagina, not a female. Fitting, don’t you think?”

She laughs. I watched as my testicals and penis shrank. I could feel it as it happened. I screamed and protested helplessly as I lost my manhood. When everything had stopped, there was a lot of jelly substance left where my male organs used to be.

She walked back to the machine next to me and made another adjustment. I could feel a really weird sensation in my nipples. She picked up a syringe I hadn’t seen. I begged and pleaded pitifully for her not to do this. She didn’t even bat an eye, she just injected both nipples with it. This also hurt like hell. I lay back as the pain subsided.

Lisa explained this too, “That also was a reassignment protocol. What it will do is give you breasts. You will be a male with a vagina and breasts and will look like a man with a vagina and breasts too. What I intend is to make you an adult male sissy baby and a sissy maid. Your physical features will remain male except for these 2 refinements. You will be required to work to pay your way. I will rent you out as a sissy maid in diapers. You won’t believe who your first customer is.”

I am crying at this point as I beg and plead with Lisa not to do this to me. It all falls on deaf ears as she continues to make me into what ever it is she has planned.

Lisa giggles to herself. I try very hard to get loose. My arms and legs are bruised and extremely sore now. Lisa turns to the machine and turns it off. She pulls the pads off my chest and drapes the wires over it. I see my chest start moving around my nipples. In about 3 minutes, I have a set of b cup breasts. Lisa reaches over and pinches them hard. I squeal in pain and am crying helplessly. I am totally mind blown. I cannot believe what she is able to do to me.

Lisa continues with tears in her eyes, “Michelle was programmed instantly by the collar. I made as many adjustments as I could, but this was the prototype and I couldn’t undo all the damage. I cried bitterly over it, but there was nothing else I could do. She is still Michelle, but she is also a very sweet and delicately mixed 4 year old child. Her body and mind have been changed by the programming and she is both at the same time. She doesn’t age the same as normal people do. She will be an adult child all her long life.

She is also my Pet. I am her Mistress. I actually own her. Lisa starts to cry pitifully at this point. There is nothing I can do to undo that. It is what I had designed that collar to do so I could rid the neighborhood of a bully pest. She is absolutely loveable, cheery and happy. I promised her I wouldn’t allow any one or anything to hurt her for as long as I lived. You have hurt her. For the first time in many years, she was crying. I will punish you for that.”

Lisa had picked up the collar and was looking at me with a hate borne in hell. I knew she was going to put that collar on me and there was nothing I could do to stop her. I started to thrash and jerk to try and loosen the straps. I only managed to hurt myself so much I had to stop. I couldn’t take the pain anymore.

She said, “I have programmed this collar so that you will know exactly what you are doing but will be unable to stop yourself. I have even allowed the protocol to allow you to fight with it so you know how helplessly futile it all is. The AI even is allowed to punish you for it when ever it chooses. It is a random thing that will happen when you least expect it. I want you to know ... it absolutely knows when the best time is.”

I couldn’t do anything about it. She put the collar around my neck as I fought and thrashed painfully some more. I felt more than heard it click closed. A powerful electric charge went through my body. My body stiffened. It took my breath away. I could feel a massive something happening in my mind. It was so strong and intense my eyes were bulging. When this ended, I saw Lisa pick up a tool and bend over me. She adjusted something. I felt it in my head very intensely.

She asked in a very sweet and irresistibly compelling voice I couldn’t resist, “Tell me your name.”

I had to speak. I couldn’t believe it was my voice it was sounding so female as I said, “My name is Robert, Mistress.”

She adjusted something again and asked in the same voice, “What is your name?”

I had to answer, “My name is Roberta, Mistress.”

I couldn’t help myself. This was completely against my will. I heard Lisa giggle as she made another adjustment. I felt all of the adjustments so strongly in my head it almost hurt.

She asked in the same voice, “Are you female?”

In a very female voice I answered, “No Mistress, I am a sissy boy here to serve you.”

I was mind blown. I had no control over what was happening. I tried as hard as I could to fight it. I was helpless. She made another adjustment. I had really strange wants and desires start to manifest in me.

Lisa said, “Good boy. In the morning, I will have you dressed and ready for your new life. Time for baby boy sissy to sleep now. I am giving you really sweet sissy boy dreams.”

My eyes were instantly heavy and I drifted off. I had sweet and very pleasant little sissy boy baby dreams of dildos, anal sex, and pleasing my man.

My New Life Begins

I wake up and jump up quickly. I bang my head on something above me. It hurts. I actually start to cry. It takes a few minutes to get my emotions under control. I seem to be fighting against something that is making it easier to cry than not. I finally stop crying.

I am locked in a crib. There is a locked top to the crib and I am unable to get it open. I fumble and try to open it ... it is locked and my efforts are futile.

I am in a diaper and plastic lined rumba panties. I am also very wet and very messy. There is a metal loop inside the waistband of the panties. I discover they are locked and I am unable to get out of them. They are made of a very tough but delicate looking material. Only way to get out of them without a key would probably be with lock cutters.

I look around the room through the bars of the crib. I know I am in a nursery and have total memories of my dreams last night and what Lisa has done to me. I am totally freaked out.

I reach to my neck. The collar is there and I find no way to open it. When my fingers touch the stone in the front, I feel an electric tingle run through my fingers to my wrist.
I have no way to remove the collar and it is such a perfect fit I cannot even get my fingers between it and my skin. I am surprised it isn’t strangling me it fits so well. I didn’t believe what Lisa had said about it being a genetic part of me. I had no choice but believe now.

I see a rather large woman in a black uniform come in the room. She has a stack of diapers and lacy rumba panties in her hand. She opens the chest of drawers and puts them neatly in and closes the drawer.

She turns and sees me looking at her. She smiles and claps her hands together and says in a real sweet cheery voice, “Baby’s awake. Does sissy baby need to be changed?”

I reply, “Who are you?”

She responds, “Sissy baby can call me Nana. I will make sure you act properly and watch over you and keep you for the rest of your life.”

No! this can’t be happening! I must escape some how!

I scream, “Let me go! I am being held here against my will!”

I start to bang on the crib with all my might. All it accomplished is I hurt my hands.

Nana giggles and says, “Sissy baby being cranky this morning. Nana will sooth baby.”

She takes one of those square zippered cases out of her pocket and says in a very sweet compelling voice I cannot resist, “Sissy baby lie back and relax, Nana will fix his problem.”

I immediately lay back in the crib and my body relaxed. I was very scared and wanted to scream and cuss. I was unable to do anything except lie there and relax my body. Nana unzipped the case and took out a small tool. She took a small group of keys from her belt with her other hand, unlocked the crib and opened the top.

She bent over me and made some kind of adjustment to the collar. I felt it powerfully in my mind. I wanted to get away and do anything I could to do it. The ability to translate it into action vanished. I knew it was gone. I also knew I would never escape.

I felt her make another adjustment in my head. I suddenly loved Nana with all my heart. I knew I did and there was no doubt. I saw her smile. She made another adjustment and I was absolutely obedient to her whether I liked it or not. I fought hard against this. I still did it anyway. She made one last adjustment. I knew how to dress as a Sissy Maid and what was expected of me. I knew how to act as a sissy baby too. I would act accordingly whether I wanted to or not.

Nana said, “There. Baby all better and doesn’t have to be locked up any more.”

She let down the side rail and took me by the hand. She helped me out of the crib.

She said, “Let’s get sissy baby cleaned up and in a clean diaper. Someone is here who really wants to meet you.”

She led me into a bathroom. My mouth fell open as I saw the tub. It was off the ground on a pedestal so Nana cold comfortably wash whoever was in it. It had stairs leading up to it and was made to look like a bassinette, just for a really big baby. Me!

Nooo!! I could not resist. Nana unlocked my panties and pulled them down. My cloth diaper was really soaked. I watched as she unpinned me. I had made a really large mess in my diaper too. I was super freaked out.

Nana noticed and explained to my horror, “Sissy baby will be in diapers for the rest of his life. He will be unable to help going potty in them. Nana will clean and change him. When he is doing his job as a sissy maid, he will have to wait until he gets back to Nana before he can be changed. I will do all I can to make sure he doesn’t get a rash. I made an adjustment so you don’t know how to take off your clothes by yourself. You can try if you want. It will prove to be very frustrating for you.”

I saw my vagina now. I started to cry. I didn’t want this. I also saw my breasts. If they were on a girl, I would have loved them. I almost can’t handle this.

Nana hugs me and kisses me lovingly as she cleans my messy bottom and vagina. I see myself in the mirror. I am very definitely a man with breasts and a vagina. I cry more.

Nana says, “There, there, sissy baby. If you weren’t such a jerk, you wouldn’t be in this situation, now would you?”

It’s true and I can’t deny it anymore. Nana helps me into the bassinette. The water is very comfortably warm and has an extremely pleasant aroma. It is a very pleasant experience to have Nana wash me. I am very relaxed and contented when she has finished.

She helps me out of the bassinette and dries me from head to foot in a very large fuzzy towel. Next, she pats a place on a cross between a counter and a table. She slides open 2 panels and there are diapers and powders inside. I can’t help but get on the table.

Nana says, “Lift up.”

When I do, she puts a very think cloth diaper under me and gently pushes me back on the table. She powders me generously with sweet smelling baby powder and pins the diaper on me. She helps me up.

She holds out a pair of soft pink plastic lined rumba panties and says, “Step in sissy boy.”

I can’t help but obey. She brings out a very lacy, very short soft pink dress with puffy sleeves and helps me in it. I am about to die from embarrassment as she zips it up and ties a pretty bow in the back. She has walked me over to a closet.

I figure it was mostly on purpose so I could see myself in the mirror. The dress showed off the fact I had on rumba panties and a diaper very well. I shuddered because I definitely didn’t look like a girl in a cute dress. I was a man in a cute dress.

Nana had brought out a pair of lacy top socks she helped me into. She had me step into the black Mary Jane shoes and buckled them for me.

She took me by the hand and led me out another door into the living room. First person I saw was Michelle. She was dressed in a soft blue gingham dress like mine with matching rumba panties. She was hiding behind Lisa slightly and sucking her thumb. It was obvious she was wearing a diaper too. Only difference was, she was adorable.

Next person was ... No!! Not this!! It was the president of the company I worked for and the waitress I had the date with on Saturday! No!! I was so embarrassed!

Mr Greene said, “Can he sing? Let’s hear him sing.”

Susan the waitress said, “Let’s hear; I’m a little teapot.”

Everyone agreed. Lisa said in a sweet compelling voice I couldn’t refuse, “Ok sissy boy, do Little Teapot.”

I couldn’t refuse. I did Little Teapot in the cutest manner I could even with a little dance. At the end I curtsied daintily. Everyone but Michelle roared with laughter. I was so humiliated I wanted to die. I just stood and giggled and put my index finger in my mouth and awaited Mistress’s next command.

Mr Greene said between fits of laughter, “That was worth every penny! Yes, Lisa, I will rent him out as a Sissy Maid for my wife’s gathering of friends. There will only be 4 of them including my wife so it’ll be an easy start for him. We won’t have to change him will we? I don’t think Mara would approve.”

Lisa giggled and replied, “Oh, no, Mr Greene, He’ll have to wait to get back to his Nanny before that. Unless you want Nanny to come too. It would be a bit more expensive.”

He rubbed his chin and replied, “It’ll be worth it just incase. Wouldn’t want any ... foul odors messing up her gathering.”

Lisa said, “It’s a deal then. He’ll be there first thing in the morning.”

I saw Mr Greene give Lisa a check and leave after patting me on my diapered bottom.
Lisa and Mr Greene went to the front door with Michelle. Susan came up to me and laughed right in my face. She walked all the way around me as I stood.

She said, “I can’t believe I almost went on a date with you. I was almost gonna let you get lucky.”

She shook her head and went to the door too. I could hear faint voices for a minute, then the door closed.

This is how my life was from then on. The dinner party of my Boss’ wife went with me being humiliated and laughed at by all the women at the party. Lisa rented me out for any occasion she could imagine. I now truly regretted the way I had treated the women in my life.

It was strange at first, but it seemed all the people I knew and the girls I had dated were the ones that I had to work for first. It seemed Lisa was very creative in the ways she chose to humiliate me. I never again got close enough to Michelle to apologies to her.

I did notice, as the years passed, she never seemed to age. She was always an adult child, Happy, innocent, and very sweet. Lisa’s most loving and loyal Pet.
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