Baby Miki, Jennie, and the Cookie Fairy Mystery

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Baby Miki, Jennie, and the Cookie Fairy Mystery

Postby Miki Yamuri » Fri Jul 25, 2014 4:32 am

Title: Baby Miki, Jennie, and the Cookie Fairy Mystery


Baby Jennie - Played by: LilJennie

Baby Miki - Played by: Miki Yamuri

All Characters played by: LilJennie and Miki Yamuri

Scene: By the door to the crib room


Jennie and Miki had just been awakened from their afternoon nap. Lisa, Miki's mom, had changed both of the girls and left them on the play mat next to the crib while TJ, Jennie's mom, waited outside the nursery. Lisa leaves while Miki sucks her thumb and looks around the room.

Miki sees a plastic box like thing near the slightly opened door her mommy had just left through. It had a very pretty pink bow tied around it with a small figure of Tinker Bell in the midst of the bow.

Miki's eyes get big as she takes her thumb from her mouth and points to the object, "Jennies ... lookie there. Whacha think that thingy is?"

Miki looks at Jennie with big eyes filled with wonder.

Jennie turned to look at the box, and her pacifier almost fell out of her mouth as she gasped. “Oooo Miki ... I dunno but it is super pwetty!” said the little red-haired girl. “Does you think it for us?” she wondered.

Around the corner Lisa and TJ quietly giggled to each other. “I know the girls love to solve mysteries,” TJ said. “This will keep them busy.” They giggled again.

Miki says softly, "Dunno Jennies," Miki begins to crawl over towards the box on her hands and knees, "It ... gots sompin in it ... it sorta ... wound n stuffs."

Miki crawls up next to the box and sits on her thickly diapered bottom and begins to suck her thumb thoughtfully. Lisa and TJ giggle softly as they watched Miki examine the box all around.

Miki says, "Jennie ... it gotsa ... thingy inna bow ... lookes lika fairy or sompin ... come looks." Miki beckons for her baby friend.

Jennie was already crawling over to look at the box. “Wonner what it is,” she said. “She look kinda like Tinker Bell.”

Jennie looked at it and then crawled around and looked from another angle. “Somefin’ round innit? Wonner what it is?”

Miki shrugs as she sucks her thumb a bit harder in thought. Miki reaches over and touches the fairy within the ribbon. It had long blond hair done in a bun in the back, sparkly silver wings, and a very short lime green dress. Miki tugs on the length of ribbon. The bow unravels and the ribbon falls gracefully into a small pile next to the box.

The girl's eyes get big as Miki reaches for the lid and pops it open. The wonderful smell of freshly baked Oatmeal and Chocolate cookies fills the air. The girls shriek with delight as each of them grab one of their favorite cookies and takes a huge messy bite.

TJ and Lisa come into the room about that time. Lisa says softly, "Well, it appears the Cookie Fairy brought them a surprise." TJ nods and says with a giggle, "That means we don't have to bake any now ... doesn't it?"

Lisa giggles as she and TJ leave the room. Lisa's fading voice as they descend the stairs to the den, "It doesn't look like it, the Cookie Fairy did ..."

“Mmmmmm ... chocolit chip cookieeeeees,” Jennie said happily. But then, when her cookie was finished, she said, “Wait ... Cookie Fairy? ...” Looking at Miki, she asked, “What issa Cookie Fairy?”

Miki stops shoving the large oatmeal cookie into her mouth and blinks several times at Jennie. She shrugs her shoulders and says, "Baby nono ... is sompin no ever hearda bfor."

The 2 girls look at each other as large smiles begin to form on their cute and cookie messy faces.

Miki says with determination, "Is therea Cookie Fairy ... we gotsa find it ... we gets alla cookies we ever eats evers is we do."

Jennie's eyes get enormous as that sank in.

“We gotsa finds the Cookie Fairy!” said Jennie. “Is ... another mystry!” She thought for a moment. “Firstest fing we gotsa do ... is look for clues!”

Crawling around the spot where they had first found the box, she looked at everything -- the carpet, the walls, the legs of the little night stand by the door, and the door itself. “I no see anyfing,” she said.

Miki grabs hold of the large ruffles on the bottom of Jennie's panties and tugs. Jennie looks around.

Miki holds out another large cookie to Jennie and says softly, "Prolly should finsha cookies firstus. Isa fairy brungeded um ... can tkes em for babies finish eaten em too ... huh?"

Jennie's eyes get big again with understanding as she plops on her thickly diapered bottom and begins to help Miki eat the cookies that were left.

After they had finished, Miki noticed, besides the large pile of cookie crumbs and mess they had made, there was this ... sparkly golden trail leading out into the hall. Miki crawls over to the trail and looks down the hall. She sees it drops down the stairs that led to the den and play room.

Miki asks with surprise, "Jennies?? Does ... fairies leave sprkly trails n stuffs onna carpets?" she points.

“Huhhh?” Jennie said, then looked where Miki was pointing. Sure enough ... there was a shiny trail of golden glitter on the carpet. “I dunno Miki ... maby they does!” said Jennie, and started to crawl, following the glittery trail out into the hall.

Jennie crawled backwards down first one stair, then another, following the trail down each step. “Is goin down stairs,” Jennie said.

Miki followed, taking the stairs her own way, sitting down on each one individually, on her padded behind. When the two girls got to the bottom of the stairs they looked around to see where the trail went. Miki saw it first.

Miki squeals with delight as she sees the trail lead over to their favorite hiding place ... the Papa San Chair. A large and very thick bed spread had been draped over the top and tucked in such a way that it left a very dark, cave like opening.

Miki points before she begins to crawl quickly over, "Look Jennies ... therea place inna hidy hole. Tha trail go thatta way."

Jennie looks up just in time to see Miki's soft blue white ruffles vanish into the dark opening beneath the chair. Jennie could hear Miki squealing with delight as she began to crawl over to the dark opening. Jennie began to smell the sweet oder of sugar cookies the closer she came.

“Oooo Miki what dids you find?” Jennie asked, crawling after her friend as quickly as she could. “Oooo ... cookies,” she said, crawling under the bedspread and into the hiding place.

“Mmmmmm cookies,” said Jennie, smelling the aroma of sugar cookies as her eyes adjusted to the darkness and she saw Miki ... and a plate of the cookies. “Yay! We muss be gettin closer!” Jennie said. She grabbed a cookie and covered her face with crumbs while eating it. Miki and Jennie ate their new found cookies happily.

TJ looks around the corner of the arch leading into the kitchen. She giggles as she says to Lisa, "Well ... seems our little detectives found a plate of cookies."

Lisa rushes out of the kitchen and over to the Papa San chair with a digital camera. She bent over and focuses it on the 2 surprised girls. Lisa takes several pictures in rapid succession, creating several large and bright flashes. The girls squeal in surprise as Lisa rushes back to the kitchen to show TJ the babies adorable crumb covered expressions. Miki and Jennie can hear their mothers laughing softly.

“Ooooo Miki what wassat?” Jennie asked. “I seein ... dots ...”

Jennie couldn’t see anything but the spots left in her vision by the camera flashes. She reached for the spots, but they kept moving and she couldn’t catch them.

Miki says with surprise, "Is ... magic maybes?? Likes ... tha Cookie Fairy come n used magic ta ... vanish mayb?"

The girls sat in awe for a few more minutes as their vision cleared. Jennie sees a continuation of the golden sparkly trail leading out the back of the chair's hidy hole. Jennie pats Miki on her shoulder as she points to it.

Jennie says, "Lookit there. Is morea tha trail."

Miki looks in the direction Jennie pointed. Sure enough, the golden sparkles lead out from under the chair.

Miki squeals with excitement, "More trail ... maybe more cookies or sompin."

Miki quickly crawls from under the Papa San chair in hot pursuit of what ever lay at the end of this next trail. After leaving the semi-darkness of the underside of the chair, Miki sat on her thickly diapered hinny and sucked her thumb thoughtfully as she surveyed the Den.

Lisa had turned it into a play room for the girls long time ago. Miki and Jennie pretty much knew every square inch of the layout. Miki was sure she could spot something out of place.

Miki could see movement behind the long closed drapes over the place she knew the sliding door to the Lani and patio was.

Miki began to slowly crawl in that direction as she said softly, "Cookie Fairy ... is ... that u?"

Jennie peered through the opening before crawling out and following Miki. “Oooo didja find somefin?” she asked, crawling carefully over toward the drapes, following the trail of glitter.

The drapes moved a little again, and Jennie moved carefully. She quickly pushed the drapes aside ... and found the glass door slightly open, a little bit of wind from outside moving the drapes. But there was another small plate containing two cookies on the floor, and a little fairy sticker on the glass, right at the height for a crawling baby to see it.

“Oooo baby look, she leaved another sprise for us!” said Jennie.

Miki crawled over to look too. Of course, each baby girl grabbed a cookie. They didn’t notice TJ standing in the corner with a video camera, capturing the girls’ cuteness on video.

Miki and Jennie ate their new found treasures with gusto. They shoved them in their mouths with both hands and made a huge crumbly mess. TJ giggles softly as she captures the entire thing on video. She was sure it would make a huge splash on Eew -Tube.

Miki says, "Ya know ... I sees more trail leadin over there to tha sofas now ... an an ... can sees it goin downa place to tha basements too .. or least ... in that direction.”

Jennie shivers a bit as a fearful expression comes over her face. She leans closer to Miki and whispers, "Tha ... bae ments?? isn't ... thatta dark place wiffa firey monser that grwols n grumbles?"

Miki eyes get big as she remembers the huge furnace monster that lived down there.

Jennie gulped with a bit of fear. “Um ... well maby it no really go there ... we see where it go ok?” She started crawling along the trail of glitter. As it turned out, the trail turned away from the basement door and headed for the toy chest.

“Oooo good,” said Jennie, “the Cookie Fairy did not go inna base mint. She mighta got hurted down there.”

The girls crawled over to the toy chest, where the trail seemed to end. “Oooo maby she gotted stuck in there,” Jennie said. “We better let her out.”

Miki puts her ear to the top of the large toy chest. She can hear small scratching and knocking noises from with in.

Her eyes get big in surprise as she says to Jennie, "Baby hears sompin from inside ... is like sompin tryina gets out."

Miki takes hold of one edge and attempts to open the heavy lid. She pushes hard and it flops open with a loud banging noise. Without warning, a jack in the box sprang out at the 2 babies scaring them. Both of them screech in terror until they realize what it was.

"Wahhhh ... huh?" said Jennie, wiping away her frightened tears and realizing that there was a silly puppet that she had seen before.

Behind the girls stood their mommies with cameras, barely containing their giggles as they crept quietly out of the room.

"Heyyyy," said Jennie, crawling up to the jack-in-the-box as Miki did so too, "it jus the silly jumpy box man."

If the girls had listened carefully they would have heard Lisa asking TJ in the next room, "That wasn't too mean or anything, was it?"

"Aw, they weren't hurt or even upset," said TJ. "They were just a little surprised, that's all."

Miki and Jennie started pulling the jack-in-the-box out of the toy chest. Underneath it was another box with a fairy sticker on it, holding a green ribbon around it.

"Look Miki ... nother box! Maby there is more cookies!" squeaked Jennie in delight.

As Miki reached into the toy box for the new ribboned surprise, a shadow seemed to settle across things with the soft rustle of wings. The 2 babies gasp in total surprise as they turn and see a very cute little figure about 3 feet tall with golden wings and a very sparkly dress that seemed to be made of fibers as delicate as spider's webs standing behind them.

Miki points and says with slight fear in her voice, "Jennies ... ummm ... isat .. isatta ... real fairys?"

Jennie stairs hard at the very beautiful little figure standing before them. Jennie says softly in a trembling voice, "Baby ... baby think it is Miki ... think itta Cookie Fairy in real life."

"Indeed I am," said the fairy in a tinkly musical voice, "and you are correct. I got myself closed in your toy chest ... silly me. I was drawn to the cookies, baked and placed with such love and affection. And then ... the lid closed! But you have set me free."

The fairy did a pirouette in midair, causing her white dress to billow out around her and her oatmeal-brown hair to bounce playfully.

"Oooo you are super pwetty," said Jennie. "I glad you fwee now. Does you go awound givin' cookies to lil girls?"

The fairy giggled. "You two are so adorable!" she said. "Have you ever noticed how cookies baked with love taste so much better? I'm the one who makes sure they do. And to thank you for setting me free ..."

She waved her wand, which was a golden rod with a chocolate-chip cookie at the end, and suddenly Jennie and Miki each had her favorite kind of cookie in her hands. The girls gasped. They had just seen real magic.

"Now I must go," said the fairy, "because I'm a very busy fairy! But if you girls are good, and your mommies bake you more cookies, you might not see me, but I'll be back!" And she disappeared, leaving behind a shower of tiny cookie crumbs and a smell like delicious baked goods fresh from the oven.

Jennie looked at Miki, her mouth open in amazement. If her pacifier had not been attached to a ribbon, it would have been on the floor. Miki stared back at her.

Then Jennie looked at her cookie. "She gived me a Snickerdoodle!" she said. "My favrit!"

Miki screeches loudly as she looked at the wonderful Coconut Cream filled Cookie in her hand, "Mmmmmooooooommmyyyyyy!!! SCREAMS!!!!"

Jennie looks at Miki with huge eyes as TJ and Lisa rush into the room. Lisa grabs up Miki and holds her close and pats her hinny reassuringly.

Lisa coos softly, "What ever is the matter baby? Are you hurt?" Miki points to the place the Cookie Fairy had been standing. TJ and Lisa looked at the crumb filled spot, then at each other.

Miki says in an excited screech, "Baby saw ... sawa real live Cookie Fairy."

Lisa and TJ giggle as Lisa pats Miki softly on her hinny once more.

"Yes, baby," said Lisa, "I'm sure you did." To TJ she said quietly, "Miki has such a wonderful imagination, doesn't she?" as she set Miki back on the floor next to Jennie

Jennie was nibbling on her cookie, which was the best Snickerdoodle she had ever tasted, magically warm with delicious cinnamon and sugar.

"Jennie, did you see the Cookie Fairy too?" asked TJ, smiling.

"Umm humm," said Jennie, nodding. "She pwetty an' she gived us cookies 'cause we setted her free."

"My my, quite the story you girls have made together," said TJ with a giggle.

Lisa asked, " By the way TJ ... I don't remember putting a Cream Filled Cookie in the last bunch ... do you?"

TJ replies, "Well, Lisa ... I don't remember a snickerdoodle either. Wow ... look there. They haven't even opened the last box."

TJ Points into the toy box. Lisa looks in and sees the box with the pretty ribbon wrapped around it.

Jennie looks at Miki who had begun to happily munch on the magically warm n soft coconut cream filled cookie ... which was perhaps the best one she had ever eaten.

"Ohhh that was the bestest cookie ever," said Jennie. "Oh! Miki! We solveded the myssery! We finded the Cookie Fairy!"

"Uh huh we did!" said Miki nodding her head until her ponytails flew. The two girls clapped their hands together happily, another mystery solved.

Lisa and TJ left the happy babies playing by the toy box as they went back into the kitchen. They began a heated discussion about how the girls wound up with those ... cookies.

~~ The End ~~
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