Baby Miki, Baby Jennie and the Sandman

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Baby Miki, Baby Jennie and the Sandman

Postby Miki Yamuri » Fri Jul 25, 2014 4:31 am

Title: Baby Miki, Baby Jennie and the Sandman


Baby Jennie: Played by: Liljennie

Baby Miki: Played by: Miki Yamuri

Scene: As the girls are being put down for their afternoon nap

Baby Jennie was playing with her friend Miki in the playpen. She had just gotten a block tower tall enough for Miki to knock over when suddenly their Mommies came into the room.

"It's nap time, girls!" said Miki's mommy, Lisa.

"Aww," said Jennie. "Me too?"

"Yes, you too, sweetheart," said Jennie's mommy, TJ. "Finish up your playing and let's get you in your crib."

"Okay, Mommy," said Jennie. She looked at Miki. It was Miki's turn to finish up this particular game.

Miki pouted for a second before she took her hand and knocked the block tower down. Jennie and Miki shrieked with glee as blocks scattered all over the playpen once again.

Lisa picks Miki up and pats her on the hinny, "That was such a good girl! Now, we are gonna put the two of you in a nice soft crib with your favorite juices ... and let the sandman take you off to dreamland."

Miki was put over Lisa's shoulder and carried from the playroom. Miki watched as TJ picked up Jennie and carried her out right behind. Both girls had their diapers checked before they were put in the crib. Both of them were still dry and smelled a lot like baby powder. Tj put Jennie in the crib next to Miki and gave her a bottle of real grape juice, then gave Miki a bottle of Strawberry flavored juice.

Jennie drank some of her juice happily and then stopped.

"Miki?" she asked quietly. "What'sa Sand Man?"

Baby Miki rolls over and faces Jennie. She has a thoughtful expression on her cute face.

Miki takes the bottle from her mouth and says, "Mommy say isa person wiffa baga sand. Comes in n puts it in our eyes n makes us go ta sleeps. What u think ... jus sompina Adult Conspiracy say?" Miki looks questioningly at Jennie.

"Oooo is that why we sleeps?" asked Jennie. "I know I just wanna keep playing but then the Sand Man comes and I get all sleepy. What if I wanna play though?"

Jennie thought for a moment. "Miki dids you ever see the Sand Man?" she asked.

Miki shakes her head as she replies, "Nopes ... no ever gotsa see hims. Think I faww sleep too quick." Miki nurses her bottle for a few minutes before she says, "Ya .... think we could captures him maybe? Maka ... special deal wif him jus for us babies?"

"Ooo, I dunno Miki," said Jennie. Maybe ... if one of us stayed awakes an the other one watched?" She thought. "Maybe he can't gets both of us atta same time."

Miki thought this was a good idea. She sits up in the crib and looks all around the nursery. The only ways into the nursery, were the window .... that Miki knew was closed and locked ... and the door in that their mommy's had closed.

She says in her cute baby voice, "Mmk ... I stay up n see is I can see him ... mmk??"

"Ok Miki," said Jennie. "I stay up too ... one of us gots to fall asleeps firstest, then the other one will see the Sand Man!"

The two girls pretended to lie still, waiting for the Sand Man to appear … and the next thing they knew, the light came on and their Mommies were waking them up.

"Did you have a nice nap, girls?" asked TJ.

Jennie looked at Miki. "Didja see him?" she whispered. Miki shook her head no. "Hmmm ... this issa myssery!"

Lisa comes to the crib and checks Miki. Miki was wet and needed changing.

Lisa picks her from the crib and says in a cooing voice, "Baby is aww wet and has sleepy sand still in your eyes. The sandman came ... did he give you good dreams?"

Lisa tweaks Miki's nose as she carries her into the bathroom for changing. As Lisa took off Miki's diaper, she asks in a cute little shy voice, "Dida sandman breaks inna house? How he gets in?"

Lisa laughs as she powders Miki well and pulls the thick Babykins diaper between her legs and fastens it snugly, but comfortably on. As Lisa pull's up Miki's plastic lined rumba panties, she says softly, "No, sweet heart. he doesn't break in. He's magical ... just like his sleepy sand."

Lisa sits Miki up and washes her face with a warm, wet washcloth. Miki can feel some kind of hard grains as mommy gently washes them from her eyes.

Jennie also needed a diaper change, but after TJ was done changing her, the two babies were back in the playpen.

"Ooo, so he is magics," Jennie said when Miki told her what Lisa had said. "It gonna be tricky." After thinking for a moment, she said, "We gonna needs to make a trap!"

Miki claps her hands joyously. She says in a giggly voice, "What kinna trap? Like tha one we used onna diaper fairy maybes?" Miki thought for a second then continued, "Think this'll hafta be more betterer than that one .... huh. Prolly alla those fairy types talk."

Miki looks around the playpen ... her eyes come to rest on a small, leather pouch sitting off in a corner. Miki crawls over and opens it and looks in.

Her eyes get big as she says, "Could puts these onna floor when it time ... is he come near tha crib ... will slide aww over."

Jennie and Miki look at each other for a second before they start to giggle once again.

TJ walks in with a huge platter of chocolate brownies and all the fixens ... and two large bottles of milk. TJ places the platter in the playpen with the girls.

She pats Jennie on the head , then Miki and says softly, "Here you go girls. Now, don't eat too many ... there's probably enough there for several snacks."

Soon TJ left the room, and it was just the babies.

"Otay Miki," said Jennie, "do everyfing like we said."

Miki nodded, reached under her pillow and took out a pair of swim goggles, putting them on. None of the Sandman's golden sand could get into her eyes with these on. Jennie did the same. They had stashed these in their cribs earlier. Both girls lay down and pretended to be quietly resting, but each of them had a crib blanket in her hand.

Now, they waited, each ready to act as soon as the Sandman made an appearance and leaned over the other girl to sprinkle his sand.

Miki started to drift off to sleep. She couldn't help it. Between the wonderful warm and tasty brownies and the warm bottle of milk, her mind began to fantasize about plushy toys and building blocks all stacked up waiting to get knocked over.

Miki realizes with a start that there was a noise and someone was leaning over her and had touched the goggles on her face. Quick as a wink, Miki jumps up, tosses her blanki over what ever it was and banged her head into something really hard.

Miki screeches loudly in pain as she begins to cry and hold the hurty place on her forehead.

Miki's mommy Lisa's voice cried out, "Oww! Just what in the world are you girls up to?"

Miki sees the blankie come off of her mommy's head just as Jennie tossed hers onto Lisa.

Lisa screams, "Knock it off! What in this earth are the both of you trying to do?" Lisa rubs the sore spot where Miki and her had bumped heads, "And why are all the marbles scattered all over the floor? Someone could slip and fall and really hurt themselves."

"Eep!" squeaked Jennie. "We sowwy, Auntie Lisa! We thought you was the Sand Man."

"Well I'm not," snapped Lisa, "and you girls need to be sleeping!"

She reached into Miki's crib and spanked her just once on the outside of her diaper. Her behind was so thickly padded that she barely even really felt the spank. However, somehow, to Miki, it hurt and stung and smarted like crazy. Miki instantly burst into desperate tears once again, babbling incoherently about how she would never ever do it again, as Lisa did the same to Jennie.

Jennie also felt the single padded spank as intensely as if it had been given with a steel paddle on bare skin. Mixed in with the physical sensation was an emotional feeling of disappointment, the knowledge that she had been Bad and was In Trouble. Jennie burst into tears as well, bawling helplessly along with Miki.

Lisa was not angry. She knew the babies would feel the punishment acutely. "Now, are you two going to go to sleep like good little girls?"

Still wailing, both Miki and Jennie nodded.

"Good," said Lisa. "Now take off those silly swim goggles and lie down again. I just want you to get the rest you need."

Miki whimpered softly as she removed the goggles from her head. She lies back in the crib and starts to suck her thumb as she contemplates their next move. Miki definitely wasn't sleepy by this time. She looks at Jennie, who was sucking on her pacci as she too whimpered softly from the swat on her hinny.

Miki takes her thumb from her mouth and says, "Dat's no fair, " she pokes out her bottom lip adorably, "Thinka Sandman an Imp kind. He set us babies up fora spankins."

Jennie nods her head as she wipes the tears from her eyes. She says, "I think we needsa better trap ... huh?"

Miki nods her head as she feels her eyes once again begin to get heavy and sleep creep upon her. Just before she completely falls into a wonderful dream about her pet strawberry flavored cloud, Miki springs up suddenly. A small bag falls between her legs as she feels a breeze waft past her. She blinks as she feels the sleepies in her eyes. She looks around the nursery ... but sees nothing out of the ordinary. Miki looks over and sees Jennie asleep. She leans over and nudges her awake.

Miki says excitedly, "Look!" She holds up the small brown leather bag for Jennie to see, "Sompin fell on baby when I wokted up jus now.

Jennie looks into the bag with Miki as she carefully opens it. Low and behold ... it was filled with a golden sand ... just like the sleepies in their eyes.

Jennie was worried that Auntie Lisa would come in and be mad that they weren't asleep, but she didn't see Lisa anywhere, so she sat up and looked through her crib bars at what Miki had.

"Oooo what issit? Issit somma the Sand Man's magic sand? How come he losed it?" Jennie asked.

Miki shrugs, "Dunno ... baby jus sat up suddenly jus as was bout ta dream. It fells in baby's lap."

"Wowww ... what does it do?" asked Jennie in a whisper. "What does it feel like? What it tastes like?"

Jennie's curiosity was piqued. The girls played with the magic sand, trying to understand it.

Across the room, a tiny figure danced on top of the nightlight and laughed. He was dressed in a sandy-brown medieval outfit and pointy shoes. He watched the girls as they slept, dreaming about the bag of magic sand they'd found and the wonderful mysteries they'd solved and discovered. He shakes his head and smiles broadly at the two adorable little girls as he picked up his real bag of sand, shrugged it over his shoulder, and flew away to find some other children to put to sleep.

~~ The End ~~
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