Baby Miki and the Wet Diaper Mystery

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Baby Miki and the Wet Diaper Mystery

Postby Miki Yamuri » Fri Jul 25, 2014 4:29 am

Title: Baby Miki and the Wet Diaper Mystery


Baby Miki - Played by: Miki Yamuri

Baby Jennie - Played by: LilJennie

Scene: In the playroom

Baby Miki sat and played with her toy turtle. The one with the googly eyes that made all the cute squeaky noises as she pushed it back and forth. Miki's mommy, Lisa, comes into the room and picks Miki up from her play.

She tickles Miki softly as she coos, "Your friend Jennie should be here in just a few minutes. I have some new crayons and coloring books for you to color in."

Miki screeches and squirms as she is tickled lovingly by her mommy. Lisa pulls open the back of Miki's panties and diaper and checks her.

Lisa coos sweetly, "Aww, I see baby is all wet. Mommy change her in a jiffy so she's all clean and dry when Jennie gets here."

Miki was placed on the padded counter, her panties pulled down, and her diaper taken off. As she sucked her thumb, Lisa cleaned, powdered, and diapered her. Miki began to wonder how come her diaper became wet all the time. She really didn't have a clue ... it just happened.

By the time Lisa had brought Miki back into the playroom, Jennie's mommy, TJ, was there with Jennie.

Miki screeches loudly" Jennies!!!" and bounces up and down on her thickly diapered bottom.

Jennie toddle-ran toward Miki until her mommy scolded her, "Jennie! Do babies run?"

Jennie stopped. "No Mommy," she answered with a cute poked out lip expression.

Jennie got down on all fours and crawled toward her friend instead.

"Good girl," said TJ. "You can't fall and get hurt that way."

Jennie made it the rest of the way to Miki and hugged her friend!

"Hi, Miki!" said Jennie, as their mommies watched from a distance and talked about grownup things. Jennie giggled. "You smells like baby powder!"

Miki hugged Jennie tightly. She loved it when Jennie came to play. Miki looks down at her fresh diaper and says, "Yups ... mommy jus changed baby. I gotsa ... mystery n don kno what ta thinks."

Jennie looked at Miki with big eyes as she put her huge pink pacifier in her mouth and sucked it thoughtfully.

Miki said with a bit of trepidation in her voice, "It seems ... baby's diapers gets wet ... an ... an ... an ... don kno how it happen." Miki shrugs, "It jus happen. Is like when baby wakes up inna mornin or after my nap ... is aww wet." She looks at Jennie with big eyes as she sucks her thumb.

Miki opens a huge box of crayons with her free hand and pulls a large green one out. She starts to scribble on the open page of the new coloring book as she waits for Jennie's answer.

Jennie was thinking. When she thought she always put her left index finger in her mouth instead of her thumb or pacifier, and she looked up at the ceiling.

"Ummms", she said, "I wonner how baby Miki's dipee gets wet. Does other babies' dipee get wet too?" Then she gasped and took her finger out of her mouth suddenly. "Oh! Waits! It is jus the same for me!" she said. "Me all dwy then ... nextest thing me knows, me all wet!"

Miki nods, "Yups ... is like magic or sompin ... huh??"

Jennie dug through the box and got a purple crayon, because purple was her favorite color. "But ... how it happen?" she wondered, because try as she might, she had no idea how her diaper got wet.

Miki looks at Jennie with surprise, "It happen to you too? Think it happen to all babies aww over?" Miki turns the page in her coloring book. She says in frustration, "I can feel it gets warm n stuffs. You thinka ... fairy or sompin do it? Com by n makes baby's diapers wet?"

Jennie nodded with certainty. "Umm humms," she said. "That is zactly what me thinks. Me thinks the wet dipee fairy comes n waves her magic wand over a baby's dipee, n that dipee turns all warm n wet ... it mus be magics cause it feel so nice." She put her finger in her mouth again. "At firstest anyways."

Miki shakes her head slowly. She says softly, "What do you thinka diaper fairy look like? Ya think we can catch one maybe?" Miki picks up her favorite blanket and hold it up. She looks around it. We setta trap maybe?"

Jennie thought some more. "We needs blankie," she said, "n some Tinker toys."

Miki asks, "Why comes tinker toys?" She looks at Jennie curiously.

The 2 girls gathered these things all together and Jennie made a framework that held the blanket up, but the slightest touch would make it fall.

"See?" said Jennie. "Any fairies come along, fwoomph the blankie falls onnem, then we sees what is unner dere."

Miki sits back on her thickly diapered bottom and sucks her thumb thoughtfully. She examines their trap from every angle a baby could think of. Without warning, TJ comes into the play room and checks both babies diapers. Both of them were soaked.

After TJ had changed them, brought them back into the playroom, and given them a large bottle of juice, Miki says dejectedly, "See? We gots wet again ... an no caughts nuffin." Miki sucks furiously on her bottle of juice.

"No! Waits!" said Jennie. There was a lump under the blanket that had fallen from the frame of tinker toys ... and the lump moved! "No scares it," said Jennie, "Might be shy."

Miki crawled around to the other side and got ready to grab the blanket. When she was ready, Jennie started the countdown.

"1 ... 2 ... uh, number after 2 ... GO!" Jennie said, and they both grabbed the blanket.

Just then there was a merry little tune playing from somewhere under the blanket. When the girls turned the blanket over, they found a baby toy there -- it was blinking its lights and playing a song and wiggling.

"Awww, poopies!" said Jennie. "That's notta fairy."

Miki snorted loudly, "See Jennies?? It thatta way alla time."

Miki pouts and makes a face as they watch the toy wiggle and blink.

She looks up at Jennie with big eyes and says with a squeaky excitement in her voice, "Wait ... where tis toy comes from? It no was there when we started. Ya thinksa fairy done it sos it could gets away?"

Miki and Jennie looked carefully around the playroom. Miki taps Jennie on her shoulder and points to the nursery window.

Miki whispers, "What that inna window?"

Jennie's eyes narrowed as she attempted to see what it was fluttering behind the thin privacy curtain. The curtain was designed so no one could see in, but it allowed light to pass through. Both babies could see a shadow dancing beneath it.

Jennie quietly crawled over to the curtain. Miki was not far behind. She reached out ... pulled back the curtain ... And squeaked loudly when a big moth flew out, fluttered around, and flew away!

When she and Miki were done screeching, they looked up and saw their mommies looking around the corner at them.

"Is everything OK, girls?" asked Lisa.

"Wasa moff!" said Jennie. "It was HUGE!" she said, holding out her arms improbably wide.

"Uh huh," said TJ. "Great, now it's going to bite me."

"Moths don't bite people," said Lisa.

"Not most people," replied TJ, "but if it's a bug, it'll come from miles around to bite me." They walked away again, talking.

"Well that was notta fairy," said Jennie.

Miki pokes out her bottom lip, "See? Isa mystery. Evertime ... seems sompin else is there. How we gonna catch this ... fairy? It seemsa be lots smart n stuffies .... might even kno C A Bs??"

"Mabyso!" said Jennie, nodding. "Maybe ... huh?"

Jennie looked over Miki's shoulder, her eyes widening, and when Miki turned to look too, she saw both their Mommies coming, with a plateful of freshly baked cookies.

Miki squeals with delight as she sees 2 plates full of fresh from the oven cookies. One plate was full of oatmeal cookies, the other full of chocolate chip. Miki gurgles happily as she bounces up and down on her padded hinny and claps her hands.

Lisa coos, "Here we go girls ... fresh hot cookies for you to snack on."

Jennie noticed they also had 2 large bottles of milk with them. Their mommy's put the cookies on the small table and set the bottles next to it.

TJ says in a sweet coo, "Now you babies have fun and be good girls." The adults turn and left.

Jennie had been eating a chocolate chip cookie and had crumbs all over her hands and chocolate on her face. She reached for one of the bottles and began to drink it.

She stopped and blinked at Miki. "Oh! Me gotted wet somehow too! Me can feels it! When did that happen? I dunno, Miki, maby issa fairy and maby not, but it sure issa mystery!"

Miki shoves a large oatmeal cookie in her mouth, making a huge mess all over her face, hands, and front. She looks down at her diaper with big eyes, as she realizes she too is wet.

She says, "I dunno Jennies ... is reallya baby mysterys."

About that time, Lisa walks back into the playroom and hears the exchange. She says softly, "What's a mystery sweet hearts?"

The 2 girls look up at Lisa. Miki says, "Isa mystery why comes our diapers suddenly gets wetted. We dunno how it happen ... it jus does."

A huge smile crosses Lisa's face as she giggles softly. She kissed both babies on their cheeks as she coos softly, "The reason your diapers get wet you sillys, is because you're too young to be potty trained. It ... just happens because it's what happens to babies."

Both girls look at each other with big eyes. Miki says to Jennie, "What that mean? It ... jus happen to babies? An .. an ... what isa potty??"

Jennie blinked in confusion at Miki. "Potty?" she said, mystified. "Me neber heard of it! An' ... what jus happens to babys to makes them wet? We gotsa find out!"

Jennie looked out the window, having forgotten all about the fairy and the moth. She had to stand on her tippy toes to see out. It was starting to rain, a light spring rain that made little dark splotches on the front sidewalk.

"Issit like the rain? Only inside our diapers?"

Lisa pats Jennie's thickly diapered hinny as she coos softly, "Sweetie, it's normal for babies to wet their diapers." Lisa turns Jenny towards the bathroom in such a way, she can see the potty with the top lid up. She continues softly, "Now, sweet heart, see that thing that looks like it has its mouth open?"

Miki crawls over and looks too. Both girls eyes get big as Miki squeals in fright, "Issa monster ..a ... a potty monster! It got its mouf open evens!"

"M-monser?" said Jennie, her voice quavering. "I n-no like monsers ..."

Lisa laughed again. "No no, girls, don't worry, the potty monster can't get you. It can't move. It's attached to the floor."

"Well ... me stayin wayyy over here," said Jennie, "so it no gets me." She looked at Miki and nodded resolutely.

Miki gets up on all 4s ... then stands up on her wobbly legs. She toddles over and hides behind Lisa as she looks shyly around at the big porcelain stool.

Miki points and says with a quivering voice, "It ... gots it mouf open ... it gonna eats baby."

Lisa bends and hugs Miki lovingly as she reaches over and pulls Jennie close as well.

Lisa coos, "Mommy promise ... it won't hurt you. Don't worry about it now ... you're way too young to be potty trained. When that happens, you will understand then."

Jennie squeaked and turned away, her eyes closed tightly shut. "No wanna think bout it any more!" she said. "Wanna think bout tha mystery!"

"What mystery is that, baby?" asked Lisa, tickled at how adorable the girls were.

"Mystery mystery mystery mystery," Jennie sang to the tune of a little song.

"OK, then," said Lisa. "You and Jennie go back to playing, and it will be time for cartoons in a little while."

Lisa kissed Miki on the top of the head and left the room again. Miki pulls open the front of her cute rumba panties and the front of her diaper and looks in with an expression of wonder. She was damp .... but not enough to need changing yet.

She looks up at Jennie and says softly, "How you thunka fairy gets in n makes em wet? Baby only feels it when it get warm n stuffs."

Jennie pulls open the front of her panties and diaper and looks in.

She shakes her head slowly as she says, "Dunno how it do it ... buts we gotsa find out."

Miki crawls over to some of the toys scattered on the floor of the playroom. As she sits next to a toy car and begins to roll it along, she cocks her head sideways and gets a thoughtful expression.

Miki says, "What happen issa fairy inbisables? We no can sees it when it come through? How we gonna catch it?"

"Or ..." Jennie was thinking, "what if it not a fairy at all? What if it somefin else?"

Miki looks at Jennie with big eyes, "What else might it be?"

"Umm, whatif it is aliens, the ones from the flyin' saucer thingys?" Jennie suggested. "Or what if it is the germs? Maby we sick n we dunnos it!"

Miki gasps loudly as she looks towards the door to the bathroom, "What is it ... that ... thingy ... that ... potty monster in there?" Miki points as she gets an expression of fear on her face.

Jennie started to look toward the bathroom, but then her fear overwhelmed her, and she squeaked again and turned away.

"Noooo, it can't be!" said Jennie. "What if --" Jennie gasped. "What if it is ... the Dult Spiracy?"

Miki squeaks adorably as her eyes get even bigger if at all possible. Miki begins to shake her head, causing her ponytails to fly.

Miki says in a whinney voice, "What is it tha ... dult spricay ta makes us hasta gets our hinnys bit ... by tha potty monster?"

Both girls look at each other with trepidation. Their faces wrinkle up and they both begin to cry loudly at the prospect of having to get bitten by the potty monster.

Jennie's mommy TJ comes quickly into the play room to see what the matter was. She finds the babies sitting in the middle of the room, crying.

She rushes over and picks up Jennie first and coos reassuringly as she pats her hinny softly, "There, there sweet heart ... what's the matter?"

TJ bends and picks up Miki in her other arm and hugs the 2 whimpering babies to her shoulders as she rocks them.

Miki whimpers softly, "We fraidda tha potty monster ... is dult spiracy ta makes babies diaper wet sos we hasta get bit on our butts."

Tj looks at Miki and the nodding Jennie with astonishment as a smile breaks across her face.

She says with a giggle in her voice, "Sweet heart, nothing's going to bite you on your hinny."

Jenny squeaks, "Is too ... we saw it wif its mouf open even."

"Well, you know what I think," said TJ, "I think we have a couple of adorable, silly baby girls who need to sit down and watch some fun cartoons so they will laugh and stop scaring themselves silly."

And that is exactly what happened. In just a few minutes, both girls were giggling and squeaking at the silly antics of a group of hilarious cartoon ponies. Once again their diapers were wet, and once again they were back to not thinking about why.

A small, very cute female figure with soft golden wings watches the babies closely for a few minutes before flying off through an open window.

"Whew!" thought the Wet Diaper Fairy as she flew away from the house, "that was a close one! Not only did those two little girls figure out I exist, they almost caught me! I need a vacation!"

She stopped, lifted her tiny dress, looked at her own diaper, and touched it with her magic wand. Immediately she gasped and giggled happily as her diaper grew suddenly warm and wet. She definitely had droopy bottom syndrome now. When she got back to Fairyland in this state, the other Baby Fairies would certainly put her in the nursery for a while. She was looking forward to that as she flew off towards the magical land of fairy.

~~ The End ~~
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