Baby Miki and Jennie's Hinney Pat Challenge

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Baby Miki and Jennie's Hinney Pat Challenge

Postby Miki Yamuri » Fri Jul 25, 2014 4:28 am

Title: Baby Miki and Jennie's Hinney Pat Challenge


Baby Miki - Played by: Miki Yamuri

Baby Jennie - Played by: liljennie

Scene: In Jennie's play room

Baby Jennie sat on her thick playmat, playing with her googly eyed toy car that made all the cute squeaky noises as it rolled along. The sound of the door bell is heard as it chimes sweetly. Jennie hears the voice of Lisa, Miki's mommy. Jennie looks up happily as Lisa brings baby Miki into the play area and sits her beside Jennie.

Miki screeches happily, "Jennies!!! Mommy bringded baby ta plays wif u."

Both girls hug. Lisa and TJ, Jennie's mommy, watch and smile at their adorable little baby girls. They both bend and pat each girl on her diapered bottom before walking out of the play room.

Jennie giggled after her mommy patted her on her thickly diapered behind and kept giggling for a little while afterward.

"Heehee!" she said. "Hiney pats is nice."

Miki giggled along with Jennie. She nods her head and replies, "They tha bestus ... makes baby happy."

Miki and Jennie clap their hands and bounce on their thickly diapered bottoms.

"I wanna be patted some more," said Jennie. "But how?" She scratched her head and thought.

Miki was sucking her thumb as she started her usual stacking of the wonder blocks into a tower.

Miki says around he thumb, "Whsh ish babies does stuffsh ta gets mommys ta pats our hinnys? Hastha contest??" Jennie looks at Miki as Miki looks at Jennie. Miki takes her thumb from her mouth and continues, "U think we could hasa compy ... ummm ... a tition?? See who can gets mommy's ta pats our bottoms mostus??"

Jennie gasped. "Ooo that sound like a fun game!" she said. "We bofe gets our hineys patted 'n then we see who wins!" She paused and said, "Mommy Mommy!" as she started to toddle out of the room. "Lookit! Me can make my dolly dance! See? La la la ..."

A short while later, TJ brought Jennie back into the playroom, smiling. "That's very cute, sweetheart, now come back in here and play with baby Miki." She set Jennie down and patted her bottom gently, then went back out to the living room.

"Yayyyy me gotted a hiney pat!" Jennie said to Miki. "It workeded!"

Miki giggles. She says, "Watch this .. am gonna do faww down go boom for mommy ... sees is she pats my hinney"

Miki first goes to all 4s before standing up on her wobbly legs, and toddles off towards the den where their mommys were watching a movie on TV. Jennie duplicates Miki's actions and waddles to the door to watch. Miki toddles in unsteadily on her feet.

Lisa notices her and holds out her arms and coos softly, "Come to mommy baby ... I know you can do it."

Miki waddles slowly towards Lisa ... and suddenly it seems her knees buckle and she goes P L O P! on her thickly diapered bottom. As Lisa rushes over to Miki, Miki begins to whimper adorably.

Lisa picks Miki up and pats her lovingly on her hinny as she coos reassuringly, "It's ok baby ... that was a very good job."

She carries Miki back into the play room and sits her on the play mat next to Jennie ... who had just managed to sit back there before Lisa arrived With Miki.

Lisa coos, "Now both you girls play nice." Then turns and returns to the den.

Miki giggles to Jennie, "Thisa fun game ... think we can gets lotsa pats afor too long ... huh?"

Jennie gurgle her reply, "I bets we can! I gonna see if we can get anovver one."

She toddled out into the living room and started singing. "Ya put da right foot in, ya put da right foot out, ya shake it all bout," she sang, doing the dance -- with her left foot, of course when the shakes it all about came, she would turn around and wiggle her ruffled bottom at them -- and Jennie couldn't help bursting into giggles after "That what it all about!"

"Actually, I am starting to wonder what it's all about," said TJ, picking up Jennie and taking her back into the playroom. "What are you girls up to this time?" she asked rhetorically, setting Jennie down on the play mat next to Miki with a hug and another pat on the behind. Jennie giggled as TJ went back out to the den.

"Look Miki, I got another hineypat!" Jennie squealed to her friend.

Miki makes a humph as she crosses her arms. "I wanted ta do that." She sits and sucks her thumb thoughtfully for a few minutes before her eyes get big and she says, "I kno ... this gets mea hinny pat lots n lots."

Once again. Miki waddles into the living room where the adults were. When Miki was sure they were watching, she bends over and looks at them between her legs as she wiggles her ruffles in the air.

Miki gurgles, "Peeky boos ... baby cees use."

Lisa and TJ laugh. Lisa says, I think you might be right. The girls seem to be up to some kind of adorable foolishness again."

She walks over and picks Miki up and carries her back to the play room, all the while patting her hinny. Lisa sits Miki beside Jennie and leaves once again.

Miki giggles as she said happily, "See?? It workeded ... baby gotsa nuver pat on my bottoms."

Both girls giggle.

"Now my turn again," said Jennie.

She toddled back out to the den.

"Yes, Jennie?" said TJ. "It seems to be her turn ... for whatever it is," TJ said to Lisa.

"Mommy I can sing my ABCs!" Jennie said.

"Can you now?" TJ said, smiling.

"Uh huhs!" said Jennie with a nod. She began to sing, "A B C D E S P ... um ... la la la la L M N O B ... umm ..." Jennie blushed and giggled.

"Awww," said Lisa, "you do have to admit she's adorable."

Chuckling, TJ picked up Jennie and carried her off to the playroom, taking the opportunity to check her diaper.

"A little too adorable, I think," she said. "Here you go, honey, why don't you play with Miki now?" she said to Jennie, setting her down on the play mat with another pat on the bottom.

"Yay Miki!" said Jennie. "I got another one!"

Miki giggles as she says, "I gonna getsa boo boo hinny pat ... it count cuz itta hinny pat."

Miki sits for a few seconds and her face wrinkles up. Jennie knows this face ... it's the whiny baby face complete with crocodile tears. Miki waddles into the Living room, whimpering softly and holding out her index finger.

Lisa and TJ smile knowingly. TJ remarks, right on Que ... it's her turn now."

Lisa smiles as she bends over and coos, "Aww baby, come to mommy. It's ok ... what's wrong?"

Miki whimpers in her most adorable and beguiling baby voice, "I hadda boo boo on my finger. It huts."

Lisa smiles and says, “Let mommy take a look and see."

Lisa examines Miki's finger and sees nothing out of the ordinary wrong with it. She first kisses the finger then coos softly, "Now it's all better." Then picks Miki up and carries her back into the play room.

After giving Miki another loving hinny pat, this time, she puts up the baby gate on the door to the play room, creating an obstacle for the babies to figure out.

Miki giggle to Jennie, "See? baby gotsa boo boo hinny pats ... they kewmlies kinna pats too."

Both babies nod to each other as they giggle.

"I wanna nother pat," said Jennie, toddling to the doorway. "Uhoh," Jennie said, "there issa thingie here. A get in your way thingie."

Jennie puzzled about the gate and what to do about it until she got an idea. She started to gather pillows, toddling over to a stack of them in one corner of the playroom and picking up two, then bringing them to the gate. Miki watched Jennie and started to help until they had piled up lots of pillows on the playroom side. Some were in danger of tumbling over the gate.

"An' now," said Jennie, "I must go splorin to see what is onna ovver side!"

She crawled up the pile of pillows until she made it to the gate, pillows tumbling everywhere, but then Jennie tumbled over the gate too!

She rolled to a stop amid pillows that had fallen, then said, "Oooo now it time to asplore!"

Just as Jennie was crawling around the mysterious land of Kitchen, TJ picked that moment to go looking for a glass of water.

"Jennie!" she said when she saw the girl on the floor, looking back up at her. "What are you doing out here?"

"'Splorin'," Jennie said. "I 'scovered the kitchen land!"

"Is that so?" asked TJ, arching an eyebrow.

"Uh huums!" said Jennie. "I founda raisin unner the chair too." She held up a desiccated, dusty raisin. "Maby is still good."

"No no," said TJ, quickly confiscating the horrid thing. "No eating dead raisins for you. It'll be snack time soon, don't worry. But meanwhile, let's get you back in the playroom." She picked Jennie up again and checked her diaper. "Only a bit damp. How did you get out anyway?"

"Amma 'splorer," giggled Jennie.

"Mmm hmm," TJ said, reaching over and depositing Jennie back in the playroom beyond the gate. The pillows were again scattered to the far corners of the playroom, except for the ones that had tumbled outside the gate. Miki had been a busy little baby.

TJ says suspiciously, "And why are there pillows on the floor?"

"Umm, they treasure?" Jennie said.

"Oh ... kaay," said TJ, tossing the pillows back into the playroom.

"Maybe you should explore inside the playroom, honey," said TJ, reaching over and patting Jennie ... on the head. "Go play with Miki."

"Looks like Jennie was on a treasure hunt," said TJ, heading back out to the den, before her voice grew too distant to hear.

"Awww," said Jennie, "no hineypat that time." She sighed.

Miki was sitting sucking her thumb in thought. She takes her thumb from her mouth and says, "What happes ... is babies start ta cry n whiny aww over? Don that makes dults come runin n stuffs? Picks up babies an pats our hinny ta makes us betterer??"

Miki pulls open the front of her panties and diaper and looks in, "Baby no wet nuff ta gets changed ... but could sorta bea scuse?"

"Mommy jus check me," said Jennie, "so it no work for her. But maby Miki can twy?"

Miki looks around for a bit before she spies her sippy cup sitting next to the playpen. She crawls over and picks it up and looks at Jennie.

As she struggles to remove the top, Miki giggles, "Is baby pours somma this in my diaper n makes it wet ... can whiney baby n getsa change. Mommy awways pats my hinny befores n afters."

"Ut oh," said Jennie. "Careful ... you no want that Gumpy Wump thing to visit youuu ..."

The top to the sippy cup come off with a soft pop. Miki pulls open the front of her panties and diaper and pours some of the cup's contents in her diaper. Miki gasps and her eyes gets big as the cold liquid spreads around her bottom. Miki looks at Jennie for a few seconds before she breaks out in a loud cry.


Miki didn't realize how miserable it was going to be to have all this liquid in her diaper.

Lisa arrives shortly and opens the gate and picks up Miki. Miki's diaper is sloshy with liquid.

Miki whimpers, "Mommy ... baby needs ta get changed ... am wet." then pokes out her bottom lip adorably.

Lisa giggles softly as she coos reassuringly, "I can see that sweet heart. How did your diaper get so full so fast?"

"I twy to tell her it otay," said Jennie, looking up at Lisa, "but she jus keep cwyin' ... poor Miki ..." She patted Miki on the head gently.

Jennie giggles as Lisa looks at her knowingly. Lisa pats Miki on her droopy sloshy bottom softly as she carries the whimpering baby out of the play room for a needed change, leaving Jennie alone to contemplate her next move. Jennies eyes sparkle as she sees Lisa had left the baby fence open.

Jennie looked at Miki's empty sippy cup and got an idea. "Mommy?" she said plaintively, sounding like a lost waif. "Mommy?" she repeated, toddling out into the den. "Mommy?"

TJ was sitting there, waiting for Lisa to get back from changing Miki so they could continue watching their movie.

"Yes sweetheart?" she asked. "What's wrong?"

"I firsty," said Jennie.

"Awww honey, let me get you your bottle," said TJ. "I had one all ready for you, but I left it in the diaper bag." She took a bottle from one of the nearby diaper bag's pockets. "Come here, sweetie," she said.

About that time, Lisa came through the den carrying Miki and patting her bottom gently. Lisa carried Miki into the playroom, and returned shortly to sit on the sofa in front of the TV.

Jennie came over to TJ and climbed up onto her lap. TJ helped her up and held her close, holding the bottle up for Jennie to take and drink, which she did, closing her eyes and suckling thirstily. It was tasty apple juice, sweet and cold. Jennie really had been thirsty.

"There you go, sweetheart," said TJ. "Drink up."

She gently patted Jennie's diapered bottom as she drank. TJ felt Jennie's bottom growing warmer, however, so she suspected it might be time for a diaper change after this drink.

"We're never gonna get this movie watched," she said to Lisa.

Lisa smiled. "Oh, don't worry," she said. "I'm sure they'll be plenty quiet once it's nap time."

Miki sits on the play mat and thinks about what to do next. She had seen Jennie getting a bottle from her mommy as Lisa carried her back into the playroom. Miki looked around the playroom all the while thinking how she could get her bottom patted again. Her eyes get big as she spies the new Littlest Mermaid coloring book lying on the floor.

Miki crawls over and plops beside it and opens it to the first page. She smiles as she opens the crayon box and chooses one of the bright lime green ones and begins to scriggle all over the top of the page. Next, she chose a blue one, and began to scriggle up and down the middle of the page, completely making it look like a large T.

She took a red one and filled in the sides, before selecting the gray one and completely covering the bottom of the page. Miki clambers to all 4s then to her wobbly feet and carries the coloring book into the den up to her mommy.

Miki says in an adorable gurgle, "Lookit what baby done. Is so purty ... baby done goo .. huh?"

She looks at Lisa with expectant eyes as Lisa smiles. She bends over and kisses Miki on her nose as she pats her hinny.

Lisa says, "You are a good girl Miki, and did a very good coloring job."

Miki giggles delightedly at the hinny pat and quickly waddles off to the next room.

Lisa says, "You know, TJ ... I think I figured out what the girls are up to."

TJ looks up from Her nursing baby and asks, "What? Trying to out adorable each other?"

The 2 women giggle.

Lisa replies, "That too, but I think it's so we pat them on their butts or hug them or something. They seem to be doing the things we routinely pat their little hinnys for ... don't you think?"

"Well," said TJ, "except for the explorer thing Jennie did, you might be right. But I guess that might have been just an attempt that didn't work."

She looked down at Jennie, almost to the end of her bottle and oblivious to the world around. "Well, we'll just have to make up for that, you little bundle of mischief."

She gently patted Jennie's behind several times as she finished her bottle, until there was nothing but air left in it and Jennie's eyes opened. "Aw gone Mommy," Jennie said.

"Aww Jennie, you're such a cutie," said TJ. "But I can't pat your hinney without knowing that you need a change. Let's go take care of that, OK?" She stood up with Jennie, picked up the diaper bag, and said, "We'll be right back," to Lisa and Miki.

"Miki Miki me gotted anovver buncha thems!" said Jennie before she was carried out of the room.

Miki sits and sucks her thumb thoughtfully until TJ brings Jennie back into the play room, pats her hinny several times, then leaves her there as she goes back into the den to try and finish watching the movie she and Lisa were so desperately trying to see.

Miki giggles, "See? We gots lotsa hinny pats." Miki sits fora second or 2 before she pokes out her bottom lip adorably and continues in a whiny voice, "Cept ... how we kno who gotsa mostus ones?? dunno how manys after this." She holds up 3 fingers and looks worriedly at Jennie.

"Lessee," said Jennie. "There was the firstest time so that is one. Then the nextest time so that is two. Then the time after that so that is ... umm ... free. Then the time after that is ... uhh ..."

Jennie looked at her fingers. She had four fingers up but couldn't think what that was called. Jennie was just a baby, after all. She looked at Miki and scratched her head with her three fingers.

"Uhh ... I dunno who winned either!" she said with a giggle.

Miki giggles, "Well ... guess isa baby getsa hinny pat ... they wins reguardlessa how many ... huh?"

Both girls nod as they giggle.

Lisa says softly to TJ as they watch from the hall, "See? I told you it was something silly like that. All they wanted was to get their hinnys patted. What you say we take them to bed and curl up with them and pat their little bottoms until they go to sleep?"

So that is what they did. Both baby girls were very tired from all the playing they'd done, so it didn't take very many gentle pats on their padded behinds until they fell asleep, Jennie sucking her pacifier and Miki sucking her thumb calmly. TJ and Lisa crept out of the room quietly, knowing they would finally get to finish their movie, leaving the two girls to dream beautiful baby dreams, both of them winners in the hinny pat competition.

~~ The End ~~
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