Mystery of the Disappearing Raindrops

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Mystery of the Disappearing Raindrops

Postby Miki Yamuri » Fri Jul 25, 2014 4:25 am

Title: Baby Jenny, Miki, and the Mystery of the Disappearing Raindrops


Baby Jennie - Played by: Lil Jennie

Baby Miki - Played by: Miki Yamuri

Scene: In the back yard playing in the sand turtle

Baby Jennie and Baby Miki were making sand castles and mud pies in the sand turtle sand box in the back yard. Jennie and Miki were the best of friends, and their mothers, TJ and Lisa, would visit each other often and bring their babes with them so they could play together.

Miki scooped a large shovel full of sand and poured it into her bucket.

She asks, "How big tha tower supposesa be ta makesa Sandikens Castle?"

Baby Jennie spreads her arms wide and replies, "Bigger n this."

Both girls giggle as they shovel more sand into their buckets. Unknown to the 2 children, was the sky above. It became cloudy and gray. TJ looks out the window and sees it's about to rain. Just as Lisa and TJ hurry out and grab the babies, there is a soft grumbling from the sky. No sooner than they were under the patio roof, than the first large drops of the summer shower fell.

TJ sets the babies in the house where they could look out the screen door of the patio. She puts up the baby gate so the very intelligent babies couldn't open the door and wander out in the storm.

The babies whimpered and whined as they watched the rain fall. From behind them, the wonderful smell of freshly made home made chocolate pudding drifted in. Lisa comes into the den with a tray. On the tray were 2 bowls of hot chocolate pudding topped with a wonderful dollop of whipped cream. Lisa sets the tray on the small tea table and arranges the girl's dolls in their proper chairs for a tea party.

Lisa coos softly, "Ok, children, here's a snack to take your minds off of being stuck in the house."

The girls shriek with joy as they crawl over to the low table and begin to eat their pudding and have a tea party with the large dolls.

Of course, babies eating pudding is never the neatest affair. Both Jennie and Miki soon had pudding all over their faces and bibs, and some of the surrounding area. This did not, however, dampen their joy one whit. They were having the best time ever.

Finally, though, the time came. "Aww," said Jennie, "no more puddins."

She lifted her bowl up with her pudding-covered hand to see. Sure enough, there was no more pudding in the bowl.

"My goodness," said TJ, coming up from behind Jennie, "there's more pudding on your little hand than in that bowl!"

TJ took Jennie's hand and washed it gently with warm, wet cloth. She finished up with her face. Next, TJ washed Miki's face and hands. Of course, being babies, they had to squirm and wiggle. TJ laughed lightly at the adorable antics the girls played.

Miki crawls back to the baby gate looking out. She sees that it had finally quit raining and the sun shown brightly. Miki looked left ... then right. Nowhere she looked could she see any of the raindrop that had fallen. The patio concrete was dry ... and she couldn't even see a mud puddles to play in.

Miki turns and says to Jennie in her adorable way, "Jennies!! tha ... rain drops ... they gone! Nuffin lefteded ... no evena muckpuckles."

Jennie crawled up next to Miki and looked out the baby gate too. "You wight Miki!" she gasped. "The rain dwops ... where they go?"

Jennie looked at her friend, wide-eyed in amazement ... then she got a determined gleam in her little brown eyes.

"I knows!" she said. "We gonna finds out!" She sat back on her thickly padded behind and said dramatically, "We gotsa myssary ta solve!"

Miki squeals with delight. She loves more than anything to go on an adventure with Jennie. About that time, Lisa came and took down the baby gate, and let the girls back out into the yard to play. Miki goes to her hands and knees, then stands up slowly on her wobbly legs. She toddles over to the sand turtle first and looks into the buckets they had been filling with sand. The buckets had a goodly quantity of water in them.

Miki says, "Ohh, Jennies, baby think I found where some of em hidin."

Jennie stands up in the same manner Miki did, and toddles over to the sand turtle. She looks into the water filled bucket and shakes her head.

Jennie says, "Some might b in there .... but there tons more missin."

Miki nods, "Yup ... but no can see where they wented."

The girls begin to toddle all around the fenced in play area. The trees had small droplets still on the underside of the leaves that fell when the breeze passed. Miki looked up as several of them fell and splattered in her face.

She squeals with delight as she says, "Jennies ... som hidin inna tree. Lookie."

She points up at the water droplets sparkling silver on the leaves in the summer sun. Miki's eyes get big as she thinks.

Miki says, "You think alla tha rain drop climb inna tree ta hid formma sun?" She looks at Jennie questioningly.

"Goo job Miki," said Jennie encouragingly. "You is 'zaminin' the evvy dents. Thatta goo way to solves a myssary." She looked up into the tree too. "Hmmm ... there was lotsa rain drops. Lots more than that I fink." Jennie thought for a moment. "Then we do the nextest fing to solves a myssary!" she said.

"Whatsat?" Miki asked.

"We finds some wits nesses," she explained clearly, "an we interramagates -- umm interra -- we asks 'em questons."

Jennie looked around for a few seconds before she spies a gray fuzzy ball jumping about. "Like him! Maby he sawed somefin," she said, pointing at a nearby squirrel, who took no notice of the girls.

Miki nods until her ponytails flew. She says, "A tree rat see lotsa stuffies." Miki toddles over to the screen door on the patio and whimpers. Lisa comes quickly to see what the problem was. She pulls open the back of Miki's diaper and checks her first, before picking her up and patting her hinny reassuringly.

Lisa coos softly, "What ever is the matter sweet heart?"

Miki replies, "Baby needs some flowa seeds for tha tree rats."

Lisa giggles, "Oh, so they're back now?"

Miki nods as Lisa gets a package of black oil sunflower seeds and opens them. She carries Miki back outside and sets her near the tree where the squirrel and a companion were now chattering. Lisa hands Jennie a package as well before going back in the house.

Miki says with excitement, "We jus sorta tosses em out ... tha tree rat come n we ... terrygates em." Miki gets a puzzled look on her face suddenly, "Umm ... Jennies?? Whatsa ... terrygate? It no gonna hurtsa tree rats is it? They sorta our friends."

"I duno what kinna gate that is Miki," Jennie said, scratching her little head and making her red pigtails wiggle. "It jus somepin you posdta do. But ennyways we gotsa asks the squirls if they knows where the rain drops wented."

She put some sunflower seeds in her hand and toddled a bit closer to the squirrels.

"Hewwo," said Jennie, "dids you see where the rain drops goed?"

The squirrels were paying attention to Jennie now. One of them hopped curiously toward her, making a chirruping sound. It stopped about 2 feet from her and sat up on its hind legs and flipped its tail as it wiggled its whiskers.

"I no sure I unnerstands," Jennie said to the squirrel. "Does you know what he sayin Miki?"

Miki toddles a bit closer to the squirrel and holds out some seeds. The squirrel begins to flip its tail more rapidly and act jittery. Miki stops approaching and holds her hand steady.

She says softly, "We jus wanna kno is u saw where alla rain drops wented."

The squirrel cautiously approched Miki's outstretched hand. It carefully stretched forward ... then suddenly grabbed a seed and scampered up the tree, knocking loose a small shower of drops that rained down on the 2 girls. They shrieked and giggled as this happened.

Miki says, "Tha tree rat sayin tha drops run uppa tree me thinks."

Miki points up the tree where another squirrel was circling as it too came down the trunk to check out the seeds. Jennie held out a handful of seeds, and this second squirrel took a few curious steps closer to see what she had there.

"Here ya go," Jennie said. "Didja see where the rain drops wented?"

The squirrel came closer, closer, then suddenly ran under Jennie's hand, nudged it from below with its wet fur, knocking several seeds into the air, then picked a few up in its mouth and ran away with them.

"Oh!" Jennie said in surprise, then giggled. "Silly squirly!" Then she thought for a moment. "Hey that squirl is all wet!" she said. "Is they hidin' the rain drops inside their furs?"

Miki sat back on her thickly diapered hinny and sucked her thumb thoughtfully. She wondered how many tree rats it would take to keep all the raindrops.

She takes her thumb from her mouth and says, "Jennies ... ummm ... baby no can count how manys tree rats it takes ta hide that many rain drops. What happens is they hide .... in tonsa places all atta same time?" Miki puts her thumb back into her mouth and looks at Jennie with big eyes.

Jennie began to suck her thumb thoughtfully as several more playful squirrels arrived. Jennie watched them as they tussled over the remaining seed left on the ground by the tree. As Jennie sucked her thumb thoughtfully and watched the squirrels play their game of tag over the seeds, Miki crawls over to the flower bed. There are many small brightly glistening drop scattered all within the flowers.

Miki says, "Jennie ... tha flowers gots lotsa drop hidin in em too." she points to the large roses in bloom.

About that time, TJ comes out the back door and says in a cooing voice, "What are you cutie pies up to now?"

Miki points to the roses and says in a cute voice, "Tha raindrops hidin inna flowers."

TJ laughs and replies, "Yes dear. Your mother's making cup cakes for you and Jennie. In a few minutes, I'll bring them out for you to snack on."

"Yay cup cakes!" said Jennie, clapping her hands and jumping up and down in the wet grass. Wet grass ... "Hey! Jennie said, plopping down in the grass. "Look Miki! The grass ... it gots lotsa drops too! Is gettin all ober me."

"Dis is a real tough one Miki," Jennie said. "Evry buddy gots a angle."

"What dat means Jennie?" Miki asked.

"I dunno," said Jennie. "Is somefin tha tectives says onna TV."

"Look, girls," said Lisa's voice from the back door, momentarily distracting them from their case. "I've got a plate full of cupcakes for two adorable little baby girls. Are there any of those around here?" she said, cooing in almost musical tones.

Jennie and Miki were drawn to the cupcakes like magnetic letters to a refrigerator. TJ and Lisa soon had them in their bibs and high chairs, each happily demolishing a chocolate cupcake on the tray in front of her. Miki shoves the chocolate cupcake into her mouth .... smearing more on her hands and face and down her front that she managed to get into her mouth. TJ and Lisa giggle at how adorable the girls are as the destroy their cupcakes.

TJ comments to Lisa, "Miki claims there are raindrops hiding in your rose garden."

Lisa giggles and replies, "Oh, really?"

TJ giggles and says, "Yes. I think the girls are on an adventure to find where all the raindrops went while they were inside."

Lisa shakes her head and says, "That's a really tall order."

Lisa looks out the window and sees a very beautiful, multicolored triple rainbow in vivid colors all across the sky. Her eyes get large as she gets an idea.

Lisa says softly, "I think we can help the girls discover ... where they all go."

Lisa points to the rainbow. TJ nods in understanding as they begin cleaning the girls hands and faces. TJ and Lisa carries their children back out onto the patio. They sit them facing the direction of the wonderfully colorful rainbow.

Miki's eyes get big as she points, "Jennies ... lookie there." Jennie turns and her eyes get big as she too sees the rainbow in all its vivid colors.

"Waaaaainbow," was all Jennie could say as the rainbow reflected in her eyes. "Sooo pwetty ..."

"Do you know what rainbows are, Sweetheart?" TJ asked her. "There are still raindrops falling over there, and they make the sunlight into a rainbow."

"Ooo weally?" Jennie said. "Wainbows ... is made of wain dwops?"

"That's right, Sweetie," TJ said. "Kinda," she added.

Miki pokes Jennie softly in the side. Jennie giggles at the tickle as Miki says softly, "Jennies ... u thinks ... thata wainbows ... isa sorta bridge kinna thingy?"

Jennie giggles as she replies, "Mommy say is madda raindrops n stuffs."

Miki looks back at the beautiful rainbow as she claps her hands, "That gottsa b it Jennies. Is where alla raindrops goes ... up that bridge back inna sky."

Lisa and TJ laugh. Lisa says in a soft coo, "Yes sweet heart. That's the bridge all the raindrops take back to heaven."

Miki and Jennie squeal with delight. They have finally discovered where all the raindrops go to after it rains.

"Yay!" said Jennie with obvious delight. "Case thingie closed!" she added in a resolute voice. "Tha wain dwops goes back up to heaven 'cross tha wainbow bwidge wif help fom the sun!"

"Uh," TJ began, then thought better of it and hugged Jennie. "Close enough," she said giggling.

Miki and Jennie hug each other. They are both ecstatic with their discovery. Lisa and TJ hug their 2 adorable babies as they watch the rainbow hanging majestically in the sky .
~~ The End ~~
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