Mystery of the Vanishing Sunbeam

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Mystery of the Vanishing Sunbeam

Postby Miki Yamuri » Fri Jul 25, 2014 4:24 am

Title: Mystery of the Vanishing Sunbeam


Baby Jennie - Played by: liljennie

Baby Miki - Played by: Miki Yamuri

Scene: In the playroom one afternoon

Baby Miki sat happily scribbling in her coloring book, waiting for her bestus friend, baby Jennie to arrive so they could play. While Miki was scriggling all over the page, she noticed a small golden patch of sunlight slowly creep across the page. By the time Miki heard TJ arrive with Jennie, the sunbeam had mysteriously vanished. Shortly after that, TJ enters the room with Jennie holding onto her index fingers and being walked towards Miki.

TJ coos softly, "Here we go girls. Now the 2 of you play nice."

Miki screeches happily, "Jenniiiies!!! **Shrieks*"

Jennie squeaked, "Mikiiiiiii!" and hugged her friend happily. "Yayyyy! Me getsa play wif baby!"

TJ smiled happily at how cute the little girls were, then saw Miki's mommy Lisa watching from the hallway, also smiling. She joined Lisa and went to the living room to talk.

"Lookit, Miki!" said Jennie, holding up a fuzzy toy that looked kind of like a ladybug, but it had shiny silvery spots where a ladybug has black spots. "I gotsa new fuzzy bug!"

Miki giggles as she says, "What Jennies call fuzzy bug? Issat its name?"

Jennie put the cute little toy on the floor just in time for the golden spot of sunshine to land right on the silvery spots in bright flashes. This lasted for several seconds until the sun was once again obstructed by a passing cloud.

Miki points to the fuzzy bug and says excitedly, "Where tha light spot go? It here sometime ... then vanish ... is gone n baby no can find it."

Jennie had been trying to think of a name for the fuzzy, shiny bug, but Miki's new mystery chased that question right out of her mind. "Ooo, Miki," she said, "me dunno! You asks lotsa goo questions!"

Then, after Jennie thought about it for a moment. "It no there right now," she said. "but it was there. So it wented somewhere! But ... where?" She scratched her head. "Under the sofa?"

Jennie quickly crawled over with her cute ruffled bottom wiggling in the air and looked under the sofa. It was quite dark under there, much darker than any spot inhabited by a sunbeam. Meanwhile, the sun peeked out from behind a cloud and illuminated the fuzzy ladybug, sending tiny mirrored fragments of light all over the room, and all over Miki, who was sitting right next to it.

Miki screeches loudly, "Jennies ... I fected wiff sunbeams .. lookie!!"

Jennie sits up on her diapered hinny and starts to suck her thumb as she looks at all the bright sun spots sparkling all over the room.

Miki squeaks excitedly, "It brought alla its friens wif it!"

Once again, a cloud moved across the sky and slowly obstructed the sunlight, which in turn caused all the light spots to vanish before the big eyed little babies.

Jennie gaped widely and her thumb fell to the floor. "Where they all go to?" she asked. "How they do that?"

Miki points, "Baby think one went unner tha table over there."

Miki quickly crawls on all 4s to the table and looks under it. All she could see was dimness and several toys that belonged to Tommy kitty. Meanwhile, Jennie crawled over and looked closely at the ladybug toy.

"They likes Ms. Ladybug," she said. "Maby is me watches carefully, me sees where they come from when they come back."

When the sunbeam came back, Jennie was leaning over the fuzzy toy, so the sunbeam played on Jennie's back, where she couldn't see it at all. Miki crawls up to Jennie and sits. She puts her hand in the middle of Jennie's back. The sunbeam is now on the back of Miki's hand.

She squeals, "Jennies ... tha sunbeam ... it .. it ... it transmogerfies ... it moves from u ta mes .. through me!"

Miki watches with big eyes as she moves her hand. She sees the sunbeam more or less slide off the back of her hand and now appears on Jennies back.

"Me see me see!" said Jennie, turning around. The sunbeam now landed squarely on the lap of Jennie's pink romper, right over her diaper. The baby girl gasped and tried to grab it. Now Jennie had a sunbeam on her hand.

"Neatos!" Jennie said. "Sun on my hand!" But then the sun went behind a cloud again. "Awwwww ..." said Jennie, disappointed.

Miki sat and watched with big eyes as she sucked her thumb thoughtfully.

She finally says, "Isa realy mystery. Where tha sunbeam go when it disappears? Seems it can sorta pass through stuffies ... no?"

She looks at Jennie with big eyes for a few seconds before she spies a small sparkle of light from beside the far side of the sofa.

Miki squeals, "There ... it hides there."

She quickly crawls off on all 4s showing all her ruffles to try and catch the elusive sunbeam.

"No is over here!" said Jennie, crawling toward a sunny spot that had appeared near the window.

Jennie looked at Miki's sunbeam, and Miki looked at Jennie's sunbeam. They blinked at each other.

"Huh??" said Jennie.

Miki giggles, "It seems sunbeam brings friens wif it sometime .. huh?"

This time, there are many clouds as the sky fills. The room the babies are in darkens slightly as it clouds over. Lisa, Miki's mommy, walks in the room and sees the 2 babies sitting across the room form each other with surprised expressions and huge eyes.

Lisa walks to Jennie and picks her up, pats her hinny reassuringly, "What's the matter sweet heart? Something wrong? Was Miki a naughty baby?"

Miki squeals in protest, "Ia goo baby mommy ... no done nuffin. Seemsa sunbeam come n hides ... no can finds where it goes neivers ... even when it bring friens."

Lisa laughs as she sets Jennie next to Miki. She says in a sweet cooing voice, "Well, I'm sure it's something the 2 of you can figure out." She kisses the 2 of them on the forehead as she walks to the other room.

The girls can hear Lisa saying to TJ before they are out of earshot, "It seems the girls are on a sunbeam hunt ..." They can hear their mommy's giggles as it fades in the distance.

Jennie made a pouty face. "Me thinks ... they know somepin," she said, "but they no tellins."

Then Jennie noticed something. As the clods moved away and the sunbeam returned, Miki's sunbeam was in front of the dark colored chair, and Jennie could see it illuminating many tiny motes of dust in the air. She could follow it with her eyes up to ... "The window!" she exclaimed. "Is comin' in the window!"

Jennie crawled toward the window and pulled herself up to her feet, barely high enough for her to peer over the sill. "Oooooo ..." she said, looking out into the back yard.

Miki crawled curiously over to see, and when she pulled herself up, she saw what Jennie saw -- dozens, hundreds, thousands of sunbeams, dancing and playing among the leaves of the trees in the gentle breeze, and flickering among the blades of grass on the ground.

Miki gasps softly as her eyes get even bigger at the sight of all those sunbeams dancing in the yard.

Miki says excitedly, "Jennies!! There ... gabiillionsa em out there ... is they havina party or sompin?" Miki looks at Jennie, "Or maybe they mads cuz we looking for em inna house?"

"Nooo Miki don'tcha see?" said Jennie. "We found where they come fwom!" She watched the sunbeams in awe. "That gotsa be where they all live!"

"Where all WHO live, baby?" asked TJ, coming in to pull open the back of Jennie's cute pink romper and check her diaper. "Oh dear, wet already? Well, only a little damp. Are you still after the sunbeams?"

"Uh huh Mommy," Jennie said, "lookit all the sunbeams out there! They all playing and happy!"

"Yes they are," cooed TJ sweetly. "Looks like you're pretty wet there, Miki. Don't worry, I'll tell Lisa and she'll take care of you. Want to go out and play in the back yard after? You can find even more sunbeams out there."

"Oooo yeah!" Jennie said, clapping her hands and bouncing. "Wantoo, Miki?"

Jennie turns just in time to see Lisa carrying Miki out of the room. TJ grabs up Jennie and twirls her around several times before carrying her off in the other direction.

Miki giggles and screeched as Lisa tickled her in her ribs. After Lisa pulled up Miki's rumba panties, she blows a loud and mushy raspberry in Miki's tummy. Miki kicks and screams happily as Lisa plucks her from the changing counter and throws her up in the air slightly ... just enough to give Miki those tingly fluttrbys in her tummy she loves so much. Miki screeches loudly with joy.

Lisa snuggles her face into Miki's face in a loving kiss as she coos softly, "Ok, baby ... you and Jennie play nice outside ... don't let those sunbeams get away hear?"

Miki giggles, "Baby won .. promis."

Lisa coos softly as she carries Miki out to the sand turtle, "Silly baby. You're so adorable."

Lisa sets Miki gently beside Jennie in the sand turtle amid many golden patches of sunlight that filtered through the leaves of the big oaks and hickory towing high above.

Jennie hugged Miki and looked around the sandbox at all the sunbeams flickering around. Sometimes a cloud would come and they would all disappear, but soon they would come back. One sunbeam came close to Jennie, and she tried to catch it, launching with both hands! But all she ended up with was a spot of sunlight on the back of her hand, and hand prints in the sand.

"Awwww, they too tricky!" Jennie whimpered in frustration.

Miki tried to capture a large sunbeam under her sand pail. All she managed to accomplish, was making a round ring shaped indentation iin the sand ... and the golden sunbeam on top of the bucket.

Miki says in a pouty voice, "They no wanna gets caughted."

Miki picks up a large hand full of sand and tosses it at the sunbeam. The 2 girls sit and watch as the dust filters through the air, showing another trail like in the house. Miki looks up thought the leaves and sees the sun filtering through the trees.

Miki points up and squeals, "Look, Jennies ... lotsa sparklies inna trees too.

Jennie looked up too. "Oooooo! Maby this NOT where they come froms! Maby they come from trees!"

Jennie quickly looked up through the trees, but suddenly one of them shone brightly into her eyes. "Aaa!" she said, blinking. "They super bright!"

Jennie and Miki cover their eyes as the sun dances all around the girls.

Miki says softly, "Ya thinks they no go no wheres? What ifs they jus ... hang inna air n turns off like mommy doesa light ?'

About that time, a large fluffy cloud crosses in front of the sun, casting a shadow on everything. The girl's look at each other as it appears ... the girl just knew the sunbeams had just turned themselves off.

"Awww they goned again!" Jennie said, pouting. "They gone from here so they mus come from up there." She pointed up in the air. "Maby they waitin up there for their mommy to let em come down n play again?"

Jennie tilted her head back and cupped her hands around her mouth. "Oh mommy of the sunbeams!" she shouted. "Is otay if your babys come play wif Miki n me some more? We pomise not to make em cwy!

“Maby that work," said Jennie, looking at Miki.

Suddenly, Jennie gets a huge *SPLAT!* right in the middle of her forehead. Miki looks up just in time to get one too. Slowly, one at a time at first, then with ever increasing numbers, raindrops begin to fall. Lisa and TJ rush out and grab up the babies and rush under the covered porch with them. Miki looks out as the rain begins in earnest.

She says to Jennie sadly, "Guessa sunbeam's mommy no letem come out fora while ... huh? They aww crying lots."

"Awww poor sumbeams," said Jennie, looking as if she were going to cry herself.

Baby Jennie and Baby Miki sat in the nursery whimpering softly over the lost sunbeams. They watched it rain for about an hour. Suddenly. A beam of light flashes into the nursery through a break in the clouds, spilling a large pool of golden light across their faces. It was so warm and soft. The girl's gasp in delight as they see a very pretty triple rainbow form across the sky ... to end right at the window casement in front of them.

Miki giggles, "Seemsa sunbeams back n they senta message ta lets us kno."

Jennie and Miki nod to each other as they squeal in delight at the return of the sunbeams once again. Now they knew exactly where they came from … from the clouds.

~~ The End ~~
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