Baby Jennie and Miki and the Gumpy Wump

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Baby Jennie and Miki and the Gumpy Wump

Postby Miki Yamuri » Fri Jul 25, 2014 4:23 am

Title: Baby Jennie and Miki and the Gumpy Wump


Baby Miki - Played by: Miki Yamuri

Baby Jennie - Played by: liljennie

Scene: In the back yard playing in a mud puddle

It had been the beginnings of an extremely hot summer. There had been no relief from the excessively high temperatures for the last several weeks. Baby Miki's mom Lisa, and baby Jennie's mom TJ, had decided to turn on the sprinklers in the back yard and let their girls play in the water and mud to cool off.

Miki and Jennie screeched and giggled happily as they played in the cool spray and the ever widening puddle that was collecting in the depression in the yard.

Miki giggles, "Hasa mud pie Jennies ... gotsa cannel anna buncha toppins too."

Miki hands Jennie a gooey mud pie with a stick in the very center, several leaves, and 8 acorns arranged in a circle.

"Oooo Miki," said Jennie, "you makes the bestes mud pies!"

Jennie was making one but it just had a circle of grass around the outer edge. Both girls were about halfway covered in water, some of it muddy, and they wore nothing but their cloth diapers and plastic panties. Jennie offered her less decorated mud pie to Miki nonetheless.

Suddenly, the sprinkler turned their way and splashed both of them with water, causing both baby girls to squeak and screech in surprise at how cold it was ... although it was much better than the hot, humid air.

Off to one side, unnoticed by the happily screeching girls, a rather ominous pile of brownish, dirty looking bubbly foam slowly slid into the puddle the girls sat in. It slowly spread across the top of the water to surround each of the babies. Miki shakes her head, causing the water to fly from her wet hair.

She says with a giggle, "We can makes mud castles too is ya wanna."

She begins to splooch hand fulls of muck into a pile and shape it into a sort of mound. Each time the sprinkler would come around, however, it would wet it to the point where it would return to its colloidal state and begin to ooze away again. Both girls giggled as they futilely attempted to stop it from melting away.

"Yayyyy," said Jennie, "when it squooshes down that just means we get to pile it up some more!"

Jennie was good at seeing the bright side of things -- even when there was water in her eyes, dripping into them from her hair. Jennie began to fidget where she sat.

"I dunno, Miki, are you feelin' kinda squidgy inside your diaper?" she asked.

Miki nods as she pulls open the front of her panties and diaper and peers in. She is wet and muddy as would be expected.

Miki says, "Think we wetterer than we been is we no play inna sprinklers."

Both girls nod to each other. About that time, TJ and Lisa come from the house on to the back porch. They both have a large towel in their hands.

TJ calls, "Ok, girls, time to come in and get cleaned up for lunch."

Miki and Jennie go to all 4s first, the slowly stand up. A strange trail of brown, dirty foam seems to run from their panties and diaper back into the muck puddle, leaving them with adorable droopy hinnys.

Lisa giggles and says, "Oh, look TJ, the girls have such cute droopy bottoms now that they are all wet."

TJ giggles and says, "Jennie baby, you have the most adorable butt next to Miki's in the place."

The girls look at each other, then look at each others hinny.

Sure enough, the diapers and plastic panties were full of water and they hung down in the back.

Miki squeaks, "Oh. no Jennies ... we gots ... tha dreaded Droopy Bottom Syndromes."

Both girls squeak softly in dismay as they toddle to their mother's loving arms. As their mother undressed them and cleaned them up, and finally dried them off, they continued to make a huge deal of how cute their droopy bottoms were.

"Awww look at adowable Jen-Jen wif her saggy droopy dipee," said TJ in mock baby talk, "What a cute baby she is!"

Lisa pats Miki on her hinny and coos softly, "Now doesn't that look just adorable? I think I should get diapers made so you always have a droopy butt." Miki squeaks unhappily as TJ and Lisa laugh. Lisa continues, "Did you get those pictures, TJ?"

TJ nods towards the cell phone sitting on the near by table.

Lisa says, "I'll give everyone copies of them ... this is too cute."

Finally TJ got Jennie changed into a nice dry diaper, with lots of baby powder.

"There you go, little one," she said to Jennie, "not as adorable as before, but ... almost! And you smell nice ... for now."

She set Jennie down in the playpen nearby, just as Lisa got done changing Miki and set her down in the playpen too.

"Now you girls play," said Lisa, "and try not to get muddy in here!" Lisa and TJ leave the room giggling.

From the mud puddle in the yard, all the dirty brown foam seemed to gather itself together in a pile. 2 large muddy bubbles appeared to be eyes, and the rest seemed to make up an impishly grinning face as it watched the babies get their saggy diapers changed.

Miki sits and pouts for a few minutes as Jennie begins to stack the Alphabet Blocks into a pyramid.

Miki says in a whinny voice, "Why comes our diapers gets droopy thataways? Seems it started feelin squeegy suddenlys."

"I dunno Miki," said Jennie, "I know we gets wet ... still not sure why ... but I dunno why we gets all droopy sometimes but sometimes not."

Miki knocked the block pyramid down and started to build another one for Jennie to knock down.

Miki suggests, "We was super wet 'cause of sittin' in the puddle. Might be if we get REAL wet before we changed ... then we get all droopy."

"Maybe, Miki," said Jennie, "but I dunno ... I gotten pretty wet bfore wifout gettin' ..." she shuddered at the thought ... "Droopy Bottom Syndrome."

Miki sits and sucks her thumb thoughtfully as Jennie piled the blocks one on top of the other. Miki's eyes get big as she remembers something that she hadn't thought much of when it happened.

Miki squeaks out worriedly, "Jennies?? Membersa ... brown buggles? That ... stuffies aww round us inna puckle?"

Jennie shrugs her shoulders as she put one more block on the stack. She sits back and puts her thumb in her mouth as she thinks about it for a second.

"Umm there was a buncha buggles," said Jennie, "but I thought it was jus from the sprinkler n stuffs." Jennie thought for a moment, "But ... that was right before ... it started feelin' all squidgy inside my diaper," she said, finishing the block pyramid again.

By sheer coincidence, the blocks spelled out one way to state the equation for the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle. Miki knocked them down. Now it was her turn to build the pyramid.

The girls played and forgot the incident. TJ took Jennie home for the night and Miki was put in her crib. Miki had very pleasant baby dreams.

The next morning, Lisa woke Miki and was in the process of changing her as she said, " Miss TJ is bringing Jennie back over after breakfast. We splurged and bought a new wading pool for the 2 of you to splash in. It's going to be another scorcher today."

All Miki could think of was playing in the pool with Jennie as Lisa put spoon after spoon of breakfast into her mouth. Of course, Miki was making a huge mess down her front and face. After Breakfast and Miki being cleaned up and changed, Tj arrived with Jennie.

The girls sucked their thumbs with big eyes as they watched their mommy's inflate the pool.

Miki says around her thumb, "Ithh gonntha bea nith thingys."

Jennie replies around hers, “Ith ith.”

"Let's see," said TJ, holding the garden hose, "babies in first or water in first?"

"We can turn the hose on and off," said Lisa, closing the pool's air valve. "Babies first. C'mon baby, in you go," she said, picking Miki up and setting her down in the pool.

TJ set Jennie down in the pool too, then put the end of the hose in with them. Soon, cold water came gushing from the hose, slowly filling the pool. Jennie squeaked a bit as the cold water first touched her skin, and Miki did too shortly after, but then they got used to it and started splashing the water with their hands.

Slowly and unnoticed, a group of white foamy bubbles seems to flow over the edge into the pool. All anyone could see ... was a groups of bubbles that seemed to float over to the girls and surrounded them one more time. Miki looks down suddenly and squeaks loudly as she begins to splash at the bubbles.

Lisa rushes over and says with concern in her voice, "What's wrong baby? Did something bite you?"

Miki points to the seemingly innocent foam off in one corner, "It ... it ... live."

Lisa giggles as she takes a hand full of the foam ... the bubbles all pop and vanish.

Lisa says in a cooing voice, "It's just foam sweet heart."

She kisses Miki softly on her nose, then goes to the table and sits with TJ.

Miki looks at Jennie and says softly, "I thin sompin up wiffa buggles ... they seemsa ... be live or sompin."

Jennie's eyes popped open wide. "Live buggles??" she shouted, looking around in the inflatable pool. "Where where?"

She started splashing around trying to find them, but only succeeded in completely obscuring the mysterious bubbles Miki had seen.

Miki's eyes get huge as she sees many more bubbles form amid all of Jennie's splashing. Miki was positive she had seen a group of bubbles crawl into the pool. As she stared hard, looking for the mysterious pile, a large group of bubbles made themselves inconspicuous amid all the fresh bubbles being stirred up by Jennie.

Miki says exasperatedly, "Jus kno I seena buncha them buggles crawls inna pool n comes gets in our diaper."

She looks pleadingly at Jennie. All Jennie could see, was all the fresh bubbles she had created by splashing. The 2 girls sit quietly for a long time watching as the foam slowly pops ... one at a time. Finally, there are no more bubbles to be seen.

Miki pouts, "I jus kno there sompin strange goin ons Jennies."

Miki goes to all 4s then stands up on her wobbly feet. From her diaper drips a long trail of foam into the pool ... and her hinny droops adorably.

Jennie gasped. "M-Miki!" she exclaimed in amazement. "Y-you're ..." She hesitated. Miki looked down, saw her diaper and gasped as Jennie continued, "... standin' up wifout your mommy holdin' your hand!! Wowww!"

Miki screeches as she sees the foam around her feet ... and the fact she had Droopy Bottom Syndrome one more time. Jennie goes to all 4s ... then stands up on her wobbly feet. A small stream of foam leaks from her diaper as well and joins the rest in the water. Jennie's diaper droops in the hinny as badly as Miki's.

Miki points and says with a screech, "See??!! U gots tha DBS now too ... jus like me. N looks ... that .. buggles stuffies comes out our diaper!!"

Miki starts to cry. Lisa arrives immediately and pats Miki droopy butt reassuringly, "It's ok sweet heart ... mommy's here ... tell mommy what's wrong?"

Miki whimpers for a few more times then says in a whiny voice, "Therea monser inna water ... look like buggles n stuffs ... give baby ..." Miki twists around and looks at her sagging diaper, "A droopy bottoms."

Lisa couldn't help herself. She smiles at first and tries really hard not to ... but she begins to giggle.

Lisa says with a laugh, "Oh, silly baby ... that's just what happens when your diaper gets full of water. It's not a monster at all."

Jennie was startled to look down and see that she had also contracted the dreaded Droopy Bottom Syndrome, which babies found so distressing yet grownups found so adorable. With her friend crying, she had no choice but to burst into tears as well, adding to the general chaos with her wailing.

"Oh, not you too, Jennie," said Lisa, as TJ came out to see why there was so much crying.

"What's --" TJ began.

"Wahhhh!" cried Jennie.

"No really, what's --" TJ began again.

Lisa burst into giggles again in spite of herself.

"What's going --" TJ tried once more.

"Wahhhh!" cried Miki, bursting back into tears because her friend Jennie was still crying.

"I give up," said TJ. "Time for diaper changes!"

She picked up Jennie, put her pacifier in her mouth, and carried her off. As the babies were carried off by their mothers to be cleaned, dried, and freshly diapered, the bubbles gathered at the edge of the pool and watched them leave. 2 very large bubbles appeared to be eyes and several seemed to arrange themselves into a large smile. A long breathy sound could be heard softly over and over ... Gumpy Wump ... Gumpy Wump ...

After the babies were dried, rediapered, and put in their playpen to play, Miki sits and pouts.

She says to Jennie in a pouty voice, "Jennies, I kno sompin up wifs that buggles. Jus kno it. It ... move inna pool aww by itselfs n come in gots in our diaper. When we stood up .. it runed out. Dinnt u see?"

"Ummmm ... no," said Jennie. "Was 'stracted. Is that what it did?" When Miki nodded, she said, "Oooo, Miki ... does you know what dis means? It means you maby gonna solve the mystery of the horriboo Droopy Bottom Syndro ... Syndro-thingie!"

Jennie held onto the side of the playpen and gestured expansively with her other hand.

"Babys everywhere will know the name of Baby Miki, the 'scoverer of the cause of the DBS! Maby ... maby u even find ... a cure!" Jennie paused. "Actualy the cure is a diaper change, so we aweady knows that. But anyway baby could be famous!"

Miki whimpers as she says softly, "What is ... itta nasty monser n bites or eats babies? Hols us unner water or sompin is we inna pool?"

Jennie looks at Miki as her eyes get big and her mouth makes a perfect O. The 2 girls scramble out of the playpen and quickly crawl under the Papasan chair, pull the thick spread over the entrance, and hide there in the simidark from this new monster.

"But whatif it jus .. somefin inna water? Some kinda ... special kinda water or somefin?" Jennie paused. "You no think ... it can ever come in here could it?" She looked worried.

Jennie sat down, lifted up her dress, and watched her diaper carefully. She did not want to get DBS. But she didn't see any bubbles or a monster. She just saw the nursery print cloth under pink plastic.

Miki whimpers softly so as not to be heard outside the hiding place, "Baby no ever gots DBS while inna house ... jus is baby out playin inna water or sompin."

Miki carefully lifts the edge of the spread and allows a peek of light to enter. She peers out carefully, but doesn't see any sign of bubbles or mommys ... or anyone else ... not even Tommy Kitty.

She lowers the edge and whispers, "I think we safes unner here ... no even Tom Kitty kno wheres we is."

As the girls whisper conspiratorially to each other about what they are going to do next, TJ comes into the play room looking for the girls. She can't see them anywhere.

TJ calls out loudly with much concern in her voice, "Jennie!!! Miki!!! Where are you?"

The girls gasp softly ... should they answer mommy ... and let that ... monser know where they are? OR just huddle silently in the dark safe in the knowledge that it can't find them?

"Shh!" said Jennie to TJ, popping her head out from under the chair for just a moment.

"Huh?" said TJ, looking at the chair, but not seeing anybody, because Jennie had gone back into hiding.

"Mommy! Shh!" whispered Jennie, popping out from under the chair again, her finger in front of her lips. Behind her, Miki giggled. Jennie hid under the chair again.

Smiling, TJ went over to the chair and knelt down. "And who are we hiding from?" TJ asked, in a half-whisper.

"Fwom the monser," Jennie whispered, without coming out this time.

"Ohhh, a monster," whispered TJ. "Well, I don't see any monsters, so I think it's safe."

"Maby it safe," whispered Jennie to Miki.

Miki nods slowly with uncertainty.

Miki whispers to Jennie, "What is it jus ... hidin from babies ... till we come out ... then it gets us again?"

TJ reaches under the chair and grabs Miki first. She carefully pulls Miki from her hiding place, then retrieves Jennie.

TJ sits the girls in the Papasan chair and says to them, "Now, just what kind of monster have you 2 dreamed up to be afraid of this time?"

Jennie and Miki look at each other for an instant before they begin to chatter away at the same time. TJ begins to laugh at the adorable silliness as Lisa walks in.

Lisa asks, "Whats the joke?"

TJ replies with a giggle, "The girls have dreamed up another wonderful monster to explain their saggy wet diapers when they get super wet."

Lisa begins to giggle, "I know ... that's what was going on when you came and got Jennie from the pool."

TJ says, "Oh, really ... that's what the crying was all about."

TJ and Lisa begins to laugh at the adorableness of their children as Miki and Jenny look at each other bewildered.

Miki says to Jennie, "I no thinksa dults unnerstans."

"I no think so neither," said Jennie. "But maby ... hmm. Miki ... did the monser never do anyfing but cause the DBS?"

Miki squinched up her face and thought, then unsquinched it and shook her head no.

"Maby that all it do," said Jennie quietly. "It no seem to bite or tickle or eben steal toys."

Then, looking up at TJ, Jennie said, "Mommy can we go out in the pool again?"

"Well ... we were just about to go back outside," said TJ, "so I don't see why not. But aren't you afraid of your new monster?"

"No!" said Jennie resolutely. "We no 'fraid! We jus' gonna show it real!"

Giggling, TJ said, "Ooookay, then, let's go out again, girls." She picked up Jennie. Miki followed, in Lisa's arms.

The girls put up a rather large fuss about their mommys putting them in the water when they got close to the pool. TJ and Lisa take it all in stride and put the girls on the grass and go and sit in their chairs to talk as they watch them.

Miki and Jennie slowly and carefully creep up on the pool on their hands and knees. As they get close, they begin to hear a strange .. breathy, bubbly noise coming from within. They can almost tell that it's saying something over and over.

Miki looks at Jennie with big eyes as they creep a little closer. They can hear the sound "Gumpy Wump" over and over again in a sort of rythmatic, bubbling breathy way.

Jennie could hear it too! It sounded kind of like breathing, but also kind of like bubbles.

"It says Gumpy Wump," she whispered to Miki.

Miki nodded and climbed over the edge of the pool but did not sit down in the water. She unsteadily stood up, the water up to her knees, leaning down a little bit to support and balance herself on the pool's inflatable plastic side. Jennie soon did the same. They looked in the water ... and saw the curved line of bubbles on the water's surface, along the pool's side. Jennie and Miki looked at each other, wide-eyed, then back at the bubbles. Bubbles constantly popped, then reappeared, making that constant "Gumpy Wump ... Gumpy Wump" sound.

"Is that ... your name?" Jennie quietly asked it. Suddenly the sound stopped. The girls gasped and held their breath.

As the girls watched with big eyed wonder, 2 very large bubbles formed as if they were eyes opening. They turned from one girl to the other and looked at them for a space. The soft, breathy bubbling sound of 'Gumpy Wump' came to the babies ears. Without warning, there is a huge splash of water. The girls screech in surprise as a seeming shower covers the both of them in very cold water. The coldness of the water actually felt really good due to the heat of the day. When the girls opened their eyes, the mass of bubbles had disappeared once again and all was silent.

Miki looks at Jennie and says in surprise, "You thinks it was scaredda us? It lefted so quick."

"I dunno Miki," said Jennie. "It gone alla sudden."

Lisa and TJ had turned to look toward the girls when they had heard the splash, but all they saw were a drenched Miki and Jennie, standing there dripping.

Suddenly Jennie pointed at Miki's diaper. "Oh noooo!" she wailed. "Miki! You ... you gots ..."

Miki looks around at her diaper. There ... plain and bold as day ... her wet diaper had drooped adorably in the back. Miki turns suddenly towards Jennie.

Her eyes get really huge as she points to Jennie's diaper, "It ... it did it again Jennies ... we gots ... that ... droopy hinny thingy again!"

As the girls stood in total shock, TJ and Lisa began to giggle and comment on how cute the girl's were with Droopy Bottom Syndrome ... and made a huge deal of the whole affair as mommies are prone to do.

Miki squeaks, "It did it to us enny ways Jennies ..."

Jennie nods her head in agreement.

"Yes, we certainly do have two adorable droopy-bottomed baby girls," TJ was saying to a nodding Lisa.

As Miki and Jennie looked at each other in astonishment, they thought they heard a faint sound of bubbling laughter.

~~ The End ~~
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