Gift of Persephone

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Gift of Persephone

Postby Miki Yamuri » Thu Jul 24, 2014 10:34 am

Title: Gift of Persephone


Kynna Johnson - 18yo girl – Played by: tinylil_one

Dawn Kennison - 18yo best girl friend – Played by: Miki Yamuri

Scene: At the Universal Research Library – Memory Epsilom-Alpha


Kynna Johnson and her best girlfriend Dawn Kennison were at the Ancient Mythological research department of the grand Archive at the Memory Epsilon-Alpha Universal Research Library. This contained all the knowledge of mankind.

They had stumbled across a hand illustrated and written tomb deep in the Archive Preservation Vault. It told a wonderful story of a Goddess Named Persephone ... and the powers she posses.

Dawn said to her friend, "Look here, it says that some times when she kissed a person, it would make them loose years of their life and become babies again. Wow! That would be a trip, wouldn't it?"

"That'd be cool to be babies again but weird too" Kynna says with a giggle.

Dawn looks at her friend and replies, "It would be real neat ... if we still had our memories, and it wasn’t more than a few days; other wise ... wouldn't we forget every thing and just be ... babies?"

"Well, I’d love to remember everything but wouldn't we have smaller brains and such." Kynna sighs "If only it was real!"

Dawn turns the page. The illustration on the next page showed a very beautiful young woman dressed in a gossamer gown that was semi-transparent. It left nothing to the imagination and showed her beautiful self in all her glory. She had long flowing brown hair, a most wonderful figure, and an intoxicating smile.

Dawn put her finger on one of the long script paragraphs and says softly, "It says here, that if we invoke her, and ask for an audience ... she will grant one and give us one wish. What you think?? Want to try this?"

Kynna thinks to herself putting a finger on her lower lip. 'Be a Baby or stay the same ...'

"I think we could at least explore, and if it's real we could probably have fun with it." Kynna finally says with a big grin on her face.

Dawn grabbed the tomb in one arm, and Kynna by the hand. She pulled her off into one of the private research alcoves. The door shut with a soft click. Dawn placed the book on the table to the page with the summoning incantation.

She took Kynna's hands and holds them around the other side of the book as she reads, "Oh great and powerful goddess Persephone, please grant us an audience."

For the next few minutes, as Dawn recited the incantation, the temperature in the room seemed to drop perceptively as the lights flickered. A low, eerie, moaning mumble seemed to permeate everything. Kynna started to shiver all over and was really getting scared by all that was happening.

"Umm, Dawn? I don’t think I like this anymore" Kynna said attempting to pull her hand away from Dawn's strong grip.

Dawn couldn't stop .... she couldn't let go ... the only thing she could do was continue with what she was doing. It was like ... someone else was in control of her and she was just watching through her own eyes. The feeling was totally beyond anything Dawn had experienced in her short life.

The lights over head flickered off and back on suddenly and a semi-strong gust of wind whipped through the room. A bright golden sphere of light appeared. When it had gone, a very beautiful young woman stood in the room ... she looked exactly like the illustration in the old tomb.

She smiles softly and says in a tinkling and pleasantly accented cooing voice, "Who is it that wished an Audience with Persephone?"

Kynna stops struggling and looked at the beautiful lady who's aura just filled the room with peacefulness. It seemed as Kynna lost all fear when she looked at the beautiful figure.

"Me and my friend do." Kynna says with a slight curtsy.

She smiles a radiant smile as she coos softly, "The eyes are the windows of the soul. To gaze upon a blade of grass, eyes full of wonder. To know the simple pleasure of mommy's touch ... this I will fulfill."

She seems to ... glide up to Kynna and gives her a most sensational French kiss. Kynna can feel the woman's tongue explore her mouth ... and find her tongue .... and entwine it with her own. Kynna is totally helpless as super intense waves wash all through her body ...down to the living essence of her soul.

The woman turns and glides to Dawn and kisses her in the same way. Dawn's eyes get large as teacup saucers as she helplessly returns the intense kiss. Many waves of strong emotions and sensations assail her to her living essence as well. The woman breaks the kiss and glides several feet away.

Slowly at first, then with increasing speed, the girls shrink as their over sized clothes make a large pile around their small bodies.

"Wh ... what’s happening to me?" Kynna says in a cute small surprised voice.

She looks at Dawn and sees her small as a baby and sees her clothes big around her.

Dawn gasps loudly as she feels the intense wave run through her. She feels so ... big on the inside .. like her body is too small for her on the outside. When her mind clears, everything around her has grown large ... and her best friend was sitting in a pile of over large clothes. Her eyes get big as she squeaks out in a cute voice, "You ... you're ... for real?"

Persephone smiles radiantly and coos, "I am real ... and both of you are very adorable little babies now. Unfortunately .... there is an issue of you growing back up ... you might not. Sometimes, people have this ... unknown wish to be forever a baby *giggles* and they usually are the cutest ones ... like you. Don't worry cuties, your ... mommy will be looking in here for you shortly."

She waves to the now baby girls and blows them sweet kisses ... then vanishes like a mist.

Kynna looks at her fingers how small they were. She then wondered if she was gonna forget what she remembers.

"I hope we don't starts forgetting" Kynna says with a little frown. But so far she still remembered everything. The idea of acting like a baby because they could sounded like fun.

Kynna says with excitement, "Let’s be babies forever Dawn, what you think?"

Dawn looks at Kynna with big eyes for a second. She wrinkles her face up into an adorable cry face and whines softly, " What about my boy friend? And ... and us going to the lake this weekend? And, and ..."

Dawn begins to have large tears start to run down her cute face.

The girls heard footfalls approaching suddenly and a female voice calling, "Kyyynnnnaaaa ... Daaaawwwnnn ... where are the two of you?"

The girls look at each other for a second before Dawn says, "I would like to play at being a baby for a while ... but ... forever a long time ... ya kno?"

"Well ... I guess ... maybe after we grow up we can do this all over again." Kynna looks at the lady calling them then looks at Dawn. "Mommy?" she says still looking at her best friend literally just covered by her big clothes. Kynna had the same problem.

The lady walks in, suddenly both girls know ... this is mommy without a doubt. They look at each other as the idea ... they are friends vanishes ... and they become sisters.

The woman pushes the double stroller over to them and stops, seemingly oblivious to the pile of over sized clothes the girls sat in.

She coos softly, "There you 2 imps are." She bends and picks them out of the large clothes and peels the rest off. "You have scared mommy to death getting out of the stroller and crawling off like that."

She places the girls on their back on the table top. Kynna and Dawn only had enough time to glance at each other before mommy was back. She took each girl in turn and lifted by their ankles and set their hinnies in a very thick and soft diaper. She powders them well before pulling it between their legs and fastening it snugly, but comfortably on.

She threads their feet into cute little pink, plastic lined rumba panties with large white ruffles on the bottom. In the middle of the back, was a large pink bow. Mommy threads cute little lace booties on their feet before putting them in the stroller and fastening the belts, insuring the babies didn't get out and wander off again.

Dawn says to Kynna, "Umm .. sis ... I tink mommy gonna takes us ... but we don kno where. U think we be babies ... forevers??"

"Umms, I dunno. I thinks we coulds is we wanna but I just wanna stay wif you forevers" Kynna says hugging her sister.

If you saw them sitting there, you'd swear they were twins. As they were talking their mom was pushing the babies out of the room. Mommy smiled as she listened to her baby girls babble and gurgle happily in their stroller.

"What are you two chattin about?" She asks smiling towards both them.

"I don't think adults can understand us sister" Kynna says.

Dawn says softly, "I dunno sis ... seems mommy jus hears we makin chatter n she think it cute."

Mommy pushes the girls into Babies of all Ages store. She buys many cute outfits and lots of diapers and baby powder. As she pushed the girls down one of the isles, Dawn sees a wonderfully fuzzy and cuddly Teddy Bear sitting on top of one of the shelves. She reaches out for it. She couldn't help herself ... she just had to have Teddy. Mommy happily continued past the Teddy. Dawn felt a sharp pang of infantile loss in her soul ... she begins to cry, *Waaaaahhhh!!!*

Mommy stops and bends down to the girls. She kisses Dawn lovingly on her nose and coos softly, "What’s the matter sweet heart? Mommy will make it all right."

Mommy unfastens the belts and picks Dawn out of the stroller. Mommy puts her to her shoulder and pats Dawn's hinny reassuringly. Dawn sniffles as she put one of her thumbs in her mouth and reaches for the Teddy again with the other hand.

Kynna suddenly starts crying after her mommy picked up Dawn since she didn’t like being without her sister. All that was in her mind right then is that they've never been separated ever ... also ... she saw the Teddy too.

Mommy coos softly to Kynna, "Aww, sweetie, there's nothing to cry about. Mommy promises." She bends and undoes the straps from Kynna and lifts her into her arms as well. She bounces the girls gently in her arms as they lean against her shoulders. The two girls suck their thumbs as She kisses them both.

After a few minutes, a very pretty young woman walks up to them and asks, "Is there something I can do to help?"

Mommy turns and giggles, "My daughter's are just a little anxious today. I was wanting to get 2 Teddy Bears like the one on the top shelf there for them."

The young woman smiles as she reaches up and takes 2 of the adorable Teddies from the top and hands them to the girls. Both of them take the doll and hug it in their arms. Mommy returns them to the stroller and straps them back in.

The clerk asks, ”Would there be anything else Ma'am?"

Mommy replies, "No, thank you, This will do for now. I need to get them back home for lunch and into the crib for their afternoon nap."

The Woman smiles and wanders off as mommy pushes the girls to the checkout and pays for every thing. Dawn hugs her new Teddy lovingly ... them realizes what she had done.

She says, "Kynna? We ... are really becoming babies. No can helps it. I ... I think ..."

Dawn gets a very cute and adorably wide eyed expression as she has her very first involuntary poopie. She tries hard not to ... she cant help it. She feels the waves in her tummy and can feel it as her diaper fills. Dawn is totally flabbergasted over it all. She really is a baby now.

All of a sudden Kynna feels a warmth in her diaper but doesn't know why she can't feel it coming out. It's like her bladder stopped telling her brain what it was doing.

"Yeah, I think we are. I still members everthin so far. You member everythin?" Kynna asks in a shy infantile voice.

Dawn looks at Kynna with a startled expression. She can't believe what had just happened.

She says softly, "I ... think all my memories are here. I'm not real sure."

Her voice had begun to take on a undertone of a whimper. She continues, sounding like she's about to cry ... she really couldn't help it ... she wanted so badly to be changed at this point,

"You .. no believe what I jus dood ... I ... I poopied. No could help it neivers ... it ... it jus hapen"

She pokes out her bottom lip and begins to whimper softly, Tears forming in her eyes again.

"I think I jus peed" Kynna says with tears forming up. They both cry loudly at the same time. Their mommy stops the stroller to see what’s wrong and checks both of their diapers noticing they both needed changed.

"There, there my little cuties we'll get you all cleaned up."

She says pushing them both to a family restroom. Kynna starts to just sniffle then and looks at her sister.

"I think our brains already know the baby rules and we can't help its." Kynna says still sniffling.

Mommy removes the straps holding Kynna in the stroller and picks her up.

She pats Kenna’s hinny softly as she coos, "We'll get you all changed and comfy in a jiffy."

Mommy lowers the shelf from the changing station and places Kynna on it on her back.

She tickles her softly in the ribs as she coos, "Awww, such a cute little girl."

She then lifts her by her ankles and removes her lined panties and unpins the soggy wet diaper. Dawn stops crying for a bit as she watches what's going on. She begins to giggle as she watches Kynna get her diaper changed.

Mommy cleans Kynna in all her squeaky places before placing another very soft and thick diaper under her and setting her bottom in it. Mommy powders Kynna generously with baby powder before pulling it between Kynna's legs and fastening it on. She pulls up Kynna's panties over the thick diaper, then picks her up and pats her hinny softly.

Mommy coos lovingly, "Now, baby, Your all dry. "

She puts Kynna back in the stroller and fastens the straps. She then takes Dawn from the stroller. She places her on the shelf and removes Dawn's panties and very messy diaper. Mommy cleans Dawns messy bottom with several sweet smelling baby wipes before re-diapering her and pulling her panties back on. Mommy pats Dawn's bottom softly before putting her back in the stroller.

She says, "Now, it's time for mommy to get her babies back home and in the crib for their naps.”

As mommy pushes them from the store, the girls giggle to each other about their diaper change and suck their thumbs contentedly. When they get home both the babies are found sleeping, holding their teddies with their thumb in their mouth.

"It seems my little ones already started their nap." Mommy says looking at them in their car seats.

She takes each of their car seats out and snaps them into the stroller to bring them inside. Once they get to the nursery she carefully takes each of them out of the stroller and puts them in the crib that she got them that fit them both. She then walks out the room with the baby monitor on and lets both of them have their sweet baby dreams.

Mommy goes to the kitchen and prepares 2 bottles of formula. She returns to the nursery and places a small pillow beside the girl's head. She then props the bottle on the pillow with the nipple in their mouths. The girls nurse in their sleep. Mommy smiles a wonderful smile as she softly and loving kisses her daughters. She leaves the nursery quietly so not to wake them.

A small shimmering light appears floating above the crib. The voice of Persephone coos softly, "Sweet dreams babies. You will have a very long ... long time to enjoy being under Baby Rules. The light softly vanishes as the girls dream baby dreams.

~~ Pt2 ~~

As the babies sleep they dream of ponies and flowery meadows and soft pillowy clouds that they can ride on. After a couple hours pass Kynna wakes and looks at her sister laying beside her waking up as well.

"Hi sister!" she said. "I had the best dream ever!" Kynna said smiling really big.

Dawn sits up and yawns as she stretches. She blinks at Kynna, "I hadda kewlies dream. I hadda pet cloud. It aww pink n stuff. Tasted likes Strawberry Cotton Canny! It tooks me aww kinda plwaces n saw lotsa stuffs."

Dawn tries to stand up ... her legs feel so weak and she can't seem to find her balance point just right. She takes hold of the crib rail and helps steady herself as she stands.

Dawn pulls open her panties and diaper and peers in. She looks at Kynna with big eyes and says in an adorable baby voice, "I wet. I needsa change. You thinks we gonna b babies ... forevers?"

"Well, um ... I donno" Kynna says thinking about it. "I guess if we really wanna in our hearts we could. At least I thinks that what that lady said."

Kynna then sat up and looked at her wet diaper. "I guess I’m wet too. I kinda like bein a baby but maybe I'd wanna grow up but not sure. But one things for sure I don't wanna leave you ever."

Kynna smiled at her sister and hugged her with her little arms. Dawn hugs Kynna tightly.

She says softly, "I no thinks we gonna ever be zactly likes we remembers." She shakes her head.

About that time, Mommy walks in and says brightly, "My cuties are awake. Hope you had sweet dreams." She walks to the crib and give them both a very loving kiss as she pull open the back of their panties and diapers and checked them. "Aww, you aww wet. * giggles * mommy fix that right away."

She turns and walk into what the girls remember as the potty room. They hear water running. After a few minutes, the sweet smell of Wisteria floats lightly in the air, followed by a smell of strawberries very strongly.

Mommy takes Kynna and gently takes her clothes off and puts them beside her as she lets her hair softly tickle her on her belly. She then takes off Kynna’s diaper and throws it away and follows by tickling her little piggies. She then goes over to Dawn and takes her clothes off followed by tickling her tummy, then took her diaper off and tickled her little piggies as well.

By then the tub was done filling up and had a layer of bubbles above the water. She took each of the girls and put them in the tub. Dawn's skin tingles pleasantly as Mommy put her and Kynna into the bath. The bubbles came up to almost their necks.

Dawn couldn't help herself. An over powering urge courses through her infant body and she giggles loudly and begins to splash in the water, causing bubbles to go every where. Kynna looks at Dawn with big eyes, not really sure what to think. Suddenly, without any warning, she too has the same over powering urge. Both girl giggles happily and splash in the water, splashing and blowing soap bubbles all over.

Mommy laughs and coos, "Well, I'm glad to see we're having fun."

Mommy puts shampoo that smells of mint and berries in each of the girls hair and gently massages it in their curly hair as they continue splashing each other. It gets into Kynnas eyes. To her surprise it doesn't hurt a bit and she just rubs it out.

Mommy takes a cup filled with warm water and rinses the shampoo out of each of their beautiful curly blonde hair. Mommy then takes a very thick wash cloth and soaps it well. She gently washes the girls from head to foot.

Mommy coos softly, "Look at this potato field in your ears." She shakes her head in a cute way, "You’d think you girl never had a bath."

She clean them in all their squeaky places as she tickles them. They both giggle loudly and play in the water until mommy does the final rinse.

She lifts them from the tub and sets them on a thick bathmat on the floor. She picks up Kynna and smothers her lovingly and briskly in the towel as she lays her on the padded counter on her back. Mommy blows a huge and noisy raspberry in Kynna's tummy.

She then takes a disposable diaper with princesses on it and places it under her cute little tush. Mommy takes out the baby oil and rubs it into every crevice making Kynna tingle all over; then sprinkles a good amount of baby powder on her and rubs it in. She then takes a strawberry shortcake dress and puts it on Kynna. She picks up a cute pair of plastic panties with strawberries all over them and puts them on her diapered bottom.

She puts Kynna on the soft mat and picks Dawn up putting them in the same outfit. After she was done she took both the babies to the main room and put them in a playpen filled with all sorts of soft stuffed animals.

Mommy leaves the room for a few minutes as the girls begin to play with their toys. Dawn finds the Busy Beaver Play Station neat. She pushes the big red button. It makes a loud but cute beep. Both girls screech with laughter.

Dawn says softly, "If it feels this goo ta bea baby n aww these toys are this much funs ... maybe we bea baby forevers no so bad ...huh??"

Mommy Returns, she has 2 large bottles full of red liquid. She give one to each of the girls. She gives them a soft kiss on the nos and leaves. Dawn looks at Kynna's bottle and Kynna looks at Dawn's. They are exactly the same. Dawn gets a sudden urge she can't explain ... in her mind, an infantile thought happens; 'what if Kynna's baba ... gots more n mine?' This thought runs electrically all through Dawn.

She looks at Kynna and says adorably, "Ya wanna trades? Think we might gots sompin betterer?"

Kynna looks at her baba then Dawns. "Nooo me don wanna trades. This one mines." she says as she holds it tight.

Dawn pokes out her bottom lip and says in a cute whiny voice, "U sure u no wanna?" She takes a quick sip, "Mine gots diffrent stuff maybe. Wanna taste?"

Kynna tastes her bottle and looks at Dawns. "Umm nah ... I like mine ...." she starts drinking her bottle.

Dawn feels a pang of disappointment, but she puts the nipple in her mouth and begins to nurse. The warm sweet taste of Strawberry Nestel's slowly fills her mouth and warms her tummy.

As she suckles the bottle, Dawn picks up a small coloring book that was in the floor of the Playpen. With her free hand she begins to scribble all over it with different colored crayons. The more she made a mess on the paper, the more fun she thought it was.

With a sparkle in her eye, she uses the rail to help pull herself up and walks along it until she is in the middle. She reaches through the bars and starts to scribble on the wall as well. This seemed to be such fun. There were long red and green marks running the entire length of one of the Playpen Rails and all along the wall.

Dawn turns and says with a giggle, "This fun. No gotsa stay inna lines ta make art."

Kynna just watching, thinks to herself 'maybe her bottle is different' so she drops her bottle and takes Dawns out of her mouth. Dawn turns suddenly with big eyes and looks at Kynna.

She says in a whiny voice, "That mine! U no wanted it."

Dawn then sits in the playpen and grabs Kynna's bottle and begins to nurse it. It even tasted exactly the same as hers. She felt another pang of disappointment run through her.

She makes a cute face suddenly, as she realizes what she had just been doing. She looks at the wall and the huge mess she had just made on it and can't believe she had done it.

She says with slight fear in her voice, "Ummm . Kynna ... I think dis bb gonna getsa pankin."

Kynna looks at the mess. She suddenly realizes how much fun it was and picks up a crayon and colors on the bars beside her and the wall. All of a sudden mommy comes in and sees the mess that both the babies made.

Mommy gasps loudly, "Girls!! Just what do you think you're doing?" She rushes over and takes the crayon from Kynna and pops her on the hand. She turns and does the same to Dawn. Both girls begin to cry ... they can't help it. Mommy says sharply, "Babies will not make marks on the wall. Mommy will spank for it."

She bends over the playpen rail and cuddles them both lovingly as the girls sniffle. Mommy says softly, "mommy doesn't want to spank babies, but if you're naughty ... I will. No more of this, understand?"

Both girls nod their heads amid their gasping sniffles.

Mommy takes both girls and sits with them in her lap on the couch. "You two are just so adorable, I can't imagine life without you two."

She then sighs and rocks them gently to help them calm down.

Dawn gurgles adorably to Kynna, "Ya kno? I no think we gotsa choice. I think we gonna b babies inna head soon. I no can helps doin stuffs ... ya kno?"

Kynna nods her head. She even felt it was lots of fun making art on the wall. It really did come as a surprise mommy swatted their hand.

Mommy begins to humm a lullaby about Stepping Stones. The girls enjoyed the rhyme about returning to childhood immensely. Both the babies got really sleepy from the lullaby.

"I likes bein baby too. I don think I take your baba befores." Kynna then gave an adorable little yawn, which Dawn couldn't help but do as well. Both the girls now loved being a baby and their past life didn't matter a single bit to them anymore.

Mommy sits on the sofa with both girls in her arms and slowly rocks them. The girls suck their thumbs contentedly.
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