Emperess Series - Baby has a Pajama Party

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Emperess Series - Baby has a Pajama Party

Postby Miki Yamuri » Sat Jul 12, 2014 9:12 am

Baby has a Pajama Party

I awaken to Nana’s soft kiss. She greets me lovingly and says, “You apparently have made a big impression on many star systems baby. There is a very large group of young girls who wish to come play with you today. Are you willing?”
I ask, “Who are they?”
She responds, “Well, they are the girls you met at the pool party day before yesterday.”
I giggle and say happily, “Sure! When will they be here?”
Nana replies, “By the time you have had your bath and are dressed, they should be arriving if we time the invitations right.”

I am out of bed and shedding clothes on my way to the potty room in a flash. Nana laughs. She follows me into the potty room while picking up shed clothes and asks, “How about making this a slumber party? That way the girls could spend the night.”

I respond happily, “Could I?? Nana, that would make me so happy!” I giggle as I bounce on my toes and clap my hands.

She asked, “It will take longer to arrange the pajama party. Would you like to be baby for them? They are really intrigued and asked about it.”

I pout, “why does everyone want me to be a baby except for Larry?” I cross my arms and poke out my bottom lip.

Nana replies, “Miki, Larry wants a big girl he doesn’t want a baby all the time. Everyone else knows you this way. You don’t quite understand how adorable a baby you are. No one can help but love you. You are the big news of the Universe. Everyone wants to know all they can about the Young Emperess now that you have gone to your first public affair and people got to see you.”

I say, “I can’t wait to see the girls. How much longer?”
Nana replies, “After Ferin’s day. In about six days. Is that too long?”
I giggle and say, “That’s cool! I see Larry on Ferin’s day. That works.”
Nana says, “Fine.”

Nana cleans me and oils me and diapers me.

Nana carries me to the play area. Mommy has arrived. Mommy picks me up and kisses me. Mommy says, “And how’s baby today?”

I giggle and say in an excited little girl’s voice, “I gonna have a jamma party mommy!”

Mommy looks at Nana. Nana nods her head slightly. I know there was something just said ... I can’t for the life of me figure what. Mommy sits me on the carpet

Mommy asks excitedly, “How many should we invite?”

I reply in a very sweet little girl voice, “I would like to see them all. I would want it to be a party ... one where they don’t have to leave so soon. One where we can be whatever we want to be and have fun. To all hours if we want.”

I have hold of my feet and am rocking back and forth. My diaper is good padding against the carpet. Cool!

I know all the girls in the prolongation crowd. I include Mom there too even though she is older than we are. We need the older girls to keep us babies out of trouble. I giggle at the thought. Mom helps me make out the guest list she so much seemed to need. I put Larry at the very top of the list. I know he may not be able to come ... but I giggle when I think of Ferin’s day ... I get goose bumps.

I see mom give the invitation list to a servant. He snaps to attention with a click of his heels ... the door to the nursery closes silently. I am still truly amazed.

“Nana is right!” I was thinking to myself, “just what would happen if two servants hit the same door in opposite directions at the same time? Probably be some new form of energy or something.” I giggle to my self.

The Day Arrives

The early morning of the pajama party had come at last. I was excited to my toes.

Nana asks me, “They are still asking if you would be baby for them.”

I shake my head. I remember all the questions they asked about me being a baby. I remember how much they wanted me to be a baby at the pool party so they could baby me. Nana cocked her head and looked at me.

When I said nothing she said, “Would you like me to decide?”

I look up just as she grabs me and twirls me round and round. I am screeching and giggling. Nana puts me on the changing table. I feel her soft loving hands caressing me. I smell the wonderfully intoxicating aroma of the oil. I feel the cold tingle spread though me. I hear Nana cooing. I knew what was happening and surrendered myself to it. I realize I am on my tummy and am being lovingly caressed by Nana. I smell the heavenly aroma of the other oil. This one is different ... it smells ... like Jasmine. I feel Nana’s hands and the intensifying warmth spreading through me. A very intense innocence fills me. My head is still clear though. I am an un-potty trained two year old eighteen year old baby girl. The mix is very delicate and precise. Nana is a Master of the mix.

Nana thought to herself, “The girls will love you baby. Young enough to be baby ... old enough to be fun and play.

She turns me over and rubs her nose to mine. She tickles me. I squirm and kick happily. I am in the bassinette and being washed from head to foot. I splash and play happily in the water. I am dried in a large soft fuzzy towel and placed on the changing table on my back. She lifts me by my ankles and puts a very soft, thick, and warm diaper under me. She powders me. I smell the soft smell of Jonquil. She rubs it all over me. She pins the diaper on me. She stands me on my feet and holds out a pair of plastic lined lime green rumba panties. She says, “Step in baby.” I step in them and she pulls them up gently.

She says, “Hold your arms up baby.” I do ... Nana puts a cute little green blouse on me that has a kitty on the front with floppy ears. She brushes my hair until it shines and ties it in two pony tails with matching ribbons. Instead of booties, she puts my green googley eyed frog slippers on my feet. I see myself in the mirror. I am absolutely adorable. I suck my thumb as my eyes sparkle with excitement.

PJ Hour

This is UGNN - The Universal Galactic News Network Headline News: The Galaxy of Nexus. The young Emperess is hosting the biggest High Society gathering in years. She is Hosting The Imperial Pajama Party. All the Young Princesses that are somebody will be there. It will be the crème de la crème of the Royal High Society Youth.
Formal Invitation only.

Nana has fussed with mom all morning. She has finally convinced her to put on her little princess baby doll nighty. She is adorable. It is soft yellow. Has little puffy sleeves and the cutest bloomer panties. Mom is extremely attractive and sexy. I gave her my yellow googley eyed worm slippers for her feet. Nana ties her hair in two cute ponytails with matching ribbons. Mommy is the perfect chaperone. She looks like a Fairy Princess.

Just as I finished breast feeding and Nana has me in the play area, The door of the nursery opens. In pops a servant. He comes to within four feet of me and stops, bows formally and comes to attention with a sharp heel click. He says formally, “My Lady Anton, your lady friends have started arriving. Shall you receive them now?”
Nana tells the young man, “Have them all come here as soon as each of them arrive. Also, please serve refreshments and foods that the girls would like to have.”
He bows formally again and says, “As you wish My Lady.” Turns with a sharp heel click ... the door to the nursery closes silently. I am still impressed with how the servants do that. Is almost magic.

The ballroom is decorated with many soft and plush sofas, couches, and chairs. There are holo vid games. Vids and comms and computer systems available. Food, drink ... a strange absence of alcohol. There is live music too. Performers, and magicians. There are rooms available for all the guests so they may spend a week or two. There is a special group of prolongation girls that have a special Invitation to sleep in the Imperial Nursery. Special note on the invitation: no one not in diapers allowed after nine pm.

There is one huge round very plush sofa. It is custom made so all the holo vid games, comms, and vids are available there. Many places to put refreshments too. All the prolongation girl crowd are escorted there and immediately know what it means. They are then told of the special sleeping arrangements and potty room arrangement just for them. They all are ecstatic. They are all chatting happily at the same time. They are sprawled out all over it looking as adorable and cute as any babies ever did in their sweet baby sleepers.

When the time arrived, Nana, of course, made sure all their diapers were checked properly and changed in my potty room when necessary. There are special Servants assigned to Nana just for this. Of course, each girl was personally handled by Nana. They all needed to visit more than once. A secret no one knew but me, them, and Nana. **Giggle**

This is the happening place, The Palace at Nexus Star System, Terrian Nexus.

All guests arrive by aircar in the back of the formal gardens. Invitations are checked at the gate to the Garden of the Moon. They are escorted to the Grand Ball Room. There, they are allowed to choose from all makes, types, sizes, colors, styles, cloths, of baby sleep ware. This is a pajama party the likes of which none have ever seen. Girls are every where wearing the sexiest sissy baby sleepwear in the cosmos. Every custom designer is represented. This has become the baby lingerie and designer baby wear showplace of Nexus. All the prolongation crowd have shown up in baby sleep wear. They are adorable.
It is a wonderful lively party.

The girls arrive. They are all dressed in ruffles and lace. I see tie on rumba bikini bottoms, baby halter tops, rumba panties, baby rompers, sun dresses, shorty dresses, smocks, princess dresses, boy short hot pants, and cute tops with lots of lace. The Younger crowd have shown up in baby sleep wear. All of them are in pony tails. I feel a little better knowing I am dressed the same as they ... except I am in diapers. It is definitely a large wonderful lively party. I realize I am sucking my favorite thumb.

The servants magically appear with tables and trays of foods and drink. All the girls gather around me and talk at the same time. I notice Melissa and Vicki are not here. I know they will come day after tomorrow. I have a surprise for Vicki and Melissa. I shiver in anticipation.

More girls arrive. No one not in the prolongation crowed is allowed to sit on the baby sofa. All the babies are the cutest of the eighteen to twenty one crowed. Everyone is glad to see me again. It has turned into a real fun party for just us girls. I didn’t realize how many girls there were on the sofa that day. As I looked them over, I remembered all their bright and smiling faces. I had made a lot of friends that day. The girls are taken with me. They are all excited about me being a baby. They play with me. They play holo vid games with me. They read to me. When I pottied in my diaper, They all fought over who would change me. They tickle me. In the end, They allowed Nana to convince them to take the oils and be babies with me.

When nap time comes, I have many of the girls nap with me in my bed. Laurie is snuggled up to me on one side and Lisa on the other. Lisa had selected Laurie to sleep next to me. Laurie was a very cute, very sweet nineteen prolongation year old girl. Laurie and me are arm in arm for the rest of the nap time. Lisa is so proud of me. She kisses me softly just before I fall asleep.

Nana presents Laurie with a small jewel encrusted box as she left. She would open this box often and always remember very fondly a very cute and sweet little girl named Miki. In the box ... was the most special of gifts a young lady could give to another. It was the bonding ring of the Imperial Playmate. Laurie had accepted. She loved Miki with all her heart.

By the time it gets to where they have to leave. Nana has them all in diapers. We were playing with my baby toys and had the greatest of times. Most of the girls tried out the oils. They were the most adorable babies ever. All the girls pottied in their diaper at least once. Some were adorable and, for a time, were completely un-potty trained. Nana insured that all the girls that took the oils, were un-potty trained for three days. Nana had a touch ... she could mix the oils and get what ever mix results she wanted. It was so cool!

Nana was more than happy to change them all just like I get changed. All the girls posed with me in their baby girl clothes for pictures. Nana took many, many pictures of the babies at play. I have a large holo album of these and the other times we had together. Those were real fun times. Always we were babies. Some even took naps in my crib. By the end, we all were adorable little baby girls playing in a nursery. Most of the girls would need to be in diapers for three more days. It didn’t bother any of them in the least. This was the best party ever ... **giggle**

Nana had me in just a diaper and soft pink rumba panties. She sat in the big rocking chair and breast fed me while all of the girls sat in a simi circle in front in their baby girl clothes and watched. They were so pleased and intent. I could hear their soft cooing in the back ground as I had dinner. There were many innocent and naive questions. All were very taken with my innocence and watching me with Nana was so cute and heart warming. Then ... they started wanting their turn...

The Next Night

It was very late and time for baby to go to sleep. The girls kissed me good night one at a time and watched as Nana tucked me lovingly in my crib and raised the rail for the night. Many of them were crying that they have to leave. It is getting really late and their rides are here. They were escorted back to their aircars and taken home happy and very much changed inside. None would ever refuse an invitation from Miki.

Not a single one changed out of her baby clothes to go home. I had started a new fashion trend for the Prolongation crowd that hung with me. The sale of baby items went up two thousand percent. I was the talk of Terrian Nexus.

It was a lot of fun ... **giggle**
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