Emperess Series - My Playmate Lisa

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Emperess Series - My Playmate Lisa

Postby Miki Yamuri » Sat Jul 12, 2014 8:44 am

My Playmate Lisa

When I awoke the next morning, Nana was opening the curtains in the playroom. I could see the streaks of early morning sun light streaming through. I sat up in bed and realized I was in the nursery and not the sitting room where I last was playing holo games. I did not remember having my clothes changed and being brought here.

I currently needed to be changed. I had on a messy diaper and lined rumba panties. I needed to be changed really bad.

Someone moved beside me. I looked down and saw a very cute girl asleep and all curled up in the covers, hugging one of my teddy bears. It was my friend Lisa. She is the Crown Princess of Tao Brinn. She’s 4 years older than me and has been a great friend since I met her at my 9th birthday party before my Transformation.

She had on a very cute babydoll night gown. I had never been able to convince her to wear a diaper. She would make a very cute baby too. Oh well.

Since I had the accident with the dream machine and became John - Miki mix, there were a lot of Familiar things that had a familiar flair of Miki’s memories and a complete newness of John. Lisa was a very new thing that had many familiar memories that went back a long time. I really adored her. The John part of me was really attracted to her in a very serious way.

Her father and mother had just come from Tao Brinn to Terrian Nexus and had brought Lisa to play with me while they were doing whatever big important thing they did. I had not seen her since before the accident. She was a brand new thing in my life with very familiar memories.

I really wanted mommy to meet her too. For some reason, I never could get mommy and Lisa in the same place at the same time when ever she had come to visit before. Today would be different. Lisa and mommy were going to meet. I knew mommy was going to be here in a little while and I would tell her then I wanted Lisa to be my official Playmate. I truly didn’t know what that meant, I was going to find out shortly.

I didn’t remember how we managed to wind up here from the sitting room. I do remember us playing holo games in the sitting room and having a grand time doing it. The last thing I do remember is Nana serving us snacks. It was really late then and we were both getting tired. Nana must have brought us here after we fell asleep.

Nana came to the bed and sat beside me and gave me a kiss. She asked, “ Do the girls want me to draw their bath?”

I looked at Lisa and back at Nana.

Nana smiled and asked in her cooing baby voice, “Does baby need a bath? Is she tinky??”

I giggled at the way she said it. It made me feel good.

Lisa rolled over and said, “Yes, I would like to have a nice bubble bath about now.”

Nana reached over and picked Lisa up in one arm and me in the other and whisked us off to the potty room while we screech and kicked. This was effortless for her. By the time Nana got us to the potty room, she had almost gotten Lisa out of her nighty. The bath was already drawn, and Nana began taking off my rumba panties and my messy diaper. Nana put us both in the tub.

The water was warm and smelled of lavender. Nana made sure we both were squeaky clean. She washed us both with a soft scrunche and lots of sweet smelling soap.

As she bathed us, she said sweetly, “A clean little girl is a pretty little girl.”

Lisa and me giggled.

We got out of the tub. Nana picked up a couple of large fluffy towels and kneeled down. She wrapped me into it and rubbed vigorously but softly all over my body. It tickled when she did it and felt really good. I giggled and squealed with delight. So did Lisa when Nana dried her off.

Nana asked Lisa, “Would you like to be a baby today too, sweetheart? I promise I am a master of the mix and you will have a lot of fun.”

Nana had 2 baby rompers already out and was getting the diapers and baby powder out.
Lisa’s eyes got big as she saw Nana take the seemingly magic baby oils from the cabinet.

Lisa looks at me. A strange longing expression in her eyes. Then she looks at Nana and the diapers.

She puts her hand to her mouth and says softly and shyly, “Nana, would I be a real baby?”

Nana says softly back, “For all intents and purposes, you would be. I would make sure you are young enough to be baby but old enough to have a lot of fun.”

Lisa says very softly, “I have heard of the oils and know you use them with Miki. I ... have never thought of being ...”

Nana giggles sweetly and says in a cooing voice, “It’s easy sweetheart, and it feels really good.”

With this, she quickly but gently takes me in her arms and kisses me. She puts me on the changing table and before I can protest, begins to apply the oils. I feel the immediate thrill run through me as a soft pleasant euphoria takes me. I can smell the hypnotic aroma of Jasmine. I can feel myself regressing and know by the aroma that Nana intends me to be a toddler today if she doesn’t do some other mix. It is more than pleasant and irresistible.

I feel her hands gently and lovingly caress me as she applies the oil. I giggle sweetly. I can’t help myself. It feels so wonderful as the warm euphoria spreads. I rapidly become helpless.

Nana turns me over onto my tummy. I smell a very hypnotic aroma of Roses now and feel her hands as she gently applies another oil.

Nana says lovingly in her baby voice, “Nana make baby cute n cuddly today. She’ll also be a great playmate for Lisa and be a lot of fun.”

I feel Nana’s hands gently caressing my bottom as she applied this new oil. It feels so wonderful and I feel safe and content. I feel a new cool tingle spread through me in a most wonderful way. My thoughts change pleasantly. I begin to think like a 3 year old 18 year old. I have some adult qualities, but I am a 3 year old baby. Nana has performed another masterful mix.

Nana turns me onto my back again. She rubs her nose to mine gently. She coos softly as she tickles me in my ribs. I can’t help myself. I giggle happily and squirm and fidget.

She takes me by my ankles and lifts. She puts a thick diaper under me and sets me on it. I can smell baby powder as she powders me generously. She pulls the diaper between my legs and pins it expertly on. She takes me off the table and stands me on my feet.

I look down at my diaper. It is so soft and thick. It feels really wonderful. I giggle softly.

I hear Nana say cooingly, “Here baby, step in your panties.”

Nana helps me into my plastic panties and pulls them gently up. She turns and picks up a baby romper. It is a soft powder blue and has several rows of ruffles on the bottom. The legs and bib are outlined in ruffles too. I watch as she snaps the snaps in the crotch and holds the romper out for me.

She says cooingly again, “Here baby, step in.”

Nana helps me into my romper and pulls it up. She ties the bib behind my neck. I can see myself in the mirror ... I am truly adorable. She brushes my long white blond hair until it shines, then ties it in 2 pony tails with matching powder blue ribbons.

Nana turns to Lisa and says in the same cooing baby voice, “It’s your turn now sweetheart.”

Lisa gasps softly and backs up a step. Her eyes are huge. She looks at me as I suck my thumb, then back at Nana. She shakes her head uncertainly. I can tell she wants to, but she is afraid.

She says shyly in a shaky voice, “No ... please. I’m ... not ready for that.”

Nana says softly and reassuringly, “It’s ok Lisa. If you don’t want to there is nothing wrong. Miki will be cute and cuddly. She is also just enough adult to be a lot of fun for you.”

Nana picks up a pair of lacy rumba panties and hold them out and says softly, “Step in Sweetheart.”

Lisa looks at Nana and says, “You know I can dress myself. I’m not a baby.”

Nana giggles and replies, “Sweetheart, so long as you are in my charge, you are my baby whether you are a big baby or a small baby makes no difference. Now be a good big baby and step in your panties.”

Lisa hesitates for another second and then giggles. She steps in her panties and Nana pulls them gently up and pats her softly on her bottom. Lisa giggles again.

Nana takes the other Baby romper and fastens the snaps in the crotch. She holds them out for Lisa. She steps in and Nana pulls them up and ties the bib.

Nana asks, “Would you like to be in pony tails today?”

Lisa says, “Sure, I love pony tails. They’re cute.”

Nana brushed Lisa’s soft brown hair until it too shines and ties it in powder blue ribbons the same color as her romper.

Lisa gave Nana a big hug, then took me by the hand and led me into the play area.
We played video games and she tussled with me. I had a great time playing with Lisa.

I don’t know how long we played. Lisa was so great. I loved her deeply and wanted her to always be my friend.

I saw the door to the nursery open. In walked mommy. I was so excited.
I jumped up and screeched with joy as I ran to mommy. She bends down and opens her arms. I run into her loving arms and she hugs and kisses me all over. I kiss her back.

I say excitedly, “Mommy, I want you to meet someone. She my best friend.”
Mommy smiles and says softly, “And who might this be baby?”

I reply, “Is Lisa mommy. She my bestus friend!”

I take mommy’s hand and pull her to the play area. Lisa looks up. She has a very surprised expression on her face. She stands up.

I say excitedly, “Mommy, this is Lisa. Lisa, this is mommy.”

I realize immediately that something is wrong. I see Lisa looking at the floor and acting really shy. She sits on the bed and trembles slightly.

Mommy smiles warmly and says, “Well, hello Lisa. It has been a long time since last I saw you. You have grown a lot.”

Lisa says softly, “I thought you had forgotten me and what I had asked you. I’m ... sorta afraid.”

Mom said, “ I remember your request Lisa. My answer is still the same. I see your parents have brought you here. I assume it’s time."

Lisa shuffled her feet nervously. She looked at me and again I saw a strange longing there. I also saw fear.

“Momma,” I ask, “you know Lisa already?”

Mom replies, ”Yes, baby. I have known this girl since the both of you were born.”

She quickly looks her over from head to foot nodding appovingly.

“Momma, is this a bad thing?” I ask timidly

Mom replies, “Not in the least. Lisa has been asking to be your Playmate and for you to be her Playmate since you both met at your 9th birthday party. I agreed, but there are strings attached. Being the Playmate to the Emperess of the known Universe is a very serious thing."

I am surprised. I thought Lisa was already my playmate. I am confused about all this. Why would Lisa be afraid to be my Playmate?

I say timidly, “Mom, I was gonna ask if she could be my Official Playmate so we could play together more often.”

Mom walks to me and puts her hands on my shoulders. She whispers softly in my ear, “Miki, Lisa wants to be yours. I have agreed to the bond. She fears being collard same as you did. You will understand when I bond the 2 of you."

I am shocked. I turn quickly and look at mom. I can't believe what being a Playmate really means. We are to be bonded together for life.

Mom smiles and says softly in a sweet, compelling voice I cannot resist, " Miki, just stand here and watch. Say or do nothing."

I am unable to resist, I am my mommy's Pet. I stand and observe what transpires. I have many emotions and fears run through me. The John half of me is extremely attracted to Lisa. She is more than beautiful. The Miki half of me is afraid of being bonded. I know I will love Lisa with all my heart and she will love me the same.

I hear a small pleasant chime over by the bed. I see that a brand new Neuro Pet Collar had slid from the slot in the wall. I look at mom and cock my head to one side. Mom doesn’t take notice. She slowly glides to the far side of the bed where the Neuro Collar rested in it’s protective box. I wanted to say something, but I found my voice was missing and all I could do is stand motionless and watch. AI Control Vector made me silent and helpless.

Mom picked up the box and slowly walked up to Lisa. She was sobbing softly as she sat on the corner of the bed. Mom put her hand on Lisa’s shoulder and squeezed softly.

Lisa sobbed, “I’m so sorry. I am really afraid. I don’t know if I can do this now that I’m here.”

Mom said softly as a whisper, “I love you Lisa and so will Miki.”

Lisa stood and turned quickly, but mom had the box open as skillfully as a swordsman pulls his weapon. Lisa’s eyes enlarged slightly. Mom very quickly placed the Neuro Collar around her neck and fastened it. Lisa only had time to gasp softly before the circuit was complete.

I watched as my new playmate was born. The Neuro Pet collar became a permanent part of her genetic code. Mom helped Lisa sit back on the bed as her new programming became a real part of her life.

Mom sat in the chair. She had two neuro haloes in her hand, some wires and a small box with places to plug the wires in. She handed me one of the neuro haloes and plugged four plugs bundled into a big wire into it and then into the box. She did the same for the one she had. She pushed a place on the box, and a small panel slid back. She inserted a recording disk into the slot and the panel slid shut.

Mom said softly, “We need to determine the best life attributes to give the closest girlfriend you will ever have.”

I felt scared. I said sheepishly, “Mommy, what’s about to happen? Am I to be reprogrammed?”

Mom looked at me and replied softly, “In a way, but no. In the same aspect, so is Lisa. Don’t be afraid baby, you’ll understand when its all over.”

She picked up the halo and place it on my head. I felt it as it settled. Administrative Access was enabled, but no click ... no massive data download.

Mom put her halo on her head. I could see her shiver as Administrative access was enabled for her.

Mom looked at me lovingly and whispered, “Miki, mommy loves baby with all her heart.”

She pressed a green button on the side of the box. The concept of mommy’s love became real. I could feel it as it permeated my spirit. I could feel it as if she was there ... with me, like my other half, John was ... no this is far different.

Mommy ... baby loves you with all her heart ... baby ... mommy loves you with all her heart.

There is an indescribable loving melding with mommy. We are different, there are both of us here in the same place joined together in love in a way I never knew was possible.

There were gentle simple questions for baby, I made simple and true answers. I asked simple, sometimes naïve, sometime innocent questions. Each in turn was answered with love and honesty.

My head cleared and mom was taking the halo off of my head. I sat for a minute. I was dizzy and I had the very real sensation of mommy's love still in my heart.

Mommy pressed the place on the box again. The disk came out. Mommy unplugged my halo from the box. She pushed another spot on the box. A small key pad opened. Mommy typed furiously for a couple of minutes. Then she place the disk in a slot just above the keypad. four green lights appeared on the box. I could feel the sound this thing made as it whirred, chirped, even the small ding when the data was genetically encoded into the halo.

Mommy unplugged the halo and gave it to me. I was afraid for a minute. I looked at mommy and she smiled.

She instructed, “Baby, take that halo over to Lisa. Put it on her head quickly.”

I picked up the halo. I could feel the Administrative Access. I was afraid.

I looked at mommy and she smiled and said, “Lisa is waiting to discover what her Imperial Playmate wants her to be baby.”

I went over to Lisa. Just as I got to her, her eyes focused. She looked bewildered and confused. I remembered when I had first been collard. I knew I had to give her this Personalized Personality Profile. I quickly placed it on her head. I saw her eyes dilate ... she gasped softly as her body stiffens ... the profile downloaded. It took a long time.

I knew when the download was done because I could no longer feel the Administrative Access. It was now empty and ready for more programming. I took it off her head and threw it in the trash.

Mom had walked up behind me and placed her hand softly on my shoulder.

She kissed me gently on my neck and said softly in a most compelling and hypnotic voice, “Baby, it’s now time for you too.”

I couldn’t resist. I am my mommy’s Pet and she has Admin Control when it comes to matters of this nature.

She took me back to the chair I was sitting in a minute ago. She got Lisa and put her in the other chair. She picked up a new device and placed it on a small table. She then moved the table between us.

I watched as she assembled another set of halos and plugged them all in. Mommy placed one on Lisa’s and my head.

Mommy said gently, “Baby, in a minute, you will love Lisa and she will love you in a way you have never known. The both of you will know and trust each other with your very souls.”

She kissed me and Lisa lovingly and then pushed a green button on the top of the devise.

I knew Lisa ... Lisa knew me ... we knew each other. Love is more than a word ... love is more than an emotional state of being. Love is the very essence of all existence. Love is the very life force that we are. We are one and separate. I know who we are. We are now bonded to our very life force for the rest of our lives. We are love.

I awaken. I am snuggled up to Lisa. She is breathing softly. I kiss her gently. I love Lisa with all my heart. She opens her beautiful eyes. She smiles at me. We kiss passionately. We are truly in love. We are now bonded Playmates.

We love each other with all our souls.
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