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PostPosted: Sun Jan 24, 2021 7:24 am
by Miki Yamuri
By: Miki Yamuri

In the deep void of space, in a place so remote that no light from any star ever penetrated, a small rip in the fabric of space and time appeared. This in itself was insignificant except that a circling in upon itself occurred.

There were stray bits of matter that came passing over the millennia that were caught within the small whirlpool between dimensions, and it grew. For uncounted eons, it hungrily devoured anything that happened by.

The gravity well became so intense that if there had been light, it would have been unable to escape the hungry maw. So intense did it become, that the very fabric of time and space began to fold in upon itself until space folded and curved in to the mouth of the spiral, and it ceased to exist. For a split second, the space was once again empty.

Suddenly, a soundless explosion, bright, blinding, intense heat of a universal magnitude. The void would be empty, never more.

Matter can neither be created nor destroyed as far as the creatures bound by those laws are concerned. Energy constitutes matter and mass in its most fundamental stage.

As the raw release of energy spread to fill the void, energy coalesced into the eddies and vertices in the space time distortion created by the explosion. These formed pockets that, through the eons, became suns and planets.

At the heart of this vast new universe, another tear in the space time continuum appeared. From this tear came a wave of energy that was caught between two colliding stars. There was no explosive release of energy, however, a consciousness became aware of itself, and the rip in space sealed.

Confusion, wonder, a gnawing thirst for wisdom, knowledge, and an overriding sense of awe at the vastness and its beauty that lay beyond.

"What am I?", It thought, "Why am I and why have I come to be?" It pondered the questions for a day ... an eternity, who could say? "Obviously life, but what gave me life and the intelligence to even ponder this question?"

An all consuming, soft spoken voice. "A whole new universe to play in. Seed the stars with life. Go forth and make this a new garden and a new firmament. For all eternity life is thine. Bestow it upon those of your own creation, love them as I have loved you my fine and faithful servant. Go forth in peace for ever."