Baby Jennie and Baby Miki Meet the Weavers of Snowflakes

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Baby Jennie and Baby Miki Meet the Weavers of Snowflakes

Postby LilJennie » Fri Feb 21, 2020 9:23 pm

Baby Jennie and Baby Miki Meet the Weavers of

by LilJennie and Miki

Snowfall One: Unique

The two babies were all bundled up in their snowsuits and were playing
in the back yard. The biggest snowfall of the winter had happened
yesterday, but neither of them had gotten to play in it then, because
neither of their Mommies had been able to drive her to the other’s
house to play, and neither girl had wanted to play in the snow without
the other one.

But today they were in seventh heaven. Snow seemed magical and
endless. It had already been cold out, but suddenly the world had
changed into a white wonderland. Everything was different.

“I seed bunny tracks inna snow,” said Jennie. “Mommy said. They had
plain white snow in between ‘em where the bunny musta gone hop hop
hop. Look, I’mma bunny!” Jennie tried to be a bunny, crawling in the
snow and attempting to hop, but she just sent snow flying into the
air, where it showered down on Miki.

Miki shrieked as the cold snow landed on her face. “Eeeeeeek Jennie
you gettin me all snowy!”

TJ, Jennie’s Mommy, shouted from the house, “Be careful, girls!
Jennie, you’re not eating the snow, are you?”

“No, Mommy,” said Jennie, her mouth full of snow.

Miki gathered up a small pile of snow. She grabbed two hands full and
tossed it high as she could in the air before she too stuffed her
mouth full of snow. As the snow filtered down. The two girls thought
they saw some kind of shadowy thing like a bird or something become
visible for an instant before the snow filtered from the air.

Miki said excitedly, “Jennies!! Didja see that? Wuz itta ghosty or

Jennie shook her head slowly as she looked hard for whatever it was,
“Baby no seed it no mo. It inbisaval.”

Miki grabbed another hand full of snow and tossed it as high in the
air as she could. It began to filter down in a large spray of white
powder. The two babys saw a flitting shadow cross through the spray
for a split instant.

Jennie said excitedly as she pointed, “Baby sawded it. It looketed
likesa bird or somepin.”

Miki sat and sucked her thumb thoughtfully for a minute as she looked
at the several snow flakes that were sitting on the arms of her snow
suit. They had seen the fancy lace doilies that their mommies had
underneath vases.

Miki took her thumb from her mouth and said conspiratorially in a
quiet whisper, “What ifs … it notta bird??”

Jennie turned and looked at her best friend with wide eyed wonder and
asked, “Noa bird? What issit then?”

Miki pointed to her sleeve where several snowflakes had come to rest
and not melted yet, “Tha snow looks like onena them thingys mommy has
unner her flowers n lamps.”

Jennie sat back on her thickly diapered hinney and sucked her thumb as
she looked at the snowflakes on Miki’s arm. Finally, she took her
thumb from her mouth and said, “Ya thinks itta critter that makes

Miki shrugged and replied, “Baby nono .. but am gonna sees is can
catchted one.”

Jennie got to her feet and toddled over to the side porch. Lying on
the ground there was a toy butterfly net. She picked it up and toddled
back to Miki with it in her hand.

Miki grinned as she tossed several handfulls of snow as high in the
air as she could manage. Jennie began swishing the net around trying
to catch one of the flitting shadows that became visible only with the
snow filtering down.

Suddenly, it began to snow again. Only this time, in a perfect circle
around the girls. Jennie began to swing the net even more in hopes of
catching something besides snow. About that time, TJ and Lisa came out
and gathered the girls up and took them back inside. They didn’t want
them to get overly wet and catch another cold.

“Are you girls trying to catch snowflakes?” asked TJ. “You know, every
snowflake is unique. That means if you catch two of them, they’re
always going to be different. Never exactly the same.”

“Noooo we seeda thingy flyin’ inna air like a bird an wanna catched
it,” said Miki.

“Well I don’t think you’re going to catch any birds with that toy
net,” said Lisa with a chuckle. “Even if there were birds flying
around that low to the ground this time of year, that net’s too small
to catch one.”

By this time TJ had gotten Jennie’s diaper changed and was putting her
in warm PJs for a nap. Jennie noticed that the top of her PJs had a
lace border that reminded her a lot of … “Snow!” she said, pointing at
it. “Looks like snow!”

“What?” asked TJ. “Oh, the lace? Yes, I guess it looks kind of like
snow. Maybe you can dream about playing in the snow during your nap.”

“No! No nap!” said Jennie, who then yawned sleepily.

Snowfall Two: Blizzard Watch

In a place beyond places, in a realm unimagined by human minds, a
creature that looked very much like an elf rushed through several
large doors and into a cavernous room. He hurried down the long blue
carpet and bowed before the being sitting on a very ornate and gilded

The being sitting on the throne fidgeted with the jewel encrusted
crown on his head for a bit, then said, “What is it, Ankhara? You have
been itching to tell me something all morning.”

Ankhara stood and said, “King Bryan. The Snowflake Weavers have just
returned. They tell of several humans trying to capture them. Somehow
these can actually see us when we are invisible.”

The King shifted his position slightly as he replied, “And who, pray
tell, are these individuals with the magic eyes?”

“It’s those young girls that live in the glade. The ones that somehow
manage to see many of the wee folk.”

The King sat up straight in his throne as he said softly, “Ah, human
children, somehow they manage to do it. Did they manage to catch a

The being replied, “No, King Bryan, but it was a near thing. They
started weaving more snowflakes, which in turn brought out their
parents. When they took them in, it saved our weaver team from

King Bryan rubbed his chin for a minute then replied, “If they are the
same children, I think the girls might like to be visited. They have
always been nice when they finally do see one of our kind.”

The other Elf looking being bowed, “We shall arrange a meeting. Let us
hope this stops them from trying to capture us.”

The King laughed, “I doubt it, but it will stop them from trying to
catch a Weaver.”

The being bowed once more and left the throne room. King Bryan sat
with a very grave expression as he thought over how this meeting might
take place. There could be complications ...


It was the next day. TJ had brought Jennie over again, but the girls
were playing inside. Lisa and TJ were watching weather maps on TV as
the two babies played on the floor.

“I think Mommy no like snows,” said Jennie. “She get sooper upsets
when they say there gonna be lots snow.”

Miki got to her knees, then stood up slowly showing off her cute
ruffles. She toddled over to the sliding glass door and looked
out. Many hundreds of very delicately formed snowflakes drifted down,
covering all the marks the girls had left the previous day.

Miki could swear she saw something flitting near the door, but she
couldn't really tell. It might just be a strange shadow caused by the
heavy snowfall.

Miki said, “Jennies?”

Jennie answered, “Whassup?”

Miki replied as she pointed out the locked sliding door, “Baby thinks
can sees thems shadow thingys again.”

Jennie’s eyes grew large as she too stood and showed off her ruffles,
before toddling over next to Miki. Both girls started staring out the
glass as it fogged with their breath.

Without warning, a creature with very delicate gossamer wings came to
the glass and looked in. It was dressed in something that looked like
a snowflake, with little delicate booties on her feet. She waved at
the two babies before vanishing off into the white like a shadow.

Miki screeches, “Ther one! Baby saws it.”

Jennie had gone to the glass and put her hands against it. It was
terribly cold, she snatched them off. Jennie replied, “Baby saws em
too. Isa fairys. Gosa bees.”

Miki nodded her head vigorously making her pony tails fly, “We gotsa
finda ways ta catchteded one.”

Both girls plopped on their thickly diapered bottoms, started sucking
their thumb thoughtfully as they looked around the large playroom for
something that might work.

About that time, TJ entered the playroom with a large tray filled with
freshly baked cookies and 2 large sippy cups of the girls favorite
beverage. She smiled as she saw the girls looking out the window at
the snow. It had stopped doing its blizzard thing and delicate very
large and lacy looking snowflakes had started to filter down.

TJ said in a soft coo, “Here we are, girls, Mommy brought some snacks
for the both of you.”

The girls turned with big bright eyes and screeched excitedly as TJ
brought the items in and set them on a plastic cloth on the
floor. Next, TJ tied a bib around each of the girls necks and gave
them each a sippy cup. Miki was delighted to find her sippy cup full
of strawberry milk, and Jennie was just as delighted to discover hers
was filled with grape flavored milk.

Lisa showed up about then and stood next to TJ with a large smile as
she watched the girls devour the pile of warm cookies, of course,
making a huge mess to boot.

TJ said to Lisa, “What if we keep an eye on them so they don’t get
into trouble, but let them go out in the snow? It has stopped its
blizzard thing and is just snowing.”

“They seem desperate to get out there and play,” said Lisa. “Well,
with the climate changing, who knows how many more snowfalls like this
we’ll see here? Let’s get them bundled up.”

“Guess what, girls, you can play in the snow!” TJ told Jennie and

“YAYYYY!” said Jennie, and Miki shrieked joyfully. TJ put her fingers
in her ears.

“That’s a very squeaky girl you’ve got there,” TJ said to Lisa.

“She’s got a pair of lungs on her, that’s for sure,” Lisa said,
bringing the girls’ winter wraps.

Soon Jennie and Miki were in their snowsuits. Jennie’s was pale pink
and had bunny ears on the hood, while Miki’s was a brighter reddish
pink, more of a strawberry color.

“Now, you stay in the yard,” said Lisa. “No going out of sight of the
back door. If you can see the doors, we can see you.”

“Um, OK,” Jennie said. Miki nodded, as did Jennie, the bunny ears on
her hood bouncing up and down.

Lisa opened the doors, and the girls toddled out into the snow. “Have
fun,” Lisa said, “and remember what I said. Stay close. It might go
back to blizzarding again.”

“OK Mommy,” said Miki. The two of them didn’t go far before they
plopped on their behinds into the soft snow. Their snowsuits were
warm, so they barely felt the cold.

“Whee!” said Jennie, picking up snow in her mittens and tossing it
into the air.

“Member ta looks for thems little critters,” Miki reminded her.

Jennie looked all around for the butterfly net she had yesterday. The
snow had covered it well, and neither Jennie nor Miki could find it as
they dug through the deep snow and tossed many handfuls of it into the

A very small voice said softly, although both babies heard it very
plainly, “Hi. My name’s Diamond Dust. Imma Weaver. Wanna see a neatos

Both girls sat totally dumbfounded as a very cute little fairy
appeared, all dressed in a white outfit seemingly made of
snowflakes. She moved her hands slowly, interweaving her tiny fingers,
and two very large snowflakes appeared. Each had one of the girls’
names written within its delicate structure.

Of course, babies can’t read, but since the Weaver Fairies are
magical, it was possible for the infants to read their names before
the flakes melted and were gone.

Miki said, “What isa Weavers? Whacha do when ya weaves?”

The tiny fairy flitted up and came to rest on Miki’s booted foot. She
said in her wonderfully tinkly voice, “A Weaver weaves the snowflakes
and makes a soft blanket to cover all the sleeping earth.”

Jennie couldn’t believe what she saw. An actual Snow Fairy right
there. Jennie said with awe in her babbles, “Why comes affer all this
you come ‘n shows us your real?”

The fairy replied, “We wanted you to know it’s us that make the world
a winter wonderland of snow so all the children can come out and enjoy
it.” Then she whispered, barely audibly, “Also we don’t want you to
catch one of us in your net.”

“Aww,” said Miki. “Guess baby no wanna be inna net neither.”

“Is that how comed you stopped blizzardin’?” asked Jennie. “So you
could show us?”

“Yes,” said the fairy. “Actually we’re holding back the blizzard right
now. If we weren’t, you wouldn’t be able to see your house from here,
and it’s only a few yards away.”

“Um, Sis, about that,” came another small voice from somewhere out in
the snow, “you might want to wrap it up -- it’s getting harder to hold
it back … a lot harder, actually …”

Suddenly, the wind came back, howling like a wild beast, and all Miki
and Jennie could see was white.

Snowfall 3: Blizzard Warning

“Miki!” said Jennie. “No can see tha house!”

Miki could barely even see Jennie. “Oh no! That bad thingie!”

“Aaaa! Oh no!” said the Snow Fairy, flying between them. “That wasn’t
supposed to happen! We have to get you to safety or you might get lost
out here! Cirrus, keep trying!”


Inside the house, there was panic. “The blizzard! It’s back!” said
Lisa. “I can’t see the girls out the window!” She was putting on her
winter jacket, as was TJ.

“That’s bad. We need a rope or clothesline or something,” said
TJ. “Going out in a blizzard without a way back is dangerous.”

“I’ve got some clothesline, I think,” said Lisa, rummaging through a
drawer. “Here it is.”

“Tie one end to the doorknob,” said TJ. “And tie the other around your
wrist.” Lisa did so, and they stepped out into the snow, keeping the
line taut.


The snow fairy took a long item from within the folds of her delicate
outfit and held it up. It began to glow brightly and surrounded the
girls with a large bubble of light. The blizzard surrounded the
infants, but could not enter the protective barrier.

The cute little fairy said, “Follow me. Stay close sos you no get
losted inna white.”

Jennie and Miki held hands as they followed the fairy who flew right
at their eye level so they could see the direction she was going. Out
of the white, Lisa and TJ suddenly appeared ahead of them.

Lisa pointed, “TJ! I see them over there. Strange as it seems, they
appear to be toddling towards us.”

TJ replied as both women hurried their pace, “I see them. Is it just
me? Is all this snow sort of going around and over them and not
falling on them?”

Lisa stopped for an instant and shielded her eyes against the stinging
blizzard. It did sort of appear the snow was bypassing them as they
toddled ever closer.

Lisa called out, “Miki, Jennie, we’re coming for you, sweeties. Stay
right there! We can see you.”

Miki and Jennie heard Lisa’s voice and stopped moving forward. They
could almost see them at first, then their mommies became clearer and
clearer as the distance between them shortened.

TJ grabbed up Jennie as Lisa grabbed up Miki, then turned and began
reeling in the clothesline.

Lisa cooed comfortingly, “Don't be afraid, sweetheart, we’ll get you back
inside shortly.”

Miki babbled excitedly, “Baby no afearded, gotsa Snow Fairy helpins.”

The Snow Fairy said, “OK, we’re close enough -- I’m going to clear a
path. Hold still just a moment.” She faced in the direction they had
been going and hovered in the air, holding out her tiny arms straight
to the sides, fingers making mystical signs. She let go of her wand,
which floated and glowed in front of her as she concentrated.

Suddenly there was a path clear of snow. There was still snow on the
ground, but in a lane about three feet wide there was no wind blowing
and no snow falling, all the way to the house’s back door, which they
could now see clearly. “Whoa, way to go, Diamond Dust!” came the voice
of the other fairy out in the snow, whom they still hadn’t
seen. “Didn’t know you had it in you!” Lisa and TJ were partly
intersected by this path, and they marveled at the sudden clearness of
the air, stepping fully into the clear path.

“Mommy!” said both Jennie and Miki as they toddled through the snow
toward their Mommies.

“That’s right, come here, to us, Sweethearts,” said Lisa, beckoning
with one hand, the other hand holding TJ’s hand while TJ held the
clothesline. “I don’t know why or how, but … let’s not blow this
window of opportunity.”

“Is … tha … Snow … Fairy,” said Jennie, struggling through the snow
step by step to get to TJ. “Thankoo Miss Diamond Dust!” she said,
reaching TJ and turning around to wave.

For a scant instant, TJ thought she saw something. Through all the
swirling snow, however, she couldn’t be positive. As soon as Lisa had
both babies in her grasp, TJ began to reel in the clothesline and
didn’t have any more time to look.

Both Lisa and TJ thought it was truly strange that a seeming clear
tunnel led directly to the door. Neither woman questioned their good
fortune as they all managed to enter the warmth of the playroom and
closed the door. No sooner had Lisa set the latch, than the blizzard
came back in earnest.

Miki and Jennie were bouncing up and down and screeching about how the
Snow Fairies had come and saved them.

As she removed Miki’s playsuit, Lisa said, “Well, Sweetheart, Mommy
would like you to thank them for all of us. We could have been lost in
the back yard in that white mess.”

Miki giggled, “Themsa Weavers. They makesa snowflakes n weavded em ta
makes em pretty.’

Jennie said excitedly, “They can makes em enny how they wanna .. even
wifs names in em.”

TJ and Lisa laughed, then TJ said, “That’s nice, Dear. Maybe you can
ask one of them to weave you and Miki a nice bib and make it look like
a snowflake.”

Miki and Jennie looked at each other with big eyes, as that thought
sounded so nice.

After the girls’ snowsuits were taken off, Lisa said cheerily, “After
all that, who wants some hot chocolate with marshmallows?”

Of course both Jennie and Miki began bouncing on their thickly
diapered bottoms, waved both their arms, and screeched excitedly.

Both mommies left the playroom after Lisa set the baby gate. TJ said
with a grin, “I guess we need to make us some of that hot chocolate

Lisa nodded, “Yeah, by the gallon. That was a scary thing. It was so
strange how the snow seemed to clear right to the door.”

TJ replied, “I thought I saw something -- like a bird or
something. Not real sure I saw anything, because of the heavy blowing

Lisa replied, “Maybe … there really is a snow fairy.”

Both women looked at each other before laughing.


Elsewhere, King Bryan scratched under his long white beard and said,
“Well, that wasn’t exactly how we’d planned it, what with the blizzard
turning out to be more powerful than we’d thought, but it worked out,
and no harm done. Well done, Cirrus, and you too, Diamond Dust. And we
didn’t have to rescue either of you from a net!”

“Thank you, Your Majesty,” said both fairies, with appropriately
polite curtsies.

“Think the adults will believe them?” Cirrus asked as they left the
throne room.

“Well, those two babies were a bit bigger than they usually make ‘em …
but it doesn’t matter. Adult humans never believe babies,” Diamond
Dust said.
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Re: Baby Jennie and Baby Miki Meet the Weavers of Snowflakes

Postby LilJennie » Fri Feb 21, 2020 9:25 pm

I love these little Miki & Jennie stories. They're so cute and fun to do! Miki is the awesomest playmate in the known universe, BTW.
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Re: Baby Jennie and Baby Miki Meet the Weavers of Snowflakes

Postby Miki Yamuri » Sat Feb 22, 2020 1:56 pm

aww gee ... >>blushes pink<< baby thinks Jennies isa mostus awesomes playmate ever. Is so much fun to do this type of silly story too.
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