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Christmas Wish

Postby Miki Yamuri » Wed Nov 27, 2019 7:56 am

Title: Christmas Wish


All characters played by: LilJennie and Miki Yamuri

Cody Warren - 18yo

Persephone - infinitely old

Santa Clause - infinitely old

Scene: Late one lonely snowy night in a fireplace lit den

Cody Warren sat alone once again on a Christmas Eve watching the warm flames lick the Yule log on the grate. He watched the green and blue flames as they danced along the log like tiny little ballerinas. He glances out the window and sees lots of large snow flakes as they fell rapidly past the window. In his heart, he wished he could be a girl .... not just a girl, but a little girl of about 2 years old all snuggled in the loving arms of his mother.

An idea comes to his mind as he sees the snow drifting lightly as they fell. He quickly grabs a piece of paper and a pen. He rapidly scribbles down a Christmas Wish to Santa. He smiles as he set the edge of it on fire and allows the updraft to take it from his hand and up the flue.

Cody's father was out partying with his new young stepmother, hitting one Christmas party after another, probably to come back drunk at 3 a.m. and pass out again. This kind of behavior was exactly the reason why Cody's real mother had left, and why Cody wished things could be the way they had been so long ago.

Looking out at the snow, Cody remembered a Christmas long ago when his mother had bundled him up in a snow suit to go out and play.

"Can't tell if he's a boy or a girl in that," Cody caught his father saying just as he headed out the door.

He stopped. Was that a bad thing? He'd never cared whether he looked like a boy or a girl before. In fact, he was too young to really know the difference.

"You can't tell if any of the kids is a boy or a girl right now, Ted," said Cody's mother. "They're all bundled up."

She pointed at all the kids out playing the snow with their new sleds and snow saucers. A few of them were in pink, probably girls, but to a large degree she was right. Cody couldn't tell which ones were his friends and which ones he didn't even know, not without hearing their voices.

Cody's dad responded, "Yeah but that snowsuit he's in, that's a girl's color. And his hair is so long, it sticks out from under his hat."

It was true. Cody liked his hair long.

"It's teal, Ted. Both boys and girls wear it. You've got teal underwear.”

Nobody ever sees that but you, Carol," said Cody's dad.

Later on Cody would find out that that had been a lie, after his mother left, and so did the woman he was cheating on her with, because he was later caught cheating on her in turn with yet another woman.

As Cody's mind drifted through his memories, the paper left the top of the Chimney. The flames began to act like they were dancing as the snow swirled all around the page. A Christmas snow, as every child knows, is a magical snow ... and just because this particular letter to Santa was by a child at heart and not in body ... meant nothing.

The page was caught up in a magical flurry of sparkling snow and whisked along at the speed of imagination to the North Pole as the flames dance rhythmically around its edges like glowing lace.

Santa sat on his veranda over looking the Great Christmas Tree Forest as the page came within his arm's reach. He takes a puff of his pipe and lets a large ring of smoke surround his head as he reached out and plucked the page from the air.

He Chuckled with a merry "Ho Ho Ho." as his belly jiggles like a bowl of jelly while he reads the note. It has been many a year since a Christmas Wish came from this boy. To Santa ... it was as refreshing as any breath of Winter Air.

Santa Claus was quite used to dealing with wishes for toys, of course. The elves had workshops without number for creating the most fascinating playthings, and in these modern times they had branched out, creating studios to produce television programs about the toys and commercials to sell them. But occasionally Santa got a wish for something intangible, such as a child wishing for his country to be free of war, for her mother and father to get back together, or ... something like this. Santa didn't have elves that could grant this type of Christmas wish. But he wasn't worried ... Santa had many friends.

As the very embodiment of generosity, Father Christmas was beloved by all; there were none in the mythical world who would not be happy to do him a favor, because he always brought them what they wanted on Christmas Day too. And there was one particular young lady who was always overjoyed to see him. Her name was Persephone ... The daughter of Aphrodite and the sister of Cupid.

Persephone sat by the magical pool of forevermore. The beautiful tree that bore the golden apples of love were in full bloom. The wonderful aroma of many good things drifted all through the small park. The pool begins to foam and give off its magical mist.

Persephone sits up and begins to swirl her hand in the magical waters. She says softly, "Bring forth the news of one who seeks my council."

The mist seems to swirl and form a strange shimmering window ... and within ... the face of Santa Appears.

Santa Ho Hos in his merry way before he says brightly, "Hail and well met Miss Persephone. And how does this day find you, oh most lovely of Goddesses?"

Persephone giggles as she blushes pink in her cheeks. She replies with a giggle, "Oh, you Teddy Bear, you must want something ... flattery can get you anything with me."

Santa smiles and says, "I ... have a rather unusual Christmas wish from a very deserving boy ... that only you can help me fulfill."

Persephone smiles as she sits up straighter, "Oh ... really now ... do you? Tell me more."

Santa chuckles as he says, "There's this young man who has wished ..."

Cody sighs loudly as he rolls over on his back and stares at the ceiling. He can hear the sound of the wind whispering louder from outside as the snow turned to a blizzard. He gets up and walks to the kitchen to get himself a glass of Hot Chocolate and some cookies. On a whim, he leaves a large cup of Hot Chocolate and 12 cookies on a plate by the fireplace.

Santa sat at his huge Yew wood desk with many letters piled all over it in great stacks. He leaned back and puffed on his pipe as he read the Naughty and Nice list ... Santa always checked it twice. He reaches for a large golden cup sitting next to his Quill pen ... he frowns slightly when he realizes it's empty.

He looks up at the sound of the large wooden door into his study from the workshop opening. The rat a tat tat sound of many hammers and the high pitched whine of power tools is heard softly in the back ground along with many cherry voices and Christmas Songs. The Prevailing song was: 'We are Santa's Elves.'

Santa Ho Ho Hos merrily at the extremely beautiful young girl that walks in with a large platter. In the very center of the platter was another large golden cup filled with hot chocolate and topped with thick whipped cream and nutmeg.

Santa says jovially, "Well, Aleethiea, what have we here? It seems you can read Santa's mind."

The little girl giggles softly as she set the large steamy cup within Santa's reach and places the empty on the tray, 'Not at all silly ... just after 900 years ... one gets to know your habits. I know that when you're in here going over the 'List" ... you drink lots of Hot Chocolate."

She stands and smiles a very beautiful smile. Santa looks her over as he takes a sip of the hot beverage. She is about 4 feet tall and has very long brown hair and slightly pointed ears. She is dressed in a long gown made of a heavy dark red and green velvet. Her eyes sparkle brightly as she seems to be waiting for something.

Santa's eyes get large as he raises his eyebrows. He looks at the cup and realizes, as heavenly wonderful as this Elvin Hot Chocolate had been over the centuries, it was exceptionally good today.

Aleethiea giggles as she says happily, "After 600 years, I have finally perfected the mix. I realized that along with a spoon full of Christmas Cheer, I had to add a dash of faith, and top it with Loving Kindness."

Santa Ho Ho Hos in his deep and merry way that allows his belly to jiggle like it's full of jelly.

He says, "Very good work Aleethiea! This is the best you have ever done .... and that's saying a lot."

The Elfette blushes softly pink as she curtsies gracefully. She replies, "I live to please, Santa."

Santa smiles a most wonderful smile as he replies, "That you do very well, Aleethiea."

She curtsies once again before she turns and gracefully glides from Santa's study and closes the door softly .... cutting off the sounds of Elvin work and merriment beyond.

Santa sits and enjoys the Hot Chocolate immensely. It was indeed the very best it had ever been ... and this was the very best there was before Aleethiea made the improvement. As Santa reaches for a Chocolate Chip Cookie with M&Ms baked within, there is a very soft blue/white flash. He adjusts his small glasses and looks over the top of them anyway as the glow fades.

There stood Persephone, in her very best Elfette outfit. She wore a very sexy Red Romper with a low cut front and white fur around the long sleeves, legs, and the V dipping in front. She had on a pair of white fur booties and her hands were in a very soft white fur hand muff. Her hair was tied into long curly ponytails with green ribbon.

Santa stands as he Ho Ho Hos again and says merrily, "Well, well ... It seems a very beautiful young lady has come to see Santa."

Persephone giggles as she approaches him, "I jus wanna sit on Santa's lap and tell him what I want for Christmas."

Santa sits back in his large chair as Persephone climbs into his lap and wraps her arms around his neck.

Santa Laughs as he says, "I think I'll have to make up an entirely new kind of list just for you. 'The Nice/Naughty little girl list.'

Persephone giggles, "Aww, silly Teddy Bear." Then kisses Santa on a place on his cheek that wasn't covered by the thick white beard.

Santa's eyes get big as he gasps softly. His face and hands seem to change perceptively. He shivers as the change comes to an end. He was obviously many many years younger now than before the kiss.

Persephone says in a cute little girl voice, "And that's my Christmas preset to Santa Clause ... I took off 4 hundred years ... and I must say it is a wonderful improvement."

Santa smiles as he gives Persephone a small peck on her cheek. He asks, "So, have you been a good little girl this year?"

Persephone nods as her pony tails fly.

Santa Ho Ho Hos, "And what would you like for Christmas this year, little girl?"

Persephone giggles and acts adorably shy as she says in a cute voice, "I wanna ride in Santa's Sleigh n helps delivera gift to a very deserving child ..."

Cody was very depressed. His dad and his new 18yo wife had stumbled in the door right at 11pm ... all torn up. They were so wasted that it was disgusting and a true miracle they managed to make it home. They had totally ruined the peace and solitude of the house with all their drunken hullabaloo. He put on his heavy coat and gloves, then walked out into the falling snow.

Cody shivers as the wind howls past. It was very cold out and snowing heavily. He looked around at the smooth unbroken blanket of white. It appeared the snow was falling even heavier, he couldn't see the tracks he had just made behind him, nor more than several feet ahead. He looks up and all around. All he could see was the soft glow of white surrounding him. It was like he was inside a ping pong ball looking out. Light from the sparse lamp posts diffused into a soft milky glow, adding to this visual illusion.

He did see what he thought was only a few feet from him, a glow he thought was a lamp post slightly off to his right. He stuffed his hands in his coat pockets and walked in that direction. He was surprised, but it took him considerably longer to reach the lamp post than he thought it should. There was a bench, and a trash bin covered in an ever deepening cover of snow. Cody brushes the seat clean of snow and plops on it. He hunches over against the cold and begins to wallow in his Depression and ever darkening mood.

Persephone was tickled pink as she covered herself with the thick red and green blanket. She watched as the last of the gifts were loaded into the back of the Magical Sleigh and Rudolph was led to the lead position and his harnesses hooked in.

Santa whistles a loud piercing whistle and shouts as he cracks his whip, " On Dancer, On Prancer, On Donner and Blitzen ..."

Persephone gasps in delight as the sleigh is snatched rapidly into the air, with Rudolph's nose glowing like a beacon though the blizzardy night.

Cody had lain on the bench after sitting for a long time. He had ceased to notice the cold as the snow began to cover his body. His mind drifted from one hallucination to another as hypothermia set in and blood left his hands and feet. He felt so warm and content to just stay where he was. He knew in his mind he had to move ... or he would freeze to death ... but he felt so warm and content ... and his depression seemed so far away ...

A sound began to intrude on his delusions. It sounded like the jingle of tiny bells. Very soon. the whole area seemed to light up bright as day. Cody was sure he was just having another hypothermic delusion as 13 reindeer trotted up next to him, pulling a very large red and black sleigh. It was loaded to the hilt with gifts. As his eyes slowly drifted closed again, He saw what looked like Santa Clause and a female Elf bend over him.

He heard her fading, very cute voice ask, "Is this him? It's a lucky thing we started early."

He heard the other's very pleasantly deep male voice reply, "It is ... I knew this was going to happen. He has had a very bad run of luck."

Cody feels someone pick him up. He smells a wonderful perfume. He is so warm and content. He feels himself cuddled close and his hinny patted softly.

He hears a shrill whistle and the crack of a whip as a voice shouts, "On my reindeer, on. We have many gifts to deliver ... and little time to do it."

Cody feels a wonderful giddiness of acceleration as his body seems to get very heavy. He drifts off into a wonderful world of toys, dolls, and loving cuddles.

Cody awakens very slowly. The first thing he notices is the wonderfully sweet smell of baby powder. He feels someone adjust him in their arms and feels something touch his lips. Ummm ... it tastes so wonderfully of warm Chocolate Milk. He suckles the thing in his mouth happily for a few seconds before he realizes something is very wrong.

His eyes pop open as he jerks in surprise. He sees the very young face of his mother smiling down at him.

She coos softly, "Aww, sweet heart. Be a good girl and finish your bottle. Mommy and daddy have many wonderful surprises for you. Santa was here while you were sleeping and left you so many presents. You are such a good girl."

Cody feels his hinny being lovingly patted as his mother bends and kisses him softly on his cheek. He can't believe what's happened ... he's a baby in his mother's arms once again. He nurses the bottle until it's empty. He can feel a warmth begin to grow around his hinny. He realizes with a start that he just wet himself and couldn't help it.

When his mommy had finished feeding him the bottle, she placed a cloth across her shoulder and put him there. He could feel her softly pat his back. From deep within his tummy it came ... he couldn't help himself here either ... BUURRRPPP!!! and he spit up just a little bit on the cloth.

Mommy coos softly, "Ohh, such a big one! Bet baby girl feels so much better now, doesn't she?" mommy pulls open the back of Cody's clothes and checks him. She continues, "Little Jennie's all wet. Mommy will fix that in a jiffy."

The voice of his dad rings from downstairs, "TJ? Hurry up dear, the guests are arriving and Lisa is here with Miki."

Mommy twirls Baby Jennie around several times as she replies, "I have to change Jennie first, Tom ... be right down."

The sound of soft Christmas Music begins to drift up to Jennie's ears as her mommy gives her her first of many loving diaper changes.

The sound of jingling bells softly disappears in the distance as Santa and Persephone toast over a large glass of hot chocolate and a plate with 12 cookies in it.

A voice Jennie knows to her young soul is heard, "Merry Christmas to all, and to all a Good and safe Holiday Season!”
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Re: Christmas Wish

Postby Miki Yamuri » Sun Dec 13, 2020 8:19 am

Here is a cute little Christmas story I'm bringing back for all to enjoy .. Merry and Safe Christmas to everyone and the very best of New Year.

With lots of baby wovs

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