Baby Miki and Baby Jennie Discover the Internet

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Baby Miki and Baby Jennie Discover the Internet

Postby LilJennie » Wed Oct 02, 2019 8:03 pm

Baby Miki and Baby Jennie Discover the Internet

by LilJennie and Miki Yamuri

"I'm so glad I got your email," Miki heard her mommy Lisa say to the little rectangular thing that she held up to her ear. "That means we can watch movies this afternoon, and Jennie will get to play with Miki. Those two always have so much fun."

Miki was just a baby and didn't know, or at least didn't pay attention to, all those words, but one of them was "Jennie," and she knew that meant that her friend might come over to play. This made her very happy.

"My goodness, you're one excited little girl," said Lisa after checking Miki's diaper shortly after. "Completely soaking wet! I'm going to have to order more diapers for you online. But for now ..." She took Miki to the changing table.

After Miki was in a dry diaper, and after a very messy lunch, she was back in her playpen when the doorbell rang, and soon TJ was putting her little baby girl Jennie into the playpen with Miki, who shrieked with joy to see her friend.

"Mikiiiiii!" Jennie squeaked, hugging her friend. The two babies babbled enthusiastically at each other until Lisa came in.

"We're going to watch grown-up movies in the living room, but who wants to watch Mad McMurphy Mouse?" Lisa asked the girls, and both Miki and Jennie cheered. "Here, we can put an episode of it on the TV over there, thanks to the magic of the Internet." She played with some kind of box that had buttons on it, then the cartoon appeared on the screen.

Miki and Jennie gasped in amazement and were immediately fascinated by the silly adventures of the crazy mouse. They barely noticed Lisa and TJ leaving the room or even the smell of popping popcorn before their grown-up movie started out in another room of the house.

But soon the cartoon was over, and the screen went dark. Jennie and Miki giggled at each other. It had been a very silly episode. "Hahaha that mousie is so silly!" Jennie laughed.

"Heehee yeah!" Miki giggled. "Always gettin' inta troubles! Dunno how he get outta it! Maby is the magic of the Internet!"

"Magic Internet?" asked Jennie. She remembered hearing that before. "OOoooo" Jennie said as her eyes got large, "Ya no supposes we ken catchteded magical stuffies wiffa magical inter type net does ya?"

Miki sucked her thumb thoughtfully, "Mus bes. We gotsa find how ta getsa magic internet. We can hasa magical pet or sompin."

The two girls climbed out of their playpen and waddled over to the weird box with all the keys. Neither one knew what the strange markings on them meant, but they began to press keys randomly. Just by sheer accident, Jennie managed to call up an educational video about ants. The two girls sat staring at the video in wide-eyed amazement.

About that time, TJ came into the play room to check on the toddlers. She saw the two of them sitting in front of the computer watching a nature video and said, "What the ...? You two have escaped again? Should start calling you girls Houdinis."

With this, TJ scooped them up, checked their diapers, and changed them before putting them back in the playpen.

"Aww, Mommy," said Jennie, "we was seeins cool stuffs about ants."

TJ shuddered. "Maybe you can learn about bugs some other time. I had to turn it off."

Miki said, "Ooo Auntie TJ, kens us get onna them magic nets? We wanna catchteded a critters wifs it."

TJ looked confused. "Magic ... nets? Well, let me ask Lisa about it and see what she has to say. Meanwhile, I brought you girls some popcorn." TJ placed a large plastic bowl full of messy buttery popcorn in the playpen. The girls' eyes get big as they proceed to indulge ... and of course make a huge baby mess in the process.

"Yummmm," said Jennie when they were done. She had enough popcorn on her and in her hair to string together into a preschool necklace.

"Oooh maybe we dun need some magic net to catch critters," said Miki, who was similarly adorned. "Maybe they come to you."

"Could catch 'em better if we had a Inter Net," said Jennie. "Wonder where we gets one."

Miki sat and sucked her thumb for a few minutes as she looked at the blank computer monitor. She finally took her thumb from her mouth and said, "Is gotsa be sompina bout that weird black square thingy. It glows whena net is workings."

Jennie nodded until her ponytails flew, "Gotsa bees."

Miki used the playpen rails to stand and once again climbed out. She toddled over to the toy box and plopped on her ruffly behind. She opened the top and began to rummage through the many toys and other items neatly stored in the box.

After a few minutes, Miki sat back in frustration, "Baby no no how ta getsa magic net fromma black square thingy. Nonena this has no kinna magics in it."

Jennie climbed out of the playpen and toddled over to a small tablet that was sitting on the low table near the door. She opened the book-sized tablet and looked in. It too had a square black screen.

It was fortunate the pad wasn't plugged in at the time, as Jennie brought it over to Miki and plopped on her hinney beside Miki. Both the girls looked it over.

Miki asked, "How's a baby ta catcha inter?? Wassa inter, 'n what it look like?"

Jennie shrugged as she replied, "No no whats it is. Gonna finds out though. This thingy is jus likesa one up there, but isa baby."

Both girls giggled as Miki fidgeted with the small pad. By accident, Jennie hit the power button. The pad's screen lit up, and ran through its boot up protocol and played its happy little jingle.

By the time the device had booted up and come to desktop, both girls had started touching the screen, trying to bring up a magical picture. It was Miki who hit a proper sequence and brought up a bookmarked page all about fuzzy plushy dolls and snuggle toys.

Miki said with awe in her voice, "Look, we catchteded somepin inna magical net."

"Oooh lemme see," said Jennie and looked closer. "Yay this issa goo inter!"

"Dollies an' plushies issa inter?" asked Miki.

"Gotsa be!" said Jennie. "If we catcheded it inna inter net."

"Oh yeah," Miki said. "Now what we do wiffit?"

"Um ..." Jennie wasn't sure. "Is hard ta play wif thems. They all flat 'n stuff."

Lisa walked in through the playroom door. "How are you doing, g -- oh no!" She was not exactly surprised to find that the girls had gotten hold of her tablet with their buttery fingers, making it all greasy. "Well, babies will be babies. Let's get you two cleaned up."

Soon she and TJ had the two girls' faces and hands washed, putting them into clean rompers. "I guess they're still not big enough to feed themselves," said TJ. "I'm going to have to go back to feeding Jennie -- either that, or do twice as much laundry."

"We catcheded a inter wif tha Internet!" said Jennie.

"You caught a what?" Lisa asked.

"A inter! You catch 'em inna Internet!" Miki echoed. "Right?" She nodded, and so did Jennie.

"Only this one looked like plushies an' dollies," said Jennie. "Is on there." She pointed to the tablet, but its screen had turned off. "Aww, it goned."

The two adults rolled their eyes. Lisa put another Mad McMurphy Mouse cartoon on the playroom TV, and she and TJ went back out to the front room, saying, "This might be the only thing that keeps you out of trouble." And sure enough, the girls were mesmerized by the antics of the animated mouse until the cartoon ended and the screen turned blue again.

Then, of course, the girls looked around for more to investigate. "Can we get the inter back?" said Jennie, climbing back out of the playpen and picking up the tablet. "Whatif I poke this?" She shortly had the picture of dollies and plushes back on the screen. "Oooo, is back!"

The girls giggled as they managed to bring up other pages filled with many things, like cute fuzzy kittens and googly eyed cartoon characters. Of course, the pad's battery had started to get low and the internal program shut the system off when it had reached the minimum level.

Miki said in a huff, "Aww pooies." She poked out her bottom lip in an adorable pouty face, "Aww tha magic done runded out." Miki looked around and her eyes got big as she spied a large square thing sitting on her mommy's desk beside the computer. "Lookit," she pointed, "That might bea nuther net thingy."

With this, Miki stood up, showing of her cute ruffles, and toddled over to the chair with the wheels. She pushed it over to the desk and climbed up. After crawling across the desk, and rearranging everything with her knees, she came to the picture frame and accidently knocked it onto the floor. Even with the padding, the fall shattered the frame's glass, making a loud noise. The girls could plainly hear the sound of Lisa and TJ's footfalls hurrying towards the playroom.

With trepidation in her voice, Jennie said, "Ooo, Miki donena boo-boo. Thinks babies gonna getsa spankin'."

Lisa entered first, with TJ close behind. Lisa's eyes grew large with concern when she saw Miki on the desk. "Miki, " Lisa screeched, "how on this earth did you get up there?" Lisa hurried over and took Miki into her arms while TJ began to clean up the mess.

TJ said sternly, "What possed you girls to climb out of the playpen this time? Look what you did; you broke the picture frame."

Miki replied with a whimper, "Wuz tryina catcha inter wifsa magic net."

Lisa and TJ looked at each other for an instant before they started to giggle. "What?" TJ said through her laughter. "Magic ... inter ... net? OK, sometimes the Internet might seem like magic, but what's that have to do with climbing onto the desk?"

"Lookin' for a magic net ...?" said Jennie tentatively.

"I don't know where you two keep coming up with these ideas," said Lisa. "They're adorable, but please try not to break anything. Else. Look, the magic Internet is a thing for grownups, but we can get things from there for you. Here, let me show you a thing I ..." She picked up the tablet but found its battery depleted. "Hmm. Guess we have to plug this in." She did so, and the tablet's screen lit up again. "See, here's a thing I've had made specially for you two."

Something started playing on the screen, and afterward the girls couldn't really remember what it had been or said, but when it was over the screen turned blue and the two of them looked at each other, blinked, and shook their heads a bit, confused. TJ and Lisa were gone again, but there were sounds of a movie playing out in the front room. "What ... wassat?" asked Jennie, going right back to sucking her thumb after asking the question.

"Baby ... nono," Miki replied. She too sucked her thumb avidly in between saying words.

"Mus' be inner net magics," Jennie said. She tried to get out of the playpen to play with the tablet again, which was on the small table nearby, but somehow she had trouble climbing out now. "Baby ... no can ... gets out ..." She didn't notice her diaper getting wetter as she tried. Finally she sank back down into the playpen with a plop and stopped trying. "Well, gwump."

Miki sucked her thumb thoughtfully as she watched Jennie attempt to climb out. Finally, Miki stood up with the aid of the playpen rails and said, "This how we done it afores."

Miki attempted to climb out of the playpen. She discovered that what she thought would work, didn't. As hard as she tried, she couldn't quite find a way to do it. In frustration, Miki finally plopped on her thickly diapered, and wet, bottom next to Jennies and pouted.

She finally said, See?? Isa magics ofa net. Mommy mussa gotsa inter and playded it. Makes it no able ta climbs out."

Jennie nodded as she said, "Gotsa fins tha way ta getsa inter sos we can see what it look like."

Both babies nodded to each other as Miki crawled over to the side of the playpen where the table was. Just by a lucky accident, there happened to be a play trundle ball in the crib. It consisted of a round clear sphere with colored balls and bells within it attached to a long handle. Miki used that to reach from the playpen and drag the tablet off the low table onto the floor. After a lot of struggling, she managed to pull it close enough to the playpen that Jennie could reach through the bars and grab hold of it.

Jennie said happily, "Oooo bewwy goo. Now, gotsa figgure out how ta makesa magic work so we can seesa inter."

Both babies huddled around the tablet as they attempted to bring up more pictures. Poking it with their little fingers as they had seen TJ and Lisa do in the past, they managed to start a note-taking app and were fascinated for a while, drawing squiggly lines all over the screen, but after about two minutes they got bored and poked and prodded until that went away and they were looking at just a screen full of buttons with funny marks on them.

"What this?" Jennie asked. She pushed some buttons. "No wanna boxes 'n stuff. Wanna inter, OK? Goo goo?"

Suddenly the tablet beeped. Jennie continued. "Me 'n Miki wanna see a inter."

The tablet then changed what was on the screen, showing a video about how to draw. Both girls watched in open-mouthed amazement as the artist's hand draw amazing things like spaceships and animals with a pencil.

When the video ended, both girls sat wide eyed and sucked their thumbs in total amazement. Miki finally said, "That was neatos. Wunner is we can find more?"

Jennie shrugged as she said, "No no, gonna twys tho." And started pushing buttons.

After a few more presses, another video started. This one extolled the virtues of some skin cream that kept a girl's skin soft and smooth. The girls didn't understand a lot of what the woman making the sales pitch was saying, but the fact they had managed to bring another video up totally astounded them.

Miki stood, with the aid of the playpen rails. She started sucking her thumb thoughtfully as she looked around. Her eyes fell on one of the small blocks they liked to stack. Miki grinned as an idea formed in her mind.

She plopped on her bottom one more time and grabbed a block in each hand before placing them next to the side of the playpen. By the time she had made a stack eight long and six high, Jennie got the idea.

She crawled over to Miki and started to help staking them, "Thatssa goo ideas. Makesa distance ta climbs less."

Miki nodded, "Yups. Then aww we gotsa do is roll over tha top."

It didn't take them but a few minutes to build a small platform for them to stand on that added more height.

"OK, who firstest?" asked Jennie.

"Was your idear," said Miki. "You go, then baby follow."

"OK," said Jennie, and held the side of the playpen as she stepped onto the block platform. But as soon as she tried to lean over the side of the playpen her legs started wobbling under her, as if they had turned to wet noodles. "Whoa! Whoa!" she said, but held onto the playpen's side tightly. She found herself crouched on top of the block platform, but still holding on. "That no work," she said.

"Humms," said Miki. "Lemme try it OK?" Jennie nodded and rolled sideways off the platform with a giggle, getting out of Miki's way.

But Miki met with the same degree of success, ending up as Jennie had, hanging onto the side of the playpen with both hands, her legs having given way underneath her. "I dun get it," she said. "Must be tha Inter Net magics." Jennie agreed, nodding.

Then Miki thought of something. "Whatif we puts more blocks? Make a biiiig pile. No gotsa be blocks. Can be whatevers." So the two of them started making a ramp, with blocks on the bottom, then layers of other toys, and finally plushies and other soft toys on top. In the end the ramp almost came up to the playpen side.

Jennie imaginatively said, "Baby mission to outer space is a go. T minus ... umm ... somefin. Babynaut Miki is enterin' the space rocket." Miki giggled and crawled up onto the ramp. "Somefin ... somefin ... 3 ... 2 ... 1 ... we gots 'nition!" Miki started crawling up determinedly.

When she had crawled up to the crest of the ramp, at the playpen's side, she felt her legs getting all wobbly again, but she was on all fours. She just had to flop sideways, and ... she rolled right out of the playpen. She was out!

"Oooo ... we gots liftoffs!" said Jennie from inside the playpen. "Babynaut Miki in outer space now! Mission Troll to Babynaut Miki ... does you hear us Babynaut Miki?"

Miki giggled, "Babynaught Miki can hears ya fine Misson Trolls. Liffoff was smooth, orbit wasa bit rough ... but am looking fora inter ta net."

It didn't take Jennie long before she too had managed to get out of the playpen. Both girls now started looking for one of the magic thingys so they could catch another inter.

This time, Miki found Mommy TJ's cell phone lying on a low coffee table just in the next room, sitting on top of a square coaster-like tile. It was rectangular, and had one of those screens like the pad, but smaller. Miki crawled back into the play room and plopped next to Jennie.

"Lookit here, " Miki exclaimed happily as she showed Jennie what she had found.

Jennie knew how to turn this on, she had seen her mommy do it a lot. Jennie reached over and pressed one of the buttons on the thin side of cell. The screen lit up and words appeared for a few seconds before the phone played its musical tune and came to desktop.

Miki's eyes got big as she said excitedly, "Isa magic innernets. How can we getsa inter on it too?"

Jennie shrugged as she began to push and poke at the pretty little icons on its screen. It wasn't long before a voice said from the small device, "This is Snear and Rearbacks, how may I be of service?"

The girls sat with big eyes and open mouths as the person on the other end attempted to get someone to say something. After a few minutes, they hung up.

Jennie said, "It talkted. It gots sommon in it."

Miki gasped, "They gotsa be awfuls smalls."

About that time, TJ came in to check on the infants. She gasped as she saw the girls playing with her very expensive smartphone.

"Jennie!" said TJ. "You know that's Mommy's! Give it here." She reached down and held out her hand. "And hey, you got out ... even though, well, that wasn't supposed to happen."

Jennie reluctantly gave the phone to TJ. "Sowwy Mommy."

TJ sighed. "You two. What are we going to do with you?"

Lisa came in behind her. "What? They're out? How --" She saw the ramp of blocks and toys the girls had made. "I see. Well, we'll just have to handle it."

"How?" asked TJ. "Do you have any ideas?"

"As a matter of fact, I do," said Lisa.

After Lisa and Jennie had changed Miki and Jennie and gotten them back into the playpen, Lisa set up the big screen and connected it to her PC, not that the girls knew what she was doing. "I'm going to play a video for you girls, and then it's going to listen to you and play what you say. But stay in the playpen, OK? We both want you to stay safe and not hurt yourselves while we're watching movies."

"How come we no watch movies wif you?" asked Jennie.

"Because they're scary movies and not for little girls," said TJ. "It's hard enough getting you to go to sleep as it is. See you soon!" The two of them left as a video started to play on the big screen; the two girls watched from the playpen in rapt fascination.

Again, after that video ended Jennie and Miki weren't quite sure what they had been watching; their recollection of it was fuzzy, as if they had been dreaming. "That one was so goo," said Miki.

"Yeah," Jennie agreed. "Oh! We can say what we wanna see," she said softly. "Your mommy said. But better talk quiet, 'cause the Inter Net is listenin'."

"What should we has it play?" Miki replied, also speaking quietly.

"I dunno, I can't ..." Jennie started, then loudly said, "Play a scary movie!"

"What?" Miki asked. "Why?"

"Wanna see what Mommy watchin'!" said Jennie quietly. "I dun like not gettin' to see tha goo stuffs."

The screen lit up, showing a woman swimming in the ocean, when a huge shark suddenly swam out of the murky water straight toward the camera, all its teeth clearly visible, until its savage mouth entirely filled the screen. The two girls screamed in unison.

There were rapid footsteps out in the hallway, then both TJ and Lisa burst in. "What is it? What's wrong?" they both said, then saw the girls hugging each other and staring at the screen, shaking in terror.

"I see," said Lisa. "Looks like I forgot to turn on the parental controls last time I used this." She adjusted the PC, and the screen went black. "Most of the time I just put in discs."

"I think the girls just found out something about the Internet," TJ said. "Not everything on there is nice. In fact, I think what they found is probably one of the less scary things out there."

"L-less scary?" said Jennie, still shivering.

"There is scarier Inters?" asked Miki shakily.

Jennie shook her head slowly, "Baby no no that kinna stuffies. Maybes tho."

Time passed as it has a habit of doing when children are having fun, and it became time for Jennie to go home. Her mommy TJ left with Jennie and Miki's mother, Lisa, tucked her in the crib for the night.

All through her head she dreamed of all the possibilities an Inter could take, and most of them tasted like candy.


The next morning, Lisa came into Miki's nursery and got her up, changed her, and dressed her in an adorable snuggle bug romper and an extra thick daytime Cuddles diaper.

Lisa cooed softly as she strapped Miki into the carseat, "We are going to the mall. Jennie will be there with her mommy. We are going to get something for the two of you I know you will love."

Miki squirmed and babbled all the way there until Lisa met up with TJ and Jennie at the mall entrance.

TJ waved and said, "I found the perfect playpad for them both at Toys for all Ages. I even found the perfect case to hold it in -- it looks just like a net."

Lisa smiled as she started pushing the double stroller through the crowded mall. "Let's hope this satisfies their insatiable thirst for capturing an 'Inter.' Don't think my nerves or the computer will survive it much longer."

Both women laughed as they rounded the corner to Toys for all Ages. "Here, I'll show you, sit down," said the salesperson, a young man wearing a store uniform. "Your pad is in a safe case -- completely protected from dirt and liquids -- and is guaranteed indestructible by anything your little ones can dish out." As he spoke, Lisa and TJ followed him, pushing the stroller to the store's demonstration area and stopping it where Jennie and Miki could see what he was going to do.

He picked up the tablet, which was inside a container that looked like a block of cheese, and did something the girls couldn't see, removing it from the case. Then he picked up another case that somehow looked like some kind of net or web and popped it inside -- again, the girls couldn't quite see how he had done it. Then he turned it on. "As you can see, this kids' tablet is equipped with parental controls and can only go to specially selected sites. The screen protector is clear and keeps the screen clean and scratch-free, but allows touches to go right through it. Try it, kids!" He handed it to Miki.

Miki gasped in disbelief. "Looks just like a Inter Net!" she said. "What baby do?" She looked at it. There were little pictures, like one with a bunny, another with a spaceship, and another with a town. She reached out and tapped on the town with a finger. Suddenly the tablet screen changed to show a little cartoon town with cute animal characters walking around and going about their business. The story seemed to be following Mrs. Cat as she went to the store to buy her family a new scratching post. Miki watched in amazement, and next to her Jennie looked at it too, cooing with fascination.

"That a goo Inter!" said Miki when it was over, and Jennie agreed. "It catch a goo one!"

"Um, I'm assuming that's good!" said the employee. "So, as you can see, the interface is highly intuitive even for preverbal youngsters. And the content is continuously changing, since the Internet is too."

"How about ... volume?" asked TJ.

"Yes, the volume controls can be set and locked so they can't turn it up too loud," the salesperson replied. "What's more, it can be set so as to turn itself off at certain times, not allow itself to be used for more than a set length of time, and so forth. Its parental controls are quite flexible -- for the parents. They can even be synced, so they both show the same content. And it can show content from your LAN too."

"I think I want one of these too," said TJ.

Shortly thereafter, they were walking through the mall with their shopping bags, taking turns pushing the stroller. Jennie said to Miki, "So ... we gots a new Inter Net, maybe?"

"Dunno," Miki said, "that one pretty goo though!"

TJ suddenly handed Jennie one of the new playpads and showed her how to turn it on. Miki and Jennie were wide-eyed as they pushed one of the icons on the screen. Instantly, a happy smiley cartoon face with rolly googly eyes came on the screen and laughed, "Yuk, yuk, yuk. Seems we're in luck. We ran all around the many ways and never got stuck."

Jennie and Miki started giggling as the story continued. Lisa whispered to TJ, "I'm not sure, but perhaps we saved our frazzled nerves for another day."

TJ laughed, "At least until they get another wild idea. I still can't get over that 'time in a bottle' thingy they are on about sometimes though. It is strange. Time sometimes does seem to stop when they are together."

Lisa laughed, "Or maybe, it's more like we finally get a break and it just seems that way?"

Both women looked at each other for a minute before they started laughing.

TJ said, "We're at the food court. Why don't we stop and grab a bite? Be a good time for the girls to play with their new ... 'Inter.'"

Lisa smiled as she pushed the stroller into the food court. They bought each of the babies chicken tenders and a small drink. Miki got a strawberry fizzy and Jennie got a grape flirp.

Of course the babies got more on them than in them, and their mothers had a good time watching the silly antics. Afterwards, both babies were taken to the potty and cleaned and had their diapers changed before they were strapped back into the stroller and each given the new playpad.

Miki said excitedly, "Oooo Jennies, lookit!" she pointed at her screen, "Isa big orange n purkles fishies. An' an' annit sings."

Jennie watched with the same fascination as the cartoon fish sang a happy little nursery rhyme. In a few short minutes, both girls were singing along with it ... almost in tune ... in a baby kind of way.

Their mommies pushed them through the mall and back to the minivans, where they were driven back to Miki's home -- but Miki and Jennie were watching the same video at the same time. When they were back in the playroom, Jennie said, "Did you see tha same Inter? About tha anteater that wanted ants but could only find raisins?"

"Yea!" Miki said. "Was so funnyyyy!" she giggled.

"Let's see if this works, girls," said Lisa, who went to the computer and did some things. Both the girls' tablets started playing the same video at the same time.

"Oooo, 'nother Inter!" said Jennie. But it was playing some familiar relaxing music. She stared at her tablet, and Miki looked at hers and started staring too.

"OK girls, we'll be back in a few minutes," said TJ, but Miki and Jennie didn't hear her. They were fascinated with their tablets, which were softly telling them to relax and listen carefully.

A little while later, Jennie and Miki realized that the tablets were showing them the main screen again. "Oh! It done!" said Miki.

"Yeah! I guess so!" said Jennie. "Dun member what it was tellin' me ... zactly ..."

"Me neither," said Miki. "Oh well! What dis one about wif the ladybug?"

----- THE END -----
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Re: Baby Miki and Baby Jennie Discover the Internet

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Miki and I hadn't done a "Baby Miki and Baby Jennie" story for a while so we decided it was time. They're cute and fun. Similarities between characters in this story and actual individuals are merely coincidental.
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