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Accidents Happen - Pts 1 and 2

PostPosted: Thu Jul 18, 2019 8:30 am
by Miki Yamuri
Accidents Happen - Pt 1

A depressed sigh could be heard as a young man shut off his PS5 and just placed his controller on the bed. He had been defeated by various people in a online game.
He wanted to forget what had happened earlier that day. "Victor Kellerman.....we are sorry but we have to lay you off"

Vic heard this and it felt worse when your best friend was dieing. He had been working at a CVS for a long time. He was a model employee and did nothing wrong. Almost three and half years and it almost made Victor wanting to rip out his long brown hair. He stopped before doing it and just cried in a depressive heap. He got over it about five minutes later, but still depressed.

Victor, wanting to get over this, had started his PS3 and tried to mow down several people in a fighting game. As with his mood though, it caused his skills to be very lack luster and everyone calling him noob. Taunting him maliciously over and over. Not wanting to break his controller or go into a raging geek fit. Victor turned it off and went to his bathroom and stared at himself in the mirror. He was average in height 5'7 and weighed in proportion to his height. His long brown hair passed a bit below his shoulders. His hazel green eyes were bloodshot from the crying and frustration he was feeling. The odd thing about his face and his build,made him look a bit effeminate.

Victor turns on the cold water and splashes his face several times trying to get himself calmed down and composed. Going back to his room,Victor turns on his computer and looked at several places for employment and sent a resume to each of the sites.

Looking at the PC clock it read about 1:19 in the afternoon. He goes into his kitchen and heats up some of his leftovers from the Chinese food he ordered last night.

While munching his food, he begins to read a news paper. He read the main article on alternate lifestyles being more accepted in the USA after a more recent president came into office.. It interested him a bit on how much of a change happened in the last 12 years. The date was now 2050. Things like this back in 2013 would be unheard of.

He finished his meal and grabbed his keys and went for a walk. After locking up his home, since Victor did not want any of his things stolen.

Victor walks down the side walk not really paying attention. As his blue and white sneakers trod the cement, his jeans would slip occasionally under the heal of his shoe as they were a bit longer then normal jeans.

His shirt was black and it had an 8bit rendering of a blue robed Mage with yellow eyes and a yellow pointed hat shooting a fireball. The caption on the front of the shirt read HADOKEN!

Paying no mind to the people around him, he crosses the street and gets on the other side of the road safely. Victor looked down the street and sees a new park that had opened up.

With nothing much else to do,Victor walks into the park. Although unknown to him, the park that he entered was a Adult Baby/Little Boy/Girl park. After a few miles after he entered the park he finally gets out of his funk and sees a lot of people in his age range just playing like children. Every one of them were dressed for the part as well and he just blushed that they had a carefree life.

The brown haired young man watches the young baby people's parents just looking on at their children in a way. Looking away though,Victor walks on. Until he walks by a sand box and feels a tug on his pants. Victor stops as he feels the tug on his pant leg and looks down. He sees a girl his age with strawberry blond hair,and in the most adorable dress. It had a lot of soft leaf green ribbons tying some portions of it. The dress had cute puffy shoulder sleeves.

Looking past the skirt of the dress he sees very poofy panties or what looked like them. They were were white, like the dress and had a lot of frilly green ribbons and ruffles.

The girl looks up with a very pretty smile and giggles a bit. "Wana pway" she said with a cute lisp.

On top of that her vivid green eyes twinkling a bit, almost hypnotizing him.

"Uhm sure,why not" said Victor as he did not want to hurt her feelings. That and he wanted to get over the depression that he was feeling.

The girl giggles "YAY" she said and takes Victor by the wrist and leads him to where she was playing.
"Whats your name baby girl" Victor blurted out.

This girl looked just like a baby or a Babydoll in his mind.

The girl looks up "I'm Cathy,whats your name" she asked Victor as Cathy filled a bucket with sand.

"I'm Victor and I guess you can call me Vic" he said.

Victor blushed a bit as the girl beside him was well developed and the clothes she was wearing left little to his imagination. Vic tried to keep his attention on Cathy's face, although he was having little success.

"So what are we doing" Victor asked her.

Cathy giggles and looks at Victor "Can I call you Vicki, den"she said

Victor blushed again as Cathy used a girl's name for a short end version of his name. He just nods his head and Cathy giggles loudly and gives Victor a kiss on the cheek.

"We ares gona make a sand castle" she said and grabbed a bucket of water and poured it on to the sand.
The sand became wet and was easily molded into whatever Cathy and Victor needed. Victor grabs an oversized child's shovel and starts building. For the both of them it was rather fun as for Victor it was mindless fun. And pretty much forgotten his depression that he was feeling.

Something else was happening, as Victor's belly was making some odd sounds.

"Is Vicki,hungry? My mommy might have a snack she could give you" said Cathy as she looked over at Victor.

He smiles and shakes his head no and holds his belly. As something was not agreeing with him. It was slowly going south from his belly.

"Uhm....Cathy, were is the nearest restroom" he asked very urgently.

This made Cathy stop and think cutely as she was getting sand all over her face. And the way she was doing it was similar to a certain pooh bear.

"There is a potty cave over there, with all of da evil and mean potty monsters" she said and points to a building not too far from the sandbox.

Nodding he gets up and starts running to the restrooms until he steps on something. The object in question was someone's ball. Without anything to brace himself or grab to catch himself. He trips and falls on his butt hard. It stung a bit, but it caused something far more worse. The shock had caused him to lose his control on his bowls and bladder, and he had a accident. Victor, realizes this, tried to control himself but couldn’t. Victor became so emotional he started to cry as it seemed to him that it was one of the worst days of his life. Losing his job and then messing his pants in public.

Cathy had watched Victor run off and fall on his bottom,She gets up and goes to her mommy and points over to him. They both come walking over to him.

"Hello sweetheart whats wrong" asked Cathy's mother in a very sweet and motherly tone.

Victor looked up and saw Cathy next to her mother. She had flowing red hair that stopped a bit passed her waistline, deep blue eyes that could make anyone loose themselves in them.

"I ... I just messed my pants. I lost my job ... and one of my best friends died too. This is the worst day of my life." he said tearing up again.

Cathy came over and gave Victor a hug "Oh its gonna be OK, sweetheart, lets see what we can do and by the way I'm Samantha. Cathy's mother" Samantha helps Victor and takes him to a building right next door to the restrooms.

Victor gets a better look at Samantha. Most of her attire were workout clothes and they were colored black and pink. It showed off her well toned body. Around her right shoulder was a very large bag that looked like a giant child's diaper bag with all of the cute cartoon characters on them.

"Maybe we should put Vicki in diapers,so dat he does not have another accident. He would jus as cute as me and better off in dem" she giggled childishly.

There was nothing evil or mean behind the comment, just laughter of a smiling baby girl.

Samantha stifles a giggle as well at the thought of it. While Victor in the middle of this just blushed really hard. They enter the building and closed and locked the door behind them. The inside was dark until someone turned on the lights. When they came on, the room looked like a giant changing room for babies.

Samantha walks over to Victor "Now Victor or if you don't mind me calling you Vicki like my baby girl here" she said and nods yes to it.

Since he just felt so embarrassed right now. "Lets get you cleaned up down there. Now I don't have any boy clothes, just a diaper and a spare outfit for Cathy you can wear. Its all that I have" she said and looked apologetic to Victor.

He understood a bit but could not do much else about the situation.

"Uhm why do you both call me Vicki,even though I am a boy" Victor asked.

Both Cathy and Samantha giggled at each other.

"Dats because you look like a girl jus a little bit" said Cathy and just giggled.

This made Victor face palm his he head at that answer.

"Well lets get you cleaned sweetheart" said Samantha as she comes over to Victor.

He starts getting his shoes untied and turns to the two.

"Uhm can I have some privacy" he asked as Victor did not want to look indecent in front of both women.

Samantha giggles, "Its nothing I have not seen before sugar" she said and unbuttons and zips down Victors pants.

All in one swoop, Samantha gets his underpants and pants off. Victor was about to reach for some sort of paper towel. Before he could, Cathy touches a control pad behind them and something comes out from the floor. It was a changing table that had a surface that could be pulled off after changing someones messy diaper.

Samantha gently pushes Victor down on to the table. She gets him situated on there as Samantha also gets another table ready for Cathy. Samantha then comes back to Victor and uses several wet wipes on his neither regions. Victor tries to hide his embarrassed face as his male member slowly comes up and greets the woman that was cleaning him.

"Well someone is excited to meet Nana" Samantha said giggling and gently strokes Victor's member. "I am going to take care of this sweety" she said with a smile as she gently strokes Victor off.

Not wanting to believe this was happening,Victor closes his eyes and lightly moans. He cums quickly then goes limp as Samantha was relived him.

While Cathy giggles loudly "U jus sound like baby when mommy plays wif her. Maybe you should become a girl and join us. Its a lotta fun" she giggled loudly again.

The underlining tone was very alluring to Victor. Victor was at the mercy of these two now. He felt like he was turning into putty or some other formless mass of something. With each pant and moan, he was coming closer and closer to another release. He holds on to the sides of the table trying to stop himself from cumming again.

Cathy comes over and put something into Victor's mouth. He looks down and sees it was a paci. Pink and it was butterfly shaped,something a baby girl would have. He sucks on it while in the throws of sexual pleasure.

It was building up faster and faster. Victor's body was shaking as his second orgasm was coming close. He was holding on to the edge of the table frantically, wanting to get this next release. Samantha smiling,gets several baby wipes and covers his member head, rubs it once more, causing the young man to cum hard several times into the wipes.

"Now did that feel better sweety" said Samantha as Victor blushes hard.

Victor takes the paci out "Uhm......yes." he said looking very ashamed at the act and wanting to turn away.

"Its alright,its only natural to feel that way" said the red head as she came back. She had said this in a very non-judgmental way ... like a mother would to a child.

"Lets get you cleaned" Samantha said and started to get back to cleaning the young man.

Victor could feel the gentile and strong hands of Samantha cleaning him. It felt somewhat relaxing and soothing. This contentedness was something he missed in life right now. Someone to comfort him was also definitely missing since he lived on his own and no other family lived near by.

Samantha continues to clean the young man and finally starts powdering him up.

"Now Vicki baby, lift up your hinny for me" she asked.

The young man complied with the request.

"Good baby, now, come on down" Samantha requested again and Victor complied again.

As Victor's butt came down on to the table, he felt something soft, thick, and warm beneath it. This was a truly wonderful feeling. Victor sighs comfortably and made Cathy break out into another giggling fit.

"I guess the baby girl likes it" she said as Samantha pinned the diaper on.

Samantha helps Victor off of the table. She grabs something and places it on the floor

"Now step into your panties" Samantha instructs.

Victor looks at Samantha with a questioning look.

She laughs gently "I have to get the diaper cover on, so if the diaper leaks through the cloth there. It will not make a mess. They are panties." she said and held them for Victor to step into.

The young man after getting off the table felt the bulk of the cloth diapers on his body. The thickness of them was such he could not put his legs together at all. Over all, it was a odd feeling for him. None the less he carefully stepped into the panties and saw the color of them. They were a pure lavender color and was very frilly and lacy and it gave Victor some shivers of pleasure.

"There we go, all done. Hhhhhhmmmm something is not right here. Cathy, what do you think?" said Samantha as she got the panties up and on to Victor's diaper.

She gently does the finishing touches so the diaper would not leak.

"Put Vicki into dat dress." she said with a wide smile on her face.

"I guess that's OK for right now" said Victor as Cathy clapped her hands.

Samantha grins and takes off Victor's shirt and puts on a matching dress similar to Cathy's but had the same lavender color as the panties he was wearing.

"I am surprised you don't have that much body hair Vicki" she said and smoothed the dress out a bit.

The dresses material itself was soft and for Victor very different then wearing boy clothes. These were very comfortable and cool for a spring day like this.

Victor nods shyly to Samantha " I guess I am lucky like that" he said and rubbed the back of his head.

He watches Samantha as she picks up Cathy and lays her on the other table.

"Now Vicki, come here please" she asked.

The young man came over to the two of them looking away slightly.

"You said you lost your job right? Would you be willing to be an on call sitter for Cathy? I am always working and her Nana is very, very ill right now" Samantha asked as she started to change her baby girl's diaper.

Victor was in thought after hearing that from Samantha. He did need some sort of cash flow or some sort of money coming in. It did seem that they, in there odd way, were helping him.

"Sure, I might not be qualified to take care of someone's baby girl. Especially a cute thing like Cathy here. Plus I kinda owe the two of you for, uhm, helping me here" Victor said and was looking a bit bashful again.

This brought a smile to both Cathy as well as Samantha as she helped her Love Pet off of the changing table. Cathy just giggled and looked at Victor, then took him over to a mirror. Victor was surprised at what was looking back at him ... the reflection looked just like a cute girl. Well almost, but it did surprise him none the less. The dress as well as the diaper accentuated this look.

"Hehehehhehe! See? You almost look like a girl" said Cathy.

Cathy looks over at Samantha, "Can we go out and play again?"she asked cutely giving the dreaded puppy look to her mother.

Samantha nods and Cathy grabs a few things from a bag and drags Victor out into the park. Victor was unable to say no as he was dragged outside leaving Samantha back in the changing station to clean up the mess. When Samantha came from the potty, The duo of Samantha and Victor headed over to a shaded tree and sat down.

The breeze was pleasant as it blew through the area and it was very calming.

"Vickie can baby play Salon wif you" asked Cathy in a adorable tone as she poured on the charm to Victor.

The look was super effective on him and just complied.

"Well, whatever ... I don't got anything else to lose" he said and just accepted the defeat even before the battle.

Trying to argue back at Cathy would be a sin against the universe itself. So he nods his head and just lets Cathy do her thing on him. She giggled like a baby and came over and used a hair brush and started to brush Victor's hair. As Cathy was brushing Victor's hair, it was a very therapeutic feeling to it.

"I'm so happy ta find a pway mate, its so hard to find one. Most move away or my mommy does not approve of dem and I can't pway wif dem" she said talking a bit.

She opened up to Victor a bit more as she was fixing something with his hair. As Cathy opened up to him it made him think a bit about himself in some ways. Since he knew what she was talking about as his parents did not approve a lot of his friends. The friends he had made all moved out so he knew how Cathy had felt.

"I'll be your friend and playmate if you like" he said as Cathy was getting done with him.

Cathy gasped and gave Victor a hug and several kisses as she was very very happy with that.

"You made baby so happy wif dat. It means so much to me" she said with the most wonderful smile to Victor.

Cathy's smile really warmed up Victor and caused the depression he was feeling to rapidly fade. In the distance they hear a voice come out. They see Samantha waving over to them. As the two got up, Cathy was gently holding Victor's hand. as they walked over to Samantha. When they came over to her that she had put out a blanket in the shade of a tree. Victor was wondering what Samantha was doing.

"Well who are these two cute baby girls" said Samantha as Victor was not catching on at all.

So Samantha pulls out a small mirror and shows it to the young man. What Victor sees is Cathy had taken the time to brush his hair out and style it a bit. To make him look more effeminate which got the three of them to laugh.

"Anyway you two, I Placed this out for the two of you so you could take a nap"

At first, Victor looked offended by it and was about to speak. About then, his body decided to give him a curve-ball and he yawned. He looked over at Cathy to see what her reaction was. It was the same as his and even yawned loudly.

"I guess your mommy knows best" he said with a giggle.

Cathy poked out her bottom lip in an adorable pout, none the less, they relented and laid down on the blanket and got comfortable. As Victor laid down though, Cathy came up and snuggled up closely with him. This caused him to turn several shades of pink at the closeness the both of them were sharing.

As he felt Cathy's warm and soft body against his, he slowly calmed down and felt his eyes get heavy and close. As Victor was sleeping, he was having wonderful dreams with Cathy in them. Both of them playing like girls would, and having a great time of it. It would seem that it would never end.

To Be Continued?


Author Notes:

Hey all , this is DMG here. With much prodding from our very talented writer Miki Yamuri.

*Dodges a thrown plushy*

Anyway this is the first time I have ever done something like this or post it. Please be kind to this in general, since I still got a lot to learn. All comments welcome.


Accidents Happen - Part 2

"hhhhhmmmmmm, where am I" asked Victor as he slowly awoke from his pleasant dream state.

He slowly rubs his eyes,to get the sleep out and looks around in the dim room. It was very dark within the room he was in. His eyes adjusting to the light and saw that he was in a little girl's room but massively scaled up. The walls were a painted in a soft pink color and there were some depictions of cute characters on the wall. One section of the room had several shelves of dolls,plushies,and art supplies. Others had children's books, coloring, and some paper. One corner of the room had a table and chairs to do stuff and a chest of some sort.

The last corner he could see was a changing table. And then the last place on where he was sleeping was a giant crib.

This alarmed him and was going to panic until he felt someone next to him. He look down to his left and saw a cute girl sleeping comfortably next to him. Snuggling next to him and looking content.

Victor slowly calmed down and remembered what happened earlier that day. Being laid off, meeting Cathy, having the accident, and then getting diapered. The thoughts of that made him blush really hard and made Victor look down. He saw that he was wearing the baby girl dress and the diaper.

Victor gently got out of Cathy's grasp and then sat up. Wondering how to get up and he looks around until there was a loud gurgling sound coming from him and knew what might be coming next. The pit of his stomach was kicking his butt down there.

"Oh noooooo, I got to get to the toilet" he said while getting up and was trying to get out of the crib.

At first thought was to step over the top of the crib. But then realized that the diaper threw off his balance a lot. So trying to gently get over would be out of the question. If he did though it would have been too loud and would have woken up Cathy.

Out of the corner of his eye. Victor saw that the crib could be lifted and he tried to move it up but it was locked. He desperately tried to find the latch. But the battle within him was not faring well and it looked like was going to lose. As Victor tried to find the latch a loud noise from his rear end sounded.

"Please no" he pleaded in defeat as his body failed him.

He slid down to his knees as it happened and just let go and let his body to do its thing now. He emptied his bowels in a liquid mess into the diaper and cried softly as he wet himself as well. As he just filled his diaper in a massive amount and wondered why this was happening to him.

Victor realized that he was very thirsty as well and he felt utterly helpless in this situation. At the far side of the room a door opens and Samantha walks in.

"There, there sweety, lets get you changed" she said and comes into the room and over to the crib.

She was dressed in a light green tube top and some form fitting white pants. She picks Victor up from the crib which surprised him. But Samantha looked like she worked out a lot. None the less though Victor was carried over to the bathroom.

"Uhm Samantha, do you have anything for diarrhea? I think I got a nasty bug in my stomach" he asked the woman.

She looked down with a thoughtful look on her face.

"Well Vicki, I think we might have something for that. Oh sorry Victor" she said and brought him to the bathroom. "Now we are going to talk about a few things when I get back with something to deal with that problem of yours"

She places him on the tiled bathroom floor and left the room for a bit. Victor was left in the bathroom alone. This afforded the young man time to look around. The bathroom was really big. The bathtub was in the center of the bathroom and it was made out of a expensive material. Victor could not tell what it was but it was black and white … most likely marble or something similar.

The sink was done in the same material as the tub. In a corner was a shower stall. Victor returns back to the bathtub and saw it had a lot of feminine soaps and shampoos for both Samantha and Cathy as the scents were sweet and fruity.

Out of the corner of Victor's eye, he sees Samantha come walking back in. In one hand Samantha had a small thing that held some medicine and a very large sippy cup.

She smiles a bit at sissy Victor. "Here is something to help with that nasty stuff in you." she said.

Victor smiled himself and gave a nod of thanks, took the medicine down, then gave the small cup back to Samantha.

"Again, thank you for getting me that. What's with that other cup?" he asked pointing to it.

Samantha looks down and hands it to Victor "Well sweety, this will help your body to replace all of the nutrients you lost from the diarrhea you have been having." she said.

Victor takes it and starts to drink it. The taste of it was fruity and he could narrow it down to apple … at least, that's the way it tasted to him.

"Now Victor sweety, I hope you don't mind me babying you some more. I just want you to listen to me and just answer some of my questions ... OK?" said Samantha as she walks to Victor and with a great show of strength she lifts him on to the changing table and lays him down. This entire time Victor just blushes a lot and just keeps drinking from the sippy cup.

Samantha starts to get the diaper off of Victor with great care again.

"Now you said you lost your job right? So tell Nana about what happened" she said sweetly to Victor.

Samantha could not help babying or being a mommy right now as she continued with her changing.

"Well I was working in CVS in the photo area as well as a tech expert if the computer system went down. Since most or all things run digitally, I have to work with computers and other electronic devices. I just don't know why they had to let me go, I did a great job and I don't think anyone complained about how I did things" said Victor as he sounded a bit distressed.

He could not understand their reasoning on why they had to let him go like that. He feels Samantha finally getting the diaper out from under him, then feels the wet wipe being used on his body.

He takes a quick sip from his sippy cup and looks up at Samantha. "Uhm can I ask a few questions Samantha" he asked her.

"Why yes of course sweety,but please call me Nana right now" said Samantha in a motherly coo.

As she was cleaning Victor, this caused Victor to blush again as the gentle tone of voice caused him to relax and let Samantha do her thing.

"Why were you asking about what I did for a job" Victor asked as he felt Samantha move his legs up and get around to his rear end.

"Well you see sweety,I work for *Gentech which is the leading company in genetics and pharmaceuticals. I work there a great deal and sometimes I don't have the time to fix some computer or programing issues" she said and then placed Victors legs down and now had a deep in thought look.

"So I was considering,on hiring you to deal with the computer issues while at the corporation. On the other hand, I could adopt you as my newest baby girl here" said Samantha giggling.

Another giggle could be heard from the door as Cathy was standing there. this made both Victor and Samantha to look over

"Well, well. Well … looks like someone was being a naughty baby girl and got out of her crib" said Samantha as she looked like she was angry at Cathy.

Samantha put her hands on her hips and tapped her foot on the floor. This caused Cathy to look ashamed and look away. Victor realized it was just all an elaborate act between the two.

"Baby jus wanted ta see Vicki a lot and uhms" she blushed really hard as Samantha came over and checked Cathy's diaper.

"Oh my, did my baby girl make a stinky there? We better get you changed" she said loudly a bit wanting to let Victor know all about it.

She comes over and helps Victor off the changing table and places Cathy on.

"I know,You both need a bath and it will be just so cute with you two in there" said Samantha.

Victor's face went deep red at that, his face looking like a tomato. He watches Samantha clean Cathy up and then starts the bath

"Tub activate, set for a long soak" she commanded and the bath tub slowly filled up with water.

While the tub was filling up,Victor was thinking of the job offer that Samantha was giving him. He did not know how to respond to it. It was very odd but, it sounded nice. Why was he thinking like that? It made him even more confused at that thought.

Victor hears a loud giggle. He hears Cathy running over to him. She hugs him. He feels Cathy's baby soft skin against him.

"Well, baby wants ta make you feel good like me" she said whispering into Victor's ear.

Samantha comes over and slightly inches the two into the bath.

"I think we should get rid of Vickie's hair there. So you get in the tub first Cathy baby" said Samantha as Cathy got in and started to play with her bath toys.

"Wait ...WHAT?!" said Victor as he saw what Samantha was getting at and saw his pubic hair as well as his excited self.

"It does not hurt and plus it will prevent you from getting diaper rashes" she said and got something from the counter top.

"I'm not going to be wearing diapers from now" exclaimed Victor as he looked surprised at the moment.

Samantha takes a top off a jar and gets something from inside it. "Well, sweety, right now, that medicine has not kicked in yet. You may or may not have an accident before it works. I don't want you to have one in your pants and making a huge mess on the floor or my furniture, So I'm going to diaper you one more time. This will make cleaning down there easy for me … and for your self later on when you need to wash there" she said and started to apply a cream to Victor's pubic hair.

For Victor though, it sounded like reasonable logic so he let Samantha do her thing.

"Plus we like cute sissy boys that are really smooth." She whispers into Victor's ear.

Victor just stutters and was not sure what to say at that point at both of the girl. Which got a giggle from the two of them. He was still embarrassed due to the fact that he was naked and in front of two women. The humiliation he was feeling was further put on as his male appendage was standing up to see both girls. So for Victor, he was under their spell for now and did not dare move or do anything out of total and utter fear that they could do anything to him.

Samantha looks down to his crotch again to look at the cream that was put down there

"Now Vickie sweety just tell me, when it starts to tingle and I will get that stuff off of you, OK?" she said and rubs Victor's body with her hands feeling his skin.

During all of this time now, he was trying to figure out both Samantha and Cathy. On why they were so interested in him. It still confounded him.

"Uhm … please … it's tingling" he manage to squeak out as he was trying to moan in pleasure when Samantha was rubbing him.

She giggles again and gets a damp cloth and then rubs the cream off along with his hair.
"Well looks like we have a smooth baby girl. Now, we just have to get her baby soft" said Samantha as she rubs down there.

She watches Victors face as he was trying to contain his moans of pleasure. "Lets get you into the bath with Cathy" she said and got Victor into the tub.

She got him in without too much trouble. Victor did not move an inch while Samantha was about to wash the two of them.

Just when Victor thought he was going to explode was when, "Call from Gentech" an automated voice rang out.

Samantha sighed, "Now, you two play nice and I will be right back. I have to take this call" said she and had the room.

Victor, now blushing and trying not to have a panic attack, covered his hard thing with his hands. He was naked in a tub with a equally naked Cathy. The thought in Victor's head was "what do I do now.”

As he thought on that, Cathy comes over and giggles into Victor's ear "Its been a long time since I was wif a boy. Especially be a cutie like you."

He turns to Cathy as he saw desire within her eyes. The same sense of desire was building within him and he just gulped. Swallowing his fear, he kisses Cathy on the lips. He gets a surprise as Cathy kisses him a lot more back. She wiggles her tongue into his mouth.

Lightly gasping, Victor has his tongue play and dance with Cathy's. As there passionate kissing came to an end and Victor pants several times trying to get his breathing back to normal. He saw Cathy doing the same thing.

Cathy giggles again and gets in real close to Victor "Would Vickie like to make luv wif baby" she said so cutely that Victor could not get a coherent word out.

"No … that would be wrong. I … don't want to get in trouble with Na … I mean Samantha" he said. Trying to be polite to Cathy. He did not want to take advantage of her or Samantha.

The AB girl leans in and whispers into Victor's ear. "Mommy gave me permission ta make luv wif you. She knows dat you would not take advantage wif baby. Plus Mommy likes u too" as she reached down and gave Victor's member a long rub and slowly gets into Victor's lap.

Victor was stunned speechless. even his face reflected what he was thinking.

"I ...I … I will only go as far as you like" said Victor as the two of them kissed again with the same affection.

Cathy slowly guides Victor into herself with a light gasp. Victor himself was just as mind blown as he entered Cathy's privacy.

"Uhm … Cathy … I don't know how much this means to you. But … uhm … your my first … and, I think, your the only one I could give my virginity too" he said looking a bit shy.

Cathy smiles at Victor, "Dat makes dis special and baby will remember this forever" she said and slowly slid up and down on him.

Cathy started to squeak cutely as she then holds on to Victor. Victor himself gently holds on to Cathy as well and gently thrusts into Cathy's privacy. For Victor it was something extraordinary. He had never before made love with a girl. The closeness that he felt with Cathy was something he could not really explain that well, or even put into words as he felt a special bond with Cathy.

He really did think that as she was so kind to him. He had thought she was bizarre and a freak along with Samantha. But they did grow on him and he did like them for being that odd.

He leans up and he kisses Cathy again and she returns it as well. He tried to keep his moans down. Cathy could not and stops kissing.

"Ohhhhh. you feel so warm in me" Cathy pants out as there love making was becoming really evident.

Victor was now hoping that Samantha did give Cathy permission for this.

"So do you … something is cumming." Victor moans as something was building within him and it was growing and growing.

He was panting as this was getting too much for the young man.

"Vickie sweety, your gona be making love soon. When it comes just let it all go and fill baby with your love" said Cathy sweetly as she grinds on Victor.

This in turn spurred him on more and more. To the point for Victor he could not hold out much longer.

"Cathy … I can't hold on ..." Victor gasps loudly.

With a loud cry, Victor cums inside of Cathy. It felt like the galaxy exploded with love. It just came in waves. He looks up and sees Cathy's face as it looked like she let loose a silent scream as her privacy clamped down on him. Both enjoying the after glow of there love.

Unknown to the two lovers, there was a hidden camera in the corner of the room which fed to a computer screen.

A giggle could be heard. "Well Vickie sweety your going to be my next test subject. And I am sure you going to like it as well as the both of us"

As the glow of the computer screen showed Samantha watching the two lovers. On the screen as well … there was a file with one title.

The Cyber Baby Project.

Sorry for the delay people, writer's block and I was trying to figure out the flow of things. I hope that I am making you come back for more. Now you were wondering what's going to happen next? Who knows? Anyway I hope you read more of this.

As for the information on Cathy's creation? Well … yes there is a bit of our favorite author in here. The other is based off of a dear childhood friend of mine I grew up with.

So again more hinny pats please!

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by TiresiasRex
Such a delight to see this sweet story again! Thank you for sharing it, Miki!

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by Miki Yamuri
Hi sweetie. Thanks you for tha comment. Do hopes aww is well wifs you an you are havina mostus wunnerful time. Do come back and read somema tha new stowies too

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