How to Diaper Train Yourself

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How to Diaper Train Yourself

Postby Miki Yamuri » Wed May 08, 2019 7:23 am

How to Diaper Train Yourself

Becoming incontinent is easier than you think. Just make absolutely sure this is what you want ... re-potty training is very difficult to impossible.

It will take about 2 or 3 weeks of making a conscious effort to potty the bed every night and sleep in it once wet. You will go from peeing the second you are conscious when you wake in the night to wetting in your sleep fairly quickly.

On the very first wet night, you should sleep in an unprotected bed - no
plastic sheet and no diapers! Your mattress will suffer, but that is what
bedwetting is all about. On the following nights use a plastic sheet,
although remember that you should occasionally sleep in an unprotected bed.
As it dries outside many people will see all the bed wetter stains on it.

For four hours before going to bed you are to drink heavily, and no going
to the potty. When you go to bed just try to go to sleep despite the
pressure of a full bladder. You will probably wake up in a few hours, and
when you do, first of all you must empty your bladder there and then. Just
let yourself wet deliberately and completely empty your bladder and begin
to enjoy your first wet bed! If you awake a few times wet even more. You
need to get used to the idea of wetting in a bed. It can take some time to
get over toilet training where we were all expected to be good babies and get up
to go in the toilet, but the bed is a better place for baby to pee!

While you are wetting, enjoy all the sensations of the warm flow soaking
all around you. If you are a girl, concentrate on the delightful feeling of
pee soaking down between your legs and under your bottom, or if you are a guy,
you can have the added joy of aiming the stream up over your stomach and
letting it flow off the sides and down into the sheet. After you have
finished, make sure you masturbate in your wet sheets and pajamas. This way
you will associate even more pleasure with bedwetting, and you should avoid
masturbating anywhere else other than in your wet sheets or later, your wet

In the morning you should spend 30 minutes just lying in and wriggling
about in your wetness. When you get up inspect the damage to your bed. See
how big the wet stain is on your mattress. Enjoy the naughtiness of what
you've done! You are on the way to becoming a real bed wetter! On the first
night you will need to dry out your mattress. If possible put it outside
where others may see it - your neighbors or anyone who comes over.

Although it may take some effort at first to wet your bed, eventually it
will become easier. Continue following this same procedure every night
until you find that wetting in your bed is easy and natural, even if it is
still totally deliberate. This may take several weeks but you must feel
relaxed and comfortable wetting in your bed. The important thing is to make
sure you wet every time you wake up, even if it's only a little bit. After
a while you will only half wake up, just long enough to have an 'accident'
and then go back to sleep.

You should be comfortably wetting your bed deliberately every night, and should have no difficulty in doing so. Now I will introduce full night bedwetting and diapers. You are going to sleep wet all night!

Same rules when you put on a diaper - drinking for at least 4 hours or even more. The point is that you must have a full to bursting bladder when you go to bed. Go to bed at least an hour earlier so you can spend your time doing this and enjoying it, but first of all you must get your diapers and plastic pants on.

Before you get into bed, make a big deal about having to wear diapers. Tell yourself the reason you need them, and enjoy all the sensations of putting them on. If you can involve your partner, so much the better. Savor the feel and texture of the diapers, the smell of the plastic pants and baby powder, the pressure and bulky feeling between your legs, and the feel of the pants sliding up your legs. Stand and look at yourself in the mirror, and remember that you're dressed like that because you are a bed wetter.

Jump into bed, and as soon as the light is out, relax and wet your diapers completely. Revel in the warmth as it spreads out around your bottom. Now you are going to have to sleep in them all night - no excuses! Once again spend some time enjoying yourself - slip your hand down inside the warm diaper and make yourself come. Girls might enjoy rolling onto their fronts and rocking back and forwards on the bulky pad. When you wake up during the night you must continue to wet immediately even if there isn't much there.

If you have visitors or are sleeping over, you're going to have to explain about your bedwetting. This can actually be quite good fun. Tell them that you wet the bed beforehand so you can put your plastic sheet on, but after every one has gone to bed, be the bed wetter you're expected to be.
If the opportunity arises, even let them see your bed with the wet sheets still on it.

The same thing applies to wetting during the day. You should be in your diaper or pull ups. When ever you realize you need to potty, whether it’s a stinky or wetting, just go. It will catch at first, but as you continue to wet the bed at night and to do this during the day, you will very soon be wetting and going stinky without even realizing it all the time.

There are hypnosis tapes to help induce bedwetting and diaper training. The best of them is called Aural Diaper Training. This technique is used to treat major mental disorders and is rather hard to find. If you do find it, it is guaranteed to work. You will find that you have wet the bed the first night you used it. As you continue to use it over the course of a month, you will permanently loose the ability to control yourself.

I do hope this has been of help to all who follow Baby Rules
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