Wonderous Bird of Spring

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Wonderous Bird of Spring

Postby Miki Yamuri » Tue Apr 02, 2019 6:13 am

Hi love


Tell me a story?

What kind of story u wanna hear??

I don't know. Something uplifting.

Mmk .. A long time ago in an age beyond time and times, there lived a young woman.

Her name was Gaia and within her spirit lived a special seed

All the animals would come to sit and listen to her as she sung her song of life and wonder

Around her would bloom the flowers and the trees would grow their leaves

many years would pass, all would come to listen

she had found a special bird, it had wondrous plumage to behold

upon this bird she bestowed the power of the covering

when so ever it would appear, all the flowers would bloom, and the cold dark grey clouds would fade

one dark day, the girl came no more, the clouds grew dark and the wind blew cold

deep drifts of snow gathered round about

the Unicorns gathered in the glade, to mount the search for thir woundrous lady of light

high and low they search for her ... over high mountain and deep snow filled glenn

all to no avail

in the deepest darkest part of the snow, when it seemed all hope was lost.

Rivencore found a plume, stuck within a bush

it seems the Nubian Trolls had captured the lady fair

and within their dark caves they held her within a gilded cage,

Rivencore found the wondrous bird, in a field of wondrous spring

Trapped it was in a cage of ice

upon release, away it flew, lost to sight so far and wide

the trees began to bud again, the many flowers to bloom

Rivencore our mighty hero freed the wondrous bird of spring

did he battle with the the Nubians ... mightily swung his sword

all stood afar and saw the fire far and wide

they heard the mighty rumbling booms, as each blow fell

oh so soon, the snows were gone the warm air blew across the land

the lady fair upon Rivencor

gave the blessing of strength to do battle each time the neubian Trolls did capture the bird of spring

each year the snows do come

but each year Rivencore

searches out far and wide to once again free the wondrous bird of spring

sorry for the cruedity, but it was offa tha toppa me head


It's ok ... was a nice story.
Miki Yamuri
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