Brandon's Surprise

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Brandon's Surprise

Postby Miki Yamuri » Tue Feb 19, 2019 10:43 am

Title: Brandon's Surprise

Scene: Talking to one of his amazing Babydoll friends

Brandon / Brandy played by: Himself

Babydoll played by: Miki Yamuri


Brandon said cheerily, "Hi, silly."

Babydoll replied, "Hi, snuggs, supp wifs u??"

Brandon replied, "Not much; being lazy. Went out shopping, and no one's snuck up on and checked me, thankfully."

Without warning, 4 tentacles suddenly sprang from a wall and checked Brandy's pants as if he were a toddler. Oh dear, this was unexpected! He had been wary of people, especially large nanny types, but not surprise tentacles! He gasped as four reached out. One gripped his ankle and another his waist, preventing him from moving. Another reached into his pants and pulled the back of them open while the last tentacle looked inside.

A strangely hissing serpentine voice cooed, "Oooo baby aww wets ... No problemo ... take carea that fast."

With this, Brandy is stripped, powdered, and re-diapered and left on a busy street in just a thick crawly diaper as the tentacles mysteriously vanish. It was very quick, almost impossibly so. The young man is stripped powdered and diapered and left in just the diaper, not even an outfit. Uh oh.

Many people noticed and started commenting and pointing. One elderly lady came up to Brandon and cooed softly, "Hello, little girl, where's your mommy? Why she leave you here all alone with no one to care for you?"

An old lady, uh oh. He blushes and tries to cover himself up. "I...... I need to get away."

The old woman picked Brandon up to her breast and gently patted his hinney, "Don't worry, baby. Auntie will take good care of you until we can get you place in a proper nursery."

This old woman was surprisingly strong. He grunted and squirmed as she lifted him up. "N-no. I'm not a baby."

The old woman cooed softly, "Oooo, baby is trying to talk." she patted his hinney softly again, "Don't worry sweet heart, Auntie promises you will be the cutest baby girl around soon as I get you to a proper nursery."

Brandon found himself being carried into a Babies of all Ages Daycare. The diapered boy squirmed more as he is being brought to the daycare. Seems she wasn't going to keep him, but a daycare... almost even worse! He's dropped off at the front desk, who register him. They even come up with a name for him ... Brandy.

The old woman explained how she came to find this lost little baby girl. Immediately, the matrons within the Nursery took Brandy and dressed her in a really thick crawly diaper, a cute Fairy Princess babydoll dress, and matching rumba panties before taking Brandy into the playroom with the other infants. Now in a pink babydoll dress, he is brought to the playroom, where the babysitters on duty can watch over him, while they think of a permanent solution.

It wasn't long before Brandy realized the other infants were just like her. Brandy over heard two of the Nursery Nurse talking, "The newest one, Brandy, we can place her immediately."

The other replied, "I know, the prospective parents are going to be here any minute."

Brandon can overhear a conversation, but not details. The boy looked around, trying to get an idea of what was going on. About that time, A very beautiful woman and an extremely Handsome and Muscular man walked in. The nurse at the desk chats with them for a minute then escorts them to the play are and up to Brandy

The nurse leaned over and cooed softly, "Well, Brandy, meet your new mommy and daddy. They will raise you to be a very good little girl."

Brandon looked up and saw the couple ... he began to panic. "N-no! I can't be adopted! I'm an adult! A-and a boy even!"

The woman bent over and lifted Brandy to her breast and patted Brandy's thickly diapered and ruffled hinney, "So adorable. And she's even trying to talk. That is so precious."

The boy fussed more as he is picked up and patted on the tush. This couldn't be happening!

The beautiful woman kissed Brandy on her nose as she cooed softly, "Now don't worry your little pea brain about anything for a while. All you have to think about is being the best baby girl you can be."

Ouch, pea brain. That was mean. He grumps at her as she kissed his nose. "I'm not an infant."

The man came over and said in a deep soft voice, "That is so cute. She's really is already trying to talk. Next thing you know she'll be toddling."

A matron came up to The woman holding Brandy. She rubbed an alcohol swab on Brandy arm and quickly gave her a large injection. The matron cooed softly, "Now just relax. All the old things are going to go away. You will make such a pretty girl too."

How embarrassing, thought Brandy as his mind slowly regressed further into a wonderful infantile contentedness, adopted by total strangers. Brandy found he was unable to think. The world became an amazing place full of wonders ... Ooohhh ... Brandy discovered her thumb and contentedly started sucking on it. Another happy ending for a baby and 'her' new family.

~~The End~~
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