Mistress and the Sissy

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Mistress and the Sissy

Postby Miki Yamuri » Thu Jan 10, 2019 1:47 pm

Title: Mistress and the Sissy


Elladan Kenet - 18yo Student

Cindy Lane - 26yo Mistress

Scene: Awaiting the new border

Cindy Lane was dreamily wallowing on her large sofa, thinking about who might answer her ad for free room and board. She hoped that the blurb, placed in the most inconspicous place and smallest type would go unnoticed by any perspecive border. It basically stated that there were stipulations that had to be adhered to and for an unspeicified length of time.

She was dressed in a cute form fitting top and tight jeans. She had long brunet hair that fell about her shoulders in a soft water fall. She kicked her feet as she looked at her newest magazine, Mistress Monthly. She really hoped the boarder arrived soon. There was so much she wanted to do.

Elladan Kenet was in a bind. The young man had just gotten an email that the dormitories for college had filled up, and he had no place to stay. While his scholarship was still valid, he would need to find emergency housing in order to attend State University. Desperate, the thin eighteen year old began pouring over adds. He could not find any available places within walking distance, since he lacked a car. He was about to give up when he found a small ad.... a woman looking for a housemate, no expenses, other than obeying her

rules. Considering this sensible, he jots down her phone number, before calling her on his cell phone..... ring ring!

Cindy's Strawberry Cell phone rings. She answers, "Hello? This is Cindy." She hears the voice of a very young man on the other end who seems to be desperatly wanting a room. Cindy sits up quickly, she has to reel this one in and see if he is the one. She says in a sweet and sexy voice, "Yes, I do have a room ... and it is still available. Why don't you come by and we can set it all up for you?"

"That's good. Can I get your address please? And what time shall I be over?" he asks, heart racing as he takes notes. This just may very well be his last chance. He couldn't screw this one up!

Cindy replies, "I live on the other side of College Park. About 3 blocks from the University. The address is 100 Whispering Woods Drive. If you want, you can come over right now. The sooner the better. Yes, I will be waiting for you." Cindy closes her Strawberry and giggles to herself ... this has to be the one ... he sounds perfect so far.

100 Whispering Woods. Elladan writes the address down, before grabbing his bag. He didn't have much on him, since all of his stuff was in storage, or in the bank. He leaves and catches a cab to Cindy's place.

Cindy was sitting on the sofa watching a Scifi show called 'Signal" She heard a shy knock on the door. She walked to the door and opened it. She sees a small petit young man standing there. Cindy smiles and says in a sexy coo, "Yes? Can I help you sweet heart?"

"Hello... Miss Cindy? I'm Elladan Kenet... I called you on the phone about an hour ago about a room you have open?" He was every bit as cute as she could imagine, for a boy at least. Thin, but slightly curved, a round face, shoulder length, albeit black hair, and a slightly feminine voice. Though he wore typical male attire -jeans and a t-shirt- with a little work, he'd be adorable.

Cindy says softly, Come in, come in. My name's Cindy." She led the young man into the den and had him sit on the sofa where Signal was showing two young female Radio Astronomers making the biggest discovery in human history. Cindy asks, "Would you like something to drink? A snack too perhaps? Then we can talk about the room and the house rules."

"Sure," he says, following her in and sitting on the couch. His bag was left at the door. Elledan would note the decor as being very nice, if slightly feminine.

Cindy left Elledan on the sofa and went to the kitchen. She fixed him a pop and placed several large cookies on the plate. She opens a cabinet, removes a bottle of clear liquid with an eye dropper. She squeezes the bulb, filling the dropper, then adds it to the soda pop. Cindy returns to the den with the drink and plate of large cookies.

Cindy says in a sexy coo, "Here we go, a nice bunch of cookies and a soda." Cindy sits gracefully across from him and tucks her shapely legs under her then asks, "Have any question for me?"

"Thanks," he replies, accepting the cookies and soda. He consumes one with a large sip, before focusing on her. "Well, the ad mentioned free room and board, with stipulations. Care to elaborate?"

Cindy replies, "Surely. There rules are basically that I am in charge. You have to keep the room and help with the chores of keeping up the house." Cindy smiles as she sees Elledan finish his soda. Cindy stands and holds out her hand for him, "Get your bag and I will show you your room." Cindy knows, by the time they get to the room, Elledan should being in for an adorable surprise.

That sounded easy enough. Nodding, he goes to fetch his bag, then follows her to the back, all the while the pressure in his bladder began to build. Cindy opens the door and leads Elledan in by his hand. The room was a beautifully decorated girl's room. There was a large four poster bed with soft pastel peach colored silk sheets and spreads. Large fluffy pillows. A cute white chest of drawers with little flowers and butterflys all over it. There was a very large vanity table with almost any kind of makeup a girl would want.

Cindy walks over to the closet and opens the door. Within, were many outfits of all kinds. Very pretty and lacy dresses, pants, even Mary Jane shoes and strap slippers in racks neatly arranged. On the walls hung many posters of all the popular teen boys of the day.

Cindy says, I know it might seem inappropriate right now ... but I'm sure we can fix things in short order."

Elladan looks around. Was this some kind of joke? Eyes wide as he inspects the room, he clears his throat. "Are you sure this is the room? Seems kind of... girly...... " He fidgets some, his bladder pressure increasing very suddenly.

Cindy says softly, "This is it." She sees a wet spot appear on the front of his pants, then begin to spread rapidly into a huge wet place and start to go down his leg. Cindy puts her hand to her mouth and gets big eyed in mock surprise. She says in a psudo-shocked voice, "Elledan! Did ... did you just wet your pants?" She points to the expanding wetness.

Confused, he looks down at his crotch. Seeing the wet spot, he gasps, in genuine surprise. "The heck?! How did that happen?!" He hadn't wet his pants in 15 years!

Cindy giggles in a cute and reassuring way, "You should have told me you had a problem."

Cindy takes Elledan's hand and leads him to a door across the room. When she opened it, It was a very luxurious woman's powder room / potty room. There was a huge walk in closet, a four sink counter with large gilded mirrors, and a large whirl pool type tub. Across from that, was a large shower cubical with many shower heads located in many places.

Cindy says, "I think you should take a bath. I can't have you in wet pants and panties."

She then stoppers the tub, starts the water running. Steam begins to rise as she pours in some pink gel from a large bottle. The wonderful smell of strawberries fills the air. Before Elladan can protest, Cindy had poured a large amount of Green gel into his head and had started massaging it in.

"What are you doing?" he fussed as the woman rubs the gel into his hair. He was not used to all of this treatment, and becoming overwhelmed. "It was just an accident! I'm not a pants wetter! I dunno how I did it!"

Cindy giggles, "Ok, so they wet themselves .... I understand. I'm sure you don't want to go around all the rest of the day wet and smelly. Besides, I can't have you wetting up my expensive furniture." Cindy finished saturating his hair with the gel. She continues, "Now, that gel will protect your scalp while you take a bath. Would you like me to help you undress ... or can you manage by yourself?"

"Of course I can manage," he says blushing more. "I'm not three, you know." He reaches for his jeans and tries to remove them, but they were slippery and soggy and hard to get out of.

Cindy watches Elledan fumble with the snaps on the front of jeans for several seconds. She then reaches over and pushes his hands away. With a well practiced motion, Cindy undoes his jeans, unzips them, and has them and his totally soaked boxers around his ankles in short order. Elledan stands in wide eyed surprise for a few seconds.

Cindy coos softly, "Now lift your arms so I can take your shirt off too." She takes hold of the bottom edge of the shirt and lifts.

Too embarrassed to resist, the blushing boy complies and raises his arms. How was this woman he had just met stripping and about to bathe him? Once naked, he shyly covers his sissy parts.

Cindy coos softly as she helps Elledan into the wonderfully steamy water, "Now, you lather yourself all over. A clean little girl is a pretty little girl. I will take these awful, messy clothes and deal with them properly and bring you back some nice fresh panties and a cute outfit." Cindy gathers up all of Elledan's clothes and leaves the bathroom, closing the door on her way out.

Ugh, she was an impossible woman. Flustered, he climbs into the tub, glad to be alone as he relaxes in the tub. He still couldn't believe he wet himself,but at least he had time to himself now. Elledan lay back and relaxed in the warm bubbly water. The wonderful smell of fresh strawberries filled his mind. He suddenly realizes someone had knocked on the bathroom door, then entered. When he opened his eyes, the water had cooled substantially and most of the bubbles had gone. He realizes with a start that all of his body hair was floating in the water, except for the hair on his head and eyebrows.

Cindy coos softly as she lays a bundle on the counter, "Oh, my ... has the little sissy fallen asleep in the tub? I brought you a babydoll nighty and some cute panties to wear. Those other horrid things you had with you I threw out so you won't have to worry over them anymore. Hurry and dress, I want to do your hair."

With this, before the shocked Elledan could react, Cindy left the bathroom. Elledan shivers. The water was actually rather cold at this point.

And what was she talking about doing his hair? He wasn't willingly going to wear the clothes she'd gotten for him, even if his were thrown out. Grumbling, he hurries up and finishes bathing.

After a little time had passed, there came a knock on the door once again. Cindy walks in. She was carrying a very large and thick towel. She coos softly, "That water has to be awfully cold sugar. Get out and let Mistress dry your cute body off."

It was true, the water had gotten to be rather cold. Grumbling more he comes out, visibly shivering as she approaches with a towel. As Cindy begins to dry Elladan off, he realized how soft and warm the towel was. Cindy dries him off, tickling him softly and sensually along the way. This caused Elledan to squirm and try hard to stifle many giggles. It felt wonderful to have this lady dry him off. She suddenly produces another towel. She vigorously drys his long hair. She also applies a nice smelling oil and gives his scalp one of the most pleasant scalp massages he had ever experienced. She then turns and squirts him all over with a wonderful smelling perfume labeled Dream Angel before he could protest. She then picked up the panties. he realized they had several rows of ruffles across the hinney, and lace around the waist band and legs.

Cindy bends slightly and coos softly, "Now be a good sissy and step in."

"I'm not a sissy," he responds shyly as she holds out the panties. She was persistent though, and he still blushing and wriggling from the tickling and massage, and shyly steps into them.

Cindy pulls the panties up and gives him a wonderfully sensual caress between his legs. She turns and picks up the top. It was powder blue like the panties. It had puffy sleeves with lace around the arm openings. It was sheered just where it would give the impression he actually small breasts. The Hem of the top had a large ruffle. The neck opening had periwinkle lace.

Cindy coos softly, "Hold up your arms so I can get you into your top."

"Do I really have to wear this?" he asks, eyeing the gown. He knew he had some nightclothes in his bag that weren't ruined. Wearing

this seemed silly.

Cindy smiles, "Yes, sweet heart, you do. All those nasty boy clothes were so ratty, I threw them all out. I have a completely new and

very adorable wardrobe for you now. That is ... unless you want my girlfriend Debbie to see you in just panties? I have to show you off you know ... your just too cute."

He gasps, eyes widening. Did she really mean what she was saying? "I..... but why? I haven't done anything wrong! I don't want to be a sissy!"

Cindy says softly, "You haven't done anything wrong sweet heart. In fact, you have done everything right."

Cindy manages to get Elledan's head through the opening and thread his arms through the sleeves. She gives the hem a tug. Elledan shivers at the nice sensation the fabric made as it slid down over his now hairless body.

She stepes back and claps her hands together in pleasure. Cindy coos, "You, are such an adorable sissy."

"But I don't want to be a sissy!" he protests, face redening as she finishes dressing him. "I'm a grown man! I'm eighteen!" Even though now he looked like a very large 8.

Cindy shakes her head at Elledan as if he were a very young child being obstanent. She says as she takes him by the hand, "Come with Mistress. I will show you that you are, in fact, the perfect specimen to be a Girl / Boy Sissy." She leads him from the potty into

the bedroom. Elledan is impressed with how strong Cindy is. Cindy leads him to the gilded wall mirror and stands behind him with her hands on his shoulders. "Now, take a good long look at who you really are." She said with triumph in her voice.

Seeing himself in the mirror, he was amazed at how feminine he looked. If Elledan didn't know better he would swear he was a girl. He takes a step forward then hesitates and stamps his foot. "No! I don't want to be a sissy! I wanna leave!"

Cindy giggles, "If you wish. There ... is one thing you don't seem to realize however. The only two ways you can leave ... is dressed as the adorable little sissy you see in the mirror ... or nude. I do believe the police will quickly arrest you and throw you in jail as a sex offender. If you tell them I was involved ... I will deny everything ... and since no one saw you come in ..." She looks at Elledan with a sinister gleam in her eye.

Oh, she was devious, but she had a point. He growls with frustration, but realizes that she had won this battle. Resolving to find some way to escape later, he sighs. "Fine... I'll stay." For now.

Cindy escorts him to a dressing table with a nice mirror. She has him sit and begins to brush his hair. With skilled and deft fingers, she made it shine. Each little twist created another cute, long curl. Elledan couldn't believe it ... he no longer looked like a boy ... but a very pretty little girl.

Cindy coos softly, "I know you will like the fact that you don't have to shave .. or that you don't have body hair anymore." She gathers his hair into two long, curly ponytails and fastens them with two cute ladybug barrettes. She leans over and gives him a kiss on his cheek, "Besides, in a little while, you will discover how nice it is to live here and be my sissy Boy / Girl. I'm a good and loving Mistress and will take really good care of you. All my friends will love you too. Who knows? You might even become their Babydoll. Wouldn't that be nice?"

His response was to grumble more, watching as she brushed his hair. When she kisses his cheek, he blushes and squirms. "Do I even have a choice?..."

Cindy giggles, "Nope, you made the choice by coming to me. This is now your destiny ... to be my Sissy. Now sweet heart, come with Mistress. There's someone in the den I want you to meet."

Cindy takes Elledan by the hand and leads him from the room. When they enter the den ... with a total shock he realizes who Her friend Debbie really was. It was his Social Sciences teacher, Miss Debbie Berry! OMG!! He felt a total shame and embarrassment rush all through him as Cindy pushed him up to Debbie so she could get a better look.

The sissy fusses, but Cindy was too powerful for him. He squeaks as he was pushed toward the woman, who would've been his advisor and dean at the college.

Debbie smiles a large smile as she takes Elladan by his arms and pulls him into a hug with a kiss on his cheek. She says with

excitement, "Ohh, Cindy!! He is so precious. Where ever did you find someone that cute to be your babydoll?"

Cindy replies in that same tone of voice, "He actually came to me. OMG!! I couldn't believe my luck. Now, I have the perfect Sissy to dress up and take care of."

Debbie replies, "Hope your willing to show him off and share."

Cindy replies, "Of course. All of you can gather on the weekends and we will have a Babydoll party with ..." Cindy stops and looks at Elladan questioningly for a second.

Debbie asks, "What's the matter Cindy?"

Cindy says softly, "I ... have neglected to give my sissy ... his female sissy name."

"My name's Elladan," he grunts, not wanting to be renamed. Hearing it, Debbie would recognize him as one of his students this semester. He squirms in Debbie's arms as she continues to hold him close.

Debbie giggles, "Ohhh, so that's who you are. I wish I knew that. Cindy, you are so lucky. Why don't we start calling him ... a her ... and name her ... Ellie?" Cindy claps her hands together as Debbie hugs Elledan close.

Cindy says joyously, "Ellie it is."

He can't help but blush. Elladan is totally humiliated at his teacher seeing him this way, and actually approving. "My name's Elladan, not Ella.."

Debbie says in a soft coo like she's talking to a young child, "Of course, your name's Ellie." she pats Elledan softly on his hinny. "Oh, you don't have her in pullups or a diaper?"

Cindy replies, "Not yet, I'm expecting her to have the cutest accident in a little while." Both women giggle as Cindy hugs Elledan close and pats his fanny some more.

The boy squeaks and blushes as his pantied tush his patted. He wriggles in Miss Debbie's arms as she holds him close. "What are you talking about?"

Debbie replies softly as she digs in her purse, "Why, sweetheart, little girls as young as you have accidents in their panties."

Elledan's eyes get huge.

Cindy says, "I have already taken care of that. She won't be able to help it most of the time. It will just happen and give her that wonderful sensation little girls get when they potty involuntarily."

The women both look at Elledan as they giggle.

He can't help but blush more. He didn't much like the idea of wetting himself. "I don't want to wet my panties though."

Debbie gives Elledan a soft kiss on his nose, "Well, we know that. But a little girl can't help it ... it just happens to you. We will put you in potty training, but you are way too young for panties, although too old for diapers." With this, Debbie takes several pictures with her cell phone camera.

Cindy says, "Now, you need to tell all the girls we have a cute little sissy to dress and play with." Debbie nods as she pushes a button on her phone and it auto-dials some place and sends the photos.

Debbie coos softly, "I will also take care of his College things. It's a shame that Elledan refused to attend classes and dropped out."

Both girls giggle as Cindy went into the kitchen. The sound of her making something was heard.

Cindy says to Elledan, "From now on, sweetie, you should think of yourself as a really cute little Girl Sissy. In a few months, you will start to look the part more and more as you adjust to your new self."

"Drop out! But I don't want to drop out! I wanted to go to college!" he fusses, squirming more in Debbie's arms as they continue teasing him.

Debbie replies in a soft coo, "But sugar, you're not old enough to attend school. You are a very young Sissy."

Cindy returns with a tray of food and several drinks. Elledan notices right away that one of the glasses was a large appropriately sized sippy cup designed for an Adult Baby. Cindy gives Elledan the sippy cup and says in the same sing song coo, "Now, use both hands like a good girl ... we don't want you dropping it."

"But I'm not a sissy.." he fusses more, close to tears. he couldn't believe what he'd gotten himself into... was there really no way out?

Cindy hands Elledan the sippy cup, then helps him lift the drinking tab to his lips. Elledan was surprised to find the drink tasted wonderful. Cindy coos softly as if she were talking to a very young child, "Sweetheart, of course you are a Sissy. You even looked like one before we put you in your proper outfits. Just relax and enjoy your new life. You will find it's a lot better than your old one.

Besides, most of the teachers have a Sissy Pet of their own."

Debbie says, "That's right, you will have lots of friends to play with and we will give you lots of toys and outfits at our weekly gatherings and outings. We go to movies, the park, the zoo ... and of course we always dress you in the most adorable outfits to show you off at those times." Both women giggle again as they nod to each other.

Cindy's phone rings. She goes to answer it.

Elladan wasn't happy at all, but what could he do? Grumbling, he blushes and drinks from the cup as Debbie holds it for him.

Cindy's excited voice could be heard, "Isn't she just adorable? Yes, I just took posetion of her a few hours ago. Debbie's here and she took those pictures. Make sure everyone sees my new Sissy. Sure, come over as soon as you can. Yes, bring Bunny if you want ... I think Ellie should meet some new Sissy Girl Friends to play with. See you inna bit then." Cindy hangs up and returns to the den.

Debbie asks, "Who was that?"

Cindy replies as she sits and takes one of the large cups of steaming tea, "That was Marsha. She thinks Ellie is the most adorable Sissy Girl she has seen for a while.

Cindy nods as she hugs Elledan close, "I agree." Cindy continues, "Marsha is coming over with Bunny. I think the two of them will get along wonderfully."

Debbie releases Elliedan and helps him drink some more from the large sippy cup, "Especially since Bunny is a girl Babydoll and not a Sissy Boy/Girl."

He blushes more, embarrassed that she was helping him drink like he was a baby. He was equally embarrassed about people seeing pictures of how he looked.

By the time Elledan had finished drinking the large sippy cup, the door bell rang. Cindy gets up and says, "That must be Marsha. I hope she brought some of the other girls too, I want so much to show off my new Sissy."

Cindy walks to the door as Debbie straightens out some small wrinkles from Elledan's very short jumper, "Now, I'm sure mommy wants her little girl on her best behavior. When you have your accident, just let one of us know and we will put you in diapers."

He fusses more as she straightens his dress out. 'But I don't want to wear diapers! I don't even need them! I'm 18!"

Debbie giggles softly, "So, you think you are such a big girl, do you? We'll see. Remember, you can't help it when it happens."

About that time, several women entered the room. An extremely pretty and adorbly dressed little girl was escorted in. She was in a very short, yellow babydoll dress with puffy sleeves, A number 10 crynolyn petticoat that made the dress stand out stiffly, a pair of black, shiny Mary Jane strap slippers, rumba panties that could be seen beneath the short hem of the dress, and obviously a very thick diaper.

The woman that had the girl by the hand says to Elledan in a soft coo, "Ellie, this is Bunny. In her mind she's a mix of 18 and 3 years old. I'm not sure if your mommy is going to regress you this way, but Bunny is a very adorable little Babydoll and is a whole lot of fun." She gives the girl's hand to Elledan. It was soft. She acted rather shy as she put her thumb in her mouth.

What was he to do? Blushing he holds the girl's hand as the others come in, starting to converge on the latest member of their group, and newest sissy.

All the women carried large bags with them. When they sat, they all seemed to talk at the same time. Elledan saw immediately they had brought over many cute Adult Baby Clothes. From what he understood from the many voices, they intended to dress him in them. He was getting to be very upset, so much so ... he realized there was this warm trickle between his legs, and just starting to run down his leg. As he looked down with big eyes, Bunny points and says with a giggle, "Mommy! She done wetted her pannies."

All the women stop talking and look directly at Elledan has he has a totally involuntary accident in front of all of them. It takes him a moment to realize what happened. Looking down, he gasps and begins to fuss. "No! I didn't mean to do that! I don't even know how it happened!"

Cindy stands up and approaches Elledan, "Of course you didn't sweetheart ... that's why it's called an accident." The women began cooing softly at how adorable Cindy's new Sissy was.

Bunny says softly to Elledan, "Is Baby Rules ... is u hasa accident in ur pannies thata way ... gotsa weara diaper tha resta tha day."

Elledan's eyes get large in shock as Cindy takes him by his hand, "But ... but..." Elladan was beside himself, having just wet himself for the second time that day. He fusses as Cindy takes his hand, leading him to a prepped changing mat nearby.

Bunny giggles as she says adorably, "Ohh, ura biig girl n no has accidents. Sok tho, a diaper sof n comfy n safes. Makesa girl feel nice."

Cindy pulls Elledan to the potty as she replies, "That's right, Bunny. Ellie will be right back." Cindy shuts the door to the potty and has

Elledan's panties down around his ankles before he realizes it.

Cindy coos pleasantly, "Now, step out of your panties like a good little girl."

He steps out, wanting to get out of the wet panties, but he was still embarrassed. Were they really going to diaper him?

Cindy suddenly has a hand full of large, sweet smelling baby wipes. She cleans his private parts and his hinny expertly before throwing them into a trash pail. Elledan watches with big eyes as Cindy somehow manages to push his now seriously shrunken and shriveled male parts up inside leaving what looked exactly like a girl's privacy. She lays out an adorable disposable diaper on the large counter.

It was obviously made for an Adult baby Girl with the cute pink kittens, multicolored balls, and puppies with ribbons around their necks. Cindy takes Elledan under his arms and seemingly effortlessly, lifts him up and places his hinny in the thick embrace of the diaper.

The boy squirms as he was laid on the diaper. He wasn't used to this, and he certainly wasn't just going to accept it. So, he squirms, albeit in a childish manner as she tries to diaper him.

Cindy smiles at the childish antics. She opens a package of 3 pink suppositories, lifts him by his ankles, and expertly pushes them into Elledan's bottom. Elladan gasps as his eyes get big in surprise as the wonderful sensation of penetration happens to him for the first time. He feels the lubricated suppositories as all 3 of them are inserted. Cindy then sets his hinny into the thick embrace of the diaper, powders him well, then pulls it between his legs and fastens the tapes securely. When Cindy helps Elladan back to his feet, the large bulk of the diaper felt wonderfully strange between his legs.

Cindy coos softly, "Now, sugar plumb, that wasn't so bad ... now was it?"

She takes Elledan by the hand and slowly escorts him back into the crowded den. All the women in one cooing chorus say, "Awww, that's so adorable." Elladan realized he was having a bit of trouble walking properly with all the bulk between his legs. Not used to the bulky thickness of the diaper, Elladan was helplessly led back to the group of girls. He found himself sat down in the middle next to Bunny.

Bunny giggles, "Ohh, u so lucky! Gotsa crawly diapers." she pokes out her bottom lip adorably, "Mommy gots baby inna regular Huggies. Lovesa super thick Crawly Diapers ... they so sof ... anna suppositories makes me so baby." She giggles more as she picks up a block and stacks it on top of another.

The other women in the room began taking many types of really adorably cute Adult Baby Girl clothes from the bags they brought.

Trudy looks at Elladan as she holds up a really cute glow worm romper.

Bunny says as she claps her hands, "Thissa fun part. We getta try on alla those new oufits."

Oh dear. Overwhelmed and completely surrounded, Elladan tries to find some way out of this situation as they prepare to play dress up with him.

The women descend on the two Ababies. They are suddenly in just their diapers, and then are being dressed in the new outfits same as

any Babydoll. Elladan found himself in a really cute Glow Worm Romper. The diaper gave him a wonderfully poofy bottom that showed off the ruffles on his hinney.

As one of the women put matching booties on Elladan's feet, she asked, "When you diapered her, did you use those suppositories I

use on Bunny?"

Cindy replies happily as she dresses Bunny in a really cute Sunflower Jumper, "I sure did. She should be loosing total control in a few."

Then She and Bunny will be the same in that regard. All the women giggle.

Loosing all control?! As he was dressed in his first outfit, the sissy fusses. "But I don't want to lose control!"

Bunny says softly, "Why comes?" She stands up on wobbly legs and pulls open the front of her diaper and looks in with wondering eyes. "Cuz ... cuz is ya wanna do that other ... gotsa faceca potty monser." Elladan can plainly see that Bunny is female at this point.

He notices that Bunny has a small yellow wet place between her legs that had been absorbed by the diaper's lining.

Marsha walks over and stops bunny from holding her diaper open in front of Elladan. She doesn't scold her, but gives her a cute kiss on her nose as she pats her hinny lovingly. Marsha coos, "Baby isn't wet enough to change yet. You have to potty more first."

Bunny giggles, "Baby gonna poopies?"

The girls giggle as Marsha replies, "When it's time, Mommy's sure you will." She pats Bunny's hinny once more before she sits Bunny back next to Elladan.

Elledan began to feel so strange as the suppositories powerful drugs began to take effect. As he began to take a real fascinated interest in the many toys and blocks, with the very last vestige of adulthood fading, he realizes there really isn't a way out. The soft warm contentedness of an infant filled him as he and Bunny became the very best of girlfriends ... for many many years to come.

~~ End~~
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