Spellbound - by DianeTV

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Spellbound - by DianeTV

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Spellbound - by DianeTV

I stopped outside the cafe and looked in through the window, trying to
look inconspicuous as I did. I didn't want her or her friends to see
me staring, so I only looked for a moment. The sight of her sitting at
the booth with two of her girlfriends made my heart beat faster. Her
infectuous smile and shiny red lips made me want to go in and talk to
her, . . to be near her. The way her long, auburn hair shone as it
hung down on her shoulders reminded me of the stories I had read of
Greek goddesses and I knew that I was placing her way above me as if
she was an Immortal and I was just a peasant. Sighing to myself, I
continued on down the sidewalk, making for the city bus stop and the
short ride home from school.

God, she was beautiful! Even though I knew that she was an
'untouchable' for a guy like me, I couldn't help but fantasize about
being with her. As I took my seat on the bus, I daydreamed again about
what it would be like to have her for a girlfriend.

My fantasies about her had been getting more and more frequent over
the last few weeks, ever since I had first seen her at the Community
College I had just started attending. I had thought that college would
be alot like the high school I had just graduated from that year. Boy,
was I wrong! For one thing, the work was alot harder and as for the
other, . . well, let's just say I hadn't counted on being distracted
by such a beautiful girl who attended three of my classes and had
managed to keep my mind off my work for the better part of each day I
had gone to school. Even my homework was suffering.

I knew I had to forget about her and get on with my studies. After
all, she could never go for a guy like me. I mean, . . I was only
eighteen and most of the girls in college were dating upper classmen or
guys who were attending the State University. And besides, I really
didn't measure up to the physical standards I knew most of the girls
went for in a guy. Being only 5' 9" tall and fairly skinny dosen't
exactly attract the glamorous types.

I stared out the window of the bus, watching the crowds on the city
streets as I rode the ten blocks towards my house on the edge of the
suburbs. Though I saw many women that were pretty and well dressed
along the way, I couldn't help but think of Susan. I ran my hand
through my longish brown hair and leaned back in my seat, oblivious to
the people around me. I closed my eyes and again found myself creating
a mental image of her and I together, walking down a tree lined road,
holding hands and being close to each other.

The abrupt halt of the bus at my stop brought me out of my daydream
and I gathered my books and walked off and onto the sidewalk. The bus
took off and I turned to walk the few remaining blocks to my house. As
I turned up a side street that led towards my street, I stopped in
front of an older home that I hadn't really noticed before. I was
still a little unfamiliar with most of the neighborhood, having moved
here only a couple of months ago and I realized that I'd never looked
closely at some of the older homes on this street.

Many were kept in pretty nice shape, but a few of them, like this
one, seemed a little shabby and unkept, . . at least from the
outside. I guessed that most of them were over fifty years old and
they seemed out of place so near the newer homes only a couple of
blocks away. But this part of the city was old and I guessed that it
was only a few years ago when most of the newer developments started
popping up on the ouskirts of this side of town.
What really caught my eye was the tattered old sign standing next to
the wooden stairs that led up to the porched entrance of the old wooden
house. It was barely readable from the sidewalk. I squinted slightly
to make out the engraved, faded lettering.

'Madame Taglia' , and underneath the name, 'Help for the Lovelorn'.

I couldn't read the smaller writting under the last part, at least not
from where I stood. I looked at the old, white linen curtains covering
the inside of the large window overlooking the front yard and thought
for a moment that I saw an old, wrinkled hand move away from the lacy
edge of one of the drapes. It was little spooky but I shrugged it off
and continued on down the street towards home.

I ambled up the walkway to our house and noticed my father's black
Mercedes in the driveway. He was home a little early for a Friday and
I wondered why he would have left the office so early. It was only
around four in the afternoon and he usually wasn't home before six.
The garage door was open and I could see my mother's red BMW parked
inside. That was normal since she didn't work now. Ever since Dad had
taken the promotion that had brought us here, Mom didn't have to work
anymore. I didn't have to remind myself that ever since Dad's
promotion, I could have attended the University, if I had kept my
grades up in high school. Oh well, a couple of years in the City
College wouldn't hurt, ... . if I could keep from dwelling on Susan!

I opened the front door of our stylish, two-story house and walked in.
I could hear someone in the kitchen off to my right, past the large
dining area. Then I heard my mother call out.

"Is that you, Tim?"

I put my books down on the hallway table and turned towards the
kitchen. I was feeling hungry.

"Yeah, Mom. It's me."

I opened the swinging door to the large kitchen and walked in.

"I'm hungry. What's for dinner tonight?"

My mother turned from the counter where she had been washing some
lettuce and gave me a smile.

"I'm making a shrimp salad. How was school?"

"Fine." I replied as I opened the refrigerator door and took out an

I turned back to her and noticed that she was wearing her red dress,
the one Dad liked so much. I could see why. It hugged her body like a
glove and the short skirt showed off her shapely legs nicely. The low
front showed off her ample cleavage and the way her dark hair fell
around the lightly padded shoulders of the dress only added to the
sophistcated look it gave her. She was wearing her spiked red heels
and her face was made up as if she was going out. She smiled at me as
she turned from the sink counter and took a large salad bowl out of the
lower cabinet. I couldn't help but notice how attractive she was for a
woman of thirty-eight.

"Are you and Dad going out?", I asked the obvious.

She smiled over at me and said, "Actually we're leaving for the
weekend, dear."

I stood by the kitchen table as she walked over towards me and then
stood in front of me. We stood almost eye-to-eye with her heels on,
but I still had to look up slightly at her. She smiled and I knew she
was excited about something.

"Your father and I are going into New York for the weekend." she said
happily, "He has a client to see tomorrow morning and then we're going
to take in a play and have some fun."

She turned back towards the counter and then looked back over her
shoulder as she said, "You'll be alright 'til Sunday afternoon, won't
you dear?"

"Sure, Mom. I'll be fine. You guys have fun. I'll hold the fort
down." The thought of having the place to myself for the weekend
sounded like fun.

"Good. We're going to leave this afternoon, as soon as I've finished
this salad for you. Your father wants to beat the traffic into the
city." Then she added, "Maybe you could have Rob over for the weekend.
You two could do something together."

"Maybe I will." I replied, thinking about my older friend.

Rob Collins was about the only new friend I had made since coming here.
He was twenty-four years old and was taking a couple of courses at the
Community College in order to finish up some requirements he needed for
his new position at the computer firm his family owned. He came from a
wealthy family and never seemed to lack for money. And he dressed the
part, too. He always looked like he was just coming off the cover of
GQ Magazine. As a pretty handsome guy, I had no doubt that he wouldn't
have any trouble getting a girl! I often wondered why he hung around
sometimes with a shy guy like me.

We kind of looked like Mutt and Jeff together. He was quite a bit
taller than me and certainly more handsome. I met him in one of my
classes, computer science. He was a pretty friendly guy. He had been
over a few times to help me with my homework. I didn't have to pay him
for the help because he liked computers so much and I'm sure he liked
using my Dad's new 486 as much as he liked helping me out. We had gone
to see a couple of movies together and out at night a few times to, as
he put it, 'chase skirts'. But I'm sure he thought I held him back in
that area and we had ended up just bumming around town on those
occasions. I always wondered why he didn't have a steady girlfriend.
I had seen girls look at him and it wasn't hard to tell that they were
interested. But once, when I asked him about it, he just said he
hadn't found the right one yet ... and the looking was just as fun.

But he was a nice guy and it was nice to have a friend to talk to. My
parents liked him and he and my Dad had even played golf together one
time over at the Country Club we belonged to. I think my Dad wished I
was more like him. I think Rob felt very comfortable around them, too.
He had only been over a few times, but they got along fine.

I remembered the one time he had stayed for dinner and how afterwards
he had sat on the couch talking to my Dad while I helped Mom with the
dishes. When I had gone back into the living room, he and Dad were
having a discussion about computers and their uses in the legal field,
. . my Dad is a lawyer. It all seemed rather boring to me.

When Mom had given him a cup of coffee, he had thanked her and even
stood while she sat down on the couch. I sat in a chair across from
Dad and tried to pay attention to their conversation. When Mom had
taken out a cigarette, Rob had just lit one of his own and he reached
over and gave her light before Dad could get up. I'm sure they thought
he was quite a gentleman. I was glad that he only smoked when they did
and not in my room when we studied. I didn't smoke and though my
parents did, I didn't want my room smelling like it.

My thoughts were broken when I heard my father upstairs in their
bedroom. He was probably packing and knowing him, anxious to get
going. He was a typical high paid attorney, always wrapped up in
himself and his work, always trying to be two places at once and always
late. I knew he would be down shortly, hurrying Mom along and anxious
to leave.

My Dad was a good guy and I liked him. I knew that I was a bit of a
disappointment to him in school, but he never really badgered me about
it. He was busy with his own career and I liked the fact that he gave
me alot of space to do what I wanted.

I heard him coming down the stairs and in a moment he came into the
kitchen. He walked through the kitchen door in a hurry and walked
towards my mother.

"You about done, Cheryl? I want to beat the traffic into the City." He
gave her shoulder a squeeze as she turned to him and smiled. She
looked up into his handsome face and replied, "Just about ready, Jim.
Be another minute or so."

Then she glanced at me and said, "I just need to finish Tim's salad."

My Dad looked over at me and gave a look of slight surprise.

"I didn't even see you there, son." He smiled as he let go of Mom and
came over towards me. I couldn't help but wonder why I couldn't have
been more like him. He was six feet tall and built pretty good for a
forty year old man who spent most of his time behind a desk. I guess I
would just have to accept the fact that I took after my mother. It
didn't seem fair. I hadn't thought about it too much when I was
younger. But ever since I had become interested in girls,
(specifically Susan), I wished that I was more like him.

"You think you can handle things until Sunday afternoon?"

"Sure, Dad. You and Mom go and have a good time."

He smiled and patted my shoulder as he left the kitchen to go put the
suitcases in the car.

Mom finished the salad and then went into the living room to get her
things while Dad finished up loading the Mercedes.

I minute later they were both at the front door getting ready to leave.

"You can use your mother's car if you need it, Tim." My father said as
they turned to go. "Just don't get into any trouble, OK? And don't
forget we have the Annual Dinner at the Country Club Sunday night, OK?"

"Sure, Dad." He always said that, even though I had never gotten into
any trouble before.

They said their goodbyes and I stood on the porch to watch them
leave. Dad held the car door open for my mother and she gracefully
slid into her seat. As he went over to the drivers side, he waved once
at me and then got in. I watched as they backed out of the driveway
and then turned down the street. My mom waved and I waved back and
then they were gone.

I went back into the house and into the kitchen. I ate a little of the
salad Mom had made and then went into the living room and turned on the
TV. There wasn't anything interesting on and I was about to go up to my
room and change when I thought about the old house I had seen earlier
that afternoon on my way home from school.

'Help for the Lovelorn' the sign had said. I thought again about Susan
and even though I knew that nobody could really help me out with my
problem, somehow the thought that there might be someone who could
actually do something to make her mine was comforting, . . almost
exciting. I turned off the TV and went outside on the front porch.

It was getting late and the sun was down now, chilling the air a
little. I felt a shiver and went back in and got my coat. A minute
later I found myself walking down the street towards the old house.

I stood outside the picket fenced gate to the old house, not sure why I
had come there and stared again at the sign. Though the porch light
was on, a dim little bulb that barely illuminated the wooden porch, a
brighter light shone through the front window from behind the curtains
and fell directly on the sign next to the porch.

I really had no intention of going in, but I wanted to see what the
rest of the sign said. A moment later I was standing in front of the
sign, next to the porch, lightly bathed in the dim light that shone out
from the window.

'Madame Taglia' and under it, 'Help for the Lovelorn'

And in small lettering under that, 'Spells and Potions for Sale'.

I almost snickered at that. So that's what this was. One of those
Fortune Teller places. I was about to turn and leave when I felt the
presence of someone.

I turned towards the front door, another shiver running up my spine,
when I saw her.

"Are you here for my help, young man?" The old, cracked voice seemed to
fit the scraggled image of the old woman. I nearly jumped when she
spoke, she had surprised me so. I hadn't heard her open the door and I
was even less prepared for the sight of this old woman in her long
black dress and tattered old shawl that hung over her stooped
shoulders. Her face was old and wrinkled and she looked to be
timeless. I wouldn't have even attempted to guess her age. I couldn't
tell if she was smiling at me . . or sneering. I did know she gave
me the creeps.

"Maybe Madame Taglia can be of some assistance to you." She croaked.

I turned and walked a step towards her, stopping in the dim light of
the porch. I warm glow came through the partly opened door. My
surprise subsided and I cleared my throat, not sure of what to say.

"I, uh . . I was just looking at your . . uh, sign." I said
pointing at it.

She smiled, surprising me with a full set of teeth that appeared to be
those of a woman much younger.

"Of course . . that is why you came. Please come inside." Her eyes
twinkled as she spoke and I almost felt as if I was being drawn to her.
I felt ... . well, ... comfortable.

"Well, I . . uh . . that is . . I don't really . . " I didn't
know what to say. Somehow, I wanted to go in, . . but, I didn't know
why. I mean ... what could she really do except releave me of a few

Nevertheless, I found myself walking in through the front door as she
stood to the side. She was several inches shorter than me and as I
passed her I could smell a pungent aroma eminating from her.

I stood in the hallway of the old home as she scuffled passed me and
said in her crackling voice, "Come in, young man. Please follow me."
She pointed a long finger towards a room off the right side of the
hallway. I reluctantly followed, looking around at the old tapestries
and paintings that hung on the walls. A few standing candlabras stood
next to the door she entered and I was a little surprised at how neat
and tidy, . . yet how old everything looked.

Still, I didn't feel any fear, just apprehension as she led me into a
small parlor that was lined with red and black curtains and tapestries.
I half expected to see a small table in the center of the room with a
crystal ball on it. But there was only a highbacked, red felt covered
chair in one corner and a small padded chair in front of it.

She ambled over to the large chair and then effortlessly sat down,
adjusting her long shawl around her as she motioned for me to sit in
front of her.

I hesitated and then walked over and sat down, facing her. I felt
uncomfortable as she looked at me. It was then that I noticed that her
eyes, though small and dark, seemed bright and piercing as she stared
into my face. I shifted uneasily in my chair and was about to stand up
and excuse myself to leave when she spoke in her old voice.

"You have come to Madame Taglia for help with a girl . . yes?"

I looked down and half smiled from embarassment as I shrugged and
shifted uneasily in my chair.

"Do not be afraid of Madame Taglia, young man. Only the dishonest need
fear me. I can help you, you know."

I looked up at her and saw that she seemed quite serious, though I
doubted her statement.

"I , uh, I really don't know why I came here. I'm sorry to have
bothered you."

I half stood up as if to leave when she raised her hand and felt myself
sitting back down. I wasn't sure if I had done that or if she had!
Still, I felt only embarassment at being there, ... not fear.

"Please sit down." she intoned as I settled back into the chair, "Let
me tell you first about what Madame Taglia can do for you. Then? If
you do not wish to avail yourself of my services? Then you may go."

I looked intently at her face and realized that I was intrigued now by
her words . . and I wanted to hear more. Maybe? Maybe she could
help me. After all, I had come here just for this reason, hadn't I?

She folded her hands in her lap and spoke slowly and deliberately.

"A young woman, a girl named Susan, has caught your eye and yet you
have not the strength or will to appraoch her. Am I correct?" I looked
up, startled at the name she had spoken, but she held up her hand and I
closed my mouth, sitting back dumbfounded at her statement. What did
she know? How?

"Madame Taglia can make her yours, you know." She laughed slightly as
she spoke and I felt another shiver go up my spine. How did she know

"For a price, young Timothy Williams, I can give her to you." She
smiled again and added, "Are you willing to pay my price?"

How did she know my name?!? I was just staring at her with my mouth
open. How?? I realized that my heart was beating faster now. Was it
fear? Or was it anticipation?

"Yes." She said, sitting back in her chair even further, "You believe,
Madame Taglia now? I can do many things. But each has it's price.
Are you willing to pay? Think carefully."

I stammered and cleared my throat.

"I, uh, how do you know all this?"

She laughed and held out her hands, palms up.

"Madame Taglia is no fraud, young Timothy. Madame Taglia knows much
and does even more. Do you wish to partake of her services?"

I wasn't convinced she could help me, but I decided to play along for
the time being. She seemed harmless enough.

"You ... you can make her want ... want to be with me?" I sheepishly

Again she laughed and replied, "Oh yes, . . I can make her want you.
I can do many, many things. But each has it's price. Are you willing
to pay?"

Now I was feeling a little suspicious. The price seemed to dominate
her speech. Maybe this was a sham after all. I mean, . . maybe she
had seen me looking at Susan and knew her name. For that matter, it
wouldn't be too difficult to find out who I was either. I decided to
test her out a little.

"Uh, what is the price for . . for . . "

She cut me off, "For love?" She laughed again. "Nothing you can't
afford, young man."

"Madame Taglia offers you the girl, ... in return . . she asks only
for her due." She drew her small, wrinkled chin into her chest as she
said, "The cost of her love and devotion is ... five hundred dollars."

I sat up straight and opened my mouth. "Five hundred dollars?! I . .
I can't give you . . "

Again she cut me off.

"You needn't pay me now, young Timothy. Only after you see that Madame
Taglia tells you the truth." Then she smiled again and added, "Then ...
then you will pay her price."

"Uh, you mean that only after Susan is mine I give you the money, ...
... right?" I went ahead and played on as if I really believed her.
She seemed to be enjoying this as if she really believed she could make
someone love someone else. She wasn't a very good con artist, I
concluded. She should try to get the money right off the bat,
otherwise how would she collect when people found out she was a fraud?
It didn't make any sense. At least now I knew why her house needed
work. She wasn't very good at this.

"Exactly. First I show you that I tell the truth. Then you pay my
price. Agreed?"

"What exactly . . uh, do you do?" I asked amused.

"Madame Taglia does what she does. You needn't concern yourself with
that. Results speak for themself."

I decided to play along and see it through.

"OK, uh Madame Taglia. You make Susan love me and I'll pay your
price." This was going to be amusing. Besides, I had nothing to lose.
She didn't want any money now and surely she couldn't be serious about
this. I'd leave and have a good laugh about it later.

"Very good, young Timothy. But remember!", she added with emphasis,
"Do not decieve Madame Taglia or you will pay a much higher price."

I was a little taken aback at her tone but assumed it was all part of
the show. I even smiled meekly as she stood and started to speak in a
foreign language I had never heard before. She spread out her arms and
chanted softly for a few moments and then closed her eyes and lifted
her arms up towards the ceiling, spread out and palms up. As she
finished her chanting, the lights dimmed a little in the room and then
she lowered her arms and looked down at me. It dawned on me that the
only light in the room was coming from a stand of candles off to one
side. How had she made them dim like that? Must be one of those
parlor tricks that mediums used, I thought.

"It is done.", she said softly. "Go now and seek her out. You will
find her at the place that you last saw her. Approach her and she will
be yours. But! ... ... " She spoke more loudly now, "you must
return to me before the hour of midnight and pay me my price! Do not
decieve Madame Taglia ... or the price will be great!"

I stood up and looked into her face. She seemed to be looking straight
through me and I felt a little unnerved. All I wanted now was to get
out of there. I turned and walked out of the room and went out the
front door, pausing only for a moment on the porch before walking
quickly out of the gate. I glanced back at the house and thought I saw
her peeking out at me through the tattered old curtains. I quickly
looked away and hurried down the street.

Opening the door to my house, I quickly shut it behind me and
immediately felt better, as though I had just passed from a dream into
reality. I laughed a little to myself and then went into the kitchen
and took a soda out of the fridge. Opening it up while I sat at the
kitchen table, I went over what had happened and even thought about
taking the bus back downtown to see if Susan was really at the cafe
where I had last seen her. Then I laughed at the absurdity of even
thinking it and went into the living room and turned on the TV.

It was almost eleven o'clock when I decided to go up to bed. I went
upstairs and undressed. I put on my pajamas and then brushed my teeth.
Looking at my image in the mirror, I shook my head, thinking how
ridiculous it was that I had even thought for a moment that Susan would
be interested in me, let alone thinking that the old woman could make
her love me.

I looked at my face, noting the boyish features and inwardly laughed at
myself. I wasn't the type for Susan. I wondered if I was the type for
any girl at all ! I shook my head, my longish brown hair brushing the
tops of my shoulders and then turned out the light to the bathroom and
went to bed.

I had been asleep for just a little while when I awoke with a start
and looked up at the ceiling. What had made me waken so abruptly? I
normally slept soundly through the night.

I looked down towards the foot of my bed and saw the dresser next to
the far wall, illuminated slightly from the dim light the streetlamp
outside gave through my upstairs window. I was about to lay my head
back again when something to my left caught my eye.

The small, shadowy shape moved slightly as my head jerked towards it, a
fearful tightness growing in my throat.

"So! You think to cheat Madame Taglia from her due!"

I sat upright, a fearful cry choking in my throat as I saw her step
into the dim light. It was her! How had she gotten in here!!

"Whaaa?!! What ... What are you doing here?!?!" I gasped out in
astonishment! "You ... you can't . . "

"Silence!!", she said sternly. My tongue cleaved to the roof of my
mouth! I was gripped with fear and couldn't speak.

"Madame Taglia kept her bargain and you!! ... you have not!! For
that . ...you must pay!!" She spoke with a hiss and I felt my fear
growing inside of me, like a child afraid of the dark and sure there is
something in the closet. I couldn't speak and I couldn't move, my body
ridged under the covers, my eyes riveted to the dim shape beside my
bed, towering over me! Why couldn't I move?!? How did she get in
here?? Was she nuts? What was she going to do to me?!

She folded her slender arms, wrapped in her robe, under her flat chest
and I could see her bright eyes shining down at me. Me fear grew, but
I couldn't speak or move. The thought passed through my mind that this
was all a bad dream and I would wake at any moment. I prayed that was

"And pay you shall, young Timothy Williams!" She said my name with
disdain and contempt. I felt my fear choking me! Would she hurt me??
What . . ?

She looked down at me, as if pondering what she would do with me . .
or to me. Then I saw her thin, cracked lips form a smile and she
raised her hands outwards, palms up and said, "This I say to you,
breaker of bargains. Payment in kind for payment denied. Love you
sought and love you shall get." Now she laughed and cackled as she
added, "Though not what you had in mind when you came to me! You asked
for the love of a beautiful woman and this you were given. That you
did not accept the love says only that you do not believe the words
that I spoke in truth to you! That love is now removed. . . .
forever!!" She raised her hands above her head and I swear I heard a
small rumble in the room! What was she doing?!

"For refusing me my payment, I now pay you in kind for the spell that
was cast." What did she mean? As afraid as I was, she didn't seem to
be making any sense! Spell?? This had to be a bad dream.

My eyes were locked with hers as she spoke, ... slowly ...

"There is another. One you know. One who looks for love. One that
has been your friend. One with whom you have shared knowledge and with
whom you have confided." Who was she talking? ... . . Rob? She was
talking about Robert Collins! What did he have to do with this?!

"He longs for the love of a woman, yet he has no real woman in mind.
Only his thoughts and dreams. There ... there she resides! He is
honorable and kind ... yet he calls you ... you the breaker of
promises, his friend! You do not deserve such a friend. Yet you shall
remain his friend ... and more !! "

Now I was really getting scared! What was she doing?!? What was she
babbling about?!? I just wanted to wake up and end this nightmare!!
But now she spoke again as her arms glided back out in front of her and
upwards, always her palms up in the air.

"This then I deem to be your fate, oathbreaker!!" Now she spoke in a
monotone, looking up to the ceiling and alternately back to me, always
her arms remained high and her robes shifted slightly, as if a slight
breeze played with them.

"Come the morning, . . to all others you shall no longer be the one
you think you are! To he who calls you friend ... and to all others,
. . you shall be the one he dreams of . . the one he longs for!
Slowly ... slowly throughout the daylight hours, though your mind will
be your own, your body shall belong to her! She will control your
actions and your needs! As you succumb to her wishes, ... as you don
each item of her garb, . . your body shall alter to conform to the
image, . . the image in his mind! Each action shall become hers!
Each movement shall become the object of his desire! Though your mind
shall be your own, . . no one shall know it but you! When the
evening comes, . . you shall be complete! And he shall come for you.
And you will be everything he desires, though he will only know you as
you are, and not what you were! Everything you have shall become hers
. . and all that you are shall become hers! Only you . . and I . .
shall know the one who resides within. Never shall you be free again!
Never again free to break your oath!"

When she had finished her last sentence she raised her arms straight up
and I saw and felt a stabbing, glaringly red light come over me!! I
felt numb and shocked ... my breath came in gasps and then I felt no
more. If she was still there, I didn't know it. I felt myself
drifting off . . falling away . as though I was detached from my
body and floating . . floating.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I woke up as the sun poked in through the window of my room and fell
across my face. I opened my eyes and stared at the wall across from me
as I lay on my side.

Jeezzz!! What a dream I'd had last night!! Thoughts of the previous
evening, when I had visited that old woman came back to me and I
shuddered at the lingering memories I had of the fear I'd felt in my
...my dream?

I didn't move as I carefully went over every detail of the frightening
nightmare I'd had. I couldn't remember ever having had such a terribly
real dream before! And the details of it! I could remember every part
of it as if it had really happened! Some of it didn't make any sense.
Especially the part about how I was to be . . what was it? The image
of my friends desire?!? I didn't want to think about it anymore! It
was just so ... so real! I looked at the alarm clock next to my bed
on the nightstand and saw that it was already eight o'clock.

I shook my mind free of the lingering thoughts and sat up, throwing the
covers off of me. I got up and went into the bathroom attached to my
bedroom and relieved myself, washed my face and then brushed my teeth.
My old image stared back at me as I looked into the mirror over the
sink and then rinsed my mouth. Then I turned around and started the
water in the shower stall.

I was just getting out of the shower when I heard the phone ringing in
the hallway downstairs. I thought about rushing out of the bathroom
and going downstairs to get it, but decided to let the answering
machine take care of it. I could always call back and besides, . .
it was probably for Dad anyway.

I was towelling off as I faintly heard the beep and I thought I could
hear my mothers' voice as she left a message, though it was difficult
to catch any words. My thoughts went back for a moment to the night
before and I felt a slight shudder run through me at the thought of the
weird and frightening dream I'd had. I quickly put it out of my mind
as I finished drying off and went back into my room to get dressed.

A few minutes later, wearing jeans, sneakers, and a T-shirt, I went
down stairs. I stopped in the hallway at the table with the phone and
answering machine and hit the playback button. A moment later my
mother's voice came out from the speaker.

"Hi, honey! Your father and I made it alright into the city. Just
wanted to call and let you know. We're at the Hilton, the numbers on
the table. We'll be home Sunday afternoon around four. Have fun
tonight with Rob and tell him we said, Hi! Oh, and invite him to
attend the Annual Club Dinner Sunday night at the Country Club with us.
I'm sure he'd enjoy it . . oh, and be sure and tell him that it's a
formal affair. It's at eight o'clock. Tell him to meet us at the
house around seven-thirty. I'm sure you'd both like that. We'll be
back in plenty of time to get ready. Thanks, dear. See you tomorrow,
honey! Bye!"

As the message ended, I couldn't help but wonder at Mom's tone and the
way she had spoken to me. She was never that gushy over the phone with
me before. And what was she talking about Rob like we had plans
tonight? I didn't remember making any plans with him. And why did she
want me to invite him out to the Annual Club Dinner for? They liked
him but, ... but they hadn't done anything like that before.

I shrugged and went into the kitchen. I went over to the coffee pot
and poured some water into it before opening the cupboard and taking
out a coffee filter. I filled it with coffee and then put it into the
machine and turned it on. Then I waited for a few minutes as the
coffee brewed before pouring myself a cup and sitting down at the
kitchen table to drink it.

That's when it dawned on me! I didn't usually drink coffee! Why ...
why was I drinking it now? I looked at the half empty cup and found
myself bringing the cup back to my lips for another sip! I actually
wanted to put the cup down, ... but ... but I just took another sip!
Weird! What was going on with me?! I looked down at my lap and
noticed that I had crossed my legs at the thighs and was slowly rocking
my foot back and forth. This was getting a little strange! Why was I
behaving like this?

I stood up and put the cup down on the table and walked over to the
fridge and took out some orange juice, what I usually drank. I
shrugged off my behavior as a result of the restless night and my
strange dream. But a moment later, I was sitting back down at the
table and sipping my coffee again. I realized I had put the orange
juice back in the fridge and was sitting down, my legs crossed at the
thighs again, holding my cup in my right hand while my left hand was
playing with a strand of my hair! Weird! What was wrong with me?

It was so strange to sit there, not really wanting to, but . . but
not really able to summon up the ... the effort to stand up! When I
finished the coffee I went over to the pot and refilled the cup before
going out into the living room. I really didn't want to drink another
cup, but . . but I just did! I was feeling a little strange inside,
. . almost frightened by my own actions. Why did I do these things?
What ...

Then it hit me! The dream I'd had last night! Didn't the old woman
... didn't she say that I'd be . . that I'd be someone ... someone
else? That I'd act like . . like someone else?

Oh, this was crazy!! She was just an old coot I'd talked to for a few
minutes in her old house! She hadn't been in my room! That had only
been a bad dream!

I turned on the TV and sat there, watching and drinking my coffee for
about a half hour. Then I got up and refilled my cup again before
going back and watching the rest of the program. Then it struck me!
Why was I watching this? It was one of those paid infomercials with
four women, one who was an actress, sitting around and discussing
make-up and hair styles! I couldn't be watching this stuff! I wanted
to watch the ball game! But . . but I just couldn't seem to get up
the energy to change the channel, even though the remote control was
right on the table in front of me!! What was going on here?!

A half hour later, the show ended and I got up and headed up stairs.
The thought of what that old woman had said came back to me. The
things she had said I would do ... would (Oh, God!) ... become! But
that was totally absurd!! I was just feeling ill or something! She
couldn't have been in my room last night! That was impossible! And
she certainly couldn't have the power to make me behave this way! But,
... but if that was so ... why was I going back upstairs when I had
wanted to go watch the game on TV? I was halfway up the stairs before I
realized where I was going! I . . I tried to turn around and go back
to the living room, but ... .but I couldn't!! I just kept going up
the stairs!! What was wrong with me?!? Why couldn't I stop myself?!?
What was happening to me?!

I felt a strange fear grow in my throat as I ascended the stairs and
went back into my room. I didn't know what I was doing there . . or
why I was there, but ... but I still walked over to my closet and
opened it. Then I walked over next to my bed and took off my sneakers
and my socks. Then I took off my jeans and my T-shirt.

I was standing there in my briefs and I didn't know why! Then I walked
into the bathroom and took off my briefs as I looked back into the
mirror at myself. What was this!! I could feel my heart starting to
pump a little faster as my anxiety over my involuntary actions grew!

I looked down on the long counter next to my sink and picked up a tall
plastic bottle I hadn't seen there before. Where did this come from?
And what was it? Before I looked at it, I was opening it and speading
a pinkish lotion all over my legs and thighs!! It smelled funny . .
almost like the lotions my mother used on her hands! I . . I tried to
stop myself from spreading it all over my legs but ... God help me!
... I couldn't!! I felt a slight tingling on my legs as the lotion
spread out over the sparse hair there and clinged to my skin.

I wanted to turn and bolt from the bathroom, to run out of there, to
take back control of myself ... but i just couldn't!! It was like I
was there . . but not there!! It was me ... but it wasn't!! How
could this be happening?!?!

Oh, God!!! That old woman!!! She had been here!!! She ... she had
said that I would not be able to stop ... to stop myself!! That I
would become ... become, what had she said? The image of his desire?
Who? What . .?

Then it all came back to me. The spell for Susan. The payment. The
visit in my room! She had been there! What exactly had she said was
my punishment for not paying her!? Oh, God ... quick ... think! As
my mind raced to remember her every word, a voice, ... a voice near
yet far, spoke to me in my mind and I heard the words all over again.
Clearly . . precisely ... as though they were my own thoughts, ...
and I knew what they meant!!

Oh, sweet Jesus, help me!! That woman ... that . . that witch !
She was going to turn me into the woman of Rob's dreams!! And ... and
everyone would think that I had always been her !! Oh, nooo! It
couldn't be true!! Please ... . nooo!!

Okay . . Okay, I thought, don't go nuts. She can't really make you
change into a girl! This is some kind of post-hypnotic suggestion!
Yeah! That was it! You're acting nuts because she gave you some kind
of hypnotic suggestion! Just think ... think for yourself and this
will all end! Then call your folks and tell them . . My folks!!

My Moms message on the answering machine came back to me! Now I knew
why she had been talking so strangely! She had been speaking to me as
if ... as if I was (choke!) a girl !! My parents ... and everyone
else . . already thought of me as a girl!! Oh, God!! Noooo!

I still didn't believe that I could really be turning into a girl, ...
even if I was starting to act a little like one!! This was some kind
of cruel hoax. That really hadn't been my Mom on the phone! That old
woman had hypnotized me into thinking it was! That was it!

But all the while these thoughts went through my terrified mind, I had
finished spreading the lotion on my legs and had been standing there
for almost five minutes, simply waiting for it to dry! Try as I might
to command my body to go out of the bathroom, I couldn't make myself

I couldn't even cry out! I tried to open my mouth to speak, but I only
suceeded in opening it slightly! Then I was walking into the shower
and turning the water on as I stepped under the warm spray and let it
rinse off my now ... . . oh, God ... hairless, smooth legs!!
Jeezz! I had used a depilitory on my legs!! All the hair was gone!!
Just like on a ... a girls legs!!

My fear grew by the second as I stepped out of the shower and towelled
off. I found myself running my fingers down my legs, like a woman
would, checking their smoothness and feel!! Oh, somebody!! Help
meeee! I can't stop acting this way!!

As my heart pounded, I found myself reaching into the drawer and
finding a . . . a pink razor! Where had that come from?! Then I
took out a can of 'Lady Schick' shaving cream that was in the medicine
cabinet ... next to many other things I'd never seen there before!!
All ... . all girls things!! Oh, Sweet Jesus! Someone help me!!
Stop me!!

I lathered up my underarms and a few minutes later, . . my underarms
were smooth and free of hair! Though I'd never had much hair there
before, it . . it felt so ... so strange!! I had to think!! I had
to stop myself!! If what the old woman had said was true, ... then
... then everything I did was turning me into a ... a girl!! I had
to stop!

I concentrated hard on my own thoughts, my own actions, willing myself
to do only what I wanted to do, ... but all I could do was observe
myself as I reached back into the cabinet and took out a can of FDS
(Feminine Deoderant Spray) and spritzed under each arm, smelling the
feminine fragrance as it wafted into my nostils! The deoderant stung
my underarms for a moment and then the stinging went away. I looked at
my reflection in the mirror and actually smiled at myself, though I
looked the same as always, unless you count my hairless, smooth legs
and my bare underarms!

At least, . . up until now, . . no real physical changes had
occured and I was hopeful that the only thing the old woman had done to
me was hypnotize me into behaving like a girl! I prayed that was it
and that it would wear off soon!

As I looked into the mirror, I saw my hand come up and feel my face.
The light stubble I usually had after three days without shaving was
still there. But after another five minutes, . . and a close shave
with the pink ladies razor, my face was smooth. I stared for a moment
at myself again and then I reached up into the cabinet and took out a
plastic bottle of skin lotion! A moment later I was spreading it all
over myself, . . including my face and neck!! The pungent, feminine
aroma was sickening to me, but my hands acted on their own, spreading
it on and rubbing it in until I was smooth and soft all over!

Then it struck me!! As the lotion had spread over my skin, I ... I
saw it . saw it actually change into the soft, smooth skin of a ... a
girl!! How could it ... how could that have happened!!??!! That was
... was impossible!! But there it was!! My skin was soft and
supple!! It ... it was actually a pale, pinkish flesh tone!! And it
was so ... so soft now!! I choked inside as I thought about what that
meant!! But no! It had to just be the lotion!! It couldn't have
changed into a girls skin so quickly!! It couldn't!!

But as I looked back into the mirror, I could see no trace of hair
follicles or the close shaved hairs of a man's beard on my face!! It
was like I had never started to grow a beard!! Oh, God!! Could it be
true?! Just by putting on a woman's skin lotion,... . could it have
been all that was needed to trigger the spell she had spoken?!? I
remembered her words again and realized that anything I wore that was
meant for a girl, . . it . . it would cause that part of me to
change into a girl!! The girl of Rob's dreams!!

I tried to freeze myself where I stood! If I moved ... if I did
something else! What would happen next?!? But try as I might . . I
went on with my . . my preparations.

I watched as my fingers ran through my hair and lifted it up and pulled
at it. It was as though I was disatisfied with it and wanted to do
something with it. I cringed inside at the thought, but only watched
as I placed a towel over my shoulders and turned on the tap in the
sink. A moment later I was bent over the sink, wetting my hair under
the faucet! I reached out blindly as my hand grasped another bottle on
the counter. A bottle that I was sure hadn't been there a moment ago!!
How could these things just appear here?!? That . . that witch !!

The shampoo lathered in my hair as I bent over the sink and washed it
out. I felt ... I felt my hair in my fingers and ... and somehow ...
somehow it seemed to get longer and fuller in my hands as I washed it!!
It was already down to my shoulders but, ... but could it be getting
longer still?!

I rinsed it out then I reached for another bottle and in a moment my
hair was full of conditioner. It felt so ... so soft and ... and
long! I cried in my mind as I rinsed it out again. Could this just be
an extension of my nightmare? This was so impossible! It had to be!!
But no dream had ever felt so real before! I knew what was happening.
I just didn't want to believe it!

As I stood up straight and looked at myself again, I was shocked by the
new length of my ... my blonde hair?!? Thought it was wet and darker
than it would be when it was dry, ... it was unmistakeably the long .
. long blonde hair of a woman!! I had girls hair!! Noooo!! This is
not happening!!

Oh, God! It was so horrible to look at it as it hung down on my back,
nearly down to the middle of it!! But I didn't have to look at it too
long as I watched my hands take another towel and place it over the
back of my head as I leaned forward, allowing my long wet hair to flip
forward and then twist it in the towel and then flip it back as I
straightened up with my hair wrapped femininely in the towel ... as if
I had done that all my life!

Then I actually smiled again at myself as I left the bathroom and
walked back into my bedroom.

My bedroom?!? Oh, Jeezz! What was this?!?

In spite of the fact that I couldn't control my own actions, ... I
still stopped short, my mouth open as I looked about me.

Where my double sized bed had been, now stood a fourposter queen-sized
girls bed! Complete with frilly, yellow bedspread and lacy pillows!
There was even an antique doll laying against the middle of the

The color of the walls were now a pastel rose with a light oak
panelling to about waist high! Where a few posters of ball players had
been on the walls, there now hung several pastural country scenes in
frames of light brown!

My dresser was gone and in it's place was a large, antique white
victorian dresser, complete with jewelery boxes and flowers in a vase
on top of it!! Next to the bed were matching nightstands with small
lamps with frilly shades of a light rose fabric. Against the wall
nearest the door was a large vanity of white oak with an ornate mirror
over it and a padded stool with a heart shaped back pushed in under
it!! The top of it was covered with ... with all kinds of ... of
womens things!! On the other side of the bed stood a free-standing,
full-length mirror and the closet doors were also made of large
mirrors!! The whole room was thickly carpeted in a creme colored, deep
pile carpeting!!

I only hesitated for a moment, then my body (my body?) walked into the
room and immediately went to the dresser. I tried . . tried sooo
hard to stop! But ... but I just couldn't !! Please!! If only I
could just talk to that old witch!! If only I could just explain to
her!! I didn't mean to cheat her!! I . . I just didn't believe her!!
Oh, please! I believe now !!

I watched helplessly as I reached into the top drawer of the dresser
and pulled out a pair of (choke) white cotton, ladies panties! Oh,
God! The whole drawer was fully of panties and bras and ... and all
sorts of feminine things!! Please ... please don't make me wear them!
But I saw my fingers turn them and hold them open as I stepped lightly
into them and felt their smoothness as they came up my hairless legs
and then over my narrow hips and up onto my waist!

Oh, Christ! I was wearing womens panties! And I couldn't take them
off! Then I noticed another strange thing. As soon as the panties
were in place around my waist, I . . I felt something happen! I ...
I could feel a tingling in my hips and rear, and ... . and in my
crotch!! Oh, God!! What was this!?!

I looked down at my waist and saw the bulge in the front of the panties
where my penis pressed outwards. Then I reached down, holding out the
front of the panties and pressed my penis and testicles back between my
legs, giving my front the illusion of flatness! I was ashamed of my
actions, ... but knew it wasn't my fault. Small comfort! And what
was that tingling down there?!? The panties fit well enough but they
only lent to my increasingly feminine appearance! When would this
nightmare end!!

A second later I was reaching back into the drawer and drew out a . .
a bra! My mind reeled at it's sight! How could she!! How could that
witch make me wear this?!? The small cups of the white bra made me
inwardly flinch as I realized that I might (Oh, God, NO!) soon fill
them! As I struggled inside to throw the feminine garment away, my
hands expertly placed the bra on my flat chest and I slipped my arms
through the straps and reached around to clasp it in the back. Then I
adjusted the front, the cups sagging down slightly in front, unfilled,
as I stepped over to the mirror above the vanity and viewed my image.
As I looked, astonished at the sight in the mirror, I could feel the
strange tingling that was around my bottom grow around my chest! I
tried to look away from the strange sight in the mirror, but all I
could do was observe my actions!

The sight of the feminine panties, with the light lace around the edges
and the top and the womens' bra with the lacy cups made me so ashamed
of myself and soooo embarassed! But ... I just couldn't remove them!!

Then I went over to the closet and opened it. God!!! I was so
embarassed at the sight of what I saw!

Hanging neatly in the large closet were rows and rows of dresses and
skirts and blouses and womens' slacks and sweaters and coats and ...
and so many other things that I didn't even recognize!! And the floor
was covered with neatly lined rows of womens' shoes! High heels,
loafers, mules, pumps and . . and even a pair of pink sneakers!!

The shelf over the dresses had several ladies hats and maybe ten
different purses!! There were even a couple of formal gowns, encased
in clear plastic, hanging off to one side!! Were these all ...
mine?!? Was I ... I expected to wear all of these?!? Ohhhhh! Please
let me wake up and get away from this madness!!

I reached in and pulled out a pair of pink, ladies slacks! Then I took
down a long sleeved, white blouse! I inwardly cried as I put them on
the bed and walked back to the dresser. Maybe I wouldn't put them on
after all! I was trying so hard to control myself!! Maybe it was
finally working!

But no such luck. Instead of stopping this insane dressing, I reached
into another drawer of the dresser and pulled out a pair of sheer
pantyhose!! As I sat on the edge of the bed and pulled them up each of
my smooth hairless legs, I felt the now familiar tingling grow about my
legs and thighs. I stood up, adjusting the pantyhose about my waist
and then walked back around the bed, feeling the strange sensations of
my nylon-clad thighs brushing against each other as I picked up the
pink, ladies slacks from the bed.

My mind cried as I gingerly stepped into the slacks, feeling the soft,
silky fabric as it passed up and over my hips to rest high on my waist.
I saw that they zipped up the side and fastened at the top where a
wide, rose colored belt hung loosely. I also noticed that they seemed
about three inches too short for me. Then I reached down and picked up
the satiny, white blouse, gently putting my arms through the soft,
silky sleeves and then buttoning it up the front where a ruffled lace
ran up the button seam. It seemed a little tight, except around my
chest, where the loose cups of the bra pressed outwards slightly.
There was more room there than I could fill, though I feared that it
wouldn't be loose for long!!

The ruffled, lacy cuffs seemed a few inches too short and the high,
ruffled collar was tight when I buttoned it up onto my neck. But I
immediately felt the tingling grow all over me now as I tucked the
bottom of the blouse into my slacks and then zipped them up and
fastened the belt high on my waist.

The slacks seemed tight at my waist and a little loose around my narrow
hips and I wondered if the tingling feeling I had all over me was some
spell triggered response to putting on the feminine clothes.

By now, I was practically mad with fear as I felt the tingling grow in
intensity and saw how my uncontrollable actions seemed intent on
dressing myself as a girl! If only I could control myself! Please
make this stop!!

I walked back over to the closet and bent down, at the knees like a
girl, and picked up a pair of low heeled pumps! They were shiny white
and they looked too small for my feet. I was a little relieved to see
that the heels were only an inch high! I couldn't even imagine trying
to walk in high-heels!

When I sat down on the bed and reached down to place them on my feet,
my assumption had been right. They were too small. It took some
tugging to get them on my feet, but when they were finally on, I didn't
feel the tightness of them as much as I felt the tingling there grow!
What was that anyway?!

I stood up, expecting to fall over even in the small heels, but found
my self walking gracefully over to the vanity, taking small steps and
even feeling my hips sway somewhat! Oh, Christ!! I was even walking
like a girl now!! And I couldn't stop it!!

I sat down, tingling all over, and looked at my reflection. With the
towel wrapped femininely around my head and hair . . and with the
frilly blouse on, slightly bulging in the front where the bra pressed
out with it's empty cups, and with the soft, smooth skin I now
possesed, I couldn't help but be struck by the feminine appearance I
now had!! Though it was my image there, it was too girlish to be me!
I would never have dressed like this!! How could she do this to me?!?

I took the towel off my head and immediately began brushing out my
long, blonde hair with a silver hairbrush I took out of one of the
drawers of the vanity. My hair, only damp now, seemed to be shinier
and finer, but much fuller than my own hair had been. I cried inside
at the sight of my hand wielding the feminine brush expertly as I
brushed it out first one way and then the other. Then I got up and
walked back into the bathroom.

Again I was shocked at the sight that greeted me! My otherwise drab
looking bathroom had been changed into a vision of feminine style! The
simple cabinet over the sink was now a white antique cabinet of ornate
style! The counter was white marble, long and sitting atop beautiful
cabinet work below. The sunken sink had an ornate facuet and the
lighted mirror went the length of the countertop. The floor was
covered in thick, rose carpet and the shower was now a bath/shower with
long rose colored bath curtains. Large, fluffy, lavender towels were
hung about and there was a linen closet against one wall! The top of
the counter was neatly arrayed with many feminine items found only in a
womens' bathroom!! How could this all have happened?!? This had to be
a nightmare!

Without pausing, I went straight to the counter and picked up a blow
dryer that was lying there. With the brush in my right hand and the
blow dryer in my left, I went to work on my now long, feminine hair!
Several minutes later, I looked back into the mirror, shocked by the
long, luxurious, honey blonde hair that hung over my shoulders and down
my back! Oh, God!! It looked so ... so pretty!

It was straight and uncurled, but it was unmistakably the long blonde
hair only a woman would have!! It hung loosely about my shoulders and
I helplessly watched as my hands reached up and gathered the mass of
hair into a long ponytail at the top of the back of my head and then
tied it there using a pink elastic band I took from a small case
(filled with hair clips and such) on the counter. A moment later I
walked out of the bathroom with the long ponytail bobbing against the
top of my back!! As I sat down again at the vanity, I could feel the
tingling on my scalp growing!! What was next?!

I prayed that my parents would come home and find me, saving me from
the wicked spell that witch had placed on me! Then I realized that
they would only find what they expected to find ... their ... their
daughter!! That old woman had been very thorough in her spell! How
could I get out of this?!? Maybe if I could just talk to her. Yeah,
... maybe I could go see her later! Maybe, ... but first I'd have to
gain back control of myself! How could I do that?! Maybe after I was
through dressing, maybe then I could do something! Maybe ... .

But though I thought I was done, I found that I wasn't! Instead of
finishing with my hair, ... it seemed that I now had a few other
things to do!

I fought harder than I had before as I saw my fingers reach down onto
the vanity and pick up a tube of . . of mascarra! Please! Not
this!! No make-up!! Please!!!

A moment later I was applying the black color to my eyelashes! They
weren't very long but ... but they seemed to grow out as I passed the
small curved brush over them!! When I was through, both the top and
bottom lashes seemed much longer than they had before! Apparently the
spell was working immediately on some parts of me!! Did this mean ...
that the rest of me would soon follow!?

A light blue eyeshadow was then applied to my upper lids and I winced
for several minutes as I plucked soooo many hairs out of my eyebrows!
God, it hurt! But I couldn't stop and soon I had a pair of much too
feminine looking, thinly arched eyebrows!! I tried not to do it, but
... but it was hopeless!

As I looked back at the feminine image that stared out from the mirror
at me, I wondered if I'd recognize myself much longer! I felt as if I
was disappearing and some woman was replacing me!

I could only watch as I applied a light, rosy blusher to my smooth
cheeks with a soft brush and then cringed again as I saw my hands reach
for and pick up a tube of lipstick!

Not this, too! But the cap came off the tube and my fingers deftly
twisted out the pale pink lipstick! A moment later I was pursing my
lips in a very feminine manner as I spread the pink color to them as
though I had done it a million times before! Though my lips weren't
very full, the result was very striking! The face that looked back at
me now was the face of a ... a young woman!! She wasn't exceptionally
pretty, and I could still see myself in there, but it was decidedly the
face of a young woman! I wanted to scream!! I wanted to tear the
image apart!! I was a man!! Not this ... this girl !!

As I put the lipstick down, I felt the tingling grow to cover my face,
too! Ohhhhh ... . please! Make it stop!! I know what it means!! I

I reached into another drawer of the vanity as I stood up and came up
with a manicure kit and some pink nail polish!! I looked at my short,
squared off nails and realized that at least they looked masculine.
But, for how long?

Taking the manicure kit and nail polish with me, I went over to the
jewelery box on the dresser and opened it up. I took out a pair of
simple, pearl-button, clip-on earrings and cringed inwardly as I
attached them to my earlobes. Then, as I passed by the mirror at the
vanity as I made my way out of the room, I saw my reflection again. I
saw the subtle sway of my hips and the short, ladylike steps I took and
the bounce of my ponytail and the glow of the oval shaped, pearl
earrings and the soft shine on my pink lips and . . and my mind
cried! How could this be happening to me?! Why me?!

As I left the room and entered the upstairs hallway, my body was
tingling all over and I knew that the spell the old woman had put on me
was doing it's work! I knew that my body was now conforming to match
the feminine clothes I was wearing! And I knew that the end result
would be the image of the dream girl the old woman had seen in Rob's

As I walked along the wooden floor of the hallway, hearing the
distinctive clicking of ladies shoes ... ladies shoes that I was
wearing, I couldn't help but wonder what kind of girl that old woman
had seen in Rob's mind?! I knew that at the very least, she had long
blonde hair . . the long blonde hair that I now had!

As I descended the stairs down to the living room, I frantically
searched in my mind for a way out of this! I couldn't stand the
thought of becoming a . ... a woman! It was soooo frustrating to not
have any real conscious control over my own actions!! I could see what
I was doing ... feel what I was doing ... and evenexperience what I
was doing, ... but I couldn't stop myself from doing it!! How could
this be?!?

As I entered the living room, I saw the sun streaming in from the
picture window in the front room, the drapes spread back fully to let
in the light. I hoped that no one would walk by and see me dressed the
way I was! Then I was again reminded of the fact that now, ...
everyone whom I had known now thought of me as a young woman. I hoped
that this wasn't true! Surely someone would know and help me?! I
sobbed inside.

Setting the manicure kit and the nail polish down on the coffee
table, I went into the kitchen and took a can of soda out of the
fridge. Then I poured it into a glass and went back into the living
room and sat down on the sofa. I glanced at the clock over the mantle
and saw that it was already eleven o'clock. I had been at this for
over two hours now!! Where had the time gone?

Sitting very ladylike on the sofa, my legs crossed at the thighs, I
brought the glass up to my lips and took a sip. At least the drink
felt refreshing. I was quite thirsty by then. But as I set the glass
back on the table, I noticed the pink lipmark on the rim and I cringed
inside at the sight, though my outward appearance remained calm and
indifferent! Still the tingling continued all over me!

I picked up the manicure kit and extracted a nail file. Then ... one
of the most bizarre things I had ever seen took place in front my eyes!
As I began to file the ends of my short nails into the rounded shape of
a womans', . my nails began to actually grow in length!! Right in
front of me!! First a tingling feeling began in my hand . . and then
spread up my fingers and right into the tips! And as each nail began
to grow . . my . . my hands began to grow smaller and . . smaller
and ... smoother and ... and more feminine!! It was impossible!!
But I watched as I filed, unable to stop, as both my hands became the
small, soft, slender hands of a girl and my nails grew and grew until
they were at least a half-inch past each fingertip . . past the end
of each . . long . . slender fingertip!! My heart raced as I
realized what was happening!! It was all too true!! I was watching
myself transform into a girl before my very own eyes!! By the time I
had finished filing all my long nails, . . I had girls' hands and
girls' fingernails!! I wanted to die!!

As I put away the file and reached for the nailpolish, I noticed that
the sleeves of (gulp!) my blouse were no longer too short! The cuff
ended in the middle of my now slender, girlish wrist!! And I realized
that the blouse no longer felt too tight around my waist and
shoulders!! And I could also feel that it was actually a little loose
around my neck!! It had been tight there before!! Had I shrunk?!? I
knew that I had but I was thankful that I didn't have to look! I could
feel that the ladies slacks seemed to fit a little better now, and I
could see that the hem of the pants leg was lower on my ankle than it
had been, even as I sat! But I wasn't sure how much ... and I didn't
want to know!

I found myself opening the nailpolish and liberally applying the shiny
pink lacquer to my long, shapely, feminine nails! It was mortifying to
watch as my long nails became coated with the glossy pink polish and my
hands and fingers took on the classically sophisticated, sexy look of a
well groomed woman!! The worst part was watching myself hold my hands
limp-wristed and blowing femininely on the nails to make them dry!! My
mannerisms were now almost completely those of a girl!!

When my long nails had dried, I capped the nail polish and took another
sip from the glass, noting that I now held my hands very gracefully and
femininely as I handled things with my long nails! Just like a woman!!
It was all automatic! I didn't even have to think about it! It just
kept happening!

As I found myself standing up to take the glass back into the kitchen,
I felt something strange about myself! I could feel . . feel a
slight weight dragging at my front! What ... ? Then I felt . .
them! I could actually feel them on me!! Oh, God!!! Please!!
Noooooo! I could feel them pulling at my front!! I . . I was growing
... growing breasts!! I had breasts !! I was growing womens
breasts!! Oh, Nooooooo!! Oh, God ... nooo!

I could feel them swaying slightly, even though they were encased
inside the bra. As I walked to the kitchen and I knew that if I had
taken off my blouse and bra I would see them on my ... my chest! I
didn't know how big they were, ... but ... but I could actually feel
them pressing against the cups of the bra!! I wanted to die!! If I
felt any hope at all by then, it was that the bra had fairly small
cups. Maybe they wouldn't be very noticable. I prayed that were true!

I felt them bounce slightly as I walked, my hips swaying ... my hips
?! I looked down at them as I stood over the sink. My hips?! They
... they were so ... how did they get so ... so curvy ?! I felt my
heart pound again as I noticed for the first time that my narrow hips
had been widening until . . until now they spread out in girlish
curves from my ... my much narrower waist!! Oh, Christ!! My whole
shape was changing into the shape of a curvaceous woman!! My small
waist seemed to be much higher on my body now!! I ... I felt like I
was going insane!!

I watched as my feminine hands undid the wide, rose colored belt around
my small waist and tightened it up two complete notches!! And it still
wasn't too tight! My waist looked so ... so small !!

It was then that I noticed that the bottom of my pink slacks went all
the way to the bottoms of my now slender ankles!! I had lost at least
three inches in height!! I couldn't have been over 5' 6" now!! Oh,
Shit!! What would happen next?!?

Looking down at my feet, I could see that the pumps I was wearing fit
me now much better than they had! And as my gaze came up slightly, I
couldn't miss the ... the slightly tented front of my blouse! Oh,
God! Would it get bigger?!?

I walked back out of the kitchen, unable to stop myself as I headed for
the stairs again. What now?!

Just then, as I was about to ascend the stairs, I heard the phone
ringing. My heart leap a little! Maybe it was my parents! Maybe they
could help me! Somehow I felt that if they knew what was happening to
me, they could do something about it! To stop it!

But though I was happy to see myself turn around to answer the phone, I
wasn't prepared for what happened next!

I watched my slender hand with my long, polished nails grasp the
receiver of the phone and bring it up to my ear, hopeful that I would
now be able to speak freely to someone who could help me. But as I
answered the call, all my hopes became dashed by what I heard!

"Hello?" Though it came from my mouth, it wasn't my voice I heard!

Shock gripped me inside as I heard the soft, high-pitched voice of a
girl speak that one word into the phone! Oh, noooooooo!!!! I had a
girls voice now!! I couldn't even make anyone recognize me by my voice
any longer!! I felt so ashamed as I heard the soft soprano voice!!
This was so unfair!! I did not want to be a girl!!

"Hello? Is this the Williams residence?", came a woman's voice from
the other end of the line.

Inwardly cringing at the voice I knew would come from me as I
involuntarily answered her, I heard my new voice reply to her question.

"Yes it is. May I ask who's calling?" The sweet, lilting voice not
only sounded like a young woman, I was using the tones and voice
inflections a woman would, too. My embarassment was matched only by my
total frustration!

"This is Cathy from 'La Petite Hair Salon'. Is this Tina Ann

Tina Ann Williams? Now I knew that I had answered a misdialed number.
The woman had obviously dialed the wrong Williams'.

"Yes," I replied sweetly, to my astonishment! "This is Tina speaking."

Tina?!? Tina Ann?!?! Tina Ann Williams?!?!?!? Was that now ... me
?!?! Noooo!!! Please!!! Nooooooo!!! Don't call yourself that !!
You're Tim!! Timothy Williams!!! You're a yong man!!! Not a girl
named Tina!!

"Tina, I was just calling to confirm your appointment at one o'clock.",
the woman said.

Appointment? What was going on here?!?

Instead of asking her what I was thinking, I (my female voice) replied
to her statement with girlish abandon.

"Oh, yes. I'll be there at one. Thank you for calling."

"Thank you, Tina. We'll see you then. Goodbye."


As I hung up the phone, I realized how deep this whole thing went! I
was completely caught up in a new life! One made just for me!! As a
girl !!!

I bounced up the stairs, feeling my new breasts bounce with the effort
and knew that I was helpless to stop myself!

As I walked girlishly down the hallway to my room, my new girls room, I
actually began to notice the difference of being several inches shorter
than I had been. Things were higher up around me and the doors seemed
taller and bigger. I was surprised at the difference a few inches
could make! The clicking of my short heels on the wooden floor rang in
my ears, reminding my of my plight and I cried inside for myself.

As I entered my room, I turned and went into the bathroom. I stepped
over to the toilet and watched my fingers undo the wide belt around my
small waist, amazed by the dexterity I had with the long nails. As I
slipped the slacks down to my knees, I was shocked at the sight of my
small waist and widened hips! How could I have changed so much?! I
had the waist, hips, and thighs of a young, shapely woman now!! It was
even more evident while looking at them through only my pantyhose and
panties!! I slipped the pantyhose down to my knees and then pulled the
panties down, too. My legs were long, smooth, hairless, and ... and
very feminine!!

Instead of reaching for my penis and standing up to pee, I found myself
lowering the toilet seat and then turning around to sit, ... just like
a woman!

As I sat down, I felt my penis spring free from between my thighs,
where I had tucked it earlier. I looked down and ... OH NOOO!! What
had happened to it?!?!?! It ... it was ... . so ... so ... .
tiny !!! And what had happened to my ... my ... . testicles?!?!
They were ... gone !!!

Oh, Lord!! Please help me!! Make them come back!! Don't let them be
gone!! Please!!!

But all that was down there now was a small, shrivelled penis. The
tiny penis of a small boy! And only a shrunken, shrillved pink sac
where my testicles had been!! Where were they?! Was I ... was I
really turning into a real woman?!?

As I sat and relieved myself, the thought came to me ... the hope came
to me, that I wouldn't change anymore than I had. Maybe this was just
to teach me a lesson and after a while, when I had been humiliated
enough, everything would go back to normal. But it was a feeble hope.
The tingling was still there and I knew what it meant!!

A moment later I stood up and pulled up my panties, pantyhose, and
slacks. Then, without fastening the belt to my slacks, I walked over
to the sink. As I turned on the water, presumably to wash my hands, I
found myself looking up into the mirror. The reflection that stared
back at me made me want to leap back in fear and shock!!

The young woman that looked out of the mirror at me, a slight, sensuous
smile playing on her full, pink lips scared me as if someone had snuck
up behind me and grabbed me!!

My face!! My ... my face!!! What had happened to me?!? I ... . I
had the face ... . the face of ... . of a young woman !!! A pretty
. . no ... a beautiful young woman!! I ... . I could still see
some of me there, but ... . but (Oh, God!) I ... I looked just like
a ... a beautiful young woman, now!! My features had changed so much
that I was momentarily startled by the person I saw looking back at
me!! She ... NO ! . . it was me !! I had changed so much that I
could only see the vague resemblance to myself a man might see in his
... his sister !!

As I inwardly cried to myself, I noted the much softer features I now
had, as well as the angled, feminine lines on my new face. My jawline
was angled up slightly and straight. My chin was narrow and slightly
pointed. My cheekbones ... Oh, Christ! ... they were soooo high
now!! And my lips!! Jesus!! They were the soft, full lips like those
I'd seen on so many models in magazines! They were so soft and
inviting!! Oh, please!! Please don't make me look like this!! And my
eyes!! Oh, God ... . they were so big now, and ... and doe-like and
... and wide ... and . . oh, Sweet Jesus! . . the lashes were so
long and fluttery!! And ... and now they were so ... ... . . blue
!! My eyes had always been brown before!! And now. . . now they
were so blue !! I couldn't look anymore, but my body wouldn't move as
I was forced to look at my new, slim, pert nose!! It was so much
smaller than my old one!! An my now slender and longer, smooth neck!!
Devoid of any sigh of the prominent Adam's Apple I'd had!! I ... I
couldn't get over how beautiful she ... . I was, now!! I wanted to
have her ... not be her!! Oh, Pulleeeease!!! Somebody help me!!

The make-up I'd put on earlier only acentuated the femininity of my new
looks and it only drove home the fact even more of what I was becoming!
If only there was a way out of this!

But a second later I had reached up and removed the small elastic band
from my ponytail and was brushing my long, blonde hair back. Then I
watched as I gathered it up again into another ponytail and reached
into another drawer to pull out a medium length, light blue, silk
scarf!! I watched in total humiliation as I tied the scarf around the
base of the ponytail on the top of the back and then put a bow into
it!! It looked ... looked so ... so girlish and ... and pretty!!
Please!! Make me stop!!

A minute later, my desperation at it's highest yet, I walked back into
my bedroom and went over to the closet. What now?!

I stood by the bed and took off my low heels. Then I watched myself
remove my slacks and then hang them back in the closet. As I turned my
head once, I noticed that the alarm clock by the bed showed it was a
little after noon. How was the time going by so fast?!?

The woman at the hair salon had said that my (choke!) hair appointment
had been for one o'clock. I deduced that I must be getting ready to go
there now. The thought of going out in public like this was making me
insane!! I had to find a way to stay inside the house!! But how could

As I hung up the ladies slacks, I saw my hand move off to one side of
the clothes rack and reach in to pull out a ... a skirt !! Oh, God!!
Now I was going to have to wear a ... a skirt !!

I looked at the powder blue skirt as I felt the soft, slightly fuzzy,
woolen material in my feminine fingers. It wasn't a very full skirt
and I was sure it would be too tight on me. I noticed that it had a
matching blue, leather belt around the narrow waist, with a silver,
oval buckle and I dreaded the thought of wearing it! Oh, please!!
Don't make me wear this!!

But, a second later I was stepping into it and then pulling it up over
my curvy hips and up onto my high, small waist, tucking in the bottom
of my blouse, zipping it up the side and then fastening the belt around
at the front!

I turned to look into the full-length mirror by the bed and was stunned
at what I saw! The tight skirt hugged my waist and hips and the hem
fell a good three inches above my nylon-clad knees!! A short slit in
the back gave my legs and thighs a little freedom to walk in it, but
not much! God, I felt so strange!!

Then I was looking back in the closet and a moment later bent down (at
the knees only!) and picked out a pair of matching, light blue, high
heel pumps! Only this time, the narrow heels were two inches high! I
sat down on the edge of the bed and slipped them easily onto my now
small and petite feet!

Standing up, feeling taller and somewhat perched on the higher heels, I
took short, mincing steps over to the dresser, noting that my hips
swayed more provacatively now in the tight skirt and heels, causing my
inward humiliation to increase! I was chagrined by the way I held my
shoulders and back straight now, causing the tented front of my blouse
to jut out even more!

As I stopped in front of the large jewelry box and opened it up, I felt
even more embarassed as I watched my hands come out with a long, single
strand of pearls. In spite of my efforts to stop myself, I placed the
long strand around my neck, outside of my high, frilly collar, and then
clasped it in the back and let the long strand rest over the top of my
blouse so that it hung over my (choke) new cleavage where it swung
playfully halfway down the ruffled front of the silky blouse! Then my
hand went back into the box and came out with a slender, silver ladies
watch and attached it to my thin, right wrist.

Then I stepped in front of the vanity and looked into the mirror. I
... I wasn't sure, but ... but, ... Oh, God! ... yes!! It was
true! My front ... my ... my bosom was noticeably larger!! Oh,
Jesus!! I was growing there some more!!

I wasn't real big there yet, but I knew that I was growing bigger
breasts and I correctly guessed that my bra was growing with them to
compensate!! Oh, God! How much bigger would they get?!? This was

I saw my hand reaching down and watched as I picked up the tube of pink
lipstick, uncapped the top, twisted it out and then reapplied a fresh
coat of it to my full, pretty lips! I couldn't stop myself from the
ensuing primping and hair patting in the mirror that followed. I even
pulled out a small bottle of perfume (it was labled 'White Linen') and
delicately dabbed it behind each ear and on my wrists!! Then I turned
back around and reviewed my image in the full-length mirror on the
closet door. I was so ashamed of myself!! There was no doubt of the
image that I presented! I was just a pretty young ... . young woman

I could taste the lipstick on my new, full mouth ... feel the bra
around my new, growing breasts ... feel the tightness of the skirt and
the way the air came up under it onto my pantyhosed legs and thighs ...
feel the strange posture of my high heeled feet ... see and feel the
shapely, long, painted nails on my slender, womanly hands . . and I
could actually feel the weaker, slender, yet curvaceous shape of my
body!! And I could smell the pungent, sweet scent of the feminine
aroma of the perfume I wore!! I was immersed in my new femininity and
I couldn't escape!!

Lastly, and as a final blow to my ego, I walked over to the closet,
opened it and reached up onto the top shelf, taking down a shiny,
white, leather purse with a small strap on the top. A single, silver
clasp held it closed and I held it daintily as I opened it and took it
over to the vanity. A moment later I had placed in it some make-up,
lipstick, perfume, and a hairbrush. While it was open, I could see a
red leather, ladies wallet in it. I wondered if it now carried
anything to identify myself, since I no longer could see my old jeans
with my old wallet in them anywhere. But I was sure that the ladies
wallet would have only ID that said I was now Tina Ann Williams! A

Closing the purse and placing the short strap in the crook of my
slender arm, I walked out into the hallway and down the stairs,
listening to the clicking of my high heels as I walked ladylike, hips
gently swaying, down to the hallway, as if I'd walked like a young lady
all of my life!

I glanced at my ladies watch and saw that it was twelve-thirty and then
I reached into the drawer next to the phone and took out the keys to my
mother's BMW. Oh, God!! I was really going to go out in public like
this!! Oh, please!! Please!! I've had enough!! Please don't make me
do this!!

But, I just checked to see that the front door was locked and then I
walked through the kitchen, out the door to the garage, and pushed the
button next to the door that automatically opened the garage door! A
moment later, I was sitting down into the front seat of the red BMW,
swinging my legs in like a girl would and then adjusting the seat and
rearview mirror! I caught my image in the mirror and saw that I wore a
perpetual, slight, playful smile on my painted lips now! I knew I
wouldn't be able to tell anyone about what had happened to me!! Oh,
God!! I was going out ... dressed ... dressed and ... and acting
like a woman!!

I closed the car door, started the engine and then backed out into the
sunshine on the driveway. I pressed the garage door remote on the sun
visor and watched as the garage door shut in front of me. My long,
slender fingers with their long, pink laquered nails rested gracefully
on the steering wheel as I backed into the street and then started up
the road, away from the city and deeper into the suburbs.

Though I appeared composed and calm on the outside, my mind was racing
and I was so frightened by what I was and what I was doing!! Here I
am, dressed up in a blouse, skirt, and heels ... wearing a ponytail,
perfume, and make-up . . driving my mother's car down the road to .
. to visit a beauty salon to get my hair done ... . as a woman!!

I guessed where my destination was when I pulled onto a wide, four lane
boulevard that I knew led to a large shopping mall a few miles away.
At the next red light, I pulled up next to a car with two men sitting
in the front seat. I wanted so bad to hide, sink down in my seat,
avert any chance of anyone seeing me!! But instead, I looked over at
them and noticed that they appeared to be about thirty, dressed in
business suits. When the driver looked over at me, I felt my lips
spread into a smile and then I looked back at the light. God!!! He
had smiled back at me!! He didn't know!! He thought ... he thought I
was a girl!! And ... and I had flirted with him!! Oh, God!! Please
send me home!!

When the light changed I continued towards the mall. A few cars passed
me and one car, with a young man at the wheel, even pulled up next to
me as I drove and I could see him checking me out! Again ... I looked
once at him and smiled before speeding up a bit to pull out ahead of
him. I was so humiliated inside. But my feminine body was intent on
the flirtacious actions! There wasn't anything I could do!

When the huge mall came into view, my mind really started getting
nervous! I knew that I was going to walk in there, dressed as ... as
Tina ... . acting like Tina ... . looking like Tina ... sounding
like Tina ... and be next to and talk to other people!! I was sooooo

I pulled into the huge parking lot and began driving around until I
found a parking spot about a hundred yards from the main entrance.
There were two young women putting packages in the trunk of their car
as I pulled into the parking slot next to them. As I turned off the
key, placed them in my purse and then opened the door, I prayed that I
would drop dead right there and not have to go any further!! But I
just opened the door, swung my long legs out and felt my heels rest
together on the pavement! As I stood up, one of the women, a brunette
of about eighteen, looked over at me and smiled. I smiled back and
then shut the door and turned, stepping lightly and walking with my
hips swivelling, passed the two girls and towards the mall! God!!
Here I was!! At the mall and ... and so far ... accepted totally as
the woman I appeared to be!!

It was only when I realized that I couldn't turn back, that I became
thankful for the fact that I had no control over my actions. At least
I was acting like a normal girl would! I didn't want to draw attention
to myself under any circumstances! Still, knowing what I was... .
and what I was becoming . . there was little consolation in this.

I passed several other people on my way to the entrance, even a couple
of men, and except for the fact that the men invariably gave me the
once over and a smile, I didn't seem to draw any undue attention to

I listened to the clicking of my heels on the cement as I made my way
off the pavement and up to the large array of glass doors that marked
the entrance to the mall.

As I approached the glass doors, I could see my image in them as I
walked. It was distressing to see my hips sway and watch my feet take
their small, ladylike steps in the high-heels as I came closer! The
whole image was undeniably sexy and womanly!

A man coming out of the mall stopped and held the door open for me as I
approached. I looked at him as I passed, my purse dangling from the
crook of my arm, my wrist held limply and upwards, my nails shining in
the daylight, and I smiled and cooed a soft, "Thank You." The sound of
my sweet, girlish voice made my mind cringe!

He held the door until I was through it and replied, "My pleasure,

I was abashed!

I walked down the center of the large mall and became just one of the
many women that filled the place. I was constantly bombarded by my
image as I passed shop after shop window and looked into them, my
feminine image reflected back at me in the glass. And always the men
smiled and looked me over. I began to notice that they played out this
same scene with any attractive woman that they passed and I gained
small comfort knowing that I really wasn't being treated any
differently. Still, I knew that I was being thought of in a totally
foreign and unwanted way!

After a few minutes, I approached a small shop with a pink neon sign
over the doorway. It read, "La Petite Salon". This was it. Oh, God!!
Don't go in!! Walk back to the car!! Now!!

As I stepped inside the beauty salon, I walked immediately up to the
reception desk where a cute young blonde was standing. She looked at
me and smiled with red, shiny lips as I approached, a smile also on my
own, pink lips.

"May I help you?"

I felt my mouth open, my lips parting in a smile, as I struggled to
turn myself around and leave!

"Yes." I said softly, my feminine voice high, girlish, and clear, "I'm
Tina. . . Tina Ann Williams. I have an appointment at one to get a

The girl smiled at me and then looked down at her appointment book,
running her pencil down the list of names. She didn't seem to think
there was anything out of the ordinary ... I knew I was trapped in my
new female role!!

"Oh, yes." , she said looking up and giving me a warm smile, "If you'll
just take a seat over there, Tina, we'll be with you in just a little
bit." She pointed towards the waiting area where a few other women were

I smiled and said, "Thank you." Then I turned around and walked over to
an empty chair.

Smoothing my skirt underneath me as I sat, I crossed my legs and then
adjusted my skirt at the hem, pulling it down slightly towards my
exposed knees. I held my purse in my lap and smiled at an older woman
seated next to me. Then I reached over next to my chair and picked up
what looked like a photo album. A moment later I was looking through
the book at the many different pictures of beautiful young women with
different hairstyles. I realized that this was like a selection of
hairdos that I could chose from before having my own hair done. I
wanted to put it down and leave, but instead, I thumbed through the
various pages until I came to one that showed a pretty young blonde,
with hair about the same length mine now was. She was fully made-up
and very beautiful. Her long, honey blonde hair shone luxuriantly as
she smiled from the photo.

Her hair was swept back on the sides, exposing her petite ears and then
cascaded down over the front and back of her shoulders with long, wavy
curls. The hair on top of her head was brushed to one side and back
and straighter than the hair that hung down behind her head. Her bangs
swept across her forehead, and swept upwards slightly, too, giving her
a sophisticated, but sultry look. A wide, gold hairclip held her hair
back up on the left side of her head, adding a touch of elegance to the
very beautiful hairstyle.

I found myself closing the book, with one slender finger stuck in
between that page and the next. It occured to me that I was going to
chose this style when it was my turn!! Oh, God!! I didn't want to
look like that!! I wanted to leave ... now!!

"Tina? We can take you now." I realized the young woman was talking to
me as I felt myself standing up and walking towards the salon area. I
smiled at her, clutching the book as I walked up into the large back
area where all of the beauticians stations were. The young woman was
walking in front of me as we approached a work station where a pretty
redhead stood, and I knew that same, playful smile was on my pink lips!

"Tina, . . this is Cathy, she'll be taking care of you today." The
young woman introduced us.

"Hi, Tina." Cathy said in a friendly, chirpy voice.

"Nice to meet you, Cathy." I replied in an equally girlish tone. I
felt so ashamed!

"Well, what can I do for you today? Did you have something specific in

I opened the book, placing one of my painted nails over the photo of
the blonde girl.

"I'd like to get a perm and a wave. Could you do my hair like her's?"
I asked sweetly. Then I actually felt myself blush as I added, "I have
a very special date tonight and I want to look as nice as possible."

What had I just said?!?! I ... I had a ... a date tonight!?!?! Then
I remembered the words the old witch had spoken to me, about how he
would come for me tonight!! Oh, God!! Rob was going to take me out on
a date tonight!! And ... and I was to be ... to be the girl !!

Cathy looked at the picture and then looked closely at my hair, wrapped
at the base of my ponytail with the light blue scarf, tied in a pretty
bow. She smiled and said, "I don't see why not, honey. You have such
pretty, long blonde hair I'm sure we do what you want. Now why don't
you let me take the album and you have a seat right here." She pointed
to the soft cushioned operators chair at her station.

I handed her the book and then sat down in the chair, in spite of my
inward attempts to flee!

A moment later she was back next to me and saying, "Why don't you let
me put your purse over here and then we'll get started."

I handed her my purse and she placed it on a stool nearby. Then she
came back and asked me to follow her to the rear of the salon. I
stood, walking gracefully behind her as we went back.

A few minutes later, I was wearing a plastic smock, my earrings were in
my hand, my scarf was in the other, and I was lying back with my head
over a large, stainless steel sink while Cathy shampooed and rinsed my
long hair.

Then, after she had placed a towel over it, we were walking back to her
station. She took my earrings and my scarf and placed them next to my
purse and then came back and went to work on me. I felt as though I
were in a dream! A hopeless nightmare in which I had no way of
stopping these terrible things from happening to me!! How frustrating
to be sitting there, allowing someone to make me into more of a woman
as my mind screamed inside to resist, to no avail!

I wanted out of there so bad, but I could only sit, eyes closed as she
snipped a little hair here and there, especially in the front and
sides, and then started to brush it out. Then, another small plastic
cape was put over the other one and I could feel her hands as they
applied some lotion to my hair, then she combed it out. Next, out came
a tray filled with all kinds of sponges and rollers and . . and other
things I didn't recognize. She was soon involved in placing the many
rollers, some small, some big, in my hair and then wrapping them with
the small, pink, flat sponges. Every time she did, she spread some
more lotion onto the wrapped strands of blond hair. It was almost an
hour later that she finally finished. She stood in front of me and
smiled, motioning for me to stand up.

"If you'll come with me, Tina, we'll put you under the dryer for a
little bit and then comb you out in about a half hour." She smiled
turned towards another part of the salon.

I stood up, catching my image in the mirror as I went to follow her.
The sight of my head all covered with rollers and sponges and ...
whatever, was appalling to me! I showed no sign of any masculinity
anymore ... . . anywhere! I was crying in my mind!! Oh, Please!!
Somebody help me!!

A few minutes later I was sitting under a hairdryer unit, a women's
fashion magazine in my hands, thumbing through the pages, acting as
though I was truly interested in the contents of the lastest copy of
Vanity Fair! Several other women, of various ages sat under dryers
near me. We would exchange smiles, but thankfully, didn't speak to one

I felt like a prisoner for the twenty or thirty minutes I sat there,
unable to move, knowing my hair was setting into the permed wave of a
very feminine style. At last, Cathy came back to me and helped me out
of the dryer and led me back to her station.

As I sat there, she removed the smocks, rollers, and sponges, then
turned me to face away from the mirror as she began to brush and comb
out my long hair. I could feel the hair brush down over my shoulders
and down my back and I could also feel how it now seemed to be all over
my head, lying thicker here and lighter there. I felt her brush it
back behind my ears and at one point, she held out a tray of clips and
ribbons in front of me, asking me which one I'd like to have her put in
on the right side to hold my swept hair up.

I wanted to knock the tray out of her hand, but found myself pointing
to a three inch long, pearl studded, one inch wide, golden hairclip.
She smiled and took it from the tray as she went back to work.

Finally, after what seemed an eternity, she stood in front of me,
smiling brightly down at me and then turning me slowly back to face the

As she turned me around, she girlishly cooed, "Oh, Tina! Your hair is
just soooo pretty! It's so nice to get a chance to work with such
lovely hair! I just know you're going to love it!" I cringed inside as
she spoke!

As my image came into view, I found that my mouth opened slightly with
the shock of what I saw!! Oh, Nooooooo! I ... . I was ... I was
gorgeous!!! My hair!!! Oh my God!! It ... . it was just like the
hairdo on the woman in the album!!! I ... . I'd never thought ...
never thought I ... . I would look like ... like this !!

But the image just smiled widely and turned her (my!) head from side
to side, touching the soft, golden curls that ran down onto her
shoulders and her back, feeling the cute, sexy bangs that framed the
top of her pretty face, and admired the classy hairclip that shone from
the right side of the top of her head!! God!! It was soooo

"Well? ... . , " Cathy asked, "do you like it?"

Instead of crying out in shame, as I felt like doing, I smiled and
cooed softly, "Ohhhhh, yesss! It's just lovely ! Thank you, Cathy!!
I just know he'll love it! I know I do!" Sickening!!

She smiled and I found myself gathering up my purse and things, then
turning back to the mirror as I watched my delicate fingers reattach my
earrings to the lobes of my ears. As I turned a few more times to
admire my hair, I . . I caught another glimpse of my ... my bosom!
Oh, God!! It ... . it was even more ... . more pronounced now!!
Oh, Nooo!! It was still growing!! My ... my breasts were still
growing!! I ... I was almost as big now as most women were!!
Couldn't they see it?!?! Couldn't they tell ?!?!

But no one seemed to notice or care as I walked back to the front
counter and stood in front of the receptionist. She smiled at me and
clasped her small hands together.

"Ohhhh, your hair looks just lovely, Tina! I'm envious! You have such
beautiful hair!"

"Thank you ... Cathy did a great job! I'm very pleased!" My reply
didn't convey my disgust over what was happening to me!! I wanted to
run ... to run and hide my shame!!

I opened my purse and took out my wallet. As I opened it, I noticed
that it was filled with credit cards and other thing, including a
checkbook ... all with the name Tina Ann Williams on them!! I opened
the money pouch on the side of the wallet and noticed it was filled
with twenty dollar bills. I handed three of them to the girl and as
she made change, I looked back into my purse and came out with a
compact and my lipstick!

I cried inside as I gracefully opened the compact, held it femininely
out in front of my face and then applied a fresh coat of the pink
lipstick to my full lips!! Oh, God!! When will this stop?!?

Then I primped for a few seconds and then put the compact and lipstick
away. As the girl handed me back my change, I placed it in my wallet.
Before I closed it, I saw my New York State driver's license in the
plastic frame of the inside where all the credit cards were. The
picture on the license was . . Oh, God! ... it was Tina! Me!! As
I looked right now!! With the same hair and ... even more make-up
on!! It listed my name as Tina and . . . and even listed my sex as
... as female!! And ... Oh, Noo!! My date of birth!! It said ...
said I was twenty-one !! I ... I was only eighteen !! That witch had
made me three years older now!! Nooo!! How . . how could she do
this to me!!

As my mind reeled with the complete change of my identity and ... and
apparently my official sex, I closed my wallet and purse, giving the
girl a hefty tip to give to Cathy, and then I smiled, thanked her, and
walked out of the salon.

I walked briskly down the mall, receiving admiring glances from women
and stares from the men. I didn't seem to mind and the playful smile
remained on my lips. It was so hard! Feeling ... hearing ... seeing
everything as though I had control over myself . . but ... unable to
stop my mincing, hip swaying, sexy walk and the occasional feminine
toss of my head as my hair bounced on my shoulders and back!!
Occasionally I would look into a shop window and I would catch my
reflection. I could definitely see the more pronounced bosom I now
had, beginning to dominate the front of my blouse! The pearl necklace
now stood out even further from my front where it swayed freely, pushed
out by my breasts!! God!! How big would they get?!?!

Finally ... thankfully . . I exited the mall and walked towards my
mother's car. I glanced at my watch and saw that it was already
two-thirty. I wondered what I would do next as I swung my legs
ladylike into the car and then drove away.

As I turned onto the wide road leading from the mall, I thought I was
heading straight for home. But a few minutes later I found myself
pulling into a smaller, mini-mall that was only a couple of miles from
my house. What now?!?

I pulled up in front of the entrance where a car had just pulled out of
a space, and parked near the two, swinging glass doors that led into
the shopping plaza. I checked my hair and make-up in the rearview
mirror and then got out, walking in my now familiar, feminine gait up
to the entrance.

The mini-mall only had maybe ten shops in it and it was two-storied, an
open, upper mezzanine above with large atrium type gardens growing up
from the lower floor, surrounded by benchs where people might sit and
relax while shopping.

I turned to the right and ascended the escalator to the second floor.
Once there, I walked passed several people and three or four shops
until I turned into a small shop with a carved wooden sign over the
entrance that read:

"The Tinder Box"

Now what could I possibly be doing here?

I opened the oak door and walked in, my senses immediately assaulted by
the smell of Pipe Tobaccos and fine Cigars. The shop had many glass
displays on three sides, filled with various pipes, cigar boxes, and
other knick-knacks that one might find in a man's den or study . .
and one side had a long counter and a cash register, behind which stood
an older man in a sweater, gently puffing on a pipe and reading a
newspaper. As I wondered what I was doing here, I found myself walking
back towards the rear of the shop, towards a glass case that seemed set
apart a bit from the others, in the middle of the wall near several
shelves filled with small wooden carvings and ceramic statues. The man
looked up at me as I passed the register and smiled warmly. I smiled
back and contiued towards the large case.

I stopped infront of the case and looked in. There were several glass
shelves, each of which was lined with various items such as fancy
cigarette lighters, ladies cigarette cases, and an assortment of ladies
cigarette holders. I was completely bewildered as to why I was being
forced to look there! Then, ... the thought occured to me that I
might be buying a gift for my mother. She had a cigarette case, a
rather old one, and she had, on occasion, used a cigarette holder.
When I first had walked in, I thought that maybe I was going to buy my
dad a pipe or something. Though he usually smoked those small cigars,
he sometimes smoked a pipe.

But looking at the array of things in the case in front of me now, I
assumed it would be for my mother.

I could see the gentleman coming over towards me by his reflection in
the glass case and I found myself turning around to face him. Jesus!
Now I was going to talk to someone again!! With my girl's voice again!

"May I help you, young lady?", he politely asked.

I could only observe myself from within as I answered, "Yes, thank you.
I would like to see what you have in a gold, ladies cigarette case and
matching lighter. And I'd like to see your assortment of cigarette

Christ! What was I doing?!?! Why would I be buying all of those
things?! I didn't smoke! And my mother didn't really need all those
things! She had her own!

"Certainly, Miss. Just let me open the case and you can browse at your
leisure. If you find anything you want, just bring it up to the
counter with you." Then he opened the case and went back over to his
seat by the register.

I thanked him and he walked off, leaving me looking intently in the
case at the various things for which I had no use.

I found myself looking at a slim, attractive, ladies gold cigarette
case. I picked it up and opened it by pressing lightly on the small
side bar. It flipped open and I guessed that it was long and slim in
order to hold the long, slim cigarettes that most women smoked. Like
my mother. Then I picked up a matching, slender, gold lighter and
pressed down on the side of it where there was a pressure sensitive
bar. The little flame sprang to life out of the small hole on the top.

I held the two items in one hand and then found myself looking at the
variety of cigarette holders that were displayed on one shelf.
Apparently, one caught my eye and I picked up a sleek, shiny, black
ivory holder that was about ten inches long. I even held it in my
fingers as if I were using it! It was slim and solid black, except for
a thin gold band around the end where the cigarette fit into it. I
still wasn't sure why I was interested in it, but a second later I was
standing at the counter, placing them down for the man to ring up.

"I think that I'll take these.", I said sweetly, still inwardly shocked
by the sound of my new voice!

"Very good, Miss. Will that be cash or charge?", he smiled as he

"I'll charge it ... oh, and I'll need a carton of Virginia Slims
regulars please." I said as I took out my wallet and handed him a Gold
Visa card with my new name embossed on the front. He smiled and took
it from me as I wondered why I was purchasing the items and a carton of
cigarettes that my mother didn't even smoke?!? She smoked ... what
were they ... oh, yeah, Eve 100's.

The man reached behind the counter and then placed a carton of the
cigarettes I'd asked for on top. Then he ran the credit card through
his machine, totalled the bill and placed the receipt out in front of
me, handing my a pen as he did.

"Here you are, Miss Williams. Just sign here." He pointed to the
signature line as I took the pen from him. My confusion over what I
was doing was interupted as I watched myself sign my name in the
flowing script that only a woman would use. I felt my shame grow as I
looked at my signature.

Tina Ann Williams

The man took the receipt and then placed all of the items I'd just
purchsed into a bag and handed them to me. He smiled as I turned to
leave and said, "Thank you, Miss Williams. Enjoy your purchases."

I smiled up at him and said, "I'm sure I will, thank you." I'm sure I

As I walked out of the shop, I was still wondering at my remarks. I
went down the escalator and was soon back in my mom's car, driving
towards out house, hoping that I was really headed there this time. I
glanced at my ladies watch and saw that it was now three in the

As I drove home, I tried to recount in my mind everything that had
happened to me this day. It seemed absolutely incredible!!
Impossible!! But here I was, behind the wheel of my mother's car,
dressed in a skirt, blouse, and heels ... . my new, long blonde hair
done up to the nines, and feeling the increasing weight of my (gulp!)
new breasts as they grew on my chest!! I would have fainted from the
anxiety if I had any control over myself!

As I pulled into the driveway, my shiny nailed finger pressed the
remote switch on the visor and I waited for the garage door to open.
Then I drove the car into the garage, closed the garage door again, and
then got out and went back into the house.

As I stepped inside, I thought "Safe at last! " But I didn't really
feel safe. I had no idea what was to come, but I knew it involved
going out again, ... this time on a date!! If only my folks would
come home and save me!

I walked into the kitchen and placed my package on the counter. Then I
went over to the refridgerator and opened it. I took out what was left
of the shrimp salad and in a moment I was seated at the kitchen table,
taking small, feminine bites of the salad and drinking a glass of soda.
As I ate, I found myself looking at my reflection in the kitchen window
next to the table and fluffing my hair, just like a woman would do!
Was there any hope for me at all?!?!

When I had finished, I placed the glass and salad bowl in the
dishwasher, not failing to notice the pink lipmark on the rim of the
glass, and then grabbed my purse and package and headed out to the
hallway. As I went by the hallway table, I could see the little light
on the answering machine flashing, indicating a call was on it. I
momentarily hoped that it would be my folks, telling me they would be
home sooner than expected, maybe able to help me, but I knew that was
futile. They would only arrive to find Tina, the daughter they
expected to be here!!

I pressed the playback button and in a second I heard Rob's familiar

"Hi, Tina. It's Rob. Sorry I missed you. Just wanted to call and let
you know I'll pick you up at six tonight. I thought we'd go out to 'Le
Bons' for dinner. So wear something nice... , O.K? See ya at six,
Honey! Bye!"

Christ!! I really was going out with Rob tonight!! For dinner and ...
and God, knows what!! Ohhhhh!! I just had to call him back and cancel
this! But how ... how could I ?!?!

The smile on my face indicated that I couldn't and I was soon walking
up the stairs to my new room, apparently about to get ready to go out
for ... for my date!

As I ascended the stairs, I could feel the now pronouced bouncing of my
new bosom!! Oh, God!! How big were they getting?!?!

I walked down the hallway and entered my room. It looked the same as
when I had left. I put my purse and my package down on the bed and
then walked into the bathroom. I stood in front of the mirror for a
moment, admiring my hair, posing provacatively as I did! Then I went
back into the bedroom where I took off my heels and my skirt, placing
them back in the closet. Then I went over to the dresser where I
removed my necklace, earrings and watch, then placed them in the
jewelry box. Then I unbuttoned my blouse and walked over to the closet

As I slipped out of the blouse, I could see my reflection in the closet

As they came into view, I ... I felt my mind reel at what I saw!!
There! Perched high and proud ... on ... on my chest ... were two
... two blossoming, firm, very evident ... breasts!! Though they
were still encased in the now much larger cupped bra, I could see the
flesh pushed up and out of the top!! Oh, Lord!! Please tell me it's
not true!!! I can't . . can't have breasts!! Oh, God!! But I do!!
Though they weren't overly large, they were ... were so... . . so
obvious!! Oh, Please!! Make it not so!!

I hung the blouse back up in the closet and then went over to the bed
and sat down. As I removed my pantyhose, I felt my confined bosom
jiggle. I was so concerned about what I was sprouting on my chest that
I failed to notice other changes that had occured as I took off my bra
and my panties.

As the bra came free from my chest, I watched in horror as my breasts
sprung free from the confines of the lacy, cotton cups. Oh, Sweet
Jesus!! They . . they just stood out there!! Jiggling and swaying
slightly!! And they . . . they were getting ... so big ! Oh, my
God!! They ... they had big . . big nipples on them! And they were
... were erect ! I looked in shock at the womanly protrusions on my
chest. I could see the erect nipples, almost a half inch in length,
pointing slightly upwards and surrounded with rose colored areolas
about an inch in diameter! They were, I guessed, maybe a large A-Cup
by now! How big would they get?!?! I was sick inside, but my body
just went about it's business.

I placed the panties, pantyhose, and bra in the white, wicker hamper in
the bathroom and then went over to the toilet. As I sat down on the
seat, I looked down at my crotch.

Oh, God!!! Where was it?!?! It ... . my ... my penis!! It ... .
it was ... . . gone!! And what had happened to my brown, scraggly
pubic hair?!?!

Well ... actually... it ... my penis, ... was still there, ... if
you could call a tiny, half-inch, fleshy protrusion a penis! Again I
felt my shame and humiliation grow as I stared at the small, triangular
patch of blonde pubic hair that lay femininely at my crotch. My crotch
that was rapidly becoming the crotch of ... of a girl!! Would ...
would it change all the way?!? Would I end up ... end up having a ...
NO! I couldn't even think of that!

I finished my business, even wiping myself there like a girl would,
then flushed the toilet and went over to the bathtub. I started the
water and then found myself in front of the counter again as I took a
plastic bottle out of the drawer. The momentary view I had of my
reflection proved beyond a doubt that I now had the basic shape of a
woman. Including breasts!

I went back over to the tub and poured some of the clear fluid from the
bottle into the water streaming from the faucet. I saw the label on
the bottle and smelled the feminine, fragrance that came up from the
filling tub and knew that I was pouring in a scented bath oil.

I went into my room as the water filled the tub and took a fluffy, pink
robe out of the closet. Taking it into the bathroom, I placed it on a
hook on the door and then turned off the water. The tub was over
three-quarters full and the warm water gently steamed upwards.

Then I was infront of the mirror again and watched as my slender,
feminine hands expertly took out the pearl hairclip and then pinned my
hair up onto the top of my head with several bobby-pins. then I turned
around and stepped into the warm bath.

I felt myself slide down into the tub, letting the water come up to my
slender neck. I lay there against my own will for a while, luxuriating
in the scented water, when all of a sudden I felt ... felt a little

Up to this time, I hadn't really felt anything different as I had gone
through the many changes to my body. I felt different, but only after
the change had occured. But now ... now I was really starting to feel
something ... something happening ! Now I was becoming even more

It started in my chest. A kind of sharp tingling, more pronounced than
the tingling I had been feeling all along when I had donned the various
female garments. I knew that they had triggered the spell that evil,
old woman had put on me, but ... but now the feeling was stronger ...
and I wasn't even wearing anything! I looked down at my chest and
watched a horrifying sight unfold in front of me!

The tingling grew in intensity and then turned into a dull, pulsating,
throb! I wondered if maybe I was having a heart attack!! Then ...
then I saw what it meant!! JESUS!! My ... my breasts!! They ...
they were growing !! Growing out right in front of my eyes!! Oh,
Noooo! Oh, God nooooo!! Please!!!

As I watched, my breasts seemed to pulsate outwards in time with the
throbbing in my chest, each time ... each time they pulsed outwards,
they stayed out a little further!! In a matter of a few moments . .
they ... Oh God!, ... they were ... so big !! Oh, please!! Make it

As the throbbing went away, I watched my hands come up to my chest and
cup the large, firm, full C-cup breasts that now occupied my ... my
... chest!! I now had the full busom of a grown woman!! Complete
with large, pink nipples surrounded by large, rosy areolas! The
nipples stood out firm, pointing slightly upwards, actually sticking
out of the water where my (gulp!) large breasts floated from my chest!
I could feel their weight, even in the water! They ... they were just
so big!!

But as my mind cried over the sight of my full breasts, I felt the
tingling grow again as it shifted lower on my body to encompass my
waist and hips. Oh, God!! What was happening now?!?!

The throbbing increased and though I was looking down at myself through
the blur of the water in the tub, I could see what was happening!

My waist ... Oh, Christ! It was getting even smaller!! And my hips!!
Oh, Nooo!! They were getting even curvier!! Wider!! More shapely!!
And then . . .(choke!) . . then I felt the tingling and throbbing
move to my ... . my loins!! Ohhhhhhh, Nooooooo! Not that!!!

I felt the throbbing increase and then reach a peak, causing me to go
rigid in my thighs and waist!! A moment later a long shudder passed
from my toes and upwards, right to the top of my head and then ...
then it was gone.

I relaxed. I tried not to think of it ... but I knew what had
happened!! I could actually feel it down there! I ... I felt my hand
slide down to my loins and ... and touched my . . my new ... (sob!)
. . vagina!!

Ohhhhhh, Gaaaaaawwwwwd!! I was ... . I was really a ... . a girl
* My mind cried out in anguish, but my lips formed a smile as I lay
relaxed in the bathtub, feeling the weight of my new breasts. I was
... (sob!) . . sick inside!! How did this come to be?!?! How had
I gone, in just eight hours, from a young man to ... to this sexy
young woman lying in a tub of scented water?!?

Thankfully I didn't linger there long. At last I found myself standing
up and opening the drain to the tub. Then I took a large, fluffy towel
from the rack and towelled myself off as I stepped from the bath and
onto the soft, deep pile carpeting. I felt the added weight of my
large breasts as they tugged at my chest, swaying even more prominently
now. As I looked up into the mirror, I was greeted by the sight of my
new ... . . completely female body! Oh, God!! I ... I was
beautiful!! Gorgeous!! So ... . so feminine and ... . and (please
no!) sexy!!

I looked at my reflection for a moment, the same playful smile on my
full, sensuous lips, then finished patting myself dry and walked over
to the sink counter. As I did, I wrapped the large towel around my
front, over my breasts, just like a woman, then took out a jar of cold
cream from the cabinet and commenced to remove the make-up from my
face. Then I took out a toothbrush and toothpaste, thoroughly brushing
my straight, white, gleaming teeth.

Jesus! Even my old caps were gone!! I ... . I had perfectly
straight teeth now!! Was there anything that old witch had

After my face was thoroughly cleansed, I smiled at my reflection in the
mirror and removed the towel. Then I took out some feminine body
lotion and gently rubbed it in all over my soft, smooth, hairless body.
The feminine scent permeated the air around me and I felt the soft,
cool freshness of my skin! Another application of the Feminine
Deoderant Spray finished my toilet.

I reached over to the peg on the door, taking down the soft, fluffy,
pink robe and put it on. I couldn't help but notice how it tented out
in front, announcing to whomever might see that I now sported a
splendid set of female breasts on my chest! I was sick inside!! I
wondered how much longer I could mentally take this before I went
completely insane!!

Fresh and clean, I moved out of the bathroom and into my bedroom. I
went over to the large dresser and opened the top drawer. I inwardly
cringed as I removed several articles of feminine underwear from the

I placed the pink, french cut, lacy panties, bra, and garter belt on
the top of the dresser. Then I reached into another drawer and removed
a pair of silk, flesh-toned, full-length nylons, carefully setting them
next to the other items on the dresser.

Walking back over to the vanity, I opened the top drawer and took out a
small bottle of nail polish. Then I sat on the bed, my knee up at my
shoulder and began applying the bright, pink-rose lacquer onto each of
my toenails, first one foot and then the other. In short order, all my
toes glistened back up at me with the shiny, wet looking nailpolish!!
They looked so girlish and . . . and small now! I sat there for a
few minutes, careful not to smudge them until they were dry.

With that done, I removed my robe, throwing it onto the bed and then
turned and picked up the pink panties from the top of the dresser,
feeling the soft, silky, satiny material against my fingers. I lightly
stepped into the silky panties, drawing them up my legs, over my firm,
soft thighs and up my curvaceous hips until they were snuggly in place,
pressing gently against my new womanhood and riding just below my
narrow waist where the lacy band hugged the top of my hips.

Then I took the silky, lace-lined, full-cupped, matching pink brassier
off the dresser and bent over at the waist, feeling my breasts sway and
drop as I held the cups of the bra gently over each of them and stood
back up straight, reaching behind to clasp the bra strap firmly into
place. Then I cringed again inside as I watched my small hands adjust
the bra underneath each breast and then reach into each cup to gently
pull each breast up and in to maximize my already prevelant cleavage!!
The effect was ... was too obvious! My breasts seemed to spill out
from the front of the sexy bra, balloning out for all to see!! I just
couldn't let anyone see me like this!! Oh, please make it stop!!

But I only reached back up and took the shiny, lacy pink garter belt
off the dresser and then placed it around my narrow waist. I fastened
it in the front, then turned it around to so that the clasp was in the
rear. The four elastic garter straps, each with a small rose
embroidered on the top of each clasp, danced against my thighs as I
walked over to the closet and opened it up.

As I saw my image in the mirror of the closet door, I couldn't help but
compare my image to those I'd seen in the centerfolds of men's
magazines. Why did that witch have to make me so ... so damn sexy!!
I wished I could place a spell on her!! Maybe she'd enjoy feeling what
it was like to become a ... a cow!

I reached into the closet and took down a silky, shiny, lace-trimmed
half-slip. I struggled to stop myself, to no avail, as I stepped into
it and pulled it up to ride firmly about my waist. It hugged my hips
and thighs firmly, obviously meant for a tight skirt or dress. The
lacy hem fell to about halfway down my thighs and a lace-lined slit ran
up the left side about eight inches! Then I went back to the dresser
and picked up the pair of nylons and sat down at the vanity stool.

Hiking the slinky slip up to my waist, I again made every effort to
stop myself, always with no results, as I rolled each nylon gracefully
up each smooth, sleek leg. When the tops of the nylons were up high on
each thigh, I fastened them with the small clasps at the end of each

Standing up, I felt the strange sensation of the garter straps as they
stretched taut as I took each step. The gentle tugging at my waist and
thigh constantly reminded me of my plight. I couldn't escape any of
the new, feminine feelings that washed over me with each new garment
that I wore!

Now I walked back to the bed and collected all of the other garments I
had laid there and put each carefully away. It felt so strange to be
walking around in those clothes! They were so much more feminine than
the other clothes I had worn ... and at least I hadn't really been a
girl then!! But now ... (choke!) ... now I was wearing the correct
clothes for my . . my ... . . changed sex!!

Then I found myself sitting at the vanity and turning on the small lamp
on one side. I noticed the light was fading outside and the small
alarm clock next to the bed said it was already five o'clock. God!!
Only one more hour until ... until Rob would come for me!!

I watched my reflection, helpless to control my attractions as I picked
up a small bottle of make-up and began blending the smooth, lightly
shaded make-up onto my clear, peaches and cream complection. I
obviously didn't need much, and soon I had finished, lightly dabbing my
face and neck here and there with a tissue. The flawless complection
that looked back at me was so different from my old face. Not a
blemish to be seen.

As I watched my fingers pick up a small container of eyeshadow, I felt
my inner disgust grow as I expertly applied the rose and fuscia color
to my upper lids, blending the color carefully to create just the right
image! As I watched, I was shocked to see how long my eyelashes had
become!! I'd thought they were long before . . but ... but now they
seemed to be so much longer and thicker!! They fluttered femininely as
I checked the effect of the eyeshadow on my lids. I added a little of
the rose color to the upper part of my lower lids, then worked a little
more of the fuscia up and to the sides of my upper lids. The end
result was that my wide, doe-like eyes took on the appearance of two
soft colored butterflies!

Then out came an eyeliner pencil and shortly both my upper and lower
lids were expertly lined, creating the illusion of even larger eyes!!
I couldn't get over how blue they were now!

Then another small brush, like a small toothbrush came out and soon my
dark blonde, thin, arched eyebrows were brushed and colored.

I reached back in the top drawer of the vanity and brought out a
strange looking device that resembled a pair of tiny scissors, except
that the ends were made of small, plastic coated, curved clamps. As I
leaned my face closer towards the mirror, I wondered what they were
for. I watched as my fingers delicately clamped the device down on my
long, full eyelashes. It became clear what I was doing when I released
each set of upper and lower lashes from the clamps and saw how much the
upper lashes curved upwards now . . and how much the lower lashes
curved downward, exaggerating their feminine appearance!

Putting away the eyelash curler, my hands next came up with the thin
tube of mascara. The curved applicator moved lightly and quickly over
both upper and lower eyelashes, brushing the blue-black make-up onto
each of the long, curved lashes. They seemed, if it was possible, to
grow even longer and thicker than before, now fluttering even more
femininely!! Though the effect was stunning ... I still couldn't
believe it was me in there!! God . . Please !! I don't want ... .
. I ... I can't be this beautiful girl!!

My eyes done, I saw my fingers pick up another plastic case from the
wide assortment of make-up and other feminine things that were on the
vanity. A moment later, I was applying a soft, pink-rose blusher to my
high cheeks, sweeping the color back and up towards the middle of my
small, bobbed ears with the soft applicator brush. It was then that I
noticed that my earlobes now had two small holes in each of them!! I
had double pierced ears!! How . . when had that happened?!?! But
there was never any answers to my questions ... the silent questions
heard only in my own, trapped mind!

With my cheeks glowing from the soft blusher, I dabbed my small, pert
nose and then the end of my narrow chin with the soft brush before
putting it away. I smiled at my reflection, now almost fully made up
with the darker, more dramatic evening make-up, looking now somewhat
older and more mature, then turned from the vanity and stood up, headed
for the closet again.

I found myself looking for a few moments at the wide selection of
feminine garments hanging there before I reached in and took out a ...
(Oh, God!) . ... a pinkish-rose colored ... silk dress!! I cried
out inside at what I had been forced to chose to wear! God! I ... I
just couldn't wear this!!

The material seemed to shimmer slightly in the soft light and I knew it
was designed to acentuate a woman's figure ... not hide it! But try
as I might to put it down, I moved over by the full legnth mirror
standing by the bed and unzipped the back, preparing to put it on.

I raised the dress over my head, carefully avoiding my pinned-up hair
and made-up face, gently placing my slender arms up through the
mid-length sleeves and lowering it down over me and into place. The
tight skirt of the dress had to be tugged slightly over my ample bosom
and then I poked my head up through the neck. A little more tugging
and then the dress slid easily down the silky slip. I adjusted the
dress about my slender waist and pulled the top around my partially
exposed breasts into position. Bending slightly and reaching behind my
back, I mangaed to grasp the tiny zipper and pull it up to the low
back. I could feel that the back of the dress barely covered the top
of my bra strap! Oh, God!! I didn't want to look in the mirror!! But
I turned slowly to face myself again.

I was again stunned by the reflected image that met my gaze!

The tight dress fit perfectly. I made minor, tugging adjustments to
the dress as I turned to view my image and preen for a bit in the
mirror! God, it was horrible!! How could I be this person?!?

The silky, shimmering dress was obviously made for a night on the town,
the way it hugged my new body and showed off my ... my new assets!!
The dress came halfway up my shoulders and then plunged down in a
rounded, low-cut front that showed off plenty of my ample cleavage for
anyone who wished to see, the material clinging tightly under each
breast, showing off their full contours!!

As I turned in the mirror, I could see how the back dropped down in a
rounded semi-circle to just above where I knew my bra strap was,
leaving much of my creamy skinned upper back exposed. The light
padding of the shoulders ended where the puffed, silky sleeves gathered
on top, puffed up above the outer edge of my slender shoulders before
they cascaded down to just above my small elbows, then they gathered
again in a tight, lacy cuff. The sleeves rustled slightly as I moved
my arms to grasp at the wide, satiny, rose colored wrap belt that hung
high on my narrow waist.

I watched my fingers draw the belt closed tight around my tiny waist
and then fasten it on the left front side where a satiny, six inch bow
hung down lightly onto my left hip. It had a round, gold bauble in the
center of the bow where it could be attached. From my waist down, the
dress clung tightly to my hips and thighs, the hem riding just below my
silky slip, about six inches above my nylon-clad knees. There was an
eight inch walking slit running up the left side of the tight skirt and
I knew I would be showing off plenty of thigh if I sat down!! And I
wondered how I was supposed to walk in the tight skirt?! Even with the
slit, I knew I would be taking short, mincing steps! It was so
humiliating to think of anyone seeing me like this!!

I smiled again at my reflection and then turned back to the closet. A
moment later I was bending down, back straight, legs together and knees
bent, (the only way I could bend!) and taking out a pair of matching,
rosy pink colored, shiny, high heeled pumps. Only this time, (gulp!)
the heels were four inches high and very narrow!! I couldn't even
imagine trying to walk in them! But I knew I would!

I sat on the edge of the bed, the hem of my dress riding up on my
smooth thighs and placed the pumps on my small feet. As I set each
foot down on the carpeting after donning the high heels, I felt the
increased arch of my foot and the how high my heels rode up. The
pointy toes were all I could see until I turned my foot to one side to
view the shoes. They fit like a glove, though I couldn't conceive of
standing in them for any length of time!! The sharp, thin heels reeked
of sexy femininity as I looked them over once before standing up,
carfeully placing my feet together and under me before I did.

I could really feel the difference in these shoes now as I stood and
then walked easily back over to the vanity. My new body certainly knew
how to handle these heels and I found that though my steps, more
confined now in the tight dress, were short and more mincing, it didn't
stop my hips from swivelling sexily to each side as I walked! God, it
... it was just getting worse!!

As I sat down again at the vanity, I smoothed the tight skirt of the
dress under my thighs. Again I was assualted with my reflection in the
mirror. I couldn't stand the sight of my breasts straining out the top
of the dress, pressed together as they were!!

Now my hands went into a side drawer and took out a small bottle of
nailpolish remover and a small wad of cotton swabs. In a few minutes,
my long nails were cleaned and free of the pink polish. But they
didn't stay that way for long. I picked up the bottle of nailpolish I
had used on my toes and in another five minutes, each long, feminine
nail had two coats of the bright, pink-rose polish on them. After
another five minutes, with alot of girlish hand waving and blowing on
them, the quick-drying polish was dry. The bright, shiny polish still
looked wet, even though I had touched one nail to be sure they were dry
before moving on.

I glanced at the clock and saw that it was now five thirty-five. God!!
Only twenty-five more minutes until ... until ... I tried not to
think of it! With my nails freshly polished, I reached up and began
removing the pins from my hair, watching it fall from the top of my
head and cascade down my shoulders and my back, the newly permed and
styled hair recovering it's shape almost at once. I took out a comb
and hairbrush and began to brush and comb the long, honey-blonde hair
into place again, even sweeping the hair up the side again and
reattaching the pearl lined hair clip where it was before. After
styling it properly around my shoulders and front, I combed the bangs
across my forehead and was done. Oh, Jesus!! I ... I looked so ...
. . so damn sexy!! Please make this stop!! I hated the feeling of
the long hair as it rested on the bare skin of my back and shoulders!
It felt so ... . . so alien!!

With my hair done, I stood up and went back over to the jewelry box on
the dresser. I collected several things from it and sat back down at
the vanity.

A second later my mind cringed again as I placed a medium length,
thin necklace around by neck. A heart shaped, pink-coral colored opal,
encassed in a gold setting, surrounded by many small diamonds, about an
inch wide hung from the thin gold strand to rest just above the top of
the dark crevace where my breasts were pressed together. Then I picked
up a thin, gold, ladies watch and placed it on my slender, small, right
wrist, clasping it firmly into place.

Next came two, gold hoop bracelets. I slipped my small hand through
them and they rode loosely on my left wrist, falling halfway to my
elbow when I raised my hand, clattering softly together when they did.

I looked at the items that were left laying there, praying I wouldn't
continue to don the feminine items, but a second later I was slipping a
gold and diamond cocktail ring onto the ring finger of my right hand.
Jesus!! It was so ... so feminine and shiny! The large setting held
many small diamonds and they reflected the light playfully as my hand
moved about.

Then I picked up a small, gold post earring and looked into the mirror,
tilting my head to one side, as I attached it to the uppermost hole in
my right ear. The small gold earring gleamed from the upper part of my
earlobe as I did the same to my left side. Ohhhh!! I hated the sight
of the pretty, feminine posts that now were attached through my ear!!

Lastly, I cried out in silence again as I picked the two remaining
items from the vanity. Oh, God!! Not this, too!!

I leaned back into the mirror again, once more tilting my head slightly
as I attached the long, dangling earring to the lower hole of my right
earlobe. Then I repeated the same to my left ear and my jewelry seemed

I involuntarily smiled again at my reflection and shook my head
slightly . . playfully ... and watched the three inch long, four
stranded rows of small diamonds dangle from my feminized ears! The
four, long strands of diamonds on each earring were connected together
at the top by a round, half-inch wide, diamond encircled pink-coral
colored opal that matched the heart shaped opal that hung from my neck.
I could feel their weight as they hung from my ear and lightly swayed
against my neck. Though they tickled my sensitive, smooth skin, I
couldn't force myself to take them off! God! It was so frustrating!!

Thinking I was through, I stood again and walked back over to the bed.
I picked up the white purse I had used earlier in the day and emptied
it's contents out on the bed. Then I took the empty purse over to the
closet and set it next to the many other purses on the shelf. I looked
up at the collection of ladies purses for a moment, then reached back
up and selected one, taking it with me back to the bed.

The shiny, rose colored, leather clutch purse opened by a single gold
clasp at the side and I began placing some of the items into it. The
red wallet, with all of my new ID in it, went in first. Then I put in
a comb and a small brush.

I collected the make-up and took it over to the vanity, placing most of
it back while selecting the items I had just used and placed them into
the purse. Then I reached out and picked up another tube of lipstick.
Oh, Christ!! I hated this worst of all!!

My fingers deftly took off the shiny gold cap and twisted the bottom,
revealing the rich, shiny, creamy, pink-rose lipstick as it came out
the end. Please!! Let me stop!!

But a second later I was expertly applying the creamy lipstick to my
full, sensuous lips, carefully smoothing the rich, shiny rose color to
my mouth. I carefully lined the pronounced cupid's bow on my upper lip
and then rolled my lips together, smoothing the lipstick all around.
Oh, darn!! I ... I looked so ... . so . . sooo sexy and ... and
beautiful!! This just couldn't be happening to me!!

I smiled coyly at myself and then placed the lipstick into my purse.
Then, out came the small bottle of perfume again and I spritzed a
little behind each ear, on my wrists, and ... and even placed some on
my index finger and smoothed some of the feminine, aromatic scent down
into my ... my cleavage!! The feminine scent wafted around me,
reminding me constantly of my predicament and current state!! I knew I
was going to go insane at any moment!! But my new body acted perfectly
normal ... for a woman!!

The perfume went in my purse, along with a small compact case and I
clasped the shiny bag closed, then picked it up and went over and stood
in front of the full-length mirror by the bed.

Oh, God!!! Please!! Don't let this happen to me!! I ... I can't be
this gorgeous creature staring back at me!!
But it was me!! And I watched in my helpless state as I turned and
posed, admiring my reflection! The tight dress, the weight of my
exposed breasts, pressing outwards from the confines of my bra,
straining at the front of my dress ... the awkward feeling of my feet,
perched high in my pumps with their pencil-thin, high heels, the way
they made my posture change, the silky slip against my thighs, the
puffy, silky sleeves of my dress, the touch of my dangling, sparkling
earrings against my neck, the feel of my long, wavy, soft, honey-blonde
female hair against my skin ... the smell of my perfume and make-up
... and the taste of my lipstick on my pretty lips . . the sight of
my long, painted nails and the glow of the necklace around my neck.

It was all ... all just too much!! This had to be a bad dream!! But
there I was, looking back from the mirror ... a young, beautiful
woman!! All dressed up for a ... a dinner date!! With a man!!

I looked at the clock and saw that it was almost six! My heart, no
longer under my own control or effected by the fear in my mind, beat
regularly as I went back over to the bed and picked up the package
filled with my earlier purchases. Now what?!

I opened the package and took out the carton of Virginia Slims, laying
it down on the bed. Then I took out the shiny black cigarette holder
and put it down on the dresser next to tmy jewelry box. Now why wasn't
I putting these things away to wrap later for my mother??

Then I went back to the package and took out the gold, ladies cigarette
case and matching lighter. Then ... (Oh, Noooo!!) ... I opened the
carton of ladies cigarettes and took out one of the slim packs!! Why
was I doing this?!?! I don't smoke!!

I watched in horror as I opened the pack of cigarettes and then opened
the gold cigarette case. Oh, God!! I was placing the long, slim white
cigarettes into the case!! This ... . these cigarettes were ...
were for me!! Oh, Please!! Noooo!!! Not this, too!! I can't!! I
... I won't!!

But a moment later, I threw the empty pack into the waist basket under
the vanity and placed the now full, slim cigarette case into my purse
along with the slim, matching, gold lighter!! Oh, Christ!! No!!!
Don't let that old witch doooo this to me!! Turn me back the way I
was!! Please!!

I turned out the lights in my room and then I listened to the all too
familiar clicking of my heels as I walked down the hallway to the
stairs. My hips swayed gracefully as I walked, my steps short and
mincing in the spiked heels, as I walked to the stairs and then
carfeully, gracefully descended the stairs to the hallway below.

I again stopped in the hallway mirror, checking my appearance and
fluffing my long, femininely styled hair before walking into the living
room. I turned on a lamp and sat down gracefully in one of the chairs,
crossing my long legs ladylike at the thighs and ... and just waited!
Oh, God!! I was all dolled up and ... and ready to go out!! Please!!
I'm sorry!! Stop this now!! Please!! Before it's too late!!

But a moment later, I heard the familiar sound of a car driving up our
driveway!! Oh, Nooo!! He's here!! It ... it's Rob!! My ... my

I struggled in my mind to run away ... to flee into my room and hide.
He might go away if no one answered the door!! But ... but as I heard
the car door close and the sound of footsteps on the walkway, I just
stood up and went towards the door!!

I heard the doorbell ring and stepped over to the large, front door.
My mind screamed to turn away as I felt my heart beat quicker as my
slender hand went to the doorknob and turned it!

I stepped back, smoothing my dress, as I opened up the door. Oh, God!!
My smile grew as I looked up to see Rob standing at the door, dressed
in a nice, stylish suit and holding a bouquet of ... (gulp!) ...

As I looked up into his face, I felt my smile flash and saw the wide
smile on his own face! Nooo!! He expected to see me here!! This was
no surprise to him!!

I tried soooooo hard to cry out, "Rob!! Rob, ... it's me!! It's
Tim!! Please!! You've got to help me, man!! An old witch ... she
... . " But I never uttered a single word of it. Instead, my soft,
girl's voice rang out in a girlish tone.

"Hi, Rob! Ohhhh! Are those for me?" I was looking at the flowers. I
couldn't help myself!! Oh, Please! Get me out of here!!

His smile flashed as I watched him give me a real good once over. I
could see the effect my appearance had on him!! There was no hope now!
All he saw was the beautiful girl I was! He couldn't see, Tim . .
only ... only Tina!

"Hello, Tina. You look absolutely gorgeous this evening!" He fairly
gushed out the words. By the look on his face, I must have been
everything he'd ever wanted in the looks department! My mind screamed
while my heart fluttered giddishly!!

He stepped into the hallway, extending the flowers to me.

"These are for you. Beautiful flowers for a beautiful lady!"

I took them from him and smelled them, their scent mingling with my own
perfume. God ... I just wanted to crawl away and die!!

"Ohhhhh, thank you, Rob. Their beautiful!!" , I cooed as I looked back
up at him.

For the first time, standing there in my high-heels, wearing my dress
and make-up, feeling my new body, ... I really felt the difference in
myself. I just felt ... felt so ... small ... and ... . and

He smiled and said, "Are you ready to go, Tina? We don't want to be

I smiled back and turned towards the kitchen. "In a minute, Rob. Just
let me put these in some water."

As I walked into the kitchen, I could really feel my hips get into
motion. Oh, Jesus!! I was really putting everything into it for him!!
I knew he was watching and I almost over-exaggerated my sexy walk!! I
was sick inside!!

I put the flowers into a vase and then brought them out, setting them
onto the hall table. Rob stood there and just smiled.

Then ... Oh, God!! I'll never be able to forget it!! I actually
turned around to him and leaned up to his face, standing up on my toes
and ... (choke!) ... and I gave him a light kiss on the cheek!! Oh,
God!! I had just given a kiss to ... to a ... a man!! Lord!!
Please save me!!

"Thank you, Rob. Their just lovely." I cooed once again.

He smiled and I reached up, gently wiping the rose colored lip mark
from his cheek and ... and giggled! girlishly!

I walked over to the hall closet and opened it up. Rob stepped up
beside me as I pointed to a knee-length, mink fur coat. He took it
down from the hanger for me. Oh, Noooo! Please don't make me wear

"Thank you, kind sir!" I softly said as he held my fur coat for me and
I slipped into it.

"Anytime, pretty lady.", he affectionately replied. Oh, help me!!

I flashed him another smile and went back to the table, picking up my
purse and checking myself in the mirror. After fluffing my hair
outside the fur collar of my coat and then patting it for a second, I
turned to him and said, "Well, I'm ready handsome. Let's go!" My mind
was still reeling as I took the house keys and placed them in my purse
and then walked mincingly over to the door.

Rob held it open for me and then we were both outside, headed for his
Lexus!! Oh, God!! I was really going to have to go through with
this!! I was outside, listening to the clicking of my high-heels on
the sidewalk, walking to my ... my date's car ... as the woman!! Oh,
God!! Nooooooooo!!

I could feel the cool evening air as it slipped up under my tight
dress and tickled my soft, nylon-clad thighs. My fur coat was open in
front and I could even feel the crisp air as it touched the exposed,
pillowy tops of my breasts!! Oh, Please!! This can't be happening to

Rob held the door for me and I gracefully sat down on the plush seat,
femininely swinging my long, sleek legs into the car. Then I smiled up
at him and thanked him as he shut the door. A moment later he was
sitting in the drivers seat next to me, smiling as he started the car.
I smiled over at him and then we were off!!

I immediately checked my image in the mirror on the passenger visor,
fluffing my hair a few times, then sitting back and opening the front
of my soft, fur coat. I evidently wanted to show off my well exposed
cleavage and it wasn't lost on him!! He looked over a few times as we
drove and I knew that Tina liked it!!

As I fingered my purse, my long, shiny rose laquered nails resting
comfortably over the top, I looked back at him and smiled again and
asked, "Is 'Le Bons' a nice place, Rob?"

He smiled back and said, "Yeah. I'm sure you'll really enjoy it. It's
very intimate."

Great!! That's just what we needed!! Oh, Please let me outta here!

We drove towards the center of town, cruising down the well lit streets
in his nice car, with my mind whirling a million miles an hour, trying
to figure out how to get out of this predicament!!

A few minutes later, we pulled up in front of the restaurant. I looked
up to see a young man dressed in a white coat and tie coming towards
the car. I was acutely aware of my appearance watching him smile at me
through the window as he opened my door. Rob was getting out of his
side, handing his keys to the other young parking valet as I waited for
him to come around to my side. God!! Please don't make me do this!!

A second later he was standing on the curb next to me as I reached up
and gently placed my slender hand in his and swung my shapely legs out
of the car, placing my high-heeled feet down under me and stood up,
smoothing my dress as I did. I smiled at him and we walked towards the
steps that led up into the fancy bistro, my left hand resting in the
crook of his offered arm! I'll never forget the way the two valets
were looking at me with not-so-subtle smiles on their young faces!!
They were definitely enjoying what they saw!

I hugged my purse under my breast as we walked up the steps, stopping
while Rob opened the door for me, and then stepping lightly into the

The elegant restaurant was lit with recessed lightling up near the
ceiling, throwing off a low, intimate lighting throughout the spacious
foyer. I stood near the entrance and looked to my left, immediately
assualted again by my image as I looked into a wide, full-length mirror
that covered one side on the entrance wall. I turned, automatically,
and began fluffing my hair again!! Jesus! I couldn't seem to turn
down any chance of primping myself when I was near a mirror!!

Rob walked a few steps up to the podium where a well dressed man, the
maitre'd, greeted him. I remained a couple of feet behind him and
primped in the mirror, aware that the maitre'd was giving me a good
looking over!

As Rob gave him his name, I watched my reflection as I licked my lips
one time, adding a sheen to the creamy color that covered them, tasting
the lipstick again and crying out in my mind for this to end!

The maitre'd told Rob that we could be seated in a little while and
suggested that we move into the lounge for a drink before dinner. Then
Rob came back to me and took my fur coat, handing it to the hat check
girl at a window just off to one side of the entrance.

I took his arm again as we walked off to the right, past the entrance
to the dining area and into the lounge.

The lounge was sunken two steps from the entrance and a long, ornate
bar with several stools in front of it covered the far side. There
were many small tables with comfortable looking, padded chairs around
the room. The paneled walls, covering two sides of the room, were
decorated with paintings and recessed lights, while the wall near the
entrance was covered with a floor to ceiling mirror decorated with gold
etchings of plants and flowers.

Rob led me to a table near the wall furthest from the bar, past several
couples who were sitting down, talking and sipping their drinks. I
knew my lips were in their perpetual smile as he held out a chair for
me and I gracefully sat down, smoothing my dress under my thighs and
then adjusting my front up near the puffy sleeves, thanking him as I
did. I couldn't help but notice how the few men in the room had given
me the once over as we had walked to our table! Oh, Jesus!! I was so

Rob sat across from me as I placed my purse on the table and smiled.

"What do you think, honey? Isn't this a nice place?"

Honey?!? "Rob!!! It's me!! Tim!! Don't do this!! Get me out of
here!! Help me!! Please!!"

"Oh, Rob! I think it's just divine!! ", I sweetly replied. Nooo!!

A waiter came over to our table and stood between us, looking down at
me as I femininely crossed my legs at the thighs.

"May I get you a drink?", he asked, looking over at Rob.

"Yes," Rob said, "I think I'll have a Scotch and Water and the lady
would like a white wine."

White wine?!?!? I don't drink! I don't want anything!!

"Oh, That would be nice!", I found myself saying, my high voice
girlishly delighted. There was no hope!!

"Very good, Sir. I'll bring that right away." Then he left for the

I found myself looking across the small table and smiling at Rob. He
smiled back and reached across the table, taking my small hand in his.
I looked at the way my small, creamy skinned hand with my shiny, long,
rose colored nails fit so easily into his big hand and I knew I was not
going to be able to stop myself from being the woman of his dreams! I
could feel my body reacting to his touch, God!! ... even my ... my
vagina was lubricating!! ... and I knew that I ... I was never going
to be Tim again!! My thoughts were of embarassment and anger, but my
reactions were only those of the beautiful young lady I appeared to be
... that I was!

Rob gave my hand a gentle squeeze and I flashed him a smile. Then the
waiter came back and set our drinks down on the table.

Rob raised his glass as I took mine, my nails glimmering against the
clear glass filled with the amber wine.

"To us.", he toasted.

I smiled as I lifted my glass and said, "To us." Then I brought the
glass to my painted lips and took a sip, tasting the heady wine as it
rolled past my tongue and down my throat.

I set my glass down on the table, noticing the shiny, pink-rose lipmark
on the glass, then reached over for my purse. What now?!

I opened my purse and reached in with my long nails, gracefully lifting
out, (Oh, God! No!!) my shiny, slim, gold cigarette case!! Oh, God!!
Not this!! Please!! I ... . I don't ... . I can't smoke!!

I watched my slender, feminine hand, in complete embarassment as I
gracefully lifted one of the long, white, slim ladies cigarettes from
my cigarette case and held it femininely between the tips of the
fingers of my right hand, as though I had done this a million times
before I closed the cigarette case, setting it down on the table in
front of me, then, still smiling, looked up at Rob.

He was reaching into his coat pocket and smiling back at me, apparently
thinking I was acting just as he expected me to!

As he brought a lighter out from his coat pocket, I found my self
leaning slightly across the table towards his extended hand, and
bringing the filter of the slim, white, ladies cigarette up to my
parted lips!! Ohhhh! Noooo!!

I felt my lips gently, (choke!) seductively, close over the filter of
my cigarette as he flicked the lighter to life ... then I reached up
with my left hand, delicately touching his hand, steadying the lighter
as I watched in shame as I brought the tip of my cigarette into the
flame. Holding the cigarette femininely between my extended fingers, I
felt myself draw lightly on it and then back away from the lighter. As
my mouth filled with the smoke, I gracefully drew the cigarette from my
lips, inhaling gently as I rested back against my chair, bringing my
cigarette up near my shoulder, held there gracefully, just like a lady,
as my now female lungs filled with the smoke! Oh, No!! It doesn't
even hurt!! It's ... . it's like I've done this for a ... a long
time!! Oh, pulleeeeease! Don't make me do this!!

I was still looking at Rob, smiling slightly as I exhaled a long stream
of white smoke off to one side, my head tilted slightly up and to my
right. He smiled back, and I knew that he enjoyed what he saw!

"Thank you, Rob.", I cooed at him, still smiling seductively, after the
last of the smoke had escaped my lips. How could I be doing this?!?

"My pleasure, Honey.", he softly replied. That name again!!

I looked off to my left as I brought the cigarette back to my lips and
was met by the sight of myself in the mirrored wall, several feet from
where we sat. I watched myself take another languid, seductive draw on
the cigarette and then exhale another stream of smoke up and away. Oh,
God!! No wonder he liked this!! I ... I looked so ... so
provacative and ... (choke!) . . sexy!!

I turned back to face Rob and took another sip from my drink. As I
tapped the end of my cigarette into the ashtray, I could see the
distinctive, rose colored lipstick mark on the cigarette filter. Oh,
Please!! I don't want to be this woman!! Pleeeeeease!!

Rob lit up a cigarette and we sipped our drinks and chatted for awhile.
I hated hearing the sound of my voice and watching myself do all the
things a woman would do while out on a date! It was horrible!

After a while, when we had finished our cigarettes and our drinks, the
maitre'd came over and told us our table was ready. As Rob took my
chair and I stood up, I grabbed my purse after placing my cigarette
case back into it and smiled up at him, my ample bosom closing the
distance between us.

"I need to freshen up, sweetheart. I'll only be a minute."

"That's fine, honey. I'll wait for you by the foyer."

We walked, my hand once again through his arm, towards the dining area.
As we passed the hallway near the entrance, I excused myself and
walked, hips swaying seductively, over towards the two restrooms.

If it was still possible, my ego plummeted even further as I watched
myself turn towards the door marked 'LADIES'. Oh, God!! Don't go in

I pushed open the door and stepped into the plush, pastel colored
powder room. My heels clicked noisily on the tiled floor as I walked
over to one of the stalls. I immediately was aware of the lack of
urinals and the tampon dispenser near the far wall. I inwardly
shuddered as the awful thought took shape in my mind that I might
actually need to use one of the things the dispenser gave out one day!!

A young woman, dressed very nicely and as sexily as I was, came out of
the stall next to the one I had chosen, adjusting her dress. She
smiled at me and I did the same before entering the stall.

I turned and placed my purse on the small shelf provided and then
watched my hands hike my dress and slip it up to my waist. Then I
lowered my pink panties down as far as the garter straps would allow
before sitting down on the toilet seat. Oh, no!! I ... . I hadn't
even thought about it since leaving the house!! I ... I had ... Oh,
Jesus!! ... I had a vagina now!! I was about to ... . to pee for
the first time as ... as ... .a girl!!

As my urine began to flow, I felt so ... so strange down there!! It
was . . was so ... so different!! Oh, Lord!! Please help meeeeee!

When I had finished, I wiped myself off and stood up, adjusting my
panties, slip and dress back into position. Then I flushed the toilet,
took my purse and walked back out into the powder room.

The other girl, a brunette, was just finishing touching up her make-up
as I came out. She was carefully applying a fresh coat of bright, red
lipstick to her full mouth as I approached the counter. She smiled
over at me after she finished rolling her lips together and capped the
shiny lipstick, putting it back in her purse. She wore a 'little black
dress' that really showed off her burgeoning bosom, and I felt my shame
knowing mine pressed out just as far!!

I washed my hands, then opened my own purse as she took out a comb and
touched up her long, wavy hair.

"Hi!", she chirped, "Nice place, huh?"

Though I didn't want to talk to her, I smiled and girlishly replied,
"Oh, it's just great! I'm so glad my boyfriend brought me here!"
Jesus!! Don't call him that!!

"Me, too!", she replied as she ran her comb playfully through her
feathery bangs, "I just love your dress! Where did you get it?"

I was touching up my mascara by now, leaning close to the mirror over
the long marble counter and fluttering my long, dark eyelashes as I
applied the make-up.

"Oh, . . thanks ...it's just something I picked up at Saxs while I
was in the city." My girlish tones fit right in with the chatty banter
we were having. I knew I was beyond any help now. I ... I just fit
in too well!!

"Well, I think it looks great on!", she gushed, putting her comb away
and patting her hair, "Well, ... see you later!" She smiled and turned
to the door.

"Bye!", I replied, uncapping my lipstick.

As she left, I turned back to the mirror and then expertly applied a
fresh coat of the creamy, pink-rose lipstick to my full, luscious lips.
When I was done, I took out my brush and touched up my hair a little
before adding some fresh perfume to my wrists and behind my ears. Then
I closed my purse and walked out of the ladies room. I couldn't
believe I had just been in there!! And ... and even chatting with ...
. with another girl!!

Rob stood patiently waiting for me as I emerged, a bright smile on my
painted lips. I took his arm and we walked into the dining area.

The large dining area was softly lit and filled with small, intimate
tables for two and some for four. It was filled with people eating and
chatting softly. The maitre'd led us to a table next to the large
window that half-filled the wall overlooking the street. The interior
lighting caused the window to act like a mirror and I watched my new,
sexy, female body walk sexily next to Rob as we approached the table.

He held my chair for me as I sat down and again crossed my legs
gracefully. I smiled up at him as he took his seat and the maitre'd
left, telling us our waiter would be along shortly.

Rob smiled at me and said, "Are you enjoying yourself, Tina?"

I tried to cry out, "Nooo! ... Rob!!! It's me!!! I'm not who you
think I am!! Don't let that witch fool you!! Help me!! Pleeeeeease!!

"Oh, Rob ... everything is just so nice! Thank you for bringing me

He smiled at me and said, "Your more than welcome, beautiful. Would
you care for some more wine?"

"I'd love some, handsome." Oh, Gaaaawdd!! Don't call him that!!

He smiled and motioned for the wine steward. A few minutes later we
were sipping our drinks again and smiling across the table at one
another. I just wanted to die!!

We ate our dinner and chatted like two, young lovers throughout the
meal. I was so embarassed inside that I thought I would surely pass
out from the shame and anxiety. But I simply acted like the beautiful
woman I was.

When I'd finished my light meal, I opened my purse and again repaired
my lipstick, this time while Rob looked on, smiling as I seductively
rolled my lips together when I was finished, smiling over the small
compact at him. Leading him on! Oh, please!! Don't let him think I'm
really his girlfriend!! Please!!

When I'd finished primping, I again took out my cigarette case and
deftly extracted one of the slender Virginia Slims from it. Again
smiling seductively at my date, I brought the slim filter to my creamy,
pink lips and let Rob light it for me. It was so embarassing to my
mind how seductively I did everything ... even down to the sexy way I
held and smoked my cigarettes!!

Blowing a billowy stream of smoke off to one side, I smiled back at Rob
as he lit his own smoke and again I took another long, languid puff
from my ladies cigarette before sexily pursing my lips and blew another
smoke stream up and over his head.

Then it hit me!! I was doing everything in my power (as a . . choke
. . female ) to ... to seduce him!! I almost died inside knowing
now where this was going lead!! I just couldn't think about it!!

He smiled back and we made chit-chat until I put out my cigarette and
he looked over at the waiter, signalling to him that we were through.

Then the waiter came and cleared our plates, handing Rob the bill and
thanking him. I was acutely and very uncomfortably aware that my
panties were now slightly wet from my arousal!! Though my mind
screamed at my plight, I couldn't deny the sexual arousal that was
being forced upon me!

Rob left the cash in the small folder containing the bill and came
around to help me out of my chair. I stood up, fetching my purse and
thanking him sweetly, always smiling while looking into his eyes.
Again I took his arm and walked with him to the entrance where he got
my fur coat and helped me to slip it on.

As he went outside to have the car brought around, I waited in the
foyer, checking my appearance in the mirror, fluffing my long, blonde
hair and always aware of the stares I was getting from the maitre'd.

A few minutes later, Rob came in and I walked outside with him to the
waiting car.

The valet looked pleased as he observed my long, shapely legs as I
swung my high heels into the car and Rob shut the door. God!! I even
flashed the young man a sexy smile as we drove away!!
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