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Teacher's Pet

PostPosted: Wed Jul 04, 2018 7:32 am
by Miki Yamuri
Title: Teacher's Pet


Elladan Kenet, age 18, male senior student

Mrs. Cindy Leaki, 23yo Psycology Teacher

Scene: In the 1st day of the new class

Cindy Leaki was a very shapely young female teacher. She taught the Psychology class at Windmiere College. As she had taken roll, she had noticed a rather handsome young man, with long black hair. He was more than handsome ... it struck Cindy, that with just a simple rearranging of his hair, and an adorable outfit, he would look juts like a little girl.

This brought many fantasies to her mind. He would be the perfect subject for something she had in mind. She sat on the edge of her desk in such a way, that he could see her lacy bikini panties ... although it looked like it was totally by accident.

Miss Leaki says softly, "Good morning class, this year we will learn the fundamentals of Social Interactions of the species. Are there any questions?"

Elladan had been taking notes, when he saw movement. Looking up, he froze, blinking at what he saw ... his teacher's panties. He blushed when he saw them, trying his best not to stare, before going back to scribbling notes as Miss Cindy lectured. She was perhaps the most beautiful woman he had ever seen and was totally taken with her. Getting to see her cute panties made him very uncomfortable in his pants as he stiffened.

Cindy smiles as she sees Elladan's discomfort. She turns and twists slightly on her desk as she points to the things outlined on the board, of course giving Elladan more of a view. She finally gets off the desk and walks to him and bends over. Elledan looks to his left ... straight down her cleavage. He saw the soft lace of her maiden form bra, the wonderful curve of her small, firm, and supple breasts.

Cindy coos softly as she turns the page in his book and points to a particular paragraph that emphasizes the theme of her lecture.

She Stands and says, "If everyone would turn to page 45, and look at the paragraph pertaining to culture adaptation and culture shock."

Wow, she had nice breasts. Blushing and trying not to fidget, he let her do as she pleased, before she walked off to keep lecturing. He couldn't stop thinking of her now. He began to fidget in his desk trying to get his thing in a more comfortable position His thing had begun to pinch in its mighty efforts to harden. He had to do something .... he had no choice at this point because his thing needed a lot more room.

Every few minutes, in what seemed to the rest of the class as the teacher just using a student's book as the guide for her lecture, Cindy would come and hover around Elladan. Her delicate perfume was making him dizzy. Cindy stands sort of in front of Elladan as one of the students in the back of the class raises their hand. Cindy stands delicately on her tiptoes as she stretches over the top of Elledan to call on her. In so doing, Cindy's blouse rises up, exposing her wonderfully thin waistline, her cute little navel and flat firm tummy, and the tops of her lacy panties. Elladan had a bird's eye view.

Poor Elladan. No one else could see the torment he was going through. He could feel his member getting more than uncomfortably hard and starting to go way beyond pinch. Blushing and murmuring, he tried to bury himself more into his notes as he squirmed uncomfortably. When would class end? He wasn't sure how much more he could take.

Cindy finally walks to her desk and sits back on the top of it. She delicately crosses her ankles as she asks, "Are there any questions or comments?"

No one raised their hand, especially Elladan. It was a few minutes to the bell, and she'd yet to pass their tests out. Maybe they'd pick them up at the end of class. Cindy stands up and gathers a stack of papers from her desk.

She coos softly amid many groans, "Now class, we have enough time for all of you to take a short 10 question test. I should be able to grade them before class ends. Let us see how well you have been listening."

She places a test on each student's desk. As she put one on Elladan's, in what seems for the world like an accident, her hand runs tinglingly across his as she very softly brushes against him. She continues handing out papers as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened, then returned to sit on her desk again. Of course, she was giving Elladan a wonderful view up her very short skirt ... and of her lacy panties once again.

She says in a very sexy breathy voice, "You may begin."

Elledan squirmed in his seat. He almost couldn't keep his eyes off of the teacher. His eyes continually wandered up to look at this very beautiful woman ... seemingly giving him a personal exhibition that the rest of the class didn't seem to notice. Elledan did finally manage to get his super hard member in a comfortable position, much to his relief.

Boy, was he distracted! Her touch mesmerized him, and he completely forgot about the test ... silly boy. He sat there in a stupor, and when Cindy finally started picking the test papers back up, he came to and was frantic to finish up, before she got to him.

"No..." he gasps to himself, “ I couldn't have done this ... I just couldn't.”

Elladan realized suddenly that Cindy was standing over him. He looks up shyly into her beautiful smiling face.

Cindy asks softly, "Well, Mr. Kenet, are we going to hand in our test ... Or have you staked a territorial claim on it?"

There are many giggles as she holds out her hand for the paper.

Realizing he'd only completed half -whether they were right or wrong-, he was in trouble. Blushing and averting his eyes, he sighed and surrendered his test to her.

"Yes ma'am..." he said in a soft embarrassed whisper.

Cindy giggles and replies in a very seductive voice, "Why, thank you kind sir, that's so sweet of you."

As she takes the paper from Elladan, her fingers again make contact with his. Elledan feels a wonderful chill run up his arm as she takes the paper and continues on. Cindy returns to her desk after collecting all the papers. She quickly grades them and begins to return them to the students.

Elladan notices, his is the last paper she returns. His eyes get huge as his mouth falls open. The 5 question he did answer were marked wrong ... and of course the other 5 were as well, because of failure to answer.

Cindy says softly, "Mr. Kenet ... would you please see me after class? I think we need to have a ... conversation. Especially since you're here on a full scholarship."

Uh oh, he knew this was coming. Sighing, the bell ring, and Elladan was slow to pack his bag, before walking up to her desk. Cindy had the next hour off ... and she knew Elledan had no classes for the next hour, so there was plenty of time.

"Y-yes ma'am?" Elladan said with trepidation in his voice.

He was a bit worried. How could he get all five wrong? He took good notes. Maybe he was distracted? Still, every time he thought about the class, all he could imagine was his teacher's body and her flirting with him ... and how often he got to see her underwear.

Cindy places her soft, warm hand on top of Elladan's for effect. Elladan feels the electric chills run up his arm as large goose bumps form all over his body. She smiles at him. She knows she is having the effect she wanted by the trembling she felt in his hand.

She coos softly, "Sweetheart, this test is the easiest one you will ever take." She points to the first question, "did you fail to notice it says to refer to the 3rd question before answering this one?"

Elladan looks down. Sure enough, the instructions were plain enough. He looked at line 3. The question asked, 'What is the title of your current classes book?' Elledan couldn't believe he got it wrong and the first question wrong by not answering the 3rd one correctly. That was when he noticed the 6th question, it said to disregard all the rest of the questions, sign, date, and turn the test in. The instructions had been plain enough ... read the entire test before answering ... he had been too distracted with Cindy ... to pay attention. Not only had he gotten the first 5 questions wrong ... he didn't have to answer any of them ... and by doing so ... had failed the test.

Cindy coos softly as she hovers around him, "I think ... if we are to salvage whatever chances you might have of keeping your scholarship ... that I should give you personal attention and tutoring. Humm? What do think? Other wise, it's quite apparent you will crash and burn shortly. The next test is 1/3 of your grade for the year."

1/3 was a lot. He couldn't afford to fail this next test. But what did she mean? Blushing, he looked up at her.

Elladan says in a shy, soft voice, "Tutoring... and personal attention? What do you mean?"

Cindy bends over behind him and runs her hand gently through his hair. Her soft sweet breath tickles his ear as she coos, "What I mean, silly, is that you come to my apartment, and I tutor you in the fine arts of Psychology. The interpersonal actions and reactions of individuals as it pertains to the social group. Based on this test ... if you don't do something, you'll be receiving a suspension notice from the Scholarship Committee in about 3 weeks. Wouldn't you agree?"

Cindy had so addled him by her close proximity, Elladan couldn't think. What choice did he have? Do as she says and do better, or get suspended? They both knew what he would choose.

"I'll tutor with you, Miss Cindy," he said with a blush.

Cindy pats him on his shoulder gently, sending chills all through him once again. He almost wets his pant it's so intense. He can feel the small wetness as he manages to keep from doing it..

Cindy says in her wonderful cooing voice, "Then Mister Kenet ... may I call you Ellie?" Elladan nods without thinking, "Very well, Ellie, I expect you to be at my apartment ... tonight at about 7pm. That should be early enough to get you prepared for what's coming." she giggles softly as she bends over and picks up a book that was on the floor. Elladan almost falls out of his chair! Cindy's short skirt raises up .... and shows him her very lacy white bikini panties ... and the wonderful curvatures of her bottom. Cindy stands as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened. She turns and smiles, "I would suppose you need to be off to your next class.

She hands him 2 pieces of paper. One was a hall pass explaining the student/teacher conference they had and allowing him to enter the next class ... and the other had her phone number and address.

As the very befuddled boy leaves, she blows him a kiss and says, "Don't be late sweetheart. I expect punctuality."

Elladan closes the door. He stands there with closed eyes and pants softly for a few minuets before arranging himself more comfortably in his jeans, and walking dazedly off to his next class. There were many fantasies dancing though his head ... all of them involved Miss Leaki ... and him undressing her slowly.

Elladan went to the rest of his classes, like a good student. the entire day, he couldn't help but think of Miss Leaki and the tutoring. He wondered always what'd they'd actually tutor. He had so many sexual fantasies he almost couldn't concentrate. Elladan was beginning to feel a very uncomfortable hurty pain in his gonads ... and he didn't have time to do anything about it.

By 7 pm, he'd followed the directions and arrived at her house. It was small and quaint, located just outside campus, so he could walk from his dorm. He knocked on the door.

Cindy had just finished spritzing herself with a very defecate and expensive pheromone based perfume called 'Dream Angel.' It had a very defecate and heavenly aroma ... that slowly would drive a man crazy with needs and desires. Cindy intended to keep Elladan off guard until the proper chemicals had been introduced. She was sure ... he would be in diapers within the hour ... among other adorable outfits.

Cindy had put on her cutest babydoll dress, her cutest lacy panties, and had done her hair in long curly ponytails. She stands in front of the mirror and flips the back of the short dress up. She giggles as she sees the lacy panties, barely hidden by its hem. She hears a knock on the door. She giggles again and hopes Elladan is taken totally by surprise. She bounces over to the door and gracefully opens it.

She says in a sweet cooing voice,"Hello sweetie." She points to a desk with 2 comfortable chairs and 2 laptop computers. "Come in, I've got the desk all set up for you."

Cindy's perfume wafts around Elladan and his head begins to buzz pleasantly with it. He stood for a moment with his eyes popping out and his mouth open in total surprise. Wow, this was different. Elladan had never seen his teacher look this cute before. She was a total fox! Blushing and murmuring as his nostrils were filled with her scent, and barely able to keep his eyes off of her, he followed her to the desk and sat down.

Staring at her, he manages to gasp out, "Okay... what do we do first?"

Cindy bends over Elladan, insuring he gets the full effect of her perfume. He can see she doesn't have on a bra under her cute dress either. He is totally mind blown. He feels a real strong attraction, and a very serious need begin to well up within him.

She coos softly as she boots the laptop, "I was thinking we might start where I was lecturing today. You know, interpersonal actions with the group."

She giggles softly as she tweaks his ear gently. She rounds the table gracefully as a butterfly and boots the other laptop.

She continues, "I have this set up on a Teacher/student network. I have the Admin console and you have the dummy terminal. That way I can expedite the data I want to help you with."

She pushes a button on her keyboard, enabling the mind entrainment protocols on his.

Unknown to Elladan, his screen began flashing signals at a rate ... his eyes could see, but his conscious mind didn't recognize.

Cindy coos softly as she rounds the desk and places her hand on his, "Now, I want you to read this page. I'm going into the kitchen to get something to eat and drink. Would you like a Soda, or a sandwich? I wouldn't want you to be unable to concentrate because you were hungry or thirsty."

Staring at the screen a bit, he was only dimly aware of her question, already partially mesmerized by her little science project. "Drink would be fine..." he said in a dazed far away voice.

Cindy bends and kisses the helpless boy on his cheek, then gracefully flits to the kitchen. She pours him a soda. She picks up a large vial that contained a red gel type colloid. She looks at it for a moment as she pooches out her lip. She didn't want to give him too much ... she wanted his regression and feminization to be a slow process so it would seem what was happening was a normal progression to Elladan. Cindy wants this boy to be her sissy Love Pet ... he's so adorably cute. She nods to herself and pours 1/4 of the gel into the soda. It fizzes up suddenly for a bit, making a mess on the counter that she quickly cleans up. She stirs the gel in ... it vanishes without a trace. She returns to the den with 2 drinks and hands to spiked one to Elladan.

She says softly, "Drink up." As she takes a dainty sip from her glass and sits in the chair opposite him, allowing him to see up her very short dress.

When she came back, Elladan was quite thirsty. Taking the glass, he gladly drank from it, consuming all of it's contents.

"Thank you." he said .... trying his best, but failing miserably not to look at her panties.

Now, it was time to start with the training. It'd be easy. The first segment was..... Mother-Child Social Interactions? Elladan could feel ... something deep inside him. It was like ... a voice? He wasn't sure ... but it felt so ... nice.

Cindy asks softly, "Have you any questions ... about a mommy/baby relationship? It's the very first social interaction an individual has with the world. From this interaction, the interpersonal skills are first imprinted on the developing psyche."

He blinked a bit, looking at her, and back to the screen. It described the initial coming into the world, birthing, and the various requirements for babies during the first few years of life. ... and then at the end of the page, an Assignment? He scrolled down, confused a bit. Now was her chance.

Cindy bends over, showing off her lovely breasts held in the lacy cups of the babydoll dress. Elladan could actually see her nipples and the small darker circle of her areola.

Cindy says softly, "Now, this assignment requires the individual and a partner. One assumes the baby role, the other assumes the care giver role .. or mommy persona. Since I am, after all the teacher ... "

She giggles softly as her blue eyes sparkle brightly. He could practically hear her finish the sentence. She wanted to be the Mommy. Blushing and confused, he fidgeted.

Elladan says in an embarrassed tone, "I'm not sure... this seems like an odd assignment..."

Cindy stands up and walks to the Course description brochure. She opens it and walks back and places it in front of Elladan.

She says in a very sexy voice, “Would you be so kind as to read what it says here about ... Role playing the social interactions in each chapter to give the student the proper orientation?"

He blinks, reading the paper she held in front of him at eye level. It plainly read: "All students will be required, when asked, to participate in role playing assignments." Wow, he didn't remember reading that in the syllabus, but there was little for him to argue now. The paperwork said she was Mommy.

"But-" Elladan begins a futile protest.

Cindy runs her hand gently through Elladan's long hair as she begins to unbutton his shirt.

She coos softly, "The first thing we should do, is for mommy to dress her baby properly ... to get into the spirit of things."

He blushed and whined a bit, fidgeting as she undid his shirt. She forced his arms up, and the shirt was pulled off, revealing a thin, hairless chest.

"But I'm not a baby ..." he says in a cute pouting voice.

Cindy had picked up a tube of some kind of cream. She squeezes a large amount into her hand and begins to caress Elladan's chest as she smeared it thickly on. Elledan gasps softly as he tries to catch his breath. His arousal is instantaneous. Intense waves of very sensual sensations course through Elladan as he feels her supple fingers caressing his chest. Cindy continues in a very sensual manner. After a few minutes, with the wonderful smell of jasmine in the air, she begins to wipe his chest down softly with a soft cloth, removing what ever hair had been on his chest and under his arms. When she had done, she notices ... a wet spot between his legs ... as it slowly begins to spread, and run slowly down his leg. She is very happy the drug has started to take effect. He will be her's for as long as she wants now.

She gasps as she points, "Sweetie ... are you into being a baby that much?"

Elladan looks down. Oh dear, he just wet himself. He didn't even realize he was having an accident as he watched it happen. Shocked, he fussed a bit, squirming as the urine spread and she wiped his hair away. It seemed he'd need a bath.

"Nonono, I don't want to be a baby at all..."

Cindy stands and looks adorable. She rolls her eyes and says in a cute voice, "Don't be silly. I can't have you wetting yourself just any ol time like this. It's ok though, if you want to really be in diapers .. I won't tell anyone. I understand those ... secret fantasies we all are afraid to explore. This time, however .... I insist."

She takes him by his hand and pulls him to his feet. She knows it will only be a little while longer and he will start acting more infantile than he is right now and a lot more like a little girl.

She pats his hinny reassuringly as she coos in reinforcement, "It's ok for a baby your age to have an accident. You're not properly diapered. Now, come with mommy and I will give you a bath and get baby aww cleaned up."

He blushed and murmured as she pulled him up and patted his wet bottom. Reluctantly, he was led to the bathroom, so the interaction could continue. Elladan's head had begun to feel really funny. He was having a hard time thinking as the drug did it's job.

Cindy unties his tennis shoes and has him step out of them. She undoes his wet jeans and pulls them and his soaked boxers to his ankles as she has him step from them as well. She tosses them into an awaiting pail. She turns and sees the nude boy as he shyly covers his hard manhood as best he can with his hands.

Cindy feels a wonderful thrill run through her ... and a warm moistness between her legs. Even her nipples tingled with excitement at the size of his wonderful hardness. She was so glad that what she wa going to do to him, would in no wise infringe on that function.

Cindy walks over to Elladan and kneels in front of him. She gently brushes his hands from his hardness as she takes it into her trembling hands. Elladan gasps softly at her genital touch. His eyes get big as a major drug induced confusion runs through him. He's helpless ... at the same time, Elladan knows ... this is something he ... dreamed about.

Cindy knows she shouldn't do this now ... but she can't seem to help it ... he's so adorable and she wants his thing so much. She kisses it. Elladan's gasps loudly as Cindy takes his thing into her mouth and begins to suck it softly. Elladan can feel her tongue as it wiggles around.

Each suck, is so intense ... he's been so aroused for so long ... he cums immediately, giving Cindy several large squirts, and filling her mouth with white gooshy stuff. Cindy swallows everything in her mouth and licks her lips clean.

She stands and gives Elladan the most sensual French kiss he has ever had before stooping and plugging the drain in the tub. She begins to draw the bath. She pours a wonderful honeysuckle smelling oil into the water. Many bubbles rapidly form in the warm water.

Elladan had no idea what to do ... much less what to say. He was totally flabbergasted at what had just happened. He watched as Cindy showed him her very cute round pantied bottom beneath her very short babydoll dress as she tended to the tub. Cindy takes Elledan by the hand and helps him into the tub and be seated.

She coos softly, "That's a good baby. Mommy promises to take good care of you." She turns and picks up a strange pen looking thing and turns back, "Mommy has a surprise for you too." She touches the pen to his shoulder ... there is a hissing pop and a sharp sting, "That will make sure you are a wonderfully cute little girl in diapers. Mommy promise to take good care of you too."

She bends and kisses him softly on his cheek as she starts washing him with a huge, thick wash cloth, paying attention to his still hard thing.

Little girl?! Shocked, he whines as she helps him into the bathwater.

"But I'm a boy!" he complained, as she kissed and started washing him.

Cindy giggles, “Yes sweet heart, you're a boy ... but you're a special kind of boy. You are a Love Pet ... my Love Pet.”

Elladan couldn't quite understand what he was just told. The drug was beginning to shut down his reasoning abilities. He knew something was terribly wrong, but he couldn't for the life of him say what.

Everything Mommy ... M ... mommy?? That ... that can't be right. Elladan looks at Cindy as she lovingly caresses his body with the soft wash cloth. Each swipe of the cloth, removed what ever body hair was left.

When Cindy arrived at his squeaky place she coos, "And this will cause your thing to be pulled back up inside here," she caresses him between his legs, "And no one will ever know you have them ever again. It will look and feel just like a little girl's privacy ... that is until I pull them back out so I can use them ... isn't that wonderful?"

This most certainly was NOT wonderful. Groaning when he heard this, the boy fussed, trying not to coo as she rubbed his privates clean, treating him like a toddler.

As Cindy washed between Elladan's legs, he could feel the weird sensations start. He looks down, He watches helplessly as his manhood seems to shrivel up. It pulls back up inside his crotch along with his gonads. He can feel it as it finds its own place inside him. What he can see now .. looks just like a girl's privacy. Cindy allows him to explore his new place with his fingers. Elladan looks at Cindy with big eyes ... as he realizes it's all still there, just inside him now somehow.

Cindy pours a large amount of sweet smelling gel into his hair and massages it in. She then stands Elledan up and rinses him from head to foot with the spray nozzle. The boy wriggled and squirmed as she washed his hair and stood him up for a rinse. He was now hairless and smooth, and ready to be dried off. This was turning out to be an interesting evening, so far.

Cindy unstopped the tub, and helps Elledan out onto a thick bathmat, she dries his hair, then his body briskly ... tickling him in strategic places along the way.

Cindy turns and opens a cabinet and removes a neatly folded diaper, A very cute little girl's romper, and a pair of white plastic panties with pink clowns and many different colored balloons on it. Elladan watches asshe carries them to another counter that had a soft pad on top. She puts her bundle on top and pats it with her hand.

Cindy coos softly in an enticing way, “Come be a good Pet and get on the counter.”

The electric feeling that ran through him had him in motion before he even realized it. Elladan was shocked when he realized he was climbing onto the padded counter. He could feel the coldness of the padding against his skin as he obediently lay back.

Cindy smiles as she bends Elladan's at the knees and spreads his legs open. Once again, Elladan gasps and his eyes get big as he feels Cindy's wonderfully wiggly tongue begin licking his ... new opening. He feels her spread it open and can feel her tongue exploring inside it. Her tongue finds and begins to tickle the head of his hidden penis. All the helpless boy could do was squeak softly at the intense sensations Cindy was inducing within him.

For what seemed a very long time, Cindy continued to lick Elladan in the most intense way. Without warning, He found himself being lifted by his ankles, then his butt being set into something very thick and soft.

Cindy bends and blows a loud raspberry right in Elladan's tummy. He screeches loudly as he kicks and squirms. Cindy giggles ... she is very pleased at how well Elladan is taking to becoming her Pet.

Cindy powders him generously before pulling the thick diaper between his legs and fastening it on with large locking diaper pins. She blows another large raspberry in his tummy. As Elladan kicks and squirms, Cindy grabs one of his feet and holds it firmly.

She coos in a cute voice, “Awww ... baby gots widdow piggies.”

Cindy takes his big toe between her thumb and index finger and kisses and sucks on it gently. Elladan's eyes get huge as he gasps loudly. He tries helplessly to get away.

Cindy coos to baby, “This little piggy ...”

As Elladan screeches and squirms happily, she continues to tickle and kiss his feet lovingly. The drug she had given him had done its work quickly and wonderfully. With the added infantile reinforcements Cindy was giving to him, he was acting perfectly.

Cindy arrives at Elladan's little toe, She kisses and tickles it softly as she coos, “And this little piggy went, weee, weee, weee, all the way home.”

She blows one last loud and wet raspberry into Elladan's tummy. Elladan screams just like any girl and kicks his feet in sheer joy. Cindy turns to get the plastic panties. When she turns back, Elladan had curled up and was holding his feet in his hands. Cindy stood and smiled adoringly at her new Pet. He probably didn't even realize what had happened.

She helps him from the padded counter to his feet. Elladan stands on shaky legs for a few moments as he feel the hugely bulky diaper between his legs and the soft padding it afforded his bottom. He looks down at it and touches it with one hand, as he slips the thumb of his other hand into his mouth.

Suddenly, Elladan's eyes get big as he looks up at Cindy with a gasp.

Am .. amm notta baby .. amma ... amma ...” his voice changes as he's talking into a very cute infantile one.

Elladan couldn't remember what he was supposed to be. He had this vague memory of doing some thing ... he was .... baby?”

He says in the most adorable infantile voice, “Mommy?”

Cindy's heart melted. She bends down and hugs Elladan lovingly as she coos softly to her new Pet, “Yes sweet heart. You are doing wonderfully. Don't worry, mommy will keep baby very safe.” She holds out the plastic panties, “Now, be a good girl and step in your panties.”

Elladan hesitates for a few seconds as he pats the front of his diaper. He's sure something is very wrong ... but mommy says it's all right. He puts his thumb back in his mouth and holds onto Cindy with his other hand. He steps into the panties with wobbly steps. Cindy pulls the plastic panties up and pats him reassuringly on his hinny. Elladan giggles happily.

Cindy coos softly, “That's a good girl.” She unsnaps the romper at the top and holds it out for Elladan.”Now step into your romper and we'll be all done dressing baby.”

Elladan giggles as he steps into the adorable romper. It was a soft pastel pink with soft white ruffles around the legs and bib. It had several large white ruffles across the bottom too. Cindy pulls the romper up and ties the bib behind his neck in a cute bow.

Cindy leads Elladan to the potty and has him sit on it. She takes each foot, one at a time, and puts an adorable crocheted pink booty on them and ties the ribbon into a cute bow. She stands and examines her new Pet. No one would be able to tell by looking that this was a boy.

She picks up a stiff bristled brush and begins to brush Elladan's hair. She removes the tangles one by one as she come to them. Elladan's hair begins to curl in long curls and to shine. When Cindy had finished, she tied it into 2 cute, long curly ponytails.

She helps Elladan from the potty and escorts him to the long mirror behind the door. As he stood there looking at himself, he just knew ... something ... was ... wrong. But what it was ... he wasn't sure. He knew he was a very cute little girl and his reflection proved it.

Cindy bends and pats Elladan on his hinny again as she coos softly, “Now, I'm going to call my little girl Allie. From now on .... this is who you are. Understand sweet heart?”

He nods his head. He couldn't remember ... was that his name? Mommy said it was Allie ... so it must be ... she's mommy. He giggles when she patted his bottom ... he really liked it when she did that.

Cindy continues as she places a very nice choke collar necklace with a huge diamond in the setting on the front around his neck, “When you're in school, mommy will dress her little girl very young, and very cute. Don't let the big boys sway you. You belong to mommy, this collar proves you're my property.”

Allie nods her head. She's mommy's not no big boy's. A confused expression crosses Allie's face. There's this ... nagging thing in the back of her mind that won't go away. As time passed, it was getting fainter and fainter though ... so Allie knew it wouldn't bother her much longer .. but ... what was it? It seemed ... like it might have been extremely important. Allie couldn't bring it to mind no matter how hard she tried. She finally quit worrying about it and it rapidly vanished from her consciousness along with the fact she used to be a young man.

Cindy knows she can call all his memories back if necessary, but he ... will still be Allie ... the cute little Love Pet. Cindy hopes the paper she is writing about this technique will bring her fame in the Psychology world .... she knows her's is the absolute best there is. She also knows, she has chosen well with her current Pet. She is most pleased.

She takes Allie by her hand and slowly walks him to a large rocking arm chair. Cindy sits and helps Allie into her lap and arranges her comfortably in her arms. It was time for her Love Pet to get more regression / transformation drug. Cindy takes a proportionally large baby bottle filled with the proper mixture, tests it against her exposed wrist under allie for the proper temprature. It was just perfect. She puts the nipple to Allie's lips.

Allie, for just a second got big eyed and almost tensed up ... for that split second, before it all went away, he realized what was wrong. The wonderful flavor of the formula was in his mouth. He reflexively began to suckle. Cindy lovingly rocked and cooed to Allie, making her totally forget what was on her mind just then. As the warm and wonderfully tasting fluid trickled down Allie's throat. Allie became very contented as he began nursing the bottle in earnest. The last thing Allie remembered before falling asleep, was being put to Cindy's shoulder, the soft cloth there, and being patted on the back. Allie burps, a little white spit up comes up onto the cloth. Cindy is so pleased with her Love pet as she lovingly cleans Allie's sleeping face with the cloth.

~~ A Beginning ~~