Baby Miki, Baby Jennie and the Mystery of the Flying Time

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Baby Miki, Baby Jennie and the Mystery of the Flying Time

Postby Miki Yamuri » Thu May 24, 2018 2:50 pm

Title: Baby Miki, Baby Jennie and the Mystery of the Flying Time


Baby Miki played by: Miki Yamuri

Baby Jennie Played by: realliljennie

Scene: Sitting in the playpen listening to mommy's chat

"Ooo look Miki," said baby Jennie to her friend, "issa clock."

She held up a block that had a clock face printed on it, perhaps for building a clock tower with, and put it on top of the stack of blocks she was building.

"Wassa clock?" asked Miki.

"I dunno," said Jennie, shrugging. "Issa thingie that I dunno what it does."

"The girls are so cute, playing in there," said Jennie's mommy, TJ. "I wonder what they're talking about, babbling to each other like that."

Miki's mommy Lisa said, "I'm not sure, but I'll bet they're going to knock over that tower of blocks any second now ... yep, there they go. I think it's their favorite game."

They giggled happily at the antics of their cute baby girls.

"Well, sadly, it's almost time to go," said TJ, looking at her watch. "Time flies, doesn't it?"

"Yes, it sure does," said Lisa.

"Didja hear that, Miki?" said Jennie, back in the playpen. "I gotsa go home." She pouted. "And it's 'cause time flies."

Miki's eyes get big in surprise, "Time ... flies?"

Miki looks around the playpen in wonder. She gets up on her hands and feet and looks between her legs.

Jennie giggles, "Whatcha doin?"

Miki replies, "Am looking for tha flyin time sos u no gotsa go."

Miki stands up and hangs onto the side rail of the playpen. She pokes out her bottom lip and says in a huff, "Is no fair. Howa baby find flyin time?"

TJ giggles as she coos softly and bent to pick Jennie up, "You can't find it sweet heart ... once it's flown. It's just ... gone."

"But ... but ... don't wanna go," said Jennie. "Wanna keep playin wif Mikiiiii 'cause she the bestest playmate evers!"

She reached out toward Miki from her mommy's arms, tears in her eyes.

"Now, don't worry, Jennie," said TJ, "you'll be back here to play with her tomorrow. But tonight Mommy has to take you home. Just be patient and wait for tomorrow, OK?"

"But but wanna play wif Miki ..."

Jennie went on until TJ distracted her by putting her pacifier in her mouth. Then Jennie became much calmer and seemed to mostly focus on sucking on it.

Miki started to whine, "Noooo ... Jennies no can go."

TJ and Lisa give each other a small peck on the cheek. TJ turns to leave as Lisa waves night.

Miki says loudly, "Baby looks for that flying time thingy ... is can catch it ... u no gotsa leaves evers."

Lisa picks Miki up and pats her hinny softly as she coos reassuringly, "Don't worry honey, Jennie will be back before you know it."

Lisa carries Miki back to the nursery and begins to undress her and put her jammies on for bed.

Miki asks, "Mommy?"

"Yes, sweet heart."

“How comes times fly?"

Lisa giggles and replies softly as she works Miki's arms and head into the babydoll top, "When you aren't paying attention ... or your having lots of fun ... it just gets past you unnoticed."

As Lisa tucked Miki into her crib and gave her the big, soft Teddy Bear, Miki thought about how she might catch that strange winged critter, Time. There had to be a way. Mommy said it gets away cuz babies no payin attention. As she drifted off to sleep, all that was on her mind was what she was going to tell her best friend the next time she saw her about that flying time critter.

Meanwhile, as TJ tucked Jennie into bed, Jennie's mind was full of plans for how to stop time from flying away so she and Miki could play longer ... or maybe forever. She would think of something, she was certain of it ... and then she was off to dreamland, dreaming of pretty toys and cuddly plushies and playing with Miki all day long.

The next day, as TJ put her in the car seat to drive her back to Miki's house to play, Jennie couldn't stop talking about it. "... and we're gonna catch the time so it no fly an' we can play longer that way and we will keep the time but it will be OK, we will make sure it is comfy an' safe an' doesn't get hungry an' do you hafta give time a bath so it doesn't get dirty? Huh Mommy?"

"Hush, sweetheart," said TJ, "you can't really catch time, it's invisible -- you can't see it."

"That's what you said about the cookie fairy too," said Jennie as TJ started driving, "but we caught her."

"Uh ... huh," said TJ. "Right. Anyway soon you'll be with Miki and can play until lunchtime, then play until it's time to go home. But I don't think you're going to be catching any time with that net or that toy pole from the fishing game."

"Gonna twy anyways!" said Jennie. "Gonna catch it an' keep it safe so it no make me hafta go away an' stop playin'!"

When TJ brought Jennie in and put her into the playpen with Miki, Miki crawls over and gives Jennie a great big (L)SMUGGIES(L) .

She says, "Jennies, mommy say time fly away cuz we no payin attention nuffs to it. Guess it get board or sompin."

Jennie pokes out her bottom lip and replies, "Yea, my mommy say it imbisavles n no can sees it."

Miki's eyes get large in surprise as she says, "Mus b why we no see it fly ... huh?"

Both little girls nod their heads until their ponytails fly.

Miki says in a whiny voice, "How we gonna catchteded sompin is it gots wings an is imbisavles?"

Jennie wrinkles up her brow with thought as Miki stands up next to the playpen rail and holds on to it for balance.

Miki says softly, "Members when we got inna babypowders n it gots preadeded aww overs?"

Jennie nods as she also remembers the spanking they both got for it.

Miki turns slightly and says, "Is we can makes sompin that sticks to imbisavles stuffies ... can see it then ... like on that movie wiffa man that turneded imbisavles."

"Or ... maby we find out what it like to eat," suggested Jennie, "an we watch it real goo ... and when it come to eat it, woosh!" She swung the toy fishing net she had brought over. "We catched it!"

"But what do times like to eat?" asked Miki.

"Ummmmm I dunno," Jennie said. "Maby we ask our mommies."

And so it was that the two baby girls began to try to get their mothers' attention.

"Mommy Mommy Mommy!" they both started calling, from the playpen.

It wasn't long before TJ and Lisa came into the play room, bemused.

"What's the matter, girls?" asked Lisa. "Did you throw your pacifiers out of the playpen again?"

"Do you girls need diaper changes?" asked TJ.

"No, no, Mommy, we just wanna know what time likes to eat," said Jennie.

At the same time, Miki was saying much the same thing, "No Mommy, what does time eats, does you know, tell me tell me pwease!"

"What does time ... eat?" asked TJ. She looked at Lisa. "How do you girls think up these questions?"

"But is super portant," said Jennie. "What does it eat? We needsa know."

Lisa sighed as she shook her head. She smiles as she says, "Time eats many things sweeties ... like it eats into play time when little girls are asking strange questions.

TJ laughs as she says, "Time eats up daylight on those days we have other more important things to do than kill time."

Lisa and TJ look at each other for a second, then giggle.

TJ says softly as she kisses both girls on the forehead, "Time eats a lot of things if you look at it that way dear."

Then the two mommy's leave. The girl's look at each other perplexed.

Miki says in a soft whine, "Time eats ... playtime?"

Jennie's eyes get big as she puts her hand in her mouth.

Miki says, "Baby no wanna feeds it our playtime ... is what we tryina keeps."

Jennies says, "What is time eats sompin inna crib?" Both girls look down at the block with the painting of the clock on it.

"This a time thing," said Jennie, holding up the clock block.

"Yups," said Miki. "Is like the thingy onna wall that Mommy looks at when she say it time for somethins."

"So ... how we catcha time?" Jennie wondered, looking at the block. "Put it inna water n catch it like a fishy? I gots my fishin pole."

She held up a toy fishing pole with a magnet on the end from a fishing game she had. She'd brought it from home. It was perfect ... for catching magnetized fish.

"But ... is time a fishy?" asked Miki.

"I dunno ..." Jennie thought some more. "Whatif we just puts it on one end of the playpen ... and then we sit onna other end ... and when it moves we put this net onnit?"

Jennie held out a toy butterfly net that she had also brought from home; it was suitable for catching paper butterflies from another game she had. Miki bounced up and down as she clapped her hands together. Miki crawls over to the far side of the playpen with Jennie and sits to wait.

After awhile, Miki says softly, "Jennies? Ya think time is ... flyin by while we wait? Members .... mommy say it imbisavles." Jennies eyes get big as she thinks about that. Miki continues, How we gonna kno is it here is we no can sees it?"

About that time, the Jim Crochie song, 'Time in a Bottle' started to play from the radio.

Miki said excitedly, "Jennies!!! Time can be found inna bottle! When mommy bring us our bottles ... it gonna has time in it ... ya thinks?"

Jennie gasped. "Is inna song! It musts be twue!" She nodded lots. Miki was definitely right. "All we gotsa do is wait for our bottles!"

So the girls went back to playing, to wait until it was time for their bottles. But they put the block with the clock face on it in the far corner of the playpen anyway ... just in case. It wasn't long, or it didn't seem long at least, before TJ and Lisa came in, each holding a bottle for her baby.

"Guess what, girls," said TJ, "it's time for your bottles!"

Now, as most babies do, Jennie and Miki liked bottle time. It let them cuddle with their Mommies and drink yummy milk or juice, and it really calmed them down. But this time, they both hopped up to the side of the playpen to get a really good look at the bottles before they drank them.

"Baby must really want her bottle, doesn't she?" asked TJ. "She's so interested in it. She must be very thirsty."

TJ picked up Jennie and brought her over to the rocking chair, sitting down and cuddling her, and Lisa did the same with Miki, picking another comfy chair. The babies tried to remember their plan as they sucked on the bottles and were rocked gently by their Mommies. But neither one of them saw any time inside the bottle -- but how could they, if it was invisible?

Afterwords, when they were back in the playpen, Jennie said to Miki, "I not seed any time in my bottle, how bouts you?"

Miki shook her head no too, looking thoughtful. Miki said, "But even if it is imbizzavles ... if it inna bottle, it gots milk all over it. We woulda seed it."

Lisa walks in and turns on the TV and puts a DVD in the machine. Lisa said in a sweet coo, "Ok sweet hearts, enjoy this movie. Mommy will bring in some treats in a little while."

As Lisa leaves, The voice of the commentator introduces the show ... The Time Bandits. Miki's and Jennie's eyes get big as they screech, "Is bein stolded!"

Miki says excitedly, "Ya thinka reason it imbizzavles is sosa bandits no can find it?"

Jennies nods her head, "Yups ... so it hides inna bottle?"

Miki giggles, "Prolly ... an why it flys away so fast ... cuz it tryina hide."

Jennie and Miki look at the block with the clock face on it sitting at the far end of the playpen.

Miki says, "What ifs we give timema place ta hide maybe?"

"I knows a safe place," said Jennie, picking up the blankie that she liked to cuddle.

She reached up and draped it over the sides of the playpen over the corner with the clock block in it.

"That super safe. The time be safe there."

It was a bit dark in that corner, too, and kind of hard to see the block. Miki was about to say something when Jennie's eyes got very wide and she pointed at the block.

"It ... it move," Jennie said.

Miki looked at the block. It didn't look like it was moving ... or did it? It was kind of dark in the corner of the playpen now, with the blanket over that whole side. She watched it ... did it just move? Or was that just her eyes playing tricks on her?

"We needs ... a bottle," said Jennie. "Does we gotsa bottle in here?"

Miki says excitedly, "I gots Wendy Doll's bottle!"

She crawls quickly over to the large doll and gets its bottle and crawls back to Jennie. She hands it Jennie and says, "Here tha bottle."

Jennie removes the nipple top from the bottle and slowly crawls into the dark corner of the playpen. Miki sat guard just outside the over hanging blanket to insure nothing could get by.

Just as Jennie thought she was going to catch something, TJ and Lisa came into the room.

Here we are cuties, "Lisa said with a cherry coo, "We have your afternoon snacks."

TJ added, "I even brought some freshly baked chocolate brownies with lots of extra chocolate they way you girls like them."

"Here they are ... but where's Jennie?" said TJ. "Where oh where could Jennie be? Could she be ... under the couch pillows?" She picked up a pillow. "Nope! Could she be ... under the coffee table?" She looked there. "Nope!"

Meanwhile, Jennie knew TJ would find her soon ... somehow she always did. But just then she was absolutely sure she saw the block move. She brought the bottle down quickly near the block and covered the end of it with her hand, then Miki helped her put the lid back on.

"No worries, time," Jennie said softly, "we save you inna bottle just like the song. You be safe there."

"Could she be ... under the blankie?" said TJ, lifting up the blanket to reveal Jennie hiding under there, looking up at her. TJ giggled at Jennie. "So cute! Were you hiding from Mommy?" Jennie shook her head no.

Miki had slipped the bottle underneath the doll it belonged with after replacing the nippled top. The two girls were whisked away to their high chairs and given gooey chocolatey brownies to eat.

There was soon chocolate and crumbs all over their faces, hands and bibs -- even in their hair! But a good amount of the brownies made it inside the two baby girls, which oddly wasn't always the case when, for example, they were given mashed peas.

"I hope the time is OK inside the bottle," said Jennie quietly to Miki. "Hope it gots enough air and stuffs."

Miki whispered back, "M sure it does, bit tha tipa tha nipple sos air get in it."

Jennie and Miki giggled. Lisa and TJ came up with a large wash cloth and cleaned the girls hands, faces, and as much out of their hair as they could.

TJ shakes her head, "I guess we have to give them a bath."

The girls were whisked away to the bathroom and a nice hot bubble bath that smelled like honeysuckle. In the playroom, under the Wendy doll ... a baby bottle twitched, wiggled, and squirmed as if something inside it were trying to get out.

"... time enough for the girls to play a bit more before I have to go home," said TJ's voice a while later, as she entered the playroom carrying Jennie, with Lisa following shortly after carrying Miki. Both girls had damp hair but were otherwise dressed in their diapers and onesies and had their pacifiers. Lisa and TJ put their babies back in their playpen and continued talking.

Meanwhile, Jennie said to Miki, "I dunno if I catched anyfing -- it was at the very lastest second left."

Miki crawls up to Wendy doll and lifts her up. The bottle wiggles slightly.

Miki's eyes get huge as she points and says excitedly, "Look ... it ... it move. It really move aww by itselfs."

Lisa laughs, "TJ ... did you hear what the girls are doing?"

TJ replies, "What are our explorers up to now?"

Lisa replies, "They're trying to catch flying time." Both mothers leave the play room giggling at the cute antics of their children.

Jennie and Miki sat and watched. Sure enough, the bottle wiggled and twitched slightly. Both girls screeched in joy.

Miki said happily, "Jennies ... u done caughted sompins."

Jennie gasped. "W ... what is it?" she wondered. "Maby we open it an see?" Miki nodded. There was no other way to find out what was inside.

"If we lets you out," said Jennie to the bottle, "will you pwease show us what you looks like? We no wanna hurts you -- just wanna meets you."

The bottle became still, then tapped once. TAP.

"Maby that mean okay?" said Jennie. Miki shrugged. Neither girl was sure. So Jennie opened the bottle.

She looked inside. "Is ..." she started. She couldn't quite see. "Is ... issa toe."

It looked like a toe. The toe was attached to a foot. There was another foot, too, and they were attached to legs, and suddenly standing in the playpen with them was an old, old man with a long white robe and a long gray beard. He was holding an hourglass, not that the girls knew what that was. The girls blinked in surprise at him.

"Well, ya caught me, fair 'n square," he said. "You're some clever little girls, not ta mention cute as buttons. But ya wouldn't've caught me if I hadn't been so old."

"You like grandpa!" said Jennie. "Who is you?"

"I'm yer playtime, girls, a small part of Chronos … Father Time." said the old man. "Ya caught me just before I was over. 'S why I was so slow movin'. Not as young as I used to be, y'know."

Miki giggles, "Why comes u makes play time go so fast?"

Jennie joins in and adds, "Yea .... why comes? Cantcha makes it go slower sos we can play longer?"

The old man laughs heartily. He replies, "I surly can. But remember ... sometimes having isn't so nice as wanting."

Miki and Jennie looked at each other wondering what he meant. The old man takes two small stones from his robe and hands one to each of the girls.

He says softly, "Just rub this and time will slow down. To get it back to normal, knock it on something ... time will move by normally. And now," he said, as each girl stared at her magic stone, "I am needed again, so it is time -- heh heh -- for me to be reborn."

He turned over his hourglass, and suddenly, sitting before them in the playpen, was a diapered newborn baby boy. He babbled at them in a language that would be unintelligible to adults, but the two baby girls understood him just fine.

"You're the sweetest girls I have ever been the playtime for, and I mean that! But for now I have to go. Bye-bye!"

The instance of Chronos waved and vanished before their eyes.

"We ... we catched a time," said Jennie, still not fully understanding but grasping the very basics.

Miki and Jennie began to screech with joy. They jumped up and down and made so much fuss that TJ and Lisa came running in thinking that something bad had happened.

Lisa says worriedly, "What's wrong? What happened?"

TJ added, "Did one of you get hurt? Let mommy see."

Miki shouts, "Mommy!! We caughted a time ... we did, we did. Time inna bottle. He giveded us ... this."

Miki realized the stone was invisible suddenly and she couldn't find it so long as their mommy's were in the room.

TJ and Lisa laugh, "OK, girls ... as long as nothing happened and you're all right."

They turn and leave, laughing at the antics of their wonderfully brilliant children.

Jennie's face turned grumpy for a moment. "How comes they nebber believe us?"

Miki replies in a huff, "Cuza tha Adult Conspiracy. Makes dults blind or sompin."

"Oh wells," said Jennie. "Now we play for longer." She gently rubbed the magic stone, and she and Miki went back to playing, this time for a good long time … that seemed to stretch on and on and ...

~~ The End ~~
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