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Elladan -The Earth Subject - Pts 1 and 2

PostPosted: Tue Oct 03, 2017 11:46 am
by Miki Yamuri
Chapter One – Elladan -The Earth Subject

The NanaBot is the latest in Imperial domestic technology, domestic here applying to jobs and duties relating to home and person-care. It is quite simply, an artificial construct, designed in human form, to effortlessly mimic a living, human being. Based on the Organic Construct, the NanaBot is a droid capable of completely passing for a human female, including bodily functions such as using the bathroom, breathing, thought, and even reproduction. Ultimately, it is capable of becoming self-aware, achieving sentience and becoming all but human.

The NanaBot has one primary function foremost in all of its programming. To care for and protect whomever is under its charge. It is programmed with maternal and nanny-keeping instinct to function and act as a natural mother or sitter would, making any and all choices as a real mother or sitter would make. Its decisions always seem precise and exact.

Elladan walked up to the door of the small mansion. He'd always liked Mrs. Michele. She had been one of the teachers aides when he was in middle school, but now he was in college and grown up. He and Michele had been friends for a good while now, always talking to each other and spending time together. As it turns out, they went to the same college. She was a psychology major, while he was a history major.
He'd always kidded she should be a beautician instead, since she never seemed to age any. It had been nearly 8 years since they first met, when he was in 6th Grade, and she hadn't aged a day. Every time he asked what make-up she used, she'd just smile and say it was a secret.

He'd been called over, he guessed, because she needed help with her thesis project. He knew she had some kind of psychology project, and that she'd been "unable to find subjects." It just so happened that he had nothing better to do, and was recently recovering from depression. They had talked for hours about his parents’ death... but he'd gotten past that. Again, he knocked on the door.

Michelle Anderson looks up from her paperwork at her desk. She hears the knock. Turning to the clock, she notes the time. She’s expecting Elladan, and he’s apparently right on schedule. She stands and walks over to open the door.

Elladan was to help her with an experiment, or so he’d been told. He was under the impression he was going to be here for a therapy session to assist Michele with her thesis paper. He was only partially aware of the truth, thus.

Michele opens the door, seeing the 5’10” human male. He had shoulder-length black hair and a thin frame. He wore jeans, tennis shoes, and a black t-shirt. She smiles. “Hi, Elladan. Come on in, won’t you? I was just starting to expect you.”

He nods and follows her in. The house is lavishly decorated, with plenty of artwork and new furniture. It is obvious she lives alone, since the house is so huge and clean looking. It might even be new. He admires the decorations and the house decor. "Nice place. Did you inherit it?"

Another partial truth. The house was new… a brand new ship design, from the Terrian Nexus, capable of mimicking other ships. In this case, it resembled a typical 21st century Earth home.

Michele smiles, remembering why she was here in the first place. It was all a ruse, an elaborate ruse that had begun as a simple wish for company on Miki’s behalf, and ended with the choosing of one being on Earth, who would accompany Michelle back. Michelle had met that one being, and through her research, knew he was the one she had to take back with her. Centuries and millennia of searching nearby systems had finally led her here, where her latest stop was. She settled in a decade or so ago, under the guise of a school teacher. Not soon after, she met Elladan, and decided he was the one.

Michele smiles again, deeper. “Have a seat. I have something for you.”

He nods, and follows her into the foyer, where her work desk was. He sits in a chair opposite her. “What’s up?”

As he speaks, he hears a musical chime emit from the wall near him. Startled, he looks over, trying to identify the noise. After a while, he turns back to Michelle.

“Remember I told you about a test we are conducting and I needed a test subject ?”

Elladan nods. “Yes, you said something about that. What about?”

In through a door walks a young woman dressed in a black uniform . She has short brown hair, and green eyes, and her body is average-sized. She could’ve been anyone in the city, she seemed so… average. Very maid-like. She gracefully walked over to the place he had heard the chime .

Elladan watched, curious, then turns back to Michele. He'd never recalled her having a maid before.

The woman picked up a box from a slot in the wall. It’s about 12 inches by 3 inches by 2 inches. She then walked over to between Elladan and Michelle.

Michele smiles. “I would like you to meet someone.”

He watches. "Oh?"

She nods. “This is Nana . Nana, I would like you to meet Elladan.”

He looks over at the woman and offers a handshake. "How do you do?"

The lady looks at him. She takes his hand softly and says, “ Nana is very pleased to meet you, sweetheart.”

He blushes a bit and smiles politely. Sweetheart. Charming nickname, but he considers himself too old for such pet names. He looks to Michele. "What about her?"

Michelle elaborates, “she's not human Elladan.”

Elladan looks back and forth between the two girls. He can’t tell any obvious differences between them as humans. "Oh?"

“She's an AI constuct called NANA- bot “

He looks confused for a bit, then nods. "Ah... well, she's very lifelike. Is she your project?"

Michelle nods. “It is my project. And it seems she has a gift for you too. Nana, show him what you have for him.”

He looks up. Nana holds the box in front of her and opens it. Inside is a very ornate collar, with a large jewel in the setting. It appears very expensive, and..

Elladan pauses, feeling a cold tingling in his mind. He’s suddenly unable to describe or think about the collar. He struggles briefly with the sensation, before tearing his eyes away. The feeling subsides. “Isn’t this a dog collar?”

Michelle shakes her head. “No. That we have been looking for a test subject is not exactly the truth.” She turns to the droid. “Nana ... please place the collar on him.”

Elladan’s eyes dart to her, then the necklace. He is both confused and afraid suddenly, feeling the cold sensation creep back into his mind, numbing his thoughts and actions. Why can he suddenly not move? He tries to turn around, but finds himself glued to the spot as the Nana-bot quickly places the collar around his neck, clicking it closed.

The collar is suddenly shut and tightened around Elladan’s neck. It is securely fastened, but loose enough for him to be comfortable still. As he can feel the tingling sensations continue, he is just able to get his hand to the collar’s fastener. It won’t budge.

Then, he goes numb. Suddenly, it feels like his entire life is rushing around him, a maelstrom of thoughts and memories being churned around and re-organized.

Then, it all stops. There is a calm peace in his mind. Unable to resist, he is point-blank ordered… ordered by whatever the collar’s doing to his mind. He can hear one thought, overwhelming and uncompromising: “Comply.”

That was the beginning of what he later reflected on as “The Fall.”

Michelle continues, ignoring the confused expressions flitting across the boy’s face. "What I am going to tell you will shock and surprise you. I am not of this star system”

He struggle a bit internally, a confused look in my eyes. Her words barely reach me. "Huh?"

“The collar that has been placed on you is a Nero nano-genetic Pet Collar. It is now a permanent part of your genetic code. It is designed to control and ensure you cooperate against any rebuttals you may feel. It will also help you become more submissive as time permits, and the collar gradually fuses with your body.”

He gasps, shocked. The collar allows him this emotion, he realizes. He is suddenly… aware?... aware that some of his responses are permitted by the collar. The collar is letting him act a certain way.

Michelle continues. “You now belong to the Crown Empress of Terrian Nexus .”

This is a bit confusing. A collar? How's that possible. He then regains himself when she says the last part. "Belong? Wait, wait, I can't belong to anyone!"

Michelle nods. “ You are to be her Imperial Pet , a representative from planet earth to The Universal Imperium.”

What?! Panic flashes across his face. "That's insane! This isn't possible!"

She takes out a paper and puts it on the table in front of you. Michelle asks, "Remember signing this? “

Elladan looks down. He doesn't remember signing, but he can clearly see his name in red ink, dated a month ago.

Michelle turns the page and explains the paperwork. It is several pages long, in a tiny font. "This is the release that says you agree to this procedure and give universal power of authority to The Crown Emperess of Terrian Nexus. “

She points once again to his signature. He can barely read the miniscule print above it. He could've sworn he remembered reading it, so why doesn't he remember?

Michelle takes out another paper. “This one is a Title for the Ownership of an Imperial Royal Pet.” She places it on the table in front of you. Elladan can see it has his name as the Pet .

He pales. What deviltry has he agreed too?! He tears his eyes from the paper.

The Owner's name is Miki Anton, Emperess of the Known Universe as Explored by Man, Crown Emperess of Terrian Nexus.

Michelle continues talking. “Like Nana, I am also a genetic construct. I was built long before her, and sent to locate a suitable pet for Empress Miki. Ten years ago, I came to earth and found you. You fit exactly what we’re looking for.”
Elladan is dumbfounded. He's being abducted by aliens! Loads of possible scenarios pass through his mind, none too pleasant .

“You have been chosen to represent the Planet Earth before the Ruling Council of The Universal Imperium.”

Oh, well that sounds good, he thinks. If they can be trusted, that is. If any of this is even real. He suddenly prays that he’s experiencing an elaborate dream.

She takes his hand in hers and puts ink on his palm and fingers. He tries to struggle, powerless to stop her as she inks his hands and fingers. "What're you doing?"

She places Elladan’s finger prints and palm prints of both hands in the places marked on the Title.

Elladan watches. It's like watching her sign a death warrant.

He then watches Michelle take a Seal from a pouch. She embosses the title with the Imperial Seal of Emperor Thomas Anton, Emperor of the known Universe.

Elladan notes the seal. Assuming this isn't an elaborate hoax, it's at least an authentic looking seal.

Michelle looks up, pulling out a bowl of water. Done with the imprinting, she cleans his hands off and gives him a command. “Pet ... I want you to stand. I must give you an inoculation. You have no choice in the matter.”

He was already standing, so this was an easy command. Against his will, he stood still. The voice in his mind was hypnotic and compelling. “Do not move.” And suddenly, it's like his muscles don't even exist. He's stuck.

He sees Michelle pick up a strange pen-like object. She places a cylinder of some kind of shiny liquid in it and gives it a twist.

He watches, unable to move. Fear fills his eyes, as he desperately tries to move his body, despite the collar somehow having control over his own body.

Michelle places it against his arm. There is a hissing pop. He can feel the heat of the injection as it spread through his veins. He looks down. "What is this stuff?" he asks.

“This is a numo-Syrenge. I have just given you a prolongation shot.”

He cocks his head. Prolongation? Wouldn’t that mean he’d be prolongated? As in live longer? How was that possible?

Michelle sighs. “Basically, you have received an inoculation against aging.”

Anti-aging serum? Wasn't that impossible? But then again she'd said they were aliens... his mind goes fuzzy a bit.

“You will be among some of the most unique Pets in all the universe ,” she continues. “You will be an Imperial Pet.”

She then turns to Nana, preparing for the next phase of Elladan’s abduction. “Nana, do you have any of the ... baby oils?”

Elladan’s mind is in shambles. Imperial pet. Suddenly, this... dream?... is seeming more and more real. He looks at the paper. Personally, he feels like a head of cattle. He looks over at the bot. Baby oils? For what?

Nana giggles softly, hearing his thought as if it was said out loud. “Why, for you sweetie. I am a master of the mix, as all Nanas are. I am here to take care of baby for the rest of his life, and I will be one of your best friends.”

Huh? He looks over. Take care of baby? What baby? Not him, surely. What on earth is going on?

Michelle smiles at the conversation. “Nana, baby has a voyage of 50,000 years. Please prepare him for interface into the dream machine.”

He looks up. 50,000 years? Dream machine? He looks confused as he is led away from the table.

Nana scoops him up in her arms and coos to Elladan. He flushes as she picks him up like an infant. Her strength is incredible, to be able to carry the 127 lb. of himself as if he were a baby. "What's going on? Lemme down!" He struggles vainly.
Nana smiles sympathetically. “I'll make you young enough to be baby and old enough to still function as a representative. But don’t worry about THAT for now. For now, you’re just going to be Baby.”

Her voice is so soothing and hypnotic . It is irresistible. “Shh, baby. Nana will take good care of you.”

He relaxes a bit, as she carries him, his struggles pointless. In the end he gives up his struggling.

Nana carries him into what looks like a nursery. She pushes against a wall, and a table folds out and doors slide back in to the wall.

He looks around. A nursery. He squirms a bit.

All the things necessary to change baby are on the shelves neatly arranged. She places Elladan on the table and begin to undress him.

He sees this and panics more. His squirms become more pronounced as he is set on the table and undressed.

Nana continues, despite his protests. “Baby needs to have a bath first.” She removes his clothes.

He pales. Bath? He is soon naked, and none of his struggling does him any good.

She picks his nude self up and walks through another door. Elladan can see a tub that looks for the world like a bassinette crossed with a hot tub

Nana places the boy in the warm aromatic water, the oils in the water smelling of Jasmine.

He looks down and smells the water as he is set in. Smells like perfume.

She washes him from head to foot with a soft scrunche and sweet smelling soaps. She then washes his shoulder-length hair.

The oils are so heavenly. He relaxes a bit, smelling the therapeutic oils. He can't help feeling soothed and calm... for now.

After a while, Nana is finally finished washing him. She lets the drain loose, then grabs a thick, fluffy towel, and wraps him in it, picking him up out of the tub. She the proceeds to dry him.

She dries him briskly but gently from head to foot and then finishes with his hair.

He is then again picked up and carried back into the nursery. Nanny carries him over to the table and lays him on it, putting her nose to his and rubbing gently, cooing to him babyishly.

He is once again on the table, now naked and smelling like flowers. He blushes and tries to cover himself. He cant help but giggle a bit as she tickles his nose.

In a very soothing and hypnotic voice, Nana says, "Relax baby. I am going to dress you now.”

His struggles immediately stop, but he can’t help but blush horribly.

She opens one of the bottles of baby oil. Elladan can smell the wonderful smell of honeysuckle. He cringes. He tries to struggle as she starts applying it to him, each rub erasing his body hair as if it was never there. Immediately, it begins taking affect. As her hand gently caress his body, Nana gently tickles him as a coolness spreads quickly through his body.

Elladan can feel a euphoria take control. As the feeling intensifies, he is filled with a warm, pleasant, feeling. His mind goes blank and is replaced with nothing but juvenile happiness. He is suddenly happy. Not caring as much about his privacy, he simply lets her continue. He even starts cooing a bit.

Nana turns him onto his tummy . She is rubbing him down with the oil, now smelling of wisteria. His mind is filled with the scents of it, as he gradually loses bodily function. This time a warm euphoria spreads within him that in no wise detracts from the cool one. Both act to bring his mind to a simple place. A huge burden lifts. Elladan begins to feel more infantile, and is gradually even losing his thoughts to what ever magic the oils are working on his state of being.

He realizes he is back on his back. He gets it back for a bit. He is back on his back, but isn't blushing any more. He simply wiggles there, cooing. Numbly, he tries to stop these actions.

Nana tickles him gently in his ribs. “You are such a sweet baby.” She kisses him gently as she lifts him by the ankles. She then sets a thick, night-time diaper beneath him, and sets him on it. Nana then liberally powders him, before pulling the front up and pinning the diaper securely. She then stands Elladan up on the ground by the changing table.

The worst of it is over for Nana. Elladan regains himself, just as he is set down. "What's going on?"

Nana takes a soft powder blue pair of lined rumba panties and hold them out. “Step in, Baby.”

He steps in, unable to disobey a direct command. "Answer me!"

Nana replies, “ I am just dressing baby for her flight.”

"Her flight? I'm no girl!" He blushes as she continues.

Nana then picks up a matching dress, and walks over to him. “Now lift you arms, sweetie.” He complies, still trying to argue with her.

The dress gives off an aura, he feels, as it is put on him. Nana explains, “This dress is made by the larva chaste on Ceti Delta Prime. It is the fiber of the cocoons of the Glow Moths. It is very rare and extremely expensive.”

He listens, disregarding the information, his arms forcefully held up until he is dressed.

With a gentle tug, she pulls the dress on him, then fits his arms into the puffy sleeves. It tingles against his skin, a wondrous feeling Elladan has never experienced.

He looks around, feeling the dress. It feels wonderfully soft, but he can't help reminding himself it is a girl garment.

Nana zips the dress and ties a pretty bow in the back. She then takes a brush and lovingly brushes his hair until it is soft and shining. She finishes, taking 2 strands of matching ribbon and tying them into his hair, into pony tails.

Last, Nana puts a pair of comfortably soft blue slippers on his feet. As these go on, Michelle walks in, carrying a golden ring in her arms. Elladan looks down at his body, hair in ribbons and feet in slippers. He is quite the convincing baby girl

Michelle smiles, seeing the new, cute baby. “Aw, now don’t be shy, sweetie. Come over here to the mirror.” Against his wishes, Elladan stops his blushing and walks over to Michelle, stopping in front of the mirror as directed. In the mirror's reflection he can see the most adorable little girl he has ever seen looking back at him. It is quite obvious she is wearing a diaper, and it looks adorable on her.

He blushes, looking at his image. He looks just like an infant, especially with the diaper. He looks up at Michele as if to ask why?

Michelle comes up behind you. “This is who you will be from now on baby. This is your personal personality profile.” She shows you the golden ring. “This is called a neuro halo. It will program you to be the adorable little sissy baby girl the empress wants you to be.”

He saw it, then looked at her, panic in his eyes. "But I don't want to be a baby girl!"

Michelle places the golden ring on his head, disregarding his protests. Elladan feels the Admin access activate. His body stiffens as the down load begins. There is massive data transfers. New neural pathways open. Desired personality traits are downloaded into his mind. His awareness is left to simply watch and feel this happen to him.
Then, his mind is clear. He realizes there is something different about the way he perceives himself and the world. His vision shifts, and becomes blurred, more unfocused. Brighter colors and objects stand out, while anything he finds boring just melds in the background. Everything in the nursery suddenly seems bright and pleasant to him. In essence, he is starting to think and feel like a three-year old girl.

He watches Michelle’s reflection as she removes the halo and tosses it into the trash. “Does baby feel better?”

Elladan just stands there, his mind struggling with the protocol. It has yet to gain a firm hold, but is still easily pushing his own mind away. It's like having a second brain insist on thinking for him. He looks up, smiling a bit, while in his eyes, fear and panic is clearly etched. He answers, his voice warm, but shaky. "Yes, Miss Michelle."

Michelle hugs Elladan. "Now sweetheart, Nana is going to be like ... mommy to you.”

Elladan looks over at Nana. "Mommy?" He's visibly blushing and shy, although his demure actions aren't fully pronounced. There is still a lot of mental confusion, despite his body doing as programmed

Nana comes to Elladan and says lovingly, "For such a cute baby girl, we have to have a cute name. How about we call you Allie?”

Michelle smiles sweetly, "That's a pretty name for a very pretty girl. Allie it is.” Both women give the new Allie a big hug and loving kiss.

Elladan: 'Allie' blushes cutely, squinching her body as both women hug and kiss him. Inside, he's disgusted at what he's doing. Ugh! I really am a baby girl!

Michelle says, " Ok Allie, your new life is really a very nice one. You will be pampered and well taken care of. There will be many adventures too, and ... a brand new thing for you to explore. Terrian Nexus is 50,000 light years away.”

He looks at the two women excitedly, filled with a new emotion: child-like awe.

They continue. “That means you will be in a dream fantasy of your choosing and your creation for that time. You have been inoculated against aging. In the flight time, you will age only 50 days.”

He looks confused. The AI is having him respond as a little girl, but his own self starts to push forward a little. "Choose my dream?"
Michelle takes him by the hand and leads him to a table. She waves her hand over the table and a screen appears.

Elladan toddles over with her, a very pronounced toddlers' walk thanks to the bulk of the diaper. He watches what happens.
Michelle says softly. “Okay Allie, now ... this is a AI computer system. It is called a dream machine.

Like Nana, Elladan thinks. Allie, on the other hand, only hears the word 'dream' and understands. "A dream?"

She nods. “You will be interfaced with this machine for the next 50,000 years.”

Good lord, that's a long time! Elladan thinks. Allie doesn't seem to mind.

“Now baby, you are to choose what you want your life to be for that time period.”

"I can choose anything I want?" Allie asks innocently.

“You can choose anything that your little heart can feel or you mind can imagine, and even change it as time passes to meet what ever you choose.”

He nods. Allie wants to be a fairy princess. Elladan, on the other hand, has other ideas. He has to act fast though, to take charge. If his theory is correct... then they can't stop him from this freedom. Damn it, he wants at least something out of this.

Michelle takes another golden halo. This one is slightly different that the other. It is wired into the table. She places it on his head.

Almost immediately, his eyes droop. His body goes limp. He braces for the massive down load ... it doesn’t happen. Instead .. he feels a presence in his mind’s eye. It is soft and gentle. It speaks to him. “Hello Allie ... I am AI of the Dream Machine. Will you talk with me and come and play?”

Allie steps forward in Elladan's body, nodding. She immediately speaks her mind as she imagines hugging a kind, teenage babysitter. "Of course! Can we be fairy princesses?"

The AI smiles, responding. "Of course. Anything you desire, we can play. We'll have so much fun together!" They hug.

Elladan gags. He can't believe how he's acting. The so called 'Allie' imagines itself as a real, 3-year old girl, a small, babyish, feminine version of himself. In his mind's eye, he looks just as he did when he came to Michele's house. He steps to the forefront of his mind.

"I'd rather not."

The AI looks over sadly. "Why so ever not? We'll have so much fun! Don't you want to play dress up?"
Elladan shakes his head, despite the programming downloaded into him telling him otherwise. He still has this much control... his heart is still his own, after all ... he hopes. "No, I don't. I wasn't asked if I wanted this."

The AI looked over. Her face was blank, yet tender. "But it's for your own good. Don't you want to be happy and well cared for?"

Elladan paused, taken aback. That was a nice way to put it. Who didn't want that. "Yes, I want those things. But no one gave me that choice. I was tricked into it."

"That's not our fault," little Allie told him, looking over. She was innocent, and yet the halo's pre-programmed presence at the same time. "You should've read the rules, silly."

"Rules I can't even remember, or understand," Elladan replied. "How is... a mere human?... supposed to understand and gather this?"

The construct shrugged. "That is not within my programming, but I can help you understand. Wouldn't you like to be happy here... with us?"

Elladan looked at the young Allie, then the AI. "I'll be here... if I cannot escape, or reason my way out, then I will rebel."

A darkness passed over his head. He felt a tingle run down his spine. He disregarded it and continued. "You told me I can have any dream I want. Any desire?"

The AI nodded. Those were the exact words. "You may have any dream you want during the flight. Any."

Elladan nodded, then looked at Allie. His eyes were hard and glaring... yet sad. He wasn't a mean kid... he just... liked his freedom. He looked back. "I want to be me. I want to be Elladan."

The AI nodded. That was his wish. If he truly wanted that, she would comply. "Very well then... Elladan. Though I confess I think you really would've had fun with us."

He merely turns and snorts, looking into the darkness. "In your dreams."

Allie comes to for a minute and looks up, sweetly into Nana and Michelle's eyes. "I'm


Michelle removes the halo from Allie's head

Michelle says to Nana, "Please take Allie to the ship and have her interfaced with the dream machine."

Michelle picks up the halo and unplugs it. and hands it to Nana.

Michelle says, "Here is the protocal the AI will ask for."

Allie smiles and holds Nanna's hand as she takes the halo from Michelle's hand.

Michelle kisses Allie gently on the forhead and say softly, " hope you have a nice dream baby. It is a long time to Terrian Nexus

Elladan giggles, blushing a bit, basking in his foolish pride against the two women.

Nana takes Allie to a door. It slides open and there is ... nothing. Nana takes Allie into it.

As Alladan is being led, he thinks to himself, remembering a quote he always loved. 'Pick your battles. Then win them.' He smiled to himself, savoring his victory, as the baby that was Allie complied with Nana.

Allie looks up. "Where are we going, mommy?" she asks innocently.

Nana replies sweetly , "to the ship baby."

She nods, holding onto Nana's hand.

Allie sees the boundry of the doorway ... reality ends ... she pass through ... into another reality.
There are controls, lights, consoles, equipment Elledan has no inkling of understanding. Allie looks at it as an infant would: A bunch of pretty glowing lights. Elladan, on the other hand, is genuinely curious.

Nana leads Allie to a clear tube. She pushes some buttons and the end opens and a very comfortable looking bed slides out. Nana then picks Allie up gently and put her on the bed.

Alladan manages to ask a question. "What are those?"

He is set on the bed. It is absolutely the most comfortable thing you have ever sat on.

Nana says softly, "Ok baby lie down now and let Nana hook you up."

Allie complies and lies down. Elladan waits for his question to be answered, trying not to get too comfy.
Allie, along with his body, giggles. She bounces a bit on the bed.

Allie say happily, "It's comfy!"

Elladan half only mentally shakes his head.

Elladan takes the time to commandeer his own eyes. He looks around the room, seeing computers, consoles and lights. Funny, he thinks. Commandeer his own eyes. Strange how he must actually make an effort now to control his body... something he took granted of before. Now he clings onto every moment of control as if it's his last. His body shows no reaction to these thoughts, save a few blinks

Allie points at something sparkly, with tubes and flashing lights. It is really the life support for the ship, but she doesn't understand that. Elladan merely suspects.

Allie asks brigtly, "What's that, mommy?"

Nana replys, "That's is the central support nexus for the starship baby. Everyone on this voyage will be interfaced to that."

Elladan then pushed a bit more. His voice became a little deeper, and cracked. Genetic programming from the collar and halo to dinstinct when someone is fighting their programming. He sounds more like the old Elladan, then baby Allie. "How exactly does it work?"

Nana replies, "Oh baby, Nana doesn't kow such things. Now lie still while I attach these things

Allie complied and layed back. Nana attaches many cuffs around your arms and legs. She then slides a bar across your midsection and it locks in place.

Elladan looks around. Cuffs? He looks back up, afraid a bit. The fear is evident, but then passes as she continues and he is Allie again. You feel a strong but plesant electrical sentation run through you.

Nana kisses Allie lovingly and says softly, "Sweet dreams baby my love."

Allie sees her attach a thick wire bundle to the golden halo. Nana puts it over Allie's head. Nana pushes a button and the bed slides into the clear cylinder and the end closes. Alladan feels a weired sensation all over and a sudden temprature drop.

Then suddenly

Elladan looks around. It is dark. He looks down. He is fully clothed as he remembers from that morning. Shoulder-length black hair, not in pigtails, and not brushed. He's wearing a black t-shirt and jeans, with sneakers. He must be in the dream he realizes. He looks around. Nothing. He's really in his own mind.

He whistles. "She wasn't kidding... this is authetic."

He thinks about stuff to do, to disprove his own dream. He jumps. He pinches himself. He does cartwheels. He even manages to bend himself into a pretzel and back. He's still fine. No pain at all. A real dream.

Then he looks back around. He can see himself clearly, but beyond that, all he sees is darkness. It's as if he's in a huge, empty warehouse, so tall and wide, he can't see the walls or ceiling.

He's impressed. "Wow... they were telling the truth."

Suddenly, everything else he remembers comes back to him. Being dressed and all-but mind controlled into being a baby girl. He shivers. That was real too. He looks around. No sign of Allie anywhere. Just him... as he wanted. He sighed. He was really by himself, or so he thought. It was going to be a LONG 50,000 years.

Suddenly there is a soft light and a cute little teeaged girl appears.

she giggles sweetly and asks, "are we enjoying our fantasy?"

Elladan looks at her. She looks like him... or maybe Allie... but older. A teenaged version of him, if he were a girl, perhaps?

He shruggs. "I suppose. You are...?"

she replies, "I am??" she giggles again and continues, "I guess you can call me Tina if it makes you happy
I am the AI vector of the dream machine ... I am the gateway to Fantasy."

He cocks his head and nods. He offers his hand. "Ah... the infamous dream machine. Then you know who I am?"

Tina replies, "Absolutely. I know ... every thing about you. I even know your secret fantasy."

she giggles again. Secret fantasy? He looks at her puzzled. He has no such fantasy

she says, "I think you would be cute in a size 6 Huggies too ya kno."

He blushes horribly and turns his head away. "No thank you. I've grown past the baby

stage, thank you."

she says, "have you?? ok."

She turns, a small window seems to open. It is more than a window ... like space time had parted

you see yourself sitting in a class room. There is some exam going on ... you hear your thoughts
He looks around, totally confused. He's in a classroom? He didn't ask for that. He looks down and sees an exam. He looks at the first question. It is an immpossibly hard math problem he vaguely remembers.

he hears his thoughts, "I wish I was home. I could be playing in a ...."

relization. you are back in the empty place ... you and Tina. Elladan looks over. He remembers. It might've been for one second, but he remembers.

Tina giggles, " I wanna play too."

He remembers thinking "I want to be babied."

Suddely, you find yourself in a crib. You are a cute little baby boy in his diaper with mommy holding a bottle in your mouth

He gasps. He suddenly shakes his head and the dream dissipates. He his back in the blackness looking at Tina.

"what was that?" He asks.

Tina giggles and says ,"It was what you wished that day in class."

He shook his head. "That was then... not now..."

She replies as she waves her hand around, "Sweetie, 50,000 years of this will drive you insane."

He then sees another image. It is a bit of a tease. He inexplicibly sees himself, as he is being stripped and put on a changing table ... he feels the table under his bottom as it become reality.

Tina says swetly, "I see boy has wet himself."

He hears her comment. He is astonished to see he has infact wet his pants.

Tina says sweetly, "Tina will change him. I am going to put him in a nice soft diaper."

He blushes and giggles. She picks up a bottle of the magical baby oil. He sees it. His heart skips a beat. He's seen that before... but where? Her hands are so soft as they apply it all over and caress him gentley.
The wonderful smell of honysuckle mesmerises his mind. He feels a cool wonderful euphoria spread through his body. Tina's hands lovingly caress the oils into all of your parts.

He is suddenly mind blown. All thought and feeling is replaced with docility and a wonderful infantil euphoria. He giggles as he is laid back and she massages the oil all over him.

Tina gentely turns Elladan onto his tummy. The hypnotic aroma of jasmine fills Elladan's mind He feels her soft hands caressing him in an extremely plesant manner as the oil covers his skin. He shivers with contentment, cooing softly and cutely as he is rubbed down in the oil. A warm exciting euphoria spreads rapidly through his body that in no wise detracts from the cool euphaoria.

Tina kisses Elladan softly on his cheek then she turns him on his back. He giggles and coos a bit as he is kissed and turned over. No complaining from him now.

Tina says softly and lovingly, " How sweetie feel now ... hummm?"

she tickles Elladan's feet as she takes him by his ankles and lifts him. Elladan giggles, blushing and squirming as he is tickled. He is quite obviously happy. Tina puts a very thick and soft diaper under him and sets him back on it.

She powders Elladan librally with sweet smelling baby powder. The smell of it is every where. He sneezes
She pulls the diaper between his legs and pins it snugly on.

Tina says, "Oooh baby sweetums make sneesies??" then tickles him lovingly in his ribs.

He giggles more as he is now diapered and being tickled
she stands Elladan on his feet. She takes a powder blue pair of lined rumba panties and holds them out for him.
He steps in

She pick up a powder blue top with puffy sleeves and lace around the hem and collar.

She says," hold your arms up baby so Tina can put your dress on."

He lifts his arms. She fits the arm openings to his hands and with a gental tug, It flows over his body. Tina pats you softly on your botom

Tina takes a brush and brushes Elladan's hair untill it shines softly. She ties it in 2 pony tails.
A mirror appears and she leads you to it. You see a most adorable baby girl looking back

He looks in the mirror and giggles, hugging Tina.Not once does the thought occur that this is exactly as he is dressed in reality

Tina says, "baby is a very pretty little baby girl"

She hugs and kisses Allie lovingly She hugs back and kisses Tina's cheek.

Tina asks, "would baby Like a new fantasy play ground?"

She nodded docily. "Can we be fairy princesses?"

Tina coos, "you most certainly can baby

every thing around changes Allie find herself in a fantasy world where she is a Fairy Princess. unicorns graze peacfully near by. A rainbow bridge crosses a golden river in the distance. The soft smell of wysteria plesantly fills the air. Elladan squeales happily, and runs through the meadow as multi colored butterfly flit at her feet and around her head. She is absorbed in the wonder of the fantasy. It seems to be absolutely real.

Elladan briefly tries to catch a butterfly, before continuing her frolic, arms spread wide like a bird.

Tina calls" Allie, come here and Princess will tell you a secret."

After a while, Allie found herself standing next to... Tina? Instead of the young, plucky

teenager, Tina was a beautiful princess, bedecked in a golden dress. Allie hugged her.

Tina whispers in Allie's ear, "you know baby, you can fly?"

Allie said excitedly, "I can?!"

Tina replied sweetly, "Sure, just hold out your arms and jump."

Allie closed her tiny eyes and jumped. Soon, she was soaring through the air. She giggled happily
many birds with rainbow feathers flitted every where. Soft fluffly clouds that tasted like cotton candy floated all around. Allie giggled happily. She simply flew between the clouds, birds, and butterflies for

many hours. She was having the best time of her life.

Tina called to Allie, "if you want to change something or need something sweetheart, just call for me .. I'm Tina
anything your heart desires is my command."

Allie was content where she was. She continued flying and playing with the butterflies and birds, until finally the sun started setting. She yawned, as she floated down to the meadow beside Tina.

Tina asks softly, "Is baby sleepy?

a soft cloud settles next to Allie. Tina picks Allie up and lays her on the cloud. It is very soft and comfortable
Allie nods, as she is picked up onto the cloud and lays on it. She yawns

Little does Allie know, he/she is experiencing his/her true fantasy. The earliest dream he ever remembered having. It was the one time in his life he was truly happy... a time he later forgot, and was never reminded of again.

The truth was... in his youth, Elladan had been raised as a baby girl.

Tina whispers softly in Allie's ear, "Is baby happy?"

He knew no different, honestly. He was only a baby girl for his first few years, before his memory developed. By the time he started preschool, he was potty trained, and a normal boy. He would never recall the incident ever again... but his heart would remember. It did remember. In that dream, as the 3-year old fairy princess, mere months before he became Elladan, he was the happiest he'd ever been. Really, he'd been born Allie... he'd only forgotten

Allie can't hear Tina. She is already asleep

Tina kisses Allie softly as she runs her hand gently through her hair.

Tina says so softly and lovingly, "Sleep baby, I am here only to make you happy

Chapter Two – Elladan -The Earth Subject

A special thanks to Ella Kenet for her part of Elladan and Allie in the role play of this story

Elladan wakes up. He is cold. He is being... awakened? He is unstrapped from the bed. He feels someone pick him up. He is docile.

Nana looks at Allie and kisses her softly and asks, “How baby feel? Does sweetie need to be changed?”

He doesn't answer at first. He is still groggy and cold. He's very much sleepy, even though he awakes. He can't even tell he's wet and messed himself royally.

Nana carries Allie gently to an opening in a doorframe. There is ... nothing there, reality ends. she Carries Allie through this opening into another reality. This appears to be another control room of some kind
Nana carries Allie through another door into a huge hall. There are many people from multitudes of worlds.

Nana whispers softly into Allies ear, "Don't be afraid baby, mommy will have you in the nursery soon and have you changed.”

Nana carries her precious cargo down the great hall and passed the door to the Magic Garden of the Moon.
She enters a large door ... It is a grand nursery. She carries Allie to the changing room
By now his sight is returning. He looks around. He's in...another nursery? Nana stands Allie on her feet and holds her gently as she removes all of Allie's clothes

Nana says, "Ok, sweet baby, mommy's going to give baby a bath

Elladan looks up. "Bath?"

Nana picks Allie up and carries her to a tub that looks the world like a very ornate whirl pool hot tub crossed with a bassinette. He squirms a wee bit. He is fighting to be... Allie? He stops Allie? The name sounds so familiar... so..... intimate. It's like I've always known this person.

While Elladan was put into the tub, he thought. The halo that downloaded his 3-year old self into him forbid most of his outward appearances and speech. Unless he strained incredibly hard, miraculously hard, considering his opponent was a halo, he could just barely squeeze a little bit of 'him' through. He recalled... the dream. It was so... vivid. He couldn't explain the feelings he knew when he thought of the dream machine. It was like... paradise. Heaven, interfaced with your body. He remembers.... everything... with clarity. The Allie part of him ignores his mind-talk; she only has eyes for Nana and the bath.

He remembers his initial assertment that he wants to be Elladan. For a while, he won. He had a whole, glorious, 5 minutes of being a big boy. He realized it was fruitless endeavor and a very unpleasant victory.Tina came, and he was flattened. She managed to eek out his secret desires; desires he didn't even realize
he'd had. He'd had no inkling he'd ever desired being a baby girl... it was obvious, when he looked back on the simple protocols of the dream

machine. It only worked if a majority of him desired that wish. And he had... because he remembered the treatment... the machine.. she called herself Tina, personified as a teenager a bit younger than him. Thanks to his desires, she'd managed to gain the upper hand against the reluctant, ruling majority that was Elladan. It was like having some kind of.... feminist revolution take place in his mind, with a skillful leader rallying the masses to oust the... dictator?

Why was he considering himself a dictator, he asked? He had to remind himself that he was no longer fully in control... Allie and Tina had made sure of that... Tina, he sighed, As much as he didn't want to admit, he'd miss her. He knew he was to be Allie. A 3 year old baby girl.

Nana picks Allie up and puts her in the tub The water is very warm and smells of lilacs. It gives her skin a soft and very pleasant tingling sensation. Nana bends down. She softly washes Allie all over from top to bottom and all the little squeaky places. Allie giggles softly, enjoying the bath. Elladan likes the way it feels too, but refuses to point this out.

Nana kisses her softly and tickles gently. Nana unties the ribbons in Allie's hair and pours a thick blue silver gel on top. Nana the washes and caresses Allies head very throughly to remove all the grim that may have collected during the long voyage from earth. The dream machine did a superb job of maintaining the body ... not good enough for Nana though.

Allie is in bliss. She's loving the bath. She splashes playfully. Nana tickles Allie a bit more as she rinses her hair. Nana turns slightly and picks up a huge, thick towel. Allie looks up, wondering what happens next. Elladan merely shakes his mental head and stops his futile struggles against who he is realizing is his real self, and watches the show unfurl.

Nana says, "Ok, baby, step out.”

He steps out. Nana wraps the thick towel around Allie and dries her from head to foot briskly but softly.
She finishes with her hair. Nana takes a brush from the counter, she brushes Allie's long hair softly until it shines. She ties it in soft pink ribbons
[10:23] dragonlord0711: Allie giggles at the treatment. Elladan glowers. He can't sit by and let them do this to his body... at least not without his consent.

Nana picks Allie up and twirls her round several times and deposits her gently on the changing table

Elladan pushes to the forefront just as he is placed down. "What's going on?"

Nana rubs her nose to Allie's and tickles her ribs.

she says " I am about to dress you baby.” as she blows in her tummy button loudly

Elledan giggles, then quickly regains composure. 'But I don't want to be dressed!"

He giggles when she blows in his tummy and kicks his feet like any baby having this wonderful treatment.

Nana says, "Oh, really? Then you want to be nude?"

Then she tickles Allie's feet

He giggles even more estaticly as he gasps, "N-no.."

Nana kisses baby sweetly and tickles her lovingly then says, "So what baby mean then?”

As she blows in her tummy button again. He blushes as he realizes he is Allie again.

Then he loses. He's allie again and says in a sweet little girl voice, "I... don't know..."

Nana says, “You are such a sweet baby. I'm going to make you really young today so you can recover faster. You will be 2 mixed with ... ummmm ... lets say 11, That will make you baby and make you fun.”

Nana takes 3 botttles of baby oils from the shelf. She is a master of the mix as all Nana Bots.
He blushes. 2? ... He doesn't want to be 2! ... He squirms in joyous euphoria of being softly tickled.

Nana opens the first bottle ... the heavenly aroma of jonquil fills the air. Her soft hands caress Allie softly as she applies the oil. An extremely intense euphoria spread rapidly ... and... bingo. Much to Elladan's confused pleasure and displeasure, he starts cooing.. He's 100% Allie for now and is regressing rapidly to a cute 2 year old baby.

Nana opens another oil and the aroma of roses fill her mind this time ... it is intoxicating. Her soft hands are again caressing Allie in all her ticklish places. He's cutely squirming now, all in pleasure, giggling like no tomorrow as he is massaged and bathed in the oil.

Nana coos softly as she turns Allie over onto her tummy. She giggles even more when she is turned over. Nana coos sweetly as she opens the last bottle ... honeysuckle fills the air. Nana’s hands again softly caress Allie. The warm euphoric waves are intense now and coursing all through her body. She is now ecstatic. Allie is even numbed some. It is all the oil now, as both thier personalities are numbed and merge into one. Her personality is molded... into a baby girl of 2 with many attributes of an 11 year old too.

Nana completes the application and turns Allie onto her back. Elladan might as well not exist. He is now Allie and knows nothing more than that. Nothing he can do can change anything. His body doesn't respond at all. Allie just wiggles cutely.

Nana bends down and rubs noses and asks, "How does that feel baby??"

Nana tickles Allie lovingly in the ribs She giggles as she is tickled. She squirms happily and squeals with glee.

Nana says in a cooing voice, "Now baby unpotty trained today, so tell mommy when you need to be changed ... ok??

Elladan gasps. Unpottytrained? ... he doesn't seem to mind, though

She just giggles and nods. "Yes mommy."

Nana lifts Allie by he ankles and puts a very thick and soft diaper underneath. Nana puts Allie back down and powders her generously with sweet smelling baby powder. Nana tickles Allies feet, then she pulls the diaper up between her legs and pins it snugly on.

Se giggles. She is now diapered and all female. Even her parts have almost hidden themselves inside her body leaving almost no evidence they are there.

Nana blows in Allie's tummy again and makes a loud noise. He giggles as his tummy is blown.

Nana brings out a pair of soft pink lined rumba panties. She puts each leg in the openings and works them up to her knees. She stands Allie up and has Allie lean against her. Nana pulls the panties the rest of the way up.

Nana sits Allie down on the table again. She picks up a bootie. She tickles Allie’s foot and then puts the bootie on it. She repeats the process with the other foot.

Nana Stands Allie up on the floor and takes her by the hand. She slowly leads her to a huge rocking chair.
She sits in the chair and lifts Allie into the chair. As Allie watches ... Nana unfastens a panel in her uniform and opens a place in her bra. She squeezes her breast. A large drop of milk forms on the nipple. She puts the nipple in Allie's mouth.

Nana says, “Be a good baby and have breakfast.”

He blushes, unable to stop as he complies and starts nursing. Allie nurses naturally and happily, eyes closed in a complete state of infantile euphoria. He can’t remember a time when he was so content and happy.

Nana coos softly as she slowly rocks Allie.

Allie keeps nursing until she finishes the first teat. Nana shifts Allie in her lap ... she squeezes her other breast ... another drop of milk forms on this nipple ... she puts it in Allies mouth again Allie hungrily starts nursing. She nurses for a long time, totally lost in a complete state of contentment.

Allie is almost asleep when Nana removes the nipple from her mouth. She watches as Nana fastens her bra and her uniform back in place.

Nana carries Allie back into the Nursery. The nursery is huge and very plush. Allie looks around, taking everything in. There are thick royal blue carpets on the floors. Very ornately carved massively thick fine wooden furniture everywhere. A beautifully carved crib and matching chest of drawers. A huge gilded toy box ... there are baby toys and dolls scattered all over the play area.

Nana takes Allie to the play area.

She sets Allie on her feet and says, "Ok baby, you play with you toys like a good girl. Mommy will sit in this chair and watch you enjoy your self.”

Allie nods and immediately gets a doll out. She starts to play with it, having it 'walk around' back and forth across the carpet. She is entertained by this for more than an hour.

Finally, he nods, at about 11:30. He looks over at Nana. "I'm tired, mommy.'

Nana stands and picks Allie up

She says sweetly, “ok baby, mommy putums in beddy bye.”

He nods, laying his head on Nana’s shoulder. Nana carries Allie to the crib. She gently places her in the crib and gives her a Teddy Bear. She tucks Allie in and gives her a very loving kiss.

He is soon asleep. Allie is easily tired, especially in an infant state

Nana says softly, “Sweet dreams baby. Mommy love you very much.”

With a soft pat on Allie’s bottom ... the lights in the nursery grow dim.
[11:39] dragonlord0711: Elladan sleeps soundly, unable to fight the oils.

His last thought comes out aloud. "Tina.."

Nana hears this name. Allie says it over and over several times very softly. Nana knows who Tina is ... Nana wants nothing more than to insure Allie is happy. Nana walks over to the comm and makes a quick call, then she returns to her chair to watch over the precious child that is her entire existence.

[11:41] dragonlord0711: At his heart, Elladan is enraptured about Tina. He is confused by these feelings. He likes the possibility of her as a friend. Allie prefers her as a playmate and nanny. Combined, is the desire for Tina. Allie sleeps soundly until her nap is over.

Elladan/Allie is still asleep 2 hours later, when the nap is supposed to end. He starts to wake up, groggy a bit.

Tina is there. She leans over and give Allie a kiss and says, "Well hello sweetie, how's my baby? Nana had to leave for a while and needed a sitter, so I came by to play with you today.”

Allie looks up, still groggy. It takes her a minute to re-jog her thoughts.... then suddenly. "TINA!" She leaps up, almost out of the crib, hugging the girl.

Tina hugs Allie back very tenderly and says, "Ohhh, did baby miss me? I missed baby a lot.”

Elladan, is just waking up. He nods and hugs her. It takes him a while to realize 'Allie' is... hugging... Tina?
He stares out of his own eyes, flabbergasted

Tina asks, "Does baby need to be changed" and checks Allie's diaper.

Allie's diaper is very wet. She is of course unpotty trained. Elladan is shocked to see Tina. He'd thought she was a... dream? Some kind of dream interface..

Tina coos, “You are such a good baby girl.”

Allie giggles, hugging Tina, not even caring she's wet. The Elladan half is busy trying to sort through the logic.
Tina picks Allie up and carries her to the changing room all the while hugging and kissing her

Tina lays Allie gentely on the changing table. She tickles Allies feet

Tina asks, “Did baby have sweet dreams?”

Allie nods. The Elladan side by now is desperate to get back in control. He's fighting all he can against the collar and baby oil ... now, it’s all in vain. He realizes he is rapidly becoming a baby girl all the way through.

Elladan nods. By now he is desperate trying to get his male side back in control. He's fighting all he can against the collar and baby oil. He realizes more that now... it is in vain.

Tina unfastens the snaps between Allie's legs, pulls down the rumba panties and unfastens the diaper pins
Tina tickles Allie’s ribs as she softly rubs her nose to Allie's. Elladan ‘s male side sighs, looking through his eyes. Much as he wants to talk to Tina, he can't. Allie is firmly in control and he realizes he is now becoming Allie.

Allie coos to herself and giggles as she is changed. Tina takes a sweet smelling baby wipe and cleans all between Allie's legs, making sure she won't get a rash.

She lifts Allie by he ankles and places a very thick diaper under her and sets her back down.
Tina tickles Allies feet as she coos to the baby.

Allie giggles, wiggling cutely on the table. Tina then takes a large container of baby powder and powders every where as she tickles Allie all over. Powder is all over the place now.

Tina giggles, “We are going to have a lot of fun baby, I promise.”
Elladan nods happily and slumps back in his own mind. Why does he even bother?

Tina softly caresses the powder in and folds the diaper between Allie's legs and pins if snugly on. She pulls up the rumba panties and fastens the snaps between Allie’s legs. Tina gives Allie a big Kiss and then picks her up from the table, carries her to the play area and sits with her on the carpet

Allie is glad to have Tina back. She remembers the wonderful dream she had with Tina when she was a fairy. It doesn't even bother her that Tina was supposed to be merely a dream, and not real

Tina whispers to Allie, "You know you have a great big day tomorrow don't you baby?"

Allie looks up. "I do?"

Tina Replies, "Yes baby you do." She explains, "You will represent your entire planet before the Universal Imperium in the morning; isn’t that exciting?”

Allie looks confused. She doesn't understand the concept of the Imperium.

Tina takes a small devise from off of the bracelet on her wrist. She places it on the Diamond on the front of the collar with a click.
Tina asks, “What are your thoughts on representing the entire population of your planet sweetheart?”

Elladan blinks. Suddenly he is his old self. He blinks and looks up at Tina.

He says still confused, "Um..... it is.. an honor?" He looks around, confused, “What just happened?”

Tina explaines, “I have allowed your real personality to come out and suppressed the control personality so that you may voice your opinions and we may reason together. There is a serious threat to all the known universe, it is called the Thrnoxian Collective.”

He nods. He likes this. Best take advantage of the opportunity while he can.

He says, still in a daze, "Thank you."

He hears her comment and wonders how there's something he can do about it? He listens.

Tina continues, “Earth is in serious danger as is the rest of the known universe. We need to know the ... situation of Earth. It has been 52,000 thousand years since last you saw earth. It was a planet that had sentient life. We wanted to preserve a specimen before it became extinct ... we wanted to preserve you.
He looks around. He's still confused a bit. He remembers earth as if it was yesterday, not 52,000 years ago.

"Um ... I'm.... with you?" What else could he say?

Tina giggles and then says, "Sweetheart, you were a girl first, that's why we choose you ... this is who the control is ... it's you.”

He looks bewildered. Girl at first? No, he was Elladan..

Tina continues her explanation, “Our young Emperess had wanted a playmate. We had wanted a representative seed of Earth ...we chose you. The first 4 years of your life, you were a little girl named Allie. Then you started school.”

He nods, confused a bit. That explained some of the strange emotions he has had about certain things.

He is staring at her, incredulous. “Allie? A little girl? It can't be ...”

She runs her hand through Allie's hair and says softly, "can't it? And why not baby?”

He flushes. He recalls that this is Tina... the girl who saw his dreams. "Because.... who are you?" He blushes, trying to run around the bush

Tina replies, "I am what you would be at 18 sweetie.”

He knows this... somehow. Tina is him... if he were a girl

Tina says, "Ahhh, the glimmer of realization. So baby, they are going to be talking Galactic war tomorrow ... are you up to it?”

He looks around, then back at her. He wants to talk to her more. He feels like he's getting ready to lose this ... privilege. He sighs and nods. "Of course."

Tina says, “Speak your mind. You will stand before a multitude of worlds and have the same ruling authority as they, and the same voting authority too.”

He nods. "Alright."

Tina looks Allie in the eye, "What is it you aren't saying baby?"

He looks at her. Can he tell her? He finally shrugs then answers. "Why was this really done to me? Is that it? I'm chosen to be a... playmate? And representative of my people? For what, because you claim I was raised as... Allie?"

Tina giggles, "You were chosen because you have the unique perspective of being raised as both a boy and a girl. You were also chosen because the Young Emperess wanted a playmate and because we wanted a representative seed of earth. Plain and simple.”

He nods, confused. He'll need time to think this over. He looks around. "How long till I go back to being... Allie?" He looks back at Tina, blushing.

Tina smiles softly, "you just don't get it do you? You are Allie.”

He glares. "You know what I mean."

Tina says softly, "Baby, you are who you are. This is who you were when you were happy, I only want you to be happy. If you would relax and let it happen, you would realize you are extremely happy as Allie. remember the dream machine ... it is still the same now ... you can still be as happy.”

He looks over. He has so many confusing thoughts... he can't even begin to sort them. He looks around, trying to find something to say. Some way to... admit the truth?

He blinks. "I..... I......." he blushes. "I....... I like you, Tina."

He turns scarlet, adverting his head away. Boy, he's embarrassed. What the heck was he thinking anyway?

Tina hugs Allie softly and says, Go on baby, I'm listening.”

He blushes, unaware that he's hugging back. He enjoys the comfort.

Elladan stumbles through a reply, "I.... I liked it when you... cared for me."
That was about as much of a statement that was going to come from his stubborn self. At least for now.

Tina holds him so tenderly and kisses him on the cheek then says, "My whole existence is making sure you are happy Elladan.”

He smiles a bit, hearing her say his name, This makes him feel more real.

He looks at her. "So... you're real then?"

Tina replies, " I am ... real.”

He looks at her. "Then... you're not a dream anymore. You're... real."

Tina giggles, "sweetheart, I never was a dream. I am a genetic AI. That means I am alive too, just like you.”

He nods, confused. He still doesn't understand such technology. "But you haven't answered my earlier question. When do I go back to being Allie? How long do I get to be Elladan? Once I go back to Allie... how long until I can be me again?"

Tina replies, “Sweetheart, I don't know how to get you to understand. Allie is you ... Just the baby you.”

He sighs, rolling his eyes. "You KNOW what I meant."

Tina says, “I guess now as good a time as any sweetie" ... she reaches over and removes the device from the diamond and places it back on her bracelet. Before he can complain, saying he wasn't ready, he is silenced. Allie giggles and hugs Tina. Elladan is now Allie until tomorrow when he faces the Ruling Council. He has no knowledge of anything except that he is 3 year old Allie and loves Tina with all her heart.

~~A Stopping Place for Now ~~