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Title: Abduction - Pt1


Allen Smith, 18 yo high school graduate – Played by: Elledan Kenet

Screee - Alien Abductor / Science Officer

All other Characters played by: Miki Yamuri

Scene: Just outside the Library entrance

Allen checked his watch. It was noon, the time he was supposed to meet the girls from the Research lab. The young high school graduate had need of cash, and so decided to take this quick job which promised an income and place to stay as long as he agreed to assist in their research. He was your typical young male, thin, with messy black hair and green eyes, wearing jeans and a blue t-shirt.

Behind the young man, a door he hadn't noticed before opened. A rather large, but very pretty young woman came out. She smiled at Allen and said in a wonderfully sensual voice, "Hi, my name's Dr. Screee. You must be Mr. Smith, I presume?"

She held out her very delicate, but large hand to him. Allen turned, not expecting the sudden appearance of the woman. He was by no means a small boy, being a respectable 5'5", but she seemed oddly large. Not fat mind you, she had all the right proportions, but just... big. She looked nearly 7 or 8 feet tall, which made him seem almost a child by comparison.

Confused, he took her hand, shocked by the size of it, "Wow... er... hi. Yes, I'm Allen Smith."

Dr. Screee Turns gracefully and says softly, "If you will follow me, we can get started with the physical examination. We want to insure you're in good health before you become ... part of the team."

She looks back him with a mysterious smile and a bright knowing sparkle in her eye. Allen followed the woman down a very long featureless hallway to another door that seems to have a weird blue glow around it. The woman opened it and gestured Allen in.

She says, "If you will have a seat in the large chair over there, we can begin."

"Sure." Replied Allen.

The door was just as big as Screee was, and Allen couldn't tell if there was a way to open it. When he touched it, however, it immediately opened and he stepped into what looked like a typical room at a doctor's office, complete with desk and chair, plus an examination table. This was where the physical would take place before he was taken to the lab.

Dr. Screee entered behind Allen. The door that had been there just moments ago had miraculously vanished. All Allen could see was the wall.

Screee walks up to him and pats his bottom softly, "Now be a good baby and sit in your chair."

Allen was totally amazed at the sheer brute strength of this woman as she lifts him effortlessly from his feet, and begins to remove his pants. He watches helplessly as they and his undies are slipped from his feet. He feels the coldness of the chair as his bare bottom touches the leather. From the arms of the chair, around his torso, and his legs ... several large tentacle looking things grab him, and hold him helplessly in the chair.

He gasps, "What the hell?"

Before he could complain, the woman was removing his pants and underwear, before carrying, then placing him into a chair. "Hey, what gives?!" Embarrassed and distraught, he fussed a bit as his arms and legs were clamped in place, preventing him from getting out of the chair, his privates exposed.

Screee coos softly, "Now, I'm going to take a genetics ... I mean a blood sample from you. It will make you feel really strange ... but don't be afraid."

Allen watches with bulging eyes as she approaches him with a huge syringe filled with a horrid green glowing substance. Screee came up to him and tickled his privates softly.

She said with a coo, "So small ... and going to get a whole lot smaller soon."

She injects Allen with what ever that horrid green stuff was. He can feel the warmth of it as it slowly spreads through his body. Screee takes a large sample of blood. It was so large in fact, Allen thinks he can feel it as it is removed, although this is just all in his head. After a few minutes at a machine on a table against the wall, Screee walks back to Allen.

She says softly, "The genetics appear perfect. Now it's time to make sure baby can't help herself ... and is all cleaned out inside."

Without warning, Allen sees a tentacle looking thing snake its way from between his legs. The chair changes attitude allowing his butt to be exposed. Yelping at the injection and still smarting, he suddenly finds his crotch and butt feeling weird. Whimpering, he fusses, feeling the chair mold a bit so that his butt was exposed and he was reclining.

He gasps out in shock, "Wh-what're you doing?..."

Screee giggles, "Why baby, am stealing your gender ... of course ... and giving you an enema the likes of which no Earther has ever had."

Allan’s eyes get huge as he cries out in pain. His sphincter muscle spasms as the tentacle begins to worm its way inside. As it wiggles and squirms, Allen can feel it squirting some kind of gooey slippery something all over making it slide in more easily. He feels each intense thrust. It pushes in hard ... his sphincter relaxes with one last painful spasm ... he feels the tentacle penetrate him very deeply ... and even feels something deep inside being penetrated as it too is forced open painfully.

He yelps, squirming and moaning a bit as he feels it going in him, filling his butt and lower organs, spraying and feeling stuff all in him. He feels some light suction and realizes that his bowels and bladder had been punctured slightly, and he was being drained of all waste, like a vacuum. Allen helplessly sits totally mind blown as he feels something being squirted into his bottom. He watches with horror as his tummy swells up like he's pregnant. He feels very uncomfortable as this process continues for a few minutes. He then feels the totally weird sensation of a slippery suction as the tentacle leaves his bottom. He feels it as a large amount of fluid evacuates from him. He has no control as it squirts from his bottom under pressure.

He had the biggest accident of his life. Embarrassed but moaning from a mix of pain and pleasure, he is helpless as the fluids leave his body, flushing everything out of him: food, injected fluids, urine, poo, everything. It was a totally cleansing enema, and he could just barley see it as the tentacle made room for some kind of tub that moved up to collect it all and not make a mess.

As it squirted from his bottom, Allen gasps, “Wow. … * grunt* … ohhhh.."

Screee walks up and pats Allen on his shoulder as she coos, "That's a good baby. One more time and this will be all done. It will feel a whole lot better now that you're not a virgin."

She giggles as Allen sees her pressing buttons on a thing she held in her hand. He sees the tentacle again begin to snake towards his butt. He tenses up ... this time, it didn't hurt as the well lubricated tentacle enters his bottom. He gasps as he feels it slowly wiggle intensely inside him. Once again, he feels the warm, wet sensation as he is again filled with whatever the fluid is. His tummy again begins to swell as if he were pregnant. Allan lies back and shivers. This was totally beyond anything he had ever experienced in his life. He screams loudly as the tentacle slips from his bottom with a watery sucking noise. This time, the fluid leaving him was almost totally white ... there seemed to be no contaminates.

He shivers, nearly lying all the way back as he shivers and murmurs, more fluid flowing out of him. His mind is totally mind blown with all the sensations and humiliation this large woman is doing to him.. calling him a baby even... and no longer a virgin. He lays there, panting, his butt still dripping a bit. Allen realizes, no matter what he says or how much he complained, what ever was going to happen … they weren't going to stop until whatever they were doing was completed.

Dr. Screee walks up with a large and sweet smelling baby wipe in her hand. She gently cleans Allan’s bottom and all around his genitles. The things holding Allen to the chair are suddenly released, Screee has him in her arms. He squirms, but realizes instantly he is helpless to get out of her extremely powerful grip. Screee takes him to a padded counter and lies him on his back. He is lifted by his ankles and something very soft and thick is placed beneath him. He feels it as his bottom is placed into it.

Screee powders Allen well with sweet smelling baby powder and pulls what Allen now knows is a super thick diaper between his legs and fastens it on with some kind of pins. Screee then pick him up to her shoulder, and carries him through another door that has mysteriously appeared in the other wall, all the while patting him on his diapered hinny and cooing softly, "That's a good baby .... good girl."

Allen realizes that this woman, who he barely knew, had just diapered him … and was carrying him! Looking around confused, he realized he was just in a diaper and t-shirt as this woman carried him like a toddler out of the room and down another hallway.

He fussed a bit in her arms, "Lemme go! I'm not a baby!"

Screee continues to pat Allen's bottom reassuringly, "You are now sweet heart. Just relax. As promised, you will be well ... rewarded for all of your services ... all of them." Screee looks at Allen with a knowing expression s she smiles.

Allen wasn't sure he liked that look as he murmured while she held and patted his bottom, before bringing him out of the hallway and what was unmistakably a lab. He immediately noticed other woman, all wearing similar lab coats.

A very large and shapely woman turns and giggles.

She coos, "There's my subject. Ohhh ... such cute little baby. Should I breast feed him first to see how well he takes to the differences?"

The woman fiddling with some kind of control panel replies, "Go ahead ... I know you dying to do it ... just if it makes him sick ... stop. We need him."

The woman take Allen from Screee and coos softly, "Baby can call me Chaluda. I'm ... your new nurse maid for this experiment."

Experiment/ Nurse maid? Breast feed?! Allen wasn't sure he liked where this was going. He fussed and wriggled as Scree passed him off to the new woman.

He screeches out, "Lemme go! I don't want to be anyone's baby and I don't need a nurse! I change my mind, I don't want to be in these experiments any more!"

Chaluda takes Allen and seats herself comfortably in a reclining chair nearby. The other 2 women watch intently. Chaluda undoes the top to her smock and removes a very large, but shapely breast. She gives the nipple a squeeze and puts it in Allen's mouth. To his amazement ... it not only felt wonderful ... the fluid coming from it tasted like ambrosia. It caused his whole mouth to tingle pleasantly. He swallows instinctively without thinking. Fearfully, he realizes what he had done as he feels the warmth flow down his throat to his tummy and explode in an intensely warm and wonderful wave of sensations.

Allen hated this, but it seemed like he was powerless to prevent it. Half of his body fussed in her lap, trying to pull away while the other half instinctively indulged in the meal and breast fed like a baby, as she held him close.

Chaluda coos softly, "You are such a wonderful baby. How long does it take before we notice the transformation process?"

The woman by the control panel turns. She is holding another large syringe. This time, it's filled with a clear blue something. The woman walks over and injects Allen with the whole thing. It is a very large syringe and Allen can feel it as it enters his vein and travels quickly to his heart.

She says with a matter of fact tone, "It depends on his genetics. I only hope ... the injection doesn't reject his body ... the last subject created quite a mess."

The other 2 women nodded their heads. The boy gasped, pulling off the nipple and howling in pain at the large injection. no tears of course but it hurt a lot, and he could feel it running through his system.

Chaluda puts Allen to her shoulder and pats his hinny softly, "Aww, poor baby. According to our research though, you should be compatible. Your blood genetics came back positive."

Allen felt so humiliated ... he also began to feel strange in other ways he couldn't explain. His tummy felt marvelous though, and when Chaluda put her nipple back into his mouth, he started nursing once again. Allen did notice the other women taking notes and what appeared to be many pictures.

He tried not to nurse but she made him. There was no regression; it was all force as she held him to her. Allen could feel his body literally changing, his privates turning into something diffrent and new organs growing inside of him. With a start, Allen realized he was being turned into a girl.

Chaluda really enjoyed this part of the tests. It felt so wonderful to have a baby suckling on her breast. After a few more minutes, when Allen was just about to fall asleep from the wonderful contentment the breast feeding was inducing, the other woman takes him from Chaluda and holds him in her arms.

She says in a clinical tone, "Hello baby, I'm Dr. Illyaanna. I want you to know how grateful we are for you volunteering for our tests. It's not many Earth People who would allow peoples from another star system to do to them what you are allowing us to do to you." She bends and kisses him on is nose softly.

Coming out of his drowsiness, the boy fusses some as the woman picks him up, holding him in her arms as she hisses him. "Wait wait, earth people? You're not earth people?" That meant they were aliens! That sure explained a lot.

Allen is quickly placed into another chair that conforms to his body and grabs him. He struggles, but is unable to move. Dr. Illyaanna takes some kind of long slender devise and moves to Allen.

She holds one of his eyes open with one hand as she explained, "This will hurt just a tad. don't be afraid .. it won't blind you. What I'm doing ...is changing your eye color. They will be a beautiful Sparkly Golden Yellow."

Allen screams as he feels the object penetrate his iris. The boy wriggles and fusses, terrified and imagining more pain than actually was there. He was quite helpless though as the woman proceeded with changing his eye color, before repeating with the other eye. After about ten minutes, whimpering by the end, he now had two lovely golden eyes like the women's own.

Dr. Illyaanna holds up a reflective thing before Allen. It was kind of like what a mirror would have been if it was an electronic devise. Allen could see his very beautiful sparkly golden eyes ... and he readily noticed something else too. His face had become some how ... cuter ... he didn't look like a male anymore, but like a very pretty female. Even his hair had changed and become softer and had more tendency to make long curls. How had these changes happened? He was a boy, right? It must have been the shot!

Allen stared at himself in disbelief, "I look like a girl!"

In fact, he looked like a much younger Dr. Screee.

Dr. Illyaanna coos softly, "Why of course you do sweet heart. Your Dr Screee's daughter now ... and will give us children so our planet will prosper."

She places some sort of helmet on Allen's head before continuing, "This, will teach you what you must know to be a female for us. We expect your body to produce no less than 10 children in your breeding cycle. After that, you will be reintroduced back into earth society as a young female, to grow up and do as you please."

What they hadn't made clear, that was ten children PER breeding cycle. He didn't know it yet, but they reproduced via surrogate eggs, 5-10 at a time. There was a low turnover rate, with only 1 or 2 reaching adulthood. Specifically, they needed him as an incubator. They had the technology to incubate the eggs past a certain developmental stage, but for the first few weeks, they needed a live host. In this case, him. He learned this with horror as he was shown the video, instructed on how he was joining a society where there were only females, and mothers impregnated their daughters.

Allen felt his diaper being removed. It was a very strange sensation as something cold and wet and slippery began to wiggle around his crotch. He realized with a start as it began to penetrate him in a place that was impossible, that it was time for him to be impregnated. He felt the large thing as his new privacy stretched to accept its thrusting.

Each thrust brought pleasure ... and pain. After the instal very sharp pinching tear ... each thrust seemed to feel maybe a bit better than the one before. Involuntarily, he made squeaking gasping noises in rhythm to the thrusting tentacle within his new privacy. During the thrusting he realized that this tentacle felt organic. Looking up, his vision hazed, he could see that the tentacle connected not to a machine, but... Screee! But that was impossible, wasn't it! His eyes widened but all he could do was moan as she raped him with her sex organ.

Screee shivered with pleasure as she had sex for the first time in many years. It felt so fulfilling she just had to ... she couldn't resist ... Screee release 10 fully gestated eggs within Allen's womb. Screee gasps with ecstatic joy as the other 2 women clap. The impregnation was a complete success for the very first time with this species. They intended to make Allen bear many children before returning her to her peoples to begin a new life as a little girl, and to grow into a very beautiful young woman.

The boy moaned, as he felt the tentacle pump into his womanhood, first lubricating him with her fluid, before watching as one by one, a lump entered into him. Eggs. He was pregnant. The boy barely realized this though as he moaned from the tentacle in his vagina.

Screee said in a begging voice, "Please ... let me do more .. I have more."

Dr. Illyaanna replys sharply, "No, you mustn’t ... her womb cannot handle more than 10 at a time. It will cause her to swell up and rupture. I know it's hard ... but you can't."

Screee shivers as the last of the 10 pod is implanted in Allen's womb. Screee reluctantly withdraws her sex organ from Allen's now well used privacy. Allen gasps breathlessly as he realizes ... he really is pregnant ... he watches as he feels, and sees things wiggle within his tummy.

The wriggling wasn't very noticeable, but he could feel it. Real eggs inside of him. his mind was totally blown away as he desperately tried to be at peace with the fact he was pregnant. At least there weren't any more.

Screee whimpers and cries large tears as the other women come and comfort her.

Dr. Illyaanna walks to Allen and pats his tummy softly, "It's such a wonderful thing for a girl to be pregnant. As soon as you have these babies ... it's my turn."

Allen sees her pat her tummy. He notices suddenly, that as beautiful as her figure is, she does have a slight bulge in her stomach. He looks down at his own stomach and sees he now has the same bulge. Allen remembers a horror story he saw on TV once about a similar thing. Fear fills him as he remembers the birth of those creatures.

Luckily for him though, this wasn't his case. Allen's womb was needed just for two weeks of the gestation; the rest could be finished in the egg nurseries back on their home planet. Such was the nature of this alien race: they required living hosts for the first few weeks before science could take over. Allen whimpered a bit, just laying there on the chair, shivering from the experience.

Screee was helped to her feet and helped back into her panties. The chair Allen was held in transformed and caused him to be in a reclining position with his knees bent and his legs spread open so his new vagina was exposed. Dr. Chaluda came up and used a well lubricated speculum. Allen gasps as this new sensation of his vagina being dilated and a fiber optic scope being inserted.

Dr. Chaluda says softly, The implantation went perfectly." She pats Allen on his bare thigh, "You will probably feel a bit tired for a while ... this is normal for a mother with eggs." She turns and walks to a machine and punches in some commands, "Your children need nutrients ... and your body provides them. Don't be afraid sweetie, All girls go through this. It won't be long and you will be having children of your own species."

He whimpered. Allen hadn't planned on spending his life as a girl, but it didn't look like he'd have much of a choice. he'd have to spend months, no years with them, being a mother to their children while also being their baby. He blushed, squirming on the table, held firmly as his vagina and crotch were inspected.

Dr. Illyaanna says, It's time to put baby in a diaper so she doesn't have any kinds of accidents."

Dr. Screee had composed herself by this time and walked to the side of the chair that held Allen. She smiles at Allen as he watches her type in some kind of commands into the control pad on the side of the chair. Without warning, several tentacles came from the chair. One lifted him by his ankles, the other placed something beneath his bottom. He knew it was a very thick diaper as his butt was set into its embrace. A tentacle powdered him generously before pulling the diaper between his legs and fastened the tapes snugly.

Did they use tentacles for everything? Allen mused to himself. He blushed, watching as one wrapped around his legs, lifting him into the air as another used a tin of powder on him, before he was taped up. He felt so humiliated, but there was little he could do but sit up once he was done and pout.

Allen whines in an infantile voice, "I don't want to be a baby or mommy.."

Without warning, several tentacles took hold of Allen. One wiggled its way into his mouth and to the back of his throat. He felt something warm begin to squirt slowly in ... he had no choice but to swallow ... or drowned. Swallowing was more of a reflex than voluntary. It was warm and tasted really good. He could feel his tummy warming as the tentacle forced him to nurse.

It took him a moment to realize he was being fed milk! Blushing, he squirmed as the tentacle fed him, forcing him to nurse on it. This was his lot in life now. Whenever the aliens wouldn't need him for some experiment, or were taking him someplace, he would be constantly tentacled, whether it was him being fed or pacified through the mouth, or in his butt or womanhood. All baby-mothers were treated such in their culture.

Dr. Screee picks up optisope and pulls open one of Allen's eyes. He shivers as the bright red light flashes into his eye. She points it in many directions before repeating the same actions on his other eye.

Dr. Screee says matter of factually, "I see no macular degeneration nor any other problem with his retina or optic nerve. His macular fluid is free of floaters and the turgid presser is within normal parameters."

Dr. Illyaanna attaches many wires to Allen's upper shoulder, then attaches another bundle to his fingers. He feels a sudden painful surge run through his shoulders to his fingers. His arm twitches in several directions with out his control. He watches in horror as it performs tasks without any conscious or willful control over its actions.

Dr. Illyaanna announces, "Neural responses within normal parameters as well. It seems this specimen has taken the genetic gender reassignment perfectly."

Dr. Chaluda pushes a devise over beside Allen. She places some kind of hood over his tummy. He feels a warmth and some kind of tingling energy dance through him. He can see on the screen, 10 eggs, all attached to the lining of his new womb, and strange undefinable shadows moving within.

He couldn't watch! Allen was horrified at the mere prospect of being pregnant, he didn't even want to see the screen, so he kept his eyes closed. After a few moments though, he felt everything being pulled off him, and the tentacles holding him down pulled out. Before he could squirm away, he realized he was tired and yawned. His body felt so weak and drained.

Dr. Screee picks Allen up to her shoulder like the baby he appeared to be. He was helpless as she carried him out of the room. It felt strangely good to have her pat his hinny as he was carried down another hall into another door. Allen couldn't help it ... this was perhaps the most modern nursery he could have ever imagined. The crib that Screee laid him into was completely self contained and autonomous.

Allen was wrapped and cradled in soft and comforting tentacles as he watched Dr. Screee type in commands. Allen couldn't help himself. The soft music the crib began to play was so soothing. His eyes became heavy. He felt a testicle wiggle its way into his mouth ... and a warm very nice tasting fluid once again began to squirt into his mouth. Instinctively he began swallowing as sleep rapidly took him.

The boy suckled on the tentacle bottle, feeling himself wrapped in blankets in the crib. It didn't take long before he was drifting off .... the tentacle stopped feeding him and just stayed in his mouth, doubling as a pacifier as he fell asleep.

-------------------End Part One-------------------

Title: Abduction - Pt2


Allen Smith, 18 yo high school graduate – Breeding Subject

Screee - Alien Abductor / Science Officer

Dr. Illyaanna - Alien Science Officer

Dr. Chaluda - Alien Science Officer

Scene: In the nursery inside the automated crib


Allen wakes up slowly as Dr. Chaluda checks his diaper. The automated crib had just recently changed Allen, so another wasn't necessary at that time. Allen felt it as the tentacle left his throat and mouth. The large, but soft hands of Dr. Chaluda as she picked him carefully from the crib and put him to her shoulder. He had gotten to the point he liked the hinny pats the women gave him often. Allen had almost gotten used to the fact his tummy was very swollen with child. He definitely looked ... and felt pregnant.

Dr. Chaluda carried him to a padded reclining chair and sat with him in her arms. She undid the top of her smock, and put her nipple in his mouth. Allen had come to somewhat enjoy this, since he had no real choice anyway ... so he began to nurse.

The days started off the same. Allen had kind of lost track of time. Wake up, be tentacle-fed or breast fed, and changed, one of the nurses comes in and checks on him, dresses him in a new outfit, and then carried into the lab where he would be tested some more. The boy wriggled in her arms as she sat and began to feed him. Used to the meals, he nursed at her breast like a good infant.

Dr. Chaluda coos softly, "You have not only become a very pretty little girl," She pats Allen's tummy softly, "But your body has accepted being impregnated so perfectly. We are about to achieve orbital insertion on our home world. I have very good news for you. We will be inducing labor on you and cleaning out your womb right after breakfast." She bends and kisses Allen on his cheek.

Labor? He paled, suddenly afraid he was about to have to give birth, and so soon too! He fussed a bit in her arms, pulling off her breast.

He squeaks in his very cute female voice, "Labor?! But I don't want to give birth to anything!"

Dr. Chaluda giggles, "But sweetie, you're a girl now. It's your duty to bear children." She stands up, putting Allen to her shoulder as she begins to walk out of the nursery, "Besides, you have to deliver those babies you're carrying in your womb to us ... so we can hatch them. There are ... so many more you need to incubate for us. It's been a very long time since we found such a compatible gene sequence as yours ... we all want to ... give you our 10 pods."

Dr. Chaluda enters a now very familiar door ... the one to the birthing lab. Allen sees Dr. Screee and Dr. Illyaanna standing by a large console when they arrived. The boy-girl fusses more in her arms, seeing the table from before. He is full of fear and trepidation.

Allen yells loudly, "No... I don't wanna..."

Dr. Chaluda places Allen on the table. It immediately grabs him and removes his diaper and cute little pink plastic panties. It conforms so that his legs are spread and his knees bent, exposing his privacy.

Dr. Chaluda says softly, "It seems our girl doesn't want to have babies."

The other women laugh.

Dr Screee comes to Allen and runs her hand through his long, cute curls, "It's all right sweetheart. Having babies is easy. It's the most natural of things for a girl like you."

Allen gasps as Dr. Chaluda gives him a shot.

Dr. Illyaanna says in her matter of fact tone, "In just a few minutes, you will experience birth. Just relax and allow it to happen. Everything will be all right."

Allen yelps, whimpering at the shot. It hurt, but like the others he had received, felt also began to feel really good. He immediately felt his body and mind began to relax, muscles no longer tense as he lay there. Once the labor began, he'd need a mouth tentacle to pacify him with while the eggs were being extracted.

After a few minutes, Allen feels funny in his tummy. He can't quite place what it is ... or exactly how it feels. There is the strangest ... sensations ... like a fluttering of some kind deep inside him. He also feels kind of like .... he is constipated and needs to go poopies. This urge builds rapidly and begins to hurt somewhat causing Allen's back to hurt and him to become extremely uncomfortable.

Dr Screee says happily, "The labor sequence has begun ... prepare for pod extraction."

The other 2 women scramble around in an orderly way.

Allen feels the waves of ... pressure as something begins to slowly move from within him at each contraction. It feels .. so weird in a strange ... hurty, but pleasant way. He feels it as it moves slowly down from his tummy towards ... his crotch. He feels himself stretching in an impossible way. The women coo and aww loudly as Allen feels something squeeze from between his legs. He can feel it as his hips and pelvis seem to widen slightly and his opening stretches as the large egg passes. He sighs a momentary relief before the same thing begins again.

Dr. Chaluda says in a giggly voice, "Relax sweet heart, only 9 more to go."

Allen was giving birth, in a technical sense. Not a live birth, but the eggs were coming out, very much larger than before in the same manner as if her were having a human baby of his own. As much as it hurt … it felt … strangely fulfilling and wonderful too..

Allen saw one of the blood and goo spattered eggs as it came out of his vagina. The shadowy outline of a fetus could be clearly seen on the semi-opaque shells. One nurse would catch and clean them off, before handing them to the other who deposited them into a large womb like incubator. It took several long, intense minutes before the last one came out.

When the very last egg had left Allen's vagina, Dr. Screee cane between his legs and began cleaning him up. There was a mixture of blood and other fluids from his womb, not to mention the placenta after birth.

Dr. Screee coos softly, "That was a very good girl. Now, since Dr. Chaluda has been breast feeding you these last few weeks, it's her turn to impregnate you."

Allen's eyes get huge. He feels so worn out and exhausted. The tentacle in his mouth prevented him from making any vocal protests.

Allen feels a tentacle as it worms its way inside his well used vagina. He feels it go very deep. He gasps softly around the tentacle in his mouth as he feels something rather exotically hot and wet begin to squirt inside him. His tummy area inside warms gently and causes many chill bumps to rise. The sensation was intensely pleasant as all pain and injury caused by the birthing heals.

Allen moaned, wriggling a bit as the tentacle filled him with fluid, both cleaning him out, removing the old placenta remnants that didn't get expelled, healing, and inspecting his womb to insure it was ready for the next 10 pod. He sucked on the tentacle in his mouth, knowing soon he'd be getting a new batch of eggs.

The intensity of the sensations inside him continued until he peaked. He had a most wonderful full bodied orgasm like he had never experienced as a man. It was so strange and different ... and intense. He lay there gasping softly as his womb returned to a normal state ... ready for further implantation.

Allen watched helplessly as Dr. Chaluda was brought up between his legs by Dr. Illyaanna.

Dr. Illyaanna coos softly to Dr. Chaluda, “Just relax sweetheart. I know you have never mated before, but it is truly wonderful and feels heavenly. Only important thing though … no matter how much you're tempted, you can only implant a 10 pod. Anymore than that will rupture the subject.”

Allen watched as best he could as the 2 women pulled down Dr. Chaluda's bottoms and panties. She seemed to be totally mind blown over the whole ordeal.

Allen heard Dr. Screee coo softly, “Jut let it happen. It will get hard all by itself.”

Allen gasps as he feels something wiggling at the opening of his privacy. He tenses up … he knows what's about to happen. He feels the wet gooeyness in his privacy as Dr. Chaluda's tentacle sex organ began its intense and wonderful penetration. Allen looks down and sees it sticking from Dr. Chaluda's privacy. He tries, but can't see anything of it penetrating him … although he feels it intensely within his tummy.

He hears Dr. Chaluda gasping and squeaking with each thrust of her tentacle, ones he is repeating as the very large object caused greater pleasure the deeper it went. Allen lies back and closes his eyes as he feels the familiar throb. He can feel it as each of the 10 eggs enter his womb. He gasps loudly as they enter him and finds a place within his womb to attach to the new placenta that had formed.

Dr. Screee says, “That's a good girl.”

She pats Chaluda gently on her head. Dr. Chaluda sits and gasps as each egg passes from her overlies into Allen's privacy.

Allen can hear her whimpering softly, “I .. have so many .. I … please .. let me have them … please.”

Dr. Illyaanna says in a sympathetic and soothing tone, “You can't. It will kill our breeding subject. You know how long it took for us to find such a perfect genetic match. The last dozen all died during gestatin and killed the babies.”

Dr. Chaluda nods her hair as she shivers. Allen feels it as the last egg is implanted within him. Large chills rise and he feels a very wonderful sensation of accomplishment and fulfillment as he realizes he is once more very pregnant. He looks down at his tummy and sees the small bulge. He knows within just a few short days, he will look very pregnant.

He feels it as Dr. Chaluda's sex organ leaves his privacy. Allen is surprised, but he really likes the warm wet feeling inside him and the drippy gooey feeling as some of the sex fluid drips down between his legs and bottom.

Dr. Illyaanna helps Dr. Chaluda to her feet as Dr Screee holds out her panties. Allen watches as she steps into her panties and bottom and is dressed.

Dr. Screee comes to Allen's side and kisses him on his cheek, “That's was a very good girl.It's time to dress our baby and take her to the nursery. You must be all worn out after giving birth and being reimpreganted so fast.”

Allen fels the table he is lying on lie flat and the tentacle in his moth leave. Dr. Screee lifts him by his ankles and he feels her place a very thick diaper beneath his butt and set him in it. She powders him well, then pulls the diaper between his legs and fastens the tapes snugly, but comfortably on. Dr. Scree threads Allen's feet into a pair of cute plastic lined rumba panties. They were pink and blue and had baby Tweety and friends characters all over them. The ruffles were a soft ice blue.

Dr. Screee picks Allen up to her shoulder, and carries him form the birthing room lab, down a familiar hall into the nursery. When Screee sat in a large, padded arms chair, Allen saw the bottle of formula he was about to be fed. He was so tired and was indeed hungry.

Screee coos softly, “Here we are sweetheart. It's time for baby to eat.”

When she placed the nipple to his lips, Allen nursed eagerly. The wonderful taste of the warm formula entered his mouth and warmed his tummy. Allen was grateful for the fact that they did take good care of him … although he didn't like the fact he was constantly pregnant. One consolation … he didn't suffer from morning sickness.

Screee smiled broadly as she watched Allen nurse.

She said softly, “I think I'm going to call you … Alana. You need a girl's name since you will never be a man again.”

A small chill ran down Alan's back. She wasn't really hap[py about being forced into being a girl … much less in being made pregnant all the time. She did have to admit, however, it was a very pleasant, and unique experience she would otherwise never have had.

As Alana thought about all the things that had changed in her life over the last several months, she had drifted off into a contented and dream filled sleep. One of the other wonderful things that had happened since the transformation … she had many vivid and realistic dreams that she had, for the most part, a great deal of control over. She could choose to dream … what ever she wanted.

Alana awoke in Dr. Screee's arms. She was lying across Screee's shoulder with her thumb in her mouth. Alana looked around dazedly at the new place. Apparently, they were standing at a desk of sorts, amid many such places. Alana could see many people lined up in lines awaiting their turn to talk to who ever it was behind the many desks.

Out the large window behind them, Alana could see a large tarmac … with many strange and very sleek kinds of super advanced space craft sitting docked. Beyond this, all she could see was the inky blackness of space sprinkled with many strange star formations and swirl patterns. She also saw several very large space craft slowly approaching a long line of blinking lights that seemed to form a runway of sorts off in the far distance.

Alana felt Scree begin to pat Alana softly on her diapered bottom as the man at the desk asked for the Galactic Visas.

Screee said, “This is my breeding daughter, currently she's impregnated with a 10 pod and is due for birthing in 3 weeks.”

Alana heard the man rask, “Genetic compatibility rating?”

Scree replied, “99.9%”

There is a sudden silence around them. Alana leaned back into Screee's arms a bit, allowing her to look around. Alana could see there were many people there holding little girls in their arms … all in varying stages of pregnancy … just like her … and all looking at her.

The man opened a drawer and removed a strange looking pen device, “I will need verification of that claim please … for the record. Such a match in very rare and the Birthing Council will want access to her.”

Alana was shocked as Screee took her arm and held it out for the man. He touched the devise to her forearm. There is a quiet buzz. Alana feels a weird tingle run up her arm for the few seconds the devise was touching her. The man looks at a small glowing green meter on the devise's side …. his eyes get huge.

The man says with a trembling excitement in his voice, “This is the closest we have ever found to an exact genetic match to our species in …. centuries. Do you realize what this means?”

Screeee says softly, “What it means, silly man, is this is my daughter. It also means that under family law, she's mine to share with whom I choose … not the Birthing Council.”

He sits and blink at Screee for a few seconds before replying with incredulity in his voice, “You … you wouldn't deny our species the chance … I mean Dr …. this could mean returning to a pure genetic strain once again and becoming genetically independent.”

Screee replies with a bit of irritation in her voice, “We already have 10 such in the incubator womb. In 3 weeks, there will be 10 more. When those 20 hatch and mature into breeding aged females, they too will have the same genetic purity. Genetic Diversity is already insured within 100 years as it stands … thanks to my daughter.”

The man sits with a stunned look on his face for a moment longer, before placing a device on top of the 2 credit card sized devices lying on top of his desk. There is a small electronic squeal each time. He hands the devices back to Dr. Screee, then tweaks Alana's cheek softly.

He says with a coo, “You, young lady, are perhaps the most famous person on the planet. Allow me to welcome you to Helios Femm.”

Alana sees and hears many happy cheers as Screee carries her through the isle into the Star Port's crowded concourse. Alana was totally amazed at the technology she saw. This was just the typically normal things of everyday life … she couldn't imagine what the really advanced stuff could be.

Alana saw what appeared to be soft fluffy clouds floating around, each glowing with light and appeared to double a signs and announcement boards. She saw many thing she didn't have an inkling as to what they did. When Screee had finally rounded a corner of the concourse, Alana could see the panoramic view of Helios Femm hung majestically amid many stars sparkling as if they were jewels. She could see many large orbital platforms with many different kinds of highly advance spacecraft docked to them as well. The small sparkling beads of light she saw orbiting the planet, she was sure were satellites. She could also see several ships entering and leaving orbit, not to mention those rising from within the planet's gravity well.

Scree coos softly as they enter the space elevator headed to the planet, “Welcome home my daughter. We are a highly advance civilization … many centuries in advance of your caveman planet. I hope being pregnant a lot isn't .. too inconvenient, but the compensations are well worth it.”

The door to the elevator closes … Alana feels totally weightless as she sees the walls of the tube outside the elevator disappear as they exited to platform, and the far flung wonders of a totally alien star field glittering brightly. Through the invisible walls of the elevator, she saw planets of varying colors off in the far flung distance. She could feel the warmth of this strangely greenish blue star that shown so brightly until the curvature of the planet cast them into semidarkness. Alana looked down, she felt the pit of her stomach fall as she saw many thousands of feet beneath, the many lights of the cities on the planet, and the cables of the elevator disappearing into them far, far below.

------------------- End -------------------
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Re: Abduction

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Wow. Happy to see some of the same themes repeat from "Tentacle" here...(I'm still pondering the eroticism of the egg- laying scene)...and we get a bonus with a nice science-fiction tale, coupled with a message re: survival of the species. You and Elladan make a great creative team! And I have always wondered if Miki is really an advanced alien species' envoy...here to transform us all through her words...
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