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Baby Factory

PostPosted: Sat May 27, 2017 7:48 am
by Miki Yamuri
Title: Baby Factory


Brandon Kenet, 20, male. Prospective employee, and unwitting experiment volunteer – Played by: elladankenet

Demmi Less - 21 - Infantile Engineer at Babies - R - Us – Played by: Miki Yamuri

Scene: Babies - R- Us


Brandon was down on his luck; no job, no place to stay, and seemingly, no hope. The boy was 20, and slightly small, so there were few jobs outside the fast food industry that he could sign up and work. That was the problem, they paid so little, he couldn’t afford n apartment. One day, however, the black haired male found an ad for a job opening at Babies R Us, a division of Babies of all Ages Inc.

Free room and board were offered, in addition to payment. All he had to do was come in, sign paperwork, and he could start immediately. This was excellent, considering that the local Babies -R- Us was only a few blocks away. It didn't take long for the newly homeless boy to make the journey.

When he finally got there, Brandon walked into the store, wearing a green tee and jeans, with tennis shoes. He walked up to the customer service counter and motioned to the woman working. "Excuse me, I'm looking to answer the employment ad in the newspaper?" he asked politely.

The Elderly lady looked over the top of her glasses and scrutinized Brandon from head to toe before her face broke into a smile. She picked up a clip board and a pen and handed it to him.

She says in a low gravely voice, "I need your signature on all the places that are marked in yellow. Think baby could do that for me?"

She points to a place where several chairs were arranged in a loose circle around a table. She picks up the phone ... her voice could be heard echoing through the halls as she paged someone called an ... Infantile Engineer.

She smiles again and says, "Someone will be with you shortly. Please have a seat and sign those papers. After that, We will begin with a complete Doctor's exam. to insure you're in good health."

Brandon immediately took the clipboard and walked over to the area and sat down. That she'd called him 'baby' didn't strike him as odd; she probably called everyone that. Briefly, he skimmed through everything, before signing it. He was sure nothing bad was on there ... it was just a job application after all.

Moments, later, he was done, and handed it back, having not read it, like a fool. "Here. I'm sure I signed all the places."

About that time, a very pretty young woman dressed in green scrubs, followed by a thin mousy man dressed in what looked like a several thousand dollar suit walks up to him.

She picks up the clipboard and hands it to the mousy man as she says in a very sweet and sexy voice, "Well, Hello Brandon. My names Demmi and I'm your infantile Engineer for the induction into the new job."

The mousy man said in a very irritating squeaky voice, "All the papers are signed ma'am. He's ours. Here's the current order of Power of Attorney."

Demmi takes it and looks it over. A huge smile crosses her beautiful features as she coos softly, "Well, Mr. Kenet, it seems we have an immediate opening for you. It is a life time position, with free medical, dental, boarding, and even schooling."

Brandon smiled. Great, he was in. A lifetime position sounded great, and with all those perks, he'd be sure not to blow it on his first day. Of course, he still didn't know what exactly his job was. "Cool. I'm ready when you are."

Demmi takes Brandon by his hand and leads him into the back and down a long hall. They finally arrived at a door that simply said Medical Portal on the door.

She opens the door and leads him in. She walks to a padded exam table and says softly, "Now, if you would be so kind as to take off all your clothes and put this on, the Doctor should be here shortly."

She hands Brandon what looks like a very short babydoll nightgown top, then leaves before he can protest. Brandon stared at Demmi as she walked out, leaving him in the rather plain room. Did all workers have to have an examination, he wondered?

In the end, he complied though, sitting down on the bench, which was really the conveyor belt itself. It would activate once the camera in the room confirmed that he had changed into the gown. Once he did that, which only took a few short minutes, leaving his clothes in a pile on the floor, the secret door into the factory would open, and his work could begin. First Step: the medical examination.

A rather young and athletic woman in a short white coat with a stethoscope around her neck walked in. She walks briskly up to Brandon and takes a light pen from her pocket and began to examine Brandon's eyes first, then his nose, then his mouth.

She took his blood pressure and made many, many notes on the pad in her hand. The doctor went to a cabinet and removed a rig that appeared to be for drawing blood and walked back to the table as she tore open the sterile packages.

She says quietly as she rubbed alcohol on Brandon’s arm, "This will sting a bit and feel really strange ... quite probably the strangest you have ever felt.”

The Doctor wraps a rubber tube around Brandon's arm and slaps him at the elbow to make a vein rise. She inserts the needle into the biggest vein at the elbow. The doctor picks up a glass vile filled with a blue green glowing liquid and pushed it into the rig before Brandon could protest. There was a hissing pop ... he could feel the icy cold fluid as it entered his body and spread slowly. She was right, this feeling was super intense and eerie ... the strangest feeling he ever had.

Pretty standard examination quickly followed. The boy sat in silence and let the doctor do her work as he enjoyed the super intense pleasantness of the sensations washing through him. He didn't much like doctors, but oh well, this one was as pretty as they came.

Brandon briefly eyed another vial of green substance that was lying on the examination table. Brandon watched as she placed the new vial into the rig in his elbow and injected it into him. Brandon heard another hiss and pop and could feel the fluid spread through his veins. What it was, Brandon could only guess. In reality, it was a special agent, that weakened his bowels and bladder, made his muscles more sluggish and less responsive, heightened his sensitivity, made it possible for the factory to shrink his body, and other important things when the time came.

As the fluid finished entering his body, Brandon shivered. "It's c-c-c-coldddd."

Brandon realizes Demmi is back and cradling him softly as she lays him on his back on the table. She takes a scissor out of her pocket and cuts the gown from Brandon. He realizes the table is moving slowly towards the wall and that a panel had slid open. Soft pink light shown in the opening.

Demmi says in a cooing voice, "Now baby, the order you're filling is for a very adorable and silly little baby girl. I know you'll be the best one ever for your new mommy and daddy."

Brandon realizes his head is beginning to feel ... really strange as well as the rest of his body as he slowly moves through the opening into the soft pink mystery beyond.

Brandon blinks. What had just happened? One moment he was sitting down, the next he'd been stripped and laid down on some kind of conveyor belt. Hearing what the woman said, a warning went through his mind, and he began to flail, as his body was carried into the factory.

Brandon gasps out in a very infantile female voice, "Huh? But I don't want to!"

It was then that the door closed. He was in the Baby Factory. Room Two; meeting MOMMY and being bathed.

The conveyor stops and soft mechanical hands lift him from the belt by his arms.

A soft musical voice coos softly, "Well hello baby girl. Mommy's gonna make you feel soo girly and really fast too. Mommy gonna give baby girl a bath first. It will help get rid of all that dirty adult and boy stuff you're contaminated with."

Brandon finds himself carried to a tub that looks the world like a huge adult sized bassinette, with smaller areas for smaller ... babies?? Brandon is confused. The mechanical arms pick him up, which was in itself strange, and he could hear the feminine voice, sounding just like his own mother used to, as he was set into the tub.

Brandon gasps out in his new voice, "Wh-what? I'm no baby! I don't need a bath!"

He was being fussy, like any baby would be. Of course, MOMMY was more than capable of taking care of him. She had the most advanced AI program combined with a super advanced Hex Core Nano Neural Net CPU system that far exceeded human capabilities.

Mommy coos softly to her new baby, "Now mommy going to add lots of nice things to the water. It will take away all of the hair on your body. It is genetically engineered not to harm the hair on your head, eyebrows or eyelashes. It could .... make the hair on your head grow and change texture a bit .. but that's ok."

Brandon sees the pink liquid as it pours into the bubbling, swirling water. As it mixes with the steamy water, Brandon's skin begins to tingle very pleasantly. He watches as his body hair floats in the water and is dissolved.

Brandon gasps, witnessing this happen, as fear and surprise flood into his now smooth, and clean body. "My hair!"

The super soft mechanical hands gently take hold of him and begin to wash him from head to foot with a very large thick cloth. All the while, Telling Brandon what a good baby girl he was and how adorable he was becoming.

When MOMMY had bathed him completely and rinsed the last of the sweet smelling shampoo from his now cutely curling hair, Brandon had begun to feel like his body was too small ... on the outside. He actually somehow felt a little cramped inside his skin.

This was because, of course, his body was shrinking. The serum he'd been injected with had matured while he was bathed and prettified, making his bones and muscles smaller, and compacting his form. Within a few minutes, he'd be the size of a toddler.

As she picked him up, the boy wriggled, squirming and whined in an adorable little girl’s voice, "But I don't ... want to..."

MOMMY pops Brandon lightly on his bare bottom as she scolds, "Now, now baby, you can't not want to be what you are. Besides, in a very little while, you won't know the difference and your new parents will be deeply in love with their new baby."

This disturbed Brandon greatly. Not only did he not want to be a baby, despite quickly becoming one, but he also was aghast at the idea of new parents; specially, a pair of mommies waiting on him in the waiting room below. They'd be meeting him today, and receiving him tomorrow. The other thing that was really bothering him ... he was becoming a girl.

MOMMY coos softly to Brandon, "Now, I'm going to change you into a cute little girl, diaper you and dress you. You will be a very cute and adorable little girl for your new mommy. She's very rich and will raise you to be a very sweet girl. Aren't you glad you applied for this job?”

MOMMY pats Brandon softly on his bare bottom as she carried him to the changing conveyor and lays him on his back.

MOMMY takes his rapidly shrinking maleness between her mechanical thumb and forefinger as she continues, "Very soon, this will be all gone and you will make a lonely woman very happy."

Brandon blushed, wiggling as MOMMY informed him of his fate. As the robot arms of MOMMY finished bathing and drying him off, MOMMY once again takes his super small maleness in her fingers. With a soft coo, it squeezes hard ... Brandon feels a super intense pinch ... then his head buzzes as waves of strange sensations assail him. He can’t think ... he seems to see MOMMY remove something from between his legs ... and do something there. Each soft caress from MOMMY causes Brandon to gasp and squeak softly and made it impossible to think.

Brandon watches in horror as MOMMY takes his genitals in her mechanical hands and makes a very long incision down his shrunken thing all the way to the end of his scrotum.

MOMMY coos softly and gently, "MOMMY get rid of aww the birth defect n makes her baby girl nice."

She then proceeded to strip all the flesh from his penus. He watched as his gonads were removed and dropped into a shallow pan filled with a clear liquid. MOMMY worked very fast and efficiently.

Now that he was clean and hairless, and had a very pretty privacy, it was time for the final surgery that changes his DNA permanently. The last procedure was beyond anything he had experienced in his life. As his mind began to work again, he was now laying on the table as MOMMY caressed him in a manner that was so confusing. He knew something had drastically changed and ... something was now missing.

Demmi had been watching this. As soon as MOMMY had completed her gender swapping procedures, Demmi bends suddenly and Brandon feels Demmi's warm lips on his tummy. She blows a very loud and tickly raspberry.

Brandon blushed, squealing and squirming as any baby would under these circumstances as the woman blew on his tummy. By the time she stopped and stepped back, the conveyor moved into the next room; The DNA surgery room. It's here that he'd fully become a girl, get his new womb and ovaries and be babified by MOMMY, until he was in tears, and needed babying.

Demmi coos softly, "Enjoy your last few minutes of male adultness. I am told it feels really wonderful to loose both." She turns and walks from the room, leaving the now rapidly shrinking Brandon alone with the MOMMY machine.

Brandon feels MOMMY take his arms and legs and restrain him. She spreads his legs open wide. The Conveyor beneath him seems to rise up under his bottom causing his legs to spread and his new privacy to be totally exposed. MOMMY sprays something very cold all inside his privacy. It was so bitingly cold, it almost hurt, but everything went suddenly numb.

Blinking, Brandon squirmed, feeling as his body was strapped down and then slightly lifted up. When his privates were sprayed and went numb, he gasped, wincing and tearing a bit at the pain.

Within a few minutes, she was spraying something else on the area where a new vagina now existed. It healed within seconds. He watched as MOMMY pushed .. things inside his new opening. He could feel things happening inside his tummy ... but he didn’t understand what. It was beyond anything he had ever had happen to him.

As the machine performed the surgery in his privacy, Brandon gasped and began squirming. He couldn't feel anything, but merely watching her push things inside him there was traumatizing. By the time she'd finished and was spraying his new privacy with the healer, he was crying like an infant. The only thing left to do was test it out, and make sure it worked.

The conveyor beneath Brandon suddenly shifts again. It lifts his legs up and makes them bend at the knees. His new privacy was exposed.

MOMMY coos softly, "Now sweetie, lets see how well your new femaleness works ... shall we?"

Brandon sees a 9 inch long, 1.5 inch thick round tipped cylinder extend from the place MOMMY's hand had been. It began to buzz softly. MOMMY squirted some kind of lubricant lightly over the tip and insures it was well done. She applied a small amount to Brandon's new privacy. It was cold and wet at first. MOMMY played gently with Brandon's new femaleness, sending intense and wonderful sensations all through him. Large goose bumps formed all over him. He felt the toy as its buzzing tip touched his very sensitive vagina and MOMMY began to play.

Brandon blushed, squirming some and still crying a bit as MOMMY used her toy and began playing with and teasing his new privacy. Unable to escape, the boy tried his hardest to squirm, his body totally bound to the conveyor.

Brandon's eyes get huge as he feels the wonderfully vibrating toy begin to penetrate him. Slowly and sensually, MOMMY began to penetrate deeper and deeper, filling Brandon with intense sensations he had never felt before. The soft buzzing of the toy disappears as he feels it moving deeper inside him ... giving him a full and pleasant tingly sensation. He can't help it, he begins to pant softly and gasp with each deep thrust mommy did. A wonderful feeling surges all through him as the intenseness reaches a peak ... He can actually feel the toy throb deep within him. He became so warm and wet and it felt so very nice as the toy gave him several large and gooshy squirts ... The most intense orgasm he had ever experienced surged all through his body, blowing his mind. Within his privacy as MOMMY pulled the toy, a new cherry forms from the warm wet gel that was squirted in. His privacy become small and virgin.

Brandon opens his eyes and feels so wonderfully different at this point. HE knows he’s no longer male and is totally helpless.

Brandon sees the smiling face of Demmi as she walks over to him and picks him up from the conveyor. She puts him to her shoulder and pats his hinny reassuringly.

Demmi coos softly, “Now sweet heart, you are a baby girl. This job entails that you become Donna Saunders. It is a life time position and we know you will be a perfect little girl. Now, I have to take your mind so that you will be able to grow up and be what your new parents want you to be. Don’t be afraid sweetie, it wont hurt, but it is kind of scary to have you adulthood stripped from you suddenly.”

Brandon Screeches as he begins to squirm and fight against Demmi’s arms, “NO! ... NO, NO!! I didn’t agree to anything like this!” He screeches in his cute baby voice.

Demmi giggles as she replies, “Oh, sweetie bumps, but you did. You signed all the papers, including the new Birth Certificate.” She pats his hinny softly, “It’s ok sweetie, we do this all the time.”

Demmi carries the squirming and fighting Brandon into a room that had several golden halo things lying on a small counter. She walks over and pick up the first one and places it on the Brandon’s head. He feels a super intense electric shock run all through him. He immediately stops fighting. He is almost in shock ... it didn’t hurt ... but he knows he is no longer in coordinated control of his body.

Demmi coos softly, “That was the first thing. We have to remove all the learned motor control things from you. You now are just like any new born as far as movement is concerned.” She kisses him softly as she lays him on the counter.

She then gathers a thick diaper, a pair of pink plastic panties, and a large container of baby powder. Brandon finds himself lifted by his ankles and his bottom placed in the warm imbrace of the thick diaper. Demmi powders him well, the wonderfully sweet smell of baby powder fills the room. Demmi pulls the diaper between his legs and fastens the tapes snugly, but comfortably on. He again finds himself lifted by his ankles as Demmi threads his small feet through the legs openings of the plastic panties and pulls them to his knees. She lifts him gently and pulls them the rest of the way on. She finishes by patting him on his hinny softly again and lying him back on the counter

She then picks up an inkpad and roller. Brandon watches in dazed horror as Demmi inks his hands and feet, then makes prints on a form. He cannot read what the form says, but he knows what it is none the less. His new birth certificate. He watches as she takes an official seal and embosses the form, making it genuine. Demmi cleans Brandon’s hands and feet as she softly kisses his toes making him giggle like any baby would.

She picks the now newborn Donna Saunders to her shoulder and kisses her softly on her nose as she pats her hinny reassuringly.

Demmi coos softly, “Good bye Brandon, welcome to your new job.”

With this, Brandon sees her pick up the last golden halo. He steels himself against what is about to happen ... he has no clue what to expect.

He shivers in fear as Demmi places it on his head ... he hopes that ...

Mr and Mrs Saunders are so over joyed at receiving their new daughter. She’s exactly what they ordered. They will recommend Babies -R- Us to all their friends, they deliver within 24 hours and exactly to order.

Baby Donna is so content as she suckles the bottle her mommy has for her as they ride the Taxi to her new home.

~~ The Beginning ~~