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Daddy's Punishment

PostPosted: Thu May 04, 2017 7:28 am
by Miki Yamuri
Title: Daddy's Punishment


Donna Bright: 18 yo daughter – Played by Miki Yamuri

Gary Bright: 42 yo Father – Played by lilhottie

Lacy Bright: 18yo Transformed Gary

Scene: In the living room

Donna had been driving her dad's brand new SUV. She just had to tell all her friends about the features. She was so involved in her chat, she missed a stop light and plowed into the side of a van and totaled both vehicles. Her dad was extremely less than pleased and was yelling at her. She understood the fact she wrecked the brand new car, however she wasn't happy that her dad had grounded her from driving any of the family vehicles until further notice.

"How could you be so stupid Donna? I mean you and your friends could have died tonight. We're glad your fine but I have to punish you. On top of being grounded you are not going to your prom!" Gary stands there with folded arms so disappointed in his daughter.

Donna screeches in frustration, "What?? Dad!! You can't! I just had mom pick up my new Prom Gown and made arrangements with Randy!" She pouts as tears begin to flow.

"I could really care less! You just totaled a $40,000 SUV tonight, not to mention the cost of the other vehicle ... and their medical bills ... So yeah your staying grounded ... now go to bed.." Gary points upstairs meaning he is serious.

Donna stomps her foot in a huge pout. "But dad ..." she begins. Gary would hear nothing more as he continues to point to the stairs. Donna runs up stairs, crying her eyes out. When she gets to her room, she throws herself onto her bed and buries her face in her pillow.

As she cries, she realizes she lying on top of a necklace she had purchased at the Indian Flea Market across from the mall. There were always interesting things there and she had found this unique necklace that had a remarkable blue stone in its setting. She takes it out and look at it, tears still in her eyes.

She says softly, "I wish dad was a really cute girl about my age. Let him see what it's like n stuff." She wasn't sure, but it seemed the stone flashed brilliantly in the light.

Gary, still distraught, couldn't believe his daughter totaled the SUV. He was glad she and her friends were alright, but he knew the already sky high insurance for her would skyrocket even more because of this. Gary turns off all the lights and heads up to bed. His wife, Tracy, is gone for another week ... he will have to deal with her on punishing Donna then. Gary walks into his bedroom and undresses to his jockey shorts and a T ... and hops into bed.

Donna puts the necklace on after taking off the crystal Unicorn that used to be her favorite. She feels a strange tingle run all through her for an instant. She shivers a bit, then goes to the bathroom and takes a hot bubble bath. This makes her feel a whole lot better. She dresses in her boy shorts bottoms and her baby T top and crawls in the bed. She thinks one last time before she falls asleep for the night, how wonderful it would be if her dad was a very pretty girl her age. She falls asleep and has a very realistic dream of just that.

Gary is awakened by the alarm clock on Saturday. He gets up and stretches. He stands up and doesn't seem to notice the room is a bit bigger than he remembers. He does feel that his balance is wrong some how and his clothes feel weird. He hears Donna and decides to talk with her again and forgets about everything else. Gary walks down the hall. He's still half asleep and doesn't think of the trouble he's having keeping his jockeys on. They keep falling down. As he gets to Donna's door, he sees the door open and walks in.

Donna looks up and gasps loudly, her eyes big as saucers. She says with concern in her tone, "Who are you? And why are you wearing those boxers and that over sized T shirt?"

What Donna saw was a very beautiful girl with long blond hair, a cute round bottom, and perky breasts, standing in the door of her room in a pair of way oversized jockeys and a huge T shirt.

Donna yells out, "DDDDAAAAADDDDD!!! Who is this girl? Where did she come from? Daaad?? Can you hear me?"

Gary gasps as he looks down and opens the oversized T shirt seeing C cup breasts and let's out a huge scream. " Donna what did you do to me? " the girl Screams. "I'm your dad ...", still shocked as he looked over her new body.

Donna had backed up to the head board of her bed and clutched her Teddy Bear to her.

She gasps out, "Me?? What I did?? Just who are you? You can't be my dad, that's just totally stupid." Donna looked the new girl over from head to foot. She did look kinda cute in the oversized boxers and T Shirt. The shirt by itself would be a good dress it was so big on her. Donna continues, "You're not even a man, how can you begin to lie about this?"

"Donna ... turn me back into a man now ... otherwise lambykins ... I will spank that cute butt of yours." the girl folds her arms and looks seriously at Donna. Donna was shocked, only her dad called her that name and the way this girl was standing and looking at her ... was just like her dad!

Donna relaxes a bit and crawls to the foot of the bed. She says in a small squeaky voice, "Dad? Is that really you? I didn't do nuthin ... I promise. How am I supposedta turn you intoa ... girl? That's impossible!"

She sits on the edge of her bed and stares. She still thinks this girl is nuts. There's no way in all the earth this could be her dad ... but ... what if it was? The mannerisms are so ... familiar. She stifles a giggle at the thought.

"Explain how I’m a girl? You know how mad your mom is going to be when she gets back from her trip to see her husband is a teenage girl? She’s going to think I’m nuts at best."

Gary buries his face in his hands and starts to cry in the doorway just like the girl he had become, curling up in a ball ... sobbing and crying.

Donna says with exasperation in her voice, "Just who are you really and where's my dad?" She picks up her cell phone and flips it open, "If you don't start explaining how you got into my house and why your standing there dressed that way, I'm callena Cops!"

Gary looks up, he Stands and wipes the tears from his face. "I am your father! If you don't believe me, ask any question only your dad would know."

Gary had to grab and hold up the boxers, they are way too big for his new curvaceously slender body.

Donna sits back and curls her legs under her. She flips the phone closed with a soft click.

She says, "Ok, then when I was ... 9 and me and dad were the only ones in my tree house. Who was it I told you I had a crush on?"

"Well ... that was Jordan, a boy who sat next to you in school. One day the other girls picked on you for having a bad hair day and he scared them all off with his pet frog." Gary says as he leans in the doorway holding up the clothes he is wearing.

Donna gasps softly as she realizes, no one knew that but ... dad?! She says softly with a squeak, "Dad?? It's really you? OMG!!! *Shrieks* This is sooo cool. I now have a sister! I'll introduce you to all my friends ... and the really cute boys we hang with too. *giggles* This is unbelievable. I have some really cute outfits to show you. I think they'll fit." She turns and looks back, "Except, I don't have as much boobies as you do *giggles* you'll have to go braless till we can go to the mall."

She jumps from the bed and bounces to the chest. She opens the top drawer and pulls out several pairs of bikini panties.

"Sweetie, why am I a girl? I don't wanna play dress up. I want to get back to the way I was." pulling open the shirt as they have grown a bit since last time. "Eek..." closing the shirt and looking over at his daughter.

She turns and faces her dad and looks him over from head to foot. Her 'dad' was a very shapely and pretty girl at this point.

Donna says softly, "Gee .. ummm .. I really don't know how to turn you back ... or how you became this way in the first place. You either wear my clothes *giggles* or you go nude and drive all the boys nuts."

Gary thinks ... he really has no choice to dress as a girl since he is one at the moment. He let's out a big sigh, "Alright, what do you have to wear?"

Gary starts walking over to his daughters chest and closet to see what he can wear. Donna hands him several pairs of really cute and sexy bikini panties. She turns and opens the closet.

She asks, "You wanna wear a dress, shorts, or blue jeans? I have this really cool top u loved on me too." She turns with a very cute white with small red roses babydoll top, complete with puffy sleeves and ruffles. She holds it up to her dad, "See? That would look so nice on you too."

"Sweetie ... I liked that kind of blouse on you when you were 9..." laughing a bit.

Donna giggles a bit and says in a cute voice, "Daaadd ... this is my favorite top. She turns and pulls a cute pair of Hip Hugger jeans from one of the hangers. She turns and hands them to Gary. She continues happily, "and these slippers go great too. They're soft and comfy for walkin at tha mall. I have several. Wear em alla time too."

Gary takes off the shirt and the boxers revealing himself as the daughter stands there with he mouth open. Gary sees this, "What? Is there something ... wrong?"

Donna says softly, "You have big boobies ... dad." She walks over and gently caresses one of them. This sends intense chills all through Gary. He feels a warm wetness begin in his crotch ... a feeling he had never had before.

Gary grabs a pair of green sparkly silk bikini panties and slips them on. "Well, that's a new feeling.."

He adjusted them between his legs as he gently rubs his new privacy. Gary picks up the top and puts it over his head before grabbing the hip huggers and pulling them on along with a cute white belt to go with them.

"Omg, these are so tight.." Gary looks in the mirror. " Do these jeans make my butt look big?" as he wiggles it from side to side looking at it from both ways. Donna can't believe her own dad just said that.

Donna walks up behind him and pats his cute round bottom softly, "Dad, you have the cutest butt. It's definitely not too big ... I promise." *Giggles*

She continues in a giggly voice, "We need a name to call you. All my friends will think we're nuts if I call you dad alla time .. ya kno?"

Donna takes her dad softly by her shoulders and turns him toward the vanity. Looking back from the reflection, was a very beautiful young woman, with long blond hair down to her shoulders like a soft golden water fall. Her boobies stood up erect and showed a beautiful cleavage through the cute babydoll top's elastic neck line. Gary couldn't believe what he saw.

Donna continues, "I think your as cute as any of us. What do you think?"

"Wow..." Gary says seeing the reflection of the girl he now was in the mirror. Gary touches the mirror with his hands and looks back at his daughter ... notices she is a bit shorter, but not much. Gary stands there, she doesn't knows what to say or do.

Donna was just under 5 feet tall. She too had long blond hair to her shoulders and a very cute figure. She only had B cup boobies, but they stood up perky and her nipples poked through her baby T top. The boy short bottoms she had on showed off her cute round hinny too. Gary had to admit, he was just as pretty as Donna.

Gary looks at Donna, and sees his breasts were a lot bigger then Donna's. "I wish I knew who did this to me I would punish them so badly." Gary sits down on the bed and slips on the comfy slippers.

Donna gets back on the bed and sits with her legs tucked under her and her hands on top of her knees. She giggles softly and asks, "How would you like to be called, Lacy? Seems it would be a cute name for you."

Gary sees a bright blue sparkle from the stone on the necklace Donna was wearing. He knew it had to be new, because the one she had been wearing before was a crystal Unicorn.

Gary nods his head, "Okay, until I'm turned back into a man, you can call me Lacy." Gary goes into Donna's closet and pulls out a pink and white fox racing hoodie and throws it on, "Okay, are we like ready to go now?" When Gary turns around, Donna sees that his butt has really filled out the jeans beautifully. She knew all the guys would love her.

Donna says in a teasing voice, "Why are you wearing that?" she points to Lacy's hoodie, "It's got to be a million degrees out." She crawls over to Lacy and pats her bottom softly, "I think I know a girl all the boys gonna wanta talk to." * Giggle*

She gets out of bed and goes to the closet. She takes out a pair of hip hugger jeans just like the ones Lacy had and pulls them almost on. She takes off her top. Her pretty and firm breasts bouncing as she pulled. She takes a peasant top from the closet and wiggles into it, leaving one shoulder exposed. She then finishes wiggling into the tight jeans and zips them and buttons the top button. She steps into a pair of the comfortable slippers and grabs 2 cute leather pocket books from the top shelf in the closet and hands one to Lacy.

"I don't care, I'm not used to having breasts and showing them off and I'm not used to being a teenage girl either." Gary stands there waiting for Donna to get ready, still wondering how this came to be.

He looked at the necklace that Donna is wearing, he seems to recall something he had read once ... a long time ago ... he just couldn't quite remember. Gary grabs the pocket book Donna handed her and looked it over. Not used to carrying a purse around but might have to be. It was a small leather shoulder bag with a long strap. It was ... kind of convenient.

Donna smiles brightly and says, "Now, we’re ready to go. I don't think we need anything except maybe a little of this."

She takes a compact from her purse and opens it. She quickly dabs a bit on Lacy's cheeks. It gave her a cute soft rosy blush.

Donna giggles and says, "Take a look. Tell me if you agree." She then pats a dab on both of her cheeks and blends it slightly with her fingers.

Gary looks at the mirror on the compact and touches his face. "Wow, it does!"

Donna closes the compact with a snap and grabs his hand. They head out of the room and downstairs. Donna grabs the keys to the BMW.

" Hey, that's my car ..." Gary says.

Donna replies, "Do you wanna walk? It's like ... 10 miles away." As she leads Lacy out the door and to the car. She unlocks the passenger side door and crawls in. She puts the keys in the ignition and unlocks the driver's door. She continues, "And since I'm grounded from driving, means u gotta ... Laaacccceee." *Giggles*

"Fine." Gary gets into the car. First thing he does is put the top down before fastening his seat belt. He was surprised at how much he had to adjust the belt to make it fit. He pulls out of the driveway and drives away. Both Gary and Donna's hair flowing in the wind as Gary speeds all the way to the mall. Getting there very quickly.

As Lacy parks the car, he can hear people calling Donna. Donna gets out of the car and waves wildly as she jumps up and down. She says happily, "Hi, guys. I brought my ... cousin from Tennessee with me to meet you."

Lacy looks to the direction the voices are coming from, he see 4 other cute girls Donna's age standing on the near by corner.

One of the girls waves and smiles a big smile, "Hi ... my names Cindy, what yours?"

Gary steps out of the BMW.." I'm Lacy..." as Gary grabs the purse from the front seat and closing the top and locking it up, leaving the hoodie in the car. Donna was right, it was a million degrees out. Gary stands there shyly, keeping quiet and letting Donna do all the talking for the both of them.

Gary spots Jennifer, Donna's best friend and one of the most beautiful girls Gary has ever seen. But for some reason that thought was getting replaced by asking where she got those adorable shoes.

The other two girls giggle. They introduce themselves, "My name's Bunny." The other waves and says, "My name's Mallory. Where in Tennessee are you from? I'm from Michigan originally."

Donna says, "From New Found Gap, at the border of North Carolina." The other girls say simultaneously, Kewlies." Then begin to usher Donna and Lacy into the mall entrance amid friendly girl chatter.

Jennifer giggles and says in a very cute voice, "Randy's here Donna." All the girls giggle. Donna blushes pink as she gasps, "No!! And I'mma mess." She quickly takes a brush from her bag and begins to brush her hair. Jennifer comes behind her and takes the brush and finishes the job.

Jennifer walks behind Lacy, and begins to brush her wind disheveled hair. Jennifer says brightly, "I think John would like to meet you. He's real cute." The other 2 girls make cute faces as they sigh.

Gary looks shyly down at the ground again. "Um ... which one is John?" Gary asks thinking to himself that he wants nothing to do with these boys. Knowing that they only want to get into girls pants.

All of a sudden his thoughts start to change. He feels a wonderful tingle run through him as he thought about it. That might be a good thing. If John liked her and if John would take her to the movies ... Gary couldn't believe she was seriously thinking what he was thinking ... or feeling, as she let Jennifer finish brushing his hair till everything is okay.

Donna says, "John's the tall one with the brown hair. He's one of the Triathlon runners ... and he's so cuuttee." All the girls giggle again.

Jennifer says in a cute way, "I hear he's looking for a date to go to the movies with too."

Bunny turns and says to Lacy, "I'll introduce you to Jason too. *giggles* He's a lotta fun."

The other girls began to tease Bunny about some ... very intimate things she and Jason had done. They all enter the mall giggling and teasing and having a wonderful time. Gary couldn't believe how much he was enjoying the outing with the girls.

Lacy walks in the back of the pack of girls. Entering the mall, Lacy didn't know why she was so scared, she had been here plenty of times with Donna, but never as a teenage girl. Gary shyly stays in the back with Jennifer.

Bunny stops in front of Victoria's Secret and bounces on her toes as she points. In an excited voice she says, "Look! Then new line of lingerie is in. It's so wonderful."

All the girl's gather and are giggling and cooing about the new fashions on display.

Jennifer whispers to Lacy, "You would look really good in that bra and the out fit over there."

She points. Lacy follows her finger and sees a cute sundress with a V neckline. It would show off Lacy's cleavage wonderfully well with a wonder bra on. It was a soft blue and white, short and had flutter sleeves and a flyaway hem.

Lacy thinks about it for a few seconds ... until a hand comes down gently on her shoulder. She turns around to see a man of 6ft with short brown hair, a slim muscular frame, and an Irresistibly cute face.

He says in a very sexy voice, "Hey, my name's John."

"Hi" says Lacy. All the girls turn around and see John standing there and sigh. "You wanna go catch a movie with me?" John continues.

Lacy still has thoughts of Gary and they were saying 'No, don't go ... he only wants one thing.' Down deep inside in a place Gary never knew she had before ... 'that wouldn't be so bad ... now would it?' Lacy shrugged her shoulders with a smile and replies in a cute voice that even surprised her, "Sure. Especially with a boy as cute as you."

As Lacy blushes uncontrollably over what had just slipped out, the other girls giggle and make cute comments. John walks up and takes Lacy's hand. She feels warm and very tingly all over ... between her legs becomes moist and has wonderful sensations.

About that time, a very cute and tall young man walks up the other direction. Donna sees him and lets out a cute squeak, "Randy!" She runs up to him and throws herself into his arms and gives him a huge French kiss on his lips.

The other girls sigh and giggle as they make sweet comments.

Randy says softly, "How would you like to go with me and John to the new Movie? It's called Proposition. All the revies say it's a wonderful Space Flick."

Donna turns and asks, "Well, Lacy, wanna have a double date??" The other girls giggle even more.

"Uh sure" Lacy forces out a giggle ... that wasn’t so forced after all. She can’t believe the thoughts and feelings she has.

Both boys have the girls by the hand and lead them to the movie. Lacy looks back and sees 4 more very handsome young men walk up to the other girls. They hug and kiss deeply as Lacy is led around a corner and they disappear from sight.

When they arrive at the movie theater, Lacy grabs Donna by the arm and says to both of the boys, "We need to go use the little girls room." Lacy drags Donna into the bathroom. Lacy checks the stalls ... no one is in the bathroom. " Donna, I can't do this. I'm a father ... not a teenage girl. You gotta help me."

Donna moves to the counter and looks at her reflection, She takes out a lipstick and touches up her lips. She says, "What would you like me to do? You know how I feel about Randy. Just ... relax and let ... what ever happens .. happen. *giggle* It'll bea lotta fun."

Lacy replies almost hysterically, "First, we have no idea how I turned into a girl, and now you want your father to let happen what ever happens? What happens if I turn back into a man while watching the movie or if he does something that might make this permanent?! Like if I can't resist ... OMG! I'm freaking out!"

Lacy pants, as she puts the palm of her hand to her head. So many conflicting thoughts and emotions ran through her, she was panicking.

Donna walks to Lacy and hugs her shoulders, "I really don't know what to tell you. What happens if you're a girl ... for the rest of your life already? What happens if you are so attracted to John that .. umm ... well you know. *giggles* Relax for now. If nothing else, think of it as a vacation from being ... you."

She turns back to the mirror. At about that time, Lacy notices the bright blue sparkle of the necklace around Donna's neck once again. He realizes there's something about the way the stone is cut and sparkles that finally brings back the memory of the tale he read as a boy. Lacy starts to remember the old urban legend about magical necklaces made by the Native Americans around these parts that gives the holder power over whoever they wish. Lacy looks at the necklace closely remembering what it looked like. She gasps and covers her mouth, "Donna please tell me you didn't get that from the Native American flea market. Cause that's a reality stone ... YOU DID THIS TO ME!!!!"

Donna turns around suddenly with big eyes and stares at Lacy. She gasps out in shock, "How did I do this to you? Yes, I did buy it at the Indian Store. It was so pretty and it only cost $2.00."

"Donna! It’s a Reality Stone, it has the power to grant your wish when your extremely mad or upset at someone." Lacy sighing and mad that she finally found out about how she had become a girl. "you....."

She trails off and runs into the stall and goes pee. It is a very new sensation having a vagina verses having a penis, and he had a hard time ... aiming ... as she sat on the toilet and tinkled. Lacy finishes and wipes. Lacy is still freaked over the whole thing. He looks at his new vagina and really thinks this is a dream. After pulling up her panties and her jeans, Lacy comes out of the stall and starts washing her hands.

Lacy is having a hard time remembering, "Like ... what was I yelling at you about again?" *giggle*

Donna stares at Lacy with big eyes and an astonished look on her face. Her dad was becoming a real teenaged girl. She says softly, "The absurdity of ... magic. How can you tell me, in these modern times ... that a person can buy an extremely powerful talisman from a ... flea market? Do you realize how silly that sounds? Besides, we don't have any choice, John n Randy are out there with tickets to Proposition and stuff. We can't disappoint them. It would be ... social suicide for us." She pouts and makes a really cute and adorable face.

"Okay, okay ... but if you see anything happening between me and John ... you pull me out of the theater." giving Donna a look she's seen many times from her father but didn't seem proper right now. Lacy grabs Donna's arm. " Okay let's go."

Donna giggles to herself. She begins to really hope Lacy does get into something with John. It would give her an excuse to be into something with Randy. She sighs dreamily as Lacy pulls her out of the girl's potty and to the counter where the boys were standing with 2 large tubs of popcorn and drinks for everyone.

John walks up to Lacy and looks her right in the eye. Lacy feels so ... wonderfully weird all over. She tingles in her nipples all the way to her privacy. John says softly, "I missed you. I bought you something while you were gone too." He hands her a cute fuzzy critter doll that smelled wonderfully of Jasmine.

Randy hugs Donna and says, "I got you this too." He hands her a cute fuzzy critter with a small rose in its arms. Donna hugs and kisses Randy excitedly as the boys walk them to the proper isle in a dark corner to see the movie.

Lacy thinks it was sweet of John to do that but knows she has to keep a clear head. They have to go and see where she bought the Reality Stone so she can once again become Donna's father.

Lacy sits down next to John and Donna and on the other side of Donna is Randy. Lacy feels John's arm rest on his shoulder. She is getting mixed feelings running intensely all through her. She can't believe how cute John is nor how attracted she is to him. A very warm desire begins to build in her tummy she had never experienced before.

Donna is engrossed in Randy. She and him are kissing, hugging and lovingly caressing. Lacy wants to say something ... but she is feeling so wonderfully strange about being this close to John. Before she knew what was happening, she had an almost irresistible urge to kiss him. She sits back in the chair panting softly as her nipples became hard and tingly. Watching Donna and Randy only made the urge worse.

Lacy leans back in her seat, trying to pay attention to the movie and not to John who seems to be getting more and more sexually attractive. Lacy looks once again over at Donna to see Randy is feeling her up. Lacy sees John lean in ... *squeaks*

Donna really enjoyed Randy's caresses. Especially his deep kisses. She wove her wiggly tongue around Randy's mouth and entwined her's with his. His soft gentle caresses made her forget where they were for a second, until the seat’s arm between them ... rudely interrupted.

Donna sits back and whispers softly, "I love you Randy. If John and Lacy are a hit ... we could have a lot of fun later."

Randy looks over at Lacy and John and smiles. He points in their direction. Donna turns and sees John give Lacy a very sexy and sensual kiss accompanied by the most wonderful caress.

John whispers, "Looks like we're in for a wonderful afternoon."

Donna giggles as Randy holds her close and kisses her again ... the movie totally forgotten.

Lacy fights John's kiss at first, trying to push him away but her body gives in as she slips her tongue into Johns mouth, they have a mind numbing passionate kiss. John even slips his hand under Lacy shirt to feel her breasts. Lacy has no thoughts except how wonderful making love to John would be.

Donna breaks the kiss with Randy suddenly as a thought crosses her mind. Randy asks softly, "What's wrong Donna? Did I do something ...??"

Donna kisses Randy one more time as she looks over and sees John and Lacy entwining with each other more intensely in a very sensual caress and kiss. She can't believe this is her dad. Suddenly, Randy's hand pulls her chin back around to him ... a very deep and probing French Kiss accompanied by the most wonderful caress between her legs. The issue was again forgotten as Donna snuggled close and returned the favor.

Lacy continues to make out with John as he feels her up. His hands feels so nice and warm against her breasts. Lacy feels a warm tingling going from her mouth through out her whole body. Her vagina is so hot and moist. Lacy felt the sweet little spasms as it wiggled with each kiss and caress.

As Lacy reaches down and starts to caress John’s crotch, she realizes she is going to make love to John. She feels so strange all through her body. The intense rushes felt so wonderful ... she had no thoughts.

John feels Lacy's soft hand caress his manhood. He grunts softly as her hand begins to pleasantly caress him. It seemed as if Lacy knew exactly where to touch him. His hand slowly and sensually moved down from Lacy's firm breast down her tummy. Lacy's eyes get huge as she feels the wonderful sensation in her privacy as John softly caresses her through her jeans.

Suddenly, Lacy hears Donna's voice, "Want some pop corn?" John and Lacy break their kiss as John reaches in and takes a large handful.

Everyone sees the movie playing amid many very sensual kisses and caresses until there is a ring on Donna's cell phone. Everyone looked at Donna as she says, "Hi mom.”

Lacy gulps as she wonders how he is going to explain this to his wife.

Donna clicks the cell closed and says, "Lacy and I have to go. Mom's come home 2 weeks earlier that she was supposed to and wants us both home now."

Donna hugs and kisses Randy and says softly, "Later sweetie. I promise."

John stands up and helps Lacy to her feet. He caresses her between her legs as he gives her the most wonderful kiss she had ever had. Her whole body was alive with intense sensations. Donna waves bye as Lacy promises John she will definitely see him later. The boys protest, but understand.

Donna leads Lacy out of the Theater. When the girls are at the front door, She gasps out with a tinge of fear in her voice, "Dad, that was mom ... she's home now! What are we gonna do about ... your problem?"

Lacy panics, "Um ... I don't know ... I don't know" pacing back and forth. "Maybe she will be okay with it ... you know, maybe get lucky?" Lacy looking into her daughters eyes in desperation.

Donna grabs Lacy's arms and pulls her off to the outside. There on the other side of the parking lot, was the Indian Flea Market. She pulled Lacy over hurriedly. When the girls came to the counter, there was a very handsome older Indian man sitting there smoking an ornately carved pipe. The aromatic smoke filled the area pleasantly.

Donna gasps out, "I ... I mean we ... hava problem."

The man raises an eyebrow and blows several smoke rings before he asks, "And just what kind of problem can 2 beautiful young women such as you possibly have?" The girls look at each other with big eyes.

"Look, I'm not really a girl! I'm her father! I know you sold her a Reality Stone and I want you to tell her how to undo it now!" Lacy screams, grabbing the old man by his shirt and pulling him almost over the counter. Donna just stands there with a OMG! look on her face.

The old man takes Lacy by her wrists and squeezes. There is a sharp pain and she lets go, unable to hold on anymore.

He says in a menacing tone, "Don't do that again young lady, I promise you won't like the consequences. Now, I sold many stones in the last week. They are mined in South America, along with all the beautiful Amber here on display. Tell me, how long has the effect ... worked? Oh, and if you have done anything ... sensual with a man ... maybe?" He looks at Lacy with a hard look.

Lacy looks shyly down on at the ground, "Well, I did make out with a guy earlier but that's not the matter. I want you to tell my daughter how to turn me back, Otherwise I have no idea what my wife is going to say when we get home"

The old man chuckles softly as he takes a deep draw off his pipe. He replies, "Well, sweet heart, I hope you have fun explaining to your wife about ... your new condition." He chuckles more, "Because it seems she's married to a very beautiful young woman, now doesn't it?" He continues chuckling as he blows more smoke rings.

Lacy stomps her foot and runs away crying. Donna follows in suit as they both get to the car.

Donna tries comforting Lacy. "That bitch ... I don't wanna tell your mom this ... we're already having problems."

Lacy gets in the car and so does Donna as she drives home wondering what will happen to daddy. Donna has no clue as to how she had caused this ... or why there was no undoing it. She couldn't imagine ... a magical thing! That's silly ... but ... the evidence was driving the car right now. She held the beautiful and sparkly stone in her hand and looked at it. She hoped upon hope, that mom would understand. They pulled up, mom's Volvo was there.

The BMW pulls into the driveway. Lacy turns off the car as Tracy comes walking outside excited to see her husband, he was the only one allowed to drive the BMW.

"Okay, let's go get this over with Donna."

Both Donna and Lacy step out of the car at the same time. Tracy's face turns to some anger, "Your dad is going to be furious with you" Tracy said.

"No, I won't, cause I'm right here hun" replies Lacy.

Donna's mom looks at the 2 girls with fury in her eyes. She snorts angrily, "Oh, is that so? And just what cup size bras do you think Gary wears?"

Donna says quickly as she holds the stone out for her mom to see, "Mom! It's true. Somehow this stone is ... well ... it's magic or something. Dad punished me an I wished he was a teenaged girl so he would understand."

Donna's mom takes the stone in her hand and examines it. She too had read the myths surrounding stones that looked and were cut this way.

Tracy says in a small voice, "This is a ... real ... I mean a genuine Reality Stone?"

A naughty thought began to form in her mind. It would be so perfect too. This would solve the problems she was having with Gary totally if it was real.

Lacy knows the look on his wife’s eyes, "Tracy ... hun? What are you thinking? Do you know a way to change this so I can be your husband again?"

Tracy stands there looking at Lacy, she can't believe this beautiful teenage girl was once her husband. Lacy is hoping and praying Tracy knows how to reverse it.

Tracy takes the necklace from Donna and smiles wickedly, "Yes, Gary, I can change things and make them a whole lot better."

She takes Lacy by the hand and walks her into the house with Donna following shyly behind. When they had all entered the house and Lacy was sitting on the couch with Donna, She continues, as she held the stone in front of her tightly in her fist, "I Wish ... I wish you were not only a girl, but a baby, my living breathing babydoll. One ... lets say about 3 and a half feet tall? And the most wonderful mix. Young enough to still be in diapers, but old enough to be a lot of fun for Donna and me."

Donna gasps as she puts her hand to her mouth ... The change is slow at first, but gains speed rapidly. Lacy is now 3 and a half feet tall. She sits in the pile of way too big clothes. She looks to Donna and then to Tracy before putting her left thumb in her mouth. It hadn't yet dawned on him what had happened it occurred so rapidly.

Gary looks at Tracy and Donna and realizes his thumb in his mouth. He pulls it out in shock ... looking at his wife. "Why you do this to me?" a cute squeaky voice came from Gary as he sees his clothes in a pile around him. Looking down seeing his young girls body. He is screaming and crying on the inside.

A huge smile crosses Tracy's face as she sees it actually happened. She coos softly, "Now sweetums, mommy has lots of surprises for baby." She picks him up from the pile of clothes and puts him to her shoulder while patting his bare bottom softly, "I have the perfect outfit for a cute little babydoll like you too. Donna, go in the attic and get the crib and that suitcase with all your baby clothes in it. I think the new baby needs to be diapered and put in her crib until we can set up the nursery."

Donna says nothing, but slowly walks off to retrieve all the baby things stored in the attic.

"You turned me into a baby girl!!" screamed Gary. He sees her smile is huge and he can't believe his own wife would make things worse than they already were to begin with.

"You can't get away with this Tracy, people will come looking for me." Gary says as he fusses.

Tracy smiles as she lifts the necklace before her again and coos softly, "I wish ... that my baby doll's speech sounds just like baby talk ... unless you listen very close."

Suddenly, all of Gary’s words changed. All the sounds coming from him sounded just like an adorable baby having a temper tantrum. You had to listen extremely close to understand what he was saying. "She continues, "If baby doesn't behave, she's going to get more of this."

Tracy then pops Gary's tender baby behind one time sharply with the palm of her hand. Every thought and sound Gary made, came to an abrupt end as the pain of the swat and the surprise of it all sank in.

"Bba ba da da do gaa ..." as Gary helplessly began to cry and pout and rub his bottom. He can't believe his wife just spanked him like a little child. Gary hears Donna come down the stairs and sees she is holding a suitcase with baby stuff in it as she reaches the bottom of the stairs. Donna still can't believe that her own mom turned her dad into a baby girl.

Donna whines, "Mooomm! He was an adorable girl. He was lotsa fun an stuff. Why did you do that?"

Tracy giggles and replies, "I have my reasons. Besides, He will grow up to be that very pretty girl again. He might look and sound like a baby in diapers, but he still has his mind intact. You will have lots of fun taking him to your friend's and playing babydoll, and dressing her, and playing games. I, on the other hand, can finish with all the arguing and fussing ... and possibly find someone better ... Like Bob ... the cute man down the street with all the muscles."

Donna stares at her mom as she carries all the things into the spare bedroom. Tracy lays Gary on his back on the bed as he watches Donna set up the crib. Tracy takes him by his ankles and lifts, she places a very hugely thick diaper under his bottom and sets it in its very soft embrace. She powders him well with sweet smelling baby powder, before pulling it between his legs and snugly fastening the tapes. She bends and tickles Gary gently as she kisses him on his nose.

She coos softly, "There sweet heart, that isn't so bad ... now is it?"

Gary folds his arm and huffs. Looking down at the pink disposable diaper and thinking these haven't been used since Donna babysat that 4 year old girl down the street with potty issues. Gary thinks and gulps ... that 4 year old girl is now older than him. Gary tries sitting up, Tracy pushes him back down and smiles at him. Gary can't believe how much enjoyment Tracy's getting out of this.

Donna walks up with a cute pink Jumper top with flutter ruffles around the arm openings and a matching pair of rumba panties with large ruffles. Tracy takes Lacy’s feet one at a time and threads them into the leg openings. She again lifts him by his ankles and pulls them up. Tracy stands Gary up and supports him against her as she pulls them the rest of the way up over his large diaper. He has the most adorable poofy hinny that shows off the rows of ruffles.

Tracy coos softly, "Lift your arms for mommy so I can put your jumper on like a good girl."

Donna giggles, her dad really did make the most adorable baby sister ever. She goes to her room and returns with a large mirror to show her dad how cute he had become. When Donna had returned, she saw her mom jus finish pulling the cute jumper into place.

Tracy coos again softly, “Now sweetie, you can be a baby. I totally forgive you for Nichole now, and for all the other indiscretions.”

Gary looks in the mirror and begins to cry seeing the reflection of a 3 year old girl staring back at him. Gary was totally sorry for his affair, but now it didn’t matter. Donna and Tracy just awed and cooed as Gary did look oh so adorable in his outfit. Lacy felt himself finally die on the inside.

Tracy asks, "What name did you call her?"

Donna replies with a giggle, "I called her Lacy. With all those ruffles *giggle* it's a good choice."

Tracy lays Lacy on her back once again and lifts the hem of her jumper. She bends and blows a wonderfully intense raspberry in his tummy. The sensation was shockingly intense and pleasant.

Gary giggles and laughs as he kicks and flails his legs, loving the sensation on his tummy. Grabbing his wife’s hair ... he stops suddenly and he is really shocked at how much he liked his wife blowing a raspberry in his tummy.

"Meh ba pa pa poo goo" Gary gurgled happily to Donna and Tracy. Neither can make out what Gary is trying to say ... and they really weren’t interested ... the noises she was making were so adorable.

Tracy takes one of his feet softly in her hand. She coos pleasantly to baby, "Ohh, such an adorable baby." She kisses his toes gently, "Lets see if baby likes piggies ..." She takes Lacy's big toe between her index and thumb and kisses it again, "This little piggy went to market ..."

Lacy can't help herself. The intensity of the loving, tickling, kissing attention is almost too much for him. He is helpless and knows it. People may come looking for him, but there will be no trace ... he has vanished.

Gary giggles and laughs and claps as his wife is playing with his toes. He almost doesn't realize that he is filling his diaper as Tracy coos over her new baby daughter. Donna thinks he's adorable but still feels a bit bad for him. Tracy catches a faint whiff of what had happened.

Tracy laughs, "Well, seems you are now officially a cute little baby."

Tracy stands him against her body and pulls open the back of Lacy's panties and diaper. Lacy had made a wonderful poopie.

Tracy continues, "See? It's really not so bad being a baby sweetie. Mommy promises, your big sister and I will take wonderful care of you. Mommy also promises that I will find a wonderful daddy to help me take care of you too."

She kisses Lacy on his nose as she carries him to the potty room for a bath and his first diaper change in many years.

I don't want you to find a new daddy! Gary thought knowing if he tried to say anything it would only come out mostly as babble.

Tracy lays Lacy on her back on the counter in the potty room and pulls off her cute rumba panties. She undoes the tapes to the messy disposable and lifts her by her ankles and cleans her bottom softly with several sweet smelling baby wipes.

She set Lacy back on the counter and rubs noses with her as she coos softly, "Now silly baby, mommy is going to give her new daughter a bath and make her aww squeaky and clean."

She finishes undressing Lacy and carries her to the tub. Tracy begins drawing the bath and adds several capfuls of Jasmine smelling bath oil. Many bubbles form.

"I don't wanna be your new daughter! I want to be your husband.." Gary kicks, babbled, then cried in Tracy's arms. He smells the sweet scent in the air as Tracy lowers him into the tub. "I don't want you to look for a new husband ... I don't want a daddy! *Waaaahhh!!*" protested Gary but it only came out as baby babble to Tracy, she really didn't want to hear what he was saying.

Tracy lathers a large wash cloth and begins washing Lacy from head to foot and in all her squeaky places. Gary didn't know how to handle the new sensations he experienced. He had his first bath as a baby girl ... and it felt really nice to have all this attention.

When Tracy had finished washing his body, she poured some pink gel into his hair. The wonderful aroma of strawberries filled the room. Tracy lathered Lacy's hair well and insured it was throughly scrubbed, before helping her to stand and rising her with the spray nozzle.

Tracy coos softly, "Aww, baby all clean now n mommy gonna puts her inna cute little outfit."

Gary coughs a bit, he can't see with his wet hair in his face. Tracy helps by pulling his hair back. Tracy lifts Gary out of the tub and into a towel,

Tracy smiles as she says the towel monster is coming to get Lacy. Gary screams and laughs as Tracy grabs him with the towel. Drying him off and tickling him. He is really enjoying this attention his wife never gave him before. As Donna walks in ... and can’t believe thatthis cute little baby being dried and tickled ... used to be her dad.

Tracy hands Lacy to Donna and says, "I have to fix a bottle for Lacy. Please finish diapering and dressing her for me."

Donna nods and replies, "Sure mom." She carries Lacy to the counter and lays her on her back swaddled in the thick towel. She bends suddenly and blows another loud raspberry in Lacy's tummy.

Donna coos softly, "Well now, seems you make a wonderful baby too. *giggles* I'm going to love watching my baby sister grow up."

Gary says, "I’m your father! Not your sister." It comes out as sort of babble, but Donna also can sort of understand what he is saying too.

Gary can't help himself, he kicks and screeches and really enjoys getting raspberries. After he gets over the intenseness of it all, he folds his arms, pouting and looking up at his daughter but now older sister. Gary gives Donna the cute 'I'm going to cry' face ... trying to see her reaction.

Donna smiles as her eyes sparkle brightly, "You are so adorable sweetie."

She bends and kisses him on his nose. She lifts him by his ankles and places a thick cloth diaper under his bottom and sets it in its soft, warm embrace. She powders him well and pulls it between his legs and fastens it on securely, but comfortably with locking diaper pins.

She threads Lacy’s feet through a cute pair of soft wine colored rumba panties with large ruffles every where. She stands Lacy on her wobbly feet and braces her against her body. Donna finishes pulling the panties up and softly pats Lacy's hinny reassuringly.

Donna coos softly, “Big sis promises, I will keep you mostly in a diaper and panties. A baby doesn't need to wear much clothes .... I want to make sure you all comfy."

Gary stands on the counter, Folding his arms and pouting. Gary didn't like his new role in the house. Donna picks up Gary and carries him out of the potty room and downstairs where everything started this morning. Gary can hear Tracy in the kitchen preparing something and that she was on the phone giggling.

Donna sits on the sofa with Gary and cradles him in her arms lovingly, "Ohhh, dad! You don't know just how adorable a baby you are. Mom's on the phone with all her friends. She's inviting them over to meet her new adopted daughter ... you."

With this, she bends and blows another loud raspberry in his tummy. He screeches and kicks happily as any baby would under these conditions

Gary kicks and screams in delight of the raspberry. The sheer terror and agony Gary has to soon accept forgotten for the moment. The fact that his wife became his mommy and his daughter became his big sister, is no where in his happy thoughts as he enjoys being played with and tickled. Gary hears Tracy hang up the phone and sees her come rushing into the living room to tell Donna something and give her the bottle she had prepared. Tracy hands Donna a large baby bottle full of white liquid.

She says excitedly, "All my friends are coming over in a few minutes to have a baby welcoming party. Everyone wants to meet the new member of our family. You and me have to come up with a story about what happened to Gary ... no one will believe that adorable little baby is him in a million years."

Donna takes the bottle and puts the nipple in Gary's open mouth. His screeches end abruptly as the warm, sweet taste of the formula touches his tongue.

Donna says softly, "Well, mom, perhaps we could say he ran off with ... that girl he works with. The one that left suddenly and no one has heard from?"

Tracy replies, "Maybe ... but probably ... some other woman ... like Nichole. We don't know what happened to the one you mentioned and we don't want any suspicions."

Donna nods as she smiles wonderfully at her new baby sister.

"What?!" thought Gary, "That woman is Stacy and she is in South America visiting her family for the next few months. Gary can't believe the rush of flavor coming from this bottle as he continues to nurse. His tummy begins to feel very warm and his eyes get heavy. Donna's humming a lullaby only helped increase the infantile contentedness growing intensely within him. Time passes by a bit till there are knocks on the door and Tracy squeals with glee as she rushes to answer it.

Donna slowly rocks Lacy in her arms as she coos out a lullaby. She says softly, "You are sooo adorable. I'm glad mom did this to you. When you grow up some more, I have some of the most wonderful things to share with you. I will teach you to be the perfect little girl."

She giggles pleasantly as she hears her mom's voice screeching happily along with several others. Donna looks up and sees her mom and 4 of her friends walk in. Her friends were holding presents all wrapped in pretty pink and pastel paper tied with large pink ribbons. They all walk over and begin cooing to Gary and making cute baby noises and remarks about him being so cute. Gary gets many caresses, kisses, and soft tickles.

He only knows what any baby in this predicament knows ... he is happy and very contented as he kicks and screeches and giggles.

~~ The End ? ~~