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PostPosted: Sat Mar 18, 2017 7:27 am
by Miki Yamuri

This is a story of a man who had a gift, that if left unchecked, would have destroyed untold billions of souls on Hundreds of worlds. This is the story of a young woman who had a gift, that if not given the chance to grow, would have been a loss to the universe that could not ever be replaced.

She is the chosen one.

Skyrockets still explode and none fizzle when this golden haired young lady walks into the room. Once there, she makes her decision as to which she will lead to her. There is no malice in her, she just needs someone to be close to.

Somehow, she chose the one who's fireworks had not yet been ignited. Much to her surprise, found that spring had not yet come. She tried to effectively dream her way into
an early spring, yet the ice was too thick this time of the year. The water flowed into tiny rivulets, but the flowers still did not bloom.

Soon, expectation became despair as everyone changed costumes and tried to hide themselves behind a different mask. Yet, the one she chose wore no mask. She found she could not bear the many faceless ones who danced about her trying to win her favor.

She had seen a rose, and found it guarded all around by stone. None had ever found this one alone.

The called

The time was 2:30, it was early afternoon, she was young, and it was her birthday. She finally decided to get off work early. Getting off was no problem, she just packed up and left. The only one who noticed she was leaving was the supervisor, the only reason he noticed was she stopped and told him.

The Rebuked

He became aware of himself only because of an annoying buzz in his ear. he tossed and turned trying to ignore it, yet he knew in his mind it was hopeless. Finally, with a sigh, he rolled over and told the computer that he was awake, and the buzzing stopped. He got up and started dressing. When he looked out the window, he knew it was going to be another rotten day, it was raining like hell.

The way it is

She bounced into her sports car and pulled into traffic as quick as she could. She wanted to be home in time to catch her favorite soap opera.

As she turned off the freeway, she noticed a very large mound in the middle of a field where no mound had been before. For no reason she could explain, this intrigued her so, she stopped and went to see what there was to see.

She climbed to the top, skinned and bruised, to find more than she bargained for. She tumbled over the edge into a soft grassy field larger than the field the mound sat in. There was a small silver pool in the middle.

He pulled on his overcoat just in time to be splashed by a passing cab. "What a day,", he thought, "just my luck to have to walk in weather like this.".

It was raining harder now and a chill wind was starting to blow. He pulled his hat farther down over his head and stuck his hands in his pockets and started walking towards the lab.

"Humph," He thought, "why the hell would these clowns want me to be in an experiment that's too top secret for me to even know about. I've heard of the Government doing some stupid things, but I think this is about the craziest. I know they don't want me because of my job training, these idiots only want me because of my high survivability potential. One and one makes two... must be combat or espionage."

Suddenly, something came into his mind's eye, a misty ghost of red and death. It was a sixth sense he had. One of several powers he had manifested. He looked up just in time to duck under a flying fist. Auto-flex took over, another of his new powers, and he severely beat his assailant before he realized what he was doing.

He took the attacker's wallet out and found him to be CIA, an exterminator to be exact. He left him face down in a deep puddle and watched until the bubbles quit coming.

She looked down at her torn dress and found all of her scrapes and bruises were gone. She looked all around and spotted something rising from the center of the silver pool. It was a very large lily. Slowly, it floated over to the bank and the flower opened. The sweet smell of honeysuckle and jasmine filled her nose and fogged her brain.

She realized someone was there, she couldn't see very well. It was like looking through a cloud. Her head swam as if she were extremely drunk. She felt an excitement flow through her as he touched her shoulder. His hand went from her shoulder to her cheek. His flesh was soft and smooth as her cheek. From there to the zipper of her tattered dress. She started to protest, but before she knew what was happening, her dress was around her ankles and her bra was hanging on her elbows. She felt the coolness all around her as she stood there in her panties.

She felt him touch her breasts softly, then pick her up and place her on the soft lily pad sitting on the shore of the pool.

She heard him say, "Do not be afraid, you will not be harmed. You have been chosen".

She thought to herself, "What's going on? It's not like me to let someone take my cloths off, and to let him do it with out even a protest."

The pad was soft, it wrapped around her semi-nude body. Honeysuckle and jasmine surrounded her. She gave up trying to comprehend, she was alive, warm, more comfortable than she had ever been in her life, so it must not truly matter. Soft blissful sleep engulfed her.

He rang the bell, the gate slid back. He entered and started to climb the spiral stairs. Again, something in his mind's eye showed gray specters lurking in the fog. Each had a death's head, each carried the stench of the grave with them, each as cold as the forsaken halls of hell itself. He stopped just before he knew he would cast a shadow on the glass of the lab's main door.

He thought to himself, "If they tried once, I'm sure they will try at least one more time, and my Bio-Radar is going nuts again and it has never been wrong. I'm sure if I go waltzing in that door, I'm going to wander into the biggest nest of lead mosquitoes any man has seen."

He turned aside and walked to the Library and went to the Library's lab entrance. He used his magnetic ID key which popped the door open quickly and quietly. Silently, he walked around to the reception room of the lab where he saw three men with machine guns, waiting for him to enter the main door.

He pulled his 9mm and asked, "You gentlemen waiting for someone?".

The first one spun too fast for his health, and fell with a bullet between his eyes. The other two were more prudent and dropped their guns before slowly turning with their hands raised.

"Well, well, what have we here? It looks like you three wise men aren't so wise. You send a man to get me, then expect me to blunder in here with no thought to what went before? You are all nuts, and I have told you bastards that for years.".

Quicker than the eye could follow, he raised his 9mm and put two bullets between each of their eyes and quickly turned and faced the lab crew down the barrel. The whole lab crew stood there looking at him with no fear in them at all.

One scientist said to the other, "See what I mean? He's just the man. I'm sure he would have blundered in here if not for that special gift of his."

She became aware that she was being gently carried and placed on a firm, but comfortable surface. She was acutely aware that she still had only panties on. She felt a familiar touch on her cheek, then it moved on to her breast. The touch brought her much pleasure as a warm tingle spread through her. A tingle of fear ran through her mixed with the warm feeling of pleasure and excitement building in her.

The hand moved and she felt the very close presence of a man who said, "Are you comfortable?"

She replied simply and sweetly, "Umm Humm."

He asked, "What is this strange thought that keeps flashing through your mind?"

She asked, "You can read my mind?"

He replied, "Well, yes and no. We can know the most prevalent things on your mind, and we find a mixture of fear and pleasure that seems to stem around a sex form called rape. Does this bring you much pleasure? Tell us about rape."

She helplessly replied, "Rape is being forced to have sex with someone without being asked and without consent. I don't get any pleasure from the fact I'm about to be raped by you."

His startled reply, "That, young lady, will not come to pass. We have come across a large distance to find this world and one particular man."

She said sarcastically, "Do I look like a man to you?"

He replied, "No, but a man you will be when we are done, and you will become one of the greatest men of your world. You are the chosen"

She asked, "What do you mean? I am a young woman and it isn't possible to become a man."

He replied, "We have looked for your gift and for his gift and you cannot achieve as a woman for your gift will not be allowed to grow, and the man will not achieve as a man for he will use his gift to destroy millions with his powers. You will achieve greatness with yours."

She felt confusion, "Will it hurt?", she asked simply.

He said quietly, "I can give you no reference except to say that it is like having a whole lifetime of experiences from your very first until you die, pass all at once.”
To answer the question on your mind, you will experience a lot of disorientation at first, but it will not be anywhere near as bad as his will be."

She was dazed by what was told her. Her brain had been clearing and the fog was not as thick, yet any movement caused severe disorientation. No sickness, no discomfort, just a pleasant but overpowering high. She tried to see, but she couldn't get her eyes to focus.

She felt something touch her neck, penetrating, it was bitingly cold, she cried out as a severe deathly cold spread through out her body until blissful sleep released her from the agony of the cold.

"What the hell am I supposed to do with you shits?", he yelled, "You send four exterminators to kill me than you tell me that I am the only one for this job. What kind of insane screwballs is the Government hiring these days?"

The oldest Technician said, "It's like this young man, we had to see for ourselves what you can do and not what a bunch of computer reports say. Computers can be made to say anything, and we had to know if you even had a chance of survival before we sent you in."

"All right", he said, "I'll take that for face value. Now, tell me what the hell all this shit's about."

The oldest Technician replied, "Surely, though you won't take it lightly. We received a strange radio message asking for us to test a particular man to see if he had a certain gift."

He said, "Yes, I remember all those crazies who tried to kill me for over a year, but why did you do it if it was just a stray radio transmission?"

A pretty redhead tech replied, "We didn't want to subject one of our best operatives to such a thing and didn't. Awhile later, we received a message stating that if we didn't comply with the request, an Island Base held by the U.S. would cease to exist exactly one week later. The time came and went, then out of the blue, the whole damn base vanished. Here are photos of the place before and after, and if you notice, all plants, animals, and natural formations are still there, just the men, buildings, and equipment are missing.

After we put you through the most grueling test any man could go through, and to be honest, I'm surprised you survived, we received another transmission. This time they specified you and gave us a location in Africa. We still thought it to be some crack pot joke. They gave us two days to reply or one of the bases in Texas would cease to exist. We put the base on war alert, because who could do something like that? We figured that a base lost in the pacific was one thing but not this close to home."

He said, "Wait a minute, your telling me that two bases have disappeared?"

The old tech replied, "That's exactly what were telling you. Here are the photos of the other base before and after."

He said, "Come off it, no power on earth can do something like that."

The redhead said, "Look at the photo you dip shit, you can see where everything used to be and now is gone."

He said, "your right, I can see where all the buildings used to be and even where the fence used to go around the base."

"Well", said a young man with Captain's bars, "The Government feels that you're more expendable than another entire military installation, namely this one."

He said, "All right, I see I really have no choice. Are you jerks going to send me in unarmed?"

The Captain replied, "No, you will have as much fire power as you can carry if you so desire."

He said, "I want a M-14 fully automatic assault rifle with the 40mm pump action grenade launcher, the 9mm machine pistol, and all the ammo I can carry on my back along with the usual survival gear hear?"

The Captain's only reply, "yes".

He asked, "when then?"

The red head said, "0600 tomorrow."

He said, "Get with it then.", then grabbed the red head, who protested loudly until she and he were behind closed doors. After that, everyone knew she was truly enjoying herself, and didn't see her again until the next morning.


The landing area in Africa, if you could call it that, at this moment was nothing but thick impenetrable jungle. A bright light started to glow from the trees and a mound rose up from the thick undergrowth.

He sat looking out the window at the thick jungle below. The trip had been a long one and now it was almost over.

The pilot came back and said, "That large mountain top over there is the exact drop site. We'll try to drop you right on top if we can, good luck my old friend."

He stood in the door until the green light showed then jumped. To his sheer astonishment, no sooner did he clear the door, than he stepped on solid ground as if he stepped out of the plane onto a soft grassy plain with a silver pond in the middle.

He took off his parachute, which hadn't even opened, and dropped it on the ground. Took out and charged his weapon and looked around.

Something started to rise in the center of the pool, and his mind's eye saw many shadowy specters all around, but this time they were of a kind that confused his senses and he couldn't tell their intent. Reflexes took over and he put ten rounds into the thing in the center of the pond and pumped off two grenades.

When the explosions died, the change around him was drastic and sudden, his mind's eye was going crazy with confusion and all the incomprehensible input. He spun around because his reflexes told him to and pulled the trigger three times and pumped off two more grenades. By this time, his mind's eye had driven him to the brink of blood frenzy.
He fired his weapon until it wouldn't and pumped off five more grenades. He pulled the 9mm machine pistol and squeezed the trigger until a voice that filled every crevice of his soul rang out, "Enough!".

His body no longer did what his brain was telling it to do. He could see, no body movement at all, and a blessed relief from the maddening input from his mind's eye.

A being came over to him and looked him over and said, "Your powers are greater than we thought. Never have we seen anyone over come the peace field before. You've managed to kill ten of our people, which is an impossible feat for your race, yet you managed somehow."

The being removed all the weapons from him and carried him somewhere and laid him down on something soft. The intoxicating aroma of Honeysuckle and Jasmine overwhelmed his mind, then darkness.

Time for a Change

Realization returned, and with it a fog in the brain. With an effort, the fog parted slightly and with a supreme effort of will, his eyes focused. He look around and saw the massive control room with more instrumentation than even NASA had ever amassed. He raised up, severe disorientation, becoming worse and worse. No pain, no sickness, just a pleasant high that increased drastically. He forced his head to clear and then sat up completely, waited for his head to stop spinning and focused his eyes, it was a lot harder this time.

He realized that his clothes had been removed. He saw someone enter the room. This being was extremely surprised that he had managed to sit upright. The being circled slowly, looking very much amazed and acting very wary.

He said to the being, "I see you, you sleazy creep, if only I had my weapon, I'd splatter your head."

With this, he tried to grab the being by the neck only to be over come by vertigo and slammed into the wall.

"I'm very sure you would.", the being replied, "You truly are amazing. So far, you have done the impossible three times in a row. You over come the peace field, You kill ten of our people, and now, you are almost unaffected by the universal relaxant. No matter though, in a few hours, it won't matter."

He tried to grab the being by the neck and succeeded this time only to be overcome completely by vertigo and collapse in a heap on the polished floor.

He then gasped out, "What the hell you mean by that?"

The being said, "I'll start by this, the rest you'll find out.".

The being bent down over him and something touched his neck, penetrating, it was bitingly cold, he screamed as deathly cold spread through out his body until blissful sleep released him from the agony of the cold.

She awoke as she was being placed on some kind of hard surface. Her head was clear now, yet she was completely paralyzed. The only thing she could move were her eyes. She looked around and saw a lot of people doing a lot of different things. One walked up to her and removed her panties, and began to insert electrodes into her head, her nipples, her stomach, and all around her vagina.

The being seemed to smile and asked her how she was, she couldn't speak, only blink her eyes. The being told her he was going to insert a probe into her bottom. She watched as the being lubricated a probe, then spread her legs and inserted it slowly into her anus. This brought her a great deal of pleasure as she felt it penetrate deeper and deeper. She looked up, and found the being was smiling down at her. She was helpless and embarrassed.

He awoke as he was being placed on some kind of hard surface. His head was clear now, yet he was completely paralyzed. He knew this paralysis from the first encounter, and by concentrating, could begin to delete the effects. One of the being walked up to him and he managed to grab the wrist of the arm that had all the needles with wires on them, and severely crushed it. This being yelled with great pain and managed to pull his broken wrist free of the grip.

"Well", said one of the beings, "You're still full of surprises I see. I'm glad it's almost time for you.".

With this statement, the being pointed a device at him and pushed a button. His arm seemed to freeze from inside out, then go completely numb.

When he was unable to move any muscle, the being came over and inserted electrodes into his head, chest, and stomach. As they started to insert them into his groin and penis, he began to move again only to find the same thing happen from his waist down. He watched as they lubricated a probe, opened his legs, and inserted it slowly into his anus.
This hurt a lot. He was totally helpless and seriously embarrassed.

They were both put side by side and saw each other for the first time. The beings began to softly rub their bodies down with a sweet smelling foam of some kind. Then they were placed in a form fitting container and oxygen masks were sealed over their mouth and nose.

A female being told them not to be afraid, and closed the lid on the container. A fluid began to enter the containers and cover their naked bodies from head to foot.

Suddenly, a massive pulling, separating, overwhelming pleasure that neither could ever hope to describe permeated them. All normal sensations began to quickly recede down a long tunnel of darkness.

Then they were alone, except for the indescribable feeling and each other. They look at each others nude body, and an overwhelming desire to hold came over them. As they approached each other, they put out their hands, they absorbed into the others form.

The feeling intensified to an even more indescribable level as their minds were flooded with sensations and thoughts of the other. Emotions, memories, thoughts not entirely their own. Everything swam in a kaleidoscope of imagery as their forms absorbed each other and their essence became one and the same being.

He became her, and she him. Imagery had become absolute pleasure, an ecstasy beyond understanding. Then, before darkness over came them, he saw a male form receding from him, his form, and she saw a female form receding from her, her form. There was this strange sensation, the mind would not focus, the eyes could not see what was beyond the rolling swirling fog.

It felt as if some one were dressing him. The clothing felt strange to him and a confusion overcame his mental processes as he thought of himself as a man.

"Strange." he thought to himself as he was laid on a soft sweet smelling surface. Blissful comfort, more comfort than he had ever known in his life, sweet, deep sleep.

She opens her eyes for the first time, to see through strange eyes and to think strange thoughts.

"This is impossible,", she thinks to herself, "it can't be for things like this are not possible, such things don't happen!"

Yet, she looks down at her young body, touches her soft, but firm breasts beneath the lacy baby doll nightgown she's wearing. She rises to her knees, and slowly reaches to her crotch and finds no manhood there. She reaches inside her bikini panties and gently inserts her finger into her soft, yielding vagina. Completely flabbergasted as a feeling of pleasure comes from the insertion. She still couldn't believe it for she knew such things were not possible. Gracefully, she got off the bed and walked over to the full length mirror the beings had provided just for this moment, to have a look at her new, young, fairy like body. She saw the soft curve of her face, the cat like green eyes which were accented by their almond shape. She saw her golden hair falling about her shapely shoulders, the sexy curve of her body and hips.

Her baby doll night gown was soft blue and trimmed in lace around the arm and neck and waist. She lifted her top and looked at her bikini panties which were also trimmed in lace around the waist and leg openings. She could feel herself becoming excited by the image of herself in the mirror.

"Unbelievable!", she thought, "I'm a very beautiful young girl, not a man any more. It wasn't a dream after all! Such things don't happen ... yet, I have full memory of everything. I have full memory of being a man except I can't remember my male name, only my female name... Jamie ... least it's cute."

~~ New Horizons Start as the Old End ~~