Rules for a Quantum Room Temperature Super fluid Nano Virus

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Rules for a Quantum Room Temperature Super fluid Nano Virus

Postby Miki Yamuri » Thu Mar 02, 2017 8:43 am

Rules for a Quantum Room Temperature Super fluid Nano Virus that causes Vampirisum

By: Miki Yamuri - 01 / 22 / 2012

Vampire Facts:

1.> They are afraid of all liquids ... mostly hydrogen, oxygen, carbon compounds

2.> They are Shape Shifters - Morphs - assume the shape of other things

3.> Can desolidify their forms and become a shadowy mist

4.> can walk through certain objects under certain circumstances - refer to rule #3

5.> They are Photophobic - fear sunlight - the infrared spectrum immediately burns their flesh due to the interactions of the frequencies of particles interacting with the vampire's body

6.> can stop a vampire's heart by driving an object through it - removal of the object restores the vampire however ... a wooden stake prevents the vampire's heart from normal function until it is removed

7.> can restore a sunlight destroyed vampire if all the ash remains are gathered and bathed in another vampire's blood

8.> Silver does affect a Vampire under certain circumstances - will hurt them as does a wear wolf ... Silver has an antiviral affect on the vampire virus same as any other virus

9.> Vampires cast no shadow - have no reflection in mirrors, water surfaces, glass surfaces - cannot be photographed due to no reflection. This is due to the fact they reflect only certain forms of light and absorb all others

10.> Loose their powers in the daylight - the reason they sleep in a coffin ... it contains soil from where they were buried when they first became a vampire and the coffin seals out the light - refer to fact #5

11.> Vampirisum is an STD - a blood born pathogen - a Quantum Room Temperature Super fluid xenomorphic Nano Virus

12.> Incubation time is 28 days - how long it takes for the virus to infect all of the living human tissue and capture a quantum image within the super fluid Viral matrix. Same incubation period as rabies


the super fluid ... is a room temperature one

The virus ... grows like tendrils and absorbs all living flesh as it goes ... Bose / Eisenstein Condensate can capture and perfectly preserve a photonic representation of light forever

it's why a vampire doesn't have a reflection - casts no shadows - it absorbs light especially at infrared and ultraviolet frequencies

if a Vampire is in sunlight - they are photo phobic - infrared light interferes with the Condensate Carbon Bucky matrix and makes it break down - the Virus fibers are carbon nano fiber tubes filled with a room temperature super fluid that is highly reactive to photonic stimulation by infrared and ultraviolet light

hydrogen at cryogenic temperatures is a super fluid - water ... has 2 hydrogens in it

helium ... is 2 hydrogens fused and is also a super fluid at cryogenic temperatures

The persistence of the virus is what gives a vampire its structural integrity, in spite of shape shifting, wall-walking, etc because the fibers that contain a fluid can shift into buckyballs as easily so the Vampire becomes a dark mist

running water is so dangerous to a Vampire - it contaminates the carbon viral matrix
and adds extra molecules to the matrix destabilizing it causing massive structural integrity breakdowns

the virus ... is a xenomorph ... in other words ... nothing of the host survives in its original manner since the body is the material out of which it creates the vampire's form. The first infected Vampire - Vlad the Impaler - was infected by a Demon ... He cursed G_D and made a deal with the devil - the virus ... was the result

Vampires need blood to manufacture more carbon fibers and to get plasma to replenish the super fluid

Vampires have control over the Killian energy that all living things give off - because of that they have limited telekinesis and mind control

being made of a super fluid Bucky fiber matrix ... is the reason they are so fast because it is frictionless

not affected by the normal constraints of planer normal space since they theoretically exist in 6 dimensions simultaneously and can choose one at will
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