Giantess Syndrome

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Giantess Syndrome

Postby Miki Yamuri » Fri Feb 03, 2017 6:20 pm

Title: Giantess Syndrome


Kyle Evans - Lab Tech at Parasol Corporation - Ashley’s husband and baby - Played by: Mommieslilbabygirl

Ashley Evans - Lab Supervisor at Parasol Corporation - Kyle's wife and now Mistress/Mommy - Played by : Miki Yamuri

Scene: Lab at the Parasol Corp


Amid many advanced pieces of equipment, deep in one of the many underground laboratories of the International Genetics research facility known as Parasol Corporation, sat a lone scientist. It was very late at the night portion of the facility’s work schedule and he knew he would not be disturbed.

He desperately poured over the equations of his private research. His precious daughter had a genetic birth defect. She had Dwarfism. He had devised a way to make her grow, in hopes that she would be a normal child and adult. After devising the virus he perfected it and gave it to his daughter. It showed great promise ... it had remarkable growth in such a short time.

Parasol, amazed with his research and results stole his research to make a financial gain for the company. What they didn't know was the dire consequence that were forth to come from his research.

The sample that was stolen by the Corporation, had been contaminated by the very agent they had sent to procure it. She had the beginnings of the flu before she had gone that day to take the sample. She had contaminated the sample and the 2 virus' had shared RNA carrier genes. The Gvirus ... mutated.

Within hours the Gvirus made it through the underground safety system and made it to the surface. First it started in animals and in small insects being the size of normal people but the Gvirus mutated even more when it passed from a bird to a human woman.

Ashley Evans was a very pretty Girl that worked as a Research Supervisor for Parasol Corp. She was a very petite girl with long blond hair and green eyes. She had been experimenting with a new breed of Chicken that had double the egg laying capacity of other genetic samples. Due to the similarity in the RNA of Gvirus and the Gco Link chicken strain ... the jump was one made in paradise. Coupled with the Flu strain, the virus effected everything ... made everything but men grow huge. Men, it affected them in .. very strange ways.

Ashley knew immediately something was terribly wrong as she saw the size of her samples that morning. She also knew she had been contaminated as she too ... had begun to grow. This scared her so much that she left the facility without following proper safe guards and protocols. This introduced an unstable new genome with no known enemy into a non controlled wild environment. The Virus spread ... and mutated ... like the flu.
Kyle Evans, her husband was also working on the same project as his wife. He had the day off. He was at home sleeping the day away unaware of what is happening to the city as every human female is contracting the flu and growing, leaveing human males unable to contract the Gvirus in the same way. The Gvirus was originally made to work on ... a little girl. Because of other wild mutations, the city literally grows leaving human males the same size looking like small children in this new environment.

Ashley arrives home almost panic stricken. She has grown so large in the few minutes since she left the research facility, that she had begun to split the seams in her dress. Her body was growing 10 times faster than her clothes were due to the differences in the way the virus effected it.

She rushes into the bedroom and shakes Kyle frantically. She says in near panic, "Kyle?? Kyle!! ... Wake up .. something terrible has happened!"

Kyle wakes up slowly ..."What is it honey?" As he rolls over and opens his eyes shocked to see a 10ft version of my wife that's still growing. He jumps out of bed to see the house has grown too. "Ashley ... what is going on! Why is everything so big" looking up at her.

Ashley’s voice booms in her near panic state as she says, "Our research ... it got out! I'm infected along with most of the city. Kyle .. I'm growing .. it's a disaster!"

Kyle looks around the house as everything is growing at a fast rate. Ashley’s dress and panties rip off leaving her naked in front of him. Only being up to Ashly’s belly button Ashley and the house continue to grow as Ashley has her maternal instinct going into overdrive because of the changes the virus had on females.

Ashley smiles warmly suddenly as an adoring expression comes over her face. She coos to Kyle like he's a baby. She picks him up and cradles him in her huge arms and sweetly says, "Aww, your such a sweet little girl. Mommy loves her baby soo much."

She then plants a huge wet kiss on Kyle’s cheek. Kyle Looks around as the house and Ashley appear to have stopped growing. Kylie now realizes Ashley has grown over 10ft tall.

Kyle gives Ashley a look as he squirms and fights against Ashley’s loving embrace. He exclaims, "Ashley what are you doing ... stop?" As Kyle looks no older than a 3 year old to Ashley.

Ashley coos softly, "My baby not in a diaper. Mommy no want baby to have an accident. So I'm going to dress baby girl properly."

She carries Kyle with her to the hall closet where she removes a large, thick , and very soft beach towel. She carries Kyle back into the bedroom and puts him on the bed after removing all of his night clothes.

Kyle stands up on the bed naked. "Now see here Ashley, you are going to do no such thing as putting your husband in a diaper!" Shaking his finger at her as he stands naked looking adorable to Ashley. All she sees is her very silly baby girl all naked and cute.

Ashley coos softly to her baby girl, "Aww ... silly girl, " She takes Kyle and lays him on his back ... she's way too strong at this size for him to resist. She continues, "Mommy going to put her baby girl in a nice soft diaper to make her sooo adorable."

She powders Kyle with a sweet jasmine smelling powder and fastens the makes shift diaper snugly on.

She stands Kyle on his feet beside the bed and coos softly, "Soo adorable. Mommy loves her baby girl sooo much." She hugs and kisses him adoringly again as the virus continued to produce overpowering maternal feelings in Ashley.

Kyle looks down ... he's shocked, he's wearing a pink make shift diaper. "Honey snap out of it ..." Seeing that the infection has affected your mind too. "I'm your husband Kyle." standing on the bed in the pink towel diaper.

Ashley lays on the bed pulling Kyle into a close snuggle with her. She takes one of her ample breasts and puts the nipple into Kyle's mouth. She coos, "Here baby, mommy gives you breakfast." The virus had caused Ashley to start lactating as it ignited her maternal instincts. The Virus changed females milk so that it changed men. Made them look like babies ... and act like them as time passed.

Kyle struggles as he tries to break free but can't, Ashley has a firm grip. As Kyle gives in and starts suckling, tasting the sweet milk coming out of his wife’s breast. Closing his eyes Kyle drinks his fill for 5 minutes. He feels ... so nice as he does this .. contented .. or maybe ..??

Ashley takes the nipple from Kyle's mouth. He actually feels a wave of sadness as she took it from his mouth. He quickly snaps out of the fugue .. but there’s this over powering ... something building in him he can’t explain that started as soon as he nursed.

Ashley coos softly, "Didums gets nuff to eat? Soon as mommy finds something to puts on, I will take baby girl to the mall for some cute clothes."

With this, Ashley tickles Kyle in his tummy as she kisses his nose.
Kyle giggles and laughs ... then realizes what's going on. "Ashley you have to fight the virus." Seeing his wife naked turns his little pee pee hard as it pokes against his towel diaper. Watching his wife go to the dresser, Kyle slowly climbs down from the bed. Kyle feels so much like an infant as he climbs off the huge bed, it scares him some. He cant explain the strong feelings inside him.

Ashley, seeing Kyle stand there in his cute pink towel diaper, has her heart melt and she knows she has to get the cutest outfits she can for her adorable little baby girl.

Ashley opens the bottom drawer in the chest. She removes a soft blue bed spread and wraps herself sarong style. She looks very sexy. When she turns, she sees Kyle standing in his pink diaper. She again has waves of over powering mothering instincts well up within her ... all directed towards Kyle.

She coos, "Aww sweetie is so cute in her diaper. Mommy's gonna gets her baby lots of cute and ruffley things to make her soo adorable."

She crosses the room and picks Kyle up in her strong arms. She kisses him on his forehead as she snatches up her purse and heads for the door.

Kyle looks onto his wife’s eyes "Ashley I'm not a baby girl..I'm your husband!"

Ashley ignores her pleas as he tries to break away from her grip. When we walk outside everything looks the same but bigger from Kyle’s point of view. Kyle tries to remove the pink towel diaper.

Ashley sees Kyle try to undo the diaper pins. She slaps his hands and says, “Naughty baby getta spankin is she keeps doing that." Ashley then turns Kyle over in her arms and swats him 1 good time on his bare thigh with a resounding slap.

"Oww" as Kyle remarks shocked that Ashley did that. Ashley brings Kyle out to her Ford Mustang and opens the door and gets in holding Kyle still since Ashley doesn't have a car seat for her precious little girl yet. Ashley drives to the mall with her precious cargo held firmly, yet gently in her arms. She arrives and looks to the interstate exit. She is glad she got here before the rush ... there appears to be many cars waiting to exit to the mall.

She parks in front of the We are Baby's of all Ages store. It is an exclusive baby apparel store catering to babies of all ages. She carries Kyle into the store and is greeted by a cute, although huge, female attendant wrapped sarong style in a cute baby bedspread.

Kyle looks around at the baby store. Shocked that all the cribs toys clothes etc. were in his size. Even more shocked seeing how the huge woman have already adapted and treating men like babies ... pushing them around in shopping carts and dressing them. Just then, Kyle had a sudden urge to go to the bathroom ... Kyle struggles to hold it. As if by magic, Ashley and the attendant know Kyle has to go potty.

Ashley says in a cute way to baby, "Now mommy knows you have to go potty. Baby no need to be shy ... why babies are in a diaper ... it's expected of you."

With this, the attendant giggles and presses on top of Kyle’s tummy until he can't hold it anymore. He pees in his diaper just like the women wanted. The girls giggle softly again and Ashley coos, "Aww .. baby girl aww wet. Mommy gets new stuff and make her girl pretty."

The attendant says, My name's Vickie. If you wait just a minute, I'll get a baby stroller for your baby and a clean diaper and a pair of cute pink rumba panties."

Ashley giggles and replies, "That would be very nice. I want a complete wardrobe for my baby girl. I want her to be all in ruffles and lace."

Vickie replies as she walks toward a long counter, "If you follow me ma’am, I'm sure these are what your looking for."

She escorts Ashley with her precious burden to an area filled to overflowing with baby girl clothes, diapers, pull ups, panties, onesies, jumpers, booties, cribs, and all the other things for a baby.

Ashley immediately takes the offered stroller and puts Kyle in it. She then fastens the locking straps, insuring Kyle can't get out. Kyle looks up at Ashley as he gets a view of his wife’s breasts, now thinking they’re only for food as the virus begins to effect his mind and perceptions.

Kyle tries to unlock himself but its no use. For some reason the lock seems too complicated for him to figure out. It looks like a simple latch ... but he can’t quite seems to figure out how to unlatch it.

Kyle has to sit in the stroller in a soaked diaper as Vickie pulls a cart behind her throwing things in that Ashley would love to see Kyle in. Vickie asking Ashley what is baby’s new girl name going to be.

Ashley giggles softly and replies, "Why her name is Kylie of course. Do you carry any suppositories that make baby incontinent so she doesn’t have the problem she had when we came in?"

Vickie replies, "Of course. Put 1 of these in her bottom 2ice a day. She will be unable to help herself. After a few uses, it becomes permanent. She won’t have any problems making poopie or wetting again."

Ashley takes a 32 day supply and puts them into the cart. Ashley wants her Kylie to be diaper trained as fast as possible.

She asks, "Is there a place I can change Kylie? I want her in these cute huggies."

Vickie leads Ashley to the changing room and shows her the changing counter. As she watches, Ashley unbuckles Kylie from the stroller and places him on the padded changing counter. Ashley removes the wet and soggy towel diaper and cleans Kylie with a soft and moist baby wipe. The sweet odor of jonquils fills the air as she cleans all of his squeaky places.

She turns Kylie onto his stomach and begins to rub baby oil all over his soft bottom. She lubricates his opening with short insertions of her finger ... then suddenly pushes a suppository deep into him. He can feel the warm wetness spread as it makes a very nice tingle all through him. Ashley does it again ... Kylie feels wonderful chills running all through his body.

Kyle gives several cute little squeaking screams as Ashley puts the suppositories in his bottom. Ashley turns Kyle back over and places a pink Sesame Street Huggies diaper on the table and slowly lowers him into it. Ashley generously powders the diaper with a nice jasmine smelling powder, then pulls the Huggies up and tapes it in place

Ashley puts a pair of white and pink crocheted booties on Kyle’s feet and fastens the locking strap. She threads his feet through the leg openings of a pair of pink and white rumba panties with lots of white/pink ruffles around the legs, the waste, and 4 rows on the bottom. She pulls them to Kyle’s knees. Ashley then stands Kylie on her feet and pulls the plastic lined panties up over the diaper and locks the waste band in place, insuring Kyle can't get out of them.

Kyle tries to remove the rumba panties but it is to no use. "Ashley I swear I don't know how but I will find a way to fix this.."

As Kyle says that, Ashley tickles Kyle's stomach and Kylie falls over laughing and kicking. Ashley picks up a cute baby top and threads it over Kylies hands and head. She pulls it on and pats him softly on his bottom. The plastic lining made lots of crinkle noises as she patted him.

After standing him back on his feet, Ashley takes him by his hand and walks him to the stroller. She picks him up and straps him in again.

She coos, "Ok baby, mommy made sure you won't have the problem of going potty any more. Now don't be shy about it. Your a baby and babies aren't potty trained, so it's expected."

With this she kisses Kylie on his nose and pushes the stroller back out next to Vickie and the loaded shopping cart.

When Vickie sees Kylie she just can't help herself , She leans over and coos making baby sounds at Kylie. Vickie takes pink berets and puts them in Kylies hair.

Kylie fusses, "Stop that" the diaper and plastic panties crinkle as Kylie fusses.

Ashley giggles and coos softly, "Your such an adorable baby girl Kylie. Mommy's never going to let you grow up, ever."

Vickie and Ashley go to the checkout. Vickie rings up all the purchases ... there are many piles of packages everywhere.

Vickie says in a cheerful voice, "That's $577.99. Will that be Visa or Master Card?"

Ashley says, “Visa ...” then swipes the card through the reader.

As Kylie is sitting in the stroller, he notices that his diaper starts to get full. Kylie can't believe he's pooping in his diaper like the little baby girl she is ... he can’t believe Ashley is serious about making him diaper dependant.

Vickie says in a cooing voice, "Ohh my, baby has gone stinky."

Both women giggle.

Ashley says, "Those suppositories work fast."

Vickie replies, "They also take away her ability to hold her urine. In a little bit, she will be totally diaper trained. Here's your receipt, please, come again soon."

Ashley says in a cooing voice, "Hear that Kylie?? In under a month, you will be diaper trained again. Won't that be adorable?"

With this, she bends and hugs Kylie lovingly as she kisses him on his cheek. Kylie tries to remove the straps locking him into the soft and comfy baby stroller. It was to no avail. Kyle struggles to get out, all the while his diaper was full of fresh poo from the suppository Ashley gave him as she wheeled Kylie out of the store.

Ashley takes the new baby seat she had just purchased and buckled it into the front seat facing rearward. She then unbuckles Kylie from the stroller and puts him in the car seat and again buckles and locks Kylie in. From here, she loads the vehicle down with all the new purchases. Ashley knows they have to hurry home because of the huge delivery of baby items and furniture that is going to soon arrive.

She gets into the car and says to baby, "Mommy gonna make sure your the cutest baby girl on the block. I'm so proud of my baby ... I'm going to have all my friends over just to show you off. Won't that be fun?"

Kylie looks at his wife shocked realizing that the virus has taken away his loving wife. Kylie starts to cry a bit in anger kicking and flailing his legs. "You can't do this ... you just can't do this ..."

Kylie gasps, Looking up at Ashley ... shocked as she tickles Kylie's foot through her new bootie she's wearing. As Ashly pulls out of the parking lot, Kylie watches her get on her cell and begin inviting all her friends over.

The drive home was very strange for Kylie. Ashley would stop and proudly show off her baby girl at any excuse. It was very apparent that Ashley was more than pleased with her new baby. By the time they had arrived at the house, the van of baby items and a truck load of workwomen had arrived.

Ashley takes Kylie and the car seat from the car and carries him in still buckled in it. Kylie noticed the workers were all giantess females. As soon as Ashley placed Kylie and the car seat he was locked into on the living room floor, She was off to the guest room ... turning it into the most fabulous nursery for a baby girl.

Kylie looks around scared as he sees other giant women bringing packs of diapers, baby furniture, toys, and every thing else for baby. A few of the giantesses come over and coo down at Kylie in a sweet manner. One even give Kylie a huge strawberry lollypop ... he is embarrassed, but he takes it and just has to start sucking on it. He can’t resist. The women are all doe eyed and tickle and kiss the adorable baby girl Kylie as often as they pass.

All the attention was beginning to affect Kylie. The women tickling him and playing with his feet caused him to act so adorably infantile as he helplessly giggled and squirmed like any baby would.

All of them can all tell Kylie needed a diaper change ever since he went poopy at the store. Sitting in it for all this time squished against Kylie's bum. They make cute remarks to Kylie about being tinky. He is so humiliated, but cant help screeching with glee at the tickles and kisses.

Ashley finally finishes giving directions to the workers. She comes and kneels by Kylie and coos, "Mommy sowwy she had ignored baby for so long. I had to show them how to set up your new nursery."

She unlocks and unbuckles Kylie from the car seat and carries him through the New nursery. It was fabulously decorated. White. pink and blue wall coverings. Thick powder blue carpets. A very expensive wooden Crib, complete with locking top. Teddy Bears, Dolls, a huge wooden toy chest ... rocking horses, doll houses ... and baby toys of all descriptions.

She carries Kylie into the potty room. Even the tub had been changed .. it looked like a huge whirlpool bassinette on a pedestal. Ashley takes Kylie to the changing counter and lays him on his back. Kylie looks up at his former wife as she unlocks the rumba panties pulling them down.

Kylie helplessly protests, "I'm not a baby girl Ashley! I'm your husband.. I have a penis and everything."

He begins kicking and screaming as Ashley untaped the tabs of the diaper. The smell filling the air, Kylie's embarrassment rose as she makes a comment that babies peepee is so cute and tiny when a few days ago Ashley was commenting on how big it is ... shame and sadness came over Kylie.

Ashley coos to baby, "Mommy gonna get baby all clean n comfy.”

She removes the messy diaper and wipes up a lot of the mess with it. She takes a hand full of sweet smelling baby wipes and cleans all of Kylie's squeaky places. She bends over and blows in Kylie's tummy as she tickles him softly in the ribs. She removes the baby top as she tickles Kylie all over.

Kylie giggles and laughs as Ashley tickles him. Unaware of what is happening to his peepee. It starts to grow as he's shocked. Looking at the size of it ... it was smaller than Ashley’s little pinky. So embarrassed when Ashley remarks how cute and tiny it is. "Its not tiny" a whimper comes from Kylie.

Ashley coos, "Of course it is sweetheart. Your a girl and it will soon be up inside here with what's left." She then caresses his shrinking parts that had begun to be drawn back inside Kylie's crotch. Kyle can’t believe how the virus is effecting him ... nor the speed at which it did it. Ashley is actually able to put her fingers inside the place his testicles used to be. He knows very soon, he will only have a small slit there.

Ashley picks Kylie up by his ankles and places a very thick, very soft diaper under him and sets him back on it. She then powders him very generously before pulling it between his legs and fastening it snugly but comfortably on with the tabs.

She stands Kylie on her feet and pulls the lined rumba panty up over the very thick diaper. Ashley walks Kylie over to the full length mirror on the back of the potty room door so he could get a look at himself. The image looking back was a very adorable little baby girl all in pink and white. No top, and very cute and adorable with pink ribbons making ponytails.

Looking at the image staring back at Kylie ... soft blond hair about shoulder length in 2 pink berets one on each ponytail. The soft baby fat around Kylie's cheeks as his face is transformed by the virus to look more babyish then ever.
Kylie takes her hand and pokes her chubby stomach as it transforms. Kylie has to admit, she’s even starting to have infantile thoughts. She looks up at Ashley as she begins to cry. Losing the fact that she was once a man that now there is nothing in her diaper but a little vagina ... her peepee is now completely gone.

Ashley bends down and hugs Kylie. She kisses her on the nose softly and coos to baby, "Aww , sweetiekins, it's all right, mommy promise. You will never have to be a big boy again. You’re now mommy's little baby girl for ever."

She picks up Kylie and kisses her on her lips lovingly, the sets her back on her wobbly feet. The sounds of the workwomen fade as they finish their jobs and leave. All has become silent in the house, except for Kylie's soft whimpers.

Having a hard time with balance, Kylie stumbles a bit and tries to regain his balance but falls down onto his padded bottom. Once on the ground he whimpers and cries, "I'm not a baby ... I'm not a baby!" ... although he is having doubts as to how long he will be able to make that claim.

suddenly you hear a knock on the door. The door bell rings 2ice as Ashley hugs and comforts Kylie. She stands and carries Kylie to the door. When Ashley opens the door, several of her girlfriends were there dressed in many different types of sarong style wraps. They see Kylie and begin to coo and tickle baby with lots of attention. Kylie is treated as a very beloved baby.

Kylie clings to Ashley, her friends are just as tall as she is. Some tickle Kylie’s feet while others coo. One even peeks in Kylie's diaper and asks Ashley how she turned him into a little girl so fast.

One of the women brought over her 12 year old daughter Courtney ... Who Kyle used to pick on a lot. Even she has grown proportionately. Ashley leads Courtney into the den. She puts Kylie into the playpen and locks the rail up with a soft click.

Ashley says softly, ""Ok, Courtney, I'll let you play with baby until I get the card tables and things set up. She’s only 2 ... so be gentle."

Ashley kisses Courtney on her cheek and leaves the den.

Courtney smiles so sweetly as she looks at Kylie. She coos softly, "Well .. seems that a certain baby girl is my charge now. Umm Seems I remember you as ... mean."

"You’re not going to do anything to me Courtney otherwise I'll tell Ashley and your Mom on you and we will see who is in trouble." looking up at Courtney as she bent down over the rail. Kylie standing, was just about to the top of the rail. Her eyes just could peek over the top.

Courtney says in a cooing smart voice, " Sounds scary, but you’re a baby and I’m considered an adult ... seems things a bit .. different now." Courtney pats Kylie a bit hard on her hiney.

Courtney bends over and whispers in a smarty conspiratorial tome, "Well, there's even things that say I'm an adult and you're, just a baby. Seems I'm in charge and you're ... a baby."

She then pulls open the front of Kylie's panties and diaper. She checks Kylie and discovers she had wet her panties.

Courtney comments, "Ohh, seems you really are a baby girl. I no see nuthing but a wet diaper and a really cute little privacy."

"I'm not a baby girl!" Stomping her foot and getting away. "You didn't see a wet diaper Courtney. Now go along and try on training bras or something and weave me awone" crawling over to the far side of the playpen.

Courtney giggles softly and says in a cooing smart voice, "Baby needs to realize ... things are ... different now. Even my daddy ... is my baby sister now. She’s so adorable too. Your mine ... sorta speaking. If you want .. proof .. I think I can come up with something that will convince you."

Courtney turns ... she walks over to the 90" flat screen TV and turns it on. The picture shows WEED Nightly news ... channel 2.2.

The woman commentator had the Male anchor person in her arms in a diaper and pink plastic panties. She was breastfeeding him as she says in a cooing voice, "A new world order has emerged by popular vote. In a 90 to 10 popular vote ... all babies are the property of their respective mommies or Nanas."

Kylie falls back onto her diapered butt in shock. How did the virus spread so quick? Would he be stuck in diapers forever or worse be raised as a girl? Kylie looks up at Courtney, Kylie begins to cry realizing this will be his fate if he doesn't get back to the lab.

All of a sudden, Kylie poos in her diaper as it oozes out in tingling waves. Kylie is hating the feeling. She is totally helpless to stop this from happening ... the suppositories did the job quickly ... and starting to be ... permanently ... Kylie knows she doesn’t have much time and must get back to the lab.

Courtney giggles and coos softly in a conspiratorial voice, "So baby needs ... me as an adult ... to change you ... as the baby you are??" She sniffs the air with contempt and makes a face.

"I am not a baby!" Shouting at Courtney. This causes Ashley and the other adult women to come in and see what's going on. Kylie stays still on her pee and poo filled diaper hoping Ashley won't find out and ridicule him for it ... in a way ... hoping she does because the smell is unbearable.

Ashley asses the situation and says to Courtney, "Why don't you change baby and give her a bath? Use this soap and shampoo ... it makes her feel so feminine and baby."

She hands over a huge bottle of Pink gel. Ashley and the other women go, leaving Courtney alone with Kylie again.

Courtney's eyes sparkle with impishness as she says, "See?? I'm an adult and your just a baby. Now come on little baby girl ... time for an adult to change you."

Courtney picks Kylie up from the Playpen after unlocking and lowering the rails. She carries him upstairs to the nursery potty room and lays him on the changing counter. She bends over and kisses Kylie on his nose as she tickles him in all his squeaky places.

Courtney says, "I promise to make baby feel so nice too."

With this, she undoes the lock on his panties and removes them. Courtney unfastens the locking diaper pins and lifts Kylie by her ankles. She cleans Kylie's bottom some with the messy diaper before taping it into a ball and tossing it into a trash pail. She then takes several baby wipes and finishes cleaning Kylie's bottom.

When Courtney had finished cleaning up the poo, she sits Kylie back on the table. She notices his little pee pee and scrotum had vanished. All that was left was a cute little vagina. She takes Kylie’s new clit between her index finger and thumb to examine it.

She comments in a very humiliating voice, "Well, seems you don't need a penis anymore. From the looks of it, you should have been a girl from birth. Guess it's up to an adult to fix these little ... mistakes??"

Kylie stands up on the changing table and whines, "Hey! Now see here ... Ashley said I was the biggest she has ever had and it only looks small because your a giant. Besides its probably the first one you have ever seen" deflecting what she said as it really hit Kylie hard. Yelling at Courtney in his pink and white booties and my blond hair in pigtails.

Courtney giggles and coos to baby, "Sorry sweetie, your so adorable when you throw a temper tantrum. Besides, smarty, you don’t even have a peepee any more."

Courtney is more than happy to show Kylie her new vagina. Kylie is totally mind blown ... time is running out quickly and she hasn’t even been able to get close to the lab.

Courtney sits Kylie down and removes her booties as she tickles her feet. Courtney takes Kylie’s small clit between her thumb and forefinger again and coos to baby, " I know you’ll make a very adorable little girl."

The sensation is intensely electric to Kylie as Courtney softly squeezes.

Courtney giggles as she removes the barrettes from Kylie's hair and puts her into the tub bassinet. She runs the comfortably warm water into the tub and adds the pink liquid. The dreamy smell of honeysuckle fills the room. Kylie coughs at the smell as Courtney pours the pink gel onto a cloth and starts to rub it into Kylie's skin. All his body hair that was left began falling off and his skin became silky smooth and baby soft.

Kylie began wondering how Ashley made this gel until Courtney rubs it into her privacy. It starts to tingle as Courtney helps Kylie stand up and he watches. In horror, Kylie realizes his parts didn’t just shrink, His penis had slowly disappeared and transformed into a functional and cute pussy. Kylie realized, She was really a girl.

Courtney coos, "That's so cute sweetie." She caress his new vagina softly and continues, "I know this will make little baby girl feel so much better."

Courtney lathers up a thick and soft washcloth with the gel. She washes Kylie all over her body, tickling and caressing softly all the time. When she is done, Kylie is completely smooth, baby soft, and hairless. Her skin is extremely soft and smells sweetly of honeysuckle. Courtney takes another red liquid and pours it on Kylie's head. The wonderful aroma of roses in bloom fill the air. She lathers this into many bubbles as she massages Kylie's scalp.

Courtney coos, "This will make baby's hair so soft and shiny. Make it grow some too ... I like a girl with hair below their shoulders."

Right when Courtney starts to lather up Kylie's hair, Ashley comes walking in with Courtney's Mom saying that its time to go since its almost Kylie's bedtime. Kylie tries to cover up her new vagina from the giant women but it is no use ... Ashly notices right away.

The Giantess women coo and giggle to Kylie, "Aww ... so cute! So you really have become the baby I knew you were."

They caress, tickle, and give many kisses to Kylie as they make baby noises. Kylie is helpless with all the attention. He giggles and squirms like any adorable baby.

Courtney's mom tells her as they lave the potty room, "Ashley has asked that you be Kylie's Nana. I think that’s a perfect job for ...." The voices fade as they go from earshot.

Ashley says softly, "I have made arrangements so that Courtney will be your Nana. I know she and baby will have lots of fun."

Kylie protests ... he pokes out his bottom lip in an adorable pout. It melts Ashly's heart to see Kylie being so baby and precious. She reassures Kylie that Courtney is the perfect Nana and that Kylie is just a baby and has no say in the matter.

Ashley finishes washing Kylie with the thick wash cloth. Ashley plays gently and teasingly with Kylie's nipples. They tingle all through Kylie as he notices ... they sprout quickly and are becoming cute little female buds.

Ashley coos, "Baby has cute little booby bumps. They gonna stay that size and be cute on you."

Ashley then bends and gives them a soft sucking kiss.

Kylie looks up and gasps in a cute voice, "Ashley!" Shocked ... never ever thinking his wife was like this. Mortified and embarrassed to death as Ashley has her all cleaned in the bassinet bathtub. Kylie knowing she has to get Ashley to go to the lab soon or things might be permanent. He is very scared too. In less than 24 hours, his body had transformed, for all intents a purposes, into a baby girl.

Ashley picks up Kylie and twirls her round several times as she shouts in a cheerful voice "Wheeeeee!!"

She sets Kylie on the changing counter and begins to dry her with a soft, thick towel. When she had finished drying Kylie's hair, She began to gently caress her in her new vagina as she kissed her on her lips.

Ashly says softly, "Mommy loves her baby girl sooo much."

She kisses Kylie 1 more time, then begins to brush her long, silky, and now , adorably curly hair. Kylie sits and watches her wife/Mommy brush his curly blond hair putting it into pigtails as she's getting Kylie ready for bed. Kylie, thinking of drastic measures, does the unthinkable.

Kylie asks in the most precious baby voice, "Mommy can we go to the lab tomorrow?" Looking up at Ashley, giving her a puppy dog pout.

Amy coos to her baby softly, "Now why would baby want to go to the lab? Nothing there for baby to play with ... there's only Adult toys there."

"Because I wanna see where Mommy works." Kylie said forcing out the Mommy line. Knowing its her only hope to at least turn back to an adult.

Ashley looks adoringly at her new baby girl and smiles a wonderful smile, “Ok sweet heart. Mommy will take you to the lab. But it's going to be after baby takes her nap."

Ashley softly pushes Kylie onto her back and lifts her by her ankles. She places a very thick and soft diaper under her and sets her back on it. She spreads Kylie's legs and squeezes a bluish pink gel into Kylie's new vagina before she can protest. Kylie finds herself on her tummy and can feel Ashley pushing several suppositories into his bottom. Many strange and wonderful waves begin to spread through her body.

Kylie let's out a cute squeaking gasp as Ashley shoves the suppositories up Kylie's bum. he looks up at Ashley and gives her a mean look as she rolls him onto his back again.

Ashley says in a cooing voice to baby, "That should make baby feel so nice soon."

She tickles Kylie in her ribs. Ashley picks up a large bottle of baby powder and generously powders Kylie. She then pulls the diaper up between her legs and fastens it on snugly with the tapes. Ashley lifts Kylie by the heels again and threads his feet through the leg openings of a cute Strawberry Shortcake romper. She lifts Kylie onto her feet and pulls the romper the rest of the way on and fastens the straps around his neck.

Ashley stands back and fawns, "Aww sweetie baby is sooo adorable!!" She then hugs Kylie lovingly and kisses her on her lips.

Kylie looks down in horror ... seeing this outfit on himself. He thinks it would look adorable on a little girl but not him.

He wines, sounding more and more infantile, "But I wanna to go to the lab now." looking up at Ashley from the changing table as Kylie watches her drop her robe. Ashley stands in her panties for a bit as she puts all of the baby items neatly away and cleans the counter. She turns and picks up Kylie and carries her into the nursery.

Ashley coos, "Now, after nappie time, mommy has a big surprise for her baby girl."

Ashley sits with Kylie in her arms. She reaches to her breast and squeezes softly on her nipple. A large drop of white liquid appears. Ashley puts her nipple into Kylie's mouth before he can react. Before Kylie knows it Ashley has her sucking on her teat for milk. Kylie gags at first since Ashley’s nipple is so big but calms down and suckles for 10 minutes. Kylie feels so strange as she unlatches from Ashley’s nipple full of her Mommy's milk. Kylie feels so content he almost wants to close his heavy eyes and take the nap Ashley wants him to. He realizes now why Ashly was putting him down for nap.

Ashley places a cloth on her shoulder. She places Kylie across her shoulder and softly pats his back. He suddenly can't help himself ... a soft burp escapes him with a small amount of spit up. Ashley takes Kylie off her shoulder and cleans his mouth softly with the cloth from her shoulder.

Shocked that she just did that ... not believing that Ashley just burped him. Realizing this might not be so temporary after all. Kylie begins to cry saddened by the thought of being his wife's baby for the rest of his life.

Ashley tickles Kylie in all his tickle spots and coos, "Aww baby girl .. no need to be sad ... it's all right mommy promise." She kisses Kylie on her nose before continuing, "We can take baby to the lab after your nappie poo. Besides, mommy has a surprise for baby when she wakes up." She then stands and carries Kylie to the crib and lowers the rail. Ashley kisses Kylie on her cheek and places Kylie in. She raises the rail with a click. With this she turns off the light and leaves. The door to the nursery softly closes with a click. The only light is the soft glow of the glow worm night light softly illuminating the dark so that baby isn’t afraid of the boogie man.

Kylie slowly wakes up to find that she is sucking on a bottle of yummy breast milk from Ashley. Kylie also notices another baby in her crib. She has short brown hair wearing a yellow onesie. Kylie notices with a start That it’s George the next door neighbor. Kylie was about to say something until the door to the nursery opens ...

Ashley comes in and walks quietly to the crib. She pulls open the front of Kylie's panties and diaper and checks to see if baby is wet. She is ... She repeats the process with George ... he too is wet. Ashley lets the crib rail down softly and picks Kylie up and kisses her on the lips.

Amy coos, "Soo cute ... baby aww wet. Soon, mommy wont have to use the jell or suppositories. The store says only 1 more day and you will be permanently in diapers if I do it like they said. They told mommy I can double up the doses and it happens real fast ... Isn't that just adorable?"

Kylie’s jaw drops as she cannot believe that one more day at most, and she will be stuck in diapers forever. Looking up at Ashley she whines, "We need to go to the lab NOW!" starting to panic a bit.

Ashley raises the crib rail with a soft click as George begins to stir and sit up. He sucks his thumb and looks so adorable with his wide eyes and innocent expression.

Ashley says, "we are sweetie, but first I need to change you and Georgia and let you meet her."

Ashley carries Kylie into the potty room and sits her gently on the changing table. With a gentle tickle under Kylie's arms ... Kylie finds herself on her back with Ashley kissing her and tickling her all over.

Ashley tickles and kisses Kylie all over. He can’t help himself as he is laughing and giggling like a baby girl. Ashley undoes the snaps in the crotch of the romper and pulls it up past Kylie’s stomach and bends down and blows a raspberry on Kylie's tummy.

Ashley says in a cooing voice, "Baby so dorable. I hope you like Georgia lots. She love you lots and wanna play with you while mommy gets ready to take babies on a outing to where I work. Won't that be fun?"

Ashley then bends and blows into Kylie's tummy again making a loud raspberry sound. Ashley undoes the tapes and lifts Kylie by her ankles sliding the wet diaper away and into the trash. Ashley wipes Kylie's bottom with a lavender baby smelling wipe and slowly puts another disposable under Kylie ... Ashley bends down and gives Kylie's new vagina a loving sucking and moist kiss. She coos softly, "Mommy gonna molest baby sometimes too. It's only fair."

She then turns Kylie onto her stomach. Kylie can feel Ashley’s hands softly and sensually apply a sweet smelling baby oil. Her finger teases Kylie's bottom opening and then suddenly pushes deep into it. Kylie feels her insert 3 suppositories this time. Before Kylie can regain her composure after all this intense stimulation, Ashley turns Kylie back onto her back. She inserts a large needless syringe into Kylie's vagina and fills it completely with a thick pink gel. Kylie feels very full and slightly dizzy with the effects of the gel and the suppositories.

Ashley says softly in a cooing voice, "Ok, baby, mommy has given you triple doses. You're in diapers now ... and my baby for ever and ever." she giggles sweetly then continues, "I so love baby and want her this way for a long, long time."

She then pulls the diaper up between Kylie's legs and fastens the tapes. Kylie gulps realizing even if she is able to undo the virus and somehow change herself back into a man. Kylie will be stuck in diapers forever ... She starts thinking that his wife will see her as a baby forever. She starts to kick and scream, crying, throwing an infantile tantrum that makes Ashley feel so nice inside as she sees her baby girl being more infantile as the minutes pass.

Ashley picks up Kylie and pops her on her exposed thigh sharply 1 time. Ashley says, "I’m sorry baby, but mommy won't tolerate baby being naughty and I will spank her. Is that understood?"

Ashley looks at Kyle with a stern expression.

"Ashley ... it’s me ... Kyle ... your husband!" Looking up at Ashley crying a bit from the smack she got on her thigh..

Kylie watches as Ashley pulls her Strawberry Shortcake romper down snapping it back in place and picking up Kylie and resting her on Ashley’s hip.

Ashley hugs Kylie close and kisses him softly. She coos., "Mommy know who you are sweetie. I can't help myself .. I love you so muchies. I want you to be my baby ... forever."

Ashley then picks Kylie up and carries her to the crib and puts her in. Georgia is very excited that Kylie has returned. Georgia starts to say something ... and it sounded really important ... but suddenly, Georgia's Mommy comes up from downstairs, acting kind of strange as she walks over and picks up Georgia and says she has to go. She kisses Ashley on the cheek and makes haste out of the nursery.

"Wait, you know I am your husband? Then why are you doing this" said Kylie after Georgia and her mommy left.

Ashley coos softly as she picks up Kylie, "Because your my baby is why sweet heart. I promise you will be the cutest girl around. Now, Mommy taking you to where I work. I know baby will enjoy this and is what baby wanted."

Ashley then takes Kylie and puts her in the carrier and straps him in. She carries him to the car and straps the carrier into the car backwards. The drive to Parasol was quick and uneventful. Ashley unbuckles Kylie from the car seat and carries him into the main lobby. The giant female guard checks Ashley’s Id badge and allows them into the main lab.

Kylie recognizes the female guard as Ashley gets clearance to go through. She sometimes use to chat with her but doubts that she would recognize Kylie now since she's in a Strawberry Shortcake romper and diaper. Ashley takes Kylie into the Lab. She set him on a counter next to the computer that had all the research data for the giantess syndrome.

Ashley coos, "Here we are baby. This is where mommy works. " She then rubs noses with Kylie.

Kylie crawls over to the computer and accesses the Gvirus file ... looking at it. At the same time Kylie suddenly realizing Ashley is giving him a diaper check. Ashley pulls open Kylies diaper and panties and checks to make sure he was not wet or messy.

She pats him on his bottom and coos, "Hope baby has fun today. Now be sweet for just a bit, mommy has to go see the nice woman behind that glass window.

She kisses Kylie softly then walks through the auto door with a whoosh. Kylie starts typing away on the computer ... trying to figure out an antidote for the syndrome. Working for 10 minutes, she is shocked to have found a simple antidote. Kylie hits print on the computer when Ashley comes walking back into the lab.

Ashley sees the printer spitting out a long sheet. She walks over to it and reads some of it as it comes into the print tray.

Ashley says softly, "Hope baby having fun. Mommy want to show you the hyperbaric gene growth chamber. It's the thing that makes mommy's work happen."

She pulls the last sheet from the tray and carries it over to the table Kylie was sitting on. She then picks Kylie up and carries him over to a huge round glassed in chamber. Inside, were top of the line robotic manipulations robots to keep all genetic material isolated from human contact.

Kylie whimpers and fusses trying to break free from Ashley’s arms. Not interested in the chamber and the machines, Kylie somehow breaks free and waddles over to the lab counter. Realizing this was a bad idea since Kylie is way too short she begins to cry. She realizes she is going poopie in her diaper again. Kylie feels the strange waves as she helplessly voids in her diaper.

Ashley follows Kylie over to the counter. She sniffs the air in a silly way and coos to baby, "Baby go stinky?? Mommy change baby ... no cry."

Ashley bends over and picks Kylie up. She hugs and kisses him adoringly as she lays him on the top of the counter on top of the printout. She unsnaps the snaps in Kylie's crotch and opens the romper.

Ashley wrinkles her nose and says softly in a pleasant cooing voice, "Ewww tinky!!" she tickles Kylie in his ribs gently then continues, "Baby make big messy. mommy fix it right away."

Kylie lays there as Ashley unfastens the diaper and she let's out a big pew you. Ashley lifts Kylie by her ankles and pulls the diaper away. While Ashly was busy doing that, is when Kylie grabs the antidote papers and starts to go through them. Just then a lab assistant enters the room ... her name is Sally and she has been doing a bit of gene sequencing herself. She has major plans on how to deal with this virus.

The assistant sees Kylie with the papers and rushes over and takes them from him. She coos, "Baby shouldn't have these ... they not for baby."

Sally then takes them to the shredder and disposes of them. Kylie watches as the cure is shredded into long narrow strips of paper. The tech knows she is the reason this particular virus got out of the lab. She knows Parasol wanted the sample. She also doesn't want it to be cured. She likes being in charge of all the babies. Kylie's jaw drops watching the papers get shredded. She gives Sally an evil look.

Ashley lowers Kylie into a new diaper and generously applies baby powder as she pulls up the diaper and fastens the tabs. Ashley then pulls the flaps of the romper together and fastens the snaps in Kylie's crotch. Ashley tickles Kylie in her ribs as she rubs noses and gently kisses Kylie all over her face.

Ashley coos, "There, baby aww clean n fresh." She stands Kylie on her feet and holds her hand so baby can't get away and into more mischief in the lab.

The lab assistant comes over and sees how cute her old boss looks as a little baby girl. Giving Kylie a little tickle as Ashby’s name is called over the intercom that she is needed in another lab. Sally knows it won’t be long now and she will be in total control. Ashley asks Sally to watch Kylie for a bit..

The assistant bends and coos, "Baby remember me?? I Sally. I love what's happened to you ... your the most adorable baby ever." She then pats Kylie on her head. She continues, "If baby not a good little girl, I will make sure you have no mind at all." She then produces a syringe with a weird brownish liquid with silver and blue flakes in it and shows Kylie.

Sally continues in a cooing voice, "I have always thought men were just big babies. You're so ... dependant on a woman ... just like the adorable babies all have become. It was just an accident, but when I saw what happened ... this is how I want the world to be."

She walks to the computer console ... and deletes all the information on the cure from most of the database. What Sally didn't know ... there was a backup copy made of this research as she deleted it ... just in case something important was accidentally lost. Only Ashley ... the lab director ... had access.

Sally turns and says with an evil tone in her voice, "What this means is ... your a baby for the rest of your life. Hope you love diapers."

She bends and kisses Kylie on her cheek one more time.

"How dare you do this to me and Mankind!" Kylie says standing there in her baby outfit.

Kylie knows something is going very wrong as her legs seem unsteady and unable to keep balance. "You have my wife treating me like I was her toddler daughter!" Kylie stomping her foot on the counter top and almost falling.

Sally giggles as she catches Kylie and replies like she's explaining a difficult topic with an infant, "I know baby doesn't understand. This is how it supposed to be and will be from now on." She reaches into one of the leg opening of Kylies romper before she can protest. Her finger wiggles around checking first to see if Kylie was wet ... then finds her new vagina. Sally gently caresses it and then pulls her finger from Kylies romper.

Sally continues with a sneer in her voice, "Besides, Your a very adorable little baby girl .. just like you always were."

Sally starts to see Kylie's eyes water up..."I'm not suppose to be Ashley’s daughter I am suppose to be her husband" tears running down Kylie's cheeks standing there looking at the woman who did this to her...

Sally teases Kylie, "Now look at yourself. You're dressed and look like the most precious baby girl I ever saw ... and you're even crying like a baby."

Sally takes a tissue and wipes Kylie's face and nose in a contemptuous manner.

She continues, "So you have finally become exactly what you really are ... a whinny, snot nosed baby."

"Shut up Sally!" Kylie rubbing her eyes, "If I ever change back so help me..."

Sally swats Kylie’s bottom and notices Kylie has lots of ruffles on her bottom thinking the romper is ever more adorable.

Sally picks up the crying and squirming Kylie and hugs her close. She coos, "I'm a woman too. I have been affected by the virus and I want to be your mommy. I want to make sure you understand your place in life from now on."

She pinches Kylie's nose a bit harder than just play.

"Your not my Mommy! Ashley is..." Kylie can't believe she just said that. As Sally is 10 years younger then Ashley and more full figured then her as well.

Sally giggles pleasantly and coos to baby, "Then I jus ask babies mommy Ashley if I can be the Nanny."

Sally then tickles Kylie pleasantly under her arms as she leans close and continues in a soft whisper, "and your are acting like such an adorable little baby now anyway. You do realize the virus is progressive? I know baby saw the print. Well ... you only have a few hours left or the cure won't work." She kisses Kylie on her nose and stands with a triumphant sneer on her lips.

"What do you mean only a few hours?" Kylie looks shocked, "Then let me to the computer so I can reverse it" Kylie says. Squirming as Sally gets an evil smile on her face. "Why do you have that smile on your face?" Kylie asked.

Sally points to the door and in walks a lab assistant with a naked little girl. Kylie realizes suddenly that's it Ashley.

"What did you do to her? You big meany!" Kylie says squirming and crying in Sally's arms.

Sally giggles again as she replies softly, "What this means, is that I have 2 of the most adorable baby daughters ever. And in about 4 hours ... they will be that way for the rest of their lives. I have made a few ... modifications to the virus. Now I am in charge and you both ... are just cute little babies."

A very broad grin crosses Sally's face as she sets Kylie down by Ashley. Sally picks up the squirming Ashley and diapers her and puts her in a cute pair of Mary Muffett rumba panties.

She sets Ashley down and says, "Ohh, such adorable babies." She then turns and walks over to a console and makes a huge erasure.

Sally comes back to the 2 'Children’ and smirks. She says evilly, "And then again, Ashley would make a wonderful daughter for Lucy in Processing ... don't the 2 of you think?"

Sally takes out her cell and begins to dial.

Kylie holds onto Ashley. Ashley turns and says in an adorable voice, "I know what you were talking about Kyle I'm sorry."

While the 2 new babies were Hugging each other, Sally gets off the cell and a minute later Lucy comes walking in and scoops up Ashley cooing and tickling her as they leave. Ashley waves helplessly bye to Kylie. Kylie starts to cry, the love off his life gone as all hope slips quickly away.

Sally picks up Kylie and hugs her , She says with a coo and a sneer, "Babies have no rights. It's what ever mommy say."

She takes Kylie out of the Lab and into a small room. She places both of Kylies hands palm down on a screen. A light bar quickly scans her hand prints in both directions and a very legal and perfectly produced Live Birth Certificate pops out with Sally as Kylies birth mother. Sally shows it off to Kylie for a second before putting it in an envelope.

"What are you doing with that! Your not my Mommy" Kylie folding her arms sitting on the table still. "I don't even look anything like you"

Kylie is giving Sally an angry look. Kylie watches as Sally unbuttons her blouse revealing a nursing bra. Sally picks up Kylie and shoves her little mouth onto Sally's nipple. Sally watched all wide eyed for the changes to start. She knew the virus mutation she created should act quickly.

Kylie's hair became soft and changed to a very light blond almost white color. Her skin became smooth and blemish free as her body took on a .. plumper, more babyish appearance. By the time Kylie had finished nursing. She looked like one of the most adorable baby girls. Sally was more than satisfied with the final results.

Sally coos softly, "Well sweetie, only 2 and a half more hours. I know you'll be so happy as a baby. Your mind will start regressing too. Won't be long and mommy will have a most precious baby girl."

She kisses Kylie on her cheek and pinches her nose. Sally picks Kylie up and stands her on her feet. Kylie's legs wobble and seem to not be able to support her. Sally giggles and has Kylie hold both of her index fingers as she slowly walks Kylie to a large mirror on the far wall.

Sally stands behind Kylie and lets her get a good look at the new her. Kylie is afraid. What she sees in the reflection, is a very cute and adorable baby girl dressed in a Strawberry Shortcake Romper. She knows she only has 2 and a half hours to complete the cure ... Ashley is the only one that could possibly help ... and she is now lost as someone else’s baby.
~~ The End ~~
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