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My Playmate Chose Me

Postby Miki Yamuri » Wed Jul 02, 2014 1:59 pm

My Playmate Chose Me

My name is Melissa. I am called Missy now. I was chosen by my Mistress to be her Love Pet.

This is my story.

I had been working at a law firm as an intern since I started law school. Between the errands the Associates made me run and research for them, and school, I had no real life. It seemed the harder I worked to accomplish the work load being placed on me, the more work they seemed to find for me. I was mostly busy late into the night. I did this for almost two years trying to make a good impression.

It had gotten to be almost Christmas of the second year. School work had dropped off to nothing and we had mostly all gone home or whatever for the Holidays. I was sitting at the Law Office actually finishing the last injunction form for the trial coming up in January. It was still early afternoon and I was hungry.

On the way out, I saw what I thought was another intern sitting at her desk typing on a keyboard. She was quite obviously enjoying whatever she was doing. I came to the door and tapped lightly on the glass. She looked up and smiled. She waved me in and went back to the keyboard.

I walked in and went behind the desk. I caught a pink screen with lots of really cute little pictures before the browser closed and could see nothing but the company desktop.

I introduced myself, “Hello, I’m Melissa. I just got done with what I was doing and was going to get something to eat. Would you like to come?”

She said in a bright and cheery voice, “My name is Vickie. I’m starving and going to eat is the best idea I’ve heard all day.”

I said, “There’s a great Deli just around the corner. They make the best sandwiches in the world.”

She giggles sweetly and says, “I know the place. Eat there all the time.”

She turned off her computer and put a stack of papers in the safe. We grabbed our coats and were off to get something to eat. The walk to the Deli was short, but the driving wet snow and wind made it seem like a very long way. By the time we arrived, we both were frozen.

We ordered and had taken a seat at one of the tables to wait for the sandwiches. Vicki had ordered some wine and asked if I wanted some to help warm up. I thought a nice glass of wine would be great. As we slowly sipped at our glasses and thawed out, we got to know each other. We chatted about whatever came to mind. She was easy to like. She was cheery and bubbly.

She told me she had noticed me for a year now and that I was probably the hardest worker at the firm. She asked if I liked working there. I told her I did, but I would like a little less work. I had no life because of the work load. She said she’ll see about that.

Vickie turned out to be the youngest partner at the firm. Her daddy also owned it. She had just been accepted as a full partner and was all excited. She said she had to at least put in a token appearance at the office every once in a while to keep everybody happy. But she would make sure I had more time for myself from now on. I was glad of that.

She was older than me. I do remember her being one of the members who had just won a big case. The other partners were discussing it several weeks back and were very impressed.

I discovered she was staying here in town through Christmas just like me. She invited me to spend it with her. She said we could have loads of fun. She said she would like nothing more than to share with a Playmate and party for a week. Usually, I don’t do things this wild. I guess the wine had gotten to me or something, but I really didn’t mind. I was in need of fun after the last couple of years. It would be a great diversion to party and have fun for a week.

Our sandwiches finally came. We were starved and ate like two pigs. We giggled at each other and joked about the mess we were making. The sandwiches were fabulous. I really was getting to like Vickie. We were like peas in a pod.

We chatted about loves, and dreams. She turned out to be from a very well to do family in Boston. We chatted about Boston. She asked me if I dreamed of being rich. We giggled over that fantasy. She was interested in my fantasy life. We giggled and blushed a lot as I told her my fantasies and she told me her’s. I was amazed at how similar we were.

Her cell phone rang. She looked at it and frowned. She excused herself and went to the back and had a rather heated conversation with someone. Couldn’t hear what they were arguing about.

I heard her say one thing very clearly, “I want a strawberry batch made with Rohypnol and delivered in 15 minutes! Is that understood? If not, you will be the next one.”

She had a few more heated words and snapped the cell phone closed.

When she came back to the table, she said, “That, I guess, was one of those loves lost.”
I asked, “Is everything all right?”
She said breathily, “Yes, everything’s all right. Just he likes to play the field more than I would like.” She giggles and continues cheerily, Let’s go to my apartment. Time to party!”

We gathered our things together, It was still a mess outside. Vickie made another call on her cell. She took me by the arm and said, “Follow me, I have a car waiting.”
She pulled me cheerily out the door. Sure enough there was a car for us complete with driver.
We got in. She said, “To my apartment please Charles.”
He said, “yes ma’am.” Then, put the car in gear and pulled off.

The trip was reasonably quick. It took about 25 minutes. Under the circumstances because of the heavy snow, was fast. We chatted about Christmas and what a great time we were going to have. We giggled about presents, meeting new people, and the coming party.

When we stopped, She opened her own door. She leaned up and hugged the drivers neck and gave him a kiss on the cheek. She said, “Thank you so much for coming to get us. You’re my knight in shining armor.”

He smiles softly and says, “Anything for you, Baby.”

We get out and hurry up to the door. A man in a heavy blue overcoat opens the door and says, “Good evening Miss Blake.”
She smiles and replies, “Afternoon Roy. Still have the half empty outlook, hummm?”
He laughs and says, “In this weather? You bet. The quicker I can get home the better.”

She pats him on the shoulder and says happily, “Merry Christmas.”

She gestures to me and says, “This is Melissa. She’s my newest addition.”

I said, “Hello, Roy. Hope you have a Merry Christmas.”

He looked at me with a strange look for a second then replied cheerily, “And to you too ma’am.”

Vickie said to Roy brightly, “Here, see if this doesn’t brighten your day.”

She hands him a manila envelope she had pulled from her purse.
He opened it and his eyes became huge. He stood with his mouth open.

Vickie giggles and says, “I’ll see you after New Years, Roy. Enjoy it and don’t spend it all in one place.”

He was speechless. The expression on his face was priceless too. I never knew exactly what it was she gave him, but he was a much happier man after that.

She took me by the arm and pulled me quickly inside out of the weather.
I followed her across the lobby as she dug a golden key from her purse. We walked up to the elevators. There were four Elevators on one side of the corridor and a single one on the other.

There were no buttons on this plate, just a single key slot she put her key in.
The elevator arrived quickly and we stepped in.

I asked, “Which floor is your apartment on?”

She giggles softly and says brightly, “Were going to party. Guess we go to the top floor and party.”

I asked, “You live in the penthouse?”

She giggles again as she looks at me with a sparkle in her eye and says softly, “You could say that I suppose.”

She flips open her cell again and punches a button. I can hear her telling someone to get the gang together cuz it was party time. She giggles several times and says, “We play on the top floor, you know that silly. Oh, tell everyone I’ve got the Angel too. Yes, she’s a real cutie. Tell them to be patient.” And closes the phone.

She looks at me and bounces up and down as she claps her hands. She says happily, “The party will be getting here shortly. You just make your little ol self at home sweetie. We are gonna have a great time.”

I was wondering in an off hand way what Angel she had. It was Christmas and I love Angels. Vickie was off and about and I never got a chance to ask.

The door opened into the most fabulous room I had ever seen. There were antique book cases full of books. Chairs and sofas everywhere. On the other side of the huge room, there was a fireplace with a warm friendly fire burning. I saw chairs and tables and a huge bar with the largest wall to wall television I think I had ever seen. There were lots of large pillows scattered all around a huge pit between the bar and the huge TV screen with small tables by the pillows. There were video game machines and stereos. A huge video, game, and music collection.

I could even see a place to dance. There were doors and things on the other end of this room. If I started exploring now, I would probably wonder about them sometime next week.

Vickie took me by the arm. She led me into a room. She said, “This is your bathroom. Your bedroom is through that door. I think it has anything you might need. If you can’t find something, just let me know.” She giggles sweetly as she takes my coat and disappears into the other room.

The bathroom was gorgeous. The makeup vanity had just about every thing a girl’s heart could imagine. The sunken blue-green marble tub looked more like a small whirlpool hot tub. I looked closely at the fixtures ... naahh! They just look like gold ... ??
Across from this, was the ... environment chamber. A ... shower of sorts. It could be programmed to produce ... wet weather. Any kind. I giggled. Hekofva shower, doncha think?

I opened the closet door. It was a walk in closet that was twice the size of my apartment. There was a door that led into the bedroom Vickie had given me on the other side from me. There were the most beautiful little girl and baby clothes I had ever seen all made to fit ... Vicki I imagined. I couldn’t fathom what Vicki would have them for. I looked at the sizes ... all of them I checked were my size ... not Vickie’s. There were little girl shoes, slippers, and booties of all description all in adult sizes. I picked up a cute pair of booties. I noticed they were my size too. So were several of the other pairs I picked up.

I saw a small chest of drawers. It had teddy bears on the front of it and I could see a little lace sticking out of one of the drawers.

I opened the drawer and found the most beautiful adult little girl panties I had ever seen. I picked up a pair and examined them. They were the cutest rumba panties with delicate lace. They were also my size. There were baby diapers and plastic lined panties. I was very curious now. Vickie was a bigger girl than me. These items wouldn’t fit her.

I heard Vickie walk in behind me. I turned. I thought she was going to be angry. She wasn’t in the least.

She giggled and said, “Be careful wandering into some of these doors and closets, I’ve lost friends in them for months until the search party found them.”

Before I could ask about the clothes and things she giggles and walks out.

I look around the inside of the closet. There’s a ring of truth to what she said. I folded the panties neatly and put them back in the drawer. My curiosity was peaked now. I was interested in these cute baby clothes and why Vickie had them.

I followed her back out to the great room to see what the rising noises were. By this time, there were bellboys everywhere setting tables and hanging decorations. Food and drink were laid out on the huge bar.

From the preparations, Vickie intended to have a huge party.

People started showing up. There were about 20 people at first. I noticed that some of them wore a most beautiful collar. They all had a beautiful gemstone in the front. I also noticed that both men and women had them and that some didn’t. The ones in the collars were dressed as babies or children. They were adorable too.

Vicki grabbed me by the arm again suddenly and tugged me towards the fur tree set up by the balcony door.

She said, “come my pet, let’s decorate our Christmas Tree.”

We got together with several others and put the decorations on the tree. Newly arriving people put gifts under the tree and went off to enjoy themselves. I heard Christmas music start playing and many voices talking and laughing. There were many people here now. The party had begun and was a good one.

I saw more people dressed as children and babies in adult baby clothes and diapers. All of them wore one of the collars. I was curious about those people even more. Vickie didn’t give me a chance to find out about them. She kept me busy with lots of fun stuff.

She had started calling me her pet and baby. She even started introducing me this way. It felt sort of strange but I didn’t mind. I thought of her as my friend at this point.

Spilt Milk

Vickie asked if I would like to have a drink. She said not to worry about having too much to drink because I was spending the night. We wouldn’t have to worry about anything till after New Years. I said I would like to have a drink. She said she was going to give me a brand new one. It’s a special drink for special occasions.

I followed her to the bar. I noticed two or three people getting a white colored drink in what looked like a baby bottle. I was thinking that this also was odd. I was really getting to be curious. It seemed I never had the opportunity to ask about any of these things though. I was always kept busy doing a lot of fun stuff and meeting new people. Everyone was friendly and eager to meet me.

Vickie said, “I would like a Spilt Milk for my friend and I would like a fuzzy navel.”

I watched the barkeep start to mix the drinks. I paid close attention to the one for me. I saw him mix in cream and a few other thick white liquids from unmarked bottles including some red liquid from a really small bottle. He added only a few drops from it.

I asked Vickie, “What’s a spilt milk?”

She giggles sweetly and answers, “It’s the drink not worth crying over.”
I see the barkeep give Vickie a strange glace, then go back to what he was doing.

The barkeep puts a nipple on the top of the glass. It looked the world like a baby bottle.
This was the drink I saw the others being given. I shrugged and tasted it. It had a wonderful creamy taste. Only description that came to mind was something vaguely like eggnog with the faintest hint of strawberry. I could taste no alcohol. It made my whole mouth tingle pleasantly.

As long as the nipple was on the top of the glass, the only way to drink it was to suck on the nipple. Vickie tried to get me to do it, but I didn’t want to. The drink was wonderful. I took the nipple off the top and took a large sip. Vickie giggled as I did.

I felt it as it slowly went down. It hit my stomach and spread rapidly in a warm and intense way. Chills ran all through my body as a wonderful euphoria came over me.

I was thinking, “This must have lots of alcohol or something. I feel high after only one swallow.”

Vickie suddenly took me by the elbow before I recovered from the intensifying euphoria spreading rapidly through me. I was whisked over to the pit where the games and TV were. There were pillows everywhere. Vickie deposited me on one and she flopped beside me. She was leaning over me looking down while she propped her head on her hand.

Vickie asked, “Well love, what do you think? Could you live this way?” as she took the glass from my hand and put it on one of the low tables beside me. My hand falls limply to the pillow.

My body completely relaxes on its own. I lay back into the extreme softness of the pillow. I knew I wasn’t going to recover quickly from the sip as I felt my mind slipping away. For a glancing second a fear ran through me that I was given some kind of hallucinogen. It passed quickly as I enjoyed the warm sweet sensation intensifying in me. Vickie brushed a strand of hair out of my face as she looked at me with a bright sparkle in her eyes. I felt so strange and euphoric.

I said softly in a dreamy voice, “Yes, I could live the rest of my life this way.”

Vickie bent down and kissed me on my lips. I couldn’t stop her. I was helpless.

She said softly, “It’s a nice and pampered life, sweetheart. You’ll love it.”

She got up and was off chatting with someone else. I felt like I was floating on a soft cushion of air. I was too high to worry, but I was fleetingly curious about what she said. The thought faded.

I hear a female voice say very far off in my euphoria, “You did find an Angel. I guess we can wait.”

Just before I drift off, I hear Vickie say, “It won’t be long. By tomorrow morning it’ll be done. She will be the greatest Pet.”

I hear the two of them giggle as I fell asleep.

Is This a Dream

I seem to feel someone lay beside me on the pillow. I am sort of awake and sort of off in another place really far off and removed. I feel absolutely wonderful. I can hear the pleasant noises of a great party going on around me. I hear Vicki’s sweet dreamy voice far off. So soft and beautiful.

She is speaking softly to me, “I’m gonna call you Missy from now on baby. You will have my last name of Blake. You are mine now. I have a present for you.”

I feel her carefully lift my head, put something around my neck, and feel it as it snaps closed.
I feel a strange tingly something run through me. I am so high and spacey it almost was unnoticed. She gently lays my head back and kisses me softly on my lips. I feel her tongue enter my mouth and gently caress the tip of my tongue. I am helpless as I am kissed.

I feel her hand gently caress my boobies and slowly and sensually move to between my legs. I feel a most wonderful and exciting caress. It feels so good. I realize I am in love. It seems so far away like a dream. I feel totally euphoric. What ever was in that drink is great. I am really enjoying being super high.

I hear Vickie’s voice. It is so compelling now, irresistible. I hear her say sweetly in a most hypnotic voice ... so far away, “Baby didn’t finish her ba ba.”

My head is picked up and I am cradled gently.

I hear Vickie’s sweet, hypnotic voice say, “Baby must finish her ba ba.”
I feel something touch my lips. I taste something so rich and thick. I must finish my ba ba. I am unable to resist. I am sucking on the nipple to get that sweetness and the faint taste of strawberry. I am surprised I can’t help myself. I drink deeply. I finish the bottle as my face is softly caressed. It impacts me very hard. I feel my mind going quickly away as a super intense explosion of euphoria takes me. As high as I was before, it was nothing in comparison to what was happening now.

I hear Vickie whisper so lovingly, “That’s a good little baby.” I am again caressed so wonderfully.

I am hugged and kissed. So soft and loving. So far away ... I have no more memories.

My Mistress

I am aware that I am lying on someone and am snuggled up to them. I am almost lost in total euphoria. I am intensely and wonderfully high. I have to go to the bathroom really bad. I start to raise my head. I feel a hand softly on my cheek. It gently pushes my head back down. I lay back. I totally relax. I feel a kiss on the top of my head.

I hear Vickie’s hypnotic voice coming from far, far away say softly and lovingly, “Shhhh, baby. Go back to sleep. It’s late and you need to sleep.”

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My Playmate Chose Me - Pt1 Continued

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I feel sleep come quickly. I feel a warm wetness spread in my panties. It feels so good not to have to go to the bathroom anymore. My eyes are so heavy. I have pleasant little baby dreams.

I am aware that I am in bed. I can feel the luxuriousness of the covers and feel the softness of the mattress. I open my eyes and am not sure where I am. The room is huge. There are mirrors on the ceiling and thick tapestries hanging from many of the walls.

I sit up. I have on no top. I feel wet. I take the covers off and am shocked to see I am wearing a diaper and lined rumba panties. I am wet. I need to get out of these wet clothes.

Someone enters the room. I pull he covers around me and cover myself. I start to feel embarrassed ... I can’t ... the feeling evaporates. I feel good about myself and who I am suddenly. Is really a strange and confusing transition.

It is a maid. She is putting baby clothes and diapers in a small chest of drawers. It had teddy bears on the front of it. She turns and sees me sitting up and smiles a wonderful smile. She walks over and sits beside me and runs her fingers gently through my long hair. She says, “Good morning Missy. How is baby this morning?”

I am shocked. Baby? I turn and say in a very incredulous voice, “Baby? Who are you and where am I? What has happened to me?” I feel a small tinge of .. a headache??

I am very scared. I am confused and can’t remember what’s happened or much of anything else. My mind is almost a total blank. The maid seems to be surprised at how I am reacting. She reached over and wraps her arms around me softly. I flinch, but was unable to move before she hugs me.

She kisses me gently and says, “Why baby, you are in your bed in your room. Nothing has happened except you had too much to drink at the party last night.”

I remember the party ... sort of. I do remember taking a drink and it was powerful. I try real hard to remember beyond that. I remember someone beside me. I remember a wonderfully loving embrace and finishing a bottle. I remember an acceptance in me and a huge burden being lifted from my heart. I remember a kiss. I put my hand to my mouth. It was a most heavenly kiss. I am in love.

I have never felt this way about someone before. I love my Mistress with all my heart.

I try to remember what happened before the drink. I seem to see in my minds eye some fuzzy things. The harder I try to remember the more elusive the memories become. Suddenly, I feel a really sharp pain in my head. It is no longer a faint headache. I grab my head and screech suddenly. The pain passes.

The maid asks in a shocked voice, “Is baby all right?” as she takes my chin in her hands and looks me in my face. She scolds, “There are things baby shouldn’t do anymore.”

I feel a chill run through me as she said that. I am afraid of this woman. I still remember the sharp pain.

I am wet. I need to change clothes. I ask the maid, “Can I get some fresh clothes? I am wet.”

She reaches over suddenly and has her finger in my panties and inside the diaper. She pulls open my panties and my diaper and looks in. I am shocked and mind blown. I am also embarrassed. This feeling again evaporates. I really do fear this woman. She is a lot bigger than me too. I feel another even worse pain start in my head.

She says, “Baby does need to be changed.” And reaches for me.

I back up quickly and pull the covers around me and cringe. I do not know this woman and I am really afraid. I am totally confused about what is going on and where I am. I have no memory of anything beyond taking a drink. I start to cry. I hear a voice. It is such a comforting voice. So soft and hypnotic. My Mistress is calling me softly.

She says, “Missy baby, what’s wrong?” I feel her sit beside me. Her arms are lovingly around me. I am so relieved.

I turn ... my mouth falls open and my eyes get big. Mistress is ... Vickie!
I feel a really horribly sharp pain in my head now as memories come back completely and disappear all at the same time in a huge wave of realization and forgetfulness. It hurts really bad. I feel things going fuzzy as the pain intensifies. I scream pitifully as I go limp and fall over on my back out of Vickie’s arms. I am loosing consciousness. I feel Vickie pick me up gently and cradling me. I hear voices screaming about tool kits and collar adjustments as I quickly fade away to darkness.

A New Confusion

The darkness parts slowly. I hear Mistress calling me softly. I am in her loving arms. There is no pain. Her voice ... hypnotic ... compelling ... irresistible.

I must answer, “Yes Mistress.”

Her voice asks softly, “Is baby alright?”

I answer, “Yes, Mistress, baby is alright now.”

She commands me in a soft sweet hypnotic voice.

I hear her say, “Missy, I may be your Mistress and you my Pet, but call me Vickie, or my love, or something like that. I want everyone to know you are special and not like the other Pets.”

I reply, “Yes Miss...” a confusion in me. I continue, “Vickie”
Memories surface for an instant then are gone.

Vickie says softly, “Don’t fight it sweetheart. It will only hurt more. You belong to me now and I really want to keep you. It will be part of you in a few days and this profile will change ... I promise.”

I am powerless. Vickie has asked me not to try to remember. The effort becomes meaningless. I have no reason to want to remember. I am kissed lovingly by Vickie. I kiss her back as lovingly as I know how. I love Vickie with all my heart. All is forgotten for now except, I love Vickie.

Vickie says softly, hypnotically, “Ok baby, we need to get you cleaned up and changed. All my friends want to meet my new Pet.”

Vickie gently takes me by the hand and helps me up. I get out of bed as she leads me by the hand into the bathroom. I have memories of the bathroom. A fear there will be pain. No pain. This is a memory that is allowed. I am really confused. Another unexplained anomaly.

The blue-green marble tub is filled with warm water and the most lovely aromatic oils.
Vickie takes off my lined rumba panties and unfastens my messy diaper as I watch.
What little hair I used to have on my body is gone. I can see some loose in the diaper.

Vickie puts my wet and messy clothes in a slot in the wall and helps me into the tub.
The water is very warm and relaxing. The aroma of the bath oil is so soothing. The whirlpool starts. I hear Vickie telling me to enjoy myself. She shows me a button on a panel set into the marble. She tells me that when I am ready to get out to push the button marked call. Nana will come and dress me.

Vickie says softly and hypnotically, “Ok Missy, there are rules to your new life. You are my Pet now. You have no rights except those I have granted to you. Your only responsibility is to be sweet and cute. I will pamper and protect you for the rest of your life. You have nothing at all to worry over. I will make all your decisions for the rest of your life. If you have any problems, tell me and I will fix it if it is possible. Ok?”

I say meekly, “Yes, Vickie.” I am unable to stop myself.

She continues, “All the clothes in the closet and in the chest in your room are yours. They were specially made just for you sweetheart. You will wear them and no others. Is this understood my Pet?”

I reply helplessly, “Yes Vickie.”

She continues, “You will be in diapers and dress as a baby girl from now on. You are not to be embarrassed by it nor the fact you will be unable to stop yourself from going potty in your diaper. I expect you to be sweet, innocent, and shy for me. I will tell you more as time goes by. If you make a mistake. I will let it pass at first. Know, I and Nana will spank baby if she is naughty and disobedient. She will act accordingly. Ok?”

I reply, “Yes, Vickie.”

She looks at me with a look that sends a very pleasant thrill through me. I see her take a tool from a square zippered pouch. She makes some kind of adjustment to my collar. I can feel it very prominently in the front of my mind. I feel a shyness and an innocents fill me softly. I shiver with the intensity of it. Vickie smiles. She puts everything away.

She says softly, “I have to go into the office and take care of some loose ends for you. You will be unable to perform your job anymore and I have to fill your position. You belong to me now. I’ll be back soon. I love you very much Missy.”
Vickie kisses me again and leaves. I feel sad she is gone.

I lean back into the warm roiling water. It caresses me into a state of relaxation. I find I can’t think about any of the things that have transpired. The thoughts dissolve like mist on a hot day. I’m not sure how long I was in the tub. I might have dozed off. I can’t tell. The water was steaming and felt so heavenly. The aroma of the bath oils were so soothing.

I reached over to push the button Vickie showed me. Before I could, a maid was there with a big thick towel to dry me. She helped me up and I stepped out of the tub into a wonderfully soft and warm towel. I was dried from head to foot.

I saw the maid push a section of the wall and watched it open into a table. Other panels slid back to reveal shelves with diapers, powders, and creams. Everything to change baby.
The maid was very much bigger than me and she effortlessly picked me up and put me on the table. I was lifted by my heels and the maid placed a soft diaper under me. I was powdered with sweet smelling baby powder and my diaper was pinned on me.

She said, “Baby can call me Nana. I’ll be here to watch over you and keep you when Vickie’s away. Trust me, Vickie won’t stay away long. You are an adorable Pet”

She lifted me into her arms, gave me a loving kiss, then stood me on my feet. The cloth diaper I had on felt so wonderfully strange. I looked down at it. I felt wonder in my mind. Another unanswered anomaly ... I can’t help but wonder about it.

Nana said, “Here baby, step in.”
She held out a pair of plastic lined soft pink rumba panties. I stepped in them and she pulled them gently up.

Nana said softly, “I know baby usually doesn’t wear a top, but Vickie bought you a new dress and she wants you to wear it.”

I am getting confused. I usually ... what?? ... not quite sure. This seems to be totally new to me. I have no memories of before today. I remember what happened the last time I had pursued one of these elusive memories and didn’t want to hurt that way again. I couldn’t help it though ... these were unanswered questions and seemed to be important. They were adding up.

I look up. Nana brings out an absolutely adorable pink and white checkered gingham baby dress with puffy sleeves and lots of lace and ruffles.

Nana says, “Hold up your arms baby, so I can help you in.”

I hold up my arms and the dress flows over me. I feel Nana as she fits the sleeves to my hands. A soft tug and my arms go in the sleeves. The dress settles on my body. It fits perfectly. Nana zips me up and ties the bow in back.

She takes a brush off the top of the vanity and brushes my long hair until it shines. She ties it in ponytails with matching soft pink ribbons. I look at myself in the mirror. I see a very cute adult little baby girl in ponytails looking back. The dress was adorable on me and showed my ruffled panties. I saw I wore a very intricate choke collar. It had a huge blue white diamond in the stetting in the front. I touched the diamond. I felt an electrical tingle in my fingers.

Nana interrupts my examination of the stone by putting a pair of cute little strap on slippers on the floor and tells me to step in them. She helps me in them and straps them across my feet. They are very soft and comfortable. I couldn’t remember what I was thinking a minute ago.

Nana kisses me softly on the fore head and says, “You are adorable. Well, it’s time to go out and meet everybody.”

She takes me by the hand and leads me into the great room. I start sucking my thumb ... I really can’t help it.

As we enter the room, the loud hubbub of noise that constituted a great party came to an end. I saw everyone looking at me. I hear a soft hubbub of voices saying how adorable I am. I felt extremely shy suddenly and hid behind Nana.

Nana giggles and says, “Everyone, I want you to meet Vickie’s new Pet. Her name is Missy Blake and she lives here from now on. I know everyone is anxious to get to know her, but remember she has been set to be shy and innocent till the protocols are set. Don’t scare her. Vickie would be really mad.”

Nana turns around and kneels in front of me. She caresses my cheeks softly and straightens out a wrinkle in my dress.

She pats me on my bottom and says, “Vickie has stepped out for a little while. Everyone wants to know you and will be your friend. I know it’s a little overwhelming, but I’ll be here to help you if you let me know. Ok baby?”

I say around my thumb, “Unnh Huh. Nana Missy scared.”
Nana giggles sweetly and hugs me tenderly. She kisses me softly again and says, “Baby, it’s ok , really. This is your home and they are here to see you.”

She pats me on my bottom again and walks to another room. I turn. I hear the sounds of a great party roll in like a tide. The party was back in full swing. I look around and notice no one is ignoring me, but they are allowing me to adjust to being here. There are lots of people here.

I seem to know where to go. I go over to a little place in the pit in between the bar and the huge flat screen TV. There is a soft pillow chair and a game machine with a library of games. I sit in the pillow chair and suck my thumb. I know this is my place. It belongs to Missy.

I don’t want to play games. I want to look around and explore. I turn in my chair and start looking at all the people that are here. There are lots of people here. There are also people like me with the collar. We are all dressed as babies or children. We are all Adult Children and Adult Babies.

A little confusion .. a realization ... a sudden forgetfulness. I can’t remember what I was thinking just now. This forgetting thing I am doing is starting to annoy me. I can’t help it though, I can’t for the life of me remember what I was thinking.

A woman walks up to me and says, “Hello sweetheart. How are you enjoying Christmas?”

I look up at her for a second and completely against my will I reply sweetly, “I get lots of presents from Santa.”

I could think of nothing else to say! It just slipped out. I feel a pain start in my head.

She smiled and said, “Has Missy been a good baby this year?”

I clap my hands together and say excitedly, “Yes!” I giggle

I don’t know what’s come over me. I can’t help what’s happening and I can’t believe I’m doing it.

I continue in a very cute voice, “Missy a good girl n Vickie love me.”

The woman asks sweetly, “How old is Missy?”

I can’t believe what I did! I couldn’t believe what I said.

I giggled and replied in a real cute and sweet voice, “I this many.”

I bounced in my pillow chair and held up 3 fingers. I know I’m older than that! I am a lot older!
A slightly worse pain in my head warns me I am about to do something that absolutely isn’t allowed as I start to fight against whatever it is that is making me do this.

The woman leans over and gives me a kiss. She caresses my cheek and says softly, “I see why they always call you Angels first. You are absolutely adorable. I think you will make Vickie a wonderful Love Pet.” She waves and says, “bye, bye cutie.”

I wave sweetly bye as I suck my thumb again.

I am totally confused. I know I should be embarrassed, but I can’t for some reason. I can feel a pain in my head. It isn’t severe, but it is warning me I am on the verge of doing a thing forbidden to me. I grab my head with my hands. This is maddening. I am doing things totally against my will and can’t even think about it. Even wondering at this point is causing my head to hurt worse.

I feel someone’s presents in front of me. I look up and see Nana kneeling in front of me. She has a concerned expression on her face. She takes my chin softly in her hand and asks in a strangely hypnotic voice I can’t resist, “Baby, tell Nana what’s wrong. It’s important sweetheart.”

I can’t resist. Baby must answer and tell. I reply meekly, “Nana, Missy head hurts.”

Nana takes me in her arms and asks in the same voice, “Is Missy fighting?”

I look up at her innocently and say, “Missy can’t help it.” I start to cry.

Nana holds me gently in her arms and says, “It’s ok sweetheart. Nana just needs to make an adjustment, Ok?”

I nod my head. Nana sits me down and I lean back in my pillow chair. I really want to know what is happening to me. I know this isn’t what I am or how I am supposed to be acting. I can feel ghostly memories just out of reach of recollection. There is more pain. My head is really hurting.

Nana has taken a small square zipper case from her pocket. When she unzipped it, there was some kind of meter device and many small tools. She connected some kind of probes to the device and then connected them some how to the stone in my collar. She tuned on the devise and the pain vanished suddenly. I saw her take a small tool from the case. She leaned forward and did something to my collar. I could feel it in my head as she adjusted something. All the worry and anxiety I was feeling about how I was acting and what was happening softened and faded as she continued to make adjustments.

My deepest most secret place in my mind opened suddenly. There was fear. I try with everything in me to resist. There is no resistance. Nana made another adjustment and the fear vanished. I can feel very strong irresistible things changing in my head as Nana made more adjustments. I shiver with the intensity of each one as I change forever.

I heard Nana say softly to herself, “You are a unique Angel. I see why you are having so much trouble. We can handle this though. We will make a new kind of adjustment here in your secret place for you and it will solve all these problems. You will always belong to Vickie and love her deeply.”

I feel something happening to me. It is totally against my will and irresistible. I don’t want this. No please!! This isn’t me! I can’t be a love pet!! I must not feel this way ... I don’t belong to anyone!!
I know now I am a very unique Love Pet and will do my very best to please Vickie. I know I am her property and the only rights I have she granted to me or takes away.

Another adjustment. It invades my soul ... I don't ... I cant potty in my panties please!! I feel an adjustment in me that insures I will always wet and messy my diaper. All control is suddenly gone and I feel innocently shy and ok with it.

Another deep adjustment changes my perception of who I am and what I am. I fight it hard. No please, I’m going to be a lawyer ... Don't take it away from me please ... I am not allowed to be a lawyer. The anxiety over this passes as Nana makes another adjustment and I realize I’m a sweet lovable big little baby girl who is shy and innocent. I will always be this way.

I feel it deep in my soul as Nana makes the final adjustments. I shiver with the intensity of the changes as I try with all my might to fight against it. I am trapped. I cannot resist as all my former self vanishes and I become a baby girl Love Pet. Not like other pets. I am extremely special. I belong to Vickie and am her property. I have no choice. There is nothing to wonder about or fight any more as Nana made the last adjustment.

It is now clear in my mind. This is who I am. I am a big little girl of 3 at a Christmas party where everyone wants to meet and play with me. I wear diapers and am totally unpotty trained. I am loved very much and I am going to get lots of toys from Santa. I absolutely belong to Vickie and love her with all my soul. I suddenly knew I was a big 3 year old baby girl waiting for Christmas. I was excited about it and shy about meeting all the new people. My mind clears. I think little baby girl thoughts now.

I giggle happily. I can’t wait to open my presents.

Nana turns off the devise and disconnects it from my collar’s stone. She puts everything back into the case, zips it closed, and puts it back in her pocket. I feel good. My head doesn’t hurt any more.
I am completely free of confusion and doubts and am very elated.

Nana hugs me and says, “There baby, that should do it for now. I didn't realize you had such a powerful place in your mind.” She pats me on my thigh gently and continues, “Vickie will let you remember after you are unable to fight your Pet Protocol. This takes several days. Don’t worry any more. If you have this problem in any way again, let Nana or Vickie know ... Ok. Missy?”

I say meekly, “Yes, Nana.” I start to suck my thumb again.
Nana smiles and give me a kiss on my cheek. She stands and goes into my bedroom.

I look around the room at all the people. I feel shy about being among them, but know they all want to be my friend. Makes me feel better. I feel the slightest warm wetness creep into my diaper. I am not worried yet. Nana will check my diaper soon.

I get out of my pillow chair and walk into the main part of the room. People are all interested in talking with me and getting to know me. Many people come to me and ask many simple questions. All are delighted to meet me. I am introduced to many of the other “Children”. We all play and are very excited about Santa coming.

Nana comes from my bedroom and calls me to her. I run over to her happily. She lifts my dress and checks my diaper. I have made a messy in them now too. Nana takes me to the potty room. I watch as she pulls down my ruffle panties and unpins my diaper. I am very messy and wet. Nana cleans me and lifts me to the table. She lifts me by my ankles again and puts another thick, soft diaper under me. After a liberal powdering with sweet smelling baby powder, she pins the new diaper on me and stands me on my feet.

Nana holds out my lined rumba panties and says, "Here baby, step in."

I step in and she gently pulls them up. She pats me on my bottom softly.

Nana says, "Now that wasn't so bad, was it baby?"

I am innocently shy about it. I giggle sweetly and say, "It felt good Nana!" and feel very good.

Nana kisses me on my forehead and leads me back into the living room by my hand to where the other "children" are playing.

We are all taken to a place near the Christmas tree. It is a play area just for us “Kids”. We are ecstatic.
We play with all the toys and games and are oblivious to the “Adults” and what they are doing.
Soon, Nana comes and rounds all of us “Children” together and has us sit in front of the fire place.
I see Santa come in. We all are screeching with elated joy as only little children can. Santa is here and is handing out toys to all the little baby boys and girls.

I have my first of many Christmases as Vickie’s Pet baby girl. I am deliriously happy.

~~end Pt1 ~~
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My Playmate Chose Me – Pt2 – The Maid

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My Playmate Chose Me – Pt2 – The Maid

Story Line with Andreea role playing the part of Tyler

Villainess : Vickie

Protagonist : Tyler

It is a cold day in January, snow is falling outside the hotel very hard and the wind is blowing in powerful gusts making visibility next to zero. The red danger flags are flying all over the resort.

It is very hard to get from place to place and the huge down stairs fireplace has become very popular. This area has many people lounging around keeping warm by the friendly fire. The hotel staff have set up a very pleasant gathering place and are even serving dinner there for the guests.

Tyler comes downstairs, and takes a seat by the fire. Tyler is dressed in outwardly normal clothes, but underneath has two layers of pink tights and a pink lycra bodysuit... being that sort of guy, and very cold to boot.

He calls a staff member, and orders a large buttered rum.

My name is Vickie. I had been standing by the door looking wistfully out at the mounting storm. All my hopes of going skiing now dashed as the storm gets worse and visibility has gone to nothing. I walk over and flop in a chair beside the fire place.

I own this building and the entire 6 top floors where I live with my Pet baby girl Missy.
I own several other buildings including several over seas that I maintain for my Pet Missy who I adore with all my heart.

I remember fondly the Christmas many years ago when I had finally gotten Melissa to come to my Building in New York. It had taken a hard year of planning, but on that night I got my Christmas present I had wanted so much ... I took possession of Melissa and she became the most loving and adorable Pet baby girl I could have ever hoped for.

The Nana I had then had gotten very old and was unable to care for Missy. I needed another to care for my Love Pet when I was unable to be there. Someone I could trust totally.

I see a young man dressed in several layers of clothes.
The young man sees a young woman, looking in his direction.

I ask him, "Your not cold are you? It's very hot in here."

Tyler answers, "Well... yes. It's a very cold day, isn't it?"

I nod yes and say wistfully, "Supposed t be 60 below tonight. It is already 45 below and getting worse."

I order a hot buttered rum to take the chill off.

Tyler offers, "Let me get that for you."

I reply sweetly, "You are so sweet."

Tyler blushes full pink in the cheeks ... *Blush* He reaches for the drink.

I notice a flash of pink under his shirt and I giggle softly. I think this cute man might be the answer to a problem I have.

Tyler looks at me and wonders why I am giggling. He then I notices his shirt has come untucked. Blushing even more, he tries to tuck it back in as discreetly as possible.

I think to myself "I wonder what that pink he has on was?"

I ask sweetly, "what's that you have on?" I point as Tyler tries hard to tuck his shirt in without too much fanfare.

"Err... long johns." He lies.

I giggle softy again. I know just what I'm going to do. This young man is the perfect person. I unbutton 4 buttons of my blouse and show him my pink body suit.

I say softly, “What you have on looks sorta like these.”

He wonders to himself ... She seems so interested.

I say “My body suit is full length and is very warm. It has a layer of thinsulate too, that helps a lot in doing its job.”

Tyler admits ... shyly, “It is... kind of like that.”

I reply, flirtingly, “I didn't think boys like pink.

Tyler says quietly, “Well... I don't expect most do... but you don't think there's anything wrong with that... do you?”

I tease, “Welllll ... not really.”

Tyler blushes very pink ...*Blushing hard*

I lean a little closer and whisper softly, “I might think it's cute ya know.”

Our drinks arrive. The waiter has graciously brought some snack food too. He places it all on the table he puts between us.

Tyler is feeling very excited, and drinks rather too quickly, almost the whole rum in one gulp.
I sort of play with my buttered hot rum. I don’t want to get tipsy and loose this opportunity.

I ask softly, “Do you wear other pink things too? Pink is sorta my favorite color.”

Tyler is slightly surprised at the question as he answers, “Err... Sometimes I do. What sort of things might you be wanting to know about?”

I’ve got him hooked and know it. Now ... to reel him in.

I act shy and say softly in an almost whisper, “Well ... I have on rumba panties n they are pink ... wanna see??” I start to unfasten the top of my ski pants. I am a very shapely and attractive girl. I know he will watch.

Tyler is very excited, and watches intently as I pull my pants down so he can see my panties.

I say softly, “Come here and look.”

Tyler leans closer. I open my pants and pull them down slightly and show a lot of pink and ruffles. While he is not looking, a small pill dissolves quickly in his drink. I hide the tube in my palm.

I ask, "You like them? They are very pink except for the ruffles. As you can see, the ruffles are white.”

Awkwardly, but excitedly, Tyler compliments me on how pretty my underwear is, then, he leans back and takes a big swig of his drink.

I refasten my ski pants and ask softly, “Can I see yours??”

Tyler trembles a bit at this, and almost chokes on his drink.

He answers with a strange high pitched lilt to his voice "It's kind of difficult ...”

I beg in a cute voice, "pleeese??"

Tyler replies softly, “You see... I'm wearing a bodysuit and two pairs of tights over them as well."

I giggle sweetly and say, “We can go up to my room if you want. There, you can look at my panties all you want.”

Tyler finishes his drink, and agrees, very keenly.

I take him gently by his hand and lead him towards the elevator. There are several elevators on one side of this hall and only one on the other. There is no buttons on this side, only a plate with a key slot. I take my golden key from around my neck and put it in the slot and turn. The door opens and I lead Tyler in. The door closes.

I introduce myself, “My name is Vicki Anton, what's yours?”

Tyler is obviously getting light-headed... but he manages to say "Tyler Bennett".

I reply, “Hello Tyler.” As I squeeze his hand softly. I continue, “Do you come to the mountains often?”

Tyler replies, “First time, actually. Thought I could learn to ski. Which would be a nice excuse to wear tight lycra suits, at any rate (and I can't believe I just admitted that).”

I slowly put my finger in the waist band of your pants and pull gently as I look in.

Tyler says softly, “I am starting to feel dizzy.”

I say in a cute voice, “Aww, let Vickie help you to my room.”

The elevator finally stops. I have managed to unbutton your shirt and your pants on the trip up. The door opens into a very plush apartment ... a huge bar ... a sunken living room area with pillows everywhere. A huge wall to wall flat screen TV. A huge fireplace with a friendly warm fire burning.

The elevator door closes. Tyler sees me take a golden key from my waist band and lock the elevator.

I say, “We wont be disturbed, I promise.”

Tyler looks for somewhere to sit, or lie. I know his head must be spinning by now. I cannot wait until I can collar him. What a stroke of luck having him fall in my lap.

I ask as I wave my arm, “How do you like my apartment?”

I lead Tyler to the sunken living room and deposit him on one of the many huge pillows.
Tyler sees a very beautiful girl dressed as a baby look shyly around a corner at him.
Tyler barely manages to say, “Great place... You someone famous? Err... We're not alone?”

I giggle as I smile fondly at my adorable love Pet.

I say, “That's Missy, she's my pet baby girl. My daddy owns the Law firm Anton & Anton and also Anton Research and Development in Boston. This is ... her home”

I point to Missy.

I continue, “I gave it to her for Christmas many years ago.”

I can tell Tyler is stunned. Missy doesn’t look a day over 12 years old. I know in my heart she is many, many years older than that. She was 24 the Christmas I gained possession of her. She doesn’t age the same as other people anymore because of the collar. She will be my Pet all the rest of my life. I know I do not age the same as others either. Tyler hasn’t clue one that we are many years his senior.

Tyler asked dazedly, “Is she... alright?”

I reply, “Yes, why?”

He asks, “Why's she dressed like that?”

Missy has on a very short powder blue baby smock top dress with puffy sleeves. She has on a pair of matching rumba panties and is obviously in a diaper. She has on what looks like very comfortable booties. She giggles shyly.

I call gently and loving to her, “Missy baby. Don't be afraid. Come Meet Tyler.”

Missy is a very beautiful young Ababy girl dressed most adorably. She walks slowly and gracefully from around the corner up to us.

I continue, “She's my sweetie. She's a love pet and this is how they are. They re babies.

Tyler sees an adorable girl come shyly from the other room and walk slowly up to him.
Tyler is desperately thinking maybe he should be going... but he is too weak to move.

She says very sweetly in a little girl voice, "Hello, my name Missy.”

She blushes and is the most adorable girl he has seen.

Tyler says in a slurring voice, "Err... Hello, Missy."

Missy gives you the sweetest baby kiss on the cheek.

I unzip my ski pants and take them off. I am standing there in a soft pink pair of powder puff rumba panties I bend over and show Tyler my ruffles as Missy giggles softly.

I ask in a cute voice, “You like my panties sweetie?”

He stutters in his slurring voice, “Ve... very pretty.

Missy giggles again and acts very cute.

Missy says in the same cute voice, "Vickie panties are so cute.” She giggles again.

I say to Missy, “Tell Tyler how old you are sweetie.”

She giggles and says in her cute voice "I this many" and she holds up three fingers.

I explain to Tyler, “She's actually 24 years old, plus a great many more. More than you would believe. Can't tell can you?”

I can see Tyler is not sure at this point. I can tell he is very high and the pill is working perfectly. It won’t be long and I can collar him.

I kneel down and undo his pants. I start to pull them off. I can tell he is feeling scared now, but still very excited.

I say in an excited voice, “Ohh, you really do have on 2 pairs of pink tights.”

As his pants come down, I see he has on 2 pair of pink women’s winter tights. The top pair has ruffles on the bottom. I smile.

He thought to himself, “Being exposed in my tights and bodysuit before two women in baby clothes... very strange, and humiliating, and yet ... wonderful.”

I say to Missy, “Sweetie, while I play with Tyler, you go to your crib and take a nap .. Ok

She pouts adorably for a second and pokes out her bottom lip ... Then kisses us both and goes to the other room. The sound of her getting into a bed is heard. The sound of a crib rail locking in place is the last sound.

I softly caress Tyler between his legs
I say cooingly, “Ummm. Sweetie, what do you have on under these tights?? A cute pair of panties maybe?”

He nods nervously.

I ask in a cute voice, “Are they cute, pink, and lacy?”

I start undoing Tyler’s body suit. I softly caress him as I undo the body suit and start to help him out of it. He is almost helpless. I know in a few minutes, I can put the collar on him.

I say”, “Sweetie, you have no body hair. It's so cute.”

He blushes and says dreamily, “Thank you.”

I ask in a sweet cooing voice, “Is there something more to you than just wearing girls clothes maybe?” I kiss him softly on his neck. I finish, “Hmm?”

He asks in a far away dreamy voice, “What could you mean?”

I reply, “Those are some very pretty silk panties love.”

I caress him very sensuously some more.

Tyler is still a bit scared, but very happy that you don't find him weird and creepy; and he is aroused by all the caressing you are giving him.

“Tyler ... what's you real name?” I ask suddenly in a cooing voice, “your .. other name.”

Tyler answers in a very far off voice, “It's... *blush* ... Katrina.”

“Would Katrina like to be out and free as a girl from now on?” I ask in the same voice.

I have removed all of Tyler’s clothes but his cute lacy pink panties. He is helpless and it is time to collar him. I Get the box that contains the collar. I open it and hold it in my hands. Tyler hasn’t a clue what is about to happen.

He asks in a very far off voice, “What do you mean? How is that possible?”

I explain, “Just as I have Missy as my pet sweetie, I have chosen you to be my maid. It is an easy pampered life. You will enjoy it. Except, I give you a choice. You can live out the rest of your very long life as a man in a maids outfit, or as a woman named Katrina who wears the same cute outfit. Make sure you choose wisely ... you will be one or the other for a long, long, long time.”

Tyler is confused and still thinks this is some kind of joke. He reples, “If I'm to be one or the other... please let me be the girl Katrina.”

I kiss Tyler softly and caress him between the legs again. I cn feel his hardness in my hand.

I say softly, “One of your duties is to care for my pet, There is no sex with her ... she's mine. We can ... you and I ... as much as you want and .. as a female too.”

I reach under a pillow and remove a syringe.

Still thinking it’s a joke Tyler says in a far off voice, “Mmm... Thank you so much... Miss Anton.”

I explained, “This will feel really strange for a while.”

I give Tyler the huge injection. He feels it enter his system ... Hot ...Cold ... all at the same time.

I pick up Tyler’s head and place the collar around his neck. It fastens in place. I look into his eyes as he realizes it is no joke. The collar is now a permanent part of his genetic code. He is instantly programmed by the collar.

I see his body begin to transform. He will be a beautiful young woman and make a perfect maid.

I smile ... His eyes ... are suddenly her eyes. A beautiful young woman is now in my arms.

~~ End - Pt2
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