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Baby Blows Love Bubbles - Emperess Series

Postby Miki Yamuri » Sat Jan 07, 2017 8:45 pm

Baby Blows Love Bubbles

I have been wakened by mom and bathed and dressed. I am finally back to normal after the genetic recycling. I look at myself in the mirror. My hair has golden yellow highlights I didn’t have before. They are blended into my white hair color so well, It is a great enhancement. I have just a bit of curl too. Just like my mom. This is a cute addition too. I have on a princess baby doll night gown and rumba panties over my thick diaper..

Mom says, “Miki, you have a lot of girlfriends you haven’t seen in a long time. They all want to see you again. Are you up to ... entertaining? There is a little girl named Laurie She is most ... infatuated with you.”

I remember Laurie. I giggle. I would like to see her again. When I am not a baby.

I say, “I want you to come mommy. I want you to be a cute girl in our group too. You look like a little baby too in baby clothes. You would be adorable in my little princess baby doll dress.”

Mom says, “Ok, you got a bet daughter of mine. How many should we invite?”

I reply, “I would like to see them all again. I would want it to be a big party like last time ... one where they all spend a month or 2. One where we can be whatever we want to be and have fun. To all hours if we want just like the last party I had.”

I have hold of my feet and am rocking back and forth. Nana comes in and starts to pick up. I look at the clock. It’s five minutes after 6 am. I can’t remember where the time went. I try to think. The last thing I remember before mom picked me up out of the rocking chair ... was getting into the blasted rocking chair. I remember the time too. 2:40 am. I still remember my intent for being up that early. Somehow, I feel the things I am wanting to know this time are better left alone just like the other times I remember this happening to me.

I again erase the contents of my Things To Remember file ... I don’t think I should remember.

I lie back on the bed. Mom is lovingly running her fingers through my hair. It feels good.

I giggle and say, “Maybe we could invite some of the local Princes too. Make it co-ed or something.”

Mom giggles and says gleefully, “Is there any Prince in particular you are referring to baby?”

I turn over and kick my feet slowly, “Could be momma.” I say coyly.

I feel a sharp playful smack on my bottom. I turn over and see Nana standing there with her hands on her hips.

She shakes a finger at me and says playfully, “You better not invite any boys here unless you invite Larry! Girl ... You hear me?”

Mom is laughing. I look at Nana with my eyes wide and say quickly, “Yes ma’am. He’s always at the top of the list Nana. You know that, you make the fool things.”

She retorts before she too laughs, “True, but you are the one who gives me all the names.”

Mom says, “She’s got you there baby. You better make sure Larry’s at the top of the list or your gonna get a spanking.”

I say playfully shy, “Yes, momma. I promise.”

Then we all giggle together happily as I make my formal invitation list. Nana suggests a co-ed pajama party, just like the last time.. That way all us girls are justified in wearing our best nightys. I giggle. I hope Larry is available. His name is at the top of my list. The other Princes, I have to depend on Nana and mom for their names. I have no clue.

I know all the girls in the prolongation crowd. I include Debbie and Mom there too even though they are Prolongation adults compared to the rest of us. We need the older girls to keep us babies out of trouble as always. I giggle at the thought of mom in a cute baby outfit and a thick diaper. She would be very adorable.

The time of transit passes. The day of the party has at last arrived.

This is UGNN - The Universal Galactic News Network Headline News: The Galaxy of Nexus. The young Emperess is hosting another of the biggest High Society gatherings in years. All the Young Princes and Princesses that are somebody will be there. It will be the crème de la crème of the Royal High Society. Formal Invitation only. This is billed as the Baby’s Pajama Party, all must be in baby pajamas ... This too is Big News.

Everyone who is able to crowd in front of the Palace at Terrian Nexus is there. Every vid and comm service in the quadrant is there.

This is the happening place, The Palace at Nexus Star System, Terrian Nexus and the Baby’s Pajama Party. The crowed is enormous, both attendees and observers.

All guests arrive by aircar in the back of the formal gardens. Invitations are checked at the gate to the Garden of the Moon. They are escorted to the Grand Ball Room. There, they are allowed to choose from all makes, types, sizes, colors, styles, cloths, of adult (or what ever size fits) baby sleep wear.

This is a co-ed pajama party the likes of which none have ever seen. Boys and girls are every where wearing the sexiest sleepwear in the cosmos. Every custom designer is represented. This has become the lingerie showplace of Nexus. It has also become the designer baby wear showplace of Nexus. All the Younger crowd have even shown up in baby sleep wear. It is a wonderful lively party.

The ballroom is decorated with many soft and plush sofas, couches, and chairs. There are holo vid games. Vids and comms and computer systems available. Food, drink ... a strange absence of alcohol. There is live music too. Performers, and magicians. There are rooms available for all the guests so they may spend a month or two.

There is a special group of girls that are the younger prolongation crowd that have a special Invitation to sleep in the Imperial Nursery.

Special note on the invitation: No one not in diapers allowed after nine pm as always.

There are boys and girls everywhere enjoying themselves to the fullest. Except for the guards and the servants ... no one dressed in adult clothes was anywhere in site.

As large as this Ballroom was, and it covered acres, It was almost crowded. The party had spilled over into the grand hall. Hundreds of thousands attended from as many star systems as could arrive ... there were many numerous star systems represented.

There is one huge round very plush sofa. It is custom made so all the holo vid games, comms, and vids are available there. Many places to put refreshments too.

All the special prolongation girl crowd with the special invitations are escorted there and immediately remember their special couch. They are then told of the special sleeping arrangements and potty room arrangement just for them. They all are ecstatic as they remember how much fun it was last time they attended an Imperial Pajama Party With Miki.

They are all chatting happily at the same time. They are sprawled out all over it looking as adorable and cute as any babies ever did in their sweet baby sleepers. Nana, of course, made sure all their diapers were checked properly and changed in my potty room when necessary just as the girls remember.

There are special Servants assigned to Nana just for this, but are not used, of course, because each girl was personally handled by Nana. They all needed to visit more than once. No longer a secret no one knew but me, them, and Nana ... everyone knew now.


Nana has fussed with mom all morning. She has finally convinced her to put on my little princess baby doll nighty and to wear a diaper. She is adorable. It is soft yellow. Has little puffy sleeves and the cutest bloomer panties. Mom is extremely attractive and sexy. I gave her my yellow googley eyed worm slippers for her feet. She is the most adorable baby girl as I knew she would be.

Nana dressed me in Powder blue rumba panties and a cute Powder blue baby top with lace trimming. She had me wear my blue googley eyed critter slippers. She brushed my hair out straight. It curls some anyway. I looked in the mirror beside mom. I have golden yellow highlights naturally in my hair now. Mixes well with the white. We both were adorable. We hugged and giggled together sweetly.

Mom says softly, “Miki, I have a present for you. I know you won’t understand it, but it is because mommy loves you and wants you to relax and have lots of fun tonight and to be a lot of fun for the other girls. They all want you to be a really young girl.”

Before I can react, mom places a golden halo over my head. I hear a ‘Click” inside my head as Administrative access is enabled. I gasp as my body stiffens and the download begins. It is massive. I am aware of it becoming part of me, but do not know what it is. I do know it is a permanent part of me now.

The download completes ... mom removes the halo from my head and drops it into the trash. While my head is still buzzing from the programming, mom hugs me gently and kisses me lovingly.

She then whispers in my ear, “Baby, you need to be four years old going on four.”

A fuzzy forgetfulness. I can’t resist this as my mind suddenly reverts. I giggle. I am a four year old little girl suddenly. This isn’t like the oils ... there is no adult characteristics mixed with a 4 year old. Many concepts and thoughts vanish from me. Four year olds know nothing of those.

I stomp my foot and pout sweetly, “Stop it! Its not fair. Humph!” and swish my hair as I turn my head. “I no wanna be this way.”

Mom speaks so softly and understandingly. Such patience. I am in our most intimate pet mode. I am my mommy’s pet. I love mommy with all my heart. I hug mommy with all my love from the bottom of a four year old’s heart. Mommy hugs me back softly and lovingly.

She says softly, “Miki, little girls sometime have accidents in their panties when they get excited. Don’t be upset if it happens.” She gives me a very pleasant caress between my legs. “Mommy will fix it. Just let me know. Ok, sweetie?”

I say in a shy, very little girl’s voice, “I will mommy. Just I wanna be bigger.” And poke out my bottom lip.

Mom giggles softly and says, “Miki baby, this is how the Universe knows you. As your adorable little self. The last time you had the girls over, you started a fashion trend and all the girls still dress in baby clothes. They may not wear diapers all the time, but you can bet your bottom Giga that they wear them. Most all of them wear diapers to bed any more. The sale of baby clothes is skyrocketing. The demand for nursery Nannies is astronomical. The girls wear the baby clothes every where. You know them. Can’t miss them.”

The door to the nursery opens. A most beautiful strong man walks in. He has on black Track shorts with pockets. He has on moccasins. The hair on his muscular chest is so sexy. I see Lisa run over and get a big hug. I see Misty walk in. She isn’t a baby. She is a most beautiful girl you could imagine. She has on a shorty baby doll night gown and powder puff rumba panties. She has very soft matching slippers on her feet.

Misty sees me and wiggles her index finger at me. She says, “Don’t you want a hug and a kiss sweetie?”

I shriek with joy. I run up to Misty. She hugs and kisses me lovingly.

She pats me softly on my bottom and says, “I know this is who you want to kiss more than me.”

She hands me into the man’s hands who is my whole universe. I am speechless. I stand on my tippy toes and kiss this man as innocently passionate as a four year old can. I feel his huge arms as they wrap around me. His large hands grab me softly on my bottom. I am in heaven as he squeezes me. I do not resist as he pulls me into his beautiful muscular body.

He lifts me up and explores my mouth with his tongue. I haven’t a clue what to do. I am so aroused I have a very confusing orgasm and moan softly. I feel the strange and wonderful waves of it through my body. I love it.

A fuzzy thought comes dimly into my mind ... I want to please him right here. I am not sure how. But I am awfully willing. Misty taps me on the shoulder. I realize what she means. I see people everywhere. I would want to be more ... discreet. No hot tubs to justify ... indiscretion here. I am not sure exactly what the indiscretion was though. I know I should. I giggle. The memories vanish under the weight of the new protocol.

Misty says, “I understand completely, I have the same problem. I just can’t help myself sometimes.” We both giggle sweetly. I haven’t a clue what Misty meant.

Mom calls me. Larry puts me back on my feet and I run to her. Momma runs her fingers softly through my hair and says, “Baby, something you might want to know.”

I say sweetly in a little girl’s voice, “Yes momma??”

She bends over and asks me a simple question, “What’s sex baby?”

As a matter of fact ... I know ... I don’t know ... I thought I knew. I haven’t a clue. The confusion is written all over my face.

Momma asks another question, “How are you going to do ... or what is it you were thinking you were going to do with Larry?”

I reply, “Momma, I’m going to ... please him.” I am confused even more as to what pleasing him is.

Mom says, “Ok.” she giggles sweetly and continues, “How are you going to ... Please Him baby? What do you mean by Pleasing him love?”

Mom is lying across the bed kicking her feet slowly as I thought about this a lot. I realized I didn’t have a clue about anything she asked. I look up at mom innocently and blush. I am innocently embarrassed. I can’t answer mom.

Mom kisses me softly and says, “Enjoy yourself tonight sweetheart. I will make sure you are alone and I will keep the sheets in your wish box.”

I can only say, “What?”

She points to a small, jewel encrusted box sitting on my night stand. I know what it is and at the same time I don’t.

Mom puts her fingers over my lips and says, “Shhh baby. When the time comes, You’ll understand. Just ... enjoy yourself. A first encounter with ... your soul mate can be incredible.”

I am not real sure what mom is talking about. I have run into something I feel is strange. I have no Idea what it was I was wanting to do with Larry. I don’t even feel I should know as I think about it. It is a complete blank. What is sex? Mom’s right ... I should know.

I go to Nana in the back room. I ask her in the cutest little innocent girl voice, “What’s sex Nana?”

Nana turns and looks at me with a smile and asks, “What does your mommy say?”

I reply, “She’s the one that asked.” And start scuffling my feet sweetly.

Nana hugged me gently and said, “Go ask Lisa Sweetie. She’ll know.” And pats me on my bottom.

I think, “ Lisa is an excellent choice. She’s older and knows a lot more than I do.”

I walk up to Lisa. She is wearing her light tan baby romper with three rows of cute ruffles across her bottom. She has on no blouse. She is wearing soft lacy booties. Mom has her hair in ponytails tied with matching ribbons.

I ask, naively, “Lisa, what’s sex?”

Lisa looks at me. Her eyes get big and round. She blushes as she giggles sweetly. She says in a shocked little girl voice, “ Miki, where did you hear that word?”

I reply, “Momma just asked me if I knew what it is.”

Lisa giggles and gives me a sweet hug and kisses me sweetly on my lips. She pats me on my bottom softly and says, “See that man?” she points to Larry.

I say, “Yes.”

She giggles again shyly, “He should be the one to tell you. Before you ask him though.”
She blushes.

I say breathlessly in a little girl’s voice, “Yes?’

She replies in a whisper, “Make sure you are alone with him and won’t be disturbed. Lock him in a room with you somewhere.” She giggles sweetly.

I ask, “Why Lisa? Why?”

She giggles again and says softly, “Miki, just do it. It’s important. You’ll understand after. All of it. That’s all I’m gonna tell you.”

Lisa gives me the sweetest kiss on my lips and then skips off out of the nursery into the crowd.

I stomp my foot and pout. Why won’t anyone tell me what sex is? Not even Lisa. She always tells me everything. Larry walks over to me and kneels. He lifts my chin with his huge hand softly and smiles his most glorious smile.

He says, “Miki. Why so glum? How can the most beautiful girl at this function be so miserable.”

I turn with my back to him and pout some more. I can’t help it. Four year olds pout when they get mad. And though I still look like myself, in my mind because of the new protocol mom gave me ... I am four.”

Larry puts his hand on my shoulder softly and asks gently, “So what’s up girlfriend?”

I turn around and say in a really cute little girl’s pouty voice, “Mom asked me a question.”

Larry says softly, “Ok and ...??”

I continue, “I don’t have a clue what the answer is. Nana won’t tell me. Lisa won’t tell me either. She says I need to lock you in a room before I ask you.” And I stomp my foot.

Larry snickers some and drops his head for a minute. He asks, “Miki, how old are you tonight baby?”

I hold up four fingers and say, “This many.” I start to suck my thumb on my left hand.
Larry is impressed with the new baby. I have come as a very pleasant surprise to him. I am four years old. He can’t believe it.

He says softly, “Ok, what is this mysterious question?”

I look at him and ask as innocently as any four year old in a little girl’s voice, “What’s sex?”

The look on Larry’s face was so upsetting. I was sure I had upset him somehow. Larry smiles a broad smile and I can hear him trying not to laugh.

I start to cry. The huge ball room outside the nursery became deathly quiet. Voices could be heard wondering what might be wrong with the adorable Miki. The hum of the room became louder as more people wanted to help. Servants appeared as if by magic. Quickly, the party was back under full swing and the door to the nursery was closed.

I was miserable. I just knew Larry was upset with me. He even laughed at me. I cried harder.

Larry picked me up and kissed me softly. I quit crying immediately. I was in the strong arms of my whole universe and I couldn’t be upset. He put his nose to mine and rubbed noses with me. I giggled sweetly. He walked over to my bed and sat on it with me in his lap.

He looked softly at me and said, “Sweetheart. Sex is when a girl and a boy love each other and want to give their most private places to each other.”

I sniffle and ask innocently, “I don’t understand. What is my private place?”

He smiles and says, “Your privacy baby. Don’t you remember?”

He caresses me so softly between my legs. It feels so tingly when he does that. I put my hand on top of his and giggle softly. I have a need for something and I haven’t a clue what it is. I pull open my panties in the front and show him my privacy.

Larry looks at me for a minute then asks gently, “You are a very beautiful girl Miki. What are you wanting me to do?”

I reply as innocently and as naively as any four year old, “I’m giving you my privacy.”

Larry smiles fondly. He doesn’t know what to do. He sees Lisa wandering up. He shakes his head. He’s just glad Misty isn’t in baby mode too. Since those four halo’s Beth was given proved to be the upgrade she said they were. He has enjoyed seeing Misty as a young flowering lady.

The same way he likes me most. He knew there was a trick to it. Just he didn’t have whatever the trick was and really wished he could bring me back to normal.

Lisa was here. Larry knew one day he was going to have to let Lisa please him. She is very adorable. She isn’t me. She is always unique and always does the unexpected. This makes Lisa the perfect Playmate.

Lisa is in baby mode under the influence of the oils. She is four years old going on twelve. Different mix. A bigger girl with just the right baby mix so she is innocently adorable and old enough to be a whole lot of fun. Nana is a master of the mix and Lisa’s mix is a work of pure art.

Lisa says to Larry, “Hello big boy.” She giggles adorably.

Larry says, “Hello love of my heart. How are you?”

She giggles and pulls open her panties like I had mine open and says, “I can help too you know.”

Larry looks at Lisa and smiles softly. Lisa giggles and offers herself to him. Larry caresses Lisa softly between her legs. Lisa is caught by surprise. Larry hasn’t caressed her this way before. It feels so startlingly good she wets her panties a bit. She looks down with her eyes wide. Then blushes really red. She start to cry.

Larry takes her in his arms and carries her to Mommy. He says, “Lisa honey, little girls sometimes have accidents. It’s alright to wet your panties sometimes baby.”

She says pouting and crying, “Not in front of your Bonded Playmate’s Boyfriend.”

Lisa throws a very sweet little temper tantrum. She wouldn’t listen to mommy. Mommy spanks her for being naughty and takes her to the potty room. In a few minutes, Lisa is back in diapers and plastic lined rumba panties. She seems very depressed and dejected. She pouts sweetly and sucks her thumb. Larry goes over and whispers something in her ear. She brightens up and giggles sweetly. Throws her arms around Larry’s neck and gives him a passionate little kiss. She bounds off happy as a lark. Larry smiles and shakes his head.

He thinks to himself, “All they ever want to do is insure I am pleased and comforted in any way they can. So simple to make them happy.”

Larry looks at me and says, “Miki, I accept your privacy. You have pleased me more than you know.”

I giggle happily and give him my best innocent four year old kiss. He kisses me on my lips.

His tongue is under my lips ... I open my lips ... his tongue is in my mouth .... ummm .... he is caressing my tongue with his. It .... its so ... WONDERFUL! I do the same thing he is doing and kiss him back. I feel his hands on my bottom. I love them squeezing me this way. It is strange. After several seconds of doing this, I know how. I kiss the man of my heart as passionately as I can in a most unbaby like way...

I don’t know how long I kissed him. I suddenly hear Mom say through the passion, “Miki, your girl friends are wanting to know where you are. Don’t you think you should go say hi?”

I giggle and bounce sweetly on my toes. Larry takes me gently by the hand and leads me to the large round sofa with all the girls dressed as babies. They all giggle sweetly as they make room for me.

Larry says sweetly to all the girls, “All right loves of my heart. I need you to watch over Miki while I greet the guests.”

They all giggle and twitter and blush. Larry blows them all a kiss. Kisses me and explores my tongue with his for a second. Then he walks with Misty off into the crowd.”

All the girls start talking at once. They are all asking questions about Larry. They realize I am different.

A girl in a soft pink onesie asks, “Miki, how old is baby?”

I start sucking my thumb and hold up four fingers.

They all giggle and start talking all at once about how adorable I am. I get several hugs and kisses. I cross my arms, poke out my bottom lip sweetly, and pout.

Cindy sits behind me. She wraps her arms and legs around me and hugs me softly. I feel her warmth and the softness of her body.

I didn’t do it intentionally, but I gave her a small transfer of innocent emotion. I don’t even know how I did it. It just happened. Because of the new protocol, the Guardian interface was translating my feelings into an energy wave. It projected them outward from my body in a controlled bubble.

She gasps as it breaks over her. She has never held a more adorable little baby in her long life. She has never seen a more precious one either. She is stunned for a few seconds before she comes back to her senses.

She gives me a sweet kiss on my cheek and says softly, “Miki, we are all your friends. Don’t be mad with us. I’m sorry if we upset baby. We all love and adore you.”

Anna lies beside us and kicks her feet softly and slowly. She asks sweetly, “Tell us what’s the matter Sweetheart. You know we all will do our best to help.”

I am not sure they will help either. In my four year old mind, I wanted to know what sex is. If what Larry had told me was true, I had had sex with him when I gave my privacy to him and he accepted it. This was all wrong somehow and I didn’t understand why ... but I knew it was.

I look up and see Laurie. I have deep emotions for her. She sits and tells Cindy she wants to hold me. Cindy gives up her position. All the girls know Laurie is deeply in love with me and all remember why.

They all giggle and twitter in approval as she wraps herself around me and gives me a sweet kiss on my lips. I remember me doing this with Larry. I remember the joy I gave him when I learned to explore his mouth with my tongue. I also remember how electrifyingly pleasant it was to do.

I gave Laurie a passionately innocent kiss. I transferred innocent love energy to her in ever increasing small amounts until she broke the kiss.

I didn’t do it on purpose. I love Laurie and wanted her to know. The Guardian translated my feelings for her into this energy bubble. She hugs me tenderly and bursts out crying as the energy bubble breaks over her in ever increasing intensity.

All the girls start cooing at once. I hear many questions and many words of comfort for Laurie.

Laurie says softly and sweetly to the other girls as she wipes her eyes, “I ... I just had the most ... I mean ...”

She blushes really hard and tears softly ran down her cute face.

She continues, “Miki just gave me the most tender and sweet kiss I think I ever had in my life. She’s not the same. She’s actually four years old people. We have to understand this. I know it isn’t like before. She tells us she’s four and she has very adult characteristics mixed with adorable baby traits. She is four, she isn’t mixed at all.”

All the girls start talking at once. All of them are in diapers. They were so taken with me. The buzz of questions and voices go round and round.

Nana brings Angie back from having a stinky cleaned. Angie was given a large amount of the oils. She didn’t know it yet, but she would be unpotty trained for the next seventy two hours. She sits in stunned baby euphoria as the questions go round and round.

Laurie says, “Guys ... please. She’s just a little girl. Really. This is her home. Nana or Beth must have her this age here. Remember she already told us they keep her at three most of the time. When we were here the last time. She was in diapers and was our baby. She was ... still different then.”

The girls questions and topics changed. I was able to understand them a lot better. There were some things they talked about that I hadn’t a clue over. They took it in stride and made me feel very welcome at the Babies Couch, as it was coming to be called.

There was a lot of giggling and laughter. The girls talked about their newest baby clothes. They were hoping a certain Prince liked babies. They giggled over the way Prince Daniel looked in his pjs.

One girl talked about sex. They all giggled and quit suddenly when they saw I was listening intently.

I cross my arms and poke out my bottom lip and pout. I am very cute about it. I say, “Humph!” as I shake my head.

Laurie sweeps a lock of hair from my face and asks gently, “What’s wrong Miki? You’re too pretty to be pouting this way.”

I lean back into Laurie’s arms. I am frustrated. I say in the cutest little girl voice, “Mommy asked me a question. I can’t get anyone to tell me the answer.” I crossed my arms again and pout sweetly.

Laurie coos to me and says, “Baby, I’m sure its not as bad as all that. Maybe if you told Auntie Laurie ...?”

I say in the cutest little girl voice in the most innocent naive way, “ What is sex? I know you know. I hear you start to talk about it and quit when you see me listening. I am frustrated.” I pout sweetly some more.

All the girls on the sofa gasp and are silent. They all look at Laurie. Her eyes have gotten to be big and round. I look around. I see the shocked expressions on their faces. I know they probably won’t tell me either. I start to cry.

Mommy comes to the baby sofa. All the girls giggle and say ,”Hi Beth. How’s it feel to be the mommy of the most adorable little girl in the Nexus System?”

There are also a lot of complements on how cute she was as a baby dressed in the princess baby doll and the little googley eyed slippers. Many twitters and soft giggles.

Mommy says softly, “It is the most wonderful thing. I have my daughter back. I am complete again. But because she is who she is ... there are some interesting issues that come up.” She sighs.

Cory asks, “Doesn’t this mean you are among the most powerful people in the Imperium?”

Beth answers quietly, “Cory sweetie, because I am her mother, I am the most powerful. It’s a position I really don’t want to have. But I am her mommy.” She kisses me again softly.

Mommy caresses my face lovingly and says in our most intimate pet voice, “ Miki baby, what’s wrong? Mommy will help if you tell me.”

I am in pet mode again. I am my mommy’s pet. I answer innocently and shyly, “No one will tell me what sex is momma. I can’t answer your question.”

I cry some more. I am unable to please mommy and tell her what sex is. There is silence around the baby sofa. Mom looks at me lovingly and patiently. She sits next to Laurie and me. She runs her fingers through my long silky hair and kisses me softly.

Mom says cooingly, “Baby, you’re only four years old. Why has it become so important to you?”

There is soft giggles around the sofa.

Mom says, “hush girls. We need to resolve this some how. I didn’t realize I was creating a problem.”

She caresses my cheek and continues softly, “I saw you talking with Lisa. Didn’t she tell you?”

I pout even more and say in a cute little girl voice, “No she didn’t. She said I had to lock Larry in a room and ask him.” I poke out my bottom lip.

More giggles. Mom says with an edge of frustration, “Girls, please. If you can’t help.”

Debbie had gotten there by then and she responded, “We’re sorry Beth. It’s just most of our girls are still virgin. Sex is one of those topics. You know that.” She points to me.

Mom says, “I know. It’s just I gave her a new regression protocol, Miki really is four years old.”

Laurie suggested, “Well, why don’t we just adjust her age a bit. Make it easier for her to understand. Like she used to be?”

Beth looks at the floor and sighs. She says softly with a tinge of frustration, “Because she was just recycled six weeks ago. She has been purged twice since yesterday. The poor girl needs it to keep her from having to go through all that stress over and over.”

Soft understanding coos around the sofa.

Laurie hugs me lovingly and whispers in my ear, “Miki my love. Can’t we sort of forget about sex for awhile?”

Muffled giggles.

I say in a cute little girl’s voice, “No. I wanna know!”

I cross my arms again and poke out my bottom lip and pout more. More giggles.

I ask, “Mommy, why everybody laughing at me?” and start to cry again.

Suddenly the sofa is alive with soft apologies, sweet words of comfort and support. I got many kisses and soothing caresses.

Laurie spoke softly and said soothingly, “Baby, no one is laughing at you. I promise.” She gives me another hug and continues, “It’s just ... what you are talking about is a very intimate thing between two people. Do you understand intimate?”

I look at Laurie. I actually do understand that concept. It’s what happens when ever mommy and me are together. Especially when I am in pet mode. I love pet mode. I know what this is. I have no way to convey it to them in words. I think hard.

I finally say in the most innocent and naive way in a little girl’s voice, “It’s mommy!”

Laurie is surprised as all the other girls at that. I see mom raise an eyebrow for a second then she smiles softly and says, “Can you explain a little more baby?”

I look at mom. I don’t know what to say. I cannot put into any words that a four year old would know that could convey what I truly wanted to say. I was frustrated. Mom could see it on my face.

I suddenly realize something. The Guardian Interface makes me aware of something ... I didn’t understand what it told me at first ... I understand Love Bubbles. I don’t have words to tell ... but I can show them what intimacy means.

I got out of Laurie’s arms and crawled over to mom and said, “This is what baby means.”

I wrap my arms around mommy. I give her the most innocent loving kiss I could get from the bottom of my heart. I give mommy a very strong pleasant burst of innocent love ... a love bubble bursts across mommy’s body. Mom breaks the kiss immediately.

She is totally stunned. She takes a minute to get her mind and breathing back in order. By then, I have sat on the edge of the sofa between Laurie and mom and started to cry in total frustration. I was sure that didn’t even answer the questions and was miserable.

Mom’s eyes are as big as saucers. She realizes I have a new ... Power. She also realizes I do understand intimacy. I just can’t put it into words.

Mom says in a soft voice broken with much heart felt emotion, “That’s about what we are trying to get you to understand sweetheart.”

I look up. Laurie takes a soft handkerchief and softly wipes my eyes.

Laurie asks mom, “Did she do it to you too? It is the most intimate thing I have ever experienced.”

Mom nods her head slowly. Laurie and mom look at each other and know they both have experienced what ever this new thing is with baby.

Mom says softly to me as she caresses me, “Baby, what you just did to mommy is as close to sex as you can get without sharing your privacy.”

I look up and say innocently, “I gave it to Larry.”

There are giggles around the sofa. Immediately there are apologies. I let them know I understand they are not laughing at me.

Mom says, “When did you do that, baby?”

I giggle shyly and say, “When I asked him what sex was.”

More soft twittering giggles.

Laurie says, “Tell us the whole story baby. We are sort of confused.”

In a very cute, innocent, little girl’s voice I say, “I asked Larry, Lisa said I should. Larry said it’s when a boy and a girl give their privacy to each other. Mommy said I should know what pleasing Larry was about. Pleasing Larry is giving my privacy to him, so I did.”

Mom takes a slow breath and sighs. Then she asks, “How did you give it to Larry?”

I stood up, turned to mom and pulled open the front of my rumba panties and offered it to her. There were a lot of ahhs and that’s sweet and twittering comments on how adorable I was.

Mom asks, “Ok, and what exactly did Larry do?”

I reply innocently in a very cute little girl’s voice, “He made me feel so good!” I giggle and bounce on my toes.

Anna asks softly, “How Miki. How did he make you feel so good?”

I giggle and say in an innocent very cute little girl voice, “He caressed me here “ I put my hands between my legs and giggle happily, “and he thanked me for giving it to him. He said I pleased him more than I could know.” I giggle sweetly again.

There were more ahhs and that’s so sweet.

Mom asked softly, “Did you ... do to Larry what you did to me just now?”

I answered innocently, “No momma. Should I?”

There are giggles and loud twitters all around. I could hear them saying that is absolutely it. Laurie was telling them what it felt like when I had kissed her. Those that had, had this mysterious sex, all agreed that is as close as it gets.

Miki Bonds Laurie Without a Pet Collar

Momma looked at Laurie. She is dressed in a finely woven baby doll night gown. It is crafted to be a baby’s cute nighty with expert precision and craftsmanship. Each stitch was meticulously woven by hand. Mom recognized the fiber and the meticulous craftsmanship.

I had a shawl and Gown made exactly like this. Made from the webs of the Glow Moths of Ceti Delta Prime. Extremely rare, extremely expensive, extremely beautiful. Is woven by the larva chaste before they enter their cocoons. Would always be stunningly bright white. Glows with an essence everyone finds extremely appealing. Enhances the beauty of the wearer.

It is a shorty baby top with cute tie on string bikini bottoms. There is soft blue baby lace around the legs and waist, with 3 rows across her bottom. The top has puffy sleeves with delicate soft blue baby lace borders. The hem is bordered in soft blue baby lace. Laurie was an extremely beautiful girl without this. Now, she was ...

Mom asked softly, “Laurie, where did you get your outfit? It is so cute and you look like an adorable baby.”

Laurie looked up and saw the gleam in Mom’s eye. I’m not sure what the knowledge they both shared was, but Laurie dropped her eyes and blushed.

She said shyly, “From Ceti Delta Prime. I had someone ship me this from the weaver caste. Only the larva can weave this type of cloth.”

Mom says softly, “Whom are you .... dating Laurie?”

Laurie was absolutely red in the face. She was having real issues with the question.

Laurie said very shyly and softly, “I ... I’m not seeing anyone Beth.”

Mom scooted over beside Laurie and hugged her tenderly. She gave her a soft kiss.

Mom asked, “I understand. I also have something to ask.”

Laurie looked at mom and said, “Ok ... what? Black Mail?”

I could see a flash of anger cross mom’s eyes. She thought better of what ever she was thinking and let it go.

Then said softly with obvious patience in her voice, “I know Laurie. I also know it was Lisa’s fault. You are just so ready to think people are out to get you ... why?”

Laurie apologized. Then asked, “Ok, what is it you want to ask then?”

Mom laid it out for her, “I know you are in love with Miki. Miki is again virgin now because of the new protocol. I am offering you a special opportunity.”

Lots of twittering and giggles, “You have the opportunity to technically take her virginity and teach her what love is until such time she is returned to her normal self. Do you realize this?”

Laurie said softly and shyly, “Yes ma’am.”

Mom said, “I’m giving you the opportunity to show Miki what sex is and answer the question that’s causing all this trouble. I know Lisa taught you sex through Miki. I know ... your feelings for Miki. If you think you can be gentle and loving. It can be ... interesting if you know what I mean.”

The rest of the girls were telling Laurie to go ahead. There was a tremendous amount of encouragement. I was sort of confused. I knew Mom and Laurie had a discussion about me. I had no clue what they were referring to.

Laurie took me by the hand and pulled me gently back over to her. I sat between her legs as she wrapped around me again. She hugged me softly and gave me a sweet kiss on my cheek.

Laurie asked, “Miki, do you remember what we did the last time I stayed here?”

I put my thumb in my mouth. I thought about it for a minute. I did remember something very close and loving about her. I had very deep emotions I couldn’t define.

I turned and stood as best I could. I hugged Laurie around the neck and said in a very sweet little girl’s voice, “I love you. That’s what we did”

I kissed Laurie sweetly. I could hear the other girls cooing. It’s so sweet looped around. She is so lucky went around several times. I even heard congratulations.

I heard mom tell Laurie, “You must be as loving and kind for her as she was for you. The consequences for ... anything less you would rather not know.”

Laurie said, “Beth, I am in every wise in love with Miki. You know why I wore this. It was for her.” And she gave me a sweet kiss. “ I would do nothing to harm her in anyway.”

I was placed on my feet. Laurie took me lovingly by the hand. She led me to the nursery. When we came in the door, Nana saw us and went to the bed and turned it down. I saw Nana tell one of the servants something. In a flash, the room was empty. Nana and a maid were the only ones there.

By the time Laurie and me reached the bed, I couldn’t tell anyone had ever been there. Nana and the maid were gone too. The lights were suddenly dim. Soft back lighting is all there is. I can hear very soft and soothing music drifting in the air.

Laurie helps me on the bed and climbs in too. She takes off my slippers and hers too.

She brushed an annoying lock of hair from my face and says, “Miki ... I would like ... I mean ... Well ... you know ... sex.”

I had been sucking my thumb. This, caused me to stop. I looked at her for a second as the word sex sunk in. I turned toward her and sat on my knees.

I giggled sweetly and asked in a cute little girl’s voice, “Are you gonna tell me what it is Laurie?”

Laurie said, “Miki, it’s sort of hard to tell you. If you let me, I would be most honored to show you.”

I understood Laurie wanted to have sex. I pulled open the front of my panties and said innocently, “I give you my privacy Laurie.”

Laurie got on her knees in front of me. She pulled open her panties and said in a very cute voice, “I give you my privacy too Miki. “ and we both giggled sweetly and acted shy.

I looked in her panties. I liked her sweet little privacy. There were very strong feelings deep in me. I couldn’t define them. I had a need for something. I put my hand softly in her panties. I touched her special place in her privacy. Laurie squeaked softly.

I looked up and took my hand out of her panties quickly. I was sorry. I didn’t want to hurt her.

Laurie opened her eyes and said in a very cute voice, “Don’t stop. It feels good.”

I asked shyly, “I didn’t hurt you?”

She said in a breathy soft voice, “No baby, no ... it feels good ... see?”

Her hand softly and gently caressed me in my privacy. I felt her finger follow my opening all the way to the top. It was electric. When she reached my special place ... I couldn’t help it ... I squeaked too.

Laurie bent down and kissed me on my lips. I opened my mouth and explored her wiggly tongue Innocently. I kept doing it and I seemed to know how the more I did it. I kissed Laurie with my most passionate kiss.

I gave her the same pleasant burst of innocent love I gave mom. Laurie was suddenly on her back very pleasantly but helplessly stunned. I bent over gently and kissed her again. I gave her another even stronger burst. She went limp as the love bubble broke intensely over her body.

Laurie was totally helpless. Her mind was lost in a loving sexual euphoria. She had never in her entire life ever experienced anything that even approached this. It happened again ... even more powerful ... She was totally senseless. She felt her mind go. She was lost in a extremely pleasant loving heavenly sexual euphoria.

When she came to her senses, I was kneeling beside her and rubbing my hand gently between her legs. I had a most awe struck expression on my face as I lovingly caressed her privacy. She was surprised at the sexuality of what I was doing to her.

I gently caresses her opening from the bottom to the top the way she did me. I heard her gasp again as I touched her special place. She sat up. She took me by my arms and gently laid me on my back.

She said, “Baby, I’m going to take off your panties and ... eat you.”

I was afraid ... “No ... don’t eat baby!!” Guardian Interface wouldn’t come on line. I actually got an illegal access safety violation error. I didn’t understand. I was afraid. Laurie was going to eat me and the Guardian wouldn’t do anything about it.

Laurie said quickly, “Miki, Miki, no, no! I didn’t mean that kind of eat.” She caresses my privacy lovingly and kisses me softly.

I say meekly, “No? What other kind is there?”

She responded, “Relax, I’ll show you. It won’t hurt, I promise.”

I say, “Ok.” and lie back on the bed.

Laurie takes my panties off slowly. I feel her whole hand caress me between my legs. The sensation was so intense and electrifying. I like the way she does it. She takes her hand and gently caresses my boobies. It feels good and almost tickles.

She has me sit up and raise my arms. My top goes quickly over my head. I feel her warm breath on my boobies just before I get a really soft electric kiss there. I squirm and giggle sweetly in her embrace as she suckles and kisses my boobies with her soft moist mouth.

I feel her hand. It moves slowly down my tummy. It’s between my legs. I can feel Laurie wants me to open my legs. I bend my knees and spread open. She gently lays me back on the bed as her hand softly glides to my privacy.

She kisses me lovingly. I feel her hand as she sensually caresses between my legs. I feel waves of intense pleasure from this. She very gently explores my opening with her finger. I feel it as she penetrates me. I squeak at the sudden jolt of ecstasy it creates for me. I am breathing hard. My heart is pounding. She is inside my most private of places. I can feel her as she explores my virginity. I squeak softly. Laurie coos lovingly each time. I really do love Laurie.

She kisses me on my lips. She explores my tongue with hers. I kiss her back. I do my own exploring too. I am feeling wonderful pleasant surges with each probing of her finger in my privacy. She knows ... just where ... my special places are. I am squeaking softly. I can’t help it. This pleases Laurie to no end. She kisses me and explores my mouth with her wiggly tongue. She moves down. She kisses my boobies again, I giggle and squirm. She blows in my bellybutton. I screech with pleasure.

She is between my legs. She has them held open with her forearms as she Lays between my legs. I feel her fingers as they open my privacy. I feel her warm breath inside my private place as she blows softly. It is intense and I squeak as the feeling runs through me. I feel her lips and they softly kiss me there .. her mouth is so warm and moist.

I cannot resist. Each soft kiss sends intense chills through me. I feel her tongue. That wiggly tongue. I am loosing my mind ... I feel each electric surge as she explores my secret places with her wiggly tongue. I feel it inside me exploring my virginity.

I am squeaking and grunting softly with each soft probing lick of her wiggly tongue. I can’t help it. I orgasm strongly. She is above me. She kisses me. I didn’t mean to do it. I had no control. It wouldn’t hurt anyone. I gave her a very strong burst of innocent love.

She was overpowered. She went senselessly limp as the powerful love bubble burst across her body. She was on top of me. I could feel the silkiness of her nighty. The weight of her young limp body on mine. I could feel her breathing. I was lost in Laurie.

The soft sweetness of her made me dizzy. She lifts up after a minute when she gets her senses back again. I open my eyes and Laurie is looking down at me. She has a deep look of love in her sparkling eyes. She stoops over and kisses me passionately. Her lips are soft and wet and passionate. I kiss her back. I feel her soft young body on top of me. I can feel her moving as she kisses me. I feel the silkiness of her nighty as it brushes my boobies. I feel her softly panting breath. I feel her wrap her arms around me. I am engulfed in her loving passion.

I love Laurie as much as I love my Bonded Playmate Lisa. I pull myself into her. I feel her as she gasps softly. I feel her as she looses her breath. I kiss her again as lovingly and softly as Miki ever could. It all feels so wonderful.

Laurie says softly and lovingly in a sweet breathless voice, “Baby, this is sex. Just with a girl and not with a boy. Understand?”

I said , “Yes. Now it’s baby’s turn ... right?”

She cocks her head for a second and says, “Ok, if you want.”

In my profile, I have admin override authority of all programming. I am able to override the 4 year old programming to where I am the Miki she remembers from before for as long as is necessary.

Lisa rolls over on the bed on her back. I get up and start to pull down her panties. I notice they are tied on and give one a pull. They popped open. I giggled. Laurie offered what ever help I thought I needed to get her panties off, or anything else I thought I might want to do.

She was very gentle, very loving kind. She sat up and lifted her arms. I took off her top. She had the most beautiful boobies. I loved them as soon as I saw them. I bent over and suckled them gently. I could feel Laurie gasp and shiver as I did it. I could see the goose bumps all over her young shapely body. This pleased me to no end.

I reached my hand to her privacy. She opened her legs for me. I touch it shyly. I know mine is very sensitive. I can feel her jump ever so slightly as I touch her special place. I softly and wonderingly caress her between her legs. She squeaks softly as I do it.

I put my face in her privacy suddenly and kiss it like I was kissing Larry. Laurie screeches. I stop immediately and sit on my knees. I am very shy and very sorry I hurt Laurie.

Laurie sits up and says, “Please don’t stop baby. That was wonderful.”

I ask shyly in a little girl’s voice, “Baby didn’t hurt you?”

Laurie said softly and sweetly, “No, baby, that definitely didn’t hurt.”

Laurie takes my head gently in her hands and brings it back between her legs as she lies back on the bed. I giggle softly and let her pull me to her beautiful privacy. I am a little less aggressive. I open her privacy with my fingers. I can see it throbbing slightly. It is so small. I seem to remember something that I can’t quite get a grasp on. I know it was about Laurie and I know I loved her.

I gently started to explore her folds and creases. I could hear Laurie moaning very sweetly. I seemed to know where all her secret places were too. I started to suck on her privacy. Laurie squeaks with each suck.

I tried something new. I slowly transferred innocent love energy to her. I didn’t let it get very strong. I raised it until she was becoming very confused as the bubbles broke over her helpless form and backed off some.

I explored Laurie as deeply as I could. As I did it, I seemed to know what I was doing. Between the energy transfer and my skills by the time I was finished, I had fulfilled Laurie’s wildest sexual fantasy. She lay on my bed helpless.

I wanted her. She will bond with me. I will make her mine. Just so she won’t ever forget.
I didn’t realize, Laurie had been mine since she first told her fantasy to Lisa.

What I was about to do sealed her.

In my mind’s eye I hear counseling this may not be wise

Will it hurt her in any way is my question

No is the response.

Then why?

Love sweet heart. That’s why. Do you want her to love you all her life?

Yes. I want her to be like Lisa. Just not collard. I want her.

Approval from Master Controller.

I am over the top of Laurie. I am actually sitting on her in a way she is still comfortable. I feel her thighs on my bottom and bent knees on my back. I look at her lovingly. I am very softly caressing her beautiful small boobies. I bend down and kiss her softly. She is trapped and cannot move unless I let her. I override the 4 year old protocol ... I am almost myself again.

I wrap my arms around her and whisper in her ear. “Laurie, I love you with all my heart. I have a gift for you. Please ... I’m sorry ... I must let you know my feelings for you and this is the only way I know will insure your mine without putting a collar on you.”

I hear Laurie squeak softly. She says, “Please Miki. I only wanted ... “

I finish for her, “I know my love. Here is your fantasy come true.”

I kiss her. My tongue explores her mouth. I give her the most passionate kiss I am able. Just at the peak of the kiss, I gather all the energy available to me. I give Laurie a blast of innocent love. It is a tremendous transfer. She gasps as the tremendously powerful love bubble breaks over her.

She looses her mind for a while as I watch. Her eyes loose all color as they dilate. Her body goes limp. She moans softly. I feel her orgasm. Hard and deep full body. I give her another and another and another still.

Powerful huge downloads. Each larger that the previous. She has three more deep full body orgasms. She is simi conscious. She is totally senseless. She is engulfed in a loving euphoria she will never experience again with anyone but me.

I roll off of her limp body. I watch as her breathing slows to normal. After a very long while, she shivers. Her eyes open and she blinks. She turns and looks at me. A look of deep love in her eyes. I offer myself to her. She accepts. I enjoyed making virgin love with Laurie. I am completely helpless in her hands. It’s only fair.

I am again on top of Laurie. She is helpless.

I say to Laurie in a soft loving little girl’s voice, “It is time to become mine Laurie. I want my Best girlfriend next to Lisa to be happy and free. I want you. I am taking you. From now on, you belong to me.”

She says in a soft, helpless, very sweet voice, “Miki, I love you with all my heart. I cannot help myself. I belong to you. I have given my virginity to you. I have given my heart to you. Your own mother chose me to show you the meaning of sex under this new thing of yours. I did this with my whole heart. I cannot explain what you have done to me. Please ... please don’t hurt me.”

I reply, “Laurie, I have no intention of hurting you. I have every intention of accepting the very essence of what you are offering me. You are mine now and I want you to know I accept.”

Laurie says softly, “I have offered you all my love. Please ...”

I bend down close and say softly and lovingly as I interrupt her, “I accept it sweetheart.”

Laurie makes the most adorable gasping noise as I begin.

I have both Guardians next to her head. One on either side. I can see Laurie’s pure essence. I literally hold her spirit in my hands. She is an awesome little girl. I gently give her another burst of innocent love. Her eyes roll back into her head as she gasps softly. I can sense the very essence of Laurie. She is completely open to me now. I have taken any possibility that she could resist from her. Laurie is awesome. Her essence is so bright and pure. I hear her whimper softly. I can feel fear mixing into her essence. It is like a bitterness added to such wonderful sweetness that is Laurie.

I bend down and whisper softly, “Please my love, don’t be afraid. I love you with all my heart.”

Laurie whispers back in a very faint little girl’s voice, “What are you doing to me Miki?”

I reply softly and lovingly, “Loving you baby. With all my heart.”

I kiss her softly. I can see in her essence what this kiss means to her. It is so beautiful for me to witness. I can feel the soft innocent acceptance. The fear goes. I actually touch Laurie in her most pure essence. She gasps helplessly. She knows I am in total control.
I am totally lost in Laurie. I am drinking in her innocent and loving acceptance of me. I feel that being collard should be this sweet and easy for the person being collard. Not the way it has always been.

I am suddenly twenty two years old. I say to Laurie softly, “Baby, I am going to meld with you. I am giving you a gift of love you will never have from anyone else. Please forgive me. We will love each other for the rest of our lives.”

Laurie could feel my presence within her. She could see who I really was and how much I truly loved her. She could feel AI. She knew the very essence of AI. She felt the absolutely awesome Power that I wielded.

It was totally beyond anything in her wildest dreams. She knew me. She was me for a brief moment. We became the same person. Laurie, became Miki. Miki, became Laurie. I held her very spirit in my heart. She held mine ... in her’s.

Laurie became a sweet, Loving, very awesome girl meticulously mixed with a very awesome four year old. I held this spirit in my hand. It was so innocent. It was so sweet. I made Laurie become this person.

She was helpless. She couldn’t resist. She felt it as it permeated her. She was the sweetest little girl. It became her. All the burdens and fears vanished. She was free. She began to cry with heartfelt love of a four year old for her most precious playmate ... me.

I released her. We both were in soft loving tears. I allowed Laurie to take me. I allowed her to do what ever was in her heart to do. I offered my all to her. I was in total loving euphoria with Laurie. I was made love to by Laurie ... with all her heart as I made love to her with all of mine.

Passionate ... gentle ... helplessly in love. Laurie knew what an Imperial Royal Pet felt in her heart after she pledges to her Master. She was free of the collar. Her’s was real. She explored my virginity deeply and passionately ... I offered it freely with all my heart.

Several hours later, After we had bathed and dressed again. I became a four year old again. I couldn’t help it.

I whisper in Laurie’s ear, “You and me are big little girls now. Don’t be upset if you potty in your panties. Big little girls do this. Just ask mommy.”

Laurie knew she was different. She asked in the sweetest voice you ever heard, “What happened to me?”

I took her hand and said, “I set you free. You and me are bestust girlfriends forever.”

We both giggle sweetly and kiss softly. Our love was sealed. Laurie was bonded to me for life. Laurie and me came out of the Nursery. Laurie was in a state of dazed euphoria. I could see mommy sitting on the Baby Couch waiting for us to return. I led Laurie back to the couch. All the girls started giggling and twittering when mom helped Laurie to sit. Laurie was obviously dazed and barely aware of what was going on around her.

I climbed up and sat with my feet hanging over the edge. I started to kick my feet.
Mommy is holding Laurie so she could sit up.

Mommy raises her eyebrows and asks me softly, “What is sex baby?”

I giggle and say in a sweet innocent little girl’s voice, “Sex? It’s a lot of fun, that’s what it is.”

Everyone in earshot burst into peals of laughter. Laurie chose that exact moment to collapse limply backward onto the sofa in a dazed euphoric stupor and said, “Amen.”

More peals of laughter.

We had finally gotten back to the couch. All the girls were talking at the same time. Laurie had finally come mostly to her senses. They were asking her many questions about what happened and what it was like. Everyone understood in their deepest hearts, it was an awesome loving experience and Laurie was helplessly in love with me.

Mom picks me up and holds me in her arms between her legs. I lean back into her. She hugs me so softly. I hear mommy speak. It is so loving ... such patience ... I am my mommy’s pet.

She says in our most intimate pet voice, “Baby, what happened to Laurie? Tell mommy.”

In the most innocent cute voice any four year old could have I said, “I ... loved her mommy.”

Mom, “How did you love her baby? Did you hurt her?”

Me, “With all my heart mommy. I can’t hurt Laurie. She’s ... Lisa too.”

Mom, “I don’t understand. How is she Lisa?”

Me, “She’s my next bestest girlfriend. She just like Lisa mommy. I made sure.”

Mom, “What did you do baby?”

Me, “I took her mommy.”

Mom, “Baby, I need to know what it was you did to Laurie. She loves you very much. You can’t hurt her.”

I have no words to tell mommy what she wants to know. I am 4 years old again and the words are not there ... I must answer. I look up at mommy and stand on the couch. She realizes too late what’s happening.

I wrap my arms around her. I lean into her. I can feel all of mommy in my soft embrace. I give mommy the most powerful burst of innocent love I can possibly give her. I open her essence. I hold her in the palms of my hand. Mommy knows absolutely that baby loves her with all her heart. She looses her mind as a powerful love bubble breaks across her body. Her body goes limp. I do everything in my power to insure she lays back gently on the sofa.

All the girls sitting around me feel the burst. All of them start to cry softly at the intense love. Laurie gasps softly and turns and looks at me with her eyes wide.

She burst into tears and says softly, “Yes baby, I love you with all my heart.”

There is silence except for the soft crying of the girls sitting close around me. I am sitting over mom. I watch as her breathing slows to normal. I see her shiver as she comes somewhat to her senses. She looks at me with the most intense look of love.

Mom says in a voice broken with intense emotion, “How many times did you do this to her baby?”

I giggle sweetly and say in a very cute little girl voice, “A lot mommy. I love Laurie. I wanted her to know.”

Mom says, “Just one, baby. She very well knew after just one.”

Laurie had come to me. She had pulled me between her legs and I sat leaning against her soft body. I could smell the fresh delicate scent of her perfume. Jasmine ... one of my favorite. Laurie held me and sobbed softly. I could feel the emotions in her.

I ask in an innocent little girl’s voice, “Did baby hurt Laurie?”

I was very shy. I was very sorry if I had hurt one of my best girlfriends in the whole place.

Laurie lovingly ran her finger through my hair and said in a very cute voice, “Miki, you haven’t hurt me or anyone else here. You have ... an ability now. Baby must understand how powerful this new thing is. We all love and adore you sweetheart. We cry because of the intensity of the love you convey to us when you give us one of your ...”

I say in a cute little voice, “Love Bubbles.” And giggle as sweetly.

Laurie smiles and nods her head and finishes, “Love Bubbles.”

There is a murmur of agreement. I hear them talking softly about how wonderful it felt. I heard giggles and cools. Everybody started talking at once.

Mom finally sat up. She looked at Laurie and asked in a serious voice, “How many times did she do that to you?”

Laurie drops her eyes and shivers with a wonderful thrill at the memory. She knew she was mine and nothing would ever change that.

She finally said in a soft very cute little voice, “I don’t know Beth. I’m sorry. All I can say is each one I received was more intense and more powerful than the one before it. I got three or four some times in a row. I was totally helpless and in her charge. Miki ... she ... She held all that I am in the palm of her hand and proved beyond any hope of a doubt that she absolutely loved me with all her heart. I became her. I knew the control she is under. I actually met AI. It is the most ... different thing I ever met. Miki controls a power that’s ... tremendous. It is so awesome ... I have no way to tell anyone how huge the power she wields is. She is also innocent. She doesn’t know. She is pure ... Like her collar, pure diamond.”

There is a soft gasp. The girls eyes are wide as saucers. I hear them twittering and giggling. I am not sure what it is they are saying it is so soft. I do hear them talk about AI. this goes round the sofa several times.

I hear them talking about the Mystical Power ... I hear a few of the girls tell several of the children’s fairytales about House Anton and the Mystical Power. Everyone loved those.

I hear Anna say she would like to experience it. I hear Laurie tell her that once I do this she is mine forever. I hear Anna giggle and tell everyone that she already is. She blushes so pretty as mom and the other girls giggle softly.

Larry shows up and sits beside Laurie and me on the other side.

All the girls giggle and say in unison in a very cute and sweet voice, “Hello Larry Tuner, Crown Prince of Moon Spring, and the love of our heart.” And giggle flirtatiously.

They all started playfully jumping on him and tussling with him. I know Larry enjoyed this. The Crème de la Crème of flowering females were all over him. They were all dressed in the most sexy baby outfits he had ever seen. Especially Laurie. Her’s was absolutely outstanding.

Larry says playfully, “Girls, Girls ... please. There’s too many of you at once.”

All the girls giggle shyly and act real cute. They sit all around mom, Laurie and me and Larry in a tight bunch. Twittering and giggling.

Larry asks, “How is Miki now? Has the ... problem ... been resolved? Or do I need to ... do something else?”

The girls all giggle sweetly. Larry knows something is up.

Mom says, “I think it has been resolved to her ... temporary satisfaction.” She looks at him, “ I do think, Prince Turner, “ she said in a real sexy flirty way, “That you are in for a real surprise with Miki.”

Larry asked, “Why? What’s up?”

All the girls giggle and twitter sweetly a little louder.

Larry looked around. He could tell that something wasn’t being said. It was obvious. He could see that Laurie and Beth had something unsaid strongly between them.

He asks, “Ok, what’s going on?”

All the girls laugh sweetly including Laurie and Mom

I say in an innocent and cute little girl’s voice, “Don’t worry Larry, they aren’t laughing at you.” I giggle sweetly.

Larry shakes his head. He thinks to himself, “Must be one of those weird things.”

Mom says, “Larry, I need to speak with you please.”

Larry says, “Ok.”

Mom, “Let’s go over there away from the girls.”

Larry, “Lead on, My Lady. Must be serious.”

Mom, “Could be. Miki has a new ... shall we say ... Thing.”

They walk to the nursery. After the door closes, Beth tells Larry, “Miki has manifested an awesome new ability.”

Larry, “Is it dangerous? Can she control it?”

Mom, “I don’t know about dangerous. Laurie and me are still here. Laurie has had the most so far.”

Larry says, “And ...”

Mom giggles and says, “Well Larry, I heard she ... gave you her privacy.”

Larry gasps in a small laugh, then he says, “Miki and Lisa were in this thing about sex. I’m sorry, I love Miki to death. But I can’t ... do that with a four year old. It just ain’t happening. So when she pulled open her panties and offered to give it to me, I told her I accepted and gave her a soft caress. I told her she pleased me a lot. It worked for her and Lisa.”

Mom, “Not entirely. Good strategy though. Well, she was questioning how what she and you did constituted sex.”

Larry, “Ok ... and ... ? We have been making love for a long time.” he extends one hand in mom’s direction.

Mom, “The question Laurie asked her was : do you understand intimate. Miki had no words. She demonstrated. She calls them Love Bubbles. They are absolutely awesomely overpoweringly strong.”

Larry’s eyebrows rose, “What is it.”

Mom, “It’s Love Larry. Irresistible, innocent, Love. And she has the ability to control how much or how little she transfers. She can ... reach into your very soul and ... it’s ...”

Mom turns her head as tears of joy well up.

Larry softly turns mom’s head by her chin. He looks into her eyes and knows a Love Bubble is something very soft, sweet and powerful.

Larry asks, “Are you alright Beth? Is Laurie all right?”

Mom nods her head yes. She sniffs once softly and sighs.

She says, “Larry, my daughter has nailed me with just two of those things. The first one stunned me and she wasn’t even trying. The second one ... it was like being enveloped in pure heaven. I lost my mind. I found out that I had even fainted and stayed out for about thirty minutes. Laurie was subjected to many immediately in a row over the course of two and a half hours. Laurie said Miki had held her spirit in her hand and merged with her. Laurie had to have had it happen. She has too much detail about AI control and Miki’s awesome power.”

Larry said, “Beth, I need what ever the trick is for Miki’s new regression thing.”

Mom said, “trick?”

Larry, “Yes. How do you change their ages? I don’t have that control with Miki now. It’s not like with the oils. I want her more adult.”

Beth giggles, “You have to tell her. Call her by name, tell her how old you want her to be. Tell her what mix you want. It happens. She will either enjoy it or complain. Miki doesn’t have the choice then, we do. Miki’s slightly different however and she can change sometimes at will. Depends on what’s going on at the time. She went from being four years old to being an adult with Laurie. She reverted back before she got back to the Baby Sofa.”

Larry said, “The Baby ... What?”

She replied, “The sofa we just came from. The young prolongation baby girl crowd. All of Miki’s girlfriends.”

Larry commented, “They do look sexy dressed as babies. Not nearly as sexy as Miki is if you allow her to be. I appreciated the adult Miki with the adorable little girl qualities.”

Mom said, “That’s nine year old mixed 3 year old. Call her by name. Like this; Time for Miki to be nine year old mix 3 year old. See what happens.” Mom giggles sweetly.

Larry asks, “Will it work for Misty and Lisa?”

Mom replied, “In exactly the same way. Just remember, Miki has a new power ... Love Bubbles.”

Larry and mom left the nursery. Mom was flirting sweetly and told Larry the time was coming when he had to accept Lisa’s offer to please him.

Larry asked, “Why do all of you have to please and comfort me?”

Mom answered, “We are all bonded to Miki through the collar.” She tapped her collar. “We have to basically. If Miki pleases you, we have to eventually. Why, would it be so unpleasant?”

Mom gave him a sweet kiss on his lips just as they arrived at the Baby Couch. All the girls started giggling and twittering. Larry looked around and saw many, many girls all dressed as cute as they could be in their baby doll clothes, all looking love lost at him.

He realized that most of them were actually in diapers. He saw Nana bringing back one of the girls. She had a euphoric dazed look on her face. He shook his head. Another girl discovers the joy of the oils.

He sighed and said softly, “No, Beth, there is no way to define that situation as unpleasant.”

I am still wrapped in Laurie’s loving arms. Larry asks Laurie if he can have me for awhile. Laurie reluctantly lets me go to Larry. I grab him around the neck in a sweet hug and kiss him on the lips as sweetly as any four year old. Larry kisses me back gently. I giggle.

Larry leans over and whispers in my ear, “Time for Miki to be nine years old four years old mixed.”

A fuzzy forgetfulness. A realization and understanding. I am now my sweet self standing in front of the man I love most in the world. I give my whole self to him. I kiss him passionately with all the recently returned knowledge. I love this beautiful man.

I feel Larry take me in his arms. I feel his hand slowly run down my back until I feel his large hand give my bottom a wonderful squeeze. I squeak and moan softly as I gracefully slide into his lap. I give him the most passionate kiss I was able. I explore his mouth with my tongue.

I have the wiggly tongue now. Larry really enjoys it. I don’t know how long I kissed him. I suddenly realize I am falling forward. I softly land on Larry’s broad chest and he is lying on the sofa with me on top. I am kissing him passionately.

All the girls move closer. Larry notices this just as I give him a wonderful soft burst of innocent love. His eye bulge. He moans so sweetly as the love bubble bursts across him. I feel his body as he orgasms. I know there will be a wet spot on his shorts.

This was a small Love Bubble. I have so much more pleasure in store for my love ... my Bond Master. I will please him without any doubt in a way no one else ever can.

All the girls squeak and moan sweetly as the bubble bursts over them. Even mom is close enough to enjoy this wonderful feeling. Mom and Laurie burst into unbidden tears of joy.

Baby is well loved by all at the Baby Couch this night ... specially Larry Turner Crown Prince of Moon Spring ... the Love of my Heart.
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