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I am Emperess of the Known Universe - Emperess Series

Postby Miki Yamuri » Fri Jan 06, 2017 2:21 pm

I am Emperess of the Known Universe

I was awakened the next morning, Nana got me from the crib, had me cleaned up from my potty. I took a warm bubbly bath. I loved the way it felt. When I left the bath, I was suddenly trapped in a huge, soft, fuzzy towel. I was dried briskly from head to foot.

I knew I was Miki and I also knew I was John. I had finally resolved the issue and was enjoying being a girl. Life was exciting and fresh while being familiar all at the same time. I was about to discover something else about who I was.

This morning, she dressed me in bikini panties and she put a bra on me. I had never been in a bra before and was really surprised. I had just enough boobies to where the bra looked nice on me. Nana kind of answered my questions by saying that today I was a big girl and not a little girl and would be performing a major thing.

She opened a closet I had not been in before. She removed a beautiful silk romper. It had no lace, but had lots of luxurious white fur on it. She put a golden tiara crown topped with jewels on my head. I never liked this thing and Nana made me wear it when ever I was going places public. I really wasn’t in the mood to go out, but I wasn’t being given a choice.

I had two things on each of my arms that looked like wrist braces. They were jet black like the one daddy and mommy always wore. They only had one, for some reason I was given two. I was about to learn the secret of why I wore two. When Nana had first put them on me before I went to the pool party, it had hurt really bad when she closed them around my arms. I had discovered that these were some rather advanced weapon systems.
They were in fact, the key to humanity’s most powerful defense mechanism.

Two guards suddenly appeared in the room with nasty weapons drawn. Nana held her hands up

The guards lowered their weapons and snapped to attention. One of the guards apologized and said, “Sorry madam, It is our charge to insure no one hurts My Lady. She is required in the Universal Governing Chamber immediately.”

Nana bowed and replied, “I understand.” She took me in her arms and hugged and kissed me.

Nana curtsied and said, “My Lady, you are required in chambers immediately.”
I was suddenly eighteen years old, no little girl or baby involved in any way. It happened so suddenly, Nana had to catch me before I stumbled and fell.

I was stunned. Nana took me out into the great hall. There was a group of very well dressed and heavily armed guards waiting for me there. I was escorted slowly through places and doors I had never been through. Every time we passed people, men would bow and women would curtsy and say, “My Lady.” I felt really strange about seeing this. The splendor of the rooms and halls I went through were indescribable to my mind. I had never in my life seen such things before.

We crossed a huge ballroom to an extremely ornate high door. Two of the guard opened the door.

A little man dressed in a funny looking short all outfit came to the door, bowed gracefully to me and said in a high pitched squeaky voice, “Welcome Empress, to the Hall of the Imperial Universal Ruling Council. I am the Head Imperial Law Arbiter.”

Memory flared. I remember this man. He peed his pants when daddy hit the wall beside his head. He was the one that said mommy and daddy had no choice but to collar me on my fifth birthday and forced me to be my mommy’s pet. This is the individual that spoke to me like I was trash that day. Hate filled me and must have showed on my face, the little man suddenly backed up clumsily. His expression was one of great fear.

I looked at him and said in a very angry voice, “I know and remember you little man. Stay out of my way. It will bode most ill for you if you don’t.”

He stammered, “ but ... but ... but ... My Lady ... “

The guard in front of me grabbed the little man and removed him from in front of me. I was escorted into the chamber.

I couldn’t believe what I saw. Tier after tier of multitudes of faces. Each individual was dressed extremely ornately and in what appeared to be their finest attire. There were guards stationed at every conceivable location throughout the room. The room appeared to cover miles and miles and extended beyond my range of vision. In the dead center of the room, a raised dais with two large chairs dead center.

I heard soft murmurs arise as I entered. Some of the voices were saying how adorable I was. Some were really impressed how beautiful I was. Some were extremely taken with the fact I was eighteen years old and so mature. I also heard fear in the voices. There were those who feared me and the power I possessed at such a young age. What they were going to discover! What I was going to discover!

I was escorted to a raised dais. There were two large and ornately carved wooden and Ivory Chairs sitting in the middle surrounded by small columns with many different flags draped over them. Against one of the chairs, a very beautifully carved staff lay.

A man approached me and bowed. He said, “Welcome My Lady. I am your assigned Imperial Grand Vizier. I hold the position Prince Paul Blake did before your ... unfortunate issue. If you wish, another can be appointed before the proceeding begin. My name is David. I am the Crown Prince of Theta Minor.”

An awareness of this and what to say came to me. I was really impressed with this. I could feel it as the Guardian Interface integrated the necessary information on what I was to say and do next.

I waved my hand and said, “I accept you, David, until such time I find another that is better or you no longer can perform your duties.”

He bowed deeply and replied, “Thank you My Lady, I will perform my duties honestly and faithfully to the best of my ability.”

I placed my hand on his head and said, “This is all I ask of anyone.”

He turned to the many, many people and said in a loud booming voice, “All rise and pay homage to the Empress of the Known Universe as explored by man!”

There was a multitude of sound as all rose and bowed or curtsied and said in unison, “My Lady.” In the same unison, all were seated and were dead silent.

I looked at David and beckoned to him. He approached quickly. I whispered, “What in this universe am I supposed to do?”

David smiled and replied quietly, “Anything your heart desires, My Lady. You are second in authority only to the Emperor who is away.”

David at this point escorted me to and sat me in the largest chair. I looked at him bewildered and said in a very anxious whisper, “I don’t have a clue as to what to do here.”

David looked at me and said quietly, “Anything you do, is what you do, My Lady. It becomes Universal Imperial Law.”

I sat in the huge chair. I was scared down to the deepest part of my heart. Two things happened at the same time. A click in my head as AI control vector enabled and the soft voice of the new computer systems on my wrists started speaking to me. No take over of my actions, just soft instruction filled me and was recorded in the new data bank and a new profile created which then became my memory and knowledge. Then, click again ... I knew how to fulfill my duties and was guaranteed to be completely free to do so without AI control vector.

I blinked at the sudden understanding that flooded me. I was slightly dizzy with the new knowledge that had infused me. I knew what was expected of me and what I must now do.

I looked at David and said, “Imperial Grand Vizier, what is the grave business that comes before me on this day?”

David turns sharply with a precise click of his heels and says, “My Lady, there is an issue of war before the Imperial Tribunal.”

I thought to my self, “Figures I would get this when daddy was away.”

David continued, “The Thrnoxians have again begun a major galactic invasion in violation of their peace treaty made to the Imperial Ruling Council 900 years ago.”

Suddenly, knowledge of this treaty and all of it’s stipulations became known to me. I was impressed. I could feel a slight electrical tingle up my arms into my head from the Guardians.

David turned again with the precise click of his heels and faced a delegation that had come before the dais. He introduced them, “My Lady, behold the Ambassadors from the Thrnoxian home world come to plead their case for war against the Universal Imperium.”

The one dressed in a black hooded cape stepped up and bowed deeply and started, “My Lady, we of ... “

Suddenly, a very real knowledge of who these peoples were and what they had done became known to me. I knew suddenly the horrors of intergalactic war. I saw in my mind’s eye, the devastation of hundreds of worlds and the cruel destruction of billions by these people when last they invaded. I saw the very real vision of my own home world in flames and one of my ancestors die because of a foolish accident. I became angry. I was worse than angry. A plan of action formed in my mind. I gave no thought to what it entailed or what the consequences were. A new emotion filled me. Revenge.

There was a staff leaning on my chair ... I grabbed it and slammed it to the floor. It sounded like a bomb went off in the chamber as it hit and blue fiery sparks flew. This time, all the murmuring voices were filled with extreme fear, then total silence. The Ambassador and his delegation were prostrate on the floor before me.
I stood ... I knew war was just another word for premeditated murder based on the written case submitted by the Thrnoxian Ruling Council twelve months ago.

I said in a booming little girl’s voice, “Imperial Grand Vizier, what is the penalty for premeditated murder in this our Imperial Rule?”

David turned with a small slip in his precise heel click to face me. A look of extreme surprise and worried fear on his face. He replied, “Death, My Lady.”

I said in a thundering little girl’s voice again as I pointed to the man in the hood on the floor at my feet, “You ... who come before me to justify premeditated murder, how many systems have you invaded and how many have died because you wish to expand your ruling borders?”

He replied, “We have annexed twenty five systems My Lady. The death toll is extremely high. Resistance is extremely heavy. We also have come to inform you we will utterly destroy you if you don’t unconditionally surrender.”

I became aware of a technology that the Royal House has possessed for more than 10,000 years. With the Guardians on my wrist, I had total access to this weapon system. Since it had never been used in the 10,000 years since the war on my home world, it was unknown in the universe except in children’s fairy tails and legends. It became known to me and I was able to use it because of a genetic trait that manifested itself in me when I was collard. No one else had it. It was passed down from one of my ancestors that was killed in the war 10,000 years ago by a lucky accident and manifested itself again in me.

A new voice spoke through the Guardian Interface. It was very alien. It said, “This is Battle Command. Welcome Empress Miki Anton ... I have awaited your Master Administrator Code for 10,000 years. Interfacing with Master Guardian Control. Total Master Administrative Access Granted. Battle Command activated and fully on line.”

I was furiously angry with The Thrnoxians. I thought I knew what to do. I didn’t fully understand what I was about to do, nor what the true implications of what the vague feelings in my heart were to manifest.

I held out my hand. Like magic, a star map appeared in the air above. A murmur of awe filled the chamber. It showed the Thrnoxian home world system in red, all the twenty five fallen systems in purple red, and the sixteen systems currently being attacked flashed in an urgent orange.

A strong murmur filled the chamber. I heard voices filled with fear and major awe at what this little girl was doing before them. None had ever seen this sort of thing before.
This was the stuff of all their children’s fairytales.

I said again in a booming little girl’s voice, “Rise dog, and call your planet of whores. I want you in contact with them now!” and I slammed the staff to the floor again.

A tremendous explosion sound and blue fire filled the chamber. Even David fell on his face in fear then. All the multitudes were on their face on the floor in their tiers.

I said, “None need fear me except this dog and his planet of whores.”

David slowly stood ... others slowly followed suit and sat deathly silent in their seats, mesmerized mortal fear.

The man in the hood stood, trembling noticeably. A guard came to him and handed him a devise. The man in the hood took the devise and began contacting his home world.

When the link was established, I said in a booming little girl’s voice, “Know you not the penalty on a galactic scale for premeditated murder, oh planet of whores?”

The voice on the other end of the com link sounded very insulted and became very rude as he called me a prostitute to the Emperor. He threatened the Imperial House with total obliteration because of my gross insults. The murmur of fear again in the chamber.

I shouted in fury, my little girl’s voice was so loud it shook the chamber, “Behold my Imperial Power oh planet of whores who’s mothers sleep with dogs. My judgment for you is death for the premeditated murder of billions.”

I raised my hand in soul felt anger and clenched it into a strong fist. There was a huge crack of thunder as the weapon system activated. In the star map above us, the representation of the sun of the home world to the Thrnoxian suddenly flared extremely bright then went suddenly dark. Nothing was left but a rapidly expanding ball of brightness. The communicator in the hooded Ambassador’s hand suddenly filled with static as the com channel broke. He was unable to raise them again. The look of a trapped animal was in his eyes when he looked back at me.

A man suddenly appeared in the huge door to the chamber and requested immediate audience with the Empress. He was almost hysterical. He was escorted to the dais.

He bowed formally and said in a shaking voice, “My Lady ... a most horrible disaster ever seen has happened!”

The Ambassador turned and looked fearfully at the man. He whispered very quietly, “Ray, what’s happened?”

Ray was visibly crying and said to all, “The Thrnoxian home system sun has just exploded and totally destroyed the entire system. None survived and all is dust now.”

The roar that burst from the multitudes in council was horrendous. All feared me at this point. I had some kind of power never before witnessed by anyone in the known universe. A feeling of dread started to grow in me as I started to calm down from my rage. I didn’t yet quite understand what the man was actually telling me I had done.

Still extremely angry, I pointed to the Ambassador and said in my booming little girl’s voice, “Contact all of your remaining forces and peoples. Tell them to fear me and my wrath. Your peoples are in direct violation of a sworn peace treaty of 900 years ago. I shall exact revenge upon you for all those you slaughtered in your arrogant blind path of bloodshed and death.!”

At this, I slammed the staff to the floor in anger directly in front of the Ambassador. He was thrown from his feet and landed twelve feet beyond by the force of the boom and the shower of blue sparks. He and his entourage sprawled out on the floor and slid another ten feet.

I stood and shouted, “Flee from me ... Hide if you can! Know this known universe, my home world was devastated by war! There shall no longer be war in my universe! It is now punishable by immediate annihilation!”

The silence was only broken by the Ambassador and his entourage running as fast as they could to leave. The huge door boomed closed. Silence filled the chamber. I took my seat.

The little man with the squeaky voice came forward and bowed at the waist. He was formally introduced as the Head Imperial Law Arbiter by David. I looked at this man with fury in my eyes. He knew very well I hated him with every fiber of my being. He was deathly afraid.

He began fearfully in a very squeaky shaky voice, “My Lady, with all due respect and courtesy ... a Royal Pet, under Imperial Galactic Law, does not have the authority to totally destroy a star system. No one knows how this can be done nor could we have expected to ever see such a thing. This must be brought before the Imperial Law Council and voted on by them. This is most outrageous. No person should have this kind of power, much less a Pet.”

I replied in my booming little girl voice, “Little man ... know this too, I am not only an Imperial Royal Pet, I also hold the unimpeachable position of Empress of the Known Universe as Explored by Man, second only in position and power and authority to Thomas Anton the First. I, Emperess Amy Michelle Anton, DO HAVE THE POWER AND AUTHORITY AND WILL EXERCISE IT AS I SEE FIT! Not as a backstabbing liar that should be sex reassigned involuntarily and assigned to the dogs tells me to do. Is that understood?”

Murmurs run round the chamber. I had actually openly insulted the Arbiter in open forum. None expected me to truly be the Empress. They expected me to be a little confused girl lost among adults and easily swayed. The little man was visibly trembling in fear. All in the chamber were in extreme fear and awe at the seemingly magical power I possessed. Such power from the finger tips was only known in myth and children’s stories. They also expected me to be extremely more baby and extremely less adult.

The little man has again soiled and peed himself. I point and say, “Be gone little man, and know you are no longer my Head Imperial Law Arbiter. I will appoint someone else better able to handle this position. Guards, Escort this man from the Palace and insure that on the pain of death he never returns.”

The Guards bow formally and say, “Yes, My Lady.”

They escort the soiled and disgraced man from the Palace amid many murmurs from the multitudes. None had seen the Imperial Ruling Authority exercised in this manner before. I was in control and knew it. I would be Emperess, none would tell me how.

I say, “My new Imperial Law Arbiter shall be, according to achievement and valor. The Young man who was that imbecile’s secretary. He hence forth has the rights, responsibilities, and power pertaining there to. I also expect the others in the law office to totally support this man. To train him to properly perform his duties. Realize, any screw-up on his part, is recognized as poor foresight and training on theirs. They will be punished first. Is this clear to all?”

A multitude of voices speak, “It is so in accordance with Imperial Universal Law, My Lady”

All stand, bow or curtsy, then sit silently.

I look at the star field floating in the air above me. The place where the Thrnoxian home system used to be is now a slowly expanding sphere of glowing hot gasses and dust. The systems that were blinking orange had stopped blinking. The ones represented in purple red were starting to change color. I knew the Thrnoxians had discovered the wrath of a little girl named Miki, who hated war with all her might.

I begin to understand what I had done in my blind anger. I feel terrible remorse. I had destroyed an entire star system. Not just combatants. Men, women, children ... several entire biospheres complete with population. Billions of lives, all gone in a flash of anger. I hurt in my soul.

I wave my hand, the representation of the star systems vanishes. A loud murmur of awe fills the chamber.

There is major pandemonium in the chambers. I say nothing ... I allow them to come to the understanding, they no longer have the right or the ability to wage intergalactic war against each other without retribution. David is looking at me in total awe ... he says nothing for a long time.

I want Nana ... I want to be baby ... I am truly sick in my soul at what I had just done. I realize it’s not yet time ... have more lessons to teach today.

I stand, I have the staff of Imperial Office still in my hand. I speak softly this time and say, “Peoples of the Known Universe as Explored by Man, I am Emperess. I have absolute authority second only to Thomas Anton the first who is the Emperor. I decree on this day that interplanetary war is forbidden to you. I do not care how you run your prospective worlds, nor your current empires. If the cry of persecution and death begins on an interplanetary scale and becomes known to me, I will utterly obliterate the aggressor. If there be those among you who are foolish enough to believe you can attack or kill Thomas or myself ... Behold!”

I point my finger at a large open space ... a huge blue white flash and a rumble like many thunders ... the entire room shakes. A new sun is born where the Thrnoxian system used to be. There is silence in the chamber.
The multitudes begin receiving communications from their individual star systems. A miracle has happened. A new sun was born where the Thrnoxian system sun used to burn. Massive pandemonium as this knowledge becomes known to the masses of people in the chamber.

I sit back ... I am silent ... I watch the impact I have on the Universe. I grieve for all the lost souls I had destroyed. I truly had no idea I was capable of this in anyway.

When order finally returns to the chamber I look at David and say, “Imperial Grand Vizier, what is the next grave business that comes before me on this day?” he turns with a sharp precise heel click. He approaches with the next order of business for the Universe.

I am sick within my soul. I cannot live with the knowledge of what I have done.

This day is finally over. I am being escorted back to my room. My head hurts and I am truly tired in a way I had not been before. I am ill. I am sick in my soul at what I have done.

I finally enter my room. Nana is there waiting eagerly for me to return. She runs to me and picks me up and hugs and kisses me tenderly. She exclaims, “Miki baby I missed you so much!”

She knows something is badly wrong. I am not my usual happy self.

Nana asks, “Miki baby, what’s wrong?”

I look at Nana for a second, I wrap my arms around her neck and cry hysterically. My heart breaks in grief for the lives I have destroyed.

Nana holds me tenderly. She is totally lost as to what to do. She has never seen me in this condition before and is totally unable to console me with anything she tries. She takes a small object from her pocket. She touches my collar with it, My mind relaxes and I sleep. I am released from my soul deep grief and find peace in the soft darkness of sleep.

I woke up early before Nana had come to the nursery. I get out of bed. I am wearing the outfit mommy had put me in when she put me to bed after Nana had neurolized me to sleep. I am wearing a short powder blue princess baby dress with matching rumba panties and a diaper. I hear soft back ground music playing. It is really soothing. I walk to the rocking chair. I sit in it and pull my knees up, wrap my arms around them, and think.

I am still grief stricken. Some information I am realizing is kept from me, I will have to discover why. I look around the room. It is some kind of fantasy. Maybe a dream like Larry said to me once. I still have the memories of being John. I think of Earth. I wonder what it is like this many centuries later.

I look at the Guardians on my wrists. They are a genetic part of me. With their help, I am in Direct Admin Control of the most powerful force ever created by mankind. I wonder why it was me who mysteriously had the Admin Genes in my makeup. How is it I just happen to be Emperess too. There are a lot of these kinds of ... coincidences in my life.

I hold my hand out flat. A small sphere of multi-colored light appears there and glows brightly. I wonder at this and many of the other things that just happen to do exactly what it is I want it to do without any conscious thought. I close my hand and the light vanishes.

I reach up and touch my collar. It is still firmly attached and is a permanent part of my genetic makeup. I wonder how Master Controller manages to arrange everything with such precision. I wonder if this dream machine accident was an accident. I remember the reality of the fantasies it created. I wonder if I am not lost in one now and that is the accident.

I wonder if maybe Father’s aircraft was damaged and is inoperable except for the dream machine and I am the only survivor. The dream machine’s function is to keep me alive, healthy, and to occupy me until such time as the ship reaches it’s preprogrammed destination. If it were seriously damaged and no one could find it, It will never reach any destination and I will never be released.

I look at the clock. It is 2:40 in the morning. I look around the nursery and see mommy in bed sleeping. She has her arms around Lisa now that I got up and no am longer there for her to cuddle with.

I call up my Guardian data base and request the stored ... Things to remember file.

Instead, I hear a click ... It’s Master Controller.

It says in its strange alien voice, “Good morning Miss Anton.”

Me, “I feel I am owed an explanation ... don’t you think?”

It, “Ask ... it is given.”

Me, “Ok, but you still know what I’m wanting. I expect you to tell me with no sleepy time.”

It replied with friendly amusement, “As you wish, Emperess.”

Me, “Let’s start with the accident. My life began with those memories. I remember the accident.”

It, “The malfunction of the dream machine.”

I am silent ... I want an explanation. I know it knows what depth I want to be informed as well.

It then told me a story. I was shocked.

The head of the Imperial armada had run when the first Thrnoxian Demand for surrender came. Because of this cowardice, I almost died of the explosion caused in the battle between my daddy's ship and his. He warned no one of the impending invasion. He ran. The only reason I wasn’t dead, because my other half, John, was brave enough to save me and my daddy before the ship we were on exploded.
The armada commander had left all totally with the largest threat the Universe had known.

It told of the many millions of deaths the Thrnoxians had caused. It told of the countless worlds they had totally obliterated in their blind conquest of space. IT told me why I am a Pet and why my mom has all the rights and authority and access to me that entails. IT told me the whole story. IT told me exactly who I was, what I was, and all the near catastrophes along the way to who I became yesterday when I destroyed the Thrnoxians home system.

I am devastated to learn how many billions I had destroyed. Men, women, and children. Animals too, entire biospheres obliterated. It had ended the Galactic conflict. A little girl discovered what happens if she gets angry. I was in tears. It brought little comfort that there was no war any more. I am very distraught. I am crying.

Me, “Ok ... wait please. Why do I not remember this that way? Also, Why is it that certain ... data ... is refused me? Don’t I ... need to know sometimes?”

It, “I’m sorry, Miss Anton. It isn’t that you are being denied anything. It is who you happen to be.”

Me, “What does that mean?”

It, “Miss Anton, you are the only human in the known universe who can wave her hand and clench her fist ... and destroy an entire star system. Has it ever ... have you ever thought of what type of personality this individual must have?”

I am stunned. Realization of what I had actually done in anger with the Thrnoxians. I feel even more horrible suddenly. Even more ill. I am crying harder.

It says in a very sorrowful tone, “Miss Anton, you must be a child. I must insure you are sweet and innocent. Because you are an Imperial Royal Pet, I have allowed you to be thus and have the adult quality that Larry is attracted to. You have been given freedom. Not even Lisa enjoys quite the freedoms you do. You are still the most unique Pet in all the universe. There are rules to the game. You have played the game masterfully. You are this way so that you do not use this power in anger or tainted with ... other prejudices. You are purged. The data is available to you at any time ... Should the need arise for you to have it. You will be given it. When the need has passed, You will be purged. I know this is a bad thing for you in your mind. Think on this: Will it taint you to know what you know now? You tell me Miss Anton.”

I know it has changed me to know what I know now. I am grief stricken.
I know I would have a hard time repeating what I did if I had the knowledge I have now.
I remember what I did when Melissa had first come into the nursery so long ago. Right after the purging the last time. That was the halo. That was what that was. I had no idea what it was because I didn’t need to know then what it was. Stupid logic.

Me, “I guess its true then. I have access to the knowledge at all times.”

It, “This is true.”

Me, “But, it’s sorta on a .... strange need to know basis.”

It, “This is also true.”

Me, “And when the need to know ends ... I don’t know anymore?”

It, “Correct, Miss Anton.”

Me, “And how long before the next purging?”

There was a click in my mind as the halo mom had just put on my head engaged. I squeaked softly as my body stiffened. I feel trillions and trillions of new concepts and neuro pathways down load. I feel a deep probe all the way to my very essence. It almost hurts. I feel a filtering process. I know things are going away. I do not remember what they are the removal is so complete. I even have the knowledge they have been removed taken. Wave after wave of down load. What realization is within me during this type of operation realizes how much of a download I am getting. It takes a very long time to complete. My Personal Personality Profile is modified. I am enhanced and am more of the little girl than before. Two new files are opened. Neuro pathways for two, three, and four year old personality. What I have always been is now real and no longer a program trait. The other contains a mix protocol. The finest one ever devised by Master Controller. An innocence spreads through me. I am given a freedom. I only know I am free. I will always be a pure Diamond. All knowledge of these actions are removed. One last Major Download. Massive data transfer ... Erasure ... no knowledge of what the down load was.

I am suddenly mixed. Every thing old and new are very meticulously blended down to the finest detail. The mix is the most precise ever. What is to be discarded is erased and even the memory of them is gone. The Whole memory of the download goes away too. My eyes focus. Mommy removes the Halo from my head. I am crying. I am a little girl who needs to be comforted. I have just had a very unsettling experience. I am totally in the dark as to what it was. Mommy picks me up from the rocking chair. She is hugging and kissing me and telling. me she loves me. She carries me over to the bed. She drops the halo nonchalantly into the trash. She lays on the bed with me.

I am on my back lying against mommy’s tummy. She is wrapped all around me and is above me. She is comforting me as she runs her fingers gently through my hair.

I see a collar on her. Her Neuro Stone is a strange color I have never seen before. It looks like a pure diamond ... it has so much motion in it. It appears that it has some kind of energy swirling in it making it change different colors. But more than that. It seems it was alive.

Seriously scary and important Realization ... Mom is bonded with ,,, Forgetfulness ... I cannot remember what I was thinking.

IT to its own thoughts, “Yes Miss Anton. Neither Beth or you need to know this fact at this time.

Mommy is caressing my face. She bends over and kisses me sweetly. She wipes my face with a soft tissue where I had been crying. My eyes are all red and puffy.
Mom, “Is baby all right now?”
Me, “Thanks, mom. You’re a doll.”
Mom tickles me in my ribs. I screech and kick my feet. I try to getaway. Mom has me by my leg. She takes my slippers off and tickles my feet before she lets me go and I scramble to the other side of the bed.

All knowledge of the ordeal is gone and I am now my happy little baby girl self again tussling playfully with my mommy.

Baby is also Emperess

Lisa has been the most wonderful of playmates for a long time. She’s the dominant in our bond because she is the oldest. She’s always fun and unpredictable. It has always amazed me how she can find the most unique things for us to get into and have fun. She always has us do the most fun things. She gets me into trouble sometimes, but Nana always paddles us both so it doesn’t bother me so much.

I don’t know how much time passed, babies aren’t very good at keeping track of such things. Even Ababies like us. It has never ceased to amaze me that Lisa actually came to me and wanted to be my playmate and even requested it from my parents. She was even willing to give up her crown, although that never happened. It has been a most wonderful long time and I have fallen in love with her as surely as I love Larry.

We had had lunch and Nana had taken my top off after the last diaper change. I had spilled juice all over it and it needed to be cleaned. Lisa loved to kiss my breasts and I enjoyed the way it felt when she did. One thing led to another and Lisa and me had made love. It was a very unique and most pleasant thing for me.

Nana had just cleaned Lisa and me from the greatest experience. We were dressed in our diapers and lined rumba panties when we started hearing a loud commotion in the hall. There were loud voices and lots of yelling and screaming. The Captain of the guard came quickly but professionally into the nursery.

He spoke to Nana, “Excuse me Cindy, My Lady is required in the Ruling Chamber immediately.”

Nana replied, “My Lady is a baby today. We will have to change and dress her. It will be several hours before we can have her back to normal and ready.”
He looked at me sitting in my rumba panties and diaper, sucking my thumb, and looking up at him as innocently as I could muster.

The Captain spoke Curtly, “That won’t do, she’s required now. “

He opened one of the dresser drawers and took out a cute little baby romper that snapped between the legs, with ruffles across the bottom and lace every where else.

He handed it to Nana and said, “Please put her in this, Put her Tiara on her, we must go now.”

Nana quickly dressed me in the romper and tied it in a bow behind my neck. She didn’t put me in a top. She tied my hair in ponytails with matching ribbons then placed the Imperial Tierra on my head. I looked like the cutest little baby girl ever. Nana then put soft comfortable booties on my feet.

She said, “I’m sorry baby, you will have to face the Universal Ruling Council as you are this time.”

Nana gave me to the Captain. I didn’t want to go to the Ruling Chamber this way. I knew I didn’t have that option. The Captain gently picked me up and carried me out of the door. I started to suck my thumb again. I couldn’t help it. There were many guards all dressed in their finest uniforms escorting us to the Ruling Chamber. They all watched me fondly as I laid across the captain’s broad shoulder and sucked my thumb.

When we got to the huge door 2 guards opened it. A young man dressed in a strange short all outfit greeted us at the door.

He bows formally and says, “Welcome Empress, to the Hall of the Imperial Universal Ruling Council. I am the Head Imperial Law Arbiter.”

I smile and place my hand on top of his head. I remember this young man and am glad he has made such a wonderful Law Arbiter. He has performed above anyone’s wildest expectations.

He says humbly, “With heart felt thanks, My Lady”

I was taken to the raised dais and placed on the largest chair again.

I was a little baby, but I was 18 years old at the same time. I couldn’t get past it. I was an 18 year old baby this time and there was nothing I could do about it. I would have to show the universe that baby was Emperess too.

I could hear the murmurs running through the hall. Everyone thought I was such a cute little baby. Everyone still remembered the last time I was here. No one exactly knew what to expect. I could hear questions about was baby able to do what was necessary. I was still sucking my thumb.

I could feel an electrical tingle from the Guardians on my wrist up my arms into my head. I knew what I was to do and remember what is expected of me.

I look at David, take my thumb from my mouth, and say in a very little girl voice, “Imperial Grand Vizier, what is the next grave business that comes before me on this day?”

He turns with a sharp precise heel click. He approaches with the next order of business for the Universe.

He bows gracefully and says, “My Lady, there is a grave issue of War before the Home World System this day. It seems the surviving Thrnoxians are attempting to retaliate against the Royal Imperial Home World. A Plasma weapon detonated on the inhabited moon of Enfuna. There have been no reports from there since the explosion. Deep space scans show many more weapons approaching at a significant speed. Their arrival will be in a few hours. No one on Enfuna expected this and they paid a heavy price.”

Suddenly, a very real knowledge of these people appeared in my mind. A deep sorrow filled my soul as I remember the destruction of their home world. I remember my conversation with Master Controller. I do now understand why some knowledge isn’t always known to me. I must once again deal with the last of these people. I will insure they never again threaten the Universal Imperium. I feel true pain in my heart. Total Genocide is a horrible new concept.

I held my hand out in front of me, palm up. Suddenly, a detailed star map appeared. It showed the Home World system of the Royal Imperial House. There were many thousands of bright red glowing balls of plasma approaching at a great speed. I heard the voices of panic run through the Ruling Chamber. There was no known defense for plasma weapons. This meant that all in the system were going to die, and soon.

I have knowledge of what had happened to the Thrnoxian Home System the last time we had encountered each other. I am again furious with them. I shake my head in sadness at their arrogance.

I spoke sadly in a soft very little girl’s voice and said, “So they think I am joking. They have actually the gall to attack me and think I can do nothing after my demonstration. I cannot believe how they choose death over peace.”

I queried the Guardian’s about Battle Command’s data base. To my surprise, It was extensive and millions of times more complete than any historical record for the last 10,000 years. It was the Thrnoxians who had devastated my Home World 10,000 years ago. It was they who were beaten to the stone age by my ancestors. It was they, who just by a lucky accident that cannot happen ever again because of the Guardians, managed to kill my genetic ancestor who had Total Administrative Control of Battle Command. The only reason the Thrnoxians exist today.

I am angry with them to my very essence for forcing me to do what I am about to do. I again grieve for all the lost souls I am about to destroy. It is unbelievable they do not remember or fear the consequences. I am super angry at them for forcing me to be purged again. I do not like having to remember that. I clinched my fist. A huge crack of thunder as the weapon discharged. All the plasma weapons vanished from the star map.

Silence rules the Great Hall as all watch a baby girl wage war.

I open my hand and turn it palm down. A collective murmur from the multitudes of rulers of the Universal Imperium star systems. The star map shifts and shows all the planets and ships that the Thrnoxian survivors now occupy. There are thousands and thousands and more thousands of ships. There are hundreds of worlds.

The voices in the Chamber are starting to get loud with fear as they watch this unfold before them. This is the largest battle armada ever seen by the Ruling Council.
Each ship is launching even more plasma balls into the heart of the Royal House’s home system. Their intention is clear. My intention is most horrible. There will be no survivors on any world that bears the stain of Thrnoxia in the Cosmos. I feel evil. I hate them for this. I take a deep breath.

The Ruling Council still remember the last confrontation with the Thrnoxians and their Emperess. They cannot believe a little baby girl is able to perform on this level. They know something terrible is about to happen. They know baby is capable of great destruction and wrath.

I hear people speak of a legendary figure in history. I hear that I must have inherited his mythical power. I hear many others speak of this incredible power I wield as nonchalantly as they would wave their hand. All marvel at the absolute certainty I wield enormous power towards the greatest threat to Mankind they have known.

None know the horror and fear I feel at having total control of this power. None even have an inkling of my wish not to have it at all. I know this wish will never come true.

I say sadly in a very little girl’s voice, “Imperial Grand Vizier, the Thrnoxians have been a warlike invader since the beginnings of recorded history. They have even devastated my home world.”

The collective sound of amazement grows thunderously loud. I will allow them to make the final decision. My judgment is terrible. At least I will know what theirs is.

I continue, “They are the ones responsible for 5,140 worlds being totally destroyed in the last two centuries. The penalty for premeditated murder in my rule ... is death. What is the vote from the Universal Ruling Council on the final disposition of the Thrnoxians?”

I feel myself going potty in my diaper. It gets warm around my bottom as I pee.
I can’t help it, I am a baby and this is what we do. I hope no one notices. I fidget some as I want to be changed now... It will have to wait. Another minor irritation with the Thrnoxians.

David turns with a precise heel click. I hand him the Imperial Staff.

He holds it above his head and says in a loud, booming voice, “How votes the council on this grave matter? The Imperial Universal Law has but one penalty for premeditated murder. Law is the guideline. How says your hearts and minds?”

With this, he slams the Staff to the floor. There is a huge booming noise. No sparks or explosive force as when I last did it.

The young man in the strange short all comes forward. He unrolls a scroll.

He reads a few seconds then says, “In accordance with Imperial Universal Law, in the scroll of Octos, this attack is not only unjustified, it is a clear case of pre-meditated murder. To attack while under a treaty of unconditional peace constitutes ... death.”

There is much hubbub through out the Chamber. Multitudes upon multitudes of voices murmuring, some heatedly. A great debate ensues. It doesn’t last but a few minutes.
There is a vote. The Paige gets the tally from the council proxy and delivers it to David.
David turns with a precise heel click and bows to me.

He says in a booming and clear voice, “My Lady, the Universal Ruling Council has voted and I have their final judgment on the Thrnoxian threat.”

I say in a very little girl’s voice, “How say they?”

He replies, “Death, by Imperial Universal Law.”

I say, “Head Imperial Law Arbiter, Is this in accordance with Imperial Universal Law?”

He snaps to attention with a sharp heel click and replies, “It is, My Lady.”

I ask very sadly, “So say you all?”

The Chamber explodes with one voice, “So say we all!”

I feel remorse for the billions more who will die. I raise my hand over my head. I clench my fist hard.

There is dead silence for a heart beat. A huge earth shaking explosion as the weapon fires. All the star systems, ships, and their fired plasma weapons that showed Thrnoxian rule vanished from the star field to be replaced by rapidly expanding spheres of hot gasses and dust. Silence in the Great hall. I give them time to verify what they have seen. Thrnoxians exist no more in the Cosmos.

Genocide is a new and horrible realization to me. The total eradication of an entire species of intelligent being and the biospheres that sustained them. I hurt with the knowledge I have again destroyed billions.

There is pandemonium in the great hall. I can hear the voices rising in utter disbelief. I feel a great darkness in my heart. I also need to have my diaper changed. I focus on this to try and shield myself from the remorse in my heart. It doesn’t really help, but it does keep my mind focused somewhere else.

I call David over and whisper in a baby voice, “Miki go potty and need change.”
David smiles and kisses me softly on the cheek. He says, “I think we are done here for now baby. I’ll have the Captain return you to the nursery.”

I stand on the chair. I give David a hug around his neck and a little girl kiss on his cheek. David smiles. He thanks me for the kiss.

I wave my hand and the star field vanishes from the air above the dais. David brings the hall back to order.

He says in a loud booming voice, “Is there any other grave need for My Lady?”

The council agrees this was the only thing. David calls the Captain of the Guard to him and whispers something quietly. The Captain comes to me and picks me up again and checks my diaper. I feel embarrassed.

The Captain says softly in my ear, “Miki is a good baby. I’ll have her back to Nana shortly and have your diaper changed.”

He gives me a sweet little kiss on my cheek. I giggle shyly, blush very pink, and squirm. The captain smiles. He is truly fond of the Emperess. She is such a cute little baby girl and can perform her duties as Emperess at the same time. A perfect woman.

As he carries me out of the chamber. I am on his shoulder. I find I am sucking my thumb again as the Grand Universal Ruling Council watches baby be carried back to her nursery and to Nana’s love.

I dread what mommy’s going to do to me. At least I know this horrible feeling of remorse and darkness in my soul will be gone. I take temporary solace in this.
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