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Daddy Dearest

Postby Miki Yamuri » Wed Jan 04, 2017 11:54 am

Title: Daddy Dearest

Lauren - Age – 18 – A Special Request Story - Played by: LilLexi222


My name is baby Lexi, I am this many ... **Holds up 3 fingers**. I am my daddy’s baby girl. I used to be called Lauren and was 18 and was an extremely pretty girl.

That is ... before I was kidnapped and discovered a whole new life.

On that fateful day, I had stopped at the deli for lunch, they served the best roast beef sandwich and I was hungry. When I walked in, there were few people sitting inside, but many waiting in the take out line. Most of the customers were getting their sandwiches to go for lunch and hurrying back to work.

I noticed there was a very handsome older man sitting at one of the tables that seemed to take notice of me. He said nothing nor made any motions as if he would. No one else except the employees were nearby. I smiled at him and he smiled back.

I was in no hurry ... the only thing I had to do was a business meeting at 2pm and nothing else. It was 12 noon now so this gave me plenty of time.

As I waited for the sandwich, the gentleman came to the counter to pay for his meal. He was very polite and cordial. He made a comment about a business meeting at my place of employment, the deal they were discussing, and said his name was Tom.

I couldn’t believe that I had run into the very person I was to give my presentation to. I offered to walk him back and we could start the discussions here if he wanted.

Tom was very polite and soft spoken and talked of just about everything. He was very intelligent and knew all the details of the deal. I didn’t know all the details ... and the part I didn’t know was coming soon.

Half way back to the office, I saw a mother and her baby daughter sitting in the park.
Tom commented that was so cute and how much he wanted a baby girl of his own, and how he will have her very soon.

I thought he was going to come on to me, but he never did. He just looked wistfully at the mother and her baby daughter as we passed. I felt sorry that he had not as yet had his wish. I was sure however that there would be a lucky woman to come along and give him the family he so much seemed to desire. I had no idea of what he truly meant and would soon discover I was the focal point of the whole deal I was negotiating and his fantasy wish.

We arrived back at the office and proceeded to the board room for the meeting. All the department heads were present. I was extremely nervous since this was the largest deal ever negotiated at my company ... billions of dollars were involved with a special rider clause. I didn’t realize I was that clause.

All that happened to my surprise, was that Tom signed the papers and the Lawyers all read and signed and notarized them. The deal had already gone through and I was the chief architect of it. I just knew I would be promoted to President of Sales at this point. I was going to be the youngest President in this company’s history ... I was proud of myself.

One of the lawyers handed me a stylus and had me sign all of the papers as well. I should have read through them first ... I would have known then that this was not right. As it was, I had just signed myself into an ironclad lifetime part of the contract between my company and Tom.


After the meeting, Tom had invited me out for dinner and a few drinks to celebrate the deal. I was most happy to escort him to the local night spot and have dinner and a few drinks.

I had dressed in one of my Smock Tops and a pair of tight fitting jeans. I intended to look nice for him since he was a very handsome, although much older man.

I finished putting my hair into a pony tail and left my house for the short walk to the Club to meet Tom. Just as I rounded the corner into a shady slightly secluded spot, a van pulled up beside me. 2 large men jumped out of the back of the van. One of them covered my nose and mouth with a very pungently smelling cloth as they both grabbed me and forced me toward the open back of the van.

I struggled at first, but my head suddenly began to buzz and I became very weak and dizzy. I went limp in their hands as many thoughts of rape and more horrible things ran through my dimming thoughts. The last thing I heard was what a lucky person their boss was to have gotten me.

I faded into darkness and had no more thoughts.

My New Life

I am not really sure if I am dreaming or not at this point. My mind is foggy and I have a sort of dim awareness of a softly cooing male voice. My head is so messed up I’m unable to understand what he is saying ... I don’t really feel very good either.

It sort of feels like my clothes are being taken off and I am being given a warm bath. I feel several sharp stings in my arm and a slight burning running through my body.

There are sweet smells. They are so familiar, but I cannot place them because I am so far out of it ... I am not sure if this is a dream or I am awake. I cannot make my eyes focus on anything.

The sensation of being dressed again with many sweet smells all around. I am placed upon a very soft and comfortable surface. I swear I can hear the crinkle of plastic as I am laid on it. Something soft and fuzzy is next to me. I know something is in my mouth and a very warm and nice tasting liquid is there. I drink it and feel really nice all over as it warms my tummy.

There is very nice music playing that has a hypnotic undulating tone that totally relaxes and enthralls me. I am very contented as drift off back to sleep and have wonderful dreams of Teddy Bears and many toys.

Much time has passed ... I slowly wake. I know my panties are very wet and I feel embarrassed to think I have wet the bed. My head hurts as I try and turn over. I realize there is a very large, fuzzy Teddy Bear next to me and I again hear the crinkle of plastic as I turn over.

I open my eyes and look up at the ceiling. I am surprised to see a baby’s mobile above me and what looks like the top to a cage above that. I am most grateful the light is dim because my head hurts really badly and my tummy is upset like I had too much to drink.

I see I have some kind of white mittens on my hands. They appear to be delicate, however as I try to find a way to take them off ... they are extremely tough and have a small golden lock on them. I am unable to use my hands in any way or to remove the mittens.

I sit up and realize I am in a crib of some kind in a very nicely decorated nursery. I can see a White chest of drawers outlined in pink with many clowns all over it in many rainbow colors against the far wall. There is a very large toy box with many dolls arranged on the top. A rocking horse and a bouncing baby chair are next to the toy chest.
I can also see a closet door and the door that leads out of the nursery.

The walls are pink and white with a floral design and there are many softly glowing stars on the ceiling. The light switch cover is Little Bo Peep with her sheep and glows softly in the dim light.

I look down and see I am in a pair of white locking rumba panties with soft pink ruffles and obviously a diaper that really needs to be changed. Embarrassment fills me as I realize there is no way for me to get out of the crib or the diaper. I am trapped.

There is something in my mouth ... it is strapped there and because of the mittens, I am unable to figure out how it is fastened in the back of my head or to undo it.

I have no memories as to how I came to be here. There are some vague images in my head, but they are fleeting and very fuzzy. I try hard to remember ... it does no good, my mind is blank and there are no memories beyond waking up.

I cannot believe I am dressed as a baby and in a crib. I am afraid too because I am totally helpless to defend myself or get out of the crib.

I realize with a start that I am wetting in my already messy wet diaper and I cannot help myself. Fear and embarrassment fill me. To make matters even worse, I hear the door knob rattle as the door opens.

I back into the farthest place the crib allows behind the large Teddy Bear and try to hide in hopes this person doesn’t see me. I know this is a futile hope ... it’s all I had to hide behind and it was totally inadequate.

I can’t help myself ... I begin to cry just like the baby I am dressed like.


The door opens and a very handsome older man walks in. I can make only soft grunting and gurgling noises as I cry because of what ever the thing is that’s strapped in my mouth. I am very afraid and embarrassed.

There is confusion as I see his handsome face ... it seems I know this person ... I am in a dazed fog over the memory. The fog parts ... I REMEMBER!! It’s Tom!! NO!!

Tom smiles a dazzling smile and coos softly to me like I’m a baby, “Hello, sweet heart. Is baby all wet and messy?”

Baby?? I’m not only embarrassed, I am in a total state of shock. I see a very large syringe in his hand. It is filled with a white liquid. It is a huge shot and the needle on it is very long.

I am almost hysterical now as he has come to the side of the crib and lowered the rail. He reaches in and takes me firmly but gently by the back of my hair and tilts my head back.
I am almost insane with fear as his powerful grip holds me in place. I know I am about to be stuck with the needle and I know beyond any doubt it will hurt. I struggle as much as I can, but Tom holds me firmly.

Tom coos reassuringly, “This will make baby feel so much more baby like. Just relax, daddy will change baby in just a minute.”

I scream ... only a soft gurgle escapes from me. I feel a pressure against my teeth as Tom pushes the needle into what ever it is in my mouth. I see as much of the liquid as I could in this position leave the syringe as he pushes the plunger. I can feel the liquid in my mouth deep in my throat. It makes it tingle strangely. It is so far down I cannot help but swallow.

It tastes very good to my surprise and makes my tummy feel so warm. The ill feeling I had quickly goes away and I feel waves of warmth spread through me. All my fear suddenly goes away and a very nice infantile contentment fills the space.

He removes the needle from the thing in my mouth and I feel more pressure on my teeth as he pushes another needle into it. Another huge amount of liquid fills my mouth and I swallow.

I notice the mobile ... is pretty ... nice birdie. I giggle mutedly around the thing in my mouth. I want to play wif the birdie.

What ever it is that is in my mouth is unfastened and Tom removes it. He lays me back in the crib on my back amide the soft crinkle of plastic and unlocks my panties. He pulls them open and looks in and checks my wet and messy diaper. I coo softly as he does this. I am very happy and contented.

Tom says in a cooing soft voice, “Baby is so messy. Daddy will give her a bath and clean her up.”

He tickles me gently in my ribs. I can’t help myself ... I kick my feet and giggle loudly as the pleasant sensation sends waves of electric thrills through me.

I am a small girl and Tom picks me out of the crib and puts me to his shoulder effortlessly. He carries me out of the nursery, down a short space into a very large bathroom. He lays me gently on a padded counter and tickles my feet. I again giggle and squirm at this wonderful sensation.

I can feel my panties start to come down. I know in my dazed regression drugged stupor that something is wrong. It feels so right ... I know something is terribly wrong and I begin to fight against the pleasant infantile emotions and thoughts that have engulfed me.

I gasp out in a very baby like voice, “N n n no. Please ... don’t.”

Tom coos gently, “I’m changing baby girl’s diaper. She’s all wet and very messy. Just relax sweet heart. You and daddy are going to have lots of fun.”

He bends over and rubs noses with me as I feel the panties slide off my feet. I can’t help myself as I begin to giggle softly for a moment as I loose control. The drugs are very powerful and I know I am going to loose the fight ... I try anyway.

I feel him begin to loosen the diaper pins. I put my hands on his and try very hard to stop him from opening them. I do not want to be nude with him around.

Tom tickles my feet gently and coos softly, “Daddy will play with baby some as we take a nice warm bath.”

I again giggle and squirm with glee at the wonderful sensation the tickling brings. I realize I have again lost control and struggle against the overpowering infantile feelings coursing through me. It is very hard to regain control, and gets harder and harder.

I am unable to stop him from undoing the diaper pins and opening my diaper. I can feel the coolness of the room between my wet and messy legs. I am suddenly lifted by my ankles and the messy diaper is removed.

Tom pulls several sweet smelling baby wipes from a container and begins to clean my messy bottom and crotch. It feels so wonderful the way he caresses me. I giggle more as I fight to keep what little control I have.

He gently places me back on the counter ... he touches my privet place and I feel an electric thrill run through me ... I gasp in surprise. I can feel his finger penetrate me. Many wonderful and not so wonderful emotions compete within me.

I am unable to remember what it is I am afraid of ... I know this shouldn’t be happening. It feels really nice and horrible all at the same time. I feel embarrassment creep through me ... at the same time I feel a wonderful infantile glee at the nice sensations the caresses and fondling produce.

I am very confused and do what babies do when they are confronted with these kinds of things ... I begin to cry. I can’t help myself.

Tom finishes cleaning me with the baby wipes and opens my legs further. I feel the warmth of his breath on my private place. Goose bumps rise all over me. I feel his tongue as it enters my vagina. I abruptly stop crying with a soft squeak.

I gasp out in a cute little girl voice, “Wh .. wha .. what??”

More confusion as the wonderful yet horrible sensation fills me and cause many chills and thrills to run all through me.

Tom replies, “Feels real good baby. We will have lots of fun. I am your daddy and you are my baby girl from now on. The contract guarantees it for the rest of your life.”

What?? A confusion runs through my rapidly regressing mind. I sorta remember a contract ... mind is really fuzzy.

I am now completely nude. Tom lifts me from the counter and carries me over to a large round tub made of green Marble. He turns on the water and adjusts the temperature to where it is warm and pleasant.

He sits me in the tub in a place that has a recess that holds me in an upright slightly reclining position. I see him poring some kind of thick liquid into the warm water. The smell of jasmine fills the air pleasantly.

I am becoming even more contented now. I know I am loosing control again and it has become almost impossible to keep my mind on what’s happening.

I see Tom undress and get into the tub with me. He reaches over and gently pulls me to him. I feel the hairiness of his body against mine. His hairy chest gently caresses my breasts. I feel his arms hug me.

Tom coos in my ear, “I am so glad you agreed to this. It takes a special girl to be regressed into a baby for the rest of her life. Specially one as beautiful as you.”

With this he kisses me on my lips. I am totally unable to resist. His tongue slips between my lips and pushes against the edges of my teeth. I open my mouth and his tongue is in mine caressing my tongue. I am kissed and return the kiss. I am lost in the very pleasant contentedness that fills my mind and body. There is only pleasure and contentment within me. I loose total control and become Daddy’s Little Girl.

I know beyond any shadow of a doubt I am in love.

Baby Girl Love Pet

I snuggle up to him and wrap my arms around him. I kiss him with the very best kiss I have. In my very deepest heart I know I am going to please Daddy.

When we break the kiss, Daddy says in a soft cooing voice, “I promise your life will be easy and pampered.” He kisses me softly but lovingly again and continues, “You will never have another adult worry in your life. I will make all of your decisions and love you very much. I am so glad to own you and I am going to keep you.”

He kisses me passionately as I feel him opening me from behind. I can feel his hard thing as it touches my opening. As he pushes up into me, a pain mixed with a very pleasant thrill fills me. He thrusts again and it feels much better this time as waves of chills cover me. By the third thrust I am snuggled up to him as best I can and thrusting my hips slowly up and down.

My mind is totally devoid of thoughts ... I only feel the overpowering sensation of his member deep inside me and the waves of pleasure washing over me with each filling thrust of my shapely hips. I can feel his hands as they grasp my bottom and pull me into him with ever more passion. I am lost in love making to the object of my heart.

The pleasant warmth of the water and the heavenly aroma of jasmine enhance the emotions welling up within me. As I slowly make love to Daddy, His hands caress me softly and wash me from head to foot in a wonderful massaging caress. I giggle gleefully as he gently squeezes my nipples.

I snuggle close and kiss him lovingly as I feel the soft warmth of his breath in my ear. I move my hips up and down more passionately.

He coos softly in my ear, “Oh sweet heart ... daddy’s cumming.”

I feel his huge member throbbing in me. A small portion of me wakes for a bit ... I’m not on birth control ... am I ... ?? I can’t remember what I was thinking and am not real sure why it might have been important. What was important ... Daddy’s Little Girl had pleased him. I feel full and so warm and wet inside. I kiss daddy passionately as we make love again.

After daddy’s thing had quit throbbing the 3rd time, he had removed it from my private place and washed me and him between our legs. He stood and helped me from the tub onto a very thick and soft bath mat.

I feel so euphoric ... my mind is in a very contented haze as I feel a large and fluffy towel wrap around me. I am dried briskly from head to my toes. I giggle and kick my feet as daddy tickles them. I am very happy at this point and have totally forgotten everything else except I love daddy.

I am lifted under my arms and set softly on the padded counter again. I see Daddy pour a white cream in his hands and he begins to caress me with it all over. It feels most heavenly as my mind drifts off into an infantile stupor.

I am lifted by my ankles suddenly and feel a soft warm diaper being placed under my bottom. I am set on the diaper and Daddy pulls it up between my legs. I smell baby powder very strongly as he sprinkles it all over my crotch. It was a very pleasant.

Daddy pins my diaper on me and sits me up. He brushes my long blond hair until it shines. He ties it in pony tails with soft powder blue ribbons.

I watch as he pick a funny looking pen like thing up from the counter. He puts it to my arm and there is a hissing pop and a sharp sting in my arm. I gasp sharply at the sudden sting and begin to cry ... I cannot help myself in anyway ... the shot hurt and I did what any baby would do ... I cry.

Daddy hugs me and coos to me softly, “There , there sweetie. That’s one of the several shots that will insure you are a baby for the rest of your life. I love my baby and want to make sure she is all baby.”

I feel a warmth spread through me as daddy kisses me on my lips. I quit crying as I feel so safe and loved in his arms. The drugs he has used have done their work well. I am his baby girl and love him with all my heart.

Daddy stands me on my feet. He turns and opens a drawer under the counter. When he stands up, I see he has a pair of plastic lined rumba panties with Baby Mickey mouse and friends on it.

He holds them out and open and says cooingly, “Step in baby.”

I step into my panties and he pulls them up over my diaper. He kisses me on my nose as I giggle softly.

He takes me by my hand and leads me slowly out of the bathroom. I realize I am sucking the thumb of my other hand as I am led. I can’t stop for some reason ... I like the way it tastes ... I keep doing it.

He enters the huge den and leads me to the large leather armchair and sits. He lifts me effortlessly into his lap. I am kissed and kiss him back as lovingly as I know how.

I feel myself being laid back into the crook of his arm and the nipple of a large bottle of white liquid is placed to my lips. I suckle eagerly ... I am hungry.

The fluid is sort of watery ... but very rich and sweet tasting. It is nice and warms my tummy as I suckle. I can feel Daddy rocking me softly as I fall contentedly asleep.

The last thing I know before I begin to dream of Teddy Bears and dolls is the soft cooing voice of Daddy.

Daddy says in a cooing soft voice, “I love my baby girl very much. From now on, you will be known as Baby Lexi.”

I feel a soft kiss on my cheek as I have my first breakfast as Daddy’s Baby.
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