The Big Lie

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The Big Lie

Postby Miki Yamuri » Sat Dec 24, 2016 8:47 pm

Title: The Big Lie


Larry Brown - 18yo - Played by: babysarahlauren

Nina Saunders - 23yo Mommy Witch - Played by: Miki Yamuri

Scene: Wandering around the mall looking for her next baby

Nina longed for something more permanent … more solid and less transitory. She wanted to be a REAL Mommy. Being a witch had its disadvantages … then again … there were advantages too. She had brought her magic wand with her and intended to find someone who would become her little girl baby.

Nina wandered near an electronics store and saw a young man peering into one of the display cases longingly. She could tell he wanted one of those game consoles really bad. She shook her head ... the only difference between men and boys ... are the price of their toys.

Nina wanders up in a sexy way and says softly, "I love playing that new war game ... Field of Battle."

Larry wanted to be anywhere else. To be someone else. He hated himself. He was tormented with anger, rage, and guilt. Why? Because he didn't want to grow up and was forced to do so without his consent. This infuriated him. He hated everything about adulthood … paying bills, going to a job that went nowhere, and always having to be … adult about things.

When he saw Nina, his ears perked up. "Field of Battle," he thought, "Yeah, okay," he said to himself. To Nina he only smiled a wan, sheepish smile.

Larry wasn't used to being propositioned like that. Still … this gal had an aura about her. Larry couldn't put his finger on it, but there was something about her that seriously attracted the inner child within him.

Nina moved closer to get a better look at the console. She said softly, "I think if we used the new wand controller, the game will be better.”

Nina was a very attractive young woman. She had on a smock top and form fitting tight blue jeans. Her long hair hung in ringlets about her shoulders as she smile and looks to Larry. She used her inner site, and could see the infant within him begging to be released. She was sure he would make the perfect baby.

Larry turned and eyed Nina up and down. "Pretty," he thought, "But what kind of top is that?"

His eyes lighted on Nina's smock top. It looked almost … maternal. The cut of it and the way it hung off her shoulders showed off a beautiful set of perky breasts beneath without the assistance of a bra.

Larry got confused. What kind of hot chick wore clothes like that? He smiles, this one, obviously.

Then, Nina looked deep into his eyes. Just at that moment, her eyes pierced his soul. He felt the baby within him cry out for mommy. The attraction was sudden and total.

Nina said softly as she caressed his cheek lovingly, "Have you ever .... fantasized about ... returning to your mommy's arms, sweetie? You seem so .... innocent and ... helpless."

Nina continued to peer into Larry's eyes. It made him feel so wonderful ... he actually felt himself have a small accident and wet his pants. He shivers slightly as the warmth spreads around his crotch. Now his underpants were wet. They weren't underpants, really, they were panties.

Larry fancied himself as girl and dressed secretly underneath his outer man clothes as a girl. Nina confused him terribly just by looking into his eyes. He … so wanted to … be her baby it hurt. More confusion … He didn't really know what he wanted to be at this instant with all the turmoil in his soul, all he knew was that he didn't want to be who he was.

He knew what he really was … an 18-year-old geeky looking dude who certainly was no chick magnet. In fact, half the time he felt like a girl himself … only much younger. That was the strange part, half the time, he felt like a two-year-old little girl … A baby. So when he heard Nina, he...melted. His heart knew this was the voice of … mommy.

Larry's tongue became so tangled he couldn't speak properly. What came out sounded like a 2 year old's attempt.

Nina giggled as she replied in a cooing sexy voice, "Ooh, so you are a baby." Nina patted Larry's wet bottom. "And it seems baby has wet her panties."

Nina pulled open the front of his pants before he could react and peeked in. Nina smiled as she saw his lacy and adorably cute wet little girl panties. Larry blushed as pink as the panties themselves.

This made him look almost infantile … okay, totally infantile.

"But, how did you...?" he stammered.

Tears filled his eyes. Shame? Humiliation? Joy? He didn't know. What he knew for a fact, his baby girl panties were soaked. Along with his jeans … in the mall with all those people around, no less!

Worse, the more Nina cooed those strange words in her beautiful sing song voice, the more confused he became which made him feel particularly girlish and babyish … vulnerable. Larry realizes as he feels the weight of it behind … he had another ind of accident too. He was helpless to control himself around Nina. He knew … she was … mommy?

Nina coos softly like she talking to a very young child, "Ohh sweetie, you have had a nasty accident. Now come with mommy and I'll have you in just the right thing and all dry and comfy in a jiffy."

She takes Larry by the hand and begins to lead him somewhere. She was a whole lot stronger than she looked too. Larry realized he was helpless to stop her from taking him wherever she was taking him.
Actually, at this momant Larry was a helpless little baby inside. That's why he followed Nina willingly. … or shall we say, hypnotically. He couldn't help himself. As he walked, the wet panties and jeans sloshed between his legs. This was embarrassing.

Suddenly, a glimmer of reason returned to Larry's mind, “Hey, wait a second!” thought Larry to himself, “who was this gal, anyway? And why was she holding his hand? And why was he following her? Sure, he had wet his panties … but what the hell?

Being a witch had its advantages. It meant that Nina had a special place in this mall. She had made magical arrangements with the owner and had a special place to take her babies when she created them where they would not be disturbed, nor ever again found.

She led Larry through the door into this magical place beyond time … beyond reality.. Larry's eyes got big as he realized this was a changing room for ... Adult Babies. Nina immediately begins removing Larry's clothes. Before he can react, she had expertly removed his pants and wet panties to his ankles.

Larry was stunned. What was this? Who was this lady? She seemed so nice, so firm … Larry knew in his soul who she was … his mommy.

Nina coos to Larry like he's a very little child, "Now be a good baby for mommy while I change your wet panties."

Nina was far stronger than she appeared to be as Larry finds himself lifted onto the changing table and his wet pants and panties removed. Nina cleans him in his neathers with a sweet smelling, very large baby wipe, before lifting him by his ankles and placing his hinny into a very thick, soft crawly diaper, powdering him well, and fastening it on with locking diaper pins.

Then came the plastic panties. Slowly she pulled them up Larry's legs. The feeling was so wonderful, he almost fainted. Large goose bumps rose all up and down his body.

Nina stood Larry on his feet and took him by his hand. She coos softly, "OK, sugar puddles, mommy will take you to your new nursery and see if we can get a large bottle for you."

Nina leads Larry out into the crowded mall. Many people turn and stare at him. The only thing he has on besides his shirt, is the plastic panties and very thick diaper. Larry was bewildered. He felt little, and afraid--but comfortable. It felt so right.

He followed Nina willingly as she led him onward, and as he did, he became more and more of a little baby. Suddenly, he didn't care where he was or what he was wearing. He was Mommy's baby. Nina allowed Larry to more or less hide shyly by her as the many people looked on.

Nina explained to the staring and disapproving people, "He's a very special kind of person. In his mind, he can't grow up. He's going to always be my little baby."

Several old women came from the ogling crowd and kneeled by Larry. One of the women tweaked his cheek as she coos softly, "Such an adorable little baby."

Another took out a rather large lollypop and offered it to him, "Would the baby like some candy?"

The lollypop was huge and appeared to be strawberry or cherry flavored. In spite of himself, Larry took the lollypop. So good! He grinned a baby grin and sucked eagerly. He cooed happily, and the ladies giggled. Then he became shy. He snuggled up to Nina and pushed his face into her arm.

Nina smiled. She knew she had chosen her next baby well as Larry continued to regress mostly on his own. The regression spell was super strong of itself, but she could tell he wasn't resisting in the least.

She reaches into her purse and removed a silver pen looking devise. She pulled the top from it and pressed it against Larry's neck. There was a hissing pop. Larry felt a small sting, then an incredible rushing sensation all through his body. What ever adulthood was left to him vanished away like snow on a hot griddle. He could feel it as it invaded his mind and did major house cleaning.

There was nothing left. Larry was completely a baby. His legs gave out from under him and he fell on his heavily diapered bottom. Then he stuck his fist in his mouth and began to suck. Drool glistened on his shirt. He smiled up at Mommy as she patted his head.

Nina was so proud of Larry at this point. He hadn't fought it one bit. Nina lifts Larry into her arms and coos softly, "See? It didn't hurt one bit, now did it."

Nina thanked the ladies and carried the large baby off through the crowded mall, stopping to show her prize off at every opportunity. By the time they had reached the Witch owned, Babies of all Ages store, Larry's mind had sort of adapted to the new reality. He realized he was acting, and being treated just like a baby. Nina set him on the carpeted floor of the Ababy store as she talked to one of the employees. Babies of All Ages: What a store it was! Baby girl and boy clothes of every conceivable style and size, for every conceivable baby of any age. There was even a furniture department, with cribs and playpens and high chairs and changing tables--you name it, they had it. And the diapers! Shelves and shelves of cloth and disposables as far as the eye could see. And let's not forget the plastic panties--every kind you could think of! And toys … a baby could get lost in the many many thousands … It was a paradise!

The Clerk brought Nina many cute and adorable Ababy girl outfits. Larry had so many of them tried on him. The clerk cooed and caressed Larry and tickled him just like a little baby all the while. When the cart was totally full of outfits, diapers, plastic panties and plastic lined rumba panties of every description, Larry was dressed in an adorable Snuggle Bug Romper complete with the green fuzzy googly eyed booties. The romper was green and yellow with yellow ruffles around the bib and legs. There were 3 rows of green ruffles across his bottom.

The lady clerk coos, "Aww, such a cutie pie widdow girl she is." and pats Larry on his hinny softly.

Larry cooed with delight. But then Nina realized an important fact: Larry was dressed like a girl, but he still had, um, boy parts. Nina smiled and did a soft head palm: she had not changed that at the beginning! How could she have forgotten! It must have been the suddenness of Larry's transformation, Nina just got caught up in the whole thing. What kind of a witch was she, anyway?

Nina unsnapped the snaps between Larry's legs and pulled open the front of his plastic panties and diaper. She cooed softly as she tapped his nethers with a small wand, "This will feel really ... strange. Don't worry, you will make the best girl ever."

Nina said some arcane words, there was a flash with heat, Larry felt super intense and very strange sensations run all through his body for an instant.

Nina coos softly, "There, all done."

Larry realized his hair was in his eyes as the clerk brushed it behind his ear. Fortunately, all this had happened in the dressing room, so no one saw the magic in action. That was a good thing, because Nina's magic was top secret. At any rate, Nina now had a baby girl, even if she was a bit large. But Nina didn't mind; she preferred big babies.

Nina bent down and whispered to her new baby girl, "Lara, honey, I love you so much!" Nina gave Laura a huge smoochie as she hugged her close. Nina coos softly, "Now, Mommy has other daughters too and you are one of them for ever and ever. You won't ever have to grow up and will always be in diapers and pullups, mommy promises"

At that point, Nina crosses herself and makes the witches sign of a permanent promise. That meant, of course, that Lara was a big baby girl for always. Lara didn't really know what that meant, but she knew she loved Mommy, too.

After Nina had taken Laura to her house and into the new nursery and waited for her to lower the crib's side rail, Laura stood in front of a large full length mirror. The reflection that looked back, wasn't Larry anymore, but an extremely pretty Ababy girl with long curly bond locks, dressed in an adorable snuggle bug romper.

Nina tucks Laura into her new crib, places a bottle of warm milk in her lips, then kisses her nighty night for her first baby nap. Laura closes her eyes as her old life vanishes away ... and the new life of little girl Laura began. Laura knew it as a universal truth … The Adult Conspiracy was a Big Lie … Baby Rules … Rule!!

~~ The End?? ~~
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