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The Encounter

Postby Miki Yamuri » Wed Dec 14, 2016 3:42 pm

Title: The Encounter


John Danners - 18yo college student

Casey O'Brien - 18yo college student

Scene: At the camp - deep in the woods


John was so glad he had finally convinced his best friend to attend the Outward Bound program. It would teach both of them survival in the wilderness and to teach total team work among their group. John and Casey were sitting at the camp fire when a huge screaming noise passes closely over head. The heat and wind were tremendous. What ever it was that passed overhead had knocked many limbs and tops from the surrounding trees and crash landed nearby in a huge explosion. Much debris falls on the boys.

Casey pushes off a huge tree branch limb and gets up dusting himself off, he sees John doing the same. There are small fires all over the place ... nothing too big to start a forest fire. Seeing it glow in the darkness he says, “Let's go check it out John.." As Casey starts to run to the strange glowing object.

John finally manages to get the limb off him and brush the glowing embers off. He jumps up and says loudly, "Wow! Seems a meteor has crashed." Both the boys run as fast as they can towards the strange Blue Green glow. When John and Casey arrive, the bright blue green glow lights up the whole area.

"Wow" says Casey as he jumps down towards the rock. Looking at it in amazement. "Have you ever seen a rock grow like this?" walking closer and closer to the rock putting my left hand on it. "Its not even hot ... it’s ... ice cold"

John jumps down into the crater created by the impact. The glow creates strange shadows every where. John says excitedly, "Man, this is so cool. This thing is glowing like some kind of jewel."

"Ya ... and to think we found it and its all ours" Hugging the rock, Casey feels a strange radiation enter his body filling it with weird sensations and chills. He backs up a bit from the rock a bit spooked by what he felt.

John sees Casey’s reaction when he hugs the rock. John asks worriedly, "What's happened? Are you ok? You look like you've seen a ghost."

"I ... I ... I just felt something weird happen when I hugged the rock. Maybe we should get someone to help us or ...or ... I don't know" Casey turns around to starts heading back to their camp.

John looks at the brightly glowing meteor. He says wistfully, "If we walk off, someone else will take it and get all the credit. Just think, we could make lots of money by selling it."

"I dunno John, just something doesn't feel right about this meteorite" Casey says while rubbing his arms and shoulders like he’s freezing cold when its over 80 out. John wonders what's going on with Casey as he stands there almost shivering and you begin to notice something different about Casey. John stares at Casey as his clothes begin to become big on him. The change was slow, but noticeable. John jumps into the crater and takes hold of the meteor. A sudden wave of intense sensations run all through his body. He feels a stabbing cold reach to his very soul.

John stumbles back, and falls. He says in a gasping surprised voice, "OMG ... that was soo .. weird." He shivers violently as he get to his feet and runs towards camp behind Casey. He no longer wants anything to do with the space rock.

Casey runs as fast as he can towards the camp site where he and John set up. He feels his clothes getting looser as he looks back to see where John is ... his some what long brunette hair gets in his way and in his eyes ... it’s like his hair is getting longer.

John runs as fast as he could. He watches as Casey begins to shrink ... his hair grows longer before his amazed eyes. Suddenly, John realizes his clothes were getting lager on him too. He begins to feel fear. His hair starts to grow longer ... he is scared.

Casey finally reaches camp stopping and panting near the campfire. Shortly after John arrives panting ... both of us running as fast as we could. "What the hell was with that meteorite ... John is shocked as Casey's voice is now the sound of a girl’s voice. Casey’s clothes are huge on him now and beginning to bag. Casey notices John’s long blonde hair as it continues to grow.

John points to Casey and says in a very female voice, "Casey, Just what's happening? I swear that you are ... becoming a girl!"

John looks at himself .. he realizes he too is changing. He has no idea what to do or say.

Casey stares at John as his best friend is starting to change, his voice is more sensual and girly then before. Casey covers his mouth as Johns chest grows and grows ... his B cup breasts blossom out. Then sees his outfit starts to become more form fitting and his jeans become tight and he sees John’s shirt become very, very tight as you can tell his breasts are firm and nipples are hard. Casey Hopes the same thing isn't happen to him as its happening to John.

John says in an incredulous female voice, "This is impossible ... it can't happen. That meteorite ... it's gotta have some kind of weird properties or radiation or ... Casey, what are we gonna do?? What are we gonna tell everyone?" There are suddenly faint voices calling ... growing louder with every passing moment.

Multitude of calling voices, "Caaaayyysseee!!! Syyyyylllvviiaaaa!! Where are you?"

They look at each other with mounting fear on their faces. John sees Casey’s body change rapidly. His top and jeans change along with his body. His hips widen ... his waist narrows ... he grows a beautiful female bottom. His nipples poke out as his breasts blossoms into beautiful B's. Casey’s hair falls around his face and shoulders in very cute curls ... John is totally beside himself. The sound of several people approaching grows louder.

They gulp as they see flashlights and people come closer. They huddle together close, so scared to have people see us as girls. A light is shined on Johns face. The voice says, “There you two are..

They look at each other confused as to what's going on. About a dozen people walk into their camp suddenly with very bright spotlight type flashlights. One of the men sees the 2 frightened girls huddled together by the campfire.

A large grin crosses his face as he says in a relieved voice, "There you 2 are. You had us so worried! It is good to see that your survival instincts are good. Was a very cleaver idea to set up camp and wait for us." He walks up to them and takes them each by a hand and helps them to their feet. "Now come with us, we will take you back to the rest of the group."

They both think this guy is crazy. Casey asks "Um ...what are you talking about ... the rest of the group? We don't even know who you are?" John staying a bit quiet as she's kind shy. "Me and John aren't going anywhere till you tell us what's going on?"

The man looks at the girls with his mouth slightly open. He says softly, Casey, I'm Sylvia's dad ... you don't recognize me? He turns to John and says in an incredulous voice as many more people enter their camp, "You don't recognize me Sylvia? I'm your father ... did you hit your head or something? Did that thing that hit hurt you or something?"

Both girls look at each other in total surprise. John gasps out, "My ... father?? You're who??"

John looks at the guy as all of a sudden he starts to remember him as his dad. John says "okay I remember" Casey looks at John as he notices that Sylvia clothes were a bit looser on her then a second ago and she was a few inches shorter. Sylvia's dad leads them through the woods..

By the time the girls are led to the camp, the have shrunk very small. They are the size of preschoolers and the clothes no longer fit them. There are many women in camp tending to the children. The giggles and screeches of kids at play is every where.

The Man that has the girls by the hand takes them to a very pretty woman and says, "Hi, Martha, we found them in the wood about 6,000 yards that way." He points to the north. "They are alright, although a bit confused."

The woman takes the girls by the hand and replies, "Thanks a whole lot Tom. I have no Idea how they managed to get away from me. I will give them both a bath and complete check out to make sure there's nothing wrong with them."

Tom nods and the large group of men depart leaving the girls in Martha’s Charge. Looking up at this strange woman, Casey and Sylvia gulp as they were 18 year old boys no more then an hour ago and now they look like 4 year old little girls. Casey and Sylvia wear only their previous tight shirts which are now almost engulfing them. They lost most of there clothes as they shrank and were brought here. Both shirts smelled of pee since Casey and Sylvia had accidents along the way.

Martha kneels down and hugs both girls tightly at the same time. She says softly, "You girls had us so worried. Don’t ever wander off like that again ... hear?" Both girls nod helplessly. Neither of them have any idea what is happening or how to make everyone understand ... they aren't who the camp personnel think they are. Martha takes Sylvia by the hand and picks up Casey. She walks them into one of the huts into a very well stocked bathroom.

She coos, "I'm going to give both of you a bath and put you in diapers. I think you should be in the crib for wandering off like that. I will give you your supper there."

Casey musters up the courage to talk to this Martha. She says, "Were not who you think we are.. I'm Casey and he's John we were camping in the Outward Bound camp. We saw a strange meteorite crash and we touched it. It pretty much changed us into the little girls that you see before you" thinking she's not going to believe it but give it a shot anyway.

Martha looks down at Casey for a minute before her eyes sparkle and a huge smile crosses her lips. John says, "Yea, we can show you where it landed if ya want."

Martha laughs pleasantly and coos, "You girls have the most vivid imaginations I have ever seen." She then pulls Casey's top off leaving him standing there nude. She repeats the process with John. As they stand they and shyly try to cover themselves, Martha begins to draw the bath. She pours a pink gel into the water. As many soap bubbles form ... the very pleasant aroma of strawberries fills the air.

"We’re serious" both Casey and John cover up their now little vaginas ... they really don't want this strange woman seeing them. Martha comes back and picks up John and Casey putting them in the bath. Martha washes everything thoroughly on the 2 little girls before washing their hair and taking them out of the tub. Drying each separately.

Martha giggles pleasantly as she replies, "You girls ... I think at story time tonight, you can tell that story to the rest of the children ... it will make a wonderful story." She then rubs them all over with a sweet cherry smelling cream. It makes their skin soft and very smooth. She Picks Casey up and puts her on the counter. She tells John to stay put like a good girl until she's done. She puts Casey in a cute Huggies nighttime disposable and powders her well. She fastens the tapes snugly. She bends down and blows softly in Casey's tummy several times before putting a cute pair of baby Mickey Mouse and friends rumba panties on her.

Casey giggles and laughs as Martha blew raspberries on his tummy. She then picks up Casey setting her down on the floor telling her not to move. Then she picks up Sylvia ... laying her down on a night time disposable Huggies diaper. Working in the powder ... pulling up the front taping the sides. Martha tickles Sylvia as she pulls up a pair of cute red rumba panties with strawberries all over them. Martha pats Sylvia's diapered bottom.

Sylvia giggles and kicks happily like any infant as she is tickled and diapered. Martha picks the girls up and carries them out of the bathroom into another room. There are many cribs. She puts them in adjacent cribs and kisses them both. She places a pillow beside their heads and props a large bottle of white liquid on the pillow with the nipple in their mouths.

Martha coos, "All right girls ... nighty night. I will come and check on you in a little while. Pleasant dreams." She turns off the main light. The soft glow of the night light fills the room with a warm pleasant glow. Martha leaves ... the door shuts with a soft click.

As soon as the light is clicked off. " Psst ... John! We have to get out of here" Casey looks down at the diaper trying to get it off but can't as his fingers don’t seem to work right." Psst ... John!"

John rolls over and whispers back after spitting the bottle's nipple from his mouth, "I know, but how are we supposed to do that?" John stands up and attempts to climb over the rail ... it proves to be too much for him and he plops back into the crib in frustration. "I can't climb over and I can't figure out how it locks ... seems like some kind of advanced thing."

"I don't think its advanced John! I think our minds are regressing.." says Casey. They both think this is a horrible thought ... since neither wants this to happen. "I got it ..." Casey says standing up till he pauses and looks down at his diaper in shock.

John looks over and sees Casey's expression. He says in a worried voice, "What's wrong? What happened?"

John rattles the crib rail as he tries to get it to unlock. He looks the simple bar and catch of the lock ... but the mechanics of it still eludes him.

"Um ... John, I think I just used my diaper" Casey says afraid to do anything as the wet feeling keeps growing and growing in her diaper. Casey doesn't even want to sit down because this is so disgusting to him. She stands there almost in tears. " I think I'm regressing further than you"

John plops back on his bottom. He is getting to be frustrated. He says, "The diaper thing has to be for later. How we gonna get out of the crib? I can't make hide nor hair of how it all works." He kicks the leaver with his foot in frustration ...There is a click, and the rail falls suddenly with a loud clunk. John jumps back against the other rail and says in a surprised voice, "Casey!! It opened ... I just kicked it ... and it opened!" John crawls to the edge of the mattress and manages to climb to the floor."

Casey goes to the rail ... "Come over and help me get mine undone ... Hurry." Casey says a bit in panic as he remembers Martha is suppose to come in a bit to check up on them. Casey doesn't want to see her because she didn't believe their story and also he has a wet diaper.

John waddles over to Casey’s crib. He sees the lever and pulls on it as hard as he can. There is a click and the rail falls suddenly banging against John's arms. He begins to scream and cry like any baby that just had this happen. He plops on his bottom and wails. There was no serious damage, but it did hurt.

Casey diapered butt first gradually gets down from the crib with a plop. Casey not liking that at all as the wet diaper is pressed up against him. Casey waddles over to John covering up his mouth. "Shhhh have to be quiet, otherwise Martha will come ..." They hear footsteps ...

John whimpers behind Casey's hand as he nods. The approaching footsteps cause both babies to shiver as their new found freedom dwindles with each sound. John stands on his wobbly feet and pulls Casey with him. He waddles over to the door and stands off to one side slightly hidden by a huge Teddy Bear propped against the wall. As the door opens, John pulls Casey behind him into the hall. There is a Foyer Table with a long white cloth draped across it. Both babies dive under and to their relief find a safe hiding place. They can see out. They see Martha enter the hall with a look of fear on it. She calls loudly, "Caaassseeyyy ... Sssyyylllvvviiaaaa. Where in the world are you 2?"

Casey and John pant as that took lot out of them. Both babies lay on the ground on their tummy and watch the frantic activity in the hall.

Casey worries quietly, "What are we going to do John.??? I don't think were getting out of here and if we do, how are 2 babies to make it through the woods?"

They hear Martha looking around for them. A few female Nannies join in their search. Not knowing how well their hiding place is going to be, they begin to worry about being found.

Martha can be heard telling the others as they walk down the hall, "I really don't know how they are doing it. This is the 2nd time they've gotten away. Last time I saw them, they were in their cribs in the nursery ... " The voices trail off out of earshot as the women look for them.

John says softly, "I don't know what to do ... except to try and find an open door or something. It seems we did it before ... sos we can again."

Casey snaps, "John, they’re not just going to leave a door open"

John peeks his head from under the table and sees an open door. John grabs Casey's hand and they waddle as fast as they can to the open door. Once they cleared the door ... there is a sound from behind the door that frightens them both.

A pleasant and happy female voice says, "There you 2 are. You're both amazing. I can't understand how you're managing to get out. Now be good girls and come to Nana."

She approaches the 2 babies rapidly to try and catch them. Casey grabs John's arm and suddenly pulls him off to one side. The fall was short and they landed in a soft pile of sand inside the storm culvert. Casey and John have an urge to cry. They manage to over come it and waddle towards the far end of the drain.

John asks softly in the echoing pipe, "If we can gets outta here, where are we gonna go? What we gonna do to reverse this mess?"

Casey thinks about it as he never thought that far ahead. "We have to get to that meteorite that's what caused all of this. I think that might be the answer." They reach the end of the drain...When they hear familiar voices..

The babies manage to nearly elude the searching Nanas as they slowly proceed towards the crash site. The blue green glow getting brighter and brighter. There are still small smoldering fires everywhere from the impact. Both babies fall unceremoniously into the crater next to the meteor. IT is now covered with a thick coat of ice and is radiating cold.

Several Nanas gather around the crater's rim. Martha coos, "There you both are ... I'm so glad you're not hurt."

They both look up at the Nannies and Martha surrounding the crater. There is no escape. Both look at the meteorite and think that's the answer. They both waddle over to the meteorite and hug it ... absolutely nothing happens except both babies get a good dose of cold. Martha and another Nana descend into the crater and picks them up and carries them back towards the Nursery Camp. John looks to Casey and says in a gurgling voice, "It no work!! What we gonna do now?"

"I don't know John" Casey let's out a little bit of a fart as he fills his diaper more. He is in shock about it and about being carried by a Nanny same as John is being carried by Martha.

Casey gurgles, "Me need to thinks on its ... we don't have much times left" looking over at John as it looks like Martha is talking to John.

Martha coos to John softly, "Ok Sylvia, you're a very smart baby to get out this much. Both your mommy's and daddies are here to get you. I am so glad you're not hurt." She checks John's diaper and finds the she has wet herself.

John looks to Casey and says with fear in his voice, "We gots ma ma's n da das? We no ever gets outta this .. we're gonna grow up n be ... girls!"

Martha looks at John and coos softly, "Who said that you two were growing up?" Both John and Casey hear this as the Nanny checks Casey's diaper seeing that she needs a change.

They all arrive back to the camp. They see familiar faces and both John and Casey's jaw drops.

John's ... girlfriend rushes up and takes him from Martha. She kisses him all over his face and hugs him tenderly. She coos, "Mommy's here sweetie. No be afraid." A man walks over and pats him on his wet bottom and says softly, "Dada was worried sick over your getting out and running off like that." John can't believe his eyes .. the man ... is ... HIM!!

Casey has the same discovery. His mommy is his ... or used to be ... girlfriend ... and his daddy ... is him ... neither baby can believe it as they sit and start to cry.

Both of them sound just like babies that are upset because they have messy and wet diapers.

~~The Beginning~~
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